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“The longer we stay together the tighter we become, the more we look out for each other and have each other’s back. We always have from the very beginning. We’ve had our ups and downs, and it’s times like that we stick together the most. We’re very lucky to have each other, I don’t know what we’d do without each other.” – Perrie Edwards.

Haruka: This is awful. A life waking up this early in the morning. Michiru… you seem like you’re having fun with this.
Michiru: But it is fun!
Haruka: After globe-trotting on concert tours and raising a child, you think the life of a high school student is amusing?
Michiru: But we can sing the praises of youth again! My heart is fluttering at the thought of returning to school life. Waiting for each other by the library, putting our shoes in the cubby holes, joining the school clubs…

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“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”“I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…” “I’m late.”

Pre travel sickness

Being in the work position I was at the moment was my dream since I was a 15 years old kid, always wanted to help others and making sure our society develops in the best way as possible by giving chances to young children that “were born to have none”, I wanted to give them hope and tools to help build themselves the future they want with no limitations and I was beyond pleased and overjoyed with the opportunity of running my own company the only problem I had was that traveling makes me anxious and I had to catch a flight to New York first thing in the morning tomorrow so my lovely old man told me he would be here early to have a nice dinner and keep me distracted from the whole traveling anxiety but he failed me and not for 15 minutes not even an hour but three hours later he was still MIA.

I sighed throwing the phone away from me and putting some trash TV on, I was eating some chips and a cup of cheap wine while watching the Kardashians when I heard the familiar sound of Jax’s motorcycle, I didn’t even bother and kept watching the overdue reactions to something happening to one of the big booty girls, I head the door opening, and my husband’s carelessly loud footsteps.

“Sorry, I’m late darlin’” he said but I didn’t move from my spot reaching for another couple chips. “You are not going to talk to me?” he said taking his shoes off and seating next to me, before taking his shirt off and getting a hold of my waste. “I’m sorry babe, something came up”

“As usual” I responded dryly and he put his head in between my waste and my arm that was holding the plate of potato chips tightly. “You’re distracting me”

“From watching the Kardashians?” he said “You fucking hate them darlin’” he said and I sighed nodding before changing the channel “I love you babe” he said kissing my arm softly.

“Yeah yeah whatever” I said standing up to go put the dishes away and maybe get myself another drink I sure as hell needed it I approached the kitchen and saw a box of Chinese food.

“We made a deal with the Chinese so I brought dinner” he said and I looked at him with a tight smile.

“How considerate” I said opening the box and letting the dumpling’s smell fill my nostrils, I was still mad seating next to him on the bed but the warm food and the smell and warmth of my old man made me feel a little calmer. I put the food away and got up to brush my teeth, went back to bed and groaned at Jax for being on a position where I couldn’t lay on top of his chest, he started caressing my head and I hummed.

“If you can’t sleep we could have sex” he said kissing my forehead and I playfully punched him.

“You bring me food from the restaurant of people you are killing half of the time and now this? “I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…” I said and he nodded before looking at me serious in the eye, two seconds later he farted.

Say What??!!

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Title: Say What??!!

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader x Gabriel (eventually he shows up)

Word Count: 572

Warnings: fluffish?

A/N: I thought this might be a funny, cute idea to write! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3

You draped your coat over the kitchen chair as you joined the Winchester brothers in the kitchen for some grub.  It was late at night, but you needed to eat.  Even hunters needed fuel in their tanks.  Dean brought a pie to the table, setting plates down in the middle of the table.  

“Dean why do we always have to have pie,” you whined.  Ever since you could remember you had always hated pie.  No matter how many times you tried to eat pie, it disgusted you.  “Why can’t we just have normal food for once?  Like pizza or tacos.”

“Because pie is delicious [Y/N],” Dean retorted, opening the box up.  He took a heaping slice of pie and put it on his plate as he slid the box down to you.  “There’s fruit in pie.  Think of it as fruit with a delicious crust.”

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thank you so much for being part of SEVENTEEN, part of china line, part of 97 line, part of performance team, and part of my life (cheesy yes i know). thank you for being such an amazing member of the group, you are caring, loving, talented and not to mention very hardworking. your rap is so damn fine, you have the cutest voice i’ve ever heard, and you dancing skills OH DAMN BOIIIII~! it must have been hard for you these past 3+ years, leaving your family in China to come to Korea to debut as a kpop star. But hey look! your hard work paid off!  please please please don’t ever think that you have little fans okay, you have many many many MANY and WE are always here with you! also, make sure you eat at least 5 bowls of rice everyday, so you can be nice and healthy!!!

once again, happy birthday my fave cutie xu minghao!  

We love you jensen no matter what. You’re our family and we will always have your back. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for us. You are important. You, jared, misha and the rest of the spncrew. We will always love you and thank you for bringing us all together and creating this beautiful family 💕

We will always have French kissing.
Quoiqu’il arrive, on se roulera toujours des pelles.

This past week has been as intense as it gets for a lot of people in Paris. I happened to be visiting for a couple week. We were all affected one way or another. Horrible stories after horribles stories were shared, friends lost loved ones, were wounded, attacked while doing nothing more than just enjoying life. Shock, disgust, sadness came first. Some anger too.
But, way above these feelings, the most prevalent and raw one that came naturally from everybody in the city was LOVE. It came naturally, almost as cliché as it gets when one talks about Paris. People are hugging even more, kissing even more, drinking even more, smoking even more while honoring the ones who passed. What happened only strengthened people’s love for life and for each other without distinctions.
It’s beautiful to see and it gives me hope.
Thanks #stefaniemiano #biancaobrien #johnkarsenty for making that beautiful moment happen

He wouldn’t let her go. Not now. Not yet.

“Will you embrace me and only me?” he demanded. She nodded vigorously. 

Of course. There’ll never be anyone else. 

“Will you bind your spirit to mine, in hate?”

If not you, who else?Bind me. Bind me any way you want. 

“Do you consign your soul to me?” 

Duh. What do you think I’ve been trying to do? C’mon. Let’s do this already. 

“Do you laugh at the world in disgust?” 

Always have. Always will. ’Specially if we can laugh at it together. 

All she said to him was, “Yes.”

Imagine Victor Stalking You

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“Hello, (Y/N).”

You smiled at him, “Hey, Victor. This is so weird. We literally just ran into each other an hour ago. I’m always seeing you nowadays, aren’t I?”

He shrugged. “I guess I’m just lucky.”

You laughed. “You’re always such a charmer. Hey, we should have lunch together some time. I’d really like to know what you’ve been up to.”

“I’d like that” he told you.

He waited until you were entirely gone before he rolled up his sleeve. He made a small cut in his skin. He was counting each time he talked to you. He wanted to remember each and every encounter. He needed to.

Harry had planned a get away. Away from the media and away from the Royal family. I mean I loved spending time with him in London, but I was so excited to get away from a little while. 

He decided it was a good idea if we went camping. I’d loved camping growing up but it had been a few years since I’d done it. We arrived at out camp sight with all the necessary equipment and started to set up camp. Harry was unloading our bags and decided to start setting up the tent. I watched as he struggled to put it together. “Care to help, (Y/N)?” 

I laughed, “I kinda like the view from here.” 

He turned around and wrapped me in his arms. “Oh yeah? What will we do if we don’t have a place to sleep tonight?”

“We could always sleep in the woods,” I tease, “I’ve never done it in the woods.”

“This might be the best idea I’ve ever had.” He said tossing the instructions aside and wrapping me into a kiss.