we also called him 'not nate'

i need a firestorm body swap for a few reasons but all of them bc we all need it

@doctorlightwood ur in on this too

  • some time bullshit happens idk, body swap. done. slow day at the office week in the temporal zone so they’re not too worried. gideon says it’ll wear off. all good.
  • at first martin’s fine because he’s used to it and jax is laughing the whole time because wow, being in gray’s head for a change even if it’s not quite the same
  • martin still staying on a healthy diet because obviously, jax will need his body back at some point and he wishes he laid off the fries when he was younger, the CHOLESTEROL
  • (he does still sneak a few chips, because jax insists)
  • and martin revels in the fact that he can move more easily and more fluidly and wow he hasn’t been able to move like this in decades
  • but then he twists the wrong way and his knee completely locks up
  • (”jefferson, i had no idea your knee was this bad.” “don’t worry about it gray.” “we could have gideon look at your knee – ” “just leave it. please.”)
  • martin ends up worrying anyways but jax brings up how he doesn’t wanna go pee and then they’re bickering over nothing again
  • jax in the meantime is enjoying completely fucking with the team and spouts complete nonsense at any question, but still tells people he knows best
  • ray catches him when they stumble across something in hebrew trying to find out more about the spear and jax completely fumbles the pronunciation
  • “shouldn’t we tell the team?” “later”
  • sara, mick, and amaya figured it out ages ago: sara is also fucking with stein stein, mick is watching, amaya thinks it’s funny but acts like nothing is happening for the sake of the illusion. nate tries to conspiracy theory the whole thing out but sara drags him away shushing him cos this is the best thing to happen on the ship all week
  • “miss lance.” “marty.”
  • oh man sara got amaya to start calling jax-as-martin weedman
  • martin’s so horrified
  • still going back and forth on martin being the body of firestorm like i know that’s not how they made sense of it supposedly on the flash but let me live
  • alternatively, martin to jax: how do you fly this thing
  • jax: is singing shit in his head (their head?) like how you like me now bitch
  • ofc in an actual battle jax helps because he’s a good baby and they gain some more Mutual Respect™ for each other and their roles in firestorm
  • uhhhh jax teaching gray some engineering stuff for the ship and martin teaches him some theoretical physics stuff and them working more on the fact that jax is a literal prodigy what the fuck
  • this furthering martin subtly aggressively trying to set him and lily up
  • also jax pulling this shit

there’s so much

ALF - Squad Headcanons

Chapter One: Basic Information

Here are some ALF-Headcanons from the ALF-Family Squad. Since there are so many, I’m just going to post some basic Info first so y’all know what we all talking ‘bout.

  • Silver and Red are Twins
  • Silver’s Name is Oliver Duskin but he prefers to be called Ollie
  • His middle name is Reginald. No one knows tho, except Red who threatens to expose him on a daily basis.
  • “Watch it or I’m gonna use your middle name!” - “Nooo.”
  • They totally have this love-hate sibling relationship going on between them
  • They’re also Russian
  • Red’s name is Natasha but her last name is Belinsky instead of Duskin because she kept their Father’s name, while Silver took their Mother’s last name (there are more HC’s about the Duskin/Belinsky Family, but they got a chapter for themselves, otherwise it would be way too much)
  • Silver and Blond are in a loving and respectful relationship what else is new
  • Meanwhile K is a pinning mess and Jay is oblivious af
  • Red’s just happily living the lesbian lifestyle
  • Obviously none of them are straight
  • Red’s also done with those idiots on a daily basis
  • It’s like, her constant mood
  • Jay may appear to be their Leader but in Reality it’s just Red
  • Blond’s real name is Nathaniel (Nate) Dawson, which leads to a lot of Dusk/Dawn Parallels
  • Blond calls Silver his Sun, while Silver calls Blond his Moon (because they’re cute af)
  • And yes, Silver refers to Nat/Nate as n^2 or the double N Duo
  • Red immediately tells him to stop
  • She also hates it that Blond’s name is Nate
  • She wanted to fight him to see whose the better Nat(e)
  • Blond’s just like: “We both know you could kick my ass in ten different way, we don’t need to fight.”
  • From then on Blond is only referred to as Blond or Blondie
  • Silver calls him Nate when they’re alone tho
  • Jay’s Name is just Jay ‘cause he’s boring like that
  • Jay Kingston
  • K was the last to join their little group to help with the Tech-stuff (Jay’s terrible with Technology, he’s like a very clueless Grandpa trapped inside a young man’s body)
  • he stayed because of Jay his love for Jay Animals (and beause he can’t stand the thought of Jay setting another Computer on Fire ‘cause he tried to google something)
  • K’s name is Jonathan Kim
  • They all live together in one house because they’re GayLF (Gay Liberation Family)
  • Jay pitched in more money than the others ‘cause he’s the rich kid of the group
  • The others don’t want him to do it but he thinks they deserve nice things
  • They also have a group chat called ‘Animal Liberation Front’ that Silver constantly changes to ‘Gay Liberation Front’
  • Jay always changes it back ‘cause he wants them to stay “professional” they aren’t lol
  • That was also back in the days when Jay still thought he was straight. That  changed later on tho (much to K’s Delight)

That was about it! Gonna update with more specific Headcanons soon (’cause we have a lot and it’s only been three days since we started all this, so there’s way more to come).

These lovely Headcanons were provided by:



some other (sm)awesome people

+ yours truly

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Hey love your fics im a first time prompt sender, if you can could you carry on Where Everybody Knows Your Name, except with Monty and Miller, I want to see if Monty gets his customer crush too, looking forward to the holiday fics i cant wait thanks x

Original fic here!

“It was Nate, right?”

Monty considers, but he can’t help the smartass retort. It’s his lot in life. “No, Monty. We work together?”

Clarke rolls her eyes, but she’s clearly amused. Possibly in spite of herself, but he’ll take what he can get. “Your customer crush. Nate with the rainbow flag on his bag?”

“Oh, yeah. That’s him. Why?”

“I know him.”

He frowns. “Okay, that’s just unfair. You can’t hog all the hot queer boys. We’re in a recession.”

“Which is why I’m talking to you. He and Bellamy are friends. They hang out. If you came to hang out too, you could actually spend time with him.”

“You have such a weird thing about talking to people you’re romantically interested in. Who does that?”

“People who want to get laid.” She leans back against the counter, watching him shrewdly. He likes Clarke, but she can be kind of intense. “You don’t have to do anything about it. But I figured I should let you know. Hanging out with Miller is a possibility.”


“Bellamy calls him Miller. That’s why I didn’t make the connection earlier. But we all hung out last night, so—“

“So you slept with a customer and want to enable everyone else to do the same.”

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Izabella leaned closer to him, seemingly encouraged by his words. “I do.. but more so, sometimes I think about it. I wonder how long we would have lasted. It wouldn’t have been long. You wanted a life that I despised. We would have resented each other in the end.” Nate said calmly. He watched as her face fell and the glimmer of hope in her eyes faded. 

“You’re so cold, Nathaniel,” she said, “So cold…”

“I guess so. If that is what you came here for, then I want you out. I won’t kick you out but you know what to do. Call your husband and tell him you’re coming home,” Nate said calmly. 

Izabella looked over at him. Her eyes although filled with hurt and fury, were also brimming with tears. He’d once loved this woman. Once upon a time, he’d hurt anyone who would cause her pain but he found it difficult to care anymore. 

“I don’t want to go back to him-“

 “When you leave here, I don’t want you coming back. Don’t call me. Don’t write to me. Don’t pass by this house. Izabella, what we had was over a long time ago and it’s time for us to move on. I have my family. I chose Laelia and it’s not something I’d ever regret. You chose too and you need to take responsibility for your choice.” 

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Do you think the show is going to address Mick’s alcoholism again? Also I get that (and agree) Leo shouldn't try to turn Mick into "Micky" Still, I think he or someone else should help Mick with his alcoholism? From what we see from Nate, Ray and Amaya. Why none of them try to help him get over his alcoholism is beyond me. Is Mick even supposed to an alcoholic? Maybe the writers didn’t intend him to be one? sorry for the rambling

Well, I’m really glad they canonically did acknowledge it and called a spade a spade, so to speak. 

However, I really don’t know that I want anyone to “help” with it in anything approaching the way Leo did, or that anyone can/should help in I think the way you’re driving at. 

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Amateur Night

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Rating: Not Rated

Paring: Jacob Frye x Reader

For @reebgirl13 @thank-god-its-fryeday @nacre-spring @poojafrye @swiggle-muffin for all the Jacob Frye fan girls out there. Enjoy!

It was Amateur Night at the Cockpit and you found yourself tagging along with Jane. Even though she claimed she was going for research for an article, you couldn’t help but wonder just how much of an excuse that was. That and after cutting your shopping trip short the other day due to tormenting your boyfriend, you felt the need to make it up to her.

Once inside, you took a look around and found yourself surprised by how nice it was. You were expecting leftover furniture and the smell of stale beer only to find a club that had been decorated mostly in black leather and red damask. Locating a table near the stage proper, the both of you ordered martinis and settled in.

“So what did you tell Jacob about tonight?” Jane inquired.

“Just that I was going to help you with some research here tonight. He didn’t inquire further.”

‘He doesn’t mind you being in a strip club?”

“Considering he owns a few clubs himself, I don’t think he minds. Plus he’s never been the type to tell me what I can and can’t do.” You shrugged.


“Well if he feels a place isn’t safe, he will tell me. He didn’t warn me off this one”

You both took long swigs from your drinks.

“So what kind of research are we doing?”

“Well since I have profiled female dancers, I thought I would be even across the board and interview one or two male ones.” Jane replied.

“But all the guys here tonight are amateurs.”

“Exactly, I can get multiple perspectives.”

“So how exactly did you decide on this place?” You asked.

“Ryan told me about it. A bunch of his co-workers like to come here and he told me it’s pretty safe”

“So I take it we will just watch some dances and pick a few different ones?”

“Yep, that’s what you’re here for, to help me decide.’

You shook your head at Jane’s logic. Considering the theme, you didn’t have a whole lot of confidence. But you were here as backup and decided it would be best to leave it at that.

Backstage, a variety of men stood around waiting for things to begin. Some were nervous, some just simply listened to music while they were waiting. Near the stage proper was a manager taking names of the participants and collecting a small house fee. He was almost done arranging the order when he noticed the presence of someone he expected that night: Jacob Frye.

“Evening Nate, have you got what’s mine?”

Nate reached into his back pocket and pulled out an envelope. Jacob quickly opened it and saw it was his weekly share.

“Ah the perks of silent partnership.” Jacob said, making sure he had gotten the proper amount. As he stuffed the envelope in his side pocket, he peaked through the curtain and saw that the club was quite full for what was supposed to be amateur night. He was about to close the curtain we he saw something that caught his eye, you, siting with Jane near the stage. Jacob knew you were planning on being there tonight and seeing you brought a smile to his face. It also brought to his mind the events of the other day, when you had called him to show off lingerie that you were trying on. That bit of technological titillation was still fresh in his mind and he had been wondering how he could top that.

Then it hit him, the perfect idea.

“Nate, who’s up first?’

“Well I’ve a list but depending on the nerves of the first one, I may have to throw him on stage.”

“Hmm, let me check with the DJ right quick…”

The second round of martinis had arrived at your table just as the music began. The stage lights highlighted Nate as he stepped from behind the curtain.

“Good evening Ladies and welcome to the den of sin known as the Cockpit. Tonight for your viewing pleasure, we will be featuring some hot up and coming talent looking to introduce themselves to you. So break out those bills, sit back and welcome to the stage our first performer. He’s tall, he’s handsome, and falling for him could be the most dangerous thing you do tonight. The one: the only:  Lady Killer.

The applause faded as the curtains pulled back to reveal a man sitting in a chair in semi darkness. Though hard to see, it was more like him straddling it. The opening notes of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus filled the air

Reach out and touch faith”

At these words the performer stood up slowly and walked around the chair as if the chair contained a client. As the stage light shown on him, he was shown to wearing what looked like a hat and tails, white gloves with a cane. The hat appeared to be pulled down over half of his face.

“Oh my gods, I love this song” you said “This is one of the songs on my sex soundtrack”

“Sex soundtrack?” Jane wondered.

“Songs you want to get laid to.”

“Oh. And speaking of…”

With that, the performer made quick work of his gloves and coat, revealing a waist jacket, red cravat and one fantastic ass. The hat remained firmly in place. Turning his back to the audience and gyrating to chorus, he slowly unbuttoned his waist jacket and threw it to the side. Spinning back around to face the screaming crowd, he spotted you, pointed his finger at and beckoned you join him on stage. It took everything she had for Jane to get you to stand up and get on the stage.

The performer took your hand in his and led you to the chair, to the great envy of the audience, his face remaining low. As you sat down, almost as red as your lipstick, you caught the hint of a familiar cologne. You tried to place it, but the performer was keen on your attention, circling you in the chair as if he were preparing to devour you. You sat there both greatly aroused and partially worried about how to explain this later.

The performer moved ever so closer to you, straddling both you and the chair. With his face down, blocking the light, it was still tough to see his face. Still moving to the music, he slowly began unbuttoning his dress shirt, your face becoming even redder and you began to giggle uncontrollably. As he finished the last button, he yanked the shirt off as well as the hat, tossing them to the side to an eager audience. There they were, two very familiar tattoos. Tattoos that could only belong to one man.


You yelped as it all hit you at once. Jacob could only smirk as he reached down to finish the job by ripping his pants off, revealing a dark red speedo that showed off his ass to perfection. As the song was winding down, Jacob turned to face the audience as he gave you a brief lap dance to finish the song off.

As the song ended, the crowd burst into thunderous applause. Dollar bills could be seen pilling up on stage and Jacob stood up to collect his prize money. After gathering his booty he walked with you backstage as the curtain came down and Nate went back on stage.

Jane quickly joined you both backstage.

“Did you know about this?” you asked her.


Turning to Jacob next, still somewhat blushing “Did you plan this?”

“As much as I would love to claim so lass, this was a bit of an impromptu performance. Much like your little peep show the other day” he smirked.

“Didn’t take you for a dancer Mister Frye” Jane said.

“I’m many things Miss Sloan.”

“I’ll say. Shall we go back to the table or do you two have other plans?”

You looked to Jacob for the answer.

“I started the show, let’s see how the other stack up to me. Besides…” he said holding up the wad of cash. “Drinks are on me tonight”.

Y'know, it bothers me more when Nate insults Mick’s intelligence than when the rest of the team does.

Here’s why:

1. It’s unrealistic. Take one look at Mick Rory and tell me that you would ever have the guts to say ANYTHING that would potentially tick him off. Especially if you were a hemophiliac.

2. When Sara or Jax comment on his intelligence, I feel like they’re more roasting him than anything. Like how you do when you live with someone or are friends with someone for a long time. Sometimes, the person doesn’t appreciate it, BUT WE ALL DO IT. They also both have stood up for him and/or called him out on playing dumb (see Camelot/3000). Like, I can even forgive Martin for his douchebaggery towards Mick, because he just thinks everyone is dumb compared to him–even Ray, WHO IS A GENIUS.

But Nate is not that close to Mick. When he does it, he seems almost malicious with it, and his jokes (like the brain damage one) are borderline cruel. He doesn’t roast, he bullies.


WHAT WENT DOWN WITH VICE // Broadly - How I had to fight to get credit for a project that I made.
Thanks to everyone who has shown support and reposted about my experience with Broadly.
This whole fiasco has been daunting. Dealing with the women who run Broadly - Shanon Kelley and Tracie Morrissey is very similar to dealing with a high school mean girl clique.
Here is how everything went down.
I emailed Hannah Gregg (woman who took all the credit) and told her exactly how I felt. I expressed to her everything that I did in my post that you read. She called me back and left me a voicemail telling me that she was sorry and took 100% blame. She said that she knew that they had fucked up and basically agreed that Broadly is a vulture. She then sent me a text, explaining that she was trying to get the credits changed. Apparently she spent the whole day trying to get them changed but Braodly claimed that they could not change anything once it had been published. I’m pretty sure they didn’t want to change the credits because that would involce taking the piece off of youtube.com. Which means they would loose their 30,000 views.
After posting this to my instagram the other creator of Broadly - Tracie Morrissey tried to publicly shame and bully me. Tracie Morrissey left a comment under my post exclaiming that I never worked on the project and that it wasn’t mine. I’ve attached a screen shot of what she said to me, she ended up deleting the comment yesterday. The part that she mentions about me not watching the “rough cut” is infuriating. I had been emailing them for weeks asking for dailies / paper edits. I never got a response. Then last week I told Hannah Gregg that I would be in the mountains and wouldn’t have access to wifi / cell service. While I was in the mountains she sent me an email. The email stated that this was a “rough cut” and she wanted to get my input. Less than 24 hours later this “rough cut” was published on Broadly’s site. I never had time to look at the “rough cut” because I didn’t have wifi access. Hannah Gregg knew this.
Yesterday a friend of mine named Nate tweeted about my situation. He posted a link to my tumblr post. He is also a famous musician and has 250k followers. Shanon, one of the 2 creators of Broadly got wind of this and called him on the phone!!!! At this point I hadn’t even gotten a phone call from Broadly. Nate let her speak first and she told him that it wasn’t my project and that I never worked on it. She also told him that I was crazy and that she thought that I just wanted a credit. After that he explained to her that he has actually known me since we were teens and is fully aware of the fact that I have been working on the project for 2 years. He refused to take the post down. He also told her that she should just try talking to me.
After Nate told them to call me I began getting phone calls from Broadly, both Shanon and Tracie texted me asking me to talk on the phone. I expressed to them that I needed them to email me because I didn’t want any more confusion or miscommunication to ensue. They tried to bully me in to talking on the phone and made excuses about why they couldn’t email. A few minutes after all of this I received an email from someone named Sarah Rodriguez and it basically said that there was a huge miscommunication and that they were going to change the credits and give me the proper credit that I deserve.
The most frustrating thing about this is that they really treated me and the caramel curves pretty badly. Unfortunately a credit is not what I want. I want them to kill the piece completely. I don’t want to have my name linked to Broadly and I want to spread the word about how exploitative this company is.

Please help spread the word that Broadly is a sham.

Embarrassed ¿

Based (y/n) off Jada sezer. Requested, hope you like it. And sorry the ending is so shitty, but I promised to post this. please enjoy


“alright, that’s all for today, great job (y/n)” the photographer, Evan spoke as we just finished our shoot. Evan worked for a magazine, and as an ‘on the rise’ star, they wanted more information about be, so we did an interview and then the shoot.

I was new to the singing world, and fame and everything. I was always so nervous to ever pursue singing cause singers you see today, they’re a lot smaller than me. I was a little heavier than most, but I finally got my confidence after so many people said that ‘I was beautiful’ and ‘it’s not about your weight’ and mostly the only thing people ever said to me were about my singing, and how beautiful I was.

I also had my boyfriend Nate, to thank for being so confident with myself and my body now. Despite getting bullied in high school, when I moved out to LA, I met Nate at a concert, and afterwards we stayed around a bit more and drank some and just really hit it off. We started to talk more and hang out more after the concert and then like 3 months later he introduced me to his family as his girlfriend and that was the start of our relationship. Now here we are 5 months later, happy as ever.

I loved his family so much. They were so sweet, and his sister was like my little sister. I constantly texted her and called her and we always had plans whenever Nate would go to the studio or out with the boys.

I never met Nate’s friends, but I knew of them. I saw snapchats of them and pictures of them with fans all the time. He also would talk about them a lot. Nate also never asked me to go out with him and his friends. And at first I thought, maybe he just doesn’t want me to come around, not knowing how this is going to work out with us, but we’ve been together 5 months now and still nothing.

Nate was actually at the studio now, but he said he was coming over soon and we were gonna hang out, go out to the movies and then come back to mine for the night.

I was just getting ready when Nate called me.

Hey babe.

‘hey ma, I’ll be over soon, like 15 minutes, will you be ready by then?’

Yeah, I’ll be ready by then.

‘okay good. I’ll see ya in a few, love you’

Love you too Nate.

And with that I hung up and finished getting ready. I threw on some jeans, and rolled them up a bit, so they were cuffed right above the ankle, and then a denim like button up shirt. I curled my hair and put on some chukka low vans and by the time I was done Nate was already at my door.

“hey ma.” He smiled, placing his hand on my waist and kissing me. We pulled apart and I smiled at him.

“hey babe.”

“you ready to go?”



The movie was great. I couldn’t stop laughing, and I hated my laugh. Not many people were there, and people hardly recognize us. You see, Nate and I hadn’t really told anyone about our relationship. We wanted to keep it lowkey until we were sure how long we would last, but after 5 months I was more than ready to tell everyone about us, but Nate always seemed a little uneasy about that.

Yeah, I had my doubts on his reasons why. My first thought was that because of how big I am, compared to all the other girls that are like, in love with Nate, and he was embarrassed about that. And the one time I mentioned it to him, he flipped.

He told me that he just didn’t want everyone in our business, which I totally get. But sometimes I saw pictures people posted of them and their boyfriend or girlfriend showing them off, and I wish Nate and I would do that.

We were walking to the car, hand in hand when Nate suddenly let go of my hand. I looked up at him and he wasn’t looking at me, he was actually walking far off to my side, and then he started to walk faster.

“Nate, what are you doing?”

He turned and looked to me and then dug in his pocket, handing me the keys.

“here babe, go start the car, I’ll be there in a second.” He said, looking around and then coming and kissing my forehead. “love ya.” And with that he ran up to a group of guys, throwing his arms around two different guys shoulders. I could hear him yell.

“wassup guys.”

“yo skate, what’s up man?” a tall blonde said, bro hugging Nate.

His fucking friends. These were his fucking friends he hasn’t introduced me to yet. Unbelievable. This was the best time too. We were out and they just happened to be right there. He could have walked up with me and introduced me, but he didn’t. And it’s obvious why. Looking at the group of guys, they seemed all the same. Shallow. The blonde literally whistled at a stick with fake tits and a big ass, watching her walk my way.

His eyes met mine and he smiled, and then turned back around to all the other guys.

I was so pissed I went to the car. I sat and waited for 10 minutes before finally getting in the driver seat and just going home. I was over this. Yeah sure, I wasn’t a stick thin model like girl, like the type that him and his friends seem to be into, but still.

I texted Nate once I got home, telling him to find another ride, and that he can pick his car up from mine. He texted me back a half hour later, freaking out.

From Nate: wtf (y/n), I was getting ready to come to the car.

To Nate: sorry, but after like 15 minutes, I didn’t wanna wait any longer. Plus, wouldn’t want your friends to see me in the passenger seat.

From Nate: wtf is that about?

To Nate: you know exactly what I’m talking about. Just, your keys are in the car still, so whenever you get here don’t bother coming in.

I wasn’t gonna text him back the rest of the night. I was so over his bullshit. He knew how I felt about myself, despite the confidence he helped me gain, he also did a little to bring me right back down. He fucking knew.

I was laying on the couch, watching a movie when I heard a car pull up, a door open, some slight conversation, unable to tell what they were saying, just muffled voices and then a door close. I was waiting to hear Nate’s car start, but my front door swinging open was quite unexpected.

“(y/n), what the fuck” Nate asked, standing in my doorway. I got up from the couch and turned to look at him.

“did you have a nice time with your friends?” I scoffed.

“yeah, but seriously? What the hell? Why did you leave?”

“why did I leave? Are you seriously asking me that?”

“yeah? What the fuck’s your problem?”

“my problem? Nate tonight we saw your best fucking friends, and you couldn’t even introduce me to them. We’ve been together 5 fucking months and you haven’t even introduced us, and it’s pretty obvious why.”

“I was going to introduce you to them.”

“bull fucking shit. That’s why you told me to go wait in the car. Seriously Nate.”

“You don’t get it (y/n)”

“get what Nate? You’re fucking embarrassed to be seen with me. Admit it. Just cause I’m not as thin as the fucking skanks you guys are used to.”

“don’t fucking stand there throwing shit at me.”

“you’re not even denying that you’re embarrassed. If you don’t wanna be seen with me, why are we even together Nate?”

“cause I love you.”

“obviously you don’t if you won’t even introduce me to your friends.”

“we’ve been over this, we were waiting to tell people.”

“bull shit. It’s been 5 months Nate. I met your family, and they had no problem with me, or my size.”

“okay, yeah fine. I don’t want my friends knowing about us. That’s the main reason. You’re right.”

“get out.” I scream. I was fucking done.

“no, it’s not like that. Let me ex-“

“no, get the fuck out of my house Nate. Don’t fucking bother coming back either. I’m so over your shit. You knew exactly how I felt about myself, and you fucking made it worse. Just leave.” I said, turning and going upstairs. “I’ll put your shit in a box and set it outside, you can get it whenever.” And with that I made it up to my room and slammed my door.

I heard my front door slam, knowing Nate had left, but I stayed in bed, crying. I couldn’t believe this. All the times he said I was beautiful, and that my weight or size didn’t bother him. All of it. A lie. I must have cried myself to sleep, cause I woke up the next morning, feeling like shit.

My eyes were swollen, my nose was stuffy, and I just felt like laying in bed all day. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that though. I got up and got ready, showering and getting dressed and then heading out for some errands. I had to stop by the studio, my producer wanted me to come in for some sort of meeting about a collab.

Deciding on getting Starbucks before, I drove to the studio, parked and then walked to Starbucks, since it was only a 5 minute walk. Once I got in there, I noticed the line was a little long, but I had plenty of time.

I heard the bell chime, signaling that someone had just walked in. I turned and saw the blonde boy from the other night, Nate’s friend. We made eye contact and he smiled at me, and then stood behind me in line.

“excuse me” he spoke, causing me to turn around and look at him.

“hi” I said, awkwardly.

“You’re (y/n) right?”

“yeah, and you are?”

“oh I’m Sammy.”

“nice to meet you.” I smiled.

“yeah, you too. I think I saw you last night, but I wasn’t entirely sure,  it was a little dark, and I was a little high.” He laughed.

“oh yeah, I thought you looked familiar.” I smiled.

“well yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re really beautiful, and you have a killer voice. Crazy talent ma.”

“thank you so much. It means a lot” I smiled. Having a stranger call me beautiful made me feel so good about myself.

“no problem. I mean, I just speak the truth.”

“well thanks Sammy.”

“yeah. I don’t wanna be to upfront, but would you mind if we went out later? Drinks? My friends and I are going out downtown, and I’d really like to spend more time with you, plus, I saw you on Jimmy Fallon, and you seem hilarious.” He chuckled.

“um, yeah sure, I could use a drink.” I laugh.

“awesome. Here, give me your number and I’ll come get you later.”


We exchanged numbers, and when we got our drinks, we sat and drank them together, talking more. I felt so bad about thinking he was shallow. He was actually really sweet after talking to him, and he kept saying sweet things like ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘I like when you smile’ and just sweet things like that, that made me feel so much better about myself.

“oh shit, I gotta go.” I said, standing up. “I’ve gotta go meet with my producer. It was really nice meeting you Sammy.”

“likewise. I’ll see ya later ma.”


Sammy and I had been texting all day. He kept talking about how excited he was for tonight. He said all his friends loved my music and they’ve been wanting to meet me because I seem so funny and chill.

And Sammy couldn’t get over the fact that I was doing a song with MGK. He was literally freaking out. Telling me that when we record, I have to invite him to the studio so he can meet MGK finally. I told him I’d see what I can do.

Sammy was actually on his way to get me. He said he should be here in about 5 minutes. So until then I was in my kitchen, working on my drink I made earlier. Just vodka and pink lemonade. Sammy texted me and told me he was here, so I swallowed down the rest down and walked out to the uber, sliding in next to Sammy.

We talked on the way to the bar, but were interrupted by my phone going off every 3 mintues. Nate texting me, calling me, anything to try to reach me. Nate was calling again, but I just let it ring.

“you’re not gonna get that?” Sammy asked.


“it might be important. Your phones been going off all night, and it’s barely even started.”

“it’s just my boyfriend.”

“and you’re not answering because…?”

“we kinda got into a fight.”

“over what?”

I sighed, and looked down at my hands in my lap.

“we’ve been dating for 5 months, and we haven’t told anyone besides his family.”

“why not?”

“at first, just for personal shit, like privacy from media and stuff, but then I was ready too, but he didn’t want too. And last night we fought over how he’s embarrassed to tell his friends and stuff because he’s embarrassed by me.”

“why would anyone be embarrassed to be with you? You’re gorgeous.”

“I guess my size just embarrassed him. He didn’t want his friends to know he was with someone so big.”

“(y/n) look at me.” Sammy said softly, taking my hand in his, causing me to look into his eyes. “he’s an ass. You’re beautiful, despite what he thinks, or his friends. He should be happy to be with you. Hell, I’d die to be your boyfriend. You best believe I’d be showing you off. I’d be proud of you. It’s not about size or beauty even. I can tell you’re a great person, and if he’s to stupid to see that, it’s his loss.”

“thanks Sammy. It really means a lot. It’s just been so hard to ever feel beautiful, but then with him I feel so great, but he does shit like, hide me from his friends because of my weight and stuff, that make me feel worse.”

“well, I say, fuck your ass of a boyfriend, let’s get drunk.”

We got out of the uber and headed inside. Stopping at the bar and getting some drinks, and then heading to Sammy’s little ‘vip’ area him and his friends had. We walked in, and everyone started cheering.

“guys, this is (y/n) you know the singer.”

“oh my god, you’re beautiful. I seriously love you.” A boy with longer hair said.

“thank you” I laughed, overwhelmed with everyone talking at once.

“I’m Kenny by the way.” He smiled.

“nice to meet you.”

I sat by Sammy, and talked to everyone, cracking jokes, and we were all just having a good time. I wasn’t even bothered by Nate’s problem anymore. All these guys, and the like 3 girls that were here, that were all way smaller than me, made me feel so good. The girls said they wish they looked like me, and that made me smile.

“yo, what’s good skate.” I heard Sammy yell, as I was talking to Emily. My eyes went wide and I turned to see Nate, who was looking right at me.

“what the fuck?” he asked, looking at me.

“oh yeah, skate this is my friend (y/n), you know, the singer we always talk about.” Sammy smiled.

“yeah I know who she is.” He said, harshly.

“dude, chill.” Kenny chimed in.

“yeah, chill Nate.” Sammy said, throwing his arm over my shoulder. And I knew that was it for Nate. He had always been the jealous type, and I knew by the look on his face, something was about to happen.

“I’ll chill when you get your fucking hands off my girlfriend.” Nate said, and then everyone just stopped and looked between the three of us. Me, Sammy and Nate. Sammy looked between Nate and I, and then looked at me.

“he’s the ass?”


Then Sammy looked at Nate, and stood up to face him.

“how are you about to freak out on me when you couldn’t even introduce her to us? What the fucks that about man? And for something as stupid as her size? Thinking we’d have a problem with it? You really think so lowly of your best friends?”

“no, it’s not even the reason.”

“well then what’s your real reason Nate?” I asked from my spot on the couch next to Emily.

“(y/n) you know it wasn’t like that. You know I love you. I just didn’t wanna introduce you cause I know my friends, and I didn’t want them calling me whipped and shit like that. I’m not embarrassed by you babe.”

“you know, I believe him.” Emily said next to me. “we’re a tough crowd when it comes to one of the guys and a girl, and especially Skathan. We’ve been wondering about him lately, constantly on his phone, walking around with a smile on his face all the time.” She smiled.

“yeah, he’s definitely whipped, but I don’t blame him.” Derek spoke.

Nate came over and sat by me.

“please believe me (y/n). I love you so much. You know that I do. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“nate, you could have just told me.”

“but then you woulda told me I was being stupid and insisted on meeting them.”

“would that have been so bad?”

“no, I knew they would love ya ma, I just didn’t want them calling me whipped. It hurts a mans ego.” He chuckled, the seriousness leaving. “I’m sorry babygirl. Do you forgive me?” he smiled his cute dopey little smile.

“I can’t say no to that face.” I laughed.

“good!” he cheered, grabbing my face and kissing me “I love you baby.” He smiled.

“I love y-“

“whipped!” Derek and Kenny yelled, making everyone laugh, and Nate and I smile.

melodiesgrant  asked:

I'm forever pissed that they'll bring back as many different versions of Harrison Wells as they want but Kendra's storyline is apparently over and we'll most likely never see her again

DUDE, I still can’t believe the lengths they go to to keep Wells relevant while ignoring the INFINITE possiblities they have with Kendra.

Like, you have a character who has been reincarnating for THOUSANDS of years and you can’t figure out how to use her in your fucking TIME TRAVEL show? There are so many ways they could have worked her in!

One, just keeping Kendra around? Have her figure out what life is like without Savage or Carter. Just let her live. Have her break up with Ray while staying on the ship and have them navigate building a friendship.

Two, Kendra as a member if the JSA who is best friends with Amaya. Have her hit on Jax and call it back to him having a crush on Kendra. Have her come back as Guin in the Camelot episode.

Three, bring in a version of Kendra from the future who decides enough lives have gone by and she wants to see her friends again. Make her an archaeologist and make Kendra and Nate the ultimate brotp as history bros who make stupid jokes no one else gets but also get into legit physical fights over stupid history things.

Four, just have her be a different historical character every time we see her. Make her Queen of France, Helen of Troy, Amelia Earhart. Have all these different versions of her living her best life. (But Ambreen, you might say, that doesn’t follow their canon of her always hiding from Savage. Well, my friend, their canon doesn’t follow their canon so at least give me something worthwhile out of their fucking continuity over and over.)

Five, EARTH-13 KENDRA. Like, if they really insisted on firing Ciara, just recast her (maybe with an actual Latinx or Egyptian actress) and give me another woman named Kendra (or Shiera or something) who has Hawk powers with a completely different backstory. If you an work fifteen irrelevant white villains from other shows into Legends, you can work in an alt!Earth version of Kendra.

But no. They can’t do any that. But we gotta get a fucking shitty novelist version of Wells and a mime version of Wells and a cowboy version of Wells.

I hate this verse.

things Team NA taught me

- Vincent Trochek is very good looking in person. Origially i thought he was eh but then i saw him irl and i’m into it.

- connor mcdavid is as goos as the hype says he is. jack eichel is still better.

- auston matthews ain’t here to fuck around. 

- Colton Parayko is daddy af but he’s also so sweet and timid and just so adorable. This is the kind of guy who if you called him daddy to his face he’d be confused because he doesn’t have children

- also autocorrect on my phone changes parayko to paratrooper.

- about love and loss

- a lot canadians think gaudreau is canadian because of his last name and the fact that we call him “johnny hockey.” what they don’t realize is that he has a gross jersey accent. and maybe if they heard him say words like “talk” or “thought” or “dog” they wouldn’t want to claim him.

- It’s hard to go back to what you once had when you got a piece of happiness for even just a week (thanks trouba)

- Morgan Rielly is v supportive 

- todd mclellan for jack adams!!!!

- Nate Mackinnon is better than Lundqvist.

- If Matt Murray hadn’t been injured they would be in the finals by now. (bye bye canada.)

- what true happiness is.

- when you go through something that special with a group of people, even if it only is for a week or two, you come out of it closer than ever.

- so. many. ships. to. ship.

Father, Father (Part 3 - Nate Maloley)

part one | part two | word count: 2000+ words | masterlist

I call out his name but the whole scene catches the attention of his relatives.

“Y/N what’s going on? Where is Skate going?” His mom asks, concern written all over her face.

I didn’t know what to tell her because I didn’t know where he was going. I pulled her and Monte aside and broke the news. On the contrary to Nate’s reaction, they were excited.

“Wait, I’m going to be a grandma?” Kami squeals in delight.

I nod my head and she gives me a congratulatory hug. So does Monte.

“What’s the commotion about?” Nate’s grandmother says as she enters the room we were all in.

Mrs. Maloley shares the news and there were hugs going around, but the one person that I wish was there to celebrate with me…wasn’t.

“Wait, where’s Skate?” His grandfather asked, looking around the room.

Everyone looks at me for the answer, but I looked down, not knowing what to say to make Nate not sound like a bad guy.

“He just needed to take a walk to digest the news,” I tell them, faking a nonchalant attitude which they seemed to buy. I look over at Stew and Kaylan, begging them to change the subject somehow.

“Well…dad, grandpa, looks like you two aren’t the only people this day is dedicated to.” Stew laughs, slinging his arms over their shoulders.

“Yeah and this better not be your way of telling us you got a girl pregnant too.” His grandpa jokingly says, patting Stew on the back.

“Okay, well then I won’t say anything.” Stew teases.

“Stew, stop you’re gonna give mom an excuse to pester me about getting pregnant too,” Kaylan jokes around.

I was thankful Nate’s family was so accepting of it, but I couldn’t be happy until Nate and I talked about it. His words were on repeat. Get out of here. I can’t even look at you right now. I could already feel the resentment he was feeling towards me.

As we prepared for lunch on the patio, I secluded myself from the rest of the family. I was worried about where Nate was and the state of our relationship.

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Sam Drake x Reader

Originally posted by jesssecuster

Prompt: It’s been 15 years since you last saw the love of your life, Sam Drake. A lot has changed since then. So when he comes back to you, he finds you to be not alone.

Super long one here.



Sam Drake was nervous. More nervous than he had ever been before. He had every right to be. It was 15 years ago that he last saw you. That one night of love before him and his brother, Nathan, would be thrown in jail. Nathan had told you that Sam had died, because he thought he had. But he didn’t. He survived the gunshots and only got out a few days ago. Sam knew once he saw Nathan he had to find you. Luckily Nathan was still in contact with you, so gave your address to his brother.

“I’d be careful. Things have changed since you last saw her.” Nathan warned Sam. All sorts of situations ran through San’s mind. You were probably married to another now. Maybe even had a kid. Whatever it was he knew you moved on from him.

“Of course.” San nodded ready to handle whoever you had moved on to. With a pat on the back from his brother, Sam held tighly onto the piece of paper with your address on it. Standing up, Sam sighed and headed towards you.

House after house he walked past, his heart picking up pace as the numbers got closer to yours. And then he stopped walking, as in front of him what your house. The house where the love of his life lived, maybe with someone else. Even if she had moved on, Sam still needed to see her. She needed to know he was still alive.

With a deep breathe, Sam walked up your driveway and stopped in front of the front door. He lifted his hand to knock, but hesitated as he heard voices inside.

“Andrew hurry up, you’ll be late!” It was your voice. Obviously you were older so your voice had changed slightly. But not enough for Sam to not recognise it. Smiling to himself, he knocked on the door, ignoring the fact another man by the name of Andrew, was in the house. Probably a husband. 

Sam’s hands were shaking as he could hear you coming closer to the door.

 “If you’re not down here in 5 minutes, I’m coming upstairs!” You shouted opening the door to see who knocked. Your eyes met with the man behind the door and you froze. You looked him over to check it was actually who you thought it was. 

“Sam?” You asked, your voice breaking as you tried not to cry. The man you had loved for so long was alive. After 15 years of thinking him dead, he came back.

“Hey shortie. Long time no see.” Sam smiled trying to hold himself together.

“Oh my god.” You let tears fall and you stepped forward and hugged Sam. “Oh my god, oh my god.” You kept repeating, letting it sink in that Sam was here in front of you. Sam squeezed you tight, not wanting to ever let you go again. But he remembered about this ‘Andrew’.

“Alright, I’m here. God.” Sam heard a voice complain from back inside the house. “Mom?” Sam looked to the door and noticed a kid standing with a backpack on his back. He looked around 14, maybe 15. Sam let go of you and let you turn to see your son.

“Andrew. Finally. You eaten breakfast yet?” You asked, as Sam stood trying to understand what was going on and why this kid was calling you ‘mom’.

“No. Was just about to. Who’s this?” Andrew pointed to Sam.

“Oh, Andy, this is Sam.” You placed your arm round your sons shoulder, pulling up foreword. “ Sam this is Andrew, your son.” Both Sam and Andrew froze at your words.

“Son?” Sam repeated, making sure he heard you right. You took a deep breathe as you never thought you’d have to do this, you’d told Andrew his dad did, which was what you thouoght happened.

“Yeah. That night before you went to jail? Yeah, then.” You informed Sam, sending him a smile hoping to god he wouldn’t freak out. Sam was never one for commitment, so having a son thrown upon him may freak him out.

“Wait, you said my dad was dead?” Andrew questioned.

“Well at the time I thought he was. Everything I found led to a dead end. But obviously he survived. Somehow.” You explained, Andrew nodding his head slowly. “How about we head inside and talk?” You asked.

“Well I would but, school.” Andrew reminded you.

“You can go in later. This is more important.” You said, making Andrew smile.

“Sweet.” Andrew headed back inside and slumped onto the couch. Dropping his bag next to him on the floor. Sam was stuck for words. He had a son? He couldn’t raise a kid, could he?

“You coming in?” You asked Sam.

“Yeah.” He nodded, following you inside the house. Your house wasn’t massive, but was big enough for a family of four. The house was decorated with souvenirs from all over the world. Even with a kid you still travelled. This made Sam smile.

“How about you sit with Andy and I’ll make some coffee.” You announced heading into the kitchen. Sam slowly took a seat next to Andrew and sighed. He noticed some pictures on the wall, mainly of you and Andrew in different places all over the world.

“So how come you survived?” Andy asked out of nowhere.

“Well there were doctors at the jail who patched me up. I got lucky I guess.” Sam explained.

“Okay. How did you end up in jail in the first place?” Asked Andy.

“Stole some things. But we got in on purpose. There was something we needed and we needed to be in to get it.” Sam explained. Not wanting to tell too much to his son. Andy nodded slowly as you came back with in with coffee for you and Sam, and a orange juice for Andy.

The three of you sat and explained the story of Sam to Andy and the story of Andy to Sam. Hearing all these good things about your son, made him happy he  didn’t end up like him when Sam was Andy’s age. Sam showed you the cars of the bullets that supposedly ‘killed’ him.

“Do they hurt?” You asked, worrying about him.

“No. They’re just scares.” Sam explained, smiling at you. You smiled back. But something hit inside you. You and Sam needed to talk, alone.

“Andy, don’t you think it’s time for School?” You asked towards your son.

“It halfway through third period.” Andy argued.

“Tell them you had a doctor’s appointment. Me and your dad need to talk alone.” You said. Andy nodded understanding and gathered his stuff.

“Fine. It’s nice to finally meet my dad.” Andy smiled down at Sam.

“It was nice to meet my son.” Sam smiled back.

“Are you going to stay? I mean you don’t have to but you’re pretty cool.” Andy complimented.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Sam told his son. Andy then nodded and headed out to school.

“He’s good boy. Nothing like you were.” You commented, hitting back to old days with Sam

“Good. He doesn’t wanna be like I was.” Sam fiddled with his fingers as he didn’t know what to talk with you about.

“So are you going to stay? I think Andy would love if you did. Me too.” You said, looking into what was left of your coffee.

“I want to. But there’s something I need to do first. Me and Nate need to do something. It’s do with Henry Avery. You remember from mom’s journal?” You nodded remembering that night you broke into that house to find his mom’s journal. “I wanna finish what she started. I already saw Nate, he’s on board so.” You nodded along whilst he explained. “ But once that’s done, I will happily come back and settle down with you. It’s what we always wanted. With the addition of a son.” Sam explained to you. “I also want us to start over, relationship wise. If you’ll have me.” You sent a smile to Sam and got up off your seat. You moved from the coach to sit on Sam’s lap, your arms wrapped around his neck.

“Of course I’ll have you. Never stopped loving you Sammy.” You called him the nickname you used to call him. He hated it.

“Never stopped loving you, shortie.” Sam winked, making you smile widely. He then gently pulled you towards him and pressed his lips to yours. His hands rubbed up and down your back, sending chills up your spine. He gently picked you up laid you down on the coach, your lips still attached. 15 years ago was the last time you did this with him. Yeah there was others after him, but none made you feel as alive. His hand traced up your side, grabbing onto the bottom of your top, wanting to pull it off.

“Sorry Mom, forgot my notes.” You and Sam jumped off each other as Andrew came back into the house, interrupting your little make-out session. “Gross mom.” Andy quickly grabbed his notes and headed straight back out the door.

“Well that’s going to take some getting used to.” Sam commented, making you laugh.

After 15 years the love of your life was returned to you, and met the son he never knew he had. You thought it was just going to be you and Andrew. But looks like it will be you, Sam and Andy. A family. Like you always wanted.

Shawn Mendes - This is what it takes

Request:  Shawn Mendes request about my insecurities… Based off his song this is what it takes

Imagine by Fire-red-hair


Shawn’s POV

I walk into my shared apartment from the cold garage. I open the door to see almost no lights on, which means y/n has already gone to bed. It’s only 7 o'clock, which is kind of strange to me. She usually waits for me down here on the couch curled up in a blanket, looking all warm and sweet.

I set my bag down, and take my jacket off, hanging it on the coat hook we have near our garage door. I slip my shoes off, and pad up the stairs to our room. There isn’t any light spilling from the door, so I open it quietly and see her curled up in our bed. I walk over to her and kiss her forehead lightly, then walking to the closet and bathroom, grabbing some pajama pants and slipping them on, taking my shirt off. I walk to the sink, and see her phone sitting on the counter. I pick it up and see a text. I unlock it, and look at the conversation she had with her best friend earlier that night.

“I feel so insecure and sad today, and Shawn isn’t here when I need him like most of the time. I feel awful and I just want someone here. I don’t know what to do. I can’t call him because he’s probably recording and I don’t want to bother him. I’m just gonna try to sleep and hopefully he will be here when I wake up.“

I feel tears brim in my eyes. How could I be so ridiculous? I know she gets mixed feelings about my career and how much I’m gone, but I didn’t know she feels bad about herself for it.

I scroll further up in the text messages and she talks about how she dreams about us. I wipe my eyes and lock her phone, brushing my teeth. Then bringing her phone out and plugging it in on her dresser, silencing mine which I place next to it. I crawl into bed after reading for a little while.

It’s now 9 pm. I get under the covers and wrap my arms around her, I pull her closer to me and I can feel her chest rising and falling with every breath. I kiss her neck and shoulder and cheek many times, I love her so much.


I feel someone pull me to them, I know it’s Shawn because almost immediately I can smell his cologne. He starts peppering kisses on me and I relax at his touch. I still feel sad, because I should be awake and downstairs when Shawn comes home and we should spend time together in the evenings.

I sniffle, feeling a tear roll down my cheek. This is the 4th time I’ve cried today. Shawn stirs.  

"Babe?” He whispers. I turn over and face him, my eyes still shut. He grabs my hand and strokes it. “I read your texts to y/f/n, I didn’t know you felt that way babe, I’m so sorry.”

I open my eyes and meet his gaze, his eyes look sad, I’m sure mine do too. I sigh, searching for how I should respond.

“I’m-I’m sorry Shawn, I’m just clingy and emotional.” I scoot closer to him. He suddenly looks angry.

“Babe, you are not clingy, don’t you ever say that again. There’s a difference between being clingy and being sad.” He says, pulling me even closer. I lay my head on his chest and listen to his heart and breathing. I start crying, not even noticing at first. Shawn kisses my head and holds me tighter. “I’m going to stay home for a while. I finished recording today, actually.” He says softly. I nod and wipe my tears. “How about we get away? Let’s lock ourselves in here and make forts and just have a little stay-cation? I wanna spoil you, princess.” I nod.

“That sounds good, baby.” I tell him.



Also, if you want a part two, just request it! I love y'all!



Request from anon: Can you do an imagine where y/n was supposed to go to a concert for Sammy cause it meant a lot to him, but she couldn’t get off of work unless she wanted to lose her job, so he’s mad at her and they argue about how he was upset and how important it was to him. After they fight they don’t talk and y/n goes to start working again but passes out due to dehydration and exhaustion and Sammy takes care of her and feels bad? If that makes any sense


“Sam we got to go. Got a lot of things to do tomorrow before your first show of the tour tomorrow night.” Emily calls out. “I’ll be right there!” he yells back. “I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asks standing up, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He bends over to kiss, and leaves with Emily. “You haven’t gotten anyone to replace you at work yet, huh?” Nate asks. I just groan up into the air, “No! No one wants to replace me because it’s a Friday night. And it’s pissing me off. I’ve replaced everyone when they needed it, and the one time I need it, no one wants to fill in.” “Call in sick.” “I’m a nurse Nathan. It’s a lot harder than you think.” “Well, you better figure it out before the concert. You know how important this is to him.” He says with a serious voice. “I know, I know.” I bury my face in my hands. 

“Jess, please, I am begging you. I can be gone for 4 or 5 hours then come right back. I’ll do a double shift, I just need to be gone from 7-11 at least! Please!!” I started begging my supervisor. “I told you if you find someone to take your shift, I’ll let you go. Until then, you are stuck here doing YOUR JOB!” He says, then walking away. I see from my left, “Megan please, I beg of you!” “No, Y/N, tonight is my anniversary!” I switched to another nurse, “James, what about you? You’re single, living alone, got nothing to do. You can take my shift for a couple hours right?” “I’m working this shift already.” I switched again, “Abby,” “Not a chance Y/N.” She just kept walking. I looked at my phone blowing up with text messages from Sammy asking me where I’m at, when am I going to be there, the place is getting crowded, meet and greet about to happen, the boys are looking for me, all of that. 

My phone rings, “Nate,” “Where are you Y/N? Sam’s 1st opening act just started. You have exactly an hour and a half to get here!” “No one is taking my shift.” “Then just leave!” “This is my job Nate, I can’t just leave. If I leave, I get fired. I work in PEDs with kids…” “Well figure it out, we are stalling for you for as long as we can. But sooner or later, he’s going to need you before he goes on stage.” “I gotta go. I have to check up on some patients.” 

I was making my rounds after my patients when I came across my last one, “Hey Sarah, how are you feeling tonight?” “Better. I stopped having headaches. Nurse Y/N, what are you doing here? I thought tonight was Sam’s first concert.” “It is, but, I wasn’t able to go because I have to take care of you and all the other kids on this floor.” I sat down on the chair next to her bed, “You take care of us all the time. We will be fine without you. Go see Sam’s concert!” She coughs into her hand. “I wish it was that easy.. Besides, it looks like you need me here.” I say, grabbing some towels, wiping up her cough blood. “It’s okay. You kids are as important to me as Sam is to me.” I got interrupted with my phone ringing, “Sam’s ringtone..” She says, “I’ll be right back.” 

“Sam…” I said holding my breath over the phone. “Y/N! Where are you?! I’m about to go on! I want my good luck kiss before I go on stage! When are you getting here? Did the security not let you in or something? Should I send one of the boys to go outside and get y-” “Sam I can’t come.” “What?” I heard his tone of voice change. “I-I couldn’t get off work. No one wanted to change shifts, I’m sorry baby.” “Y/N, you KNOW how important this is for me and you KNEW I wanted you here!” My heart started breaking as I disappointed him. “Sam, I’m really sorry,” Tears started coming down my face. “Y/N, you said you” He got interrupted, “Sam, stage, now!” I heard Nate. “Wait, I’m talking to Y/N,” “No time dude! The crowd is hyped! You need to keep it going!” “Y/N,” “Baby, go on stage! You’ll do great! I’m sorry I’m not there. I really wish I could. But you’ll kill it Sam! I know you will. I love you!” “I-” His phone got disconnected as I heard the crowd screaming in the background. “Good luck Sam.” I said to myself. 

I finally got off work at 5 am. I didn’t receive any messages or calls or videos or anything from last night. I came home to the house TRASHED. I walked around the mess, seeing all the boys lying on the floor, the table, the couch, the chairs, everywhere. I walked next to Sam and shook him, “Sam, I’m home.” I whispered as I was squatting down. He slowly opened his eyes and saw who I was as he pushed me to the floor. “Fuck off.” “Sam what the fuck.” “Go away Y/N. I don’t want to see you right now.” I can tell he didn’t have a sleepy voice. “I couldn’t get off work Sam! I’m sorry that I needed to be at my job!” He quickly rises up to his feet, “And I needed you there with me! You KNEW how important tonight was for me. You KNEW how I wanted you there. You KNEW Y/N. But I guess the word important is only significant if it revolves around the hospital. Cause every time you get call saying it’s important, you bust right out that door. I thought I was important to you.” “YOU ARE! BUT SO IS MY JOB! LOOK, I’M SORRY I COULDN’T BE THERE TONIGHT. YOU KNOW I WANTED TO. BUT YOU WILL HAVE OTHER DATES I CAN ATTEND. AND I WILL BE AT YOUR LAST ONE THAT IS IN LA AGAIN.” I yell at him, waking up all the boys. 

“I don’t even WANT you at the other concerts anymore! Because I’m going to be expecting you and waiting, and you’ll never show up! Just like tonight..” “So just keep working and taking care of those kids since they are way more important to you.” Just then my phone rings, “Hello?” I just sigh to myself, “Yeah, I’ll be right there.” “Of course you do.” He says snotty. I grab my stuff, leaving cause I got called in for a fill in shift. 

I went straight to check up on the kids. I came back to my last one on the list again, “Sarah, your blood pressure was up while I was gone. What happened?” I asked, taking her pulse, observing her, fixing her IV. “You just left, what are you doing back?!” “Shift filler. Sorry, you’re stuck with me again for another 12 hours.” “Did you see Sam?” “I did.” “Was he mad?” “He was.” “So what happened?” “That’s why your blood pressure is up. You are too worried about my life. You need to relax little miss alright? I’ll be right back wit your breakfast.” I say walking out. I put my binders at the desk, sitting down “Kids need their breakfast Y/N.” The head nurse said. I got back up, getting the kids their breakfast. It was around 10 when I finally gave her breakfast. “Eat up. You’ll need all the energy.” I say, getting light headed. “Are you okay nurse Y/N?” “Yeah, I’m,” I tried walking out the door, but dropped to my knees, getting dizzy, fainting. “NURSE Y/N?” I heard before going unconscious. 

I woke up in one of the rooms in the hospital, an IV in me, machines all around. “Good, you’re awake.” James walks in. “What happened?” “You fainted, little miss works double shifts after double shifts. You were exhausted and dehydrated and too stressed out.” He says, giving me water. “You’ve been out for almost an hour. Sam’s on his way.” “YOU CALLED SAM?” “We didn’t,” He gets interrupted when Sam and the guys running through the halls, rushing through my room door. “Y/N! One of the kids you take care of, Sarah, called me! WHAT HAPPENED? ARE YOU OKAY? IS SHE OKAY? WHAT’S WRONG WITH HER? IS SHE DYING?” Sam kept asking James questions. 

“Sam, calm down.” I grabbed his hand. “NO I WANT TO KNOW,” “YOUR GIRLFRIEND WAS STRESSED OUT, EXHAUSTED AND DEHYDRATED. And before you come yelling at me and her, just know, she did everything she could to be at your show last night. She has been taking double shifts for weeks now just so people will fill in for her for one night but no one did. Your girlfriend has been working hard and if you can’t see that and just want to yell at her, you sir, are not welcome here.” James stood up for me. Sam looked at me with soft eyes, and I saw him become weak, “I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t mean anything I said earlier. I was just mad. I feel so bad that I yelled at you and you have been working to just get one night off. I’m so sorry Y/N.” He turns to James, “Is she okay?” “She’s fine. She just needs to drink more water during shifts, rest more, and stop worrying about the kids and her boyfriend.” He looks at me. 

“I will. Thanks James. “I’ll bring you food from the good place.” James winks at me, leaving. “I’m really sorry Y/N. I know you’re a hard worker and I know you wanted to be there for me I was just mad that you weren’t.” “It’s okay. I’ll be there for your other concerts. Promise.” He kisses me then he started fluffing my pillow, giving me water, feeding me, basically doing everything for me.

Sarah and a lot of the other kids from PEDs coming in on wheelchairs, “We wanted to see if our favorite nurse was okay.” Sarah said. My heart fills with joy as they wanted to see me. I get off the bed and pull Sam and the boys in front of the kids, “Guys, this is my boyfriend and his friends I tell you about. Sam, Jack J, Jack G, Nate and Swazz.” “You’re Sam? I’m the girl that called you.” Sarah points at him. “You’re Sarah! Nice to meet you. Thank you for calling me.” “You’re welcome. I also wanted to say, take care of Y/N. She’s a nice girl. You’ll be stupid to let her go to waste. So take good care of her, especially because of what just happened.” 

Sam just smiles big, “I will.” All the boys start talking to the kids as Sam looks at me, “I can see why these kids are important to you. Because you mean so much to them. I love you, Y/N.” He kisses my temple. 

Meeting the Friends (N.M)

(Y/N)’s POV

I paced around Nate and I’s room, biting my lip harshly. He was bringing home some of his best-friends and I was a nervous wreck. What if they didn’t like me? Skate’s friends mean so much to him, and I’m sure that if they don’t like me, then he’ll break up with me. My body started to shake, and I was on the verge of tears. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do if he left. “(Y/N), we’re here!” I heard Skate exclaim, the front door being closed.

My eyes widen, as I realized I couldn’t meet them when I was close to having a panic attack. “Princess, are you here?” He called again, and again, I said nothing. Hopefully I would just meet them another day. But, I was sadly mistaken, when I heard the sound of feet on the stairs. I looked around the room, trying to find a place to hide. As I was about to go the closet, the door swung open, and there was Nate. “Babe, I’ve been calling for you. Come on, the boys are here. I want you to meet them.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but it was like the cat had gotten my tongue. I had so much to say, but nothing was coming out of my mouth. “(Y/N), you’re scaring me. C'mon..” He urged me to speak, but instead, I started to cry. Tears began to stream down my face, and Nate had no idea what to do. “What’s wrong princess? Why are you crying?” He asked, and pulled me into his arms. I started to sob into his chest, trying to tell him what was wrong.

“I-I’m scared,” I stuttered, my voice barely audible. I felt Nate look down at me, so I continued. “I’m s-scared they’re g-going to hate me, and that y-you’ll leave me.” I started to sob harder into his chest, and my hands clenched his jersey that he was wearing. He chuckled lightly, and I looked up at him. “This i-isn’t a laughing matter N-Nate!” I yelled, and he started to laugh harder.

I felt his hands move to my face, and they wiped my fallen tears. Then he leaned down and pecked my lips. “You have nothing to worry about, (Y/N).” He mumbled, and I raised my eyebrow in confusion. “I’ve told them so much about you, they already love you babe. C'mon, lets go meet them.”

“I look like crap now.” I mumbled, and he shook his head.

“Non-sense. Lets go.” He grabbed my hand and lead me down the stairs, and there stood four people. “Okay, (Y/N), this is Sammy, Jack G, Jack J, and John. We call the Jacks by their last name, and John, Swazz.” I nodded my head, waving to them.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).” They waved back, and smiled.

“God Nate, how’d you score her?” The guy named Sammy asked, winking at me, and then he hugged me. “I’m Sammy, obviously. I’m glad you keep Nate happy.”

The next person to approach me was Jack G. “Hey babe, I’m Gilinsky. You’re so beautiful, why are you with ugly pant over there?” He asked jokingly, and then gave me a side hug.

Jack J was next, and he also hugged me. “Call me Johnson, and you can call me tonight.” He winked playfully, but Nate still shoved him. I giggled quietly and then I was approached by John.

“I’m obviously John, but you can call me Swazz.” I nodded my head and he shook my hand. He seemed the most normal out of the whole group. After the introductions, we piled onto the couch (me on Nate’s lap), and started to watch the game that was on. The rest of the night was filled with screaming, laughing and lots of fun. I think I can consider them my new best-friends.


I reallllllyy loved this imagine guys! I hope you liked it! I’m a total Nate girl, and while I was writing it, I got so many feels. Keep requesting, and keep reading. I love you all soooo much!

Artemus didn’t doubt Garrett’s intelligence, nor ignored the young man’s skills in the art of stealth. Garrett was brilliant, clever, and usually excelled in his studies. So much so that the Elders were pushing for him to be made a Keeper, the youngest they would have had in centuries. 

However, over the past few years the Keeper mentor had heard whispers from other Keepers, as well as the Acolytes that Garrett showed signs of imbalance. He was quick to anger and had even accused First Keeper Xavier of sending Keeper Agents to their demise on pointless expeditions and then covering them up. He felt the Keepers did more harm than good to The City they so claimed to keep the balance of. Artemus was able to spare Garrett from harsh punishment for what he had done for a lesser punishment which involved re indexing the library in the compound before being forced to under go intense meditation.  Artemus knew that if Garrett were to make another outburst like that again, he would face the full punishment of being locked away and possibly be subdued by glyphs. 

Garrett was running out of chances and possibly time.


Some thiefy stuff…Garrett’s time as a Acolyte before he left the Keepers. A lot of people theorize that Artemus is the one who found him on the street and later trained him, even though this wasn’t really confirmed (Artemus was originally called Keeper Nate). It could also be the reason why Artemus is the only Keeper, Garrett actually trusts and the only Keeper who can sneak up on and away from him.

The games never really explain why Garrett left the Keepers, other than he was angry and his balance was clouded. In Deadly Shadows, we see just how messed up and rotted within the Keeper Faction is and this is probably why Garrett has a genuine hate towards them.

I might colour this….not sure. I also got lazy with the bookcase.

Broken Promises Part 2

“Thomas. Where are you?” I say looking out the kitchen door. My 2 year old sat playing with his toys.

“Here mama.” He says looking up from his toys. He was so smart. Me and him were super close. We were all eachother had. He’s even beginning to wonder about his dad.

“Are you hungry Alex?” I ask him. I call him by all of his names. His full name is Thomas Omaha Alexander Maloley. Yes he has 2 middle names and yes, one of them is a city. I just needed a piece of his fathers life in him. I wasn’t one for naming kids the same thing as the parents but it was nice to know he had his father with him. Which he didn’t really need. I swore everyday he started to look more like Nate. Sometimes I even called him skate by accident but I think he liked it.

“Yes. Very. ” he says rubbing his tummy. He runs into the kitchen and climbs in his booster seat. Little kid was strong.

“Ok. Eat up. We’re gonna go shopping after this.”

“Yay. Mommy? I want a watch.” He says pointing to his wrist. I just laughed and told him we’ll think about it. I’ve been teaching him how to tell time and hes getting good. He even started asking people if they knew what time it was. He was so kind it scared me.

As I was thinking about my baby I saw he had already put his dish in the sink.

“Good job. Alex. Thank you for putting your dish away” I say kissing his head picking him up. He’s getting so big.

We walk out to the car and I put him in his car seat. As we get to the mall I take him to this small store that has kids stuff. I buy him a few shirts and shorts since it’s getting warmer. I also get him a watch. Gold is the color he chose.

God he’s so much like Nate. As we were walking around I hear my name being called.

“Y/N? Is that you?” I turn around and see the Jacks. I set Thomas down and hug them both. As I was talking to them about how busy I was Thomas pulled my leg. He wanted to tell me a secret.

“Mommy who are they?” He says whispering kinda loud.

“They’re mommys friends. And your uncles.” I say looking at them. “Jacks meet Thomas Omaha Alexander Maloley . Tommy meet your uncles Jack and Jack.” I say looking at him. He proudly sticks his arm out for them to shake.

“Hi I’m Thomas. But mommy calls me skate. And tommy. And Alex. You can call me whatever you want.” He says. I laugh at him. The boys talk and get us drinks. We talk for a little bit longer before Thomas starts to feel tired.

“Hold on baby. I’ll get you home for a nap soon.” I say to Thomas. “I’ll see you guys soon. And please don’t tell Nate about him.” I say pleading.

“Y/N! Why not. It’s his kid.” They say

“I know but I’ll tell him soon but it’s just what if he doesn’t want him. Or me.” I say looking down as I pick Thomas up.

“Oh trust me. Kid still misses you. He talks about you trying to figure out how you are but you’ve got him blocked on everything and you changed your number. ” Jack G says.

“I’m sorry. But I’ll tell him. Soon. I love you guys. Promise you won’t tell.” I say do I the mom face at them.

“We promise mom.” Johnson say with his tongue out. I hug them goodbye and get Thomas home. I really should tell Nate but how will he react. I just need time. Even though it’s been 2 fucking years. I need time.

Nate’s POV

I’m at home watching tv when the jacks get back from the mall. They sit down on either side of me.

“Guess who we just saw at the mall?” Gilinsky says to me. I change the channel and shrug.

“Who?” I say.

“Y/N” Johnson says. I snap my head at him. Did he just say Y/N. My ex. No way.

“I thought she woulda moved.” I say looking at my hands. Why hasn’t she talked to me. Did she not love me anymore. She shouldn’t. I left her for music and a tour. It was dumb but I thought it would save her the heartache of me being stupid. I wouldn’t cheat on her but sometimes when you’re drunk people like to twist things around. I didn’t want Y/N in the middle of that. But what Gilinsky said next killed me.

“And she has a son.” A son. A fucking son. She moved on that quickly.

“What. Who’s the guy?” I say worried. “What if it’s some asshole who doesn’t even know about the kid?” I say concerned for Y/N.

“It’s yours.” They both say at the same time. My neck almost breaks and I’m mad. Furious even. She kept a baby from me. God. How could she. I needed to find her and now.

“Did you get her new number?” I say taking Johnson’s phone. I dialed her number and waited hopeing she would pick up. I see Johnson biting his nails.

“Dude don’t tell her we told you we pro-”

“Hello? Jack?” It was her she answered.

“Y/N.” I say shakily.

“oh my god. Nate. Um hi.” She said whispering.

“We need to talk.”

“Oh okay. When and where?” She say nervous.

“In an hour at our coffee shop. Bring my kid.” I say as i hang up the phone. The boys just looked at me wide-eyed. I had to meet my child.


My kid. He knows. He fucking knows. I’m gonna kill the jacks. Right after I kill myself. I get ready and put Thomas in his car seat. He starts waking up.

“Where? Mommy?” He says rubbing his eyes.

“To see daddy.” I say as I slide in the front seat. We drive off to the coffee shop. While driving Little Bit came on the radio. I knew every word. I still kept up with the guys music. I still loved them they were family. But this time i cried. I mean how could I not Alex was singing along with the song. He knew all the words to all his songs and even the jacks and Sammys songs.

We pulled into the parking lot and I fixed myself making sure we both look presentable. As I stepped into the place hand in hand with Thomas, I saw Nate. He was sitting there drink from a coffee mug.

I sat across from him and pulled Thomas into my lap. He looked up at both of us.

Nate’s POV

I was waiting at the shop for a good 5 minutes. I was so nervous. What if she hated me. What if the kid didn’t like me. What if he didn’t take my last name. All these thoughts were running through my mind like a damn track meet.

Then she slid into the booth,a baby on her lap. He had to be about 2 years. I couldn’t help my self. I cried. My child. He looked amazing. He had her eye and smile. My dimples and hair. He was so damn cute.

“Okay?” He asked putting his small hand on my arm. I nodded. Y/N was wiping small teats from her eyes.

“Nate. This is Thomas Omaha Alexander Maloley. Thomas say hello to Nate. He’s your daddy.” I say looking down at him.


“Did you steal it?”


“Oh. Because that would have been more romantic, right Parker?”

Okay, but has anyone written the fic where Nate gets the team back together to steal Sophie that first anniversary ring?

One that maybe involves Nate planning an intricate series of fake cons to try and prevent Sophie from finding out that’s what they’re actually doing. Like he is super sneaky about it, he clears his browser history twice

And makes numerous late night international calls to Hardison to tell him all about the plans and driving him crazy because “it’s cool, we got this Nate, we’ve been doing this on our own a year now, the micromanaging thing is making me all nostalgic sure it’s real cute but it’s like 3am here and Eliot’s been getting us all up for early morning Tai Chi lately okay damn need my beauty sleep we will see you in Buenos Aires stop calling okay good night.”

Meanwhile, Sophie of course isn’t fooled for a moment because she always knows when Nate is lying to her. Besides which their first anniversary is coming up and also she’s not an idiot. But she plays along anyway because he’s just having so much fun.

And then the actual diamond heist goes to hell and Nate has to call Sophie all “Uh… honey? A little help?” but she is already way ahead of him. As in ‘arrived on the scene two hours ago’ ahead of him. And then after she’s swooped in to save the day like some glorious avenging grifter goddess she’s like: “So after all this nonsense where is my ring?” and Nate’s like “…okay next year, I swear.”

Because you see they got kind of sidetracked what with taking down and then being kidnapped by that endangered animal smuggling ring and they still have a bunch of sloths to return, and the pygmy owls are being difficult, and the baby jaguar has bonded with Eliot so now it’s a whole thing.

(Then the next year Parker just goes and steals Sophie a diamond the size of her head because pfft amateurs. Parker’s got this ok.)

Because someone should write that fic. Just saying.

Skate Maloley imagine

*this wasn’t requested. Tbh I don’t get requests lol. But I just wanted to. Sorry but not sorry At only 5’ tall, people tend not to take me seriously. Especially considering my boyfriend, Nate, is 6'2". But, somehow, it works out. A lot of people ask if I’m his sister, and a couple times if I’m his daughter. I almost peed myself laughing at that one. But, Nate never really is one for PDA when we’re out with the guys. In fact, it’s kind of known that he’s the tough guy of the group. We never do cutesey stuff in public, but he’s a different guy behind closed doors. He’s the most adorable guy ever. Especially when my niece comes over and stays the weekend. He turns into mush around her. I wake up in our bed, and hear music playing downstairs. My niece, Arabella came over last night. I recognize the song as ‘Everything Has Changed’ by Taylor Swift. Before you say anything the song is a special thing between them. The first time she sang, was with him along with this song. I still have the video. So, it’s kind of their song. She’s called him either Uncle Skate or Uncle Nate ever since she could talk. Its so cute. I silently make my way downstairs, and am met with Sammy, who also happens to be my brother. He’s grinning, and holds his fingers up to his lips. We both adore Arabella; she’s not related to us, considering she’s my best friends daughter, but we might as well be. But that’s a story for later. I stand in front of Sam, and record Nate and Arabella, both dancing and singing around in the kitchen. Its adorable. He lifts her up, as they sing and yell the lyrics. I find myself daydreaming about the future. He would be an amazing father. Maybe even to kids of our own. Smiling, I fail to see Arabella finish the song with Nate, before snapping out of my day dream, as they giggle and laugh. I can’t help but laugh myself, which obviously caught their attention. “Auntie Kris!” she squeals, running over. “Uncle Sammy!” Sam scoops her up in his arms, and tickles her, as Nate comes over and pulls me in to a kiss. “Hey baby. Did you sleep good?” he asks, smiling. “Yeah, I did. I also began my morning in the best way when I came down and saw you dancing with Arabella.” he grinned, and looked down, at me, before kissing me on the nose. “It got me thinking about the future. Our future. How would you react to the idea of kids.” I ask, watching his expression. “I would be excited, and would love for you to be the momma of my babies. I love you lil mama.” I grin, and stand on the tips of my toes, barely able to reach his ear. “Good. Because that’s a surprise I’ve been waiting a week to tell you.” I grin, watching his eyes get big, and he starts flipping with excitement. “Imma be a daddy!” he yells, immediately catching Sam’s attention. “What?” he asks. “I’m pregnant Sam.” I blatantly say, smiling as Nate continues to show his excitement. Sam starts going along with Nate, then Arabella joins in, not even knowing what was going on. This is my family. My perfect family, that will just get bigger.

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