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- ̗̀  silent hill starter sentences  //  vol.1  ̖́-

  1. ❛ the fear of the blood tends to create fear for the flesh. ❜ 
  2. ❛ when you’re hurt and scared for so long, the fear and pain turn to hate. ❜
  3. ❛ she’s lucky to have you. ❜
  4. ❛ a mother is god in the eyes of a child. ❜
  5. ❛ you’ve darkened the heart of an innocent. ❜
  6. ❛ you promised you’d take me there again some day. ❜
  7. ❛ well, i’m alone there now, in our special place… waiting for you. ❜
  8. ❛ you disgusting piece of shit! ❜
  9. ❛ you’re nothing but a waste of skin! ❜
  10. ❛ it doesn’t matter if you’re smart, dumb, ugly, pretty… it’s all the same once you’re dead… ❜
  11. ❛ do you know what it does to you? ❜
  12. ❛ the memory of his cruelty is forever burned into my mind. ❜
  13. ❛ you don’t understand. none of you do. ❜
  14. ❛ monsters? ❜
  15. ❛ they look like monsters to you? ❜
  16. ❛ that’s when i first had the nightmare. ❜
  17. ❛ i haven’t been able to get out of my room since then. ❜
  18. ❛ i can’t even get anybody to hear me when I yell. ❜
  19. ❛ the phone doesn’t work… the tv doesn’t work… ❜
  20. ❛ the windows are sealed shut. ❜
  21. ❛ someone chained the door from the inside. ❜
  22. ❛ how am i going to get out of here? ❜
  23. ❛ you’ve always been there for me, haven’t you? ❜
  24. ❛ bad dreams still keeping you awake? ❜
  25. ❛ i told you, a girl or two would go a long way. sleep like a baby with a chick in your cab. ❜
  26. ❛ guess i just don’t meet the right girls. ❜
  27. ❛ be careful what you choose. ❜
  28. ❛ hey, chill. you don’t see me bringing up your issues. ❜
  29. ❛ she hasn’t left you yet? ❜
  30. ❛ all the stores are closed or boarded up. ❜
  31. ❛ the town seems empty. ❜
  32. ❛ it’s complicated. ❜
  33. ❛ a lot of things have happened since you left. ❜
  34. ❛ i noticed a banner out front that said something about an anniversary. ❜
  35. ❛ i thought i remembered being here for it. ❜
  36. ❛ i guess it’s time we took that down, huh? ❜
  37. ❛ it’s like something’s not letting us move on. ❜
  38. ❛ we’re the ones who decide if we can live with what we’ve done. ❜
  39. ❛ why didn’t she take me? ❜
  40. ❛ evil wakes in vengeance. be careful what you choose. ❜
  41. ❛ fire doesn’t cleanse, it blackens! ❜
  42. ❛ look at this map, memorize it. ❜
  43. ❛ your memory may save your life. ❜
  44. ❛ let me do this! ❜
  45. ❛ i have to do this! ❜
  46. ❛ you burned in the fire that you started. ❜
  47. ❛ nothing can save you because you’re already damned! ❜
  48. ❛ i don’t talk to strangers. ❜
  49. ❛ what the fuck? what the fuck?! you saw that right? that was real? ❜
  50. ❛ what the fuck is going on? ❜
  51. ❛ i’m afraid she’s been hurt. ❜
  52. ❛ they used to say this place was haunted. ❜
  53. ❛ what’s it gonna be, city boy? ❜
  54. ❛ i can put you in jail or you can go home. ❜
  55. ❛ that’s your definition of justice, huh? ❜
  56. ❛ filth and lies! ❜
  57. ❛ she’s not here! ❜
  58. ❛ can you see anything? ❜
  59. ❛ we have to leave! ❜
  60. ❛ we are wandering far from refuge here… ❜

Legends of Tomorrow — S1E1  {Sentence Starters}

  • ❛❛ He has achieved what no one in human history ever has. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What’s your name…? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Your mother was brave. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We are not warriors. We possess no army. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ The golden age of gasoline engines, online pornography, and those silly little smartphones. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ This feels good, being back in the field. Not that this is a field, but… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Too late to turn back now. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ My night’s about to get a whole lot worse, isn’t it? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ They have guns. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Join me for a drink? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I have come quite a long way to meet you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I thought I told you to be careful! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What’s the use of sharing my intelligence if you won’t listen? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You, my love, almost got us killed. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Cops’ll never hassle a dad buying diapers in the middle of the night. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Why don’t you ask the dude who knocked us out and kidnapped us? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ While you were incapacitated, I may have tampered with your weapons. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You got the wrong guy. ‘Hero’ ain’t on my resume. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ It’s fun to watch you kick and punch and skewer bad guys, but I need a minute of your time. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’m as trusting as you are cynical. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I died once. At least, the world thought I did. You know what happened? Nothing. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ God, if you only knew how I loved you, and how much… how much it hurt every time he took you away from me. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Be a hero in the light. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You’ve lived in the shadows long enough. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I can’t believe you’re thinking of hooking up with the Englishman. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I have no desire to save the world. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We hate working and we love money. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You want me in, I’m in. But I’m not gonna be anyone’s hero. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Do you have any idea what an extraordinary opportunity we’ve been given? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I think we’re being punked… do people still say ‘punked’? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You don’t look too happy to be here. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Whatever you roofied him with, I’d like some. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Just hang on and remain calm. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I can’t believe you kidnapped me. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Why does this stupid station play nothing but reruns? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You still don’t remember me, do you? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I don’t remember you. I’m so sorry. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ The more the world is focused on destroying itself, the less it notices an immortal psychopath in its midst. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Who wants to listen to some Captain and Tennille? My mother played it. A lot. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You’re not my type. But your lady, on the other hand… well, she looks just my speed. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Me being here - it’s all a big mistake. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You need to get us out of here now! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We’re not going anywhere unless our son’s coming with us. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We go out for one lousy drink, and you guys somehow manage to pick a fight with Boba Fett. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We’ve barely begun, and already this is the worst, unmitigated disaster of my career. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I see why you got the hots for that one. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ My son is hurt because of you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Start telling the truth! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Of course I lied to you. I needed your help. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t kill you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I like being part of a team, man. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ If we have the power to change the world, don’t you think we have the power to change our own fate? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I like killing people. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’m just trying to make this world a better place, one war at a time. ❜❜
Dear Journal,

It’s Teddy again. Today I met James Sirius in my tree house so we could kiss without being seen by his parents. They didn’t know about him and I yet and I wanted him to tell them when he was ready. It wasn’t a rainy day but the sun was no where to be found. The dark clouds were floating above us. I had set up a comfortable little pillow fort inside of the tree house so we could cuddle. I was waiting for him with a bowl of buttery popcorn and two sodas, smiling like an idiot because I was thinking of him. He had that way to make me feel better.

“What are you daydreaming about?”

I quickly turned around and saw James in his gryffindor sweater. I smiled and he walked closer, his face only inches from mine.

“Hey..” I said, my lips brushing slightly on his.

He closed the gap between us and smiled through the kiss. He pulled away and pulled me back for a hug. He was so much shorter than me that he was standing on his tippy toes with his arms around my neck. While he was hugging me, I saw my dads looking at us through the window of the house showing me thumbs up. I motioned them to go away and they laughed, walking away.

“So, ready to see your suprise?” I asked James, looking into his smiley eyes.

He nodded excitingly and we walked up into the tree house. When James saw what I made with it, he gasped and smiled.

“Ted this is so cute!” He said, sitting close to me in the pillows.

“I told my dads about my sexuality yesterday.” I said, taking his hand in both of mine.

“How did they react?”

“They were very suportive and kinda happy too!” I laughed.

“I knew they would react that way. Your dads are great T..” He said.

“Are you feeling okay with everything? You know you can talk to me right?” I said, brushing my hand on his cheek.

“Yeah.. But i’m okay.. I’m just scared of being judge for only being myself..”

“It’ll be hard but at least we’re together in this. I won’t let you live it alone okay?” I said, looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Okay.. I love you Teddy.” He said, hugging me like it was the most normal thing to do.

“You love me?”

He looked at me like I was saying some nonsence.

“Of course I love you!”

I smiled and blushed.

“I love you too Jamie..” I said, kissing him slowly.

We spent the afternoon talking, kissing and eating popcorn. Suddently we heared a far thunder and I jumped.

“Was that thunder?” I asked, getting nervous.

“It’s okay Ted, let’s go inside okay?” James said, taking my hand.

We gatthered the pillows and walked inside as the rain started. Pads and moons were watching a movie cuddled into eachother in the living room.

“Party’s over already?” Sirius asked.

“It was raining and the storm is coming..” I said, taking James’ hand and heading to my room, trying not to start an awkward conversationwith my curious dads.

We walked into my room and both layed on my bed. I picked a movie on my laptop and we cuddled closer. The thunder storm started and James comforted me when I got scared. We fell asleep cuddled into eachother…

June 7 2014

Fall Starters because I can't help myself 🍂🍁🌰🎃

“Let’s open some windows, okay?”

“It’s starting to rain…”

“Bring a jacket!”

“Do we really need to go to a pumpkin patch? Can’t we just buy one at Tesco?”

“You sound sick. Are you sick?”

“*sneeze* Sorry, allergies.”

“Wanna go out for Halloween?”

“Looks like it’s time to rake the leaves…”

“Come in here where it’s dry!”

“It’s dark?! Already?!”

“Ooh it’s chilly out.”

“Please, enough with the pumpkin spice.”

“Good morning. No, don’t get up, it’s raining, let’s stay in bed a little longer…”

Dear Evan,

Okay its almost three in the morning and heres my first email to you. Fuck you already know that…Im on my phone at McDonalds rn also im fucking exhausted. Shit  if I have anymore coffees Ill probably die. So I got kicked out for the night. Can I like crash at your house tomorrow night? I cant go home until thursday.

Also can we like only email? Zoes getting suspicious of me opening my locker and getting fkn notes. Plus my dad has been checking my phone lately…asshole.

But seriously can i crash at your  house tomorrow after school?


Connor Murphy

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Welcome to My House Party… (Part I)

So to celebrate new beginnings, decided why not have my mains and some new faces to help. Aint no doubt we bout to get lit and already had some losses in COD ( Adeen & Saanvi ). Sis ( Ro ) just stick to XBOX. Couldn’t even find the start botton!

Thank you all for coming to help me celebrate my new place. TAKE ALL THE FOOD and no yall not driving home. We got Gatorade and Advil on deck, more then enough space for yall to crash cause we not havin dat! Sis already hangin off bro arm! 

FT @adoremissyro @self-made-deen @ethiopianzen @lovesaanvi @tysheemgates @jussjayden @awankasiya @sentellthesaint @fallfornique 

Sorry Vegas, Tumblr wouldnt let me tag you. 

               me right now : wtf are you all doing here ?? i mean this blog isn’t even a week old and boom !! i got more than 150 followers. you have made my whole rp experience ( whichever blog it was ) the best. thank you. now, let’s get to the lovin’.


                   first of all i wanna start with jessie  /  @wildhearted. you’re mia to my hue. thank you. so freaking much for letting me play this amazing muse. i have always been fascinated by you, damn i was even a little bit intimidated bu you. for real, you are such a sweet person who deserves all the love tbh. you yourself are such a kind person, and i know we haven’t talked much, but i already see you as one of my few friends !! and you know what ?? i am pretty amazed that i am able to keep two muses at once, but it’s probably the fact that hue is such a important muse for me. i hope our squad’s gonna grow lmao !! 
                then, i wanna say something to my natrito  /  @onyovrleft, @promcss, @tragicfate & @carryburdens. my love, do you like remember these days where we would talk every single day ?? well, i seriously miss them, and i would really wanna do this again, but life is taking over tbh. and even though we don’t talk so much anymore, you’re still an amazing person and you are 4ever in my heart. whenever you are on the dash, i just get so happy and just knowing that ur okay, makes me feel ultimately good.
           amaye  /  @onlymyown. amaye. my heart, my soul, my life. whenever i feel sad, you freaking make me laugh when i don’t even wanna smile. we have had pain on cassie, and i am pretty sure we will have in on here. but, you omg. you are a light to my life. talking to you makes all those bad days become better !! whatever you will do, i will always be with you. you are like one of y few real friends, here and outside tumblr. so, thank you for all this kindness that i really don’t deserve. 
        pls no i did not forget the amazing jesse   /  @tragicloss. screams. you are an amazing flower. and tbh dimi is too i can’t deny that. we haven’t realy talked for a while, but i can’t even keep up with myself ok. nad i am really sorry ok. you have always brightened my dash with you ic and ooc posts. and tbh dimi is one of my fave ocs, it’s unimagnible that i would actually not write something about him. i have always loved those muses that have been so much, but still are so kind. you play him so well, sometimes i forget he’s not canon tbh. well, i really wanna tell you, that you have a special place in my heart xxx
       my vivi  /  @weiirdwitch. i miss talking to you more than ever tbh. but you know i really can’t find the time anymore but when i do, i really try to talk to you as much as i can. you are my sunshine tbh. if you ever think that you are not amazing, then you’re lying to yourself. you are. you’re a bright star that always brights my days. thank you vi. thank you for making me feel loved. thank you for never making me feel that i am annoying. and i hope i am making you feel the same way. 
      trevor   /   @lifefcrdeath , @backinaflcsh. you are an amazing person and a talented writer. pls, repeat it ok. seriously, we do not talk that much anymore. college and your work isn’t helping and those time zones aren’t helping either. but i still keep thinking about you every day. i still keep looking at you blogs and hope you are doing fine and just looking at anything you do makes me so happy ! i wanna thank you for being such an amazing friend. thank you. 
    ma moon  /  @viiduus. your my moon tbh. that pun will never get old. listen, we don’t talk anymore like we used to, but i always freaking scream when i see you on the dash and hope you are doing fine. sometimes i look at the moon, and think : nah, you’re not as bright as my moon. because it’s true, tho. you’re one really kind person and i couldn’t stop following you on every single blog. i heart you bae.
    harley  /  @lunarwclf. how are you my bae ? i hope you are fine. and now i gotta make a stupid thing. HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE. well, we are probably not far away, but i had to xD. ok but for real, alex is the best. and you bright my day everyday. that’s not it, no. i wish that you would never feel that you are not needed here, because you are. and it’s not just me and i am sure of that. you are amazing and deserve the world !!

           MY LIGHTS. people who i rp with and am to lazy to write up there and love and tbh stalk. 

      @atroversiaamo, @sorcr, @exubiytsa, @searedrebirth@whitespiider, @speediings@araphorostiic, @bibliophiliism, @fatherofmachine@americabrand, @empathyeatings, @agenths, @gunkanjiima, @butscrewmefirst, @brokcnlegacies, @agonyborn, @bronzemaned, @dokkstjarna, @bitchculebra, @fragilcminds, @fortcvolontc, @killchained@shotgunaxecombo, @honeyburnt, @absumpsi@bloodintolerant, @fallencomrade, @culebral, @iinvincible  / @deadllyshot , @redheadarcher, @neverparted, @horrorempathy  / @thedestrcyer, @rizhii, @moonjeweled, @garmrr, @maximofflegacy, @likethcrns, @tcrightnow, @starksprincess, @winterscn, @rougescion, @britishnation, @ircnmama, @firstnayezdnik@enigmatie, @ofbanncr, @humblefarmcr, @shrinemade, @outlawiism, @vxpergreen, @strxnzo, @playsvulgar, @strangledmulan, @starkwithsarcasm, @olivercharlcs, @antagxnized, @notimminent, @shesaidrun, @stupidarrows, @afewmistakes, @astralord / @coldbattle, @loudmiinds, @hclywcrs, @danversiism, @alinamaximoffrogers, @clairebxrton, @futurecrest,  @femmekill, @reclaimedasset, @islanddeath, @amongwclves, @natstxrk, @blackironed, @runebrush, @hcndler, @hydraserpent, @classiqve, @kncwnmisery, @nymphomaniia, @showmaxter, @americanasitgets, @astcriiia, @hasnerve, @xgamora, @awakesforce, @ordinaryswan, @tcthefuture, @iviaw, @foundingavenger, @batgirlbatarangs, @esorbitanza, @topazgaze, @fallcnsoldier, @seiismic, @gammamade, @sunnytoothed, @ledivdova, @bullshitreigned, @punchit@moranument@radiasi, @baywindowed.

@ProBirdRights Twitter  sentence meme
  • I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?
  • i not even allowed indoors
  • sunglass fall off my face. how I going to cool? ❞
  • how come sometimes there is talking that don’t isn’t come from my mouth????? But???????? ❞
  • it a bribe I bribing you
  • if I was on moneys economy would crash becase nobod could part with my beauty picture
  • i mildly inconvenience by certain things and i not gonna take it anymore.
  • lets make Amerca best but not as best as me. make it a close second
  • Worried you being spied? It okay NSA too busy watching me be beauty.
  • i look in the mirror and impress with how good at me I am today.
  • my new year resoltution is to presdident
  • I have two potata chip but only one mouth. My life is complicated
  • I been working on my summer bod: it the same as my regular body, but this time more popsackles in it.
  • i could not find any worm today so i put a spaggettis in some dirt.
  • will I be my valentine yes i do.
  • just because i think human not should able marry it not mean i a humaphobe i just afraid of humans their hands weird???
  • I will chase you Dortito. I will chase you from here to cornternity.
  • I went inside the dollars bank today to figure how money works. then I found the candy bowl. I not allow inside bank anymore. ❞
  • if i stand on one foot it definite intentioneal and not cause i forget where is the other one.
  • i pride in me for being best. The best.
  • i’m don’t want to sing with no mary poopins. i only in it for the spoonsful of sugar make it two
  • three page tax code??? how about a 0 page tax cod i don’t reading???
  • uhm i starting suspect big bird is not a bird at all.
  • pepole who say i doesn’t spelling good hello we not a spelling bee??? i’m could eat that bee.
  • oops I forgot which end is my bottom oh there it is safe and sound
  • i’m wake up on the right side of the nest ever morning because i remember i’m me again
  • I promise I not eat you. ok i don’t promise.
  • i open a theme restraunt it called bird and you put bread on the floor and I eat it. also skeeball.
  • when I’m put my ear hole to a  chip, I can hear the potatocean.
  • I tried get on a uber but I fell off
  • uhm but I could suprem court justice??? i bring my own gavel. It a marshmellow on a pretzel and I already ate it okay.
  • i was not done sharing the truth???
  • please dont go away i love you not just for your biscits mainly for your biscits
  • we need stop with all the politlical correctedness and start with the political wrongness
  • you raise good point but may I suggest I MOST pretty???“
  • oh so does a rabbit lay eggs?? No????? get your own holiday.
  • obama not yet address improtant issue of sometimes I accident eat a baby carrot because it seems cheeto???


This is the first baby shower I ever had, I didn’t get to have one with Harlow because my ex didn’t want me to. I had family and friends come and I made sure my best friends @whitleysims and @raeganhouser came over! Idk what I would do without them. When the party started to die down I took them upstairs and showed them a little preview of the babies nursery. I haven’t shown anyone else yet. I’m so happy house this day turned out! <3

PS. I already have my sis Raegan living in California, and I posted on my Instagram how now we need to convince Whit to get a 2nd home out here!! <3

Heya! It’s been like… two months (I think, I have no idea really) since I first started doing the rp thing here and this is probably the first time I’ve ever felt so welcome while rping. I’m still a nervous wreck, but I’ve met so many wonderful people that I can’t even imagine my life without anymore and it’s hella great. I never thought anything would really come of this, but I’m so glad that it did and that I’m able to be a part of such a wonderful rp community. I love everyone so much, like seriously. But here goes the part where I mention people under a read more because I wrote way too much and I need to chill.

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This newtork will be revamping. Members that still wish to be part of the network, resend their information please. I apologize for this, but most of the current members have changed blogs/deleted. So here we come again with a sort of revamp to have everything in order and organized again.

R U L E S:

  • Follow us for updates. (optional)
  • Reblog this post! (likes count too)
  • And send us an ask with your name/pro-nouns/age/timezone and which Face Claim you desire as a mascot and that’s it! (Obligatory)

What I’m looking for:

  • Friendly people to follow.
  • Be a roleplayer, it doesn’t matter what type of blog are you (rph/rp inspo/indie/rpt/fandom/multi-fandom) as long as you’re a roleplayer, you can join!

What you’ll get:

  • More people that understand whatever it is that you’re going through and won’t pressure you for replies.
  • New friends!
  • A tag for anything that you like to post like, plots ideas, find new partners, promo for your rp, a place where you can post your selfies or just for you to meet new people!
  • The tag will be #slowroleplayersnet

When accepted:

  • You’ll be added to the network’s page!
  • You can start posting in the tag!
  • Please put a link to the page somewhere on your blog.
  • Track the tag #slowroleplayersnet
  • Follow us though is not mandatory


  • I don’t expect a lot of people to join but I’m hopeful!
  • If have any doubt, don’t hesitate to message us!
  • No-Hate will be tolerated. This is a safe place for everyone.
  • And yes, you can claim a face claim as your mascot even if it’s already being use! We don’t mind!

anonymous asked:

Have any of the cast had any drastic changes made to their character since their conceptions?

Design-wise hardly anything has changed (you can see the first pics of the characters if you go far back in the illustration tag), but personality-wise some of them have gone through some changes.

Cotton was supposed to have a scarier side and he was easily angered and could lash out over stuff. This is why he was named Cottonmouth, but nothing about that but the name stayed: he turned out to be mostly a sweetheart.
Ramona was also supposed to be more serious and business-like, but I felt she needed to balance out Jenn who is already super-serious, so she turned out to less serious. She’s still remorseless re: business, though, but that’s just her staying a head above others.

Modra was first supposed to be this super cool and actually pretty savvy traveller. But Benny was already kind of filling that role (although he is not exactly cool) and with Modra’s background it was easier to make him completely clueless and innocent character. On a hindsight, this worked in our favour, because now we had a character we were able to explain things to in the comic! 

Benny also did complete 180, when we started the RP. He was supposed to be bit shy and a total sweetheart, all pretty smiles and kind words. But, since Modra became this ball of cluelessness, it was better to balance that out with someone with a temper and a short fuse. It just makes better drama!

Twins also were meant to be friendly sort. But, we already had Wight as a non-threatening sentient undead, twins became what they are now. And besides, when they were introduced in the RP for the first time, the situation to have an utter nightmare to descend upon them was too good to pass, so Erli (whose creations twins are) figuratively let go of the wheel and pressed gas pedal to the floor.

Jenn, Wight and Mav have stayed pretty much unchanged. Wight and Jenn were designed as a confidence-lacking sentient zombie infectee and his overprotective ice queen sister, and Mav’s always been a little shit. Jerry has also gone through very few changes, he is full-filling his role as informant/Gandalf/mentor.

sentence memes that make me angsty
  • "Have you ever loved someone that much?"
  • "I'd rather be dead."
  • "I didn't know."
  • "Oh, go burn a planet."
  • "Don't TOUCH me!"
  • "I don't need you like you need me!"
  • "Don't look for me. Just go."
  • "I'm dying."
  • "I'm sorry."
  • "Leave me! Get out, just go!"
  • "I can't do anything. It's already started."
  • "We've crossed the event horizon. There's no going back."
  • "When were you planning to tell me?"
  • "You always talk, but you never SAY anything!"
  • "Why didn't you tell me? I would have listened."
  • "I do care."

anonymous asked:

Hi Lily. Just so you know... It seems like we have kind of a situation between some second year Slytherins and Gryffondors. Apparently, they started a prank war, inspired by "the marauders". Two of them are already at the infirmary. Do you know anything about his ? - the Ravenclaw Prefect

Hey, gang! We really hate writing these long-winded mod notes but we need to have a serious conversation about the current state of our little corner of the roleplay community. 

We’ve been noticing a decline in dashboard activity and interaction as of late. Now that’s always been a problem for Subterranean and we’ve spoken to you guys about it before. We have good moments and we have bad moments, this just happens to be one of the bad moments. This kind of thing happens in about every group at some point but usually it blows over and there’s a boost in activity again. We’re all probably used to that by now, we’ve been running this group and we’ve been in other groups long enough to know the ins and outs of dashboard traffic. We also know that most of you will stick around despite the dry spell and we really appreciate that, but in the meantime we all need to be working to make this dashboard as welcoming and interactive as we possibly can. 

We’re not asking you to drop everything and interact with every single post on the dashboard, but there are little things we all can do to make people feel more welcome here. For example, liking posts or commenting on things to strike up conversation. That’s what it starts with. New members and old members need to feel like they’re being noticed in this rp because it’s a game, it’s meant to be fun and it’s meant to be inclusive. We know you guys already know this, but we have to stress it. You don’t have to like every single selfie that someone posts, but it wouldn’t hurt at all to show a little love to someone’s intro if they’ve just joined the group with a new character. That’s a way to let them know that this group will accept them even if they’re not a widely recognized celebrity. 

It’s also on us as moderators to make you guys feel more comfortable branching out and talking to new people, so we’ll be doing our best to create an environment where that’s something that just happens naturally. No one likes being told that they’re not working hard enough, so we’re going to lead by example. We’re going to be reinstating daily activities to get you guys chatting and interacting more because we know that helped a lot last time. These activities could be in the form of games or prompts or even movie nights . We’ll also be setting up an event soon, either for the end of September or we’ll be working on something for October. We’ll update you guys on that when we have more information. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for events, activities or things we can possibly do to help bolster a welcome, interactive environment we’d love to hear them! You can message here or talk to us on google hangouts @ subt.hq

That’s all for now, but thanks for reading!



MULAN. ☽ ˣ @honoreflected

Man o’ man, where do I even begin with this girl?
Mulan, you and I have been friends for YEARS – you’re practically my baby sister by now. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday and I can’t believe that I didn’t approach you a day sooner, babes. For the longest time, I kept my distance from you; I had this crazy assumption that you were just a troll roleplayer, always joking around and hardly ever staying in character. But then you sent me that friend request and I figured that it was time to get to know the perfect person that is you.
I’m so glad that I did.
Honey, you turned out to be one of the most beautiful people on the planet. ON THE FUCKING PLANET. And not to mention, a great writer! Just ask your 900+ followers. c; You’re always thinking of others and you never fail to do what’s right or decide what’s fair for everyone, even if your gut tells you otherwise. I’ve seen your saddest times, your hardest times, and your happiest times and you’ve definitely seen all of mine. It’s just so crazy how you became such a huge part of my life so quickly. It was so quick, that it was almost impossible to believe and ever since we exchanged Roleplayer.Me comments, I beat myself up for not giving you a chance way back when first started. Now, I can’t even go a day without talking to you or I’ll probably lose it. Lol. Mulan… B.Cookie… you mean more to me than Jasmine does or ever will – and you KNOW how deep my love for this character is.
Basically, I love you best friend and I always will. That’s a promise!

MEGARA. ☽ ˣ @nxtmegara

You already know how much you mean to me. But… My darling! I can’t believe the circumstances of how we’ve met. Lol. Not only are you a bestie in RP, but you’re a bestie in RL, that is also my COWORKER. I just can’t. You’re an angel sent from Heaven, you just don’t know. When I was new at our crazy, slave-driving job, you welcomed me SO nicely without hesitation, along with other people too. You even bought me a Princess Jasmine pin for Christmas and a Rajah Tsum-Tsum plush randomly, just because. JUST BECAUSE. That’s how I knew we had a real thing going. AND THEN RECENTLY. You opened up to me about your personal life a little bit more, insanely revealing to me that you were into character-writes too. That literally blew my mind. Blew it. You’ve always been different than everyone else at our job but, it’s even more-so now that we have a deeper connection no one else around us will ever understand – and that’s pretty freaking cool, if you ask me. Work used to suck but, it’s worth showing up to everyday now, knowing that you’ll possibly be there, cracking up at dumb shit and avoiding mess with me. Lmfaoooo! I love you, my mermaid! Lots and lots! ~

GENIE / FLINT LOCKWOOD. ☽ ˣ @flintlockwood

My baby! Oh, guys. This is my heart right here. He is my beloved Meatball, Flint. But first and foremost, he is my main Genie of the Lamp. I have been roleplaying as Jasmine for a long enough time and for years now, I’ve struggled to find a Genie to have as a main / best friend. And then he came along and we instantly had more than an RP connection. / Fli-nie / , you mean so much more to me than some silly old RP account. Honestly, truly. That’s simply because you are absolutely incredible in character and out of character – just angelic either way. The bond that we share is irreplaceable; it’s gotten to where I can spot your editing / many, many profiles a mile away. You have made millions of other accounts to keep you occupied lately, all of which you’ve added me from. And even though your big, blue account is inactive, you’ve still held onto it just for me. That means something. I’m not going to lie, I miss having you there but being with you as Flint is just as perfect. You’re such a blessing! Just know that you will always be my number one Big Blue Baby Boo and my best friend forever!


MIRAGE. ☽ ˣ @femmexfatale-x

Mirage, Mirage, Mirage. We go waaaaay back – even farther back than Mulan and I. When I first joined the Disney verse, you were the very first one to speak to me, the first to write with me, and the first to co-own RPGs with me. We went everywhere together hand in hand and always had each other’s backs. Sadly, after a while, we grew distant as our RL’s grew busier and then you vanished completely, from time to time. But even still, you always made it a point to contact me as soon as you could and I was always willing and happy to hear from you! Then, thankfully last year, out of the blue, you made a huge come-back and things were back to the way they used to be between us. Ever since then, it has been like old times hanging out with you and catching up on everything we’ve missed out on. You’re the ride-or-die that everyone on the planet is wishing for and I’m so glad to call you mine. I love you babygal!

ICHIGO. ☽ ˣ @xkingshinigamix

You already know you hold a special place in my heart, Ichi. We haven’t known eachother for very long but, I already know for a fact that I can always depend on you. You’re my King, my Knight, my Protector. And I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

RAJA. ☽ ˣ @fireversed

My OTHER Raja + her muses. When I first made my account, before my hiatus, you were one of the very first people to speak to me here. I was SO new and SO nervous to post my writing but then, you were just so welcoming and sweet and the ice-breaking message you sent to me was too cute! You gave me the confidence that I needed and I want to seriously thank you for that. So now, when I call for my furrier Rajah, I have high hopes that you’ll come prancing from around the corner alongside him! xD ILYBBY.

POCAHONTAS. ☽ ˣ @ofthewiind

Just. Ugh. You’re the most amazing Indian Queen that I’ve ever met. Deadass. You give me such life and you’re such a beautiful and great writer. I didn’t think my love for Poca could get any stronger, TBH. Then here yo ass come, all flawless n’ shit. c; ILY, ma. Thank you for sticking with this basic-ass queen.

LOLA BUNNY. ☽ ˣ @hoopsheartthrob

#WCE right here. You’re the epitome of bunny badass and you slay me every single day. I had no choice BUT to include you on here. AND YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN APRIL TOO? Please. Lol! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to potentially become your best friend in the whole entire world because we’re honestly meant to be when you think about it – I mean, come on now.

ESMERALDA. ☽ ˣ @murroyilodel

Esmeeeeeee! Oh, girl. You’re such a sweetheart in every way! I will never forget that day, a few weeks ago, when things weren’t going so well with me and you sent me that sweet, random message. That really made my day and it gave me the feel goods that I needed. Thank you so much, honey! That won you a permanent place on my besties list and you’re definitely A1 in my book.

MOANA. ☽ ˣ @horizoncrossed

Mo! You are beyond perfect, from muse to mun! It is a delight to see your bright, beautiful posts on my dashboard every day! You definitely do Moana a justice and I’m so excited to see where this friendship will take us! Expect tons of loving from me, okay? ~


Those of you that I’ve peeped and literally swooned over.
If anyone is / feels left out, I’m so sorry! That is not intentional!
But there are so many of you now and I’ve recently gained almost 50 more followers, so! Lol!

@snakemade ( jafar. ) , @cantsayit ( megara. ) , @distrcss ( megara. ) , @air-hercs ( hercules. ) @gloryfound ( miguel. ) , @goldfound ( tulio. ) , @worldlyevil ( maleficent. ) , @futurxxs ( ishizu. ) , @leparoza ( aurora. ) , @servesthegods ( chel. ) , @starhaze ( multi-muse. ) , @lecturebeaute ( belle. ) , @underworldreign ( hades. ) , @inhxrmony ( ariel. ) , @sailedstars ( jimbo. ) , @boorishbrute ( gaston. ) , @dreamswithin ( edward. ) , @mistressofevil ( maleficent. ) , @glassedcoffin ( snow white. ) , @wabbitseezon ( daffy. ) , @riffraffstreetratidontbuythat ( female aladdin. ) , @adventhero ( cloud strife. ) , @hxilprincxssaurora ( aurora. ) , @spacebabed ( beautiful stargirl. ) , @oceancalled ( moana. ) , @problem-free ( timon. ) , @flxbber ( professor phillip. ) , @wiccanblood ( thorn. ) , @bengalisms ( caspian. ) , @cavetigrim ( shere khan. ) , @rxseblanche ( belle. ) , @incarnateyouth ( peter pan. ) , @ofmallum ( maleficent. ) , @ibisangelus ( rinoa. ) , @the-char-memeing-prince ( prince charming. ) , @kcybladcr ( sora. ) , @diilwen ( sophie. ) , @pickanosis ( osmosis. ) , @tinkiisms ( tinker bell. ) .

Obviously, each and every one of my followers mean a lot to me! But these are just the few that have really stood out / have contacted me over the past few weeks! My list keeps updating so of course, more of you will be on the next Follow Forever post, for sure! I hope to get to know more of you soon!

The Apocalypse has come. Send a ☢ to get a random starter based on one of these scenarios.

Alien takeover: Aliens have landed and though they said they come in peace, they have proved to be hostile, now all of humanity is trying to kick them off our planet by any means necessary.

Murderous Infection: A super-bug is sweeping the world and it cannot be contained. Tens of millions have died already and there doesn’t seem to be much anyone can do.

New World War: The super powers of the world are suddenly en massing weapons of war and little can be done to stop them. Civil liberties have been disbanded and the draft is reinstated.

Suspended Death: The dead are no longer dying. Somehow those who have taken grave wounds or the naturally dying are no longer staying dead. Hearts somehow keep beating, limbs keep moving and even decapitated heads struggle to speak…

Mutants vs Humans: Humanity has split off into two separate groups, one genetically distinct from the other. There is mistrust and fear on both side of what this might mean and violent riots have been sweeping the streets.

Designer Drug: A new recreational drug is rampant in the streets, causing users to feel a sense of euphoria that they have never experienced before. But this high comes at a price as tens of thousands suddenly snap, becoming violent, raging killers who slaughter every living thing they see.

Killer Nature: The planet earth has had enough of humanity destroying everything it touches, so it has begun to strike back. Either through natural disaster, massive plant or animal attack, the earth is looking for a clean start without humans.

Starfall: A huge object in space is headed for earth and no one is certain if anything can be done to stop it… or it may already be too late. Clouds will block the sun for decades, causing another ice age.

Possession: People are being ‘taken over” by some sort of weird entity. It could be alien, angels or demons. We can never be sure who is who… Even one of our muses could be possessed.

Madness: Some people have just started going crazy, turning into murderous, rampaging lunatics who cannot be sedated easily. No one is sure what is causing it but it seems that more and more people every day are going crazy.


(click on images for captions!)

Some character studies for a roleplay me and my friend started like 3 years ago that’s COMING BACK!!! I’m so happy we’re getting the old gang, characters and story to play together again! <3 

The first character is Mana, my character in the roleplay, she has prosthetics legs and she’s a tracker/spy/assassin.

The second is Ryu, a prosthetics/mechanic expert and Mana’s boyfriend, and the last is Alek ‘The Vate’ (pronounced as the italian word Va-te, not veit), a researcher specialized in chemistry, physics and medicine. 

Ryu and Alek are the main characters present in Mana’s backstory and play a huge role in her story/the roleplay story in general. The story is settled in the distant future (so, Cyberpunk ambientation, that explains Mana weird prosthetics and such) in a Future-Cyberpunk Tokyo. Mana’s main arc revolves around the Orochi, a Yakuza group that she was part of together with Ryu and Alek. 

I really hope we will begin to play soon and can’t wait to draw more of these characters + the others we will meet!! Mana is my love and I am so happy I’m drawing and impersonating her again… 

The Incident: part 2

Okay so many of you requested it and here it is, the second part from the rp thread The Incident

Alaine: So this takes place in a very post-emotion Fresh timeline, as an experiment to see how Fresh would deal with a hurt Decans that was possibly somewhat his fault. 

And we wanted to go all out apparently.

In this scenario Fresh has already been helped through multiple anxiety attacks by Decans. He has already started to care and work through the idea of caring. Decans has come to rely on Fresh and they are true besties.

Keep reading

hhhhhhhhh i have a really strong urge to start a new au (like how the LRVerse is but this one’s a completely different world; not giving anything away yet) i already have some ideas and it’s so so soo tempting, but i have too much to do. so uh how bout,,,,,, after i get the kidnapping arc/rp thingie done we have two aus yeah? no? gah idk.