we all saw this coming teehee

At the mall
  • Levi: Excuse me? I lost my squad members. Can I please make an announcement?
  • Security: Of course.
  • Levi: *leans into mic* Goodbye you little shits.

@grnolvketo yessss! and the babadook was written AND directed by a woman, which I love! so glad we have actual SUSPENSEFUL horror films coming out these days, all that gory hostel/saw stuff was not doing it for me.

@exercisecatsandketo @curvykawaii @ketoway Teehee, glad you enjoyed my bizarre antics! I miss burlesque sometimes, so great for body image stuff! 

@zerocarb It’s always wild to realize where all the food issues come from! And yeah, I think we once talked about our dudes making innocuous comments that STING. Blech. Also I haven’t seen The Wolf Pack yet, but have been meaning to! Will get on it. They go to Coney, right? I feel like I saw that in the trailer. If so, sold. You’re coming to Coney with me for mermaid parade, right? We’re gonna drink mimosas beforehand and get all sparkly, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?????????????

@meishamodifying honestly my sushi never ever looks good, I hardcore trained for mother’s day in the week preceding, haha. Avocado on the outside made me want to off myself, but I actually found the rice on the outside/inside-out rolls were easier to cut+roll than the traditional ones! I watched a ton of youtube videos on tips, but for whatever reason nothing really worked out for me until I watched and followed the tips in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz9EAqTBrNw