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Sorry for not being here as much ;_; school is really kicking my ass, I’m working all the time, and I’m looking for a new place to live (my landlord is selling the house we’re renting).

So it’s safe to say life has been kind of hectic - BUT I miss all of you guys and I still love every single one of you ❤️

A Babysitting Love Affair | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys will like this as much as my first one. I kind of ramble on but please bear with me lol.
Request: could i request a zach dempsey x reader where the reader is babysitting zach’s sister, and zach haven’t met the babysitter yet and one day he goes home early and falls in love with her?


“I’ll be there tomorrow morning Mrs. Dempsey.”

“Alright love, thank you so much!”

I smile as I close the door after Zach’s mom who asked me to babysit Zach’s little sister, May. She mentioned that she will have to go to Chicago for the weekend to take care of something and I was assigned to be May’s companion overnight since her brother is an extremely busy guy. The Dempseys are a close family friend, too bad I’m not really that close with Zach or May. It’s probably because we go to different high schools and it doesn’t really help that I can be anti-social at times. I know nothing about them, and they know nothing about me in return so it’s all good.


The next morning

“I’ll be leaving now or else I’ll miss my flight! Thank you so much again Y/N for babysitting. I’ll see you girls tomorrow morning alright? Feel at home love, my number’s on the fridge if you need me and I left money for any emergency. Zach won’t be here until dinner tonight. He has basketball practice.” Mrs. Dempsey says as she bids goodbye to Zach’s little sister and I.

“Got it Mrs. Dempsey! We’ll see you tomorrow.” I finally say with a smile.

“Bye mom! I’ll be good, I promise!” May puts her right thumb out to her mom and waves goodbye.

“So, what do you want to do today, May?” I ask her as we’re left alone inside the house.

“Hmm, I don’t really have anything in mind. Oh wait I know! Let’s style each other’s hair.” She suggests with a gleam in her eyes; she looked so excited.

“Sure kiddo.” I reply with a smile and we proceed to the living room to watch TV. May got all of her hair accessories from her room for us to use. She decided that it’d be fun to start with my hair first and put them in pigtails and so she did. She chose these pink puffy hair bands to tie my hair. May had long, black and shiny hair which reminded me of Katniss Everdeen so naturally, I chose to put her hair in a fish tail braid.

“Wow Y/N, you’re really good at this!” she beams after her make over.

“Why thank you, Miss Everdeen.” I reply with a bow and she giggles in response.

A couple of hours later and it was almost lunch time. May wanted to order pizza and so we did. She didn’t like vegetables so we opted for a classic cheese pizza instead. A few minutes later and the doorbell rang, I ran to the door to open it, with the money in my left hand.

“Thank you so–” I begin to greet the pizza man but a ginormous, muscular guy hovered above me instead.

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episode 001-004.

  • ‘something’s coming. something hungry for blood.’
  • ‘wait a minute. did you hear that?’
  • ‘we’re in deep shit!’
  • ‘don’t be a pussy!’
  • ‘just twenty more minutes!’
  • 'yeah, she’s turning into a real jerk.’
  • ‘the cause of the power outage is still unknown.’
  • ‘he came home last night, right?’
  • ‘that’s disgusting.’
  • ‘do it, freak!’
  • ‘it’s like you have superpowers or something.’
  • ‘we just made out a couple times.’
  • ‘i’ll climb through your window. she won’t even know i’m there.’
  • ‘mornings are for coffee and contemplation.’
  • ‘he’s not like that. he wouldn’t do that.’
  • ‘the entire east wing will be evacuated within the hour.’
  • ‘she can’t have gone far.’
  • ‘you think you can steal from me, boy?!’
  • ‘this isn’t some lord of the rings book.’
  • ‘do i make myself clear?’
  • ‘is that why you ran away?’
  • ‘you gotta answer a few of my questions first.’
  • ‘all i know is that she’s scared to death.’
  • ‘you think we got a problem here?’
  • ‘we should be helping look for him.’
  • ‘i always had a distaste for science.’
  • ‘i always figured there was enough going on down here, i never needed to look elsewhere.’
  • ‘this is crazy.’
  • ‘smile looks good on you.’
  • ‘we’re not going back.’
  • ‘i know i haven’t been there for you.’
  • ‘i don’t even barely know what’s going on with you.’
  • ‘i should’ve been there for him.’
  • ‘this was not your fault.’
  • ‘do you guys hear that?’
  • ‘is that blood?’
  • ‘you’re freaking her out!’
  • ‘this is mental.’
  • ‘she’s probably a psycho.’
  • ‘and tomorrow night, we go back out.’
  • ‘hey, um… i never asked your name.’
  • ‘i can’t eat.’
  • ‘you can’t get like this, okay?’
  • ‘we’ve been waiting six hours.’
  • ‘we’ve been searching all night.’
  • ‘he was scared.’
  • ‘if he sees the cops, he’ll think he’s in trouble. he’ll hide.’
  • ‘he’s good at hiding.’
  • ‘cops are good at finding.’
  • ‘you’re in trouble, aren’t you?’
  • ‘they want to hurt you? the bad people?’
  • ‘just stay here, okay? stay here.’
  • ‘what do you say? are you in or out?’
  • ‘oh god… that’s depressing.’
  • ‘i just wanted to say, you know, um… i’m sorry about everything. everyone’s thinking about you.’
  • ‘he’s a smart kid.’
  • ‘all that matters is, after school, the freak will be back in the loony bin, and we can focus on what really matters.’
  • ‘pretty.’
  • ‘just trust me, okay?’
  • ‘i’m so sick of your excuses.’
  • ‘he’s not coming, is he?’
  • ‘you shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.’
  • ‘i don’t know where my boy is. he’s gone.’
  • ‘did you see him? last night? on the road?’
  • ‘i’m not mad at you.’
  • ‘is everything okay?’
  • ‘promise.’
  • ‘i need you alive for the next few days, at least.’
  • ‘missing kid, suicide… you must feel like a big city cop again, huh?’
  • ‘are you out of your mind?!’
  • ‘i think she knows what happened to him.’
  • ‘do you know where he is?!’
  • ‘stop it! you’re scaring her!’
  • ‘that boy was never very good at taking care of himself.’
  • ‘why am i just hearing about this?’
  • ‘it’d be super weird if i’m not there…’
  • ‘it’s just a loud noise. it’s okay.’
  • ‘they won’t tell anyone about you. they promise.’
  • ‘we wouldn’t have upset you if we knew you had superpowers.’
  • ‘what is “friend”?’
  • ‘you promised that you’d go.’
  • ‘we’re gonna have a great time.’
  • ‘he just wants to get into your pants…’
  • ‘make sure i don’t get drunk and do anything stupid.’
  • ‘you ever feel cursed?’
  • ‘hey, come back inside.’
  • ‘you are a cliché, you do realise that?’
  • ‘yeah, she’s smart, you douche!’
  • ‘you’re bleeding.’
  • ‘just go ahead and go home, okay?’
  • ‘jesus, you scared me!’
  • ‘i didn’t think it’d be a big deal.’
  • ‘you can talk to me.’
  • ‘nothing happened.’
  • ‘you need to stop this, okay?’
  • ‘people are looking for him and they’re going to find him.’
  • ‘can you just try and get some sleep? can you do that for me?’
  • ‘you seriously think that the weirdo knows where he is?’
  • ‘if there is something out there, i’m gonna shoot it in the eye - and blind it.’
  • ‘use your powers, okay?’
  • ‘if you get hungry, eat his snacks, okay?’
  • ‘i know the kid’s not in there, but i gotta check off this box.’
  • ‘no one breaks in here. certainly not some kid.’
  • ‘who’s in charge here?’
  • ‘science doesn’t make any damn sense to me.’
  • ‘i seriously have no idea who you’re talking about.’
  • ‘he’s in danger.’
  • ‘he’s dead.’
  • ‘i’m a dick.’
  • ‘he must really have something to hide.’
  • ‘yeah, this isn’t creepy at all.’
  • ‘this is called stalking.’
  • ‘that’s the thing about perverts. it’s hard-wired into them. you know, they just can’t help themselves.’
  • ‘maybe she freaked out when you went all psycho on the psycho.’
  • 'why did they hurt you?’
  • ‘friends tell the truth.’
  • ‘i understand.’
  • ‘tell me what to do.’
  • ‘i think something happened. something terrible.’
  • ‘this is CIA-sanctioned research.’
  • ‘i’m not saying that there’s some grand conspiracy. i’m just saying maybe something happened.’
  • ‘maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he saw something that he shouldn’t have.’
  • ‘hiding.’
  • ‘don’t waste your time with her.’
  • ‘we are not calling the cops!’
  • ‘please tell me it’s not the kid.’
  • ‘you were supposed to help us find him alive.’
  • ‘why did you lie to us?’
  • ‘what is wrong with you?’
  • ‘whoever you found is not my boy.’
  • he was hiding from that thing.’
  • ‘you’ve gotta stop this…’
  • ‘you’re talking about grief.’
  • ‘i swear to you, i know what i saw. and i’m not crazy.’
  • ‘i’m not saying that you’re crazy.’
  • ‘i need you to believe me.’
  • ‘i want you to try and get some sleep, if you can.’
  • ‘can you please stop that?’
  • ‘i thought we were friends, you know? but friends tell each other the truth.’
  • ‘you hurt me.’
  • ‘are you sure you’re gonna be alright here by yourself?’
  • ‘screw his funeral!’
  • ‘yeah, okay, but why didn’t you just talk to me? that’s crazy.’
  • ‘i don’t know… i was scared.’
  • ‘my parents are gonna murder me!’
  • ‘this is not an okay time for you to shut down.’
  • ‘maybe he’s haunting us.’
  • ‘he’s out there somewhere. all we have to do is find him.’
  • ‘you look pretty good.’
  • ‘we just talked.’
  • ‘the troopers are on duty and you should be safe because we think this is just an isolated incident.’
  • ‘remember, if anyone sees us, look sad.’
  • ‘do you think you can open it?’
  • ‘abort.’
  • ‘she’s missing and something terrible happened to her. i know it! and no one is listening to me!’
  • ‘just leave me alone!’
  • ‘pull me out! pull me out!’
  • ‘what? who is interested in this? this is so stupid.’
  • ‘mouth-breather.’
  • ‘i think that’s a real messed up thing to do.’
  • ‘grief shows itself in funny ways.’
  • ‘i shouldn’t have come here today.’
  • ‘she’s smart. she’s real smart.’
  • so why are you lying to me, man?’
  • ‘what’s your problem, bud?’
  • ‘stick your nose someplace else.’
  • ‘thanks for ruining the game, dick.’
  • ‘you’re gonna get us both killed!’
  • ‘she’ll find him.’
  • ‘i need you to find him.’
  • ‘hurt him?’
  • ‘i i guess i’d rather observe people than, you know…’
  • ‘jesus, the hell happened?’


Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

❛ What are your Easter plans? ❜
❛ You’re never too old to hunt some eggs! ❜
❛ I’m going to Church, mind joining me? ❜
❛ I hope you have a wonderful Easter my friend! ❜
❛ I can’t believe it’s supposed to snow on Easter! ❜
❛ We’re coloring some eggs for Easter, want to help? ❜
❛ I’m baking some goods for Easter, mind helping me? ❜
❛ Are you supposed to boil the eggs before coloring them? ❜
❛ Hey! I got a dollar in one of my plastic eggs! ❜
❛ I never really went egg hunting, ever in my whole life. ❜
❛ So, you walk around and find eggs? That’s it? ❜
❛ Are you going to go shopping with me later? ❜
❛ How does this outfit look? I’m going to wear it for Easter. ❜
❛ Who gets drunk on Easter? ❜
Oh, Easter! Another holiday to use as an excuse to drink! ❜
❛ I drink on all holidays, especially Easter. ❜
❛ I’ve got a surprise egg for you! ❜
❛ Help me fill these eggs with candy. ❜
❛ I can’t believe it’s already Easter. ❜
❛ I never really cared much for Easter, or any holiday. ❜
❛ You didn’t come to the Easter festival today? ❜
❛ Isn’t this like for kids more than anyone? ❜
❛ A holiday to play with eggs! Sounds delightful! ❜
❛ I’m taking my child to see the Easter bunny, want to tag along? ❜
❛ I always loved getting my picture taking with the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ This egg is my egg, I’m keeping it. ❜
❛ Please don’t say you’re wearing that? ❜
❛ I made you a Easter basket. ❜
❛ I got you a Easter basket anyway. ❜
❛ Easter candy is my favorite! ❜
❛ Don’t wait up for the Easter Bunny for that one. ❜
❛ Christmas and Easter are probably the two holiest days in the Christian calendar. ❜
❛ I enjoyed watching the Easter Parade. ❜
❛ The shops are closed on Easter. ❜
❛ Are you going to that Easter thing this weekend? ❜
❛ I’m decorating for Easter, want to help out? ❜
❛ Hey, check out this cool Easter banter I’m going to hang later. ❜
❛ I have a chocolate egg just for you. ❜
❛ I love Easter and all the pastel coloring! ❜
❛ Pastel colors are Easter’s aesthetic. ❜
❛ I just love all these pastel colors! ❜
❛ Tell me, what is Easter again? ❜
❛ Ahh, Easter! Another holiday with great candy! ❜
❛ I’m so not ready for Easter yet. ❜
❛ So, doing anything fun for Easter coming up? ❜
❛ I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! ❜
❛ I always loved Easter as a child! ❜
❛ Easter is like my favorite holiday! ❜
❛ I got you a Easter card, hope you like it. ❜
❛ What should I get my boy/girlfriend for Easter? ❜
❛ I really wanted to get you something for Easter. ❜
❛ We should totally sign up to be in this Easter parade. ❜
❛ They’re handing out free candy because it’s Easter this weekend. ❜
❛ They do have Easter baskets on sale, want to get check them out? ❜
❛ There is nothing in this basket but candy? ❜
❛ I’ve got some extra Easter supplies you can use to make a basket. ❜
❛ Easter is like a arts and crafts holiday. ❜
❛ I’ve never been so excited for Easter before! ❜
❛ Why are you so excited for Easter? ❜
❛ I think this Easter will be better than my last. ❜
❛ It just feels like another day to me. ❜
❛ I can’t believe you don’t want to have some fun! ❜
❛ Did you get the basket I mailed you? ❜
❛ I mailed you gift. ❜
❛ Happy Easter! ❜
❛ I don’t really want to participate in this event. ❜
❛ Aw, you’re such a downer! Cheer up! ❜
❛ I really need your help with sitting this up. ❜
❛ I will never be able to pull this Easter party off. ❜
❛ Hey, it’s a double holiday! My birthday is this Easter! ❜
❛ So, is Easter is always on a Sunday? ❜
❛ I can’t believe you’ve never went egg hunting before. ❜
❛ You have not lived until you’ve hunted for eggs like they were gold. ❜
❛ It’s a Easter costume contest, just do it with me! ❜
❛ Who wears a costume on Easter? Other than the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ Plot twist, I’m the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ What’s a good book to read to kids on Easter? ❜
❛ This is the best way to go about doing it I guess. ❜
❛ I really didn’t Easter was this weekend. ❜
❛ I thought Easter had already passed. ❜
❛ Is there going to be food at this event? ❜
❛ Aw, what a cute picture of you and the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ I’ve got so many baskets to make this year. ❜
❛ I’m going to church with my family, I told you already. ❜
❛ I love this Easter day sale. I’ve been here all day. ❜
❛ All the stores are having a sale for Easter and I’m not missing it. ❜
❛ I just bought so much Easter crap. ❜
❛ I collect Easter eggs, if you were wondering why I have so many. ❜
❛ Okay, we got everything we need, now let’s get to work. ❜
❛ The school is having a Easter thing in the gym, want to go with me? ❜
❛ I never understood Easter. ❜
❛ Does the Easter bunny have a name? ❜
❛ Let’s just go shopping, that’s always helpful. ❜
❛ I really must admit, I didn’t think you could pull this off. ❜
❛ Is that a Easter bunny I see? ❜
❛ Let’s go to the petting zoo for Easter! ❜
❛ I love Easter festivals, they’re so much fun! ❜
❛ Well, for what it’s worth you make the best Easter bunny. ❜
❛ Wow, you work as the Easter bunny at the mall? ❜
❛ I’m dressing up as the Easter bunny this year for all the kids. ❜
❛ I’m just here to take pictures for my scrapbook. ❜
❛ Let’s start a Easter scrapbook! ❜
❛ So, we’re heading out early tomorrow, set your alarm. ❜
❛ Man, coloring eggs is pretty messy. ❜
❛ You should have put newspaper down before. ❜
❛ I got you a pet rabbit for Easter. ❜
❛ What’s a good Easter gift for someone? ❜
❛ Is Easter this weekend? ❜
❛ Ever notice how Easter is always on a Sunday? ❜
❛ I’m ordering pizza for Easter, I don’t care! ❜
❛ Okay, so cute these papers into shapes of eggs or rabbits. ❜
❛ I’m send you a special someone for Easter. ❜
❛ Did you ever get that Easter basket I made for you? ❜
❛ I love making Easter baskets! It’s so much fun! ❜
❛ We’re setting up a Easter theme. ❜
❛ This is a beautiful Easter play idea. We should do it. ❜
❛ Are you auditioning for the Easter play? ❜
❛ The school is having a Easter day play, you want to come? ❜
❛ It’s perfect weather for a Easter Sunday! ❜
❛ Okay, help me hide these eggs for the kiddos. ❜
❛ We have to hide all these eggs. ❜
❛ Fill the rest of those plastic eggs. ❜
❛ The eggs you found you keep. ❜
❛ There is going to be a egg hunting contest later. ❜
❛ Don’t forget to watch for the Easter bunny on TV later. ❜
❛ I’m not that into Easter this year. ❜
❛ How are you not ready for Easter? ❜
❛ Is Easter always chaotic like this? ❜
❛ I’m going to take Easter pictures with my family. ❜
❛ Easter cards are an actual thing? ❜
❛ Wait, so you had no idea it was Easter? There are posters everywhere. ❜
❛ I auditioned to be in the Easter play at school so I could skip going to church with my parents. ❜

Musicals In a Nutshell
  • Miss Saigon: Everyone Has an Unhealthy Obsession With America™ the Musical
  • Hamilton: Fries dipped in ice cream. You think the combination won't work, but it still does. Like, really well.
  • Heathers the Musical: High School Musical is boring. To spice things up, why don't we clone Sharpay twice and turn Troy into a traumatized sociopath?
  • Dear Evan Hansen: An awkward confused teen meets more awkward confused teens. Hell is unleashed.
  • Beauty and The Beast: France's First Furries

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home,” replies Rail. “It feels like the farm, like I should be turning around to see a field full of corn. I know that all I’ll see is the Forest, but still.” She tugs on one of her braids thoughtfully. “I don’t know, I guess I just like the commute. Iowa always felt pretty far from everything, before.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home. Man, I feel like I could walk right onto the beach, you know?” Shark flashes a grin, his teeth whiter than she thinks they have any right to be. “Like… I miss seeing the California sunrise, but the ones over the football field are nearly as good. Even if I can’t surf here.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home. I never thought somewhere with so much nature existed anywhere near New York, but here we are. I always thought all the natural-setting schools were further upstate.” Lark taps his lips thoughtfully. “Now that you mention it, I can’t really remember how I found out about EU. Weird, huh?” He laughs. “I guess it was just lost in that junior year fog, with all the other schools.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home.” Marrow’s soft British accent is rarely heard, so she listens carefully to their words. “Manchester’s not so far a drive. Anyways, I like it here.” They glance down at a notebook, full of poetry. “It feels like someone listens, here.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? someone asks her. Pip pauses, considering.

It’s far from where I grew up, she finally replies. But it felt like home.


Becoming a Father Overnight Part Five

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

**Also I know the length of her break is not totally realistic, but I had to bend it a little to make it work. I couldn’t have her missing too many extra days and I also want her to be down there for more than just a few days. 

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


It’s been about a week since Y/n reached out to Jared. While it wasn’t a long period of time Y/n felt like she’d gotten to know him a lot better, and she defiantly felt much more comfortable talking to him. Jared was very dedicated to forming a relationship with his daughter.

Y/n looked up from her history textbook as her phone buzzed on the desktop next to her. Jared.

Y/n laughed, of course it was. She got at least one call a day after school, sometimes more. Not that she was complaining, she enjoyed talking to him and she was glad that he’d stepped up and wanted the role so much.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hey Y/n, how was your day at school?” Jared asking, sounding like his usually, happy, chipper self.

“Alright, got assigned a history paper and other unpleasant work. How was your day? You’re wrapping up filming for the year this week, right?”

“Today was the last day! Flying home in an hour and I’m very excited. Speaking of which,” Jared paused this was the part he was nervous about. “I’ve kind of been dropping hints about you coming to visit and I wanted to say I’m serious.”

Y/n bit her lip nervously, was this his way of officially asking? The idea was both nerve wracking and exciting. She was thrilled at the idea of meeting the man she’d been talking to and also the brothers she’d been hearing bits about, but she was also scared to finally meet them. What if it didn’t go well? What if they didn’t like her? What if Genevieve was annoyed Jared had invited her? After all it was his daughter with another woman. Jared had talked about his other kids some, but not his wife a whole lot, what if she hated the mere idea of Y/n?

“I was thinking maybe you could come down over your winter break? I don’t want your visit to take you out of too much school, but I also want to meet you in person as soon as possible. I’m thinking that’s the best choice. What do you think?”

It took Y/n a second to process that he was asking her a question. She was still caught up on the fact that he wanted her down there for break, and in less than a mere three weeks away.

“Y/n?” Jared’s anxious voice broke through the quiet and Y/n cursed herself for making him think that she hated the idea.

“Yea, sorry. You just caught me off guard,” she admitted honestly. “You kept making little comments, but nothing more, so I really wasn’t expecting you to invite me down so soon.”

“Not that I’m complaining.” She tried to quickly reassure him. She wanted to go, she wanted to see him.

Jared’s face light up, even though she couldn’t see it. “Great. When does your break start?”

“December 21 and it goes till January 4.”

“Wow, that’s a nice break. Maybe we could even extend it a little and you could miss a few days of school.”

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Hoseok’s runaway daughter. Pt.3.5 Alternate End- Sensitive

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3END] [pt.3END(Y/N’s p.o.v)] [pt.3.5:AlternateEnd]

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Hoseok’s p.o.v

The body - the body they told me to confirm wasn’t her. I ran out of the morgue and kept looking for Y/N. I didn’t stop searching for her. I couldn’t stop, I won’t stop until I find her. I allowed my own thoughts to run around like crazy, thinking of the worst case scenarios I could. I got in my car and started to drive, if she was going to die, where would she go? I asked myself that so many times. She left the house with no extra clothes, no money, no nothing, just her phone which was completely useless since I couldn’t have her number traced - where could she have possibly gone?

 After finding out that the body I saw ten minutes ago also committed suicide by jumping into Han River, I immediately went to look for her there. I drove and looked intently at the surroundings, until I saw her. I saw her sitting on the railings, her hood was pulled up but I can recognise her anywhere. I pulled over where I could and got out the car, rushing in her direction.

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Dating Tyler while you're in college

-he’d try not to text you while you’re at school but it gets kinda hard because he misses you so much
-he memorized your schedule
-so he knows when we can text you and not take your attention away from your lecture
-sometimes he comes to your campus to eat lunch with you
-he’ll help you study best he can even if he has no clue as to what he’s reading
-rewards you when you get good grades on your exams and papers
-if you get good score on your midterms and finals he really goes all out with the rewards
-nice dinners, gifts, special alone time *wink wonk*

✧Leave ideas for headcanons in my ask box✧

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Broken Promises

Peter Parker x Reader In which Peter ditches his girlfriend for his “Stark Internship” one too many times and she can’t take it anymore.


Word Count: 1012

Warnings: None, pretty angsty but not violent or anything.

Note: I’m actually pretty happy with this one. Still unsure about whether I want to make a happy ending part 2 or just leave it as an angsty stand-alone, though. Sorry for any grammatical errors that I make

Before the two of you had started dating, you and Peter were the best of friends. You had become friends quickly when he moved in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben during second grade. He was the first person to sign your cast when you broke your arm in the fifth grade and you held his hand while he cried at his Uncle Ben’s funeral. The two of you were inseparable and only became closer when Peter admitted his feelings for you halfway through freshman year. 

The first six months or so of your relationship had been paradise, but ever since Peter accepted that Stark Internship, things had gotten sort of weird with him. He was hiding something from you. You just didn’t know what.

“Ned, I don’t care how strong the Hulk is! He isn’t winning in a fight against Thor, who is literally a god!” you said exasperatedly.

“A god? Are you talking about me again, darling?” Peter asked cheekily from behind you.

“Always, lover boy,” you replied sarcastically, “Hey, did you do last night’s chem homework? I didn’t get number 13.”

“Yeah, I’ll give it to you when we get to study, which is where we should be headed right now. We’ll see you later, Ned!” Peter grabbed your hand and guided you towards your next class as you waved a departure to Ned over your shoulder.

“Hey, so, what are you doing tonight, Pete? You should come over. We can rent a movie and order a pizza or something,” you suggested hopefully. Peter had been so busy with his internship lately and it had been so long since you had last seen each other outside of school.

“I would love to, y/n, but I really can’t tonight. I’m sorry. I’ve got the Stark Internship.”

Again?” you whined, “Doesn’t Tony Stark know that you have a life? I miss you!”

“I know, babe, and I’m sorry, but homecoming is in six days. I want to make sure that I get all of my work done so we can have a good time together. In six days I’m all yours, I promise.”

“Okay,” you said happily, “I’ll be counting the days, Parker. I can’t wait.”

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I'm sorry for always asking: but white rose with sunlight? Or coming home? Or both! :)

Of course Robyn! To help you survive the rest of your first week back at school ;)

Ruby very nearly didn’t hear her phone ring over the sound of the oven timer going off, but as soon as she heard the blare of Weiss’ signature ringtone Ruby was across the kitchen answering the call without a second thought, cookies long forgotten. Tonight was the big night, after all.

There was a dragged-out second as the call connected. Ruby took a deep breath, shaking out her free hand. Whatever she was met with on the other line, she would deal. And maybe it had gone well! Maybe…

The first thing Ruby heard on the other line was crying. Things had definitely not gone well. “Ruby, thank God you answered.”

“Weiss, are you okay? What happened? Did your dad…?”

“I told him. About me…being…gay. Ruby, I’ve never seen him so mad. I was so scared…” Weiss let out a choked sound that made Ruby’s throat clench.

“Did he hurt you? Are you still at home?” Ruby did her best to keep calm, to be strong for Weiss, but the words still came out in an anxious rush.

“N-no. I panicked, threw some clothes in a suitcase, and ran. I’m in a park somewhere with no money and I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what to do and it’s getting dark I’m so sorry to bother you, but I- I didn’t know who to call.” Weiss sounded like she was nearly hyperventilating. She must have been terrified, Ruby knew she would be.

“Okay Weiss, it’s okay.” Ruby didn’t know if she was reassuring Weiss or herself. This was pretty clearly a massive crisis and she didn’t know what to do and Weiss was all alone- deep breath, Ruby- you can do this. “Can you describe the park?”

“U-um, well… there’s a play structure, with three red slides. And a giant turtle? Is-is any of this helping?” Weiss managed, her voice still sounding thick with tears, but a little less freaked out.

The description was one that Ruby recognized, thank goodness. “Yeah! Yeah that’s really helpful. I think I know where you are… is there a dog park next to the kids’ area?”


“Awesome. That’s Haven Park. Dad took me and Yang there all the time when we were little. We’ll be right there to come get you.” Ruby let out a sigh of relief. It was going to be all good. She’d get Dad and they’d find Weiss and somehow they could figure out what to do. Ruby went to hang up the phone, but suddenly Weiss’ voice crackled through the speakers.

“Wait!” She yelped, “Please don’t hang up. I need to hear your voice right now.”

Ruby immediately pressed the phone back to her ear.“Okay. I’m staying right here. Just hold on one second.” She sprinted up the stairs towards her dad’s office, phone in hand. “Hey Dad! Dad!!”

Ruby nearly ran straight into Yang as she came rushing around the corned, eyes wide. “What is it Ruby? Is something wrong?”

“We need to pick Weiss up from Haven. It’s kinda a long story but she’s there and she’s alone and she’s kinda freaking out,” Ruby explained hurriedly, “Where’s Dad?”

“He had to work late tonight. I’ll get the keys. Tell Weiss we’ll be there in five minutes.” Ruby felt a swell of gratitude- she really had the best big sister ever. She wedged the phone between her ear and her shoulder as she pulled on her shoes.

“Hang tight, Weiss! We’re coming to get you!”

Ruby didn’t know all that much about driving, but she was pretty sure Yang broke a whole lot of rules on their way to the park- not that she was complaining. Anything that got them to Weiss faster was a good thing right now. She stayed on the phone the whole ride, giving updates on their progress every few seconds.

They pulled up by the park just a few minutes later, and Ruby was out of the car before it had even fully stopped. She spotted Weiss immediately, hunched over on a bench, head in her hands. At the sound of Ruby’s footsteps she glanced up, her face immediately lighting up.

“Ruby!” Weiss leapt to her feet, rushing down the park path.

“Weiss!” Ruby met Weiss halfway, sweeping her friend up in her arms and holding her with all of her strength. Weiss held on just as tight, and stayed there for a long time, face buried in Ruby’s shoulder.

When she finally let go, apologies were already spilling out of her mouth. “I’m so sorry for causing all this trouble. I-”

Ruby pressed a finger to Weiss’ lips, shushing her. “Nope. No apologies Weiss, you needed me and I came.”

“But I made you drive out here to come get me…” Weiss said with a sniffle.

“What were we gonna do? Leave you here all by yourself? Make you go back to your dad? No way Weiss.” Ruby slung an arm around Weiss’ shoulder. It hurt to hear Weiss say things like that- as if everything she did was somehow a burden to everyone, like she didn’t deserve kindness or care.

She and Weiss squeezed into the back of the car, Yang greeting them as they got in.

“W-well thank you, Ruby. You too, Yang.” Weiss buckled her seatbelt and arranged her bag in her lap, holding herself stiffly.

Yang shot Weiss a look of concern.“You’re like an honorary sister to me, Weiss. I’m not gonna let a sister- or should I say shneester- spend the night in the cold.”

Ruby groaned at the pun and aimed a kick at the back of Yang’s seat. But Weiss just laughed. Ruby’s jaw nearly dropped- Weiss was laughing at one of Yang’s awful, awful puns. She held back a comment-whether it was that Weiss was in shock or just eager to have something to laugh about, it felt good to see her smiling.

“What’s going to happen now?” Weiss asked as she composed herself, the tension that had bled out of her shoulders quickly returning.

Yang shrugged. “We go home.” She turned the keys and put the car in Drive, pulling away from the park.

Ruby picked up on the terrified expression that flickered across Weiss’ face. “She means home-home, not your… house.” Somehow she couldn’t make herself think of the Schnee Manor as a home at all.

“We have an old air mattress we can pull out, and we can set you up in our room. Ooh, I can invite Blake, and we can make it a slumber party.” Yang grinned at them through the rear-view mirror. Ruby couldn’t put into words how thankful she was for her sister’s presence- she brought a much-needed lightness and energy to an otherwise grim situation.

“Are you sure? I really don’t want to be a bother. If I-”

Ruby once again cut Weiss off before she could finish being stupid. “Nonsense, Weiss. You’re always welcome in our home.”

That made tears well up in Weiss’ eyes again. She swiped at them, letting out a huff of frustration. “S-sorry, I don’t normally cry this much-”

The sight made Ruby want to reach out and take Weiss’ hand- so she did. Maybe it was a bad idea but Weiss needed her. “Cry as much as you need, Weiss. I’ll be right here.”

Weiss laced her fingers into Ruby’s “You know I’ve never been to a sleepover before,” she said after a beat of silence.

“What?” Ruby and Yang let out twin cries of shock. What kind of childhood didn’t come with sleepovers? A pretty terrible one.

“Oh man, Weiss, you have been missing out.” Ruby said excitedly. “We can make popcorn and watch movies-”

“And talk about cute girls!” Yang chimed in.

By the time they got home, Weiss’ face was dry and she was grinning from ear to ear. There might be more tears later, Ruby knew, and that was okay. For now, Weiss was happy and safe and that was really all that mattered right now, right? No matter what happened next, she’d be right by Weiss’ side for it all.

Member: Seungcheol/S.Coups (svt)
Prompt/au: “Hi, new blog! Can I request for some Seungcheol fluff? Maybe in a scenario where him and the reader go from friends to lovers? You can choose what format to put it in ^ ^ thanks!!!!”
Genre: Fluffity fluff fluff // college au
AN: First post and I’m writing it while half asleep so it’s probably sloppy af

  • You knew Seungcheol initially from your job at the corner store near your dorm 
  • The first night he came he was in a hoodie and a cap and basically just looked like,,, Boyfriend Material
  • And he was all smiles as he bought a two things of banana milk, three cup ramen, and a pack of those shrimp chips 
  • You were just. floored. this man was so attractive and he was buying banana milk. Why was that so cUTE you weren’t sure but it was adorable to see him holding the tiny little bottles and looking lowkey excited to drink them
  • And boy oh boy did your imagination run wild after he left 
  • You figured he was like this super cool jock who happened to have a soft spot that included banana milk 
  • Honestly that was pretty close to being spot on lmao he was a jock who loved banana milk
  • But he was Not At All cool
  • Which you learned more about when he transferred into your dorm 
  • He was on the other end of the hallway from you and when he saw you in the kitchen he was just !!!
  • You were also !!! of course
  • And he was like oh heyy!! Cashier person!!! All friendly and you were like oh okay that’s me
  • And of course he stroke up a conversation with you in which he thanked you for being so nice when ringing him up the night before and explaining that he just transferred into the dorm from his old one due to a problem roommate 
  • It was a short conversation- before you knew it he had darted away saying he had class to attend to and that was that
  • You didn’t see him super often in the dorm at first,,, surprisingly you mostly saw him when you were working at the shop 
  • He came down a few nights a week to restock on banana milk and any food he was craving and often lagged behind to talk to you
  • You worked the night shift most of the time so it wouldn’t interrupt your classes and you could study in between customers
  • And it was really slow so he didn’t feel like he was bothering you much 
  • He was honestly a really interesting guy, and like really really cute, so you weren’t complaining much 
  • Often times he’d wind up paying for a couple banana milks and give you one instead of saving it for later 
  • And that’s how you guys became close friends honestly
  • In a poorly lit convenience store, over banana milk and occasional snacks, discussions of classes, and dumb jokes that made you both nearly snort with laughter but made any other customers look at the two of you strangely
  • It was a couple months of this before you began seeing each other in the dorms 
  • He made a point to hang out in the kitchen more,,, and occasionally brought you leftovers,,, or came over asking for some tissues cause he ran out 
  • Which then evolved into you two just hanging out in each other’s dorm rooms whenever you both had a free moment
  • He talked often of his guy friends, revealing that he had 12 of them but that they were a very close-knit group nonetheless
  • You met them all at various times as time went on,, they weren’t big on knocking and often burst into Seungcheol’s room while you guys were in the middle of watching a movie or something lmao
  • Half the time they wouldn’t even apologize, they’d just be like “Ooo I’ll go make popcorn and join” 
  • Cheol: gUYs you can’t just interrupt me and (Y/N)’s time together!!!
  • Wonwoo: Why :) Is there something going on between you two :) Do you have something to tell us Seungcheol :)
  • Cheol: Nevermind you guys are always welcome
  • Hoshi is one of the biggest offenders tho lmao 
  • He was honestly such an amazing and sweet friend
  • You had a big project due date coming up?? He was showing up with some backup supplies and a cup of coffee 
  • You were up late studying?? He was texting you every hour to remind you that you needed sleep
  • You were upset?? Cheol was there to let you vent and flexing his muscles in case you wanted him to beat anyone up 
  • When the year ends, you both agree that you would continue to stay at the dorm the next semester
  • And you promise to keep in touch while summer vacation is happening
  • But you don’t really get a chance to see each other,,,
  • He’s busy with his summer job and babysitting for his family members 
  • And you have your own stuff to work on as well
  • And although you text and call nearly every single day, even if it’s just for a moment, you don’t get a chance to meet up
  • You find that there’s this sort of longing to see each other again, one that’s not really purely platonic
  • You’d always thought Seungcheol was attractive, and as you got to know him you found out what a hard working and caring person he was 
  • How he seemed to look after his group of friends and eventually you,, always checking if they ate and offering to help them with anything they needed,, like he was their leader or dad or something 
  • And how he was endlessly dorky, always ready to pull a joke out 
  • He knew how to make you smile, even on nights where you were stressed and exhausted from the piles of work that accompanied college students 
  • The way you fell for him seemed natural, comfortable
  • He was the person you felt safest around, who made your insides warm, who always had your back
  • And dear lord did you miss him
  • From what you could tell, he missed you too, and you were pretty sure it was the same way you missed him too 
  • The way that screamed “I know we’re just friends but I don’t feel like we should be because all I want to do is hold you and tell you how wonderful you are”
  • That’s why you’re pretty anxious for school to start up again
  • You actually wind up showing up a couple days early, saying your family was going on a vacation
  • But really you just wanted to be in your shared dorm already cause Cheol told you he was gonna be arriving a couple days early too 
  • It wasn’t long after you arrived and unpacked that you heard a knock at your door
  • And there he was, in all his glory, all eye-smiles and a dark v-neck that you very much approved of
  • You barely had a moment to say hello before he scooped (lol scouped,, I’m sorry) you up in his arms and hugged you tightly
  • You were 100% blushing and fighting back a super giddy smile as you hugged him back, arms looping around his neck 
  • “I missed you” he informed you, not yet breaking away from the hug, and that’s when you really began to smile like an idiot
  • When you finally pulled back you realized something was different about him
  • “CheOL since when is your hair BROWN???”
  • He just laughed it off and held up two little bottles of
  • You guessed it
  • Banana milk
  • “I’ll tell you all about it over these”
  • After that, you guys began to fall into the old routine of college 
  • But,,, you noticed your relationship was different in a way
  • It seemed more intimate almost
  • There was a lot more hugging, and the very same hugging seemed to last longer 
  • The boys were watching movies with you guys less, and during the movies he always had one arm wrapped around you while you shared a blanket
  • When he visited you at the store, he often insisted on feeding you snacks, something you only embarrassedly agreed to when there was no one else there 
  • Touches were much more often now, you holding onto his arms when you talked, or him resting his hand on your back to guide you when you walked, both of you holding onto each other when an emotional part of a show or flick came on
  • You had started playing with his hair when he got stressed too and vice versa
  • You knew that the two of you were basically dating honestly,, you hadn’t kissed or said the words out loud but there was no denying that your relationship had crossed the border from platonic to something more 
  • You just didn’t know really how to start that conversation,,, plus what if he didn’t want to make it official yet since classes were starting to get a little more intense and being official might put the pressure on 
  • You figured it just wouldn’t happen for a while
  • But he surprised you one movie night when he turned the TV off and turned to you with a serious expression 
  • “We really need to talk about us”
  • Although his sudden forwardness surprised you a little, you nodded slightly
  • You felt your heart pick up as he grabbed your hands super delicately and squeezed them encouragingly in response
  • He smiled a little at the sensation and squeezed back before holding them closer to him
  • “I really, really like you, and I know we’re bordering on dating as it is, so I’d like to be able to finally call you mine”
  • And of course you agree!!! Why wouldn’t you look at this sweet boy he adores you 
  • And he just holds you to him for a long time after that, turning the tv on to finish the movie but neither of you are paying attention ‘cause he’s running his hands through your hair gently and whispering cute and flirtatious things to make you giggle
  • The whole moment is just so sweet and relaxing and you feel your eyelids getting heavier before he taps you gently
  • And when you look up from your resting place on his collarbones he gently cups your cheeks and looks to you for permission
  • Of course you nod and he leans in and kisses you super gently
  • His lips are just as plush and kissable as you had always imagined,,, and he’s just so gentle and you can feel the love he’s pouring into the action and you do your best to mirror it 
  • Almost too fast he’s pulling away with a little chuckle as he brushes a stray hair from your forehead
  • “You’re tired baby, go to sleep” 
  • Your cheeks are heating up again at the nickname but you can’t help the gooey smile that spreads across your face as you nod 
  • Once you’re both comfortable and snuggled up together again, you can’t help but feel like you’re gonna drown in happiness 
  • The happy buzz stays with you as you fall asleep, perfectly warm and content in his arms and it’s just heaven 
  • Okay but dating Seungcheol is such a dream???
  • Literally the mushiest and dorkiest boyfriend eVER how do you stand it???
  • Always coming up with new pet names for you, always texting you memes about love, always telling you new pick up lines Hoshi helped him find 
  • Loves skinship. Lives and breathes for that shit.
  • He always likes to be holding or touching you in some way when you’re together, be it just your knees under the table during a class, or his hand in yours as you walk, or you resting in his lap when you’re hanging out in each other’s rooms 
  • He’s also super thoughtful??? Like he’s a thoughtful friend but he’s somehow even more thoughtful as a boyfriend
  • You could mention that you tried this one type of ramen in some other city and the next time you come home from class there’s a 12 pack of it sitting on your bed
  • Cheol: it’s worth it for you
  • Definitely bought you guys matching couple hoodies with little prints of banana milk on them
  • Stays with you when you have to work extra hours at the store
  • Is so sweet and polite when he goes to meet your family over the holidays
  • Your family coos over him and praises you for what a wonderful decision you made to make him your boyfriend 
  • When they send you to go get groceries ofc he tags along to help you
  • Which leads to you sitting in the card with your legs either stuffed inside or dangling over the edge as you read off the list and he drops boxes of cereal and bags of chips on your head just to bug you
  • He’s giggling as you scold him because he knows you’re not serious
  • An elderly duo spots you two as you walk out, him carrying all the bags because he insisted that he do so
  • They’re both these old ladies and they just coo over how cute you two are what a gentleman he is and he’s just ^^ thank you both and you’re blushing but swelling up with pride a little bit
  • Basically he goes from an amazing best friend to the Perfect Boyfriend and?? Neither of you can imagine your lives without each other 
  • Your relatives: cough cough do we hear wedding bells
  • You: sHUT we haven’t been dating for long eno-
  • Cheol: Please wait a few years and then I promise you will ^^
  • Cue you blushing and suffering 
Got7 Reaction #18 - Their kid has a funny nightmare

anon asked: i loved your b.a.p reaction to their kid having a bad nightmare!! could you do that reaction for  bigbang and got7 please? ^.^

y/s/n = your son’s name

y/d/n = your daughter’s name

y/n = your name

this was loooooonnnnggg xD

Mark: Within 3 seconds of hearing the bedroom door squeak open Mark felt what he knew was his 5 year old son grabbing his bed’s covers and yanking them off of him.

“APPAAAAA!!” His son squealed, tears streaming down his face.

“y/s/n!! What the he- I mean what’s wrong??”

“I had a dream that Pac man’s wife Mrs. Pac man…” *sniff* “Sh-she left him for me so he tried… he tried….”

Marks eyebrows rose in confusion as he stared at his child. “She left him… for you? And…he what?”


Mark couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips as he pulled his son onto the bed and under the covers. “Okay buddy since your mom’s gone, you can have her space for now until you forget about that dream okay? I’m here. I won’t let him swallow you, okay?”

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Jaebum: Jaebum stood beside you, staring at your sobbing daughter as she desperately tried to explain why she peed in the corner of her room.


You crouched down to her level and pulled her into a gentle hug, Jaebum crouching right beside you with his hand on the sobbing child’s back.

“The what sweetie?” He whispered soothingly. “What happened that made you do that?”


You both pulled back from her in shock for a moment. The toilet…what?

You glanced at Jaebum before looking back to your daughter. “Was it… was it that dream again where the bathroom is like that house from ‘Monster House’?”


“Oh God.” Jaebum moaned. “This is never going to end is it? I regret ever letting you watch that movie. Come on….” He helped you stand up and picked up his daughter to bring her to the bathroom. “We need to clean you up and you’re about to face your fear once and for all.”

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Jackson: The moment the pillow hit his face, Jackson was up and in full panic mode.

“THE FU-” Looking down to find his son standing there with a pillow clenched in his tiny fists he stopped short. “Y/s/n…what the hell??”

By now you were awake too and staring at the two in utter confusion. “What is going on??”

“Appa you’re so mean!! Do you even realize what you did to me??”

“Y/s/n what are you talking about what is going on??”

“You made mommy mad at you in my dream so she couldn’t cook! AND YOU MADE ME EAT YOUR NASTY FOOD FOR A WEEK! I ALMOST DIED!”

Instantly you started dying with laughter, imagining the horror of your 9 year old as he was forced to eat your husbands all organic and super healthy food for a week. Jackson didn’t find that so funny though.

“My food isn’t that bad! It’s really healthy and-”

“Gross!” You chimed in through your laughter. “Let it go Jackson! Your food is gross!”

Sighing dramatically Jackson fell back on the bed. “Nobody in this family appreciates good food!!”

You got up to bring your child back to bed, still giggling at Jacksons distress. You can be sure he pouted for the rest of the day.

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung was on the floor at this point, hysterically laughing to the point where he wasn’t even making noise anymore, tears forming in his eyes.

You on the other hand, weren’t amused in the least. “I what…?”

Your daughter was still crying and through her gulping, hiccuping breaths she stuttered “I-I’m by the f-f-fish tank” *hic, gasp* “BECAUSE I DREAMED THAT MOMMY BENT DOWN TO PICK UP A TOY AND FARTED ON THE FISH TANK AND KILLED ALL OUR FISHES!!”

This of course sent Jinyoung into another fit of hyena-like laughter, tears now streaming down his face.

“I’m glad you find this amusing Jinyoung.”

“Our child dreamed….that you had toxic farts…” He said in a voice high-pitched from the laughter.

“Okay well then you can put y/d/n back to bed because I’m not dealing with you two anymore at 3am in the morning. Goodnight.”

“Aww honey come on!! The dream was funny don’t be mad!” He got up and wiped away the tears as you left, a smile still plastered across his face. “Ahh come on sweetie, it’s time to go to bed. The fish are still alive and mom doesn’t have toxic enough farts to kill, okay?”

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Youngjae: “Y/s/n… why are you so afraid of coco all of a sudden?” Younjae looked down at his 7 year old son. He was normally running around and playing outside with coco by now but instead he was sitting on the steps of the porch and glaring at the dog wearily.

“I’m not afraid of him. I’m mad at him dad.”

“But why? Did coco bite you?!?” Youngjae grabbed his sons arm and inspected him for any bites or bruises. “Are you okay??”

“No! Coco didn’t bite me…but I had a dream that made me mad.”

“Dream? Okay but you know dreams aren’t real right sweetie?”

“I know! But when you dream that a dog chases you and you end up tripping and falling in it’s poop you get mad, okay??”

Youngjae was shocked into silence for a split second before erupting into laughter. “Y/s/n that’s such a realistic dream!! But it’s okay, sometimes that happens to the best of us..even me. So don’t worry about it okay?”

“Coco chased you and you fell into poo before??”

“….Er…” Suddenly embarassed Youngjae stopped laughing. “Yes…actually. Don’t tell your mother okay? Just… Just go play.”

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Kunpimook: Bambam stared in horror at his son as he told him about the nightmare he’d had the night before.

“That’s….that’s the most horrific thing… I have EVER heard.” He bent over to hug his child as you looked at them in disbelief.

They continued on like this for a moment before you finally yelled at them to sit down for breakfast.

“Y/n did you hear y/s/n’s nightmare? Wasn’t it horrible? We would never do that to you son. I promise. I swear! I would never!”

You sighed as your son nodded and thanked Bambam. “Okay so you had a dream that we sent you to school with miss-matched shoes. I don’t understand why that’s so horrifying.”

They both gasped dramatically at you, food actually falling out of Bam’s mouth in shock.

“You don’t understand how- BUT- Miss. Matched. SHOES. That’s horrifying!! You would look horrible ALL DAY! That’s the worst nightmare EVER!”

You rolled your eyes at them again, not being able to help yourself from giggling at their sheer horror. “I guess everyone has their own version of a nightmare but…Really Bam? A fashion nightmare?”

“That’s the worst kind mama!” Your son chimed in. Bambam nodded in agreement, obviously proud to know his kid would have a good sense of style like he did. All you could do was shake your head. You knew you wouldn’t win this argument.

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Yugyeom: “…So…a purple monster with pink dots on it taped you to a rocket and sent you to the moon?”

Your daughter nodded from where she was in between you on your bed. She had launched herself onto your bed after her nightmare and immediately ripped the blankets off both of you to wrap herself into a blanket burrito.

It was the only way to be safe from the monster apparently…

“He grabbed me from my window and pulled me to a field and taped me to it!! I don’t know how I was breathing, but I was in space and I never saw you or mommy ever again!!”

“sweetie, we’re right here now…” You said to her through the sheets. “And we won’t let anyone take you, okay? Please don’t get too scared.”

“We promise,” Yugyeom chimed in, “monster’s don’t exist and you’re safe as long as you’re with us. I promise.” He kissed your daughter’s forehead and pulled her into a hug.

You smiled at your husband and shook your head slightly. She wasn’t going to listen right now, you’d have to wait until the morning.

“You’ll have to sleep in your bed tomorrow but for now you can sleep with us as long as you promise to give our blankets back okay?”


Yugyeom pouted at your daughter, “Pleassseeee?? Your mommy and I are so cold!! We’ll all share the blankets and we’ll all be warm!”

She sniffed and nodded her head. “Okay. But we’re all staying right here until morning. Promise?”

“Promise.” You both said together, and hugged your daughter after getting back under the blankets. You’d talk to her more in the morning.

You just had no idea how to explain that purple monsters didn’t exist…

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The Transfer: Part 3

The Transfer: Part 3 (m)

Word count: 5.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, sexting, angst and language

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: Hoseok is so sweet it’s hard not to fall for him but then again, you don’t fall for anyone.

Parts: The Transfer: one | two 

It had been a full two weeks that you and Hoseok had started this ‘thing.’ You guess you could call it, dating. You figured he called it that. You liked him, you liked him alot but you shut yourself off from love for a long time so to you this was purely just a guy you liked and spent time with. That sounded way for complicated than it needed too.

It was interesting getting to know more about Hoseok and seeing him more often. You were still sneaking around though. You weren’t sure when to tell Jungkook, you didn’t know how he’d take it. Jungkook knew someone was around he was just sad you hadn’t told him yet. Or let him meet this ‘new person.’ You wanted to tell him he’s already met the ‘new person’ but you couldn’t exactly say that. You could tell he was a little worried, he hated when you’d get into these friends with benefits relationships and hide them.

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anonymous asked:

Advice for a history-education major thinking of switching schools from Albuqeurque to Durango? Is it queer friendly and fine, outside of ski season? How is the food service industry up there?

Uhhhh… maybe don’t.  

Durango has been queer-friendly to me so far but I’m not super-involved in the community and the scenery is really pretty but those are it’s two good points,

We’ll start with the cons:

  • The job market out here is ASS.  there’s tons of jobs, esp in food service, but they don’t pay well unless you are actually a bartender, and management treats you like crap becuase they know they can get away with it.
  • If you’re licensed to bar-tend though, you can make BANK, apparently.
  • the school itself is hit-and-miss.  right now three out of four of my professors are on major painkillers and basically high as shit all the time becuase we’ve got terrible staffing and there’s nobody to take over their classes.
  • Food, water, rent, and gas are all mad expensive- it’s an isolated mountain town and the grocery stores are “dumps’ where they shuffle off nearly-expired food and damaged products because there isn’t enough competition for anyone to just leave them.
  • Also the only hobbies out here are 1. Getting drunk/stoned and 2. engaging in dangerous mountain sports like biking and skiing and IDK falling down hills of rocks. there’s a lot of people with casts on here.
  • that said, the campus food is TERRIBLE so I honestly recommend living off-campus if possible.  Unfortunately, that’s also mad expensive.

OK, Pros:

  • It’s the cheapest school in CO, by a lot.
  • if you’re Native American, it’s FREE
  • if you’re going for archaeology/southwest/native american studies specifically, those professors are AMAZING.
  • Art Department is also pretty baller, in spite of the prevalence of motorcycle-related-injuries.
  • if you DO like being outdoors, we have some excellent country out here for hiking, biking, dogs etc.
  • So it you only have a year or two left and are going for something specific, or just want to get the fuck outta NM for a while, it might be a good idea.
Seventeen - slightly aged up!Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 3649
Pairing: slightly aged up!Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: May Parker, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, Ned Leeds, Flash Thompson, mentions of Tony Stark
Warnings: talk of death, dead character, sadness, crying, yelling, relationship fighting
Summary: Based on the song “Seventeen” from the musical Heathers, Peter Parker and (Y/N) being 17 years old and in their senior year, things have changed drastically since Peter first met Tony. Thanos has invaded and left his mark on the world, taking Tony Stark with him in his demise. For the last year, Peter has helped Pepper run Stark Industries to carry on the Stark legacy, and it is affecting Peter. You talk some sense into him, only to have someone point out a very specific theory about Peter Parker and the guy running around in a red and blue leotard.
Authors Note: i love this. so much. this song, this plot. there is so much angst but fluff at the same time?? but alas tony is dead and it makes me sad just to think about. ITS INTENSE.

Peter Parker / Based Off Musicals / Full Masterlists


“Where are you?” You asked into the phone as you sat in the Parker household, watching May try not to worry.

“Just finishing up some things,” Peter replied.

You rolled your eyes. “May was so worried, Peter! You missed all her calls, you really need to start paying more attention to that. She was so worried she called me thinking you were with me,” You sighed. “We need you to come back right now.”

“I can’t. I’m in the middle of some really important work that Pepper needed help on and I told her-”

“I don’t care,” You interrupted. “You’re seventeen, Peter, you’re taking on a job that was made for someone far older. You are still in school, I know you’re a genius but you seriously need to prioritize things. You are still a kid, I’m still a kid, you can’t worry May like this!” You shouted. “You need to come home, do your homework, and get a good night’s sleep.”

Peter huffed. “I’ll save things and leave in five minutes,” He said. “I love you.”

“I love you too. We’ll be at your apartment,” You said, and hung up.

May looked like she was going to cry. Ever since she found out about Peter being Spider-Man, she was both more and less worried about him. She trusted that he knew what he was doing, but that never stopped her from being scared. “Thank you, (Y/N),” May said. “You said all the things I was going to tell him.”

“I worry about him, too,” You reminded her. “He took on Tony Stark’s job. I know he’s been working it for a year, but he’s still so young. I can’t imagine having to work like he does,” You told her.

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“Because at that time, I could not even apologize.”

He was 16 y.o. at that time. The youngest of Hey! Say! JUMP. On June 27th 2011, his smoking scandal was discovered, his affiliation office stated out an indefinite hiatus of his activities.

After graduating from Horikoshi High School, and went through 2 years of studying abroad, he came home.

For four years, Morimoto who had dissapeared from the world, suddenly showed up on SNS (social media). Then on December 2015, he announced that he will lead the vocal in a dance and vocal unit “ZERO”. The impact to his fans who believed in him and waited for him, was big.

Turned around from the glory, within those four years he could not see far ahead, struggling his days in suffering. He passed through the betrayal and despair, and decided to live in the present. He decided to move forward.

Is it a start? Or is it an atonement?

A rebirth, then the story of how he will grasp the glory again, it is portrayed vividly in his head.

“Redeeming ourself for those who believed in us, it’s not over yet.”

Q : How do you feel about taking the interview today?

A : In the past, there were [always] magazine interviews that was decided [for me]. This and that (magazine) every month. [Magazine interviews] had already became a usual thing for me to do for about 7-8 years, but this time, since being a 16 y.o., this is my first interview for the past 5 years, it became a new thing again, and it makes me nervous.

Q : By the end of two years ago (2015), you restarted [your life] with the dance & vocal unit [ZERO], what do you think about it after this one year?

A : Last year I tried to attack in a short period. I personally want to see it in a long-term view, so without hurrying things, I did it last year. This year, I want to convert it well and connect it to the year onward so each year will be a challenge.

Q : Why did you form a group?

A : Because I think I won’t be able to do it if I’m alone. With my friend(s) in Senior High, we talked about doing this together for some time, right after I came back from Hawaii, “How about doing it now?” and just like that I invited them. And because they have things that I don’t have.

Q : Do you think this job suit you?

A : I don’t really understand about that, but I’ve entered the entertainment world since 9 y.o., so I don’t really know about other job. It also can be said that I didn’t study at all. In junior high, I barely came to school. So, I missed out a lot in my studies during junior high (LOL). Lately, I think it’s a really serious thing, I can’t even write kanji or make a story. On the contrary, I think this is the only thing that I can do. My parents also said this to me, “Because you don’t suit to be a company employee, do your best in the entertainment world.”

Q : Was it your mother who sent the application to the agency at that time?

A : I don’t really remember it, but I remember being forcibly told by my mother to try going there. A 9 year old kid, it’s an age where they are happy by playing games, playing soccer, or playing outside, so I felt that I did complained that I didn’t want to go. Suddenly I was given a place (group), moreover I got lessons and worked with people who are older than me, it was pretty tough.

Q : Among Hey! Say! JUMP [members] too?

A : I was the youngest. People who worked with me, they were all older than me, so there’s a feeling that I always became the youngest. At that time I was loved/spoiled by them, but if I think about it right now, I should’ve paid more attention (to them), something like that, because at that time I went just like that so only regret came to me [now].

Q : How was your Junior High era?

A : It was hellish. To be in the same junior high with a person who appeared in TV, there is something like jealousy or envy that surfaced, isn’t it? It was terrible. Something like bullying was not half-assed. When I went to the classroom, my desk was not there, my indoor shoes were missing, my gym uniform too, many things disappeared. At lunch time, they glanced (at me) when our song was broadcasted, then during break time some people (noisily) gathered in my class to see me. Plus, my classmate couldn’t understand that. Because of that, I started to stop going to school. But I didn’t tell my mother about it. During my rebellious age I was hit by my mother, and it made me stray from the right path.

Q : You showed your smile on stage or TV, its unbalanced right…

A : Right. But, I didn’t mix my private issue with work. I learned to have an on-off switch during my junior high time. With that, I thought I won’t be a trouble for anyone. The whole time [I always thought that way], to the members too. I was asked, “Did you go to school?” I answered “I didn’t go” I already got some consultation too, in the end [their advice] became “Go.” Eventually, everything collided.

Q : How about your feelings about work?

A : I changed around 15-16 yo. At that time, my energy to work started to fade away. Bullied at school. Still have to go to work. I really needed an output from those stress. At that time I had a close friend, I frequently went to that friend’s house. In there, that friend offered a cigarette and I started smoking. That time I felt my stress decreased, it felt like the world had changed. I went to work, talking to the other members also became fun, but if I return back to that time, maybe my face looked stiff… [T/N: so, even though it was fun, he felt that it was all just him putting on a mask]

“There’s no point for me to live.”

Q : How was it when the smoking scandal leaked out?

A : “I’m over,” was what I thought. I just thought [about wanting] to die. More than half of my life was spent in the entertainment world. If this thing is gone, there’s no point for me to live, many times I’ve tried to kill myself. I’ve tried many ways.

Q : You didn’t consult to anyone?

A : I couldn’t. My mother was told by the agency about the scandal. That time my mother cried so much. When I saw it, I thought “Aargh… What have I done…” all of my regret came out. I fully realized about my weak determination. But it’s too late to regret it now. I’ve ended my life once, so I thought about how to restart again.

Q : Because of that your family became sad.

A : I didn’t think of that. All this time, people said to my mother “Your son appeared on TV, it’s great,” but starting from that time onward, “Your son is a smoker, right?” So I thought if I’m gone, everything would be settled.

Q : Then you were put in an indefinite hiatus, did you know that instead of you, the members faced the media and apologized?

A : Honestly I didn’t see it. After that (scandal leaked), I couldn’t bring myself to watch TV. But naturally it should be me who apologized, but the other members did it. Honestly, that’s the only thing that I regret until now.

Q : How about senior high school life?

A : [The scandal] leaked out on June during my first grade of senior high school, but after that I normally went back to high school life. It was the time I could forget being in an [idol] group. But there was always a feeling that I couldn’t see anything after that. Every day felt like it just hangs before my eyes, after a day had passed, “I didn’t die today…” that’s how I kept feeling. When my birthday came, I thought “Ah, I’ve spent one year.”

Q : You didn’t think anything about the future?

A : I have lot of things in the past, “How should I do?” even if I thought that way, I still end up thinking that it was impossible. I didn’t look [ahead] towards future, but I’m always looking at the past. I felt there was always a wall in front of my eyes.

Q : When you looked at the past, there’s regret?

A : I regret everything. As a result, I felt I betrayed everyone, “At that time it would’ve been better if I had done that… It would’ve been better if I didn’t do that…” every time I kept thinking that way. Moreover, ever since the indefinite hiatus was announced, I couldn’t take any action.

Q : After senior high school graduation, why did you study abroad to Hawaii?

A : I never knew how to start moving [forward], so I thought about getting out of Japan, then I started to make my move. The reason why I chose Hawaii was because I had traveled there (for a school trip) once when I was in senior high. At that time I thought that [Hawaii] was really nice. There are Japanese people, also it doesn’t have a dangerous image at all. Because of that I went to Hawaii, and then my nature and way of thinking also changed. Because I met other people who didn’t know anything about me at all, I could talk about various things.  Like when I talked about what kind of work I was doing before, I was able to talk about such things naturally in Hawaii’s unique air, so I felt relieved. Maybe if I didn’t go to Hawaii, I might still be a useless human like before.

Q : What did you do in Hawaii for two years?

A : Because it was a language study exchange program, I always got subjects in English. Then I also became a volunteer. I often worked for [helping] other people. Because of it, my way of thinking changes 180 degree. When I was still in Japan, I always thought only about myself. Like “I didn’t die today” or “Other people talked bad about me again”. But when I was in Hawaii, when a day ends and I went to sleep, “Tomorrow what will I do to [help] other people?” I thought about that. After that, rather than [doing things] ‘for my own sake’, I thought [about how to] ‘work for other people’s sake’ which makes us human. If other people became happy, I thought it will be my pleasure too. A particular thing that I felt most in Hawaii is their way of thinking in respecting older people.  When in contact with the grandpas or grandmas, then they said “Thank you,” it made me happy. Ah, respecting was a thing like this…

Q : Did your English also improved?

A : Yes, it improved. Though I missed English [lessons] in Junior High, I somehow managed to be able to barely speak daily conversation. When speaking in English, I felt my character also became open. Because of that I could say what I wanted to say, I also got my interest about something [that seems] far away (the future) back, I could understand both of them.  And just like that, my painful memories gradually disappeared, I also felt that my pitch black heart was shined by a light.

Q : Did you decided to have 2 years [stay in Hawaii] since the beginning?

A : At first, I thought about going to different cities in those 2-3 years. Because of that, in my 2nd year, I came to watch Pancrase’s mixed martial arts competition in Hawaii by chance. Because I did karate (in the past), I kinda got into combat sports. There I met the representative (of Pancrase), Sakai (Masakazu)-san, I immediately became determined. By speaking [to him, I thought] our view of values is really similar. [His] heart is [like] a young boy. When I talked about my opinion, he always replies like “That’s good!” or “I also thought so”, it made me really happy. I never met a person who really matches my sense, so I can relate to him very much.

“I want to make fans happy.”

Q : Particularly to whom you felt you had betrayed?

A : Of course all of the fans. [If it’s] my family… I think I can return [to them] even if I’m not doing this [entertainment] work anymore. Because whatever happens, we only have one family. But the fans, who grew to like me by seeing me in the entertainment world, they continued to give their support for me. I’ve given them a painful memory there, so I expect by seeing me work in the same entertainment world [again,] it could make them happy. I think this is the only way to repay them. Actually, because I am still passing through the suspension of indefinite hiatus, there are people who believed and waited for me to come back. That is why I showed myself to the public, and by working in different group, I think it’s necessary to tell them properly that I won’t be returning back [to my previous group].

Q : After deciding to come back to the entertainment world, what is your action?

A : I contacted my senior high friend who said “Let’s do that together!” It’s RYO who is now doing this together as one of ZERO members.  Thanks to him being there for me in senior high, it’s not an exaggeration to say that I can live until now because I was helped by him. Then I asked RYO, “Do you have (a recommendation) for other members?” he replied “I have a friend in university!” and the members became 5 people, but now it became 4. Then, with these 4 members, we ‘bang’ the stage on December last year. Even without any advertisement, just by announcing it on Twitter “We will have a live (concert)~”, I thought there wouldn’t be that much people coming, but our show was full within about 100 people capacity. Ah, ever since I begin (to have) Twitter, there is an imposter using my name as their name, and it was very bad. Then it came to my head, so I [decided] to show my own face when I was in Hawaii and stated my objection, “this is the real one,” (LOL). But ever since I was 16, I never showed my face [to the public]… and there were a lot of comments like “You’re an imposter too!” that came to me.

Q : ZERO which started as a dance and vocal unit, what kind of group is it?

A : I think it’s a group which is like a white pallet that has many colors on it. First there is my color, then it gathers other color that is still lacking and when it is mixed, it’ll be another color, that’s what I thought. For example, because I can dance, that’s a good thing. However it’s not just about dance, because the other members have their own colors. Then there is another rap and vocal unit ‘BLACKJACK’ that I’m doing with RYO, the keyword is 21. It’s 21st century, I’m 21 y.o when it was formed, and when mine and his birthday is added up, it also becomes 21. Blackjack is a game when the total number is 21, (the player) wins. That is why [the meaning to it is like] “Let’s become the winner”.

“Whatever they say, I’m going forward.”

Q : What do you think about Hey! Say! JUMP members?

A : I’m feeling grateful [to them]. Thanks to them, I become who I am now and because they were there I can live like this now. Of course there is a lot of apologetic feeling [for them]. Through various feelings, they took care of me who was the youngest. They had always thought about me, who helplessly can’t do anything, from the bottom of my heart I’m really grateful to them.

Q : Like you’ve said, “Naturally it should be me who apologized”, but do you feel that you haven’t been given a chance to apologize?

A : Like I always say, even if I look back to the past, it won’t accomplish anything. Even if I look back, I can’t fix it anymore and I can only regret it. That’s why I think I should [start] looking at the future. Of course, I think there are some fans who aren’t satisfied/convinced because of that, or some people who are angry because the other members ends up apologizing. Because each people are different, we can’t avoid complains. But whatever they say about me, whatever I will do, I will keep moving forward. Then when I stand on a big stage, I think it would be good if I can take that chance to apologize. I want to say it with my own words, “I’m sorry.”

Q : From now onwards, what dream do you want to make?

A : My target is to become a world famous artist. But for now, firstly I want to make each of our fan entertained with ZERO. Because a person who can’t entertain the fans standing in front of his eyes won’t be able to entertain the world. With that, I look forward to spread out [to people] that “ZERO is an interesting group.” I will keep running towards that direction.

Q : What message that you want to leave for JUNON readers?

A : Even for a person who has a painful experience and a suffering period for a long time like me, I want to tell you that you will definitely see something beyond that. I don’t want to just say it through words. But I think I want to show it through my actions, or music, or a composition. You don’t have to run, you don’t have to walk fast, you don’t have to mind your surroundings, just by keep walking forward in your own pace, surely the scenery will change. I… was in a forked road between right and left, from 10 people, 9 people chose to go to the right. I, with my own will, would think “I want to go to the left,” then even by myself, I would go to the left. Because later on, I can still ask “How is the scenery on the right side?” But the scenery on the left side is a journey that only me who experience it. To go to the road which no one has gone to, it needs courage and the risk is also big. On the right side (of the road), there are 9 people’s mind, many ideas can be born, but on the left side, it’s just me by myself, so I should work with a portion of 9 people’s mind. I may also get wounded on this severe road. And yet, I keep moving forward while believing that I will definitely get something [out of it]. I think, now ZERO is still preparing to depart to a journey. In order to stuff in the luggage into a backpack, we need to see the guidebook. From here, I think step by step, we will walk without rushing [ourselves].

Translated from : JUNON April 2017 Edition

Translated by : @ichigoainosuke

Beta-Translation by : @aizawanikka

Weed (Connor Murphy x Reader)

this isn’t gonna be a “you and connor do drugs together” fic if that’s what you were thinking. it’s a “connor has big old crush on you and you need weed for a party but you don’t smoke and it’s awkward and like cute” fic

tw: angst, mentions of drugs, use of weed, drug deal

4005 words :)))

(Y/N) had always been the light at the end of the tunnel for Connor. A deep dark long tunnel called high school that Connor didn’t think he’d ever make out. But (y/n) was is one and only hope, the molecule of illumination that was so subtle, you’d miss it. Though, (Y/N) barely knew Connor. It wasn’t even like she never heard of him, because boy, she heard a fuck ton about the estranged Murphy boy. Some argued he was a sociopath, some just thought he was just a freak. But, despite the rumors, (Y/N) just thought he was some other kid. Although, anytime Connor did anything in school, or someone did something to Connor himself, he’d instantly regret everything because he’d know you’d hear about it. Connor cared more about you than you will ever care about himself, and he didn’t even really know you.

Connor had 2 classes with you this semester. Last year, he had a total of 5; 1 the first semester, and 4 the second (his attendance was really good at that point. Sophomore year, he only had 1 all year (his attendance was very poor that year). And freshmen year, he had 3. That was the year we fell in love with you.

At your district, it was pretty big that there were two middle school. The two of you, went to differing ones, stars unaligned at that stage of your life. The two of you lived close to the each other, just missing the cut off line for the other school. He’d often see you ride your rollerblades and it made him chuckle (you wanted to become a roller derby girl. That didn’t pan out.) He never saw you up close though until high school high. But he knew immediately it was you. You had a huge brush burn on the entirety of your left leg. He overheard you saying it was from skating. Instantly, he was enamored.

He could tell you everytime you had contact which each other. I mean, he probably wouldn’t actually tell you, but you know what I mean.

Freshmen year: he had a total of what he called 1 first person contact, 3 second person contact, and 8 third person. Let me explain. Connor had a chart in his head, he would never dare to write it down: first person meant you talked to him one on one, second person was you guys didn’t speak but made eye contact, and third was you spoke through, with, about him to others. (The about was never in a bad way. He was just always listening nonchalantly and would hear you stand up for him. This made his heart physically hurt he was so in love with you.)

Sophomore year: 0 first person, 6 second person, and 1 third person.

Junior year: 2 first persons (a new record), 10 second persons, and 4 third persons. He was very happy with these numbers.

Senior year: 0 first persons, 0 second persons, 0 third persons. On the contrary. He was not very pleased.

This bothered him. Was he doing something wrong, did you hate him, did you somehow find out about his (Y/N) Interaction Tally sheet that was in his head? The latter was ridiculous, but he didn’t get it. Maybe it was too early in the year.

Today was the day he could add a tally to the first person score board though. Or rather, a multitude of marks.

He wasn’t going to come to school. His parents (his dad really) were being assholes to him, his sister was being cold, and he was in a mood. A “I have to get high by 7:30 am or I will not make it to 7:30 pm” mood. Zoe left without him (as per usual) so he decided to walk and get super fucking stoned. You were in this first block. He didn’t really want to get there late, making the odds increase that he will get a second person tally mark (an unwanted one because it’d be obvious he would be high as a kite, and even know he’s known as a druggie at your school, he still thought that maybe you didn’t know that. You did.) But he misjudged how long it would get there. He it was only 20 minutes into first block, an hour class. He was impatient, so he didn’t really want to dwindle around the school, so he signed in and made sure his hair was blocking his eyes.

The door was locked.

“Fuck.” he muttered, squeezing his eyes shut. The teacher heard the twist of the knob and started to approach the door. This was going to make such a scene.

“Nice of you to join us Mr. Murphy…” the teacher said, Connor noticing him inhaling to smell the scent of weed. Even the teachers knew, he just wanted to confirm that was the reason for Connors tardiness. Connor limply passed the teacher his late slip between his pointer and middle finger. Connor tried not to look at you, but his brain forced him. You were staring back, all doe eyed and such. God, that made him weak in the knees. He couldn’t look away, resulting in a slight awkward desk bump to his thigh. The only bad thing about smoking and Connor was it gave him tunnel vision, his peripherals were limited. The desk assault made him quickly cease eye contact with you, embarrassing him indefinitely. Plus, his thigh kind of hurt now. He couldn’t stop thinking about it, so he didn’t hear a single word of the teachers lecter, didn’t take a single note, and didn’t realize that you were racking up points in the second person tally list. You couldn’t stop looking at him.

An amount of three thoughts began to consume your mind: How high is Connor Murphy? Does Connor Murphy sell weed? When did Connor Murphy get cute?

You had a dilemma. You were going to a party. A dumb college party your friends were dragging you too. And you were nervous. You, being the innocent flower you were, had never smoked weed in your life. But since your anxiety was going to be off the charts, you needed a little help. Your friends told you weed would help, and you’d look so cool at a party smoking weed. You didn’t care about the cool part, you just wanted to make it through the night. And Connor Murphy might be your answer.

You had your first and last block with him. You decided over the course of the day, you were going to approach him about the matter, which in turn, made you about as nervous as the party. Not that Connor scared you or anything. You’d spoken to him before and even though he was distant, he wasn’t rude my any means. But what if he didn’t sell, what if he gets offended that you assumed he did. You didn’t want to ask around if he sold either, you didn’t need people thinking you smoked. Not that it was a bad thing, but your dad was on the school board, and word would get around, so you decided best to keep it on the low down. Your last block came, and you kept looking over at Connor, figuring out what you were going to say. Were drug deals usually this stressful? (a/n: yes, don’t do drugs.)

Connor notice you were staring now. He became instantly self conscious. Like did he look weird to you, did you hear something? Because Connors been off the radar for a while so if you did hear anything, it was definitely a rumor.

The bell rang. Connor bolted out.

“Connor!” you called faintly out, already messing up your game plan. You wanted to make it seemed like you knew what you were doing. Connor knew it was your voice. He thought he was hearing things, so he turned around, although he was pretty positive it was his imagination. You gave him a smile smile and skipped up to him, Connor feeling as if he fell asleep in class and it was all a dream. There, the two of you stood, in the middle of the hall, with a sworn of students passing by.

You noted Connor was really tall, probably a head taller than you, “Hey…” you forgot your lines. Connor numbed himself on the outside, looking like he didn’t care about what you were about to say. But on the inside, he was freaking the fuck out.

“Do…. uh…. do you…” you were tripping over your words. You had to spit it out, “Sell?”

Connor furrowed his eyebrow. He didn’t think you smoked. He was right.

“What.” he gawked out.

You shifted awkwardly, looking around if people were looking. “You know… like sell…. weed.” you felt dumb. How did these things go. Connor was taken aback however.

He didn’t want to say no to you. Because, Jesus Christ, it was you. This was the longest first person encounter with you. It was longer than all the first person encounters put together. So he lied, “Yeah.”

You smiled… you did it. “Could I buy…” you couldn’t remember the amount. It wasn’t an Ounce, that was a lot. A cut was a lot too. Shit, you couldn’t remember. “Some? Off of you?”

Connor had a dilemma now. He didn’t want to sell you weed, because he didn’t want to think that you smoked like he did. But at the same time, he also didn’t want to say no to you, because maybe you’d never talk to him again since he let you down in this aspect. So he went with the latter. “Sure. When do you need it by.”

“Tonight?” you admitted. How long does it take to get weed. Connor raised his eyebrows, trying to think of how to get it to you.

“Um…. okay. Yeah, I can do that.” He wasn’t sure if he could, but he was going to do everything in his power. “Um. My stash is, like, at my house… So i’m going to have to go home, and i didn’t drive today.”

“I can drive. Um, unless you’re busy. R-right now.”

“No,” he said a little too quickly, deciding to slow his roll. “I’m not doing anything.”

“Alright, let’s go then.” you smiled, leading the way. Connor gripped onto his handle, you couldn’t believe the amount of time you two talked. And how he was going to be in your car.

Shit. This was overwhelming. He had to be cool though.

The car ride to his house was silent. Both of you not wanting to say anything dumb. Connor didn’t need you knowing he was actually a weirdo, and you didn’t want Connor knowing that you didn’t know what the fuck you were doing. Both of you didn’t want the other to think they weren’t cool, even though the two or you totally weren’t.

You pulled up to his house. There weren’t any cars in the driveway.

“Should i come in?” you asked. Connor just nodded, instantly regretting it. His parents were definitely both gone. But Zoe might get there any minute, it depends on if she’s hanging out with friends or not. You followed him inside, taking mental notes on how nice his house was. You noticed pictures of Zoe and Connor when they were kids. He looked a lot different. Shorter hair…. Less lanky…. Happier… You also noticed that there were a lot of current pictures of Zoe, like at recitals. But the most recent picture of Connor, he looked about 12. Connor went straight to his room. It was clean. Like way to clean for a teenage boy. Like a type of clean that was like no one actually lives here. (Like a type of clean where he murders people for a living.) He went over to his book shelf first, grabbing a book. He grabbed a key out of it. Then, he walked over to the other side of his room, unlocking a chest, pulling out a jar, half filled with weed. Still, it was a lot of weed.

“Um how much do you want?” he asked awkwardly. You pulled out a 20.

“However much a twenty can get me.” you said, hoping he wouldn’t catch on to your none smoking ways. He started to, but then he thought maybe you just always smoked other people’s. He was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

“Do you want a lot, like are you sharing it?”

“No. It was just for me… like a one time thing.” you wondered if that sounded dumb.

“Um… You know what. You don’t have to pay me. I’ll just give you a g…”

“No really. I don’t want you to just give it to me. Just take the 20 for a ‘gee’.”

“Never pay $20 for a gram (take notes kids BUT DONT DO DRUGS), just take it. I’m serious.” he took some out, weighing it and put it in a tiny bag.

“Connor, just let me pay you.”

“I said don’t worry about it.” he said, irritated you just won’t take it from him. Like if it were some hot football player, you’d comply. That wasn’t who you were though, Connor was just self conscious.

“Why won’t you let me pay you?”

“Because I don’t want your money. Think of it as a gift.”

“You barely know me.” this made him laugh. You barely knew him, he knew you better than you’d ever know. You fumble with the bag, “Okay. Fine. Thank you. A lot. Um, I guess I’ll see you at school monday…” you go to leave his room but the door opens. You wondered why he insisted on giving you free weed.


Connor got up and ran to the door. Closing it.

“You can’t leave yet.” he whispered yelled, realizing he was scaring you by being so cryptic. “Shit, not in a weird way. My sister just got home, and she’ll wonder why you’re here. And she’ll just know. So can you just wait until she goes to her room and closes her door.” he pleaded.

You nodded, going over on his bed and sitting down. He’d never had a girl on his bed before. And he never thought the girl of his dreams was going to be the first. You looked back down at the bag of weed.


How were you going to smoke this.

Connor watched you intently, trying to figure out what you were thinking.

“Connor.” you whispered. “How… How am i going to smoke this.”

“Wh-what?” he was perplexed. “Don’t you have a piece or something?”

“A what?”

“Don’t you have like a bowl or a one hitter?” you shook your head, confusion written all over your face. He squinted at you. He knew. “You’ve never smoked before have you?”

You eyes went wide. Before you could say anything m, he beat you to it. “Come here…” he mumbled, one of the corners of his mouth pulled up into a crooked smile, going over to his desk and opening the bottom draw. He got out cigars. Why did he get out cigars? “Give me the bag.” he asked kindly. You placed it in his hand, swiping your pinky over his palm, making his heart race. He decided he was gonna add another category to his list, fourth persons: accidentally touching. He opened the cigar packet, carefully tearing a cigar open right at the seam and dumped the weed out. He opened the bag of weed he gave you and started spreading it out in the wrapper, wrapping it back up and licking it shut. He took his lighter at the end of it all, and sealed it.

“Woah…” you purses your lips, “You have skill, Murphy.”

“Smoking weed isn’t a skill.” he retorted. You laughed lightly. He didn’t. “Why do you even want to smoke?” he muttered.

You sighed, “I’m going to some party that i don’t want to go to, but i heard weed makes you chill out. Thus, i am here.”

“Why are you going…. I mean, if you don’t want to go.”

“Friends are going.”

“So if they go you gotta go too?” he asked irritated. The thought of you not having fun and probably getting gropes by some guys pissed him off.

“It’s more than that-”


“It just is Connor… I don’t know. You don’t get it.”

“Because i’m a freak.”

“No…. that’s not what i meant at all. Because you don’t care about trivial things. You don’t have shitty friends.”

“I don’t really have friends in the first place.” he told you, not daring to say a word. You didn’t know what to even say. He could feel your discomfort, “…um. You shouldn’t smoke weed, tonight.”

You leaned on his desk, “And why’s that?”

“Because sometimes it makes you more stressed out. Like it like helps me calm, but something’s it heightens people’s nervousness.”

You go to reply, but you hear Zoe walk up the steps and slam her door shut.

“I guess this is your out.” he joked, getting up to open the door and make sure Zoe was actually in her room. “I’ll walk you out, um, if you want.”

“I’m okay, I think I remember where your front door is.” you smile, about to walk out his bedroom door. “I’ll think about what you said, Connor.”

And with that, you exited out. He waited to close his door until he heard the front door open and shut. Closing his door, Connor leaned his back against it, knees buckling out from under him.

You were in his room. You spent time with him. You talked to him.

He pushed himself you, running over to the window and watched you pull out.

He was in that car. Right, next to you.

He watched your car until he couldn’t see it anymore. His door opened.

“Who was here?” Zoe asked, not daring to actually enter in his room.

“Get out.” he hissed, running back over to slam the door in her face. She put her arm on the door, not letting Connor successfully close it

“That was (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’s car.”

“I said Get out.”

“I’m not in.” she remarked, making it evident her feet were surely outside the door frame.

“Why the fuck are you talking to me.”

“Because i want to know why (Y/n Y/L/N) was here.”

He couldn’t tell her it was to buy drugs. Zoe obviously knew he smoked, and although Connor didn’t actually sell other than this one time because it was you, Zoe would for sure tell their parents and Connor would probably be shipped off to rehab or narcotics Anonymous. They didn’t care if he Connor was a drug user, but they’d care if he was a drug dealer.

“She needed math notes.”

“Math notes?”


“(Y/N)’s one of the smartest seniors. Why would she need your math notes.” Connor grimaced at the way Zoe said your. This conversation was overwhelming Connor. He snapped.

“I don’t know, Bitch. Ask (Y/N), I don’t fucking know her intelligence in math. I don’t fucking know her.”

“Why would she ask you, though. She has other friends in that class.” Connor didn’t answer, Zoe kept going, “That doesn’t make any sense.” She looked around Connors room, noticing a jar of weed out in the open. “Oh, my God… Did you sell her weed?” Bingo.

“I didn’t sell her anything.” he hissed back. Zoe noticed a 20 on Connors desk. It was yours, you slipped it there when he wasn’t looking.

“What the fuck is that then?” Zoe pointed at the money.

Shit. “It’s not (Y/N)’s, if that’s what you’re thinking. W-why would she even want weed anyway. That priss doesn’t smoke.” even though Connor lied, it was all true. Expect the priss part, it took a lot out of Connor to call you that.

“Whatever, Connor. If i hear you sold (Y/N) weed, you best believe I’m telling dad. Pack your bags asshole. (Y/N)’s a nice girl.” With that, she left the room. Connor slammed it behind her.

He walked over to his jar of weed, packed a bowl, and got high.

Monday came. Connor got the $20 and placed it on your desk in first period. He pretended to be reading when you came in. The bell hasn’t rang yet. You spotted the $20 immediately. Looking over at Connor, who was very aware of your stares, like painfully aware. He turned the page, when he noticed you moving toward him.

You placed the money in his book, confidently using your fingers to lift his chin up. This made him spin.

“This was a gift. Didn’t your mother tell you it’s rude to not accept presents.” you told him, almost seductively. Connor gulped. “I didn’t do it, by the way. I thought you like to know.”

Connor raised his brows, “wait you didn’t- what did you- h-how was the party then?”

“Pretty bad. I drank bad beer, had to turn drunk college guys down. And for some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“What.” thinking he misheard you. He did not.

“I’ll talk to you later, Connor.” you smiled, getting up from his desk and going back to your seat. He wanted to call your name out again, but that’s when he realized.

People were staring. Everyone was staring. The teacher was staring.

Along with Connor, everyone was confused.

The rules reversed at the end of the day. Instead of Connor leaving immediately, you bolted out, Connor trying to catch up to you.

“(Y-Y-N)” he stuttered out, resulting in you turning around, hugging your books to your chest. “I need to talk to you.”

“Listen, Con-”

Connor held out the twenty to you, causing a smile to form. You reached for the bill, gently brushing your knuckles against his. And something happened inside Connor, like he couldn’t hold back to words he was about to say.

“I like you.” he blurted out, the words coming out unsure, more of a question than a statement. He tried to stand up straighter, “Um, I really like you, and I’ve liked you since freshmen year. Actually i’ve liked you since your rollerblading phase.”

Your fingers were still holding a part of the bill in his hands, it was like psuedo hand holding. Your eyes widen, “H-how do you know about that?”

Connor ignored the question, “And I know that you’re you, and sadly, I’m me. But what you said in first period. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Which made me think about all this other shit, and how many regrets I have. And maybe I’ll regret saying all of this to you, but i know I’d regret not saying it more. So… you don’t owe me anything-” he stopped talking abruptly, watching you take the bill and a pen out of your back pocket. You began writing on it, perplexing Connor.

“Here.” you gave the money back, displaying an array of 10 digit numbers. It was your number, Connor held back a smile. “Now you can’t give it back to me, and you can’t even use it because my number’s on there and I defaced it.” you smirked at him, “I don’t have any frat parties to go to this weekend um, so if you’re free. Maybe we could hang out. No beer, no weed, no scumbags. Maybe dinner, or a movie. Or like a stupid date like mini-golf…”

Connor eyes lit up, “I hate mini-golf.”

“Good. Me too, and if you actually wanted to go mini-golfing, I’d take my date offer back.”

“You like popcorn?”

“I love it.”

The two of you walked down the hallway together. All the students were gone, all the teachers were in there rooms, and it was just the two of you.

For once in his life, Connor felt comfortable. Connor felt happy.

@l-tay said: Hi! I’m that anon from earlier. I am literally about to spend hours perusing your Marvel writings. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve run across your blog before! Such talent. Jeff imagines-wise, I have yet to see one where the other jocks question Jeff on why he doesn’t sleep around or treat girls horribly and he reveals that he’s had a crush on a nerdy girl since elementary school. Then the rest of the jocks flirt with you to tease him and it results in him finally asking you out.

Originally posted by fuckyeaaesthetic

Author’s Note: I’m pretty sure you meant a different type of nerdy (the girl in the GIF isn’t exactly nerdy, but I liked her vibe), but this is the best I could come up with. I hope you still enjoy!

Jeff Atkins X Reader

“Yo! Atkins,” Zach greets. A little too enthusiastically for Jeff’s tastes given he’s still in the library after one of Clay’s tutoring sessions. The librarian shushes Zach, Jeff offers her a sheepish smile in return and Zach chuckles before pulling out a seat to plop down onto. “Hey,” he mutters. “You heading over to Bryce’s tonight? I hear it’s gonna be a great party.”

Jeff shrugs as he starts to put away his notebook in his book bag. “I don’t know, man. Kind of just want a quiet night tonight.”

“Your parents are out of town. Live a little,” Zach presses, playfully nudging Jeff’s shoulder. 

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