we all raise our voices


8-year-old Thomas grew out his hair for two years so that he could donate it to kids with cancer.

He probably went through some teasing or even bullying in the process, but is still willing to do it again! Bless his heart.

We can all be someone’s hero, a smile, a helping hand, a hug, a role model standing up for what is right , make a stand and raise your voice against injustice. We can all do our part to make this world a better place. Be someone’s hero…

I never felt like I needed an LGBT support group. I was always comfortable and safe enough on my own. I believed in the decency of everyone around me. Now all I want is to be in a room of people who I know aren’t against me because it turns out my faith was misplaced. 49% of America hates me and people like me and will elect a morally bankrupt rapist because he and his running mate promise to silence us. And all we can do is help each other and raise our voices.

Check in on a friend today, and tomorrow. Attend protests. Don’t go quietly.

CALLING  TEAM Olicity, Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell!

So I’m sure some, if not all of you guys have been following the Superheroes Con this weekend in Paris! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but I have been active on twitter (my Arrow fandom account @RionaIE) and I have immensely enjoyed hearing all about the panels and Q&A’s!

Now this brings me to the point of this post. Some of you will be aware that Emily said something a long the lines of…

So this has made me think what AS A FANDOM are we going to do about this?? How are we all going to team together to raise our voices? I’m sure we unanimously agree that we all want, all need Olicity photos and interviews!

So I’m just going to tag some of you guys so we can work up a plan? Also feel free to ignore if this doesn’t interest you or isn’t your cup of tea!

 And also feel free to get involved even if I haven’t tagged you! 

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My heart goes out to all the victims in Orlando and their family members and loved ones.

Our country needs to take action to restrict access to mass assault weapons that enable such mass killings to occur with such frightening regularity.

The Orlando shootings are especially disturbing while many were celebrating Pride and the lessening of discrimination against LGBTQ folx.

Unfortunately passing laws against discrimination - whether based on sexual orientation, race, gender or national origin - does not eliminate hate or the threat of violence.

We all need to raise our voices in support of equality, understanding and nonviolence and to create a welcoming community for all. #LoveWins ❤️💛💚💙💜

—  Jill Stein