we all need to vent

One of my favorite Phantom of the Opera recurring fandom memes is the constant creation of posts from new people who have just read or heard or seen the story for the first time, and are confused about how a disembodied voice belonging to a skeletal stalker manages to successfully pass himself off as a credible music teacher.  The confusion and disbelief is golden.

honestly I have never felt more guilty in my life than when I was watching Wonder Woman because I couldn’t stop fucking staring at her legs and I kept scolding myself like “STOP OBJECTIFYING WONDER WOMAN WHILE SHES SAVING THE WORLD YOU USELESS LESBIAN” but it was no use and it still isn’t

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How much longer do you think until the discourse/callout/wowser subculture finally loses its power over Tumblr? How do you think it will happen?

Never gonna happen. instead, every subdivision of fandom/sj-inclined tumblrites will continue to become more reactionary, more sensitive, and more prone to authoritarian views.

It’s a web 2.0 problem. specifically, it’s a ‘resharing other people’s words without any critical thought by pressing a button’ problem. Also a ‘I can screenshot anything I want and spread it out of context’ problem.

Places like tumblr turn words into violence.

you see the same post that kind of annoyed you the first time 20 more times because all your friends reblogged it and now you feel isolated and remiss in not enjoying it.

the nature of reblogging is that mistakes are eternal. Tumblr doesn’t do timestamps; anything you said in 2012 might as well have been said yesterday. Good fucking luck if you said something shitty before you knew better.

everything lacks context. why did that person make that one-sentence post? You don’t know, but you know why your mutual reblogged it, kind of. you think you do. you reblog it for a different reason altogether. A third mutual reads it and feels upset, but you had no intention of upsetting them. you didn’t know it was personal.

it’s okay to be angry, we said, over and over again. we’re just venting. it’s okay. we all need a safe space to vent. let it out. let your anger go. let it fill you and then fill your tumblr, where your angry words can be shared and shared and shared by other angry people because we’re all just angry, just venting, just letting it out and taking it back in. and yeah, sure, that’s true, but angry people aren’t safe. they’re volatile. you can’t have a safe space full of angry people who are angry about different things.

(tumblr is a terrible place to vent.)

somewhere along the line we made respect of each other conditional. at first it was conditional on being respectful to others. then it was conditional on your gender. then it was conditional on your sexual orientation. then it was conditional on your race. then it was conditional on your mental and physical health and ableness. then it was conditional on your survivor status. now it’s conditional on your opinions.

It’s because our opinions are what hurt one another, reblogged without tags, having no context, no time stamp, no continuity. They’re just out there, being interpreted in the worst way, assumed to be said by a privileged white cis dickwad who’s never faced a day of hardship in his life, to a bunch of people who are understandably angry because their lives suck and they’re being hurt but nobody can fix it.

Basically tumblr went the way of bad faith; if you don’t expect anyone to respect you, how can you respect them?  There are no conversations, no recoveries, no handshakes. We all just get more partisan until we all think everyone else wants us literally dead (we’ll just kill them first).

so I predict that tumblr will collapse over time; the only people who will still be using this site regularly will be the meanest and the hardest, yelling at each other all day, while artists post pictures to their blogs with obscure tagging systems purely for archival purposes.

Meanwhile all real discussion will happen on scattered discord servers - like forums, but with less permanent records of what gets said - until some other company (with infinite server space for gif storage) comes out with a new, ‘improved’ take on social media and we start all over again.


“If nobody sees you or notices you, does anything matter? When you could give up isn’t that just easier, let yourself fall into the waters and drown. What’s a world without love, what’s a world when nobody sees you or knows your name. What’s a world when you’re nobody.”


For some reason….I find a lot of posts about how introverts feel so alone and upset bc they are so different from everyone else, or that being an introvert is a…well kind of a bad thing.

What’s wrong with being an introvert? What’s wrong with preferring to be alone and watch your favorite thing? Doesn’t it make you happy? If it makes you happy, there is nothing wrong.

Wee have our own voice. Just finding a different way to express it. What’s wrong with that?

I can understand about what’s it like when you feel truly alone but…if you are shy, quiet, have a big imagination and prefer to stay in your own little world…there is nothing wrong with that and one of the biggest things that bother me about society is….it makes us think we need to be like everyone else.

My advice: dont. If you are quiet and prefer to stay at home and watch movies and stay by yourself, do it! You don’t want to go to that party? Then okay! And don’t let people force you to be a social butterfly. Trust me, I have had people do that to me and it just drains your energy.

So just…be yourself. You’re perfect the way you are.

Rules of The Ghost
  • Wash up your own dishes.
  • No eating rocks.  This includes you too, Hera
    • Minerals are minerals, Kanan
  • Yes Ezra, the vent aren’t very pleasant to spend too long in.  That’s why you’re cleaning them.  Or should be.
  • Stop using all the hot water, especially if someone else needs a shower after yours!
    • I know you’ve new to regular showers Ezra, but please stop taking over an hour in the refresher.
      • and remember to brush your teeth
  • Yeah Zeb, it is fair for you to clean the shower filters more than everyone else - it’s mostly your fur in there!
  • Diagnostics must be done properly.  Remember to read the results.
    • Karabast, Hera, that was one time
  • No shooting inside the ship.  Especially while we’re in space.
  • No explosive testing while in space.  I don’t care how small the detonation should be, Sabine!
  • Yes Ezra, it’s very impressive you can bond with loth-cats now.  Please stop trying to fill the cargo bay with them.
    • No loth-cats on board at all!
  • Someone needs to check in on Sabine every few hours if she gets really into a project.
    • Yes Sabine, you were taking perfect care of yourself while dazed from spray-paint fumes and drinking water used for cleaning paintbrushes.
  • Ion or carbon scouring might be boring, but it needs to be done.  When I say so.
  • Stop leaving food in all the vents, Ezra.  We need them, surprisingly enough, to vent things!

I am buggered by some of the recent writings (reviewers) against the latest season of Game of Thrones this year. They all seem to profoundly steamroll the show’s “lacking” of logic and its frequency, judging it by the lack of characterisation and the poor movement of the plot that we are left with staggering questions regarding the misuse of the shortened episodes. 

And I am floored that people are agreeing because: have we been watching the same show these past six years or have we all of a sudden found a way to disenfranchise ourselves from the greatest written (and executed) television show in history?

No? Then what’s with the bull about characterisations and how the plot used to unfurl in a way that felt real and now just feels somewhat rushed? We are now down to the most important characters of the show, culled after a tumultuous six seasons; with every single bit of character development needed to unleash them in these final two seasons of the show.

We know each of the character’s motivations: Dany to rule the seven kingdoms and break the wheel, Cersei to avenge, revenge, and rule over in fear, Jon to rally the realm against their true enemy in the North, and Arya, Sansa, Jamie, Tyrion and the various secondary characters whom we have come to know and understand throughout the freakin’ six seasons past that there shouldn’t even be a question as to why the story is moving forward as fast as it is seemingly going.

I, for one, think that the seven episodes is going by quite nicely. Why? Because we don’t need the niceties of knowing these individual characters anymore. We already KNOW who they BLOODY ARE. We know their motivations, their objectives, their personalities, their triggers, etc. and so the story is set for them to be who they are as the situations turn against their favour or not. So, Daenerys becomes a little angry with Tyrion after being asked about her successor - she was cursed to not have a child for “death pays for life” so excuse her for being a little sensitive about it. 

So Arya acts funkily “out of character” for threatening Sansa. Did she really though? Or was she simply playing the game she’s played and has been played with the many years she was away from home, seeing death, destruction and being ruthlessly trained to kill in Braavos? Did we somehow forget about that?

I can name every single characters’ “out of character” moments but it should be blatantly obvious to those who really watch the show that there is no bloody need for it.

If you want character development and unfurling plot, watch the last damn six seasons from season 1 to now. This season, season 7, and season 8 are the final, conclusive seasons of the entirety of the show. Now, we see ice and fire come together; long has it been prophesied and symbolised and harkened to in the past six seasons. Now, we see the wight walkers army trudge closer and closer to the wall, the great battle to come. Now, we see the final key players of the game come together in Westeros to fight, one last time, for what they all want, believe in, and are desperate for. 

There is no need to untangle these characters anymore for they have already been untangled. They are already made bare for us to see, season six having done that great conclusion to their final characterisation arc at its peak. Now, it’s the monstrous season 7 of taking on the monsters from the North, and in themselves as they play the game one last time.

So stop writing about stupid things like everything’s going by really quickly, and the plot just fast-forwards. It has to because the the board is finally set and all the players are in position. There is no need to waffle on anymore. There is war, there is death, there is the game to be played one last bloody time.

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Y'all really gotta come out of hiatus soon pls cuz this #MeToo thing is going around and I know it's stirring up a bunch of feelings in women and we all need to vent

The reason I have mostly been on hiatus (aside from the stress of studying) is because of this whole thing. It’s made me so angry. I don’t use Facebook much, except for activism organizing, but I have seen this #MeToo thing on there. It’s quite impactful seeing almost all of my female contacts on FB posting this.

I’ll tell you why it has made me angry. Because the hashtag also plays into the whole response from men about the Harvey Weinstein thing. Men are saying how ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised’ and ‘horrified’ they are by his behavior, meanwhile women have known about him since the 90s (maybe even before). So many people knew and pretended they didn’t, so how is it possible that all these men can be so ‘shocked’? The Weinstein scandal sparked conversations among people all over the world, and men are saying they are, again, ‘shocked’ to hear what their female friends go through on a daily basis.

I don’t think they are shocked. I think they know what women go through, but they close their eyes and block their ears from hearing about it all of the time, because they don’t want to know. They don’t care enough to know. They think it’s too hard, too painful, they are just ‘one man’, ‘what can they do?’ But the thing is, women cannot escape this. Women cannot close their eyes and ignore it the way men do. We live it every fucking day over and over and over and over…

So I don’t want to hear from men how they are so ‘shocked’ about all of this, including how many women in their social circle who post #MeToo. Enough is enough. Stop virtue signalling to the women around you and actually do something. If you care about women, fucking. do. something.

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My mother married an anti-SJW athiest white man. He doesn't have a job and he sits in our basement all day. Before he married my mother, he lived in his grandma's attic. He is 100% serious about all of this and thinks that anyone who has religious beliefs should be slaughtered. He openly makes comments about my ass and "how good i look in jeans". I'm 16. I don't know why I'm telling you this. I hate anti-SJW's

no worries, we all need to vent at times

have you mentioned to your mom that this guy is making comments about his 16-year-old stepdaughter’s ass? or a school counselor, any sort of trusted figure really? because not gonna lie, that’s pretty fucked up

I’ve honestly stopped trusting white people in fandom.

When you’re writing headcanons, or discussing ideas with them they’re on your side. When you’re their token friend of color they can use to their advantage, they’re with you. But the moment you start talking about racism—things that affect you, they’re gone. And not only are they gone , they are offended. They unfollow, block, say terrible things just because they can’t fathom the fact that you are an actual person of color who faces racism and oppression. It infuriates them.

I literally had someone I cut ties with months ago send me an anon talking about how “you’re a little too obsessed with race & racism, maybe find a new obsession”…and like how gross can you be.

And for poc who happened to be anti-sjw at a point, but are starting to see the light and starting to see how awful that mindset is, white people are even worse to them. There’s nothing more threatening to white people in fandom than a poc who starts to have their own thoughts that diverge from white nonsense.

So idk, like I am very wary of befriending white people in fandom. The amount of hatred they hold toward poc (and these poc can be their friends) when they discover we are more than their personal bank for headcanons and fanfics is unfathomable and they’re so insidious in trying to tear us down and make us feel guilty all because they’re offended we need some place to vent about our struggles.

ENFP Struggles

Really liking people but also really liking being alone.

Having lots of ideas but like.. Never doing them.

… Starting great projects, but never finishing them.

Getting really bored all the time.

Getting advice from people when all we really ever need is to just vent.

Sticking around in bad relation/friendships because you still have hope that things can get better.

Caring too much about people, especially those who keep a lot to themselves.

caring so much about the needs of others that we forget we have needs.

Procrastination up the ass.

You Know What, FR

What’s the fucking point of continuing to play this game when FR not only won’t fix Accent/Skin previews in the AH, they’ve somehow broke them from working on the FR Item Database, too? How the fuck am I supposed to see if a Skin/Accent works on my dragons if there is literally no goddamn way to do it short of dragging the dragon (…ha) I want to preview all the way to the front of my lair? Especially given how buggy FR’s system for THAT is?

“Just report it lol why are you complaining here” fucker I’ve reported it more than once, it’s not even the first time they’ve done this, Skin/Acccent previews are always broken SOMEWHERE but usually it doesn’t take this long to get it sorted. I’ve barely touched FR this month. I don’t have any interest in playing because what’s the point if I can’t even dress up my dragons? Breeding makes money but clicking one button once every five days, wow, such engagement. 

I have friends who sell Accents and this is driving them up the wall. It’s directly cutting into profits – because normally we can just get around FR’s broken bullshit with the FR Item Database (even though FR keeps trying to break it because GOD FORBID THEIR USERS HAVE SOMETHING USEFUL AT THEIR DISPOSAL,) but not it’s broken too, so just… what the fuck does FR want?

Do they want people to stop giving them money? Are they aware that pretty much the bulk of their whole entire income is through the Accent/Skin market? That it vastly overshadows every other income source they possess? That not fixing this massive glaring issue on their website is hurting their bottom line? They probably don’t actually care. Caring implies not just competence, but respect for your customers, and we all know that FR lacks that in spades with their track record of abuse and lies directed at their userbase.

At any rate, I know this won’t help fix the issue either, but I needed to vent somewhere, and as we all know, no one is allowed to talk about site problems on the site itself without getting an infraction. I can report this until I’m blue in the face, but it’s not going to matter. They don’t care. Not a single fuck to give. Unless the whole site gets ready to go to war over something, it NEVER gets fixed or worked on – you can say people here overreact, and you’d be correct, but it’s because the Staff have conditioned them that the ONLY, ONLY WAY to get ANYTHING to happen no matter HOW VITAL IT IS, is to fucking riot. Otherwise, get fucked, you’re just a wallet to them, and wallets don’t have needs.

I love FR, I actually do like the majority of our community? Sure there’s some fuckers here, but honestly most of the site is pretty alright. But GOD the staff – the actual people running the backend, in this instance – are fucking awful at their jobs.

And don’t give me that ABLOO ABLOO MAKING A WEBSITE IS HAAARRRDDD nonsense – no shit, Sherlock, it’s difficult for sure, but that’s no excuse for not even ACKNOWLEDGING that there is a problem until your site riots. Given FR’s track record in the past of “ignore the problem and maybe it will go away” – just, frankly? I’m tired of coddling these fucks. They’re a small staff team, sure. They were inexperienced going into this, yes.

It’s been nearly four years, though. How long are we going to keep making excuses for a team of people who have been failing to do the same job for four years?

Do you know how many fucking things I had to stay up and overnight learn on my job? Because there was no waiting to fix it later, or waiting for someone else to do it it, no, it was my JOB and it needed to get done – so I did what I had to do to get it DONE. And oh god it was hard sometimes, absolutely, sometimes you gotta ask for help and you gotta put in a lot of work. It’s not easy! But you can’t just let it sit. You have to get your job done, or get help to do what you can’t – and there’s no shame in asking for help. Leaving the problem to lie is the thing someone should be ashamed of.

When there is a problem, you don’t try to hide it, you don’t ignore it and hope no one notices (THEY WILL,) you don’t deny that it’s there and berate your customers for complaining about how it’s making your service hard to use. You fucking acknowledge that there is a problem, and then you give a basic explanation of how it went wrong – even if it’s just “we’re not sure yet” – AND WHEN YOU ARE SURE YOU COME BACK AND FUCKING EXPLAIN – and then you give a timeline of when it will, hopefully, be fixed. You update while it is being worked on in case something goes awry. You have ONE FUCKING OUNCE OF PROFESSIONAL DECENCY.

And you know what happens then? Do you, FR?


Or at least, that’s how most businesses work (and yes there are entitled pisswanks out there, but those are going to be here whether you’re a competent company or a gutter business like FR) – even if FR had the pair of braincells to rub together to realize how to be professional, they’d abuse that trust and never get ‘round to actually fixing things, and their customer relations would get even worse. If FR had some modicum of trust from their userbase, the users – including me, would tolerate their mistakes SO MUCH MORE. Because we know it will get resolved. We know they make mistakes. We get it.

But the reason the staff get so much shit is because they’ve proven they can’t be fuckin trusted lmao, they’ve proven it again, and again, and again. They have shown that they WON’T fix something as long as the site is still online. Even if it’s impacting THEIR PAYING CUSTOMERS they won’t fix it until the site basically holds them at datapoint to force their hand – they won’t EVEN LOOK to SEE if there is a problem! Their users have no fucking faith in them because every time we want to give them the benefit of the doubt, we get burned.

These people should not be working with the public, to be entirely honest because they – and it’s not their fault they’re completely ignorant on how to work customer service, it is a learned skill – have no idea what they are doing, and it’s killing them.

… As a final note, there is a lesson FR’s staff really needs beat into their skulls:

If there is a service your users want.

And you don’t provide it.

They are going to do it themselves.

And if you then go and take that service from them, and harass or even ban them for using that service,

They are going to keep using that service, but do it in a way you won’t know about.

And on top of that, even people who don’t use that service are going to think you are the scum of the fucking earth.

If there is something your site NEEDS, such as the Item Database you hate so much, and you don’t provide that service for your users, THEY ARE GOING TO FILL THE NICHE ON THEIR OWN. Your tantrums won’t stop it, threats won’t make that void in your offered services go away, literally nothing you can do OTHER THAN PROVIDE YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH WHAT THEY NEED is going to make them stop doing the thing you don’t like. S.tylish is not a harm to your site, you fucking– you’re so uninformed that it would be comical, if it wasn’t so toxic.

Do you know why people use S.tylish to see what familiars they’ve awakened? Because you don’t goddamn offer that service, except through the Bestiary, and it is ASININE AND TERRIBLE to try and make use of that when you can’t even search through it. The fact that you really can’t… search anything on the entire site is a major problem frankly? I shouldn’t have to memorize what page an item is on in my Inventory… you fuckers need a fucking inventory search. These are both basic features you should have had from the start, but now the users have to manage it themselves or do without because you don’t seem to even realize there’s a problem here (and you ignore people who point it out) – and you want to ban them over it, over making their experience LIVABLE, for IMPROVING YOUR SITE FOR FREE, because they did it in a way you don’t approve of, despite the fact that all they’ve done is make your site better where you FAILED THEM.

You’re terrible, you realize that, right? You’re incompetent and paranoid and honestly, it’s… really unsettling. The way you react to things you don’t understand, with hostility and even censoring of conversation (the Naomi incident) is just… really fucking unhealthy, it’s really quite frightening? Your forums are extremely overmoderated, I’m saying this from a position of someone who has pulled Community Manager work before, your forums are genuinely Stepford in how little you can really say. You actually cannot have conversations in FR’s forums, you can’t control your own RPs (which is why I don’t set foot in FR’s RP forums, sorry,) you can’t really… do anything but discuss dragon commerce and dragon share. Sometimes memes, but even those are being moderated out of existence.

You guys have a problem.

The problem is you.

But TL;DR – FIX THE FUCKING ACCENT PREVIEWS ON THE AH. Maybe get some customer service training because you guys are killing it. In the literal sense. You are bludgeoning your customer relationship to death with a cudgel. Perhaps consider, for a moment, that the users so dedicated to making your site livable that they spend hours of their day making things to clean it up or pay server hosting space to run services you don’t offer, are the people you should really be supporting, instead of damning to the fiery pits of hell for their actions, which literally only benefit you. Actually communicate with your users, and permit them to hold discussion, instead of going silent until the entire site riots to get an answer from you. You guys have had a communication problem from the getgo, and it’s never really gotten any better. 

Just… this is harsh, but at this point? You guys are nearly four years old now, right? The Training Wheels have come off. You are’t a tiny startup anymore. If you don’t have the Staff to actually make your site function, if you can’t make it work with the people you have…

Fucking hire the people with the skills to do that job. The alternative is to continue limping along like this, and at this rate your site is going to be dead by the time you get around to fixing major problems. 

Just… fucking it would take you one day of work to get me to give you money again. FR has a huge-ass database but your backend is not THAT complex. Just take a day, and fix the fucking Skin previews. Use the Status box and say HEY. WE KNOW THIS IS BROKEN. WE’RE WORKING ON IT. Maybe while your at it, fix the numerous apparel issues because lmao, some of the apparel for Skydancers has been broken for THREE YEARS now. 

Three years to fix a one-number error in your database.

And you wonder why none of your users trust you. Christ.

Get you shit together FR, please. I love this game, but you guys are still, after all these years and all this drama, the same people you were when the site launched – it feels like sometimes you haven’t learned a thing, and that makes me sad. I don’t know how a small team can work on something they claim to love for all these years and manage to learn not a fuckin thing about their jobs.

Sorry for ranting, just… god damn FR still has problems, don’t they? And yeah they try but they are so misinformed… a couple of customer service classes at the community college is in their budget lmao………… it doesn’t have to be like this and it drives me up the wall. I want to see this site run smoothly, I would literally hop in and fix the damn item issues myself, it would take maybe a day to hammer out all of them – honestly probably not even that long unless their backend is as much a mess of spaghetti as I’m guessing it would be.

I want to believe they are trying to fix shit but after all the years on this site, I know better than to give them the benefit of the doubt. Partial refund on Scatterscrolls my fuckin’ ass.

Thanks for letting me scream into the void, DR2.

I just need to vent but..

CAN WE ALL STOP REDUCING THESE CHARACTERS TO THEIR PLOT ARMOUR. All I’m seeing is people blaming characters for other characters survival or death purely because of ‘plot armour’. Touka being blamed for hinami’s or yomo’s injuries for example, because ‘her plot armour reinforces her own survival, hence the others must die.’

Don’t get me wrong, I also believe things like plot armour do hold some importance to the outcomes of the tg universe, but why must that be the only reason? Is it so hard to believe that maybe, just maybe, these characters do the things they do because they care for each other?? Would it be so strange that hinami would want to protect someone who has always been a sister to her instead of the fact that touka has plot armour??? People are completely neglecting the emotional motives that drives these characters and simplifying it down to shit like who is most likely to live or die.

Can we just forgot all that and respect and admire the bond these characters have and the lengths they would go for one another?

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I am sorry but I need to vent a little. Can we all agree that Elia and her kids are important. That Elia deserved better. She definitely doesn't deserve to be erased from the narrative or to be treated as an afterthought or be rendered voiceless by the narrative/the men writing it. WOC need to stop being treated as shit to romanticize a while guy. Rhaegar the Douche failed her and his kids. Elia was an amazing woman and she deserves the best of the fandom

Hey Anonny, I mean I totally and absolutely agree with everything you said! But I feel like I missed something??

Was there anti-Elia discourse or something like that… Or did you just wake up feeling enraged on Elia Martell’s behalf?! Which I totally understand! Happens to me all the time honestly. 

Hahaha fml my (ex)bf and I broke up yesterday because he can’t emotionally handle dating long distance and I felt my phone vibrating a bunch while I was at work tonight and I thought maybe he was trying to call me because he changed his mind but it was just a fucking group chat I’m fucking heartbroken

Why Joan Watson is Exceptional (Specifically in Holmesiana)

Because I have such a broad interest in Sherlock Holmes, one which has encompassed more than half my life so far (not that big of a deal- I’m twenty seven), I get to see a lot of different comments about a lot of different adaptations.  Some comments are full of praise, some are very negative, and some are eyebrow raising.  

When it comes to Elementary, it won’t surprise a lot of fans that a lot of the mainstream Holmesians treat it with a derisive sneer.  They have lots of different complaints and opinions that they levy at it, but I think one of my favourites is “They made Watson into a woman as a gimmick- and not even an original gimmick, since Watson has been a woman before.”

The critics are absolutely right, of course.  Watson has been portrayed as a woman before.  Probably the most well known women Watsons are Dr. Mildred Watson (played by Joanne Woodward) from They Might Be Giants and Amy Winslow (played by Debrah Farentino) from 1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns.  There are others, of course.  Many web series have had women Watsons, including The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes); S(her)lock; Herlock; Baker Street; and In Hot Pursuit- which is only the tip of the iceberg.  I’m sure there are others I’m unfamiliar with. And then there’s non-English/non-Western women Watsons, such as Jane Watson (played by Galina Shchepetnova) from Russia’s My Dearly Beloved Detective and a number of actresses who’ve played Watson in Korea’s musicals Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of the Anderson Family and the sequel Sherlock Holmes: Bloody Games.  Watson as a woman is certainly nothing new, and I’ve barely explored the topic.  These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

The issue here is that people claim that Elementary’s Joan Watson is a gimmick because she is woman, conveniently ignoring that she is specifically a non-white woman.  And that is not common- it is in fact incredibly rare, if not unheard of.

I was privileged to have the opportunity to assist @sanguinarysanguinity with her fanvid, “Something Good (Will Come From That),” which if you haven’t watched yet, you really need to go look at it now.  One of Sang’s goals was to have as many non-white, non-male Holmes’ or Watsons as possible, and it was partly my job to find them.  While I was lucky and was able to find some non-Western versions of Holmes and Watson that weren’t white, it was impossible to find a non-white, non-male Watson in a Western visual medium.

(I am not going to address non-Western versions of Holmes and Watson.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that it was hard for me to find adaptations in non-Western media to begin with, simply because I didn’t have language skills required, although you will note the Korean musicals above and their women Watsons; the second is because I am specifically going to be talking about Joan Watson from Elementary going forward, and so I only want to compare Western medias.)

It is easy to sneer at the idea of a woman Watson if you try to pretend that she’s unoriginal because there have been other women Watsons.  Except that we fall into the trap, here, of assuming that white womanhood is universal.  It is an easy trap to fall into, and one we fall into a lot.  Look at the way we white women hail any media that puts women front and center, conveniently forgetting that most of those so-called feminist films and TV shows only feature white women.  White womanhood isn’t universal, and white women have far more representation in media than women of color or non-white women.  

Look at that list of women Watsons I put forward above.  With the exception of the Korean musicals, every single one of those women Watson are white.  Even in all the web series, which are not beholden to executive interference or marketing, have only had white women in the role of Watson.  (As an aside, it should be noted that S(her)lock’s Watson is a transwoman.)  While Holmesians have bent enough to grudgingly accept the idea of a woman Watson, we have not yet accepted on a larger scale a non-white woman in the role.

Enter Elementary’s Joan Watson.  A Chinese-American woman Watson.  The first woman of color playing Watson in mainstream Western media.  The only woman of color playing Watson in mainstream Western media.

This is huge.  You might not think it’s huge, but it is.  Plenty of people have talked about how important representation is in media.  Many Asian-American women have talked about how important Joan Watson is to them. Many people have talked about how important it is to have an Asian-American woman in a lead role on a major network, and specifically a role that everyone in the world has at least name recognition with.  Elementary’s Joan Watson is important.  

On a microcosmic scale, she’s important for Holmesiana, too.  Once upon a time, it was impossible to fathom Holmes or Watson as anything other than British white men.  People who questioned that status quo were met with shock- if you look at Ellery Queen’s editorials, he notes that people greeted Rex Stout’s 1941 speech “Watson Was a Woman” with “Holmesian horror.”  Attitudes can shift, however, which is why there are women Holmes’ and Watsons out there. Not nearly enough, of course, but they’re out there, and generally accepted.  It is not nearly as surprising to encounter a (white) woman Holmes or Watson as it used to be.

Which means that Joan Watson has the potential to further break down the barriers in Holmesiana.  Joan Watson’s very existence normalizes a non-white Watson.  For some people, Joan Watson was how they came to Holmesiana as a whole.  Others will look at Elementary and then look at all Sherlock Holmes media going forward and ask if they, too, can have non-white characters in the lead.  Joan Watson is the first and currently the only, which makes her exceptional.  

I want to say that again: Joan Watson is exceptional, and Holmesiana as a whole- the old guard in particular- need to back the fuck off.  It doesn’t matter if you think making Joan Watson a Chinese-American woman is a gimmick.  It doesn’t matter if it was a gimmick.  What matters is that people are seeing her, and she wears the Watson name. It matters that she is a main character on Elementary.  It matters that she is smart, capable, compassionate, strong, an individual.  Joan Watson is exceptional, and it’s about time that Holmesiana sucks it up and accepts it.  

Someday, people will look at Elementary and credit it with shaping Holmesian adaptations.  Think of how the Gillette play and silent film shaped all Holmesian adaptations after it, or the Rathbone films’ influence, or how our three present Holmesian adaptations have an homage to Granada in some way.  All of these adaptations did something specific that influenced everything that came after.  Elementary, and specifically Joan Watson, has the potential to create a new trajectory, to lay a new path, to inspire creators who come after.

Joan Watson is important, and she is exceptional, and it’s time we fucking recognize it.

this site can be so anti recovery it’s exhausting to watch. physical recovery as well as mental.

i see so many blogs that are just people endlessly whining about their health issues - i’ve got no problem with that, we all need somewhere safe to vent. what bothers me is that, with a couple of exceptions, these sorts of blogs seem to be damned near the entirety of Chronic Illness Tumblr. 

no-one’s celebrating disabled athletes at the Paralympics. no-one’s challenging ableist legislation. no-one’s discussing real, workable strategies to help us navigate life.

like i’m not saying that yoga and kale is going to cure your lymphoma. it’s been nearly 10 months of really hard work and i’m not even in remission. 

anecdotally speaking, i had all the signs and symptoms of POTS, and CFS/ME for a long time before and after my health was at its worst. if my doctor had just slapped a label on it i probably would have accepted that this is how life is now and I’d be in exactly the same position nearly a year later. instead, although i’m far from healthy, i’m in a really good place, and it makes me so frustrated and sad that other people are missing out on that.