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Can you laugh?
Mikey onii chan and Clover ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
Can you laugh?

“Can you laugh?”

Sooo here’s another daddy-daughter-voice-acting-comic-thingy done by Mikey onii chan aka hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone and me!

Arigatou daddy soo soo much >//w///< I love it when we voice act these things together! Hope we can do more together soon!

Sorry we couldn’t voice that guy who say, “You done fucked up Mike" 

It was sort of a rushed process uwu

Anyway the lovely idea came from Chandra chan aka the-new-security-guard

I absolutely adore her comics, especially with the baby marionette eee >//w///<!

So, have a nice daaaay ◕3◕! We love you all <3!

Mike Schmidt voiced by hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone

Baby Marionette voiced by luckynekoprincess

Art comic by the-new-security-guard

Hey Little Fighter, Soon It Will Be Brighter

Request: can you do one where you go to the hospital and the guys think youve been ignoring them and are mad at them because they dont know about your problems and so you finaly have to confess that you tried to kill yourself and they are just a big support system to you after that and yeah just really sappy

a/n: first things first, im honestly very pleased with the outcome of this imagine. Unfortunately, having little to no computer access makes it hard for me to do certain things. As youre reading youll notice things such as mistakes that i havent seen cause sometimes theyre hard to spot on my phone. Youll also notice that the spacing of some things, like the paragraphs for example, are really weird. I can edit this completely as soon as i can get on a computer. Sorry it took so long but i hope you guys like it. Its also slightly different from the request but not by much, and its really long cause i got carried away with this one haha. Anyways, let me know what you guys think! -A x)


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The whole damn episode was basically Harvey confessing his love for Donna to anyone who would listen (Mike, Rachel, their client, opposing council). It was his love letter. Basically the title should be “How many ways can I say I love her before I actually say it?” And I am more than okay with that. In fact, I am ecstatic about it!! It was interesting to see this side of him. He is legitimately concerned/worried about the situation and we never see Harvey worried. He is angry and hurt (yes, hurt). She didn’t come to him, she doubts him (for the first time). This is Donna. 

A woman that he needs.

A woman that he can’t lose.

A woman that he can’t be himself without.

A woman that he is a fan of.

Harvey is grasping at straws, running around accusing people and yelling and doing everything in his power to get this person out of trouble. A person that means more to him than anything. 

Then he goes and tries to drop the case and tells Evan that she’s dealing with a person’s life and he cares about this woman.

And he argues with Donna and this little gem comes out.

Harvey: This just got a thousand times harder for me to get out of.

Donna: You mean for you to get me out of.

Harvey: Donna, you of all people should understand by now that to me, they’re the same thing.

A person who he is not willing to risk. At all. He is basically telling Mike that he gives two shits about him in comparison to Donna. And we all know how much he loves Mike. So, you do the math. Yeah, that’s a big deal. Wrap your brain around that.

A person who makes him want to throw ethics/doing the right thing out the window. He will do anything and everything for her

A person who makes him track down someone to pay them off so that they will do the right thing.

A person who makes him feel utterly helpless. And in this moment, I think he was hurt that she doubted him, upset that he couldn’t comfort her (because he had his eye on the prize, getting her out of trouble, he can’t do both at the same time). He is yelling to push her away so that he can focus. If he sees her emotions, if he lets that fear in, he can’t win. I would say this is pretty new to him. He is always distant, but it is painful for him to be this way with her.

A person who he will actually apologize to and comfort and tell that he was wrong.

A person whose opinion and faith in him matters more than anything (because she means more to him)

A person that he loves. A person he finally admits it to. This is Donna, his Donna. He says it and he leaves. These feelings are finally on the surface, after years of pushing them down. He has said it and there is no going back from that. It’s out there and we all know that Donna doesn’t let things go. 

But this shocked the hell out of her. Not because she didn’t know, but because she never expected him to say it. That’s the big thing. We all know how he feels, but he never admits it. Seeing this woman in this predicament has made him very open and vocal. He was scared (bring him to his knees? that’s a big confession), being scared can do this to someone. You thought something bad might happen to someone you want to protect and it freaks you out. And the relief you feel after it’s all over?? Well, it’s a love fest. And next week she confronts him. That’s my girl. She’s not going to act like it didn’t happen, she will call him out. It’s what she does. She is not one to stand idly by and wait for him to bring it up, if ever. Nope, she will get to the bottom of it on her terms.

*gifs aren’t mine*