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when people complain about the new P3 and P5 dancing games

anyways you can unfollow me if you think winry rockbell is an abuser or has no character development/purpose 

okay unpopular opinion: i am not enjoying before the storm as much as i thought i would, it has a lot of flaws

Things I’d like to see in Dragon Ball Super post-universe survival Saga

I just felt like writing down a bunch of random stuff I’d enjoy seeing. Didn’t really think too hard and there’s definitely more stuff I’d like, but I just wrote all this down in a hurry and thought I’d post it for the fun of it. So here’s a bunch of random ideas:

Gohan continuing to be relevant as a top-tier fighter.

Gohan showing off his great saiyaman poses to the Pride Troopers, leaving them in awe and fangirlish glee.

Toddler Pan bonding with Grandpa Goku and starting to learn how to fight.

Krillin and Jaco having a team up episode to try and catch an intergalactic criminal, or break up a crime ring, or SOMETHING space cop related. Come on, Toei, you’re sitting on a gold mine here.

A few stories devoted to actively exploring some of the other universes.

Vegeta and Goku spending time actively training Cabba, Caulifla and Kale.

More insight into Kale’s character, her backstory, her relationship with Caulifla, basically just give her more fleshing out. Also maybe have her not really be in control of her berserker powers just yet, and give her a character arc with her gradually gaining better control of them over time as she becomes more confident and mentally healthy. There IS good character development to be had here, and it would be a shame not to do anything else with Kale and leave things as they are in the US saga so far, which have had pretty meh results.

Caulifla going super saiyan blue. Just because i want to sit back, sip a coke and laugh at all the elitist fanboys losing their minds. (Seriously though, I’m okay with however she progresses just so long as it feels earned and she continues to be a likeable and entertaining character).

Launch being brought back

Majin Buu playing an important supporting role for at least one saga and NOT falling asleep (Seriously, Toriyama, it was never funny).

More Hit.

Goku and Bergamo, if not exactly leaving on friendly terms, then at least part ways with a mutual respect, and Bergamo acknowleding that he was wrong to hate Goku. Same for Toppo for that matter.

Check up on Gowasu and see how he’s coping with everything he’s been through these last two sagas and trying to move on and be a better supreme Kai, maybe getting a new non-crazy apprentice. The guy just deserves a break.

Have Raditz be brought back to life to join the Son family. Yeah, i know this sounds like blatant wish fulfillment fanservice, so what, we ALL want to see this happen. Why not. I’d also be happy if they brought Nappa back instead though.

Have Goku go to meet with Grandpa Gohan sometime after the tournament, either in Otherworld or have Baba bring him back briefly. I really want to see these two just talk about everything that’s been happening lately and how Goku’s life has gone since they last saw each other. Also, let us see more of Goku’s thoughts on how he felt knowing he was the one to accidentally kill Grandpa Gohan and have them actually talk that through! I’m still sore his reaction to that was basically a footnote in the Vegeta fight and then just forgotten about afterwards.

A member of Frieza’s race that’s ACTUALLY good and not just a lying scumbag, like Frost. Seriously, i actually like Frost, but I’d much rather have had an actual good Frieza.

An episode about Dende and Mr Popo’s daily duties and interactions.

Krillin’s family meeting Android 17’s family.

Marron performing a destructo disc. Because don’t lie, you all want that as much as i do.

Goten to be relevant to a saga’s story, or at least have his own breather episodes.

Same for Yamcha.

A saga set in one of the top 4 universes heavily involving that universes God of destruction in the plot.

Pan helping Baby Bulla to start flying. Because that would be so adorable.

An episode set in the new future timeline checking in on Future Trunks and

Future Mai showing what they’re lives are like now.

Piccolo getting a God tier power up and being more useful to big scale conflicts later on in Super.

Mr Satan and Gohan father/son-in law interactions.

More adorable moments with Goku hanging out with Goten.

Beerus and Whis developing a fondness for Baby Bulla and possibly Pan as well.

Android 8 appearance that’s not a silent cameo in the future timeline.

Master Roshi making Krillin the new official Master of the Turtle School of Martial Arts at some point.

Puar playing with Marron, Pan and Bulla.

A visit to planet Namek for whatever reason.

King Kai to get his wish to be brought back to life at the end of the series, only to somehow die in another weird accident soon after to his frustrations.

An episode where Majin Buu babysits Pan.

Beerus discovering his namesake and getting drunker than Barney Gumble on Saint Patrick’s day. I’d love to see just how that situation pans out.

One of the other universes Gods of Destruction being an antagonist in another saga (Probably Quitela, all things considered).

An episode where the entire cast just decides to hang out at the beach, Goku takes Chichi’s telling him to invite everyone too literally and goes about inviting every single friend he’s ever made along his adventures, including those from other universes and even getting Whis to contact Future Trunks to show up in his time machine with Future Mai and Bulma.

And, that’s about all I got. Feel free to add your own ideas on what you’d like to see, either serious or joking

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this might just sound like a fangirl conspiracy theory BUT. isnt it kind of weird how like, pre-debut + just after debut yoongi and jimin were so open w their closeness esp on twitter, yet while other members still express their closeness w/ each other nowadays w yoonmin that all seemed to just... stop?? and they were close on bombs and stuff, but seriously, it's weird how one of the most popular ships in the fandom barely gets ANY fanservice whatsoever. no offence to jikook/taekook shippers >

> but you can really tell that (even tho they’re obviously all good friends and stuff) a lot of their interactions on camera are definitely for fanservice (+ we all know how much bighit likes milking stuff to bring in the cash…) idk it’s just weird to me that most of ym’s “shippy” interactions are incredibly minor things even though they’re one of the biggest ships,, it just makes you wonder why bighit wouldnt want to utilise that unless there was some reason not to (eg exposing smth) 

You’re absolutely right, yoonmin are very different than other ships. Other ships’ favourite moments will be an ongoing injoke, or some overt touching/hugging etc., but for yoonmin the best moments are ones we really have to look out for, moments which weren’t intended for viewing or reading, moments shared just between them which we’ve caught on to. I said this before, but there are many moments when jimin especially has gone to touch yoongi in some way but hesitated and stopped after looking at the cameras. if that were any other member he wouldnt be afraid to grab them or hold them, so why is it different with yoongi? and he always looks so sad and thoughtful about it after… what/who is stopping him from being affectionate with yoongi?

So basically I’ve came to the conclusion that I don’t give a damn what the writers try to rewrite, because the fact is that no matter what Elena ever felt for Damon, she felt more for Stefan. She chose him and wanted to be with him until vampirism messed her up. Another fact is is that Stefan will always be her better option, and she knows that herself, and even though DE have been together since S4 they have been portrayed in a very negative way. You can’t have a couple as bad as DE as the endgame and the writers aren’t even trying to sell them as endgame. Another fact is Stelena are far from over, actually the end of DE is coming and we will have our time again. Yes I’m annoyed at what the writers have done, but we all know they like to fanservice. So let them, it doesn’t change what SE really was and it doesn’t make DE any better, all it does is make the delusional shippers happy. We’ll have Stelena back again because they're supposed to be together. Most of us know that, we’ve been told it since the Pilot. And I’m sure we’ll be reminded of this again very soon, as well as why we all fell in love with them. So again, let them try to change S3, but Elena chose Stefan in the end for a reason.