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When the terrorists attacked those Copts on the bus, they told them that if they converted to Islam, they would all live. They all refused, knowing full well that they’re putting their lives in danger. They are martyrs for our faith, unfortunately joining the hundreds of thousands of MENA Christians (if not millions) who for the past 1400 years have refused to convert to Islam and have kept the faith for us, for their descendants. May God strengthen and guide all of us MENA Christians so that we too can hold on to our faith in this world that just wants to exterminate us.

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So. I’m in my Barre class right. I found out that the instructor is a personal trainer. So afterwards I ask her what her rate is. I explain I want to learn how to properly lift. She encourages me and tells me the info.

So I laugh and say, “ha I’m even wearing a Sailor Moon lifting shirt!”

She gives me the fakest smile I’ve ever seen “oh… I uh… Don’t know who that is. She’s cute though?”

Crrrrinnnge. I often forget most fitness people are the furthest from nerds as can be. I just, she’s my generation. We all grew up with toonami. I assumed everyone was at least aware of it.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, with this shirt even! Why is it so hard to find other nerds who like fitness?

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Beardies sock insta acc is very anti lea these days... calling her a leech! Someone surely doesn't want her in the picture! Jealous much !

The ironic thing, everything she is saying about Lea. Everything.  Are things that you can clearly attribute to M. Every single thing. I think we all know who the real leech is and while I don’t wish Lea on Darren, I will take her 10 million fold over the baggage he is currently dragging around.

The pictures are seriously breaking my heart. This is not ok. There is no reason for this. Not sure who they think sad, miserable, embarrassed Darren sells to. But not a single person I know. This has gotten way out of control.

Free Daisy please, I am screaming.

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So I been single for 2 years and I been improving and growing ever since but when it comes to men I keep seeing the same problems ... I know that I attract what I seek but what part of me reflects his short comes

What you perceive as his shortcomings are aspects within yourself that must be explored and examined, especially when they have a strong emotional pull. How does it truly make you feel? What has it taught you about yourself? How do you react towards it? And lastly, how can you become a better person or apply it to your life in a way that will make you move towards a positive direction?  

After the lesson has been accepted and thoroughly digested, you will not keep  seeing the same problems, just possibly new ones to learn, but knowing your worth is extremely important while experiencing all of this. 

Why We’re Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us                                        

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I rly like the idea of them getting tgr after 6 yrs after when they've both bc more complete/stronger on their own, like you said. But 6 yrs is a long time. I know JR said the story is about Bellarke but do you think he'll make it so when they reunite they're very different and don't "click" anymore or aren't as close? Esp since Clarke will have a new priority in her life- Madi?

No. I think they’re going to click. Although there may be some hesitance. Six years is a long time. They’re going to get to fall in love all over again, which is an exciting prospect. Especially since it won’t be starting from zero like they did last time.

And I don’t know what you people think happens when you become a mother, but you don’t actually stop being a woman. Or a person. Or forget about what you want or who you are or who you love.

Like, we’re still people, yo. With just as many complicated emotions as non parents. Just as many desires and goals and thoughts and aspirations. 

This concept that once a woman has a child she is no longer important and the child takes precedence is a bit misogynistic and something I’ve seen all over the place. On this site and in fandom, actually. 

I’ve been told I should not have interests because I’m a mother. I’ve been told that having a character become a mother was dehumanizing and a horrible thing to want to have happen to the characters. Not to mention the way the fandom treats the mothers on the show, turning Abby and Aurora into actual villains. Just take a look at the fanfic. It tells me a lot about the way the fans, of this rather feminist and empowering show, look at mothers and motherhood and a big part of what it means for many to be a woman. Of course women don’t have to be mothers and they shouldn’t be defined by that, but that doesn’t mean we should act as if mothers are lesser beings.

Random question: Why is Mike still ugly?

I mean I know probably symbolism and shit but seriously, in-character, why is he still ugly?

Like, UAF is surprisingly consistent with the effects of having your energy drained. You wither into a greyed husk. If Mike does it, you apparently turn into an energy vampire yourself. But there’s an issue here.

It does seem to reverse…

We know that people who have had their energy drained can replenish that energy because we see it with Mike’s victims. Trina had been fed off multiple times and by the end of the episode she’s all good. And you can make the argument that the only reason they replenished was because they’ve been feeding on energy themselves in the meantime, but then  we still have the question of “why isn’t it that easy for Mike?

I mean you can’t tell me he has some moral system that won’t let him track down and eat a convenient homeless person or something. Doesn’t exactly seem the anti-capitalist ‘eat the rich’ type, so odds aren’t good he just targets his social class, energy beings, and people that piss him off. And even if he couldn’t find a victim, between his sparking at Gwen and his ‘fledglings’ feeding off the power plant we can safely assume he shares Kevin’s ability to work with electricity (which would make sense as an overarching ability for navivores like them), so where the fuck is the problem? How has he just, not managed to replenish himself and stay that way?

Was he just, maintaining, until Gwen came long? Is that it? And his using his outward manifestations of energy to feed off people seems to have a much weaker effect than when he bites them, so maybe… If he can drain just about enough energy to keep him going when he bites a human, but far less than that from a distance, and the whole ‘ugly’ thing stops him from getting close enough to bite people…

But then that still begs the question of why he can’t go for larger power sources and be done with it? Actually why can’t a lot of things? Just… really

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Sorry for bombarding you with asks but who do you think will be mama/mommy/mummy in the lagniappe-verse? (Personally it's me Beca/Chloe/Aubrey but I really wanna know lol) [sorry for bothering you I just love the way you write them]

Dude. Never-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever apologize for sending me asks! And even more so, never apologize for wanting to talk headcanons for my characters! It’s so much fun!

It’s funny, we all seemed to be obsessed with this exact version of Triple Treble as parents. Including me! It’s what I get asked about the most and I LOVE IT!

Another reader and I have already decided that Aubrey would be the one to carry their child (or the first).
So to me, I would say:

Aubrey is Mama. That happened because Chloe assigned it to her. She’s super southern and as you will learn in later chapters, calls her own mother ‘mama’. So when Aubrey was pregnant, Chloe was always talking to the baby bump saying things like ‘please stop making Mama so sick, little chick’. So Aubrey is mama.

Beca is Mom. Mostly because she acts all weird when anything else is what is said, only, she secretly loves it when ‘Mommy’ is used for her.

Chloe is Mommy. It was a close tie between who would carry first. Chloe was willing to let it be Aubrey, who was very moved to do so. Chloe is super excited about pregnant Aubrey, but it it isn’t always easy for her. So Beca was the first to call Chloe Mommy. She said it to her once right after Aubrey found out that she was pregnant and it made Chloe cry. So it stuck.

i mean, y’all, this is what we were trying to do right? show people how karamel is ugly and toxic? like i know i personally went abt it in the wrong way but ultimately my goal was to try and show those who could be reasoned that it was horrible. why are y’all so against someone changing?

You know what has been bothering me for a long time? The Nasty Anons. The ones who follow us, reading about our lives. The ones we’re trusting with our personal intimacies-suicide, foster care, depression, job issues, marriage issues, PICTURES OF OUR CHILDREN.
It really bothers me because they take our trust for granted-they aren’t here to appreciate and offer positives in the middle of a difficult time, or celebrate with us during the happy times-instead they criticize, insult, and bully-all while hiding behind a screen under Anonymous.
I’m really glad I’m not like them.

UK followers? (Or people who know stuff)

Since I’m currently waiting for my ferry to take me to Belfast, I was wondering if someone could tell me whether UK licence plates give any information about where a car is from? I see no pattern in the letters and in the number so it all seems arbritary? Can someone maybe please enlighten me?

Thank you 😚

Anna Kendrick: Sassy, sarcastic smartass constantly on social media and interviews. We get new projects and personal anecdotes all the time

Alycia Debnam Carey: Slightly shy but still has presence on social media and regularly appears on interviews. We have a steady presence and some minor personal anecdotes

Katie McGrath:Wild and funny she lives in the shadows. Appears once in a Blue Moon to pet your dog before she retreats back to the Land of the Fae. Interviews are rare and treasured and personal anecdotes even more so. Who is she? When was she was born? Is she an Ancient Goddess? Nobody knows

*sees a skinny Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS  H Im ThERe.

*sees a chubby Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*sees a green/white/brown/gray/purple Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*fashionable Taako/fashion disaster Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe. 

Just T A A K O.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

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Any chance you have anything with fake dating/boyfriend for hire turned lover fics? >w<

Thanks for these requests! This is a fun AU! As always, let me know if you have read another fic that you think should be on this list! 

Fake/Pretend Relationship

When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Sugar by shereadsthestars, Mature, 7.7k
What could possibly be worse than getting stuck with a roommate you weren’t expecting? Discovering that roommate is none other than Viktor f*cking Nikiforov. I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO MUCH! 

Impostor Syndrome by renaissance, Mature, 61k 
At some point, most people with a childhood crush will imagine meeting their idol, and might even pretend that they’re dating. This is the story of how Yuuri Katsuki meets his childhood crush, and how they pretend that they’re dating. LOVE!

A Katsudon for Two by koi_ling, Teen, 8.6k (WIP)
Yuuri wakes up with a headache and a new boyfriend. (an AU in which Yuuri and Victor pretend to be dating because Yuuri’s mom is too worried about her son staying solo for his whole life) This is SO good so far, hoping for more!

Looking for a rhythm like you by Cesare, Teen, 12k (WIP)
“I know we only really met yesterday, and this may be skipping ahead a lot,” says Victor, “but would it be all right if we told people we’re dating?” Thumbs up!

The Power of Love by kiaronna, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Yuuko and Yuuri dominate the singles skating competition as Japan’s power couple—except they aren’t a couple, and when their old skating idol stumbles into their personal life, everything rapidly goes downhill. SUCH a good fic!

The nostalgic feeling of the familiar by myoue, Gen, 11k
Yuuri’s the one who suggested being fake engaged in the first place, tugging Victor along on such a convoluted plan at the start of cherry blossom season. This is great!

It Doesn’t Have to be a Lie by Recesskup, Not Rated, 54k (WIP)
Yuuri is not outgoing. That’s why when Phichit supplies Viktor as his fake boyfriend he’s bringing home for Christmas he nearly dies on the spot. And in all Honesty, he’s not quite sure how he managed to convince Viktor Nikiforov to play the role of his pretend boyfriend. And he’s even more at a loss for words when he remembers he has to go along with this for two weeks. Highly recommend!

locker room talk by thehibiscusthief, Teen, 1.3k
“Yuuri, I… I really like you! Will you go out with me?” Kenjirou cried. Yuuri froze. The reporters surrounding them fell silent, cameras trained on Yuuri’s shocked expression.
“Um…” he began. “I can’t, because…” His eyes desperately darted around the room, searching for an acceptable answer. “Because I’m already in a relationship! With someone very special. Um.”
Kenjirou’s face fell. “Who is it?” he demanded. His bottom lip was quivering, tears pooling in his eyes.
“Viktor,” he blurted. “I’m dating Viktor.” Cute one-shot!

Hide the Mistletoe by cosmicthief, Teen, 10k (WIP)
Yuuri has a problem. Maybe more than one.1. He just got broken up with.
2. There are five days until Christmas.
3. His mom’s expecting a date at their celebration. Awesome fic, hoping that there will be more!

It Was Simple Until It Wasn’t by marihy, Teen, 7.3k (WIP)
It was simple really. Yuuri wanted revenge on his cheating ex, and Victor needed someone on his arm to appease his parents. The solution to both of their problems was a fake relationship. Nice and simple. But of course, these things rarely stay simple. Great fic!

Rent A Date! by Y3Melisa, Gen, 3.8k (WIP)
Yuuri ‘rents’ a fake boyfriend to bring home so that Minako-sensei will stop trying to hook him up with her ballet class students. Victor, the most popular bachelor on the site, gets chosen. I really like this fic so far!

you are the best thing that’s ever been mine by JMonCheri, Mature, 13k (WIP)
Wherein famous actors Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are forced to fake a relationship for mere reasons such as fame, money, and for teenage girls to make thesis long rants about them on Tumblr. Rec’d by a follower!

never could be sweeter than with you by nihonlove, Teen, 13k (WIP)
Back in highschool, Yuuri Katsuki was basically every stereotype of an unpopular nerd rolled into one. Since then, he likes to think his life has improved in miles. But when an invitation to his highschool reunion arrives, it forces him to take a longer look at his life and his relationships. Particularly with one certain friend he’s been in love with for years and who now wants to help Yuuri through his reunion by pretending to be his boyfriend… Really good!

Submitted by @ lord-of-the-dark-realms 


So, I had this thought after reading several stories about humans giving birth and not having eggs.  What if aliens do not have ‘family units’ the same way humans do, but instead raise children in more of a group setting.


Captain H'roll'ah was excited to have hired on not just 1 but 3 humans, all of whom were extremely qualified for space travel.  Even better, they were all from the same clan and so there would be no rivalry or refusal to work together because of old scores to settle.

“Captain! Three humans just came in a have taken over the dining area! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?” Ensign Khralhen was out of breath and panicked, but his species was notoriously afraid of humans after it became public knowledge how dangerous they were.  Not that his own was much better, but H'roll'ah knew that these humans should be here and it was probably near a meal time for them.  How could such an evolutionary advanced and apated species not figure out a way to avoid needing 3 or meals a day was beyond H'roll'ah.

“It is fine, Ensign Khralhen.  These are likely the Humans that I just signed on to the crew.  They are from the same clan, so they should work at peak efficiency,” the Captain answered, trying to put as much calm and soothing into his voice as possible, “Let us go introduce ourselves and welcome them so that the ‘pack-bonding’ can begin.”


“Greetings, I am Captain H'roll'ah and this is Ensign Khralhen, our cook.”

“Nice ta meetcha! Cook, huh? Guess we best buddy up to you right quick then!” said the male.  He was average height for a human and perhaps a little on the heavy side, but H'roll'ah knew that it was likely muscle not fat.  After all, this human and one of his female companions were security personnel.

“Always thinking with you stomach, Thomas.  How about you buddy up to the Captain, so that we do not get kicked off this boat? Hmm?” said the smaller female, later identified as Samantha or “Sam” for ease.  "Small" being used only in comparison because she did not have the bulk of her clanmates.  She must be the medical officer.  H'roll'ah was worried that she would be distant from her clanmates but her body language suggested extreme comfort and trust, above what H'roll'ah felt for his own clanmates of different castes.  The third human, Laura if the captain remembered correctly, remained silent but was constantly looking around, as if expecting an attack at any moment, not that strange considering all that H'roll'ah had hear about Earth.

“Well then, please tell me what times that the three of you eat, and I will prepare food for you then.  Also, please tell me any dietary restrictions you have so that you do not have any medical incidents,” Khralhen said, realizing that the humans could be bribed with food as easily as a Con'valix could be bribed with fruits.


(3 Months Later)

Captain H'roll'ah was surprised at how well the humans worked together.  He thought that they might exceed standard human operating efficiency by 10%, but regularly they were 20-25% better than the reported average.  They barely needed to vocalize to communicate, and they were able to remember each other’s needs and the needs of the crew extremely well.  Captain H'roll'ah decided to ask them how they did it, and if it was a clan trait, where he could hire more humans of clan “Walker.”

“Thomas clan Walker, do you have a few minutes to talk about personal matters?” The captain asked, assuming that Thomas would, since he was off shift and relaxing in the lounge.

“Sure thing, hoss.  What can I do for you?  And I hope this isn’t about my or Laura’s tattoo’s, because we had to settle a bet on that a few days ago,” Thomas answered easily.  He was a bit flippant for the captain’s taste, but his results were impeccable and the other humans followed his lead, which spoke volumes for the man.  

“I was hoping that you could explain how you and your clanmates have achieved such a high efficiency rate.  You perform well above average, even for clanmates who grew up together.”

“Clanmates? Oh, that’s right! Sam mentioned that your species, and most species on this ship raise their young in a group setting and the kids hatch from eggs, right?”

“That is correct, and please do not remind me that human females carry their young in their bodies like a parasite.  The last time Sam explained that, it was enough to make all of us wonder how humans have managed to reproduce at all.” H'roll'ah still shuddered when he thought of it, and Khralhen wasn’t able to cook for 3 days after Sam had explained human reproduction.

“Fair enough, I think we reproduce more by accident that anything else, but yeah.  Me, Laura, and Sam are not clanmates like you think,” Thomas chuckled and shook his head, “We are siblings.”

“I do not know this word,” H'roll'ah answered uneasily.  In his experience, an unknown term from a human meant that something painful, gross, horrifying, or all 3 was about to be revealed.

“Sam could explain it better, and having Laura here only seems fair…” Thomas trailed off as he reached for his comm.  "Hey, brats (again with the casual disrespect), can you both get up to the lounge? Captain wants to know about siblings.“ H'roll'ah was always surprised that Thomas clan Walker could be disrespectful when asking for others to do something.

“Sure, be right up,” Sam responded.  She was likely a floor up in the medical facilities and wanted to take a break.

“Grrhhrhhgg.” Laura clan Walker had been sleeping, then, and did not want to come.

“Thanks, ladies, you can both explain family better than me.”  Now the captain was worried again because there was a second new word being bandied around.


“So, captain, a family unit for humans is very small compared to yours of Ensign Khralhen’s,” Sam explained, “A family is usually made up of the mother and/or father or a surrogate who has assumed that role and the children.  It usually numbers no more than 4-7 individuals.”

“But…But…how do you grow or develop? And to place all that burden on only one or two adults, how do they do anything else?” spluttered K'roll'ah.  He was shocked to find out that humans in the region called ‘America’ did not have an open community.

“Well, children who share 1 or both parents are called “siblings”, and they develop together.  The adults are called “parents”, and yeah, there is a definite loss of freedom involved.“

“So then, you three are…siblings?” H'roll'ah asked.

“Yes, Thomas is the oldest, and Laura is the youngest, with me in the middle,” answered Sam, “and our father bailed on us after Laura was 3 years old, so Tom became the ‘man of the house’ at 7 years old.”

THAT explained Thomas clan Walker’s attitude! Captain H'roll'ah realized that Thomas clan Walker had been in a command position and not had a commander from a young age!

“So that is why you both follow him? He is the new leader”

“Kind of, he is just the best at leading.  He knows what to do and does it well.” Laura answered, which was rare; she was the most quiet of the three.

“And the reason for your peak efficiency?” Captain H'roll'ah asked, determined to get an answer to his question.

“Well, we have known each other all our lives and spent most of those lives in close proximity to each other.  We just understand each other from the long familiarity and exposure.”

“Ah, the same way a pilot becomes better from being on the same ship, just with a person instead.”

“Exactly! And if you are interested in hiring others we are familiar with, we have some cousins, children of our parents’ siblings, who we know very well and want to get into space.”

“Then I will look them up, thank you for answering my questions." 

Humans were a strange species.  Instead of focusing on a large community, they developed close bonds with only a few people who share familial ties with them.  Captain H'roll'ah did hire the 'cousins’ and they worked out very well.  The human guidebook was updated to notify captains that humans sharing close blood ties have the potential to perform at higher than normal efficiency.  


Now somebody write a story about a captain hiring siblings who hate/cannot stand each other!