we all know what he's thinking about

one of the biggest things that makes zero sense to me throughout this entire thing is that, we know they deliberately queer coded these characters. like it’s undeniable, the entire fucking text supports that. they based their sherlock off of TPLoSH where holmes is gay and in love with john. mark says it’s desperately unspoken, and that billy wilder regretted not fully going through with it. so, we know that he’s gay. and yet, if it was never their intention to make that explicit, then WHY did they always so aggressively deny that sherlock was gay any time they were asked about it? why not just say ‘we can see why people would think that, and it’s open to interpretation’ or something like that? what is the point in deliberately queer coding your characters, to the point of one of them on all fours wiping semen-like fluid off his lips as he transitions into the other man’s mouth, if you’re just going to shout at fans who pick up on that? shout down and belittle the queer audience who say, ‘I see this, I understand what you’re doing with this character’ like ???? that is what makes NO sense to me, whatsoever. what the fuck was the point of all of this

I can’t believe that one of the healthiest and most decent shows on TV is about the Devil

First off look at the cast. It’s actually gender balanced

And if this is not great enough the women are not just there to further the male story lines but actually have their own stories

But wait! It gets even better. I know what you are thinking. A show about the Devil. So naturally Lucifer is the typical attractive male monster ala Loki, Kylo Ren or any random CW character and we are supposed to ignore all the murder, pain and violence he causes because deep down inside he is sensitive right? Nope

Lucifer is the opposite.

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and he makes it absolutely clear time and time again. He is not evil. He punishes evil. He has never murdered a human being, despises monsters who use and abuse others and all he wants to do is have fun and make sure that everybody around him is happy as well. And if this is not great enough he actually recognizes that he needs help with his issues. Literally one of the main characters in the show is his therapist Dr. Linda.. Sure he never listens to her at first but we actually see his character get development, he also constantly get called out and most importantly learn lessons every once in a while. Also once they got season 2 they had enough leverage to actually discuss Lucifer’s bisexuality openly even going so far as to show his male lovers and talk about them

The other main character of the show is Chloe Decker

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She is a divorced mom and an amazing detective. A complete professional who believes in justice and is even willing to after other cops. She has no chill and constantly calls Lucifer on his shit and even this wasn’t great enough she is not just there to further Lucifer’s story lines. If anything it’s the other way around. She usually goes her own way and Lucifer follows her like a puppy

Another amazing thing about the show is that it absolutely doesn’t tolerate any toxic behavior. All characters who do shitty things whether it’s lying, committing crimes , taking other for granted etc are not only called out on it but actually suffer consequences. No matter if they are a human or an angel. Hell they even call out God several times for being an asshole who doesn’t treat his family right

And another very rare thing in shows nowadays. The female characters are not only treated with respect but they are not pitied against each other. In fact they learn to respect and outright love each other.. And yes the female characters regularly interact with each other and quite often without even mentioning the men

Watch this show. It’s worth it

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Is it possible that season four is all in John's mind. Is that what we needed before we could get Johnlock, for John to deal with his issues. After all Sherlock dealt with his in TAB, so is it at all possible that this is John's narrative?

A very good supposition, actually. When you think about it… huh. You know what? This would make sense in a way… I mean, the off characterizations of all the characters (how John would perceive them?). John being a little OTT (John’s inner frustration with his life and his own self)… The realizations of Sherlock caring about someone because they were suicidal like he was. Sherlock’s character being really off because it’s how John sees him. Smashing Thatchers could be him dealing with his own sexuality and issues, where Sherlock is the personification of his own deductive method. The intimate hug: his own desire for touch from Sherlock.

We even speculated that this season would be back in John’s perspective. Hmm. And there was that tunnel scene filmed in ep 1 where Sherlock was driving, what if it was a crash, and John is in hospital? Especially following the episode where Sherlock is in his own mind palace.

IF. IF there is a secret episode, what if it’s a culmination of all the three episodes’ extra footage – That’s how you film a fourth episode in the allotted time given.

I’m still remaining mostly skeptical, but yeah, John’s characterization is rather spotty and all the inconsistencies are so glaring yet never addressed.

Another one for the Tinfoil Hattery crew.

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I'm new to Tumblr but enjoy your posts. I have a theory about ACOMAF. We know someone is betraying Rhys and Feyre, right? Tracking Rhys' magic doesn't always make sense. I think it's Mor. She's never around when Rhys and Feyre get attacked. She has several episodes of being missing - disappearing after leaving Rita's, refusing to go to Feyre's family, not being there when Velaris is attacked. Cassian acts suspicious, asking where she's been. There's more but I need more space! What do you think?

Do we know for a fact that Maas said someone is betraying them? I know we all got excited about a betrayed plot line but was it ever verified? Or was it just a tumblr trend?

And the magic track happened at the Spring Court cuz Tamlin has been sneaking around since the beginning of the book. I thought he’d allowed Rhys into the Spring Court so that they could track his magic, but then @sparkleywonderful (she’s the Suriel of the fandom as far as I’m concerned) noticed that every time they track Rhys, Feyre has also used her magic. And that Lucien and Tamlin know she has fire magic from Autumn Court so they could use that magic (cuz Lucien likely has it too) to get a “lock” on her magic. To track her. And by default, track Rhys. Who is the person they wanted. Cuz I’m convinced they’re trying to break into that prison.

And I can’t remember where Mor was supposed to be during the Velaris attack, I thought she was at the Night Court with Rhys. But you never know. I think Cassian asks where Mor is to play buffer between her and Azriel. Cuz he also asks Azriel where he’s at. And I think we could argue that she doesn’t want to go to the human lands cuz of how they treat women (I think that’s the excuse she gave).

But just because she has a cover, doesn’t mean she isn’t being sneaky. You know? For a while on Tumblr, everyone was posting theories about how Amren would be the one to betray them and that it would be either by accident (cuz maybe she’s mates with the Hybern king, or they’re related/have history, or because she doesn’t want to go back to the prison). But as I reread ACOMAF I could easily see it being Azriel. He is a mystery and he has all these “contacts” in other courts and if Mor’s gift is truth, than IDK about you, but I’m going to pay the most attention to her.

Honestly, the only ALSO make an argument for Cassian betraying them to save Nesta. I can make an argument for Elain betraying them accidentally because maybe she goes to find Greysen, or Lucien and let’s something slip, or she’s captured and tortured and then tells them everything.

Like. UGH. I could see it going SO MANY WAYS! First I need to verify where Maas said someone should betray them. And what her exact words were when/if she said it. Cuz Kier would betray Rhys in a heartbeat.

ALSO, LUCIEN. MISTER FOX MASK HIMSELF. If I were him, and I knew Tamlin had made a deal with Hybern, and that Feyre’s sister was my mate—sorry. I’m spilling my guts. My loyalty can no longer lie with Tamlin. But all that aside, Lucien’s fox mask has never sat well with me. Foxes are almost always symbolic of tricksters and sly people.

SO. YES, BASICALLY I CAN MAKE AN ARGUMENT AS TO WHY ANYONE COULD BETRAY THE MAIN GROUP. But I don’t want to get serious and say who I think is most likely when I don’t know if Maas actually said someone would betray the group.

@sparkleywonderful do you know?

#1 Making out with NCT 127 + Ten

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Request by ano: can you write about making out with nct?? or at least ten from nct? x have a good day!


He would be a mixture between passionate and rough. I can see him showing you his love, but I don’t see him doing it gently. There would be a lot of teeth biting and sloppy kissing, and he would absolutely love when you straddled him. Because when you are in that position, you never know what can happen…


We all know Johnny is a giant, and i think he would use that as an advantage, to lift you up, or holding you close. When you guys were making out, I don’t think he would hold anything back. He would hold you up against the wall, and kiss you all over your face and neck. And just like Taeyong, he would definitely not be holding anything back


I see Taeil more to the shyer side, so I think he would like to just chill in bed with you, and make out with yoy, with a movie playing in the background. Very casual, but come om it’s cute af just imagine Taeil holding you in his arms. my heart can’t handle it.


This litlle shit would just love to have his hands on you. I can imagine him with that beautiful smirk on his lip, coming over to you, just to smack your butt. But of course giving you something back,by making out with you. of course while having his hands all over you. He would especially love to have his hands on your chest. He wouldn’t mind where you were making out, as long as he could touch your body.


I also see him as one of the shyer members. He would be confident though, and a real gentleman. He would hold your face while kissing you, like you were a flower. You wouldn’t make out very often, but when you did, Doyoung would make sure that you were comfortable and he would take his time with everything.


This cheeky little shit would be worse than Ten. He would have his hand everywhere on you, and would kiss you all over your body. He wouldn’t even mind if the boys were in the same room as you, like he will slap your butt if he feels like it. I mean he is your boyfriend after all. Yuta calls himself a manly man, so he would want to be in charge of your make out session, and would love to lay on top of you while you were making out. He would, just like Taeyong, be rough and passionate while holding you in his arms. 


He would be very shy. But it would be a cute shy. He would almost be afraid to touch you,. just like the other memebers, and in most cases, he would just end up kissing you. I think girls freak him out, so he would be extra careful not to make any mistakes, and be a gentleman.


Everyone sees him as a very rough lover, but I feel like he would be the opposite. He blushes really easily, and is the cutest person you will ever see. So I think your make out sessions would be filled with giggles, and just love. He will look at you with a look made purely out of love. He would hold you in his arms, and act like a gentleman. He would always ask if you were sure, befor trying something new. (but im not gonna lie he would love to have a hand on your butt while making out)


Since he is very young, I don’t think you would make out very often. But if you so happened to make out, I think he would be a blushing mess, not really knowing what to do, or where to put his hands. But Mark would be a gentleman with everything he does, because he wants to make sure none of your limits are crossed. what a sweetheart.

Donghyuck (Haechan):

Since is the youngest memeber, I don’t think he would make out with you. He would kiss you, and most definitely tease the living shit out of you.He would be saying stuff like “Oh wow your lips look so kissable today. I wonder if that is true” and it would leave you, not knowing what to say.Even though he would say comments lake that, he is very young and knows his manners, so he would of course not do anything you weren’t comfortable doing.

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I feel like utter shit because my boss watches BBC sherlock, tells me he loves it, and asks what I think. I tell him, I really don't want to talk about it. He knows about me shipping johnlock. I cried at work today, twice. Because I was so fucking sickened that people at work we're telling me, "they're not gay!! u were wrong!!!" I feel humiliated tbh. This is why I think explicit johnlock would have been wonderful, because ppl like my boss would see and perhaps reevaluate their pov. (1/2)

(2/2) worst is ppl at work think they’re allies and all inclusive. i just feel so shitty and upset and mad i can’t think. i’m sorry for ranting to you, your responses give me some sort of comfort. thank you. i hope and wish you the best. <3

Lots and lots of hugs for you. I would have loved to give you a physical hug rn. I am so sorry. So utterly sorry for what you had to face this. I am so sorry for us. I am so sorry we were wronged like this. We needed explicit johnlock. For so many reason.This is not a ship. It would have been a representation. It would have been a life long dream come true. 

I have cried so many times for the past few days. I am a closeted bisexual myself. And I have no one to talk about things irl. Now if Johnlock would have been canon, would i come out.. I think not. But i would be happy. Now I am just sad. my chest is heavy and there is a constant weight on it.

Shame on the people who pick on you and tells you and enjoys the fact that your ship is not canon. Shame on them. I wish I could punch them for you. Never ever feel sorry for ranting to me. Like never. This is why I keep my ask box open. I am so sorry for you love. i am so sorry for us. Wish you the best too. Hope we will be okay. That’s the only thing we can hope for. 

Take care. xx

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are you only mad about the jay stuff? not the other stuff in the interview?

Yeah i’m really only mad about the Jay thing because it was so fucking callous… so inappropriate and unacceptable. It was disgustingly handled. The interviewers should be fucking ashamed, and we already know jones is going to hell. 

But the rest of it… It was planned, he knew he was going to be asked about it, you could tell by the way he was speaking that he was prepared. He hit all of his main talking points lol

Even with zayn, i think he was caught off guard a bit, he was trying so hard to be diplomatic bless him. But you can tell he’s been over what to say when it’s brought up, and you could see him check off his marks - good song, we’ve talked yeah yeah all good all good, he got it a bit jumbled, he clearly didn’t /want/ to talk much about it 

but the way Jay was handled. I’m still fucking seeing red. it’s so fucking unacceptable. I hope their brand new show gets cancelled tbqh

I don’t think I can thoroughly explain what this moment meant to me.

As an avid Stiles fan, and as someone who’s always defended with everything I’ve got his strengths and his flaws, the Stilinskis backstory has always been really important to me.

And I gotta say, last year when I asked Will Wallace about the family background and he said it was possible we’d get to see something in S6, I was wary. We all know that sometimes things are promised and they don’t really turn out the way we wanted them to, but this time the writers came through.

This episode was a true treasure for those of us who love the Stilinski family and wanted to know more about it.

When Noah first told Claudia about how the empty room is suddenly Stiles’, it felt bittersweet. I can’t help but to imagine that as a similar conversation to the one the Sheriff would have if he got to talk to Claudia one more time, telling her about their son.

And when he figurd out that she was not real, it was heartbreaking. Bit by bit realizing that the woman he’s loved for so long hasn’t been alive in years, remembering how her last good day was.

And the funny (so to speak) thing is that her image was getting more and more blurry as she faded away and I could only tell that upon rewatching; my eyes were stinging with tears the first time and I thought that was why.

Needless to say, when the Sheriff broke down so did I.

An incredible powerful episode, this one, with all the little pieces of information we got on Stiles and his family background. They really outdid themselves this time 💕

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Why do you dislike Snowden? (in reference to your tag about how he can choke, but I can't completely tell if you're being sarcastic or not)

I think Snowden’s whistleblowing did result in Americans being more aware how the government are comprising our privacy, which some will argue if Snowden didn’t do what he did, we won’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes. I think John Oliver’s interview with Snowden gives a good explanation on how our privacy is being invaded and why we should care about it, even though we believe we aren’t doing anything wrong.

However, Snowden leaked information that did compromise our national security and exposed how our intelligence community gather info including to our adversaries, including Russia and China. He has also sought refuge in Russia, which recently compromised our elections. 

Snowden’s conduct during the elections was also highly questionable, imo, which tbh is what completely turned me off from him and lost any sympathy i had for him. He was more concerned about his pardon (which okay I get) regardless of what happens to Americans. I think at some point he thought he could get it from Bernie or Trump if they won, but not from Clinton, so he actively encouraged his fans (mostly progressives) to vote third party instead and perpetuated false equivalencies between Trump and Clinton. 

Russia also extended his asylum today, same day Chelsea Manning was pardoned. And while civil rights groups also support the pardon of Snowden, Snowden never applied for pardon. What Snowden is asking for is complete immunity, which he might get under Trump tbh if his master Putin requests it from his puppet. 

I just….the fact that Molly shows up at the end, all smiles walking right up to Sherlock makes me happy on so many different levels. There’s the obvious, Molly Hooper is happy and her and Sherlock worked things out. But then there’s the fact that Sherlock was destroyed thinking that he’d hurt molly. That he’d done irreparable damage to their relationship. But then you see Molly smiling at him like that and WE know he was wrong about him ruining him and Molly but you know what else? HE knows he was wrong now. After the agony he felt at hurting someone who loves him and that he loves, after thinking he’d ruined them for good, he got to learn that love like Molly’s is pure and selfless and self-sacrificing and forgiving and RARE and the fact that there’s someone out there that loves Sherlock like that has literal tears of joy streaming down my face. Like, Sherlock’s understanding of love comes from the love between him and the purest, kindest person and that’s the most beautiful shit omg

Now I know a lot of the fandom is freaking out about what Fitz was doing with Aida's head and calling it "out of character," but ...

I think there’s a possibility that it is actually very much in character. Keep in mind that this is Fitz we’re talking about here. He’s the kind of character that does not rest until he solves a problem, no matter how big the problem actually is. It’s a character trait that has been there since the very beginning of the show. In fact, I would say it is up there as one of his most defining traits. We’ve seen it countless of times in the past, and I believe we’re seeing it again here.

I think he knows something is amiss about the whole thing, and, in typical Fitz fashion, He wants to find out what “broke” Aida, as he put it. After all, he helped Radcliffe design it, and that, in his mind, makes him partially to blame. Furthermore, Radcliffe did put the idea into Fitz’s head that Aida essentially developed a conscience, and now he’s doing what he always does when a human being (or in this case, a robot with the consciousness of a human being) is in danger, He’s trying to save her. Granted, I could be wrong about all of this, and it could be a case of acting out of character for the sole purpose of creating drama, but I don’t feel that this is the case (although it definitely will create drama either way.)

Now the bigger question from all of this is why is he keeping it a secret from Jemma. Although, I honestly think that has something to do with Jemma insisting that they should drop it.

Killing stalking

Ok so killing stalking is like that manga that literally when yoi ended everyone went to but like a lot of people dont like the violence and they abusive relationship in it but literally what im about to say is my opinion and u can hate me all u want and think im wrong but like I just wanna address it ok so I personally support sangwoo and yoonbums relationship and this is why we dont know sangwoos past and we dont know what kind of emotional drama he’s had to go through and im not saying that he has the right to do what he’s doing but this is what pisses me off about the situation so a lot of people hate sangwoo and freak out about what he does to yoonbum and how sangwoo kills people ok but literally no one freaked out when mirai nikki was released and literally yuno has did almost the exact same thing to yuki that sangwoo has done to yoonbum but like literally no one called yuno a psychotic bitch and said that she needed to be arrested right but like people show all this hate towards him but I mean if sangwoo goes to jail the manga is gonna end so like people should just deal with the fact that there probably gonna end up together because thats how It is and like u can hate me all u want and think what I have to say is wrong but this is my opinion and thats all that there is

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//You write very well and you write how you think it should be written. As someone who rps Noct, and tries her damnedest to stay as IC as she can, it's fucking hard! People need to understand its really all about what the writer thinks the character would do. We don't KNOW if Noct would be how a lot of us write him as (i.e. his favorite ice cream, or the cologne he wears.) because in the game those certain situations aren't brought up. Don't listen to them, you're doing great! Chill out guys.//


It really is! It’s easy sometimes to let yourself slip into these characters rather than keeping to what they do and sure, okay, I may waver and mess up. I’m only human and I’ve only only know these characters for… not even three months. It’s a work in progress. 

So gurl. Rei. Thank you. I honestly adore the way you write Noct. You keep him so very well grounded and real and I just…. yesssss. It was a delight interacting with him (and honestly I’d do it again in a freaking heartbeat). Thank you!

  • What we think: Fitz is a LMD! That's why he's acting strange and working on AIDA!
  • AOS writers: Yeah...totally! Can't believe you all figured out the season's plot twist! Would be a shame if we added a...curveball to your theories.
  • *Episode 11 premieres*
  • Fitz: Radcliffe! I know about May! What else are you hiding!
  • Fitz: *kicks open door to secret lab*
  • Fitz: What...the...HELL!
  • *cut to what Fitz is seeing, which is Jemma fixing her circuits. Jemma was a LMD this whole time*

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Idk if you've heard of all the Sherlock crap going down and how johnlock didn't happen but I'm so happy we have a canon ace tv character!! Finally!!

From what I’ve heard (I used to be into sherlock but after learning negative things about the actors and very harmful views held by moffat my interest left me), people are upset due to all the ads and such for the latest season indicating that john and sherlock would be together (I saw an ad on TV earlier today, and jeez I can see why they’d think that). I don’t really know what’s going on though (apparently there’s another episode left??), Personally i don’t trust moffat as he has shown disrespect for aces, gay people, women, ect. and doubt he would make any characters gay or ace without other people on the show forcing him, but, having stated that: 

I’m glad you feel represented in the show :D

So I just watched The final problem

I must admit, there were plot holes and the explosion was the worst thing I ever saw. I hated what they did to molly, it was very degrading and the beginning with the clown and all was confusing.

But seriously, this was a great episode, emotional and thrilling. We had confirmed that we knew all along: Sherlock is indeed an emotional character. He simply repressed his feelings because of traumatic experience.

Personally, I think his sister is a brilliant character, although I hate her with all my heart. Through her you see what it truly means to have brain and no heart, which emphasizes Sherlocks character.

And last but not least: I know many people are disappointed about johnlock not happening. To be clear: johnlock is my OTP for life. I myself am queer, which is also why I was desperately hoping for representation. But seeing these final minutes, no one will ever be able to convince me johnlock isn’t real.
Sherlolly shippers will say that Sherlock really meant his “I love you”.
Maybe Adlock shippers will say his text at the end was sent to her and say their ship is canon.
But I, as a johnlock shipper will say, they are living together as gay dads with Rosie and are going to solve crimes together until they die.
And I think, that’s what is so beautiful about this end. They actually confirmed nothing. But everybody can see their ship at the end of this episode.

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Caroline is supposed to be Stefan sober sponsor but she never actually brought him back like Elena. scers think he became reformed ripper after seasons 4 and 5 thanks to her help as opposed to just their supposed love in season 6, but we all know Elena was the one who always brought him back so? SC have known each other for how long now and he hasnt even cried for her yet? While every season he does for Elena and he calls her love of his life, bring me back and all others examples,NO competition

Whoa, I’m getting a rush of SC-related asks, did something actually happen or is it just what we’re talking about now?

Anyway, yeah, with Stefan and Caroline, they were friends and what I mean by that is that her support was very different from that profound sort of soulful bringing him back from darkness, it was very much like we’re buds and we can talk about things like let’s talk through our breakups and make me feel better for sleeping with the wrong guy, like they were friends and that was totally cool, Stefan and Caroline needed relationships like that but it wasn’t this, “bring me back” hallucinate while drowning, “You’re the one thing that has kept me from giving up”, silent phone call for a breath of fresh air, type of dynamic. No.

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hey can you maybe explain/rec those dutch shows you mentioned?

hiya! yes, of course, if that’s something you are interested in!

a’dam - E.V.A. is a series I’m especially fond of. it’s set in Amsterdam around two people called Adam and Eva (haha) who meet, fall in love, fall out of love and then fall in love again. it sounds quite generic but it’s a beautiful series about the personal connection we all have to so many people and a really honest portrayal of what living in The Netherlands is like.

hollands hoop is a series I’m only just catching up on. the format was just sold to America which, you know, but it’s great! it’s about a complicated family, just like yours and mine. the dad inherits a farm from his father and thinks that it’s all fun and games until he finds out that it’s actually a huge weed plantation. things happen! it’s dramatic! it’s sweeping! it’s great.

and then I watch something called goede tijden slechte tijden too, which is something I am very embarrassed by and don’t wanna talk about, hahaha.

also! if there’s anything dutch you watch, please let it be the movie jongens! I linked you to the first part with english subtitles. it’s originally a movie for children but it’s so good! two boys fall in love in the quietest and realest possible way and I totally recommend!


“I wish you’d never retire.” This actually made it for me, because that phrase alone just sums up how much this man loves Yuuri. We’ve all been talking about Victor’s future plans, what he might want to do after the Grand Prix is over, will he return to the world of skating? Is he planning on retiring? But the thing is Victor knows his time is up, HE KNOWS IT MAY BE TIME FOR HIM TO LET GO OF THIS WORLD, so he is not worried about himself. ALL THIS TIME, he has been thinking about Yuuri alone, AND THIS HERE, it’s him telling the boy, “I love watching you skate, and I wish you’d never stop doing it, I wish you’d never had to retire.” And the beautiful thing is that Victor’s seen from first seat what kind of skater Yuuri is, what he is capable of, he just wants the boy he loves to keep on doing what they both adore, skating. Even if they know it’s “almost time”, either if Yuuri continues skating for a few more years, we know their time in a competitive rink is comming to an end, but the difference is that now they know they’ll face that together. Yuuri asking Victor to be his coach until he retires, is just like saying, “please stand by me, until this journey ends”, and after it’s all over they’ll have each other, they will have another story to write, and they’ll remain together no matter what comes their way.

i can’t stop thinking about what kind of criers dan and phil would be. i feel like dan’s crying would be a slow build up. his eyes just get watery at first, and he tries so hard to keep it in, but eventually the tears start cascading down his cheeks. he’d get a runny nose and his forehead would crease out of frustration because he hates crying, but he does it all the time. when his crying hits its peak, he’d be a blubbering mess, wiping furiously at his tears and constantly blowing his nose. he doesn’t like to be comforted while he’s crying, but when he’s finished and all that’s left is tear stained cheeks, he’d cling to the closest thing, preferably another person that would play with his hair, rub his back, and comfort him quietly.

phil on the other hand is a quiet crier. it happens really suddenly because he’s not afraid to be emotional and soft. his tears build up and he doesn’t try to hold them back. his eyes get red and puffy, and he tries to wipe away the tears quickly with his sleeve. he gets sniffly, but hides it by taking deep breaths through his mouth. his eyes are glossy and doe-like when his crying reaches the climax. he likes to be held the whole way through, even if it’s just someone holding his hand or resting a hand on his knee. physical contact calms him down and helps him feel more real. his favorite thing is when people rub their fingers up and down his arm, it nearly lulls him to sleep, but it distracts him from whatever it is he’s crying about.