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In The Flesh is an amazing show and the fans really deserve closure after all the campaigning they have done!

If you would like to know more about ITF, the fans are always happy to tell people about the show so please feel free to message one of us!

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I’m playing catch up, and I’m too far behind. I’ve been working lots of hours again, and I’ve been sick off and on over the past two weeks or so, so I haven’t been here very much. I’ve missed you lovely people.

I had to get out of the house this morning. I’m determined to walk an average of at least half an
hour a day. It makes such a difference to my mood and motivation. I got out for about 45 minutes this morning, and then I did crunches, planks, and what pass for push-ups in my brain.

My oldest is home for the weekend, and we heard all about her trip to Bangladesh last night. I will fill you guys in soon.

It looks like I may be going to Costa Rica in June, and I am getting excited. I will let you know if it goes through.

Now I have to wake up my 15-year-old, because my boss has offered her $12 an hour to get some general work done in our office today.

Have a great Saturday, friends!

According to people who saw the musical and to Kristin’s snap and Chris’ IG story, they are doing changes and it’s very interesting to think that no version of the musical is the same until they officially “open” the musical (April 4, 2017) So if you are seeing the musical before that date is very likely the musical is gonna have different things than the day before and before and before. 

According to @nerdyadventures the version of Good Kid they did on opening night is different than the one we all have heard (and more emotional and the version that is probably going to make it to the cast recording)  and know I’m gonna sit here and cry about the sad life of an international fan because I can’t see no version of the musical.

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i work at a big box store and we offer a credit card. when you apply for it, it makes you make a 4-digit PIN, even though it's a credit card. this is LITERALLY part of the application process. i still get multiple people every day arguing with me when theyre checking out and the machine asks for their PIN, saying "its a credit card! i never made a PIN!" in a condescending voice... like, i WORK here. i know all about our cards, its part of my fucking job to sell them. yes you did make one 😤😤😤

You’ve Been Studying All Day - GOT7 reaction

I’ve been such got7 trash lately and the comeback didn’t help so hERE WE GO + gifs bc, as previously stated, I am trash



He would poke and prod at you to get your attention. When he finally had it, he’d try with all his might to convince you to take a break because “you can’t study all the time! Breaks are healthy. Did you know cuddles improve your mood by 110%?”

“That’s nice Mark, but will they improve my grades by 110% too?”

Mark would kind of pout and mope around you until you agreed to a break. Then, he’d want to go for a little walk or something to help get your mind off things; he’d ask a little bit about your studying, but would want to focus on other aspects so that when you returned to your piles of notes, you’d be refreshed.

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You would have totally forgotten about your date night, so when JB showed up at your door with expectant eyes only to find you wearing loose sweatpants and your “coffee makes everything better” shirt, you’d feel awful. He’d be a little disappointed, but as soon as he saw your open textbook and messy notebook on the coffee table, he’d understand; you stuck with him while he worked, so he’d want to do the same. He’d make some food and/or tea for you both and would sit in the room with you, careful to not be in the way but also letting you know he would help in any way he could.

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He’d remind you of all the hard work you’d put in during class time and the past couple of nights; at this point he honestly thought it would be impossible for you to be capable of forgetting even the smallest detail. Still, he’d accept your worrying and decide he’d help you study. Of course, he’d propose a game. He’d leave the room for a few minutes and come back looking like… the Stay Puft marshmallow man. He’d wriggle his eyebrows, explaining that every time he asked a question and you got the correct answer, he’d remove an item of clothing. You’d go through the layers quickly, though stopping to die of laughter when you saw him with one of your lace bras over a t-shirt. 

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He’d 100% join you in your piles of notes, reading through them quickly to understand the gist of the subject matter if he didn’t already have an idea of what you were dealing with. He’d start asking some questions to figure out how to best approach studying for the assignment, and it would snowball from there. He’d start with a small idea, and you’d pick it up from there, maybe correcting him, and pretty soon you’d be bouncing all these ideas and facts off of each other. Instead of reading and rereading the information, he’d get you to talk about it as much as you could, reading through your notes to make sure you were on the right path and didn’t stray.

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He would be kind of similar to Jackson with his approach; he was sure you knew everything there was to know about the text/exam’s subject, but he understood your worries. However, he’d absolutely hate to see you so stressed, beating yourself up after you didn’t get the right answer, never taking into consideration that your brain wanted you to slow down and change things up. So, being the sweatheart he is, he’d propose a game to you in which he would ask questions based on the review your prof had given you and the notes you had in your notebook, and for every right answer you got, he’d give you a kiss. It’d probably be the giggliest, cutest study session ever tbh

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He would shamelessly annoy you because he wants you to spend time with him. He’d own up to being selfish, but wouldn’t care too much because he just wanted to cuddle with you and talk about memes his day. Bambam’s relentless and random screeches, cheek poking, and giggles would go from endearing/funny to frustrating really quickly; no matter how many times you told him to bug off, he’d continue. Finally, you’d turn to him, cheeks red with the nasty words you kept inside, and create a compromise: you cuddle with him for an hour, then he helps you study after you grab some dinner. He wouldn’t mind helping, he was just happy he got his cuddles.

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Yugyeom would walk in and see your papers and hands covered in coloured ink, and immediately take things into his own hands. He’d stop dead in his tracks and start asking general questions like “what are you studying (Y/N)?” “when’s the test/exam?” but pretty quickly he’d get more specific, asking the relevance of something you had just mentioned to the unit you were studying (or on the world ?). You’d start to get annoyed because, as much as you loved him and talking to him, you needed to study. You’d tell him just that, but he’d brush it off and continue. After a few more questions, reapeat what you had said before. Then, he’d simply look at you and say: “But you know it all already; you explained it perfectly to me, without any difficulty.” You’d just kinda stare off in amazement because dammit he was right.

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I have an Sehun (EXO) scenario that’ll be posted tomorrow night, and a Svt reaction coming soon (I’m actually drowning in homework atm and wifi is beyond terrible everywhere I go besides McDick’s what is this) ! In the meantime, feel free to request :)

Day Five Hundred Forty Eight.

after almost three years 
my heart still flutters 
when our lips touch 
and all white noise 
is silenced when you’re near
some say we’re too young
i was only eighteen
but when you know,
you know 
and i don’t ever plan
on looking back

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He literally took a day off promo for Harry's birthday lmao. I know people get scared, and is hit hard but this type of things, but once you see everything in prespective, nothing's changed. (Also, Harry was not seen yesterday at all) He has had time now to take a plane back to England, so even if we see him today Sunday there, I'm convinced he was in Miami supporting Louis yesterday.

i’m not understanding the panic and second-guessing but i guess there are some newbies which is fair enough

Today on "Zen is my bias and I enjoy pain"

You know how it’s suggested that you take Zen as your first route? And then subsequently the rest of the members?

I’m gonna stick by the most common route suggestion which is:

Zen -> Yoosung -> Jaehee -> Jumin -> Seven

Well do you remember his call on Seven’s route, at night on Day 10?

“That’s great… I could’ve made you happy too.”

What if he’s been in love with you throughout all the routes? From what I’ve observed he’s always more loving and SO MUCH MORE WORRIED than the rest of the members, and he always drops hints that he likes you. What if after you reset on this boy his feelings remain and he’s just so confused as to why you have such a grip on him? What if he flirts with you to try to make sense of his feelings?

Another example, that one phone call in Yoosung’s route where he says he should’ve realised his feelings sooner, and then he says “Never mind”.


We all know that Zen has psychic dreams. Through all of the resets he’s the one who’s been reseted on the most. Think about it. Most people wouldn’t reset after Seven, so he has the good end of the deal. But Zen waits for you… and you never come back. BESIDES THE POINT. Zen starts to realise the trend to every reset and every time you appear his feelings are so strong. There’s a nagging voice in his head that knows he’s gone through the same thing before.

This explains why he’s progressively more protective and caring of you as the routes go on. Think about it.

And then I guess he realises that after Seven, it’s the end of the line. What more does he have to lose? He’s waited over 40 days and it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever come back.

“I could’ve made you happy too.”

Hence, I conclude that Zen loves you in every single route. And he will forever.

We spent hours fighting, telling each other our problems. But I wasn’t done or finished. You went on thinking of happier days while I was slowly dying inside, holding back because I wasn’t sure if you were really interested in what I had to say. And all the little things suddenly became so much more avoiding what’s buried underneath the surface. You’re upset now that we’ve both moved on, that I have plans which don’t involve you. Barely knowing each other anymore and there’s no one left beside you. Instead of trying, you reminisce on a happier time before we both grew up. Before we both gave up. 

-A Scorpio Woman



Being Tony Stark’s daughter and a very outspoken activist. One day you get arrested and your father comes to bail you out.

 ••• Requested by @purplekitten30 •••

“They didn’t even say which precinct they were taking us to until we arrived here, you know.” 

Your hands were draped over the bars of the holding cell and a unsure smile graced your lips as an officer came up to let you out, your father in tow. This was the first time you had gotten yourself arrested at one of the march’s you loved taking part of, and you weren’t at all sure how your father was going to take it. 

He didn’t say anything as you stepped out from behind the bars with piece of paper clutched firmly in your hand, your cell mates numbers scribbled down across it. Your hands shook as your father took hold of your upper arm and guided you out of the precinct, exchanging a few words with an officer before the two of you found yourself on the street, waiting for your car to be brought around.  

It wasn’t until you were in the passengers seat beside your father when a blinding grin crossed his lips. 

“Well, aren’t you a little rebel.” He said, beaming. Leaning over, he wrapped you in a tight hug and relief rushed over you. “Next time, make sure you have a get away driver.”

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sportarobbie fluff: Robbie tends to get a little touch starved and when it happens, he usually "accidentally" brushes up against sporp for that physical contact and eventually the sportsman catches on so whenever robbie goes and does that he just swoops in, picks him up and nuzzles into him (and probably carries him around for most of the day)

It gets to the point where as soon as Robbie comes into town, Sportacus stands uncomfortably close *just in case*. Some days Robbie just rolls his eyes and goes home but, as we all know, some days are harder than others. Sportacus will be doing stretching with the kids or something and Robbie just slogs over and lays his head in Sport’s lap. Sportacus cards a hand through Robbie’s hair and tells the kids to take it easy for the day.

Bonus: The New Favorite Game among the kids is to tackle hug Robbie after a scheme goes wrong, before he can disappear back into his lair.

This is So Pure I’m so grateful for this idea.

This Wednesday we are starting a day that show cases all our disabled PoC. The topic of praying away mental illness and physical disabilities in many PoC communities has been a topic I’ve been discussing many times over of late. So I asked the other Mods what they thought about having a day dedicated to disabled Fat PoC like myself who have visible and invisible disabilities. We don’t know what we are calling it yet but it starts this week. You can submit a Selfie, a story, or art. The intersections of fatness, race, and disability aren’t things many of us speak openly about and we want to change that.

-Mod Mariah

Hurting (Sad Shawn Imagine)

a/n: Hey guys! Hope you’re having an amazing day! Feedback on all of my stories is always highly appreciated! I’m still new at this. Thanks! Love you lots! xx

Word count: 1,971


Shawn’s POV

Being in the studio all day can be hard at times. Especially when I haven’t seen my girl in days. I missed her and it killed me knowing she was spending time with other guys. I could trust her, I knew she would never hurt me by cheating on me, but I didn’t trust any of her guy friends. They were way to obtrusive when spending time with her.

“Shawn, could you please concentrate? We did this line 4 times now.” I sighed. “Sorry, I was thinking about something.”

“All you should think about right now is this line. We’re almost done, just please try and concentrate now.” We repeated the same line a few more times before giving up. I hated when this happened, it made me upset and that was the worst feeling in the world.

The fact that Luna and two of her friends went to a club tonight made my awful mood even worse. I was jealous and I couldn’t do anything against it.

Back in my hotel room I went straight to the bathroom and stripped off all my clothes. I stepped into the shower and stood under the hot water for a while just thinking about Luna. I loved her so much it hurt not being able to see her, touch her, feel her. All I wanted was a little attention, even if it sounded selfish.

Sometimes you need to be selfish, right?

I felt my muscles relax under the steaming water. It felt good doing nothing but think for a while. I didn’t get to do this as often as I would like because of my busy schedule.

After getting out of the shower I put on my boxers and a worn-out shirt. I sat on the couch and scrolled through my social media. I saw Luna had started an Instagram-Live a few minutes ago, so I clicked on it and my heart started beating faster immediately. My face dropped when I saw her sitting in her living room with another guy. They were talking about nothing too interesting but I could tell they had a lot of fun. He made her laugh. He looked at her in ways I didn’t like him looking at her. I got even more jealous and threw my phone onto my bed.

Who does he think he is? Looking at her like that. On the Internet. Everyone can see it. She’s my girlfriend!

I took my guitar and attempted to play my anger away.

I can try to stop it, all I like
Hands down I’ve lost this fight
Thought I was strong enough for you
But I just can’t hide the truth
So, I guess I’m going down
I guess I’m going down like this

The buzzing noise of my phone made me stop. I put the guitar down and walked to my bed.

Luna was calling me. I wasn’t sure if I should answer it or not. The buzzing stopped but a few seconds later she was trying again. I just looked at it until it stopped again. I was such a coward sometimes.

Why don’t you pick up the phone? You should be home from the studio already. Call me. Love you Luna xx

I looked at the text message and read it a few times.

After a few minutes my phone buzzed again.

Shawn, I’m getting worried. Where are you?

And again.

Okay, I might be annoying you right now but please just call me or at least message me so I know you’re fine!

I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I was upset, jealous and just not in the mood to talk to her. My mixed feelings confused me and I needed to calm down first.

Mendes what the heck. Answer me!

I’m getting on your nerves, fine, I’m sorry. Maybe you’re already asleep. I’m going out now with Henry and Luke. I’ll call you tomorrow morning, when I’m not too hungover haha. I really hope you’re okay. Love you lots!! Kisses

I couldn’t believe it. She was actually going out with two guys and planned on getting drunk. Now I wasn’t only upset and jealous, I was beyond pissed.

Have fun

That was all I texted back. Just a few seconds after I hit send she was calling me again. This time I indeed picked the phone up.

“Shawn! Finally! Where have you been?” She asked me sounding worried.

“Nowhere. Where should I be?” I asked back.

“Well… I don’t know. You didn’t answer any of my calls or texts. I was worried. Is everything okay?”

“LUNA! We need to leave! The taxi’s waiting” I heard someone yell in the background, probably Henry.

Wow great. He’s with her.

“Henry could you please don’t yell at me like that? I’m on the phone.” She said. “Sorry Shawn. So… where were we? Oh yeah… Is everything okay with you? I mean… You never miss my calls at this time of the day.” She stated.

I didn’t feel like saying anything, but at the same time couldn’t leave her hanging like this.

“I’m fine. Just upset because of a line I couldn’t get right in the studio.” It was the truth, just not all of it.

“Oh no. I’m sorry babe. Do you want to talk about it? You know, tomorrow will be a new day and you will get the chance to do the line even better. You will see it isn’t that bad. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know you can do it. I believe in you.” I could hear her smile while speaking.

“You’re probably right.” I sighed.

“Shawn… come on. There must be something else bothering you. Tell me.” She said.

Damnit! She noticed.

“If you really want to hear the truth. I’m jealous. This Henry dude is just getting on my nerves since forever. He’s so into you and I can’t even do anything against it. He’s always around you while I’m stuck in the Studio. It’s bothering me and I just can’t control my feelings anymore.”

It felt so good letting all of this out.

Luna’s POV:

Oh my god.

I didn’t know he was feeling that way. It made me feel really bad.

Why didn’t I notice any of this? I’m such a bad girlfriend.

I heard him sigh loud again.

“I don’t want to bother you with my problems. Go have fun at the club. I’ll just lock myself up in the room and play guitar for a while.” He said. I knew he didn’t really mean it. He didn’t want me to have fun. At least not with other guys.

“Shawn stop that. You know you don’t bother me. Like ever. You’re my boyfriend and you are more important to me than anyone else. So, if you are feeling upset or down or whatever I’m here to help you. To help you feel better.” I told him honestly. Henry walked up to me but I put my hand up and shook my head, signalling him to stay quiet.

“I’m sorry Luna, I’m tired. I’ll go to bed now. Bye”


“SHAWN! Are you kidding? You’re not going anywhere before feeling better. I’m not hanging up and neither are you! Don’t you dare test me on this!” I said sternly.

Normally he was such a cheerful person. Not today which bothered me a lot. Knowing Shawn wasn’t feeling good made me upset.

I heard him sigh again. “Luna please. I’m not in the mood for this.”

“Okay wait a second.” I looked at Henry. “Sorry, he’s not feeling to well. I can’t go partying tonight. This is more important.” I said. He rolled his eyes. “Wow thank you. I just waisted 2 hours waiting on you.” He huffed. “I’ll leave then. See ya.” And with that he left my apartment.

“Shawn, are you still there?” I asked concerned. “Yes.”

“Okay listen to me. I love you. Only you. You are everything for me. I don’t know what made you feel like this, I’m sorry if I gave you any reason to do so, but-“

“Stop. Luna, it’s not your fault. I just. I feel really shitty today because I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t get you out of my head. I couldn’t even concentrate in the studio. That’s why I failed so badly. My producer was kind of mad at me which didn’t help at all. Seeing you with Henry just made me feel even worse. I’m jealous of him because he can see you, touch you, spend time with you. I just miss you so damn much it hurts!”

My heart broke into a thousand pieces.

Why haven’t I noticed any of this? I should have! I’m his girlfriend!

“I’m sorry Luna.” He started to cry.

Shawn’s POV:

Tears started rolling down my face. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest.

Why does love hurt so much? Shouldn’t it feel great?

“Shawn I’m so so sorry! I didn’t know any of this. I didn’t notice and I feel so bad. I’m such a bad girlfriend.” Luna said. “Please don’t cry. I know it’s hard. I miss you too, but we will get through this, right? I love you. More than I could even tell you. I wish I could be here for you. Like in a proper way.” I continued to cry while listening to her. “Baby please stop crying, I don’t know what to do. Tell me what I can do to make you feel better?” She begged.

“I love you Luna, I-I just want to h-hold you.” I sobbed.

“Me too Shawn, me too.” She sighed. “You know what? I’ll just book a ticket right now. I’m coming to LA. Maybe you’ll feel better then. I can take some days off. It’s fine. Really we just need to see each other before it’s tearing us apart.” I listened carefully, I couldn’t agree more.

It was quiet for a while which gave me time to calm down.

“Okay, I booked it. I’ll be there tomorrow at 6:34pm.” She said a few minutes later.

“I’ll pay for it. Just tell me how much, I don’t want you spending all of your well-earned money on this.” I told her.

“Spending money on flights to come see you is totally worth it Shawn!” She chuckled. “You really don’t need to pay for it. It’s fine!” This made me sigh.

“I love you Luna. Thank you. You don’t know how much that means to me.”

“I know you’re stressed out Shawn. Who wouldn’t with that schedule of yours. You put so much pressure on yourself it’s getting to a point where it’s just too much. Slow down a little, would you?” I shook my head at this. I knew where she was coming from but I just couldn’t do that. Slowing down was a no-go for me.

We talked for a little longer until Luna fell asleep on the phone. I hung up and got to bed as well.

19 hours later I waited for Luna to come through the doors at the airport. I picked up some nice flowers for her and could barely control my excitement.

When she walked through the sliding doors I couldn’t stop myself from smiling wide. She saw me, dropped all her bags and ran towards me. I embraced her in a big hug and hold her tight. She laid her head on my chest and we just stood there for a moment. This was just the best feeling ever. She looked up at me.

“Hey.” She whispered smiling brightly.

“Hi.” I whispered back.

This made me happy. She made me happy. Luna was the love of my life and I couldn’t think of living without her ever again. I loved her!

At the end of the day, I have SO much faith in Amber that I know that things will turn the way they should for her. She’s such a hard worker, she’s done SO well developing herself all these years, it makes me feel SO proud of her. You guys, we stan such a beautiful soul don’t we? She has the positive vibes of so many of us. We give back the positivity that she gives to us. Our girl will get through this.

Okay let’s have a little fucking talk, shall we?

This shit does not stand.

I don’t know what little teenager is having a bad day and sending everyone hate anons but they can fuck right off. I am not having it. Fuck you, anon. Do you know how daunting it is to post a picture of yourself for all to see? Especially on the internet where little wankstains like this anon can go and hide behind an anon message and type shit like this? We live in a time where we are constantly bombarded with the “ideal” body type, skin tone, features, dress sense, look that most people live in a constant state of trying to become that image. It takes a lot to break that mentality. And it takes a lot to unapologetically be yourself in a world that’s constantly telling you that you can’t. And this shit right here? This shit only reinforces that. And I am not having it. This is exactly the reason I haven’t posted a selfie and I know this is the exact same reason a fucktonne of others haven’t either.

To all my followers, you are fucking beautiful. I always come across your selfies and photos and your faces bring a smile to mine. Don’t let fucknuts like this anon that’s going around tell you that you are anything less than gorgeous. 

To the anon: suck my dick, asshole.

😂😂 I havent been in the tags for days because i just follow way too many awesome people and dont even need to because I just use my dash or visit my followings.. but I curiously went to check out the tag I created a few days ago to find it full of really sour Antis. But instead of being pissed, Im laughing while I eat karamel popcorn (literally caramel popcorn rn guys) because I cant imagine being so dedicated to a ship I dont even like, and managing to find the time to spend on it. Our ship is so canon that even the people that hate it know all the tags and learn the new ones 😂. I should create some more subtags just to prove how canon we are and string them along. Then ill sip my club soda and watch these poor people have to spend half an hour listing all the karamel tags in their posts.

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