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i don't wanna start a fight but i just want to know your honest opinion. should we support all jews even the racist ones, just because they're jewish? like all the people from israel who think it's great to exterminate brown people to get their land in the name of zionism? i don't think i could ever forgive them, because i can't support bigots, no matter where they're from. again i don't want to fight but i would like to read an opposing opinion. have a good day.

“it’s me again; i looked up ‘zionism’ on your blog and i just wanted to let you know that i have no quarrel with jewish people, like really the people, living their everyday lives, even the ones who happen to agree with zionism. i’m angry towards the ones who order the bombing, and the soldiers who will shoot brown civilians. but the people are innocent to me, they just have an opinion. i think jewish culture is way more decent than christianity, but it doesn’t lack faults is all.

Can’t support oppressors because they’re oppressed too. Will support someone who is Jewish if they face antisemitism, won’t support their racism. One form of bigotry can’t cancel another.”

“Do you think we should support all Jewish people even if they’re racist” is such an invalid question I literally don’t know where to begin

do we support all muslims, even the antisemitic ones? - oh wait, that’s a question nobody fucking asks, ever, because it’s weird and incomprehensible

I’m answering your question to the best of my ability but like… tbh the fact that you felt the need to ask it in the first place? antisemitism

  1. I don’t support anyone just because they’re Jewish just like I don’t support anyone just because they’re gay, I support Jewish people in the radical act of being Jewish in an antisemitic world. If somebody is being racist, I call them out (if it’s safe for me, which sadly, it isn’t always), but I don’t call them out despite them being Jewish? it’s got nothing to do with it. Judaism doesn’t have anything to do with racism, we all grow up in an inherently racist environment and have to unlearn things.
  2. There’s this idea that Jews=white and that is just… literally, factually wrong. More than 50% of Jews in Israel are brown (Mizrahi) themselves. That isn’t to say that Mizrahi Jews don’t face discrimination, because they do, but the situation in Israel is just… incomparable to America. It’s not white vs. brown, it’s Jewish vs. non-Jewish Arabs, and that’s a very complex situation. Not to mention conflating Jewish people with white people, our oppressors for literally thousands of years, is fucking antisemitic. (Again: Jewish people can be pale, brown, black, or Asian and I personally went to school with Jews of every supposed “type”. In Israel.)
  3. Aside from specific, isolated cases that are reprehensible in every way, nobody is going into Palestinian land and just killing people for no reason, nor are they bombing Palestinians for no reason. Historically, the IDF has been a defense army, and I will argue even in cases it technically attacked first it was still being defensive. It’s literally in the name: Israel Defense Forces.
  4. I know this is surprising, but there’s a huge group of Jewish people and Israeli citizens who - gasp - don’t think that we should killing Palestinians at all, including myself. But the fact that we disagree with and even hate the way our country is run doesn’t mean we invalidate its entire existence in the first place. If Israel stopped existing, half the Jewish population of the entire world would very suddenly be in incredible danger, and with nowhere to fucking go.
  5. Of course one form of bigotry doesn’t cancel another, but what antizionists are currently doing doesn’t actually fucking help. Instead of invalidating Israel - which just makes most Israelis take what they say with a cup full of salt - they should actively criticize it, work to change it. That’s what most Israelis do. We go to protests. We pay attention to laws. We vote. We get outraged. We try to make things better for everyone.
  6. Most importantly, this whole thing should never have been about Israel in the first place. Because Jews deserve to exist as Jews and we shouldn’t be interrogated on our opinions about Zionism and Israel to make sure we’re good Jews. We should be allowed to exist, out in the open, shouting: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re Jewish” without having to answer for the crimes of other people who just happen to share an ethnicity and/or religion with us.

And that’s my answer. I might have gone on a small tangent somewhere.

You have a good day, too, anon. And don’t forget to call out antisemitism everywhere you go.

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cia how are you doing? is the hospital scare okay now? havent seen too much from you on here and got worried ;;

Hi! I’m tots okay. The initial examinations and other medical stuff confirmed that it’s not the worst case scenario and it seems to be far from it! I will receive the official results in a month but for now I’m stuck with pills :D And I will be stuck with pills till the ends of my days, but we just don’t know which ones it will be yet haha despite all that I’m healthy as shiz!!! so it’s all good <3

“Why can’t they understand the way we feel
They just don’t trust what they can’t explain
I know we’re different, but deep inside us
We’re not that different at all”

“And you’ll be in my heart
Yes you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more”

“Don’t listen to them
‘Cause what do they know
We need each other, to have, to hold
They’ll see in time, I know”

“When destiny calls you, you must be strong
I may not be with you
But you got to hold on
They’ll see in time, I know
We’ll show them together”

“Cause you’ll be in my heart
Believe me you’ll be in my heart
I’ll be there from this day on
Now and forever more”

Lyrics of
“You’ll Be in My Heart” by
Phil Collins

@zerosden you’ll always be my red guy, ya dork

courtship week

a handful of people wanted it to happen so here we go!!

I’m thinkin to make it happen during July 16th-July 22nd!! (but if there’s any conflicting SU ship weeks that week, please let me know)

Also for prompts, I have some suggestions but I also wanted another people’s input so if you have other prompt ideas, feel free to reply!
that’s all I really have for now so if you have ideas, please reply!! a poll will be set up to determine the 7 prompts for the week 

the official courtship week post will be up in a few days (after everything gets sorted out)!


for those of you who don’t know, i was forced to delete my tumblr october 2016 because my dad found it and didn’t like what i was rbing and of course i signed up the very next day because .. well yeah.. i got deleted at 1.4k and i definitely didn’t think i was going to get back to where i was, so to see the fact that i’ve hit 9k is so surreal to me.. thank you all for following me ;( sorry this is sappy as hell im just very happy

Laws Of Bygones- Chapter 3

Heylo guys! Have the next chapter and let me know your feedback please!


“What do you mean hostage?” Pepper demanded as Happy took a sharp right, narrowly missing a parked bike, “And where’s Tony?”

“It’s Rumiko, Pepper,” Rhodey’s voice sounded tense in the background of a speeding car’s tyres, “Obviously Tony’s going right into the mess.”

“Of course,” Pepper sighed on a frustrated breath, flicking her hand to signal Happy, “I’ll get there as soon as I can. But Rhodey…”

“I know, I know,” Rhodey replied over the phone and Pepper knew that his nerves were frazzled too, “He’s risking too much. But he’d do the same for us and we’d do the same for him.”

“One day this’ll get us all killed,” Pepper huffed on an exasperated laugh as she cocked her gun in one hand.

“Should have known before we became merchants of death, boss,” Rhodey quipped and Pepper rolled her eyes before flipping the phone shut.

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After reading the faq Iknow how you guys found your cosplay name, but would you have any advise to other on finding theirs? My boyfriend and I have separate cosplay names but want to find something the will tie the two of together, so if you have some advise on how how to go about our situation that would be wonderful! Also have a nice day :3

Here’s some advice I’ve given before! 

-Pick something you can search & use as a hashtag.  
This one is weirdly important. If you want to find pictures of you from cons the easiest way to do it is search your username. Especially if you gave all your photographers your business card. We have ‘Aicosu’ saved in the search on ALL our media. We know when new aicosu content pops up ALL the time. It also helps that this is not a name for anything else. When you search Aicosu you only ever get us. I’d stay clear of fandom names for this reason. Having a unique words almost ENSURES that you can have it on any socialmedia too.(and pick something not close to anyone elese name. like you dont want to be “laicosu” ahah, or “Messica Bigri” Or “KamuiCostumes” ) 

-Something easy to say/Easy to write.
Make sure its not super hard to remember or write. Because when you run out of business cards you dont want to stand there and wirte MsFluffbutextremecospalooze2k15/facebook. I know when I write down ‘Aicosu’ they will find us no matter what social media search in.

-Something you wont hate in 5 years.
If you end up cosplaying this long, you may not end up liking that video game, that show, that etc for that long. I’ve met a lot of cosplayers 6-7 years into their hobby and they are stuck being known as NarutoKistuneCosplays and they had a bad experience with the Naruto fandom and their old Naruto cosplay pal and they cant drop their name.

-Something you wouldn’t be afraid to put on your resume.
No lie, cosplay has gotten me more jobs in my life than school ever did. I put my cosplay experience and awards on my resume all the time and it ALWAYS comes up. Especially since I have a costume focused career, its important that my name seems presentable or even like an industry. Theres a big difference between KagomeCupcake Cosplay and  something like ‘Hype Cosplays’

-Your name if you can.
I had a discussion some time back about using real names in cosplay with some professional cosplayers and companies. I highly recommend doing it if you plan on working cosplay as a potential income source (and dont mind merging it into your regular life). Companies respect names more, and it turns you into a iconic face more than just being famous for certain cosplays. Theres more that would go into this. If your name is too common is may not work, or too long etc. Or if there are two of you, hah!

Hope this helps you!

Cullavellan Week 2017

September is approaching fast, so I think now’s a good time to ask all you lovely cullavellan peeps if you’re interested in participating in a themed week this year? Just leave a comment if you are, and let others who may possibly be interested know!

If there are enough people interested, the initial post with the days themes and whatnot will likely go up toward the end of July, just so people have enough time to prep :) if there’s a specific theme for one of the days you’d like to suggest go ahead and send an ask with it! Please check 2016’s themes first, however, so we don’t have copies of the previous year.


Okay so it’s shangst week and i wanted to write something it

I was thinking about what to write and I thought about @punkflunked‘s Champion Lance AU that I wrote for and I wanted to write Shiro’s reaction to Lance being declared dead so here we go

@shangst-week |  Day One: Garrsion/Voltron

(It’s not an Aj Fic if it’s not late)

((Also I know it’s short but this is all I could come up with today i’m tired and haven’t slept at all))

Shiro was silent as he stared at the tv, heart pounding in his chest as he processed just what was on the screen. His breathing began to pick up slightly, hands shaking at his sides as he let himself fall onto the couch, his gaze not moving away from the screen.

They couldn’t be gone.

He couldn’t be gone.

He can’t leave him, he needs him.

“You’ll take care of them for me, won’t you?” There was a slightly teasing tone to Lance’s voice as he grinned up at the older pilot, blue eyes bright. Shiro couldn’t help but give into the urge to huge him, wrapping his arms around the other tightly. His heart fluttered at the bright laughter that met his ears, slim arms wrapping around his larger form.

“Of course I will.” Shiro was reluctant as he pulled away from the hug, holding Lance at arms length as he smiled down at him. He had parted his lips to say something when Matt’s voice met his ears, the two of them looking over at the Holts. A soft sigh passed the older pilot’s lips and he turned his attention back to Lance, whom was staring at him. He cocked his head to the side slightly and had started to question if he was okay when a pair of soft lips met his own.

His heart stopped in his chest, breath catching as he tried to process what was happening. Shiro didn’t even get to react or return the kiss because Lance was pulling away and taking off to join the Holts. Heat rushed to his face as he stood there, frozen in place, a hand coming up to cover his mouth. He turned his head to look at Lance, seeing him looking back at them and waving with a wide grin spread across his face.

“See you when I get back!”

Shiro’s eyes burned as he listened to the voice on the tv declare Lance McClain and the Holts deceased, hands shaking as he raised a hand to cover his mouth.

This couldn’t be happening, Lance had promised he’d come back, he promised and now he was gone?

A broken sob passed his lips, muffled by the hand covering his mouth. He heard the door to the room open, heard a voice that sounded like Keith’s, but he couldn’t focus. His chest started heaving as he let himself drop to his knees, sobs wracking his body. Two arms wrapped around him and he let himself be pulled into his brother’s chest, let himself be held as he cried.

How could this happen?

Winn Schott could potentially be one of the most dangerous characters on Supergirl

You read that right. Winn could be really terrifying if he wanted to be. And if what we’re seeing is foreshadowing, he could become a serious threat to the team. – SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SEASON 2 –

- He’s an absolute genius, capable of learning alien language and technology (as we’ve seen with him learning Kryptonian and figuring out how to work a portal into space). He could figure out how to do things that earthly forces might not be at all prepared for.

- He knows the weaknesses and strengths of each team member. He would have no problem finding ways to use that to his advantage, both scientifically and emotionally.

- His father is Toyman. He already sympathizes with a villain, it would make it easy for him to get into that mindset. He’s also mentioned before how he’s concerned that one day, he’ll end up just like his father. (Foreshadowing???)

- He once created a nasty virus that damaged Indigo on accident, imagine what he could do on purpose and with harmful intentions.

- He knows DEO secrets and weapon technology like the back of his hand. He could easily formulate hacks, viruses, weapons, etc to combat whatever they think they have up their sleeves.

These are only the reasons that would make him dangerous in theory. But why would a sweet, silly, nerdy tech guy ever become a villain? I’ve got reasons for that too.

- As mentioned before, his father is a villain. He fears it might run in his blood. That itself is a huge hint toward the plot twist in question. And even if it doesn’t run in his blood, he’s still gone through some serious traumatic events. He could have some mental and emotional issues that he never worked out. One more thing gone wrong, it could send him down a dark path.

- He’s underappreciated, and overworked. Really, how much has he done for the team compared to the appreciation he gets? He’s created numerous gadgets and come up with many solutions for the team with hardly a thank you. I know they recognize that he’s incredibly smart, but I don’t see them encouraging him like he does for them and they do for each other. Winn needs a pep talk every now and then, too. (And I’m not saying they do nothing for him, they helped him find Lyra and have encouraged him on occasion, but they don’t put in as much effort for him as he does for them, it wears a person down living like that. He could get fed up one day and turn on them.)

- Nothing seems to go his way. His childhood was, well… yeah. His love for Kara blew up in his face (granted he probably should have gone about it differently). His relationship with Lyra was based on a lie and he was being used. She treated him horribly when he told her that her teaming up with Guardian wasn’t working. James keeps pushing him into situations that compromise him emotionally. His friendships with everyone seem to have fizzled out as they all went off with their own things (Kara with Mon-el, James with Guardian etc.) I could go on forever. While none of that is an excuse for any horrible behavior, it’s all enough to make a person angry and bitter, which can lead to evil actions.

- We’ve seen this before: Good guy gone bad. (Killer Frost, Savitar, and e1 Harrison Wells on The Flash, Rip Hunter for a while on Legends of Tomorrow for a few examples). CW has no issue taking characters we love and turning them against us. CW is the real villain, why do I put up with this?

- It happens in the comics. Winn Schott Jr. becomes Toyman after his father dies in prison. CW doesn’t always follow comic book canon, but it’s there and they might choose to go with it.

- And one real-life reason, Jeremy Jordan misses theater. If he really wanted to leave Supergirl and go back on stage, they could easily wrap up his spot on the show by turning him into a villain and either slowly showing less of him, Supergirl defeating him and he gets arrested, or (fingers crossed this never happens) he gets killed.

So are we going to see Winn turn to the Dark Side, even just for a little bit? Maybe, or maybe I’m over thinking things (no thanks to a certain friend. You know who you are). We could even see the opposite of this and see Winn rise above his struggles and be a stronger and better person from it all, maybe even using his skills to be a hero instead of the villain I’m afraid of. He could easily be an unstoppable force of good, given the opportunity. But if we do see him become evil, I hope they do it right and make the change in him be emotional and dramatic, let us see that the pain has been building up inside him until it boils over instead of it being sudden and unexplainable. I know either way, it’ll be absolutely shocking, heartbreaking, and very interesting to see how the team will go about fighting someone who was once their friend.

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It’s fight week!!!! And by “week” I mean like four and a half days. Weigh ins are on Thursday and I have to cut 3.5 pounds. I don’t even know whether the promotion is putting me up for the two nights or whether I have to book my own hotel room, but the amount of stress I have about that is disturbingly low. All I can think about is food. My fight is early on in the evening, so I have big plans to get ice cream as soon as we’re done in the locker room. 

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Yo Lauren's been MIA for 2/3 days now! I've been trying to track her down with no luck and she's not been with ty (thank you Jesus, amen) I've been following his path and there's not sign of pale ass, anywhere. I have a feeling she's @ some apartment in LA/Miami (?) with a Cuban-mexican hottie 😋 (I can only hope) cuz Camila's been MIA too.😏😏😂 delusional or nah?

We all know where she is…she’s in “HAVANA”… aka Camila…😘

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i love this group with all of my heart, but it has a serious clique problem (and yes i'm including myself into this as being guilty of it). the whole group is divided and ppl only talk to their love interest or best friends, and getting people to actually branch out and respond to others is like impossible. groups can't really survive like that and i dont want to see this place go down hill.

Hey there, love.

I agree with you and it’s something I’ve noticed as well. I think a few things need to be done in order to correct this. One is on the admins part. I think we’ve been a bit too lenient in regards to giving out strikes for bubble rping, and I do think that’s something we need to start taking more seriously - and we will. We always said from day one how we have the best members, and I truly and wholeheartedly stand by this with everything in me to this day. I know we’re all capable of branching out and creating connections that are amazing - I’ve already seen this be done on the dash!! The second part is asking you guys to help us out a little. Please, branch out and talk to everyone. It doesn’t matter if the person is in your friend group or not. Try. It’ll make /your/ experience better as well. And as we’ve stated before, don’t be afraid to reach out and directly ask for plots instead of being general in the ooc blog. If you see someone in the ooc blog ask for plots, before you make your own post - message them. I think we as the admin team need to monitor that as well, and if we feel that people are relying too heavily on the ooc blog, then we’ll talk about getting rid of it maybe? But that’s up for discussion. But we also don’t want to stifle you guys either and be that type of admin team that’s constantly down your throats. You guys are all adults here and we trust you. We want to be able to give you that creative freedom without us bombarding your every move, so please, don’t make us feel like we’re taking that away and just remember we’re a roleplay group. We always said this is your roleplay group and the admin team just keep it flowing, so please, branch out beyond your comfort zone. It’ll also help you with your character development as well as make you an overall better roleplayer.

The Admin Team was going to post about an event that wasn’t mandatory. But, I think I’m gonna talk to them and ask to put that event on hold and make another mandatory event for the entire group. I think that will help a lot in regards to branching out and making people interact with others more. Either way, keep an eye out for an event that’s coming soon! <3

Everyone please like this notice so I know you’ve all read it, thank you. <3

Happiness is immeasurable✨🌞 for me it’s morning walks in the sunshine, fresh air, puppy kisses, being surrounded by loved ones… Whenever times get tough, like it has been for me recently, the way I get myself out of that rut is by stepping back to focus on the little things. I try to focus on gratitude for the present moment, instead of focusing on all the things I still have to do, worry about what might/might not happen, or beating myself up about the past. Gratitude being able to move my body, be surrounded by amazing family + friends, even just waking up to make a delicious and nourishing breakfast or warm shower…💜
Our minds really are so powerful. I know it’s so much easier said than done but it’s our CHOICE what to focus on and what actions we take. And I know practicing little things every single day that bring me joy goes a long way💫
Whether it’s a yoga flow, a walk with my pup, calling a friend or cooking my favourite meal (or all of these things🤗), I feel a little better, a little brighter and a little stronger in an instant.
A positive mind will always beat those negative thoughts that try to defeat us. We have so much more power over how we feel than we think🌟🙏🏼

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Life of a Student Nurse

Life as a student nurse means that no two or three days are the same, whether it is lectures or duties. It is tiring and challenging but that is why I enjoy it.

Student nursing is time intensive. You are lucky enough if you have five to eight hours of sleep, we work nights and weekends, and when we are not on duty, we have case presentations to work on, NCM, Health Assessment, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology, and a lot more difficult exams to get ready for, long hours of lectures and laboratories, heavy books, handouts that are so thick, quizzes every day, the struggle of having an all-white uniform especially during rainy days, memorizing a lot of informations for return demonstrations, skipping family occasions just to study and finish your requirements, and ofcourse, less social life because studies is your priority.

I know, it is hard, but I don’t mind. There is nothing else I would rather be doing. Working in healthcare can be relentless but you are constantly motivated by your colleagues and the interactions with patients to provide the very best care the public deserves. We all have a common goal, of helping others and caring for those who are in need. L­­­ike every day, you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.

So if your heart of compassion and love is all there is that drew you to nursing, and you have the willingness to care for people, you are what the patients want, and you will feel fulfilled helping them.

Photo above was taken from our duty at Nova District Hospital, delivery room! 😊

Alright you all. Remember today is the day when episode 12 airs and (maybe) last episode. Crossing my fingers that we will get a season 2 someday, but I somewhat have some doubts about it. Has there ever been an anime that never got finished? I mean, that never fully covered the original material? I’m just thinking it would be weird knowing there is more to cover, but the anime doesn’t cover all of it…

Anyway, the episode should air in about… 5½ hours from this post. Be careful of spoilers on Twitter and such before you watch the subbed version. And let’s cross fingers that they will say more will come in the future!

My biggest wish for this episode is that Zero will get her Mercenary kiss. Come on Mercenary, she’s done so much for you already, it’s time to show your appreciation for that!

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I miss Harry :(

I miss him too.  I hope he’s doing alright 💜

You know what I was thinking about last night?  Remember when Harry released Sign of the Times?  We all listened to it together.  It was such an amazing moment.  For me it was 3am, and I was sitting in the dark with my headphones in and I remember my heart was pounding.  Just waiting for Harry’s voice to appear on Nick’s show….I’ve never felt anything like it before.  We were all here……..freaking out.  April 7th!  Oh my god!!!  I’m getting emotional typing this, what a good day.  What an amazing SONG.  Hearing those notes for the first time was….indescribable to be honest.  Hearing his voice….pure amazement.  Listening to Harry talk about his song and listening to a playlist he put together, listening to him and Nick bicker and laugh the entire time!  Being awake all throughout the night and into the morning and all day listening to his interviews and listening to SOTT so many times.  God I am so proud of him.  I am so…..proud of him.  Everything he’s done.  I love him so so much. 

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Nekomaru, maybe it'll help if you talk about it?Akane remembers too, you know. She'll understand.

So…You remember too…

…Yes. It happened a few days ago.

And? …What did you do? You can tell me, you know. I doubt it will be worse than what I did.

I’m…Too ashamed to talk about it…

So you are just going to give up and run away?


You did bad things, okay, I get that. So did every single one of us. That’s why we are all here after all. But then when you regain your memories suddently you are worse than us? Suddently you are the only one who doesn’t deserve redemption or to be a coach anymore? That’s bullshit !

You are the one who told me that what I did during despair didn’t define me. That I could still be a big sister to my siblings despite what I did to them, that I just needed to become better, stronger for all of them…

So why would you be different? It’s too hard for you to accept the truth so you are turning your back on it and running away? Say something like that again and I’m going to punch you, the Nekomaru I know and care about isn’t some weakling like that !


You’re right…I’m sorry…I was being pathetic, I apologize. Thank you for stopping me from my own cowardice.

It’s okay. So…Are you ready to talk?

…I am. I just need a moment to gather my thoughts.

TalesFromRetail: "You should make it more obvious you're open!"

Hello All,

I apologize for any typos, I’m on mobile.

I used to work at one of those cash-for-gold stores in a large city. As a security measure, the doors were locked at all times and customers had to get buzzed in. There was a big yellow arrow with bold letters on both doors that pointed at the button customers needed to press to get buzzed in. (I also sat behind two way glass in an office at this location, again for security purposes, so clients couldnt immediately see anyone.)

Since we all can appreciate how brillantly smart retail customers are, you can imagine that everyone found the button and everything was just peachy.

Ha, nope.

I would routinely have to chase people down in the parking lot to let them know, we were indeed open despite the doors being locked.

One day, a lady come to the door. She pulls. It doesn’t open. She looks up and pulls again, more forcefully. Now she reads the door, I think she will see the arrow and figure it out. Nope, she reads the hours on the door, right above the giant yellow arrow. She then presses her face against the door, cups her hands around her eyes to see in the building. Her face is literally on the arrow that explains how to enter. She pulls the door vigorously again, I can tell she is getting mad.

Meanwhile, I’m hurrying out of my office to help her. She turns and walks away. I pop out and catch her in the parking lot.

Me: “Ma'am! You can come on in, sorry about that.”

Lady: “Your hours said you’re open! Why is your door locked?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, it’s for security. There is an arrow that points to the buzzer to get it right here. I’m sorry if that was confusing to you.”

L: “Well you should make it more obvious you’re open!”

Right, because the lights and tv being on, the hours and giant yellow arrow on the door and the two, yes TWO flashing opens signs aren’t very obvious. Of course, it’s my fault you couldn’t figure it out. My bad.

By: knottywobble

Call out

I really wanted to do more for fic appreciation day, but I fell asleep as soon as I got off work. Like, deadass asleep for 12+ hours.

Anyway, know that I love all the writers and I’m just gonna do a callout here for some of the authors (Even though I’m a day late) @cephalopod-werecat because Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is my favourite. @thechampagneking70 because you’re the Alexander Hamilton of fanfiction writing (like, seriously, non stop). @kings-of-fillory because we’re royalty together and also you’re seriously an amazing writer. And @cldfiredrgn I need to finish reading Shoulder to Shoulder but you’re absolutely amazing and deserve to be called out.