we all know my love for math

i love outer space

i love learning about the universe

it’s so fascinating. i’m so enthralled by it, i just get so excited by new information that we learn daily.

honestly, if i was smart enough, i’d try to be an astronaut in a heartbeat.

math was never my strong suit, though. that’s why i never even considered taking astronomy back in high school… too many difficult equations o^o;;.

remember those super expensive space camps they advertised all the time back in the 90s? I would still love to go to one. 

i wanna experience the feeling of floating in zero gravity.

i hope we discover so many more groundbreaking things in my lifetime.

i just wanna know MORE

gosh i love space ;v;

Peppermint Winter album art

Hey, Tumblr art folks, I know some of you aren’t the best at math and sciences or just really dislike them, but maybe don’t rag on them all the time? As somebody who is on both “sides” the supposed math-vs-art divide it’s so weird that some people think that these are two mutually exclusive things. Nah, they’re not, they really aren’t. They’re pretty intimately related, despite how hard our education system tries to put them in discrete boxes. I understand that there are systemic issues in the way these subjects are taught in schools, believe me I do, but thinking these are two diametrically opposed sides is absolutely inaccurate.

Love the show “K.C. Undercover.” It has a great cast you guys have a great chemistry. For those who don’t know about the show tell them about your role and the show.

Kadeem: The show is called “K.C. Undercover.” It is about a family of five. Our daughter is a 16 year old girl, who is a black belt and math whiz. All her life we have groomed her for something that she doesn’t know about. In the pilot episode she finds out that we are accountants by day and spies by night. We recruit her into our family business.

From there it takes on a life of its own of her trying to be a high school kid and being a government spy. We try to manage our family and be spies and go on missions. We are saving the world week after week. It is a lot of fun. I play Craig Cooper, her dad. I am the father of the family, who is basically a big kid. He hasn’t grown up entirely yet. He likes to have a lot of fun.

To make sure you guys look like a family on screen what did you and the rest of the cast do to build up that relationship?

KH: Building up the relationship and chemistry was really easy. The three of us, Tammy Townsend, who plays Kira my wife; Kamil McFadden, who plays Ernie, my son and I all auditioned together. So that chemistry was kind of formed sitting outside running lines getting ready for the test. Chemistry is a funny thing to me. It is when you are good and I am good then we got chemistry. You know how to do your job. I know how to do my job. Bam, we got chemistry. 

Once the three of us went in and met with Zendaya it all felt really good instantly. We were the first group that they took in. Myself, Tammy, and Kamil went in and met Zendaya. We read the lines over a few times. I felt like they are going to blow this if they don’t cast us. I never feel like that. I sometimes come out of auditions and be like oh that was crap. For this one though I came out and felt like that it was a family. Tammy felt like a wife. Kamil felt like a son. Zendaya felt like a daughter. It kind of worked itself out that way.

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Hope Springs Eternal

I love my son.  He just turned to me and said, “Is it important that Betrayer starts with B?” and I’m all, “Honey, you know Ishida is A.”  He’s like, “No, I mean Haschwaldt.  We all just assume it’s Balance, but it hasn’t been said for sure.”  I sit there with the “…” for a moment and then say, “We haven’t seen him yet have we?”

(Also the title of this chapter appeared LONG after Ishida was revealed.  At the end.)

The (Shipped) Gold Standard

Sometimes I wanna quit this all and become an accountant now
But I’m no good at math besides the dollar is down
Plant palm trees on Lake Michigan before it gets cold
I gotta feel the wind chill again before I get old

I wanna scream “I love you” from the top of my lungs
But I’m afraid that someone else will hear me

You can only blame your problems on the world for so long
Before it all becomes the same old song
As soon as we hit the hospital I know we’re gonna leave this town
And get new passports and get get get get get out now

All the “Yes” men said ‘no comment’
My mouth got going the wrong way and all the cards got its no win
The time my dad caught me a horse shoe crab
And I asked him if throwing it back into the sea would bring our luck back

I wanna scream “I love you” from the top of my lungs
But I’m afraid that someone else will hear me

You can only blame your problems on the world for so long
Before it all becomes the same old song
As soon as we hit the hospital I know we’re gonna leave this town
And get new passports and get out now

Tell that boy I’ll leave you alone now
Like a stove, I’ll turn my love down
Supra and the prophet are both in the business of souls

I wanna scream “I love you” from the top of my lungs
But I’m afraid that someone else will hear me
I wanna scream “I love you” from the top of my lungs
But I’m afraid that someone else will hear me

You can only blame your problems on the world for so long
Before it all becomes the same old song
As soon as we hit the hospital I know we’re gonna leave this town
(Know we’re gonna leave this town)
And get new passports and get get get get get out
Get get get get get out now!

jaegerbombastic asked:

fuck dude you do neuroscience? what do u wanna go into and what highers did you do, i really want to go into the neuro field. don't mind me being a nosey fuck

ayye no problem. providing we’re talking about the scottish education system i did maths english chemistry physics and biology at higher and i did maths physics and biology at advanced higher. if you want an unconditional to something like neuroscience you’re going to need at least AAABB at higher, including biology and chemistry.

so yeah i don’t know at all what age you are so i can’t really tell you anything specific but right now i’m loving my course and honestly i’m hoping to carry on with postgrad neuroscience (maybe even a phd that would be cool) because it would help me more with getting a job in the neuro field ^^

I’ve already posted this but this is honestly my favorite picture I have on my phone at the moment. I love my friends more than everything and I’m particularly happy with this group, that’s why I’m typing this when I’m supposed to be in math. I don’t even know how this friend group even came to be, because we all are so different but I think that’s what makes it even better. I took this and I don’t think anyone knows that I did, but it was too perfect of a moment not to. we were all sitting in the living room at 3am just talking. talking about anything on our minds, anything that bothers us about another person, we talked about being happy and being sad… we laughed and got mad at eachother and maybe there was 1 or 2 disagreements but that was okay. all I’m saying is that you should remember moments like this and keep your friends close. kaitlynsteimle ur-weird-same let-the-ra1n-fall shiningthroughyourlight

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: Aly
Time and date: 6:13pm. March 31
Average hours of sleep a night: usually anywhere between 4-6
Last thing I googled: some math problems i needed for homework
Nickname: Aly is my nickname, other than that people just call me by my full name
Birthday: May 26
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?? don’t really know, don’t really care.
Height: 5′8″
Favorite colour: green
One place that makes me happy: my room? it’s the closest thing. but if i could pick anywhere, i’d pick the piece of land my cousin and i own and are slowly beginning to fill with all the animals we love (so far it’s only got a donkey, dogs, horses and some peacocks but we’re getting there)
How many blankets do i sleep under: 2
Favorite movie: this changes all the time but maybe snowpiercer 
What I’m wearing right now: pj bottoms and a t-shirt
Last book you read: The Alchemist 
Most used phrase(s): curse words probably
First word that comes to mind: tired
What I last said to a family member: “no problem”
Favorite beverage: ice cold water
Favorite food: french fries
Last movie I watched in theaters: Home
Dream Vacation: either a nice, secluded, quiet little house somewhere tropical with big windows so i can enjoy the beach all day (without having to go in it) or a road trip through Europe or something

Dream Wedding: if it ever happens, a small one. or just elope. i love going to big weddings but i’ve never pictured myself having one
Dream pet: an alpaca. and the biggest dog i can possibly get my hands on
Dream Job: so many. i’d love to be able to do anything in film. something in the psychology field. an interior designer. maybe open up a business, i’d love to have a bakery. i just hope i get to do something i enjoy.

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we’ve become mutuals somewhat recently (most of you anyway) and i haven’t really gotten to know you or talked to you very much and i think you’re all gr8 so here we go:

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1, 25, 50, 75, 100

1: Is there a boy/girl in your life?


25: What’s on your mind?

how freaking insane tumblr is with all the notes I’ve gotten on my TDOV post!! ilysm thank you!! (also how I’m gonna fail my math test tomorrow but ya know)

50: Top 3 web-pages?

uh tumblr, netflix, and bigeq

75: Why aren’t you with the person you were first in love with or almost in love?

idk uh distance ya know is a real biatch

100: Who was the last person that you pinky promise?

my sister! she and I promised that we would go see the annual dog costume halloween parade in nyc next year :))))))))))))))))))

THANKS EMI (or not)

Math teachers that love math and get super excited about math are the cutest thing in the universe, and the only people who can math even vaugely interesting

My math teacher right now once described a proof that actually made us collectively gasp at the conclusion. (I think it was for… A use of binary recursion for cryptography systems) and then today he was doing another historical digression (he knows so much math history; like years and everything) and somehow got me emotionally invested in James Joseph Sylvester. 
James Sylvester is my baby and the reason we should all follow our dreams, no longer how long it takes.

Hi friends! I have to write a short story for my fiction class and I’m really nervous about it because it’s gonna be critiqued by my class and just….ugh. Not sure about anything. The plot. The characters. I don’t know. Also: I’m failing math. So that’s a quick update. Also: I love you all. You keep me happy. I love how creative everyone is and how beautiful this whole fandom is and how we can pick ourselves back up from anything. How we stand up for what we know is right. That’s important. I’m wearing a koala sweater today. I also have a bug bite on my neck so that’s annoying. Well, off to live my life. Have a good day. I love Taylor and how she carries a little heart purse and how she’s friends with camila because you just know camila values her. I also love her red lipstick. (Oh my lips are sunburned. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?)

Had two opposite experiences last night. Went to Google offices for an event related to work/networking/supporting my students. I was the only woman there for the first 20 minutes and a guy talked to me about what JavaScript is and it was not cool at all. I love my job but sometimes I look as out of place as I feel. I know what JavaScript is. I think math and coding as all of that are important.

Then I met up with friends at a reading that was v good and inspiring and I felt so happy and warm afterwards. The writer who we went to see asked us if we were writers too and I realized that I only ever write emails and edit resumes and give presentations on how to get a job that pays 100k/year.

I also write tumblr posts from my phone while in the elevator at work.

90 Day LDR Challenge

Day 13: What are some things you two have in common?

Chloe and I have several thing in common even if we think all the time we are opposites. We both like to tell each other about random thing like psychology experiments that I had no idea human behavior, what is good or bad. We love to show each other very remote places we’d love to go, she tell me a lot of things about biology, multicultural topics and I tell her about physics, math, nature. Even we’ve talked about Mars mission, isn’t it great? I mean she is my other half I don’t know what would I do without her honestly though

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pink and blue

pink - 4 facts about my parents

  • my mum is really good at maths
  • my dad is really good at writing
  • my mum is one of the most capable people i know
  • my dad loves eating fish. like a lot

blue - 9 facts about my family

  • i have a sister who’s 3 years older than me
  • we don’t spend a huge amount of time all together
  • when we do it’s nice though (most of the time)
  • all of my immediate family is pretty mathsy
  • most of my family (including extended) wear glasses
  • most of my extended family live in other countries
  • we love each other a lot
  • but we often clash
  • my sister is the family member i’m closest too

thanks anon ^^

I woke up tangled in a blanket we shared last night instead of being tangled in you. but I guess I can’t get greedy after being with you for 5 hours and getting all the kisses I dreamed of. I fit perfectly into your arm and into your hugs and I don’t know what I’m going to do. but I think I’m ready for you to ruin my life.
—  you told me to write about you when we were joking around and you said to write about how smart you are and I just laughed because if you were smart you wouldn’t have chosen me. and I asked you what 12 times 12 was and you got it right but then you said 12 times 11 was 121 and I proved you wrong and you rewarded me with an embrace and kisses lighter that feathers. you claimed you knew that. you were just testing me. and so I wrote about you.

A few days ago, in my math class, Sam Smith came on the radio because my teacher occasionally plays iTunes Radio while we work. A kid said that he didn’t like Sam Smith because all of his love songs were aimed towards men. (By the way, I don’t know if this is factual. It doesn’t matter nonetheless.) My teacher heard this, and she said that he doesn’t have a choice, that that’s no reason not to like him. He further said some other things, but I didn’t really listen. After that, my teacher said that not liking someone because of their sexual orientation is like saying someone doesn’t like him because he’s Asian, which he was. I was made really happy by this, not just that someone stood up for homosexuality, but also for our education system beginning to have people like my math teacher. We are teaching open-mindedness, we are teaching people that we should accept them regardless of their sexuality.

Things are changing, folks.

sometimes I wonder if I chose science to study bc I wanted to be a psychologist but then everyone I knew decided to study psychology and I was like no I want a thing what’s something that everyone I know hates that’d make me look smart
and now I’m apparently going to do it at DEGREE LEVEL and pay WORRYING AMOUNTS OF MONEY for it and maybe I’m just a fake

that’s not true I do really love chemistry even if it is a shitty difficult cruel subject it’s great fun e.g “and why don’t we do this experiment in class? because we would ALL DIE” plus I actually get to apply my calculator skills I KNOW HOW TO USE THE LOG FUNCTION YES PICK ME I AM MATHS
I have to get an A in maths if I achieve nothing else this year I will be happy with an A in maths
better start actually working on it hahahahahahahah fuck this EPQ for taking up all my time
but no I’ve somehow timetabled myself 8 maths sessions a week now with 5 compulsory and I do work outside of class sometimes I just really fucking loathe mechanics right now because I’m bad at it

sobeautifullyobsessed replied to your post “Soooooo, I had an interview today…..”

Bless you, my dear. I feel the same way about Alan & you will find me preaching at work & among my friends about what we all have to be thankful to him for. Also, good vibes & prayers commencing on you behalf!

Thank you! He really is a modern marvel and while I am no where near a maths genius, I can love a maths genius for sure!

Thank you! I am really excited about it. I am just tired of being a little fish in a big pond, I wanna be a little fish in a little pond. Where everyone knows your name, and you are a part of a tight school culture and community! So here is hoping!

Thanks for the good thoughts and love and prayers!!!