we all know how that feels

sorry to be that stan but im rly crying so hard im just thinking of all the shitty situations they had to get thru to reach where they are right now and im so fucki ng overwhelmed yoongi literally lived almost on the streets he would give all his food to the youngers so they were well fed n be left with any bc they didn’t have enough money to buy more namjoon gave up on everything to dedicate his life on doing what he loved even though he had no assurance it was going to work out hoseok had to carry thru everything with his bright personality n i bet he’s put himself thru so much trouble repressing his feelings in order to always be the safe place of the group n jin omg even though hes from a good family financially speaking he didn’t waste a second to chase his dream no matter how he has been constantly neglected for so long n also jimin who fought and is still fighting all his demons and insecurities and is always worrying abt everyone else but him and my baby taehyung he is so blessed a pure soul of nature yall know he’s just like a younger version of hoseok we never know when hes hurting bc he keeps it all to himself in order to cheer everyone up and also my lil soft angel jungkook who put up thru so much internally left his home when still a child n believed in all his hyungs to be w him where he is now they all made it so far and im so fucking proud im rly choking in my tears theyre my everything i wish i could give them the world

The Glamour keeps them from finding each other.

There’s been a plethora of other Miraculers talking about how our children can’t recognize each other because of the Kwami Glamour. 

A subconscious effort by the Kwamis in question, though sometimes very much aware, they go through great lengths to protect their chosen’s identities, so long as it is their wish to stay anonymous. (usually by the Ladybug chosen’s wish cause hell we all know Adrien is dying to know.) 

I don’t recall who was the main person to call it, feel free to tell me and I’ll correct and credit it.

Still figuring out how I want to draw these munchkins. 
And why is Adrien’s hair a freaking nightmare to draw? golly.

BTS replaced you. - pt.END

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“You guys have no idea how hurt she is that you basically threw her to the curb and left her like that.” I looked at all seven of the men who stood before me after Y/N had ran to her room and closed the door behind her.

“Why are you interfering? What did you say to her to get her to hate us like this?” Jungkook stood before me, squaring up as if he was ready to throw a punch. But I took a step back.

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Transgender Day of Rememberance

Hey all,
As some of you may know, but also some of you may not, today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Today is the day that we should take a minute out of our busy days and mindsets in order to think about all the people out there who identify as transgender, whether they have come to terms with it or not. There are a large number of people out there and yes anyone who identifies as Transgender are PEOPLE too, not some “abomination to mankind” as I have been called in the past by some closed minded people, anyway, there are a large number of people out there who are finding it difficult to come to terms with how they are feeling. I know how they all feel because when I was 16 I was confused and scared and had no idea what the hell was going on in my own mind and yes I’m not gonna lie it put me into a major depression where I locked myself away in my room and refused to speak to anyone about how I was feeling. I am one of the lucky ones to have a supportive group of family and friends that helped me through all of my transition and that still support me to this day, but there are some people out there who don’t have that support or don’t know how to go about getting support, so please give a minute to show that you care about the transgender community.
Thank You guys!

Cats Love Rhett: A Holiday Giving Idea

Hey all -

So I know we have been chatting about doing a holiday fundraiser and here’s my idea.

We all know how Rhett feels about cats. So wouldn’t it be hilarious if we did a donation for cats (and of course dogs) all in Rhett’s name?

- Cats Love Rhett will involve:

  • Donating to a local shelter, snap a pic, and we will tag it Cats Love Rhett
  • Donate money to a national organization like Alley Cat Allies

Please leave your feedback on this idea! Also, I can always use help (especially from Twitter, Instagram, and people connected to the Kommunity).


I swear these are the last screenshots I’ll post, but I just really want to talk about this scene. I’ve wanted to since the first time I saw it, but now I feel like I finally know what I want to say.

I cannot stress how much I absolutely loved this scene. It feels like this was the first glimpse of Adventurer!Donald we got.

He saw Dewey was in danger and looked around. In less than a second, as Dewey was jumping onto the bridge of lazer sensor things, he had a solution. And man, he went for it. Look at that awesome posing during this sequence. Donald wasn’t being played for a laugh at this moment- in fact, he was juxtaposed with Dewey, who wasn’t taking this seriously at all. Donald was the serious character in this scene. 

So this shows us a little bit of what Donald is capable of, and this scene is one of the reasons I was so, so disappointed in the more recent comic. I was hoping to see more of this from Donald, not… what we got. I’m hoping beyond hope that this Donald is what the show gives us when the time is right.

Donald is clearly able to think on his feet, which shows that he’s a bit more clever than his other animated iterations (if, you know, the way he tricked Scrooge into agreeing to take the boys for the day didn’t already clue you into that fact).
He’s also risking his own safety here- the way he’s holding that shield, if this wasn’t a cartoon his fingers would be burned. In fact, we see near the end of this sequence that his hands are burning.

He holds that shield there as long as he can, until the pressure builds up and the burning-hot shield knocks him aside.

If this weren’t a cartoon, Donald would be so injured right now.

The bottom line is this scene is probably my favourite from the entire show so far, and gives me high hopes for how DuckTales 2017 (the show, the comic’s already let me down) will treat Donald. I really, really hope to see more moments like this, where we can actually feel like he used to be an adventurer. Where we can actually think Webby’s words, “Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!” was truth and not just inflated fangirl dreaming.

Give me more Donald thinking on his feet and risking himself to save his family (which he did a surprising amount of times throughout the comics), give me a Donald who is confident and competent at least sometimes, give me a Donald who can be bad luck and clumsy and still have his adventurous BAMF moments like this, as small as they might be. We got some of it in Daytrip of Doom and House of the Lucky Gander, but in a more comedic fashion than this scene. This scene just… really caught my attention, and I hope for future scenes that do the same.

The one good thing about the German crisis: We now learn what our President is actually capable of. Usually he is just the representing guy, like the Queen is. Now he actually has political power, because he is the one who has to decide what happens next. Merkel as a minority chancellor? New elections? A totally different chancellor? It’s up to him. He decides and he appoints. 

In all honesty I don’t know how to feel about this episode. I love Negan so much and Jeffrey Dean Morgan does a great job playing him, but I also feel a little disappointed.

I thought we’d get more than just a minute of him talking about Lucille and briefly mentioning working with kids. I’m sure we will get more of a backstory, but I wanted more. I’m sure I sound ungrateful right now too, but I don’t mean to come off that way.

And I know the show doesn’t follow the comics exactly but I feel like they’re going in a completely different direction with Negan. That really scares me.


RJ: I hate that you think so poorly of me. But I never lied to you. You knew I was sleeping with Margaux when we hooked up, just like I knew you were sleeping with Nicky. I don’t lie to my partners. Now I realize it’s probably not the best thing to do-to be intimate with two people at once even if you’re upfront about it. Because Margaux knows all about you. Knows exactly how I feel about you. 

Diosa sneers: Does she really? How nice.

RJ: She does. She also knows that I was thisclose to ending things with her to be with you. But you told me you didn’t want me. 

Diosa snaps: And now she’s conveniently pregnant.

RJ: Diosa, things like this happen. You should know that better than anyone. But honestly? The way I feel about you? I’d still end it with her, pregnant or not. I’d be a father to my child, but I’d end it with her. *fierce*  I love you that much, Diosa. All you have to do is tell me that you’ll have me, that you’ll marry me when you come of age. That you’ll build a life with me. That you’ll let me take care of you. Diosa, tell me that, and I’ll end it with Margaux.

Diosa whispers: You want my answer to that?

RJ nods: Yes. Tell me how you feel. 

She slaps him hard across the face.

Diosa: THAT’s how I feel. I despise you, RJ. You know I love Nicky and I always will. I only wanted to call you out for the big two face that you are. I wanted to say it to your face.

He nods, holds a hand to his cheek. She turns away, her breathing ragged. 

Why? Why was she so afraid of telling him she loved him?

this must be the feeling they were
all talking about - i’ll call you
little fire and watch
how sunflowers burst all around:
floating pieces of light,
leaves in the shape of love.
we bite into the sun like a lemon
and the sweet outweighs the sour.
look at the way the light falls 
on our faces, halved like peaches - we
did that with our bare hands - we are
somehow golden, eyes like
oceans, mouths like swimming
pools, drowning in it all -
the grass at our knees, the sun
swallowing the land like a hungry,
gentle beast.

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Im new so sorry if you already asked this. How old is Cup and Mug?

/Kicks down door/

The brothers are twins and currently get to boast being eleven and a half
Younger than them is Del, at ten, look at him, finally hitting double digits
Dice, Hilda, Cala, and Bon Bon are all just older than the brothers at a whopping 12 years of age isn’t that so exciting
Beppi, at 13, at least gets to say he’s a teenager now, because we all know how exciting THAT was
Cagney is the oldest at 14, the old man. Maybe we should be getting him a cane and some reading glasses ya know?

Originally there was a chart with all this info and I will still be finishing one buuuuuut my art app decided to crash and I don’t feel like starting over so ya know
Fun times


This is in response to people who wanted Frank and Karen to talk about Matt’s death directly. 

The thing I love about Frank and Karen is that they are very direct and blunt but also there is so much unspoken or tip-toed around in conversation. Even in Daredevil the closest they really came to talking about Matt was in the diner. But even then it was all about how Karen felt about Matt and not really about Matt himself. In The Punisher, we see Frank reading alot, both newspapers (including Karen’s articles) and books. Frank knows that Matt is gone. It doesn’t need to be talked about cause Matt was never the real topic. How Karen feels is what’s relevant. To that end, Karen and Frank do check in on each other to see how they are doing emotionally. The most revealing thing is Frank claiming he’s not lonely when we’ve seen he clearly is and then Karen calling bullshit on it cause she’s half drowning in loneliness herself. They have both lost people they love and are still reeling from it. Loneliness is their refuge and their enemy. They know who and why they are in this state. They don’t need to name them. They need to find a way to move on. 

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Hi Jandy. I don't know if your aware, but bride of hobo has been really aggressively attacked by a certain blogger for kind of no reason. I like your blog but I remember in the past you said you didnt have a problem with this blogger. But your someone trying to promote fandom happiness and different opinions.. how can you do both? I hope this doesnt sound rude or offensive and im not trying to start anything, I just feel like we have to start standing up to the people making the fandom hard

I am actually aware, thanks. @bride-of-hobo is a friend. She’s smart and talented and I appreciate her place in our fandom - and I like her as a person. I don’t understand why her words and posts have been chosen to be attacked and I DO NOT think it’s okay. In fact, several of her words this afternoon really resonated with me - but I’ll get to that at the end of this post - and then literally this will be THE LAST time I talk about this on my blog.

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Hello! How are you, I hope you're doing well on this NaNoWriMo month because I certainly will need your help. I found myself writing three scenes in three pages (which is about a thousand words for me). I know that I definitely don't write enough here, but what should I do? All of my sentences are connected and lead one action to the next, how can I slow my pace down and write more description? Thank you for your time!

Hiya! Thanks for your question!

We answered a similar question in the past here (Why Your Story Feels Too Fast). We also reblogged a helpful post here (Controlling Pace with Detail). So, check out those posts!

If you feel like those posts don’t answer your question, feel free to send in another ask! Thanks again for your question! Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!


I know some of you are attacking drake because of his outbrust with Bertrand and i get it, i don’t think violence is good and Bertrand didn’t deserve it (at least no all of it) because he didn’t know , for me the problem here was Savannah and Maxwell. But we have to try to put ourselves in Drake’s shoes for a second, he had a few rough days, first he found his sister after all this time and discovers that she ran away because of Bertrand (her side of the story, and the side Drake knows for now) and not only that, but also had a child with him. Imagine how you would feel, your own sister does not trust you and leans on Maxwell, who keeps the secret and lies to Drake in his own face knowing that not knowing about his sister was killing him.Drake already has trouble trusting others especially in noblemen but he considered Maxwell a friend, Drake is not someone who demonstrates what he feels with words but with actions, and has always been for Maxwell when he has asked for help. so we can imagine how it hurt to know that he lied to him.
Finally Bastien, the man Drake admires and sees as a family is involved in the plot against MC and in a way towards Liam. I can understand how finding out about all this can be too much. In fact it would have seemed strange to me that I did not do it. In addition he acknowledged that he acted wrong and apologized for the scene, he knows that what he did was wrong. I find it interesting how his relationship with the beaumont will develop after this. So in conclusion, what he did was fine? No. Do i get it? Of course . In the end we are human and we make mistakes and sometimes we need to commit them to understand what we did wrong and grow.

Okay gang I’m all heated up and I just want to say that I personally value Likes just as much as I do Reblogs and I never want any of my followers to feel pressured into having to Reblog my work!

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About Drake’s and Bertrand’s argument.

This situation is really starting to get on my nerves! 😡 Drake had all the right to explode at Bertrand that night and everything he said is right. The guy lost his sister for god knows how long, then he finds out that people who he calls them his friends (and we all know Drake doesn’t open up to people easily to become friends) knew all along where his sister and why she left? I mean Bertrand did know that it has something to do with what happened between them, yet they both looked on his face everyday like nothing happened. And we all know by now how the nobles treat the commoners like Drake. Hell, they treated us that way even by Bertrand and you all that time were complaining about it and hating on him. No, I don’t feel sorry for Bertrand. He deserved it, he had it coming and I’m glad it was Drake not someone else.

And let’s face it. Bertrand had sex with Savannah then pushed her away by giving her a long speech about how they can’t be together and now after Drake found out and came to confront him about it he says that she misunderstood?! Maybe if he told Drake about it before it would work but now after all this time, I don’t think if we put anyone in Drake’s shoes would take it easy like nothing happened.

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Hey, guys. So this is a little stupid, but can you guys describe how you console each other? Something really terrible happened and I'd just like to feel better. Maybe knowing how you guys help fix each other would do that?

It’s a little different for everyone. 

For me, Bill or Rich, we like to get out our pent-up feelings and burn off some steam by going for a run/bike ride, blasting music or just having a good old scream session 

Eddie and Ben are more talk-it-out kinda people, and a hug doesn’t hurt either

Stan and Mike like calming distractions. Movie nights and quiet walks and stuff

Hope this is helpful at all?? -Bev

To my fellow Infp’s out there…

I have a question: When someone - in person - tells you some terrible news related to yourself, how do you initially react?

So I ask this because in my personal experience, I react in a really odd way. I often want to smile or nervous laugh. Which does not reflect how I feel AT ALL. Because when I’m alone and have time to process the news I am devastated, and incredibly sad.

Is it a defence mechanism? Is it because we’re already dealing with such heightened emotions that it’s just all too much at once?

This may not even be an INFP thing. I have an ISFJ friend who reacts the same. Is it a F thing? I don’t know. Just curious…