we all know how that feels

I don’t I will ever get over how Even sees Isak. 

He just sees him as cute and funny and charming and dramatic and silly and fun and sexy and beautiful so fucking beautiful! He sees him so so soft????? So happy???? Isak is just…. Everything. He’s EVERYTHING. 

AND ALL HE WANTS TO DO, IS TAKE CARE OF HIM. GIVE HIM ALL THE BEST THINGS. I MEAN GOD, HE THINKS HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ISAK???? Which is so bizarre to see because WE lived s3. We KNOW how Isak feels, how Isak thinks he’s everything too. 

I’m just so utterly overwhelmed with how much Even loves him. 

I know being in fandom our grief can feel… odd. Misplaced. Bigger than we think it should be, even. I encourage you to feel how you feel, and be patient and lovely with yourself and others.

A massive, light and love filled hug to anyone who might be hurting. All my love to you. ♥️

um well i don’t know how to start but yep i reached 10k

i can’t express how i appreciate you guys because this would be impossible without you

10 000 it’s a huge number for me and i still feel like i’m not deserve it but here we are 

@dannyhowell nancy my pumpkin thanks for believing in me i love you with all my heart 

@frecklie kennedy thank you for being with me for so long time and for your support it means a lot for me bby 

and of course thankyouthankyouthankyou to all of you guys for this you always make me feel happier

and there’s my lovely ppl


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Countdown To You | Pt. 6

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Genre: Angst, Fluff

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.1k

Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: i somehow feel like i’m getting nowhere with this fic but at the same time i also feel like we’re getting closer towards the real story you know what i mean ;; anyways SURPRISE YALL :’)) another update!!! enjoy the reading :’)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4  | Pt. 5

As you stepped into the huge, empty amusement park, you came to the conclusion that Park Jimin was definitely a man of his words.

How- The park is empty…” you muttered as your eyes were wandering through all the empty rides and closed stalls, not even noticing that the man next to you was smiling at your shocked face. It was mid-winter, so you did not expect the amusement park to be full of excited people, but you expected at least some other people to be here. You turned your head towards your soulmate, hiding half of your face behind your red, fluffy scarf – eying him with one raised brow. “Can you at least explain to me why there is no other form of human life here?”

The only answer Jimin gave you was a soft snicker, shaking his head amusingly as he took your hand in the process. You jolted up at the simple touch, the mark on your right wrist doing its job again as you stared at Jimin with wide eyes. You did not know why, but you suddenly felt a sparkle of hope inside of you – and you did not know what kind of hope it exactly was, but you certainly knew that it felt great.

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An Issue

Listen, I know we’ve all been surprised by chapter 129, but we need to talk about real!Ciel’s motivations. Honestly, he’s a victim in all of this- he didn’t want any of this to happen and I feel that the arc will end with him being redeemed and realizing how much he loves our!Ciel and vice versa. It’s pretty clear that he was manipulated by Undertaker into killing Agni and that he did nothing wrong because he has no free will. So in this post, I’m going to talk about how real!Ciel is the real victim and

LMAO JUST KIDDING! Real!Ciel’s garbage and I hope he stays that way :D

Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.

Vicki Harrison

Grief hits us all differently.  This blog is a safe space to grieve.  Feel free to share your thoughts and stories (on or off anon, privately or publicly) without judgment.  

Skateboarding is something you celebrate everyday, everytime you skate you reach a little bit of that freedom we all want. But in this day, everyone wants to skate, even those who haven’t skated in maybe years or those people who changed their priorities and are busy all the time.

This day is to remember those people that skateboarding is always there.

It feels fucking amazing to be part of this comunity and have a day for all of us, it feels beautiful to call you brothers or sisters and have a chat like we know each other since a long time.

Please if you have a chance, take your skateboard and go skate. Feel how amazing is to be part of this.

Being a skateboarder is FUCKING amazing. Thanks for being amazing.

Happy go skate day!

Thank you.

this one goes to everyone who’s filming tyler and josh at tour de columbus. you know, everyone would kill to see them there. i don’t envy you, because you ALL deserve to be there! sometimes we’re all a bit like ‘im the biggest fan, i love them more, i know them longer, better, whatever’, but if you see the videos, you’ll realize soon how happy EVERYONE is to be there. and it’s making me happy, too. there’s so much energy, you can even feel it while watching the vids. and i wanted to thank you for making it possible to be a part of this, where ever we are. you’re awesome.

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Viki, I'm so glad we got today 💛 I think Julie knows how much we all love Even and how badly we wanted a season of just him, and so she's given us this day to spend time with him and to say goodbye. I'm really sad, but I'm also so happy right now!!!!!! I can let him go now

im sooo sad i feel like im losing a part of myself :( but this day was beautiful and i really am thankful that we could have this and im so happy i could share the experience with you guys💗

Positive things: I saw B for the first time today in over a year. Haven’t seen him since we broke up. I’ve been like gun shy at any event whenever I’m back visiting here, afraid of what I’d do and feel if I saw him. I saw him today coming from the market as I was on my way in with my parents. We were the only people on the sidewalk and passing each other. He saw me, I know, because he walked as close to the outer edge as possible and stared at the ground. I am so happy with myself because I felt great. In that moment, I saw all the work I put into myself the last year and how despite my current heartache, I’m in such a better place and I’ve grown so much and if I was still with him I would not have grown and I’d still be in an unhealthy relationship in a town that offered nothing for me growth-wise. In that moment, I was so proud and happy and not crushed as I thought I would be and I realized that interaction probably effected him way more than it did me. I know it did. I’m sure his head is spinning, I still know that about him.
I have grown so much. I’m so proud of myself.

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I love how this is all coming together in the Sims 4 it's like it's made for it! I feel so for Lacey like... if I had met my fiance, whom I consider to be my soul mate, before when I was in another relationship like, what would have happened? That's what it makes me think, because I came to the same town he lived in for years before we met, and I just like... I don't know what I would have done. My heart goes out to them both and then I'm like "It's just a story Lauran, chill" BUT THE FEELS!

Awww it’s a pretty heartbreaking scenario for everyone involved. So glad you met your beloved at just the right time ♡

Thank you and it’s okay! These kind of feels are fun! Even when they hurt! XD

I think I just had a ‘honest controversial conversation’ about an ‘emotionally difficult topic’ with my boyfriend. And guess what all you *how-to-get-rid-of-your-bpd-gf-before-she-eats-you-up-alive*-idiots??? It’s because we spent a lot of time talking about my condition, about how it makes me feel and how it makes him feel. We were forced to talk to each other to make this work. Over and over again. We’re together for a year now, but I bet we know each other as if we’ve been through ages. Yes, a bpd gf might bring a bit of change to your life, but who says it’s for the negative? Who says it’s not worth it?

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Omg Chris is so close to 2k RTs from the main Teen Choice account! I think his tweet after ages brought the excitement and motivation to want him to win even more. I'm so happy he's feeling the love and it makes me emotional thinking he must've been a bit surprised seeing the support after all the negativity. Yes Chris, we love you a whole lot! Believe today's the last day to vote so let's give it all we got. C'mon family, we can do this!👊🏼

I feel the same way, his twitter was revived and so were we😂😂 IM SO GLAD HE KNOWS HOW MUCH WE LOVE AND SUPPORT HIM NO MATTER WHAT AND THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!! BY THE WAY IM NOT ON TWITTER BUT GO RETWEET THIS NOW IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY https://twitter.com/TeenChoiceFOX/status/877700673738989568

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COOOOOOOPPERR - that's it. that's the ask.


Y’all, have I ever told you how much I fucking love Cooper Anderson?  I should tell you.

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Oooh, alright.  I’ll make sure to point my finger while I do it.  Because if anyone knows the wild world of successful acting, it’s COOPER MOTHERFUCKING ANDERSON.

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Look at this Oscar caliber performance.  You’re 100% going to check your credit on your website (and sure it’s probably a scam to steal your ssn but you ignore that because of his sweet ass dance moves)

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Yes yes, good point Cooper.  How about we talk about how you enthrall all the guys, gals, and non-binary pals of Ohio.

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And still maintain a warm, loving, and supportive relationship with your younger brother, who totally doesn’t feel jealous at all.

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…um, maybe we’ll skip forward a bit?

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That’s better.  You gorgeous motherfucker should’ve come back.  Because the world needs more good advice from Cooper Anderson.

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Soo, it was a William clip but we didn't get any chriseva 😔 How are they gonna resolve that drama i mean the show ends tomorrow and the episodes are so short, all my hopes are really gone

It’s either going to be Friday or Saturday. We could still get a text between Chris and William later on. Just a little bit info maybe.. i’m starting to think eva might think chris has really changed. I won’t lose hope just yet. we still don’t know how eva feeling about everything

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EDH Luna Lovegood (Any admin, idc. Fight to the death to see who gets to answer)

HA I’m going to be quicker than everybody else and answer this one hehe
Your request is going to be answered by…Mia!

thank me later bby

1.What does their bedroom look like?

Well,we already got a pretty good view of Luna’s bedroom.However,I feel like she would be so artsy. Not only the portraits of her friends we know of-little things like flowers and forests and moons and starts would all be there.

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I'm so sad, so very sad for Harry. This film was such a huge thing for him, and he and Robin chatted about it, and joked about his music and like they really had something great, they snuggled under blankets and He was there since the Xfactor audition and I feel like I lost my relative tonight. There's nothing we can do except be kind and respect them but sadly that's already been tarnished. He won't see Dunkirk, I've said that outloud once and I can't bear to say it again. That poor family. 💔

I want to wrap that whole beautiful family in a big hug. They don’t deserve another blow like this, and I know how very very much Robin meant to them. I wish them all the love in the world.

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I'm having a mental breakdown because of that final kissing scene. Idk I was so distracted by the cuteness of the video that I forgot about the possibility of a kiss and the end was like a bullet to my heart. I am so... ok I don't even know how to describe my feelings. I want that. I don't care about fights or his crazy agenda. I just want to be near him. I don't even have to date him. We don't even need to talk. I just wanna watch him from afar and admire his cute body language. I'm in love.

honestly how happy he looked in the video?I want him to be that happy always. so he needs to date whoever he wants and be happy and be all fucking cute and I can cry in my lonely corner 

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I know everyone tip toe around this but I love how Harry's schedule has chilled down. Like? Yes he had album out and did few weeks of promo and upcoming tour but it doesn't feel like there all he's living for you know? It seems he still gets his down time, time with family , time with friends he attended two weddings!!!!( That we know off). That like of his * I want to sleep*, * I want to be the well rested one* always made me sad but like he is that now lol he gets to be that & also kick ass 🙌

YAS, it’s about to kick back up anyways, so im glad he got a good break. i needed a bit of one as well lol