we all know he's arthur really

I can’t freaking believe they cast Arthur Darvill as a time traveler in Legends of Tomorrow.

But now that they have, I really freaking need a crossover where Rip Hunter, Malcom Merlyn, and Dinah Lance end up in a scene together. And there to be this awkward moment where they all just kind of squint at each other in brief confusion. Or Rip to ask Dinah if he knows her. And she shrugs and says “Maybe we have the same doctor or something.”

let’s say that those who defeat arthur become arthur (as i dunno i final test of strength and cunning and worthiness or what shit) and also that  “defeat” is a very loose term and congrats now eggsy’s arthur,

or he’s supposed to be if traditions are to be kept and kingsman‘s like “whaaat the hell what do we do”

“he hasn’t even passed the tests, not even a kingsman does this count?”

and merlin’s like “i can’t actually perform necromancy for one of you to kill arthur again besides bringing back the dead makes them harder to kill every time so no nu uh not happening not doing that again

and it gets really weird cos eggsy doesn’t exactly know what to do, last year he thought stealing a car was a good idea (eggsy: shut up it was, kingsman: … about that) and he’s like “ok fine i’ll challenge you all and this time next tomorrow there’s a normal arthur and i’ll be normal kingsman employee or something”

and guess what it doesn’t work cos yeah eggsy’s challenges are real frickin easy, the problem was out-improvising eggsy cos that boy can pull shit out of nowhere

and then merlin’s like ok fine, young arthur and i’ll be your advisor, no it won’t be like the sword in the stone that’s definitely not happening again, and lookit that a new form of leadership that eggsy brings, listening instead of commanding, owning up to mistakes instead of blaming others, fixing instead of hiding, and never before has merlin had such a budget-aware arthur before, which is great, but also “you have to learn that quality is expensive and we are not going to cut corners on (important thing), which you need” “yeah but “ “no buts” “ok”

and harry comes back and laughs his ass off cos this is the best thing ever, and he’s still galahad, and he’s like “oh merlin i can do take it from here” and merlins like nu uh

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who is the best coder on poi?

????? Harold. How is this even a question.

This is one of my fav tiny scenes from the show:

Arthur Claypool: You know, Harold was the most brilliant of all of us. If anyone was going to change the world, we knew it would be him. You know, what did you end up doing? What’s your field of expertise?

Harold Finch: Insurance.

– Lethe, 3x11

(I guess TM and SAM would both technically be the best at coding since they’re fucking artificial intelligences, but we’re disqualifying AIs for this question)

Gwaine stood up and said in a voice full of wounded pride, “No, I’m Emrys!”

Merlin just gaped back, before Percival also rose. “No, I am Emrys.” he stated solemnly, looking Morgana straight in the eye.

Leon cried, sounding insulted, “Don’t be ridiculous, I’m Emrys!”, as Arthur began to display signs of suppressed laughter and Morgana’s face flushed with anger.

Merlin started to protest weakly, “Wait, I really-”

“I think we all know that I am the only one who could possibly be Emrys.” Gaius interrupted, shooting him a look.


“Thank you all for protecting me, but I must reveal that I am Emrys!” Gwen declared, sending a haughty look at an increasingly furious Morgana.

“You can’t be Emrys, because I’m Emrys!” Elyan announced.

“ENOUGH!” Morgana screamed, throwing her hands up, “I’ll kill you all!”

Okay but what if

The Nation’s are like really famous and stuff and Alfred really likes to make vines so he makes one while the nations are all eating out by the Boston Harbor after a meeting and Arthur brought tea and Alfred just sips at it and makes this disgusted face and dumps it into the harbor. Cue the nations in the background going ooooo and getting ready to watch a fight. Alfred says,”In my country, we toss what we don’t like into the harbor.” He looks all superior until Arthur gets this revelation face on, saying,”"I didn’t know that.” And then he picks Alfred up and tOSSES HIM INTO THE BOSTON HARBOR

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I read on this website someone said that Elizabeth of York would write love letters to her husband when he was away? Did you read that and where? Do such letters still exist. Thank you.

it is said indeed that she sent him love –or ‘affectionate’– letters when he was away during his campaign in France, or at least, this is what Arthur’s tutors, their son’s tutors reported.
sadly, none of these letters survive, like none of EoY’s personal letters survive (except one for a cousin but even this one is very formal) so we can argue that we don’t know if it’s 100% true. But yes i want to believe it, and it sounds very plausible imho when you look at their relationship.

here a few books/texts talking about these letters (i don’t have access to all my sources right now so i hope it will be enough) :

-Memoirs of the Queens of Henry VIII, and His Mother, Elizabeth of York by Agnes Strickland

-Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20 (1882)

-Elizabeth of York, by Alison Weir

-Virtuous Prince, by David Starkey

voilà anon :)

  • Regina: We lied to you. I used to be the Evil Queen.
  • Arthur: Well, we won’t hold that against you.
  • Regina: Maybe you don’t understand. I was called evil for a reason.
  • Snow: Hearts ripped out.
  • Regina: Mass murder.
  • Charming: Dark curses. Fashion faux pas.
  • Arthur: Eh, the past is the past.
  • Regina:
  • Charming:
  • Snow: Wow, he’s so understanding. Maybe we should tell him all we know about the Dark One?
  • Arthur: The Dark One?! Don’t even mention such evil! We must destroy it! DESTROY!