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EXO React: A New Idol Acts Mean On Stage But Is Actually Sweet



Request: Can I request an exo reaction where a new idol acts really mean/catty to her group mates on stage​ but is really sweet to them off camera? Thank you!

Thank you for requesting! I wasn’t really sure how to do this so I hope the final result was pleasing enough (:


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He laughed out of annoyance when he saw you make a disgusted face at one of your members on stage. He didn’t notice that your member pinched your bottom and then lightly bit your shoulder so when he watched you (gently) hit the back of their head while mouthing a small profanity, he crossed his arms over his chest with a blank smile, scoffing.

Junmyeon was taken by surprise when he saw your group walk off the stage and caught you back hugging that very same member you hit. They laughed out an apology while they were dragging you along, “I didn’t hit you too hard, did I?” you asked them as your group passed Junmyeon. He turned his head when you passed him only to be met with the scene of you kissing the back of your friend’s head with a soft laugh, patting their cheek.


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Minseok seemed concerned for your members while you all were performing. He kept seeing you pull a member back during the song on the television backstage. He didn’t like how you give them a face while you moved them and he thought that you were being a bit rude to your members. After the song, you lightly pinched a member’s cheek (which looked like the opposite on the TV) while telling them with a frown that you should be more careful.

He sighed softly once your group came backstage and was passing EXO’s room. He vaguely heard your voice when your group was walking down the halls, “You should be more careful! You almost fell in that hole on stage!” you scolded while ruffling a member’s hair. His eyebrows raised when he heard that and watched you pass the door, “And you! You could have hurt your ankle! We just debuted, you know? You all have to be careful and take care of yourselves more!”


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Yixing was dumbfounded. He was a bit worried about how your reputation would look since you just debuted and now you were being mean to your groupmates. He thought you looked like a sweet girl, but you had this devious look on your face whenever you smacked a member’s bottom or you tried to mess with them during a song. The fans enjoyed your playfulness, but Yixing mistook it as something else.

Once he saw you off stage, he overheard a conversation you were having with your members. “Did I hit you too hard?” you said playfully with a gleeful laugh, hugging three of your friends at once with a loving hug, “don’t worry, I’ll rub some soothing cream onto your butt.” you joked which resulted in the group smacking you and screaming about how you were pervert. Yixing felt relieved that you were just a silly girl and not a mean one. He was definitely humoured by your jokes.


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He was shocked at how easily an insult would come flying out out of your mouth to your members (he didn’t catch onto the way you spoke sarcastically) no one seemed bothered by it and Baekhyun was too upset to notice how your members responded with an insult of their own, resulting with the audience laughing with the group. You were the quick witted, sunshine of the group so everything you said was to be taken lightly, but Baekhyun had no idea.

He was sulking backstage while your group were walking down the hallways and heard your voice. He crossed his arms over his chest in annoyance as you kept talking, but frowned in confusion when he heard you apologize. “I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings did I? I want to make sure,” you whined as you clung onto your members. They all laughed while some of them messed up your hair, “We all know you’re jokin- stop trying to kiss me! I forgive you!” one of the members screamed.

Baekhyun smiled to himself and shook his head; assuming that you were just a sassy bun.


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Jongdae would be quite disappointed in you. He was looking forward to your debut ever since he heard about a new group debuting from SM. The group’s performance was spectacular, don’t get him wrong, but it just seemed like you weren’t enjoying it as you should be. You kept giving your members nasty glances and also roughly tugged at one of their shirts. Chen had no idea why you were acting this way on stage, but he kept his mouth shut.

When you all were coming back stage, you kept on apologizing. “I didn’t mean to pull your shirt that hard.” you said with a pout while looking at the members. Jongdae was watching you curiously as you kept rambling, asking the group if your face looked too mean on stage. When they said no, you flailed your arms in a dramatic manner. “Why was I born with a mean face?” you complained while the group shook their head at you with a fond smile and dragged you back to the dressing room with you still loudly complaining.

At this, Chen understood why you looked so angry on stage and laughed. You were just a kind person who looked disgusted with everything.


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Chanyeol gasped dramatically when he watched you from backstage. He witnessed you spit out water at a member when they tipped your water bottle. This reminded him of that one time Kyungsoo did the same thing to him, but you looked much more hostile. Your member (who wasn’t facing the camera) laughed loudly while the audience laughed as well. One corner of your mouth lifted up into a smirk and Chanyeol grumbled at how smug you looked.

He had mixed feelings about you because while you seemed like a fun person, he felt like you could go a bit too far at times. Once you all were backstage, you were busy fixing your member’s makeup all the while apologizing profusely to them and their makeup artist. “I’m sorry, buddy, I’ll fix their makeup for you.” you said, beginning to wipe your friend’s eye makeup to create a more delicate shadow and wing.

Chanyeol was quite impressed with this himself, smiling a little as he watched you hug your member after finishing their makeup.


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Even though Kyungsoo was a bit like you when he was on stage, he did not like how you did things. You threw water at a few of your members and giggled whenever one of them slipped on stage. He thought that you should have been more careful because they could have injured themselves (which they didn’t, thank goodness). You threw a soft plushie at a member’s face and then ran away with a giggle, but Kyungsoo smiled awkwardly at that.

As you ran backstage, you took out a bunch of tissues and wiped the water off of each of your member’s faces and necks, grinning bashfully as you apologized. “I didn’t do anything too bad, right?” you asked, bouncing on the balls of your feet while bringing the group into a big, warm hug.

“We just debuted! Let’s all love each other and have fun for the years to come!” you announced loudly, making your members nod and smile in agreement while Kyungsoo hoped in approval..


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When Jongin saw you appear on stage, he was absolutely mesmerized. He thought you looked cute in your debut outfit, but during the performance, he thought you were kind of bratty. It looked like you were criticizing some of your members during the song and Kai was concerned. Some of the members looked embarrassed and covered their back or side when you whispered in their ears and Jongin frowned at the TV.

When he saw you come backstage, he was about to talk to you about your behaviour on stage, but you instead gave him a sheepish smile. “I’m sorry if you didn’t like our performance,” you bowed down at him before turning to your members with a soft smile, patting their heads, “go to our stylist, okay? They’ll fix the tears in your clothes.”

When you turned back to him with a questioning look, he shook his head and his hands with an awkward laugh, smiling. “Nevermind. Good job on looking out for your members.”


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Sehun didn’t notice it at first when he was watching your group’s performance with his other members. He had a bored expression on his face as he watched you move around on stage. You were having fun on stage, it seemed, but when one of his member’s pointed you out for doing something, he narrowed his eyes and parted his lips in amusement and disbelief.

He wasn’t really sure on how he should feel as he watched you poke your members during the performance as well as pulling them here and there. Your members looked surprised whenever you pulled them away with a frown on your face and they would put their hands on their chest with a laugh.

Your group was conversing as you all went backstage, Sehun staring at you with his head tilted back lazily. “They should really cover the holes in the stage if they’re not going to keep the platforms up.” you said with a frown, your arm lovingly wrapped around a member’s shoulders as the group nodded. “Thank you for watching out for us, my heart almost leapt out of my chest when you pulled me away from it.” one of the members hugged you with a smile and Sehun raised his eyebrows, nodding; impressed.

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❝ They say that youth and wisdom is the deadliest combination. ❞

“Well then we should be a right deadly team. Wha with yer wisdom and my obvious youth they won’t know wha hit’em.” Scotty replied with a chuckle. “Just gotta tighten this a bit more then it’ll be right as rain.” He muttered under his breath before he glanced over, the smile still on his face. “Though I must say, all jokin aside, tha’s rather deep food fer thought. Wha brought it on?” 

BTS Reacts: Their GF saying ‘I love you’ for the first time in her sleep (Maknae Line)


Genre: Fluff

Members: Jungkook | Taehyung | Jimin

Lenght: 3.063


Hi Anon! Thank you so much for the request! I am so sorry it took this long. I wanted to do all seven members, but I wasnt’ really inspired and I thought I might end up repeating myself (so I hope you like our 95′ line and the Golden Maknae). If you want me to do someone from the hyung line please feel free to leave me an ask! I hope you enjoy it!


He wouldn’t address it directly, he would definitely not say a thing the same night, but instead he would wait until morning to question you over breakfast.

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You wriggled in bed, rolling around and taking the blankets away from Jungkook. You left him covered with nothing else but the lower part of his Iron Man pajamas, which made him groan when suddenly felt on his skin the characteristic biting cold of Seoul’s winter dawns.

He opened his eyes, still drowsy, and called you softly.

‘Jagi…’ He grunted. ‘The sheets. Give them back… I’m freezing.’ But you only responded snuggling even more in the little nest you had created. He poked your sides, trying with his other hand to untangle the sheets from your body.

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Shake in hand.  Muscles.  Selfie.  Goin to the gym later.  Can’t fuckin wait.  Liftin weights.  Heavier and heavier each day.  Lost some friends already.  Fuck em.  Don’t need em.  Weights are my friends.  The gym is my friend.  Eventually people will like me for my muscles thats how I want it. 

Look how fuckin jacked he got.  Wow hes really goin for it, huh, yeah all he posts about on Facebook now is shit about muscles and the gym and selfies.  At first we all thought he was just jokin around with those t-shirts and tanks, you know, being ironic and shit, but now … man, I dunno … You think he still reads like he used to?  Maybe fitness mags.  Did you hear, his last day is next week … he just got certified as a personal trainer.  Haven’t seen him around much lately.  When I do it’s on his way back or to the gym.  Guess thats good for him.  Just couldnt handle being smart, maybe.  It is a lot of pressure.  Well he looks good.  Got some major muscles.  Good for him.