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There’s no need for such ceremony for us to be friends.”
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Pink Lines (Calum Hood)

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3. Calum Hood | 25. “Holy shit, you’re pregnant?” | 5. Married


I stared at the two pink lines. This was not real. I set the test down on the counter next to the other four I had already taken, the eight pink lines in total were all in a row. I didn’t know how to react. We had talked about having children in the future, but not now.

Calum’s career was at its peak, and I was about to graduate from college in a few months. I hadn’t seen him in three weeks and I wasn’t supposed to see him for at least two more. But maybe being his pregnant wife would be a good enough excuse to go visit him on tour. I called Ashton’s wife- they have 2 kids already- and then Ashton himself for advice.

So there I was, two days later, sitting backstage in a venue somewhere in Germany while Calum rocked his socks off. My hands were sweating like crazy and I was so unbelievably nervous to tell him. What if he doesn’t want kids now? What if he wants a divorce?

My thoughts were cut off as I heard voices come closer.

“Calum, just go in the fucking dressing room,” I heard Ashton exclaim, “We’ll be there in a minute. Trust me.” The door swung open and Calum stepped in, his eyes immediately finding mine and his face lighting up,

“Y/N!” He jumped across the couch and tackled me in a bear hug, “What are you doing here?” I bit my lip,

“We just wanted to come visit you,” I replied nervously, my hands went to rest on my stomach. His eyebrow raised at ‘we’ and when he saw where my hands were placed his eyes widened as far as they could,

“Holy shit, you’re pregnant?” I slowly nodded, waiting for his reaction. Calum shrieked and grabbed me into another bear hug, “I can’t believe this. Baby, we’re having a baby!” I relaxed, finally allowing myself to rejoice as a smile broke out on my face. He pressed his lips to mine sweetly before squatting down and putting his hands on my stomach,

“Hi baby, I’m your daddy. We didn’t know you were coming, but we’re so glad you are.” He lightly kissed my tummy and looked up at me in awe. My eyes filled with tears as I looked down at him,

“I love you Cal.” He grabbed my hand and squeezed,

“I love you too baby. I know we weren’t planning on having a little booger anytime soon. But she’s going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to us and we’re going to be a little family.”

“She?” I giggled through the tears flowing down my cheeks. Calum wiped my tears with his thumb and kissed my forehead, his arms wrapping around me,

“She’s going to be just as beautiful as her momma.”

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We already know about his first birthday present so i was thinking, how do you think the first time he was told things like "Thank you" "I'm sorry" "Are you OK?" "See you tomorrow!" "I love you" went?

Ahh I imagine so many of these things being adorable but sad, Fushimi being so confused because he doesn’t understand half of these concepts. These moments were almost all probably from Yata in middle school, the two of them getting to know each other and becoming closer and Yata ends up inadvertently sharing all these firsts with Fushimi. Maybe the first time Fushimi hears ‘thank you’ he’s helped Yata with something, like Yata’s having an issue with his homework and he can’t figure it out. Some of the other kids are mocking him about it, like the former Yata team guys catch him struggling and start in on ‘stupid Misaki’ who doesn’t understand even the easiest problems and Yata just feels like this stupid failure. That’s when Fushimi steps in and without even thinking starts mocking the other guys who were picking on Yata, noting that they probably don’t get these concepts either and then like laying out exactly how the math should be done and probably making a comment that it looks like most of them didn’t get the answers right anyway. Everyone disperses because this is no fun anymore and Yata’s just left sitting there at his desk. Fushimi sits in front of him and starts boredly telling him how to do the math and then gets annoyed because Yata’s just staring at him. Yata laughs kinda sheepishly and smiles, all 'thank you, Saruhiko!’ Fushimi’s like ’…why?’ totally confused by Yata’s gratitude. Yata’s a bit confused himself because he’s still getting used to all these little reminders that Fushimi isn’t like him and doesn’t understand things that normal people do.

'I’m sorry’ and 'Are you okay’ are probably at the same time, Yata maybe accidentally injuring Fushimi just during general energetic play. Say Yata drags Fushimi into playing sports with him, like they’re playing kickball and Fushimi’s complaining the entire time that he’s tired and this is stupid and it’s hot out. Yata keeps smiling at him though and teasing him about how Yata’s totally going to kick his ass and Fushimi’s competitive streak gets the better of him so that he starts playing in earnest. He’s actually having fun, though he’d never admit it, which is when Yata gets a little too into it and ends up kicking the ball straight into Fushimi’s face. Fushimi goes down immediately, probably pretty disoriented as he lays there in the mud with a bloody nose. He grimaces and props himself up on his arms, just waiting for what he knows is coming next – taunting laughter about how funny it was when the 'little monkey’ went face first into the dirt. That’s when Yata’s suddenly there beside him swearing quietly and pulling tissues out of his pocket to try and stem the bleeding from Fushimi’s nose and fussing at Fushimi to let Yata see his face because he might have a bruise. Fushimi’s like what’s wrong with you and Yata’s just like 'shit, Saruhiko, I’m sorry, are you okay?’ Fushimi just stares at him blankly and actually wonders out loud why Yata isn’t laughing at him. Yata’s sincerely confused, why the hell would he laugh Saruhiko could’ve been hurt. Yata’s already tugging at him to come back inside Yata’s house so they can look him over and maybe get him an ice pack and Fushimi just lets himself be dragged inside, wondering if the blow to the head did something to him because he has this weird fluttery feeling in his stomach and he doesn’t know why.

'See you tomorrow,’ Yata kinda already says that to him in LSW after taking care of sick Fushimi at his house. But maybe Yata makes a habit of it after that once they’re friends, every day when they separate and Yata goes home to his family and Fushimi goes home to his big empty house Yata always says 'see you tomorrow.’ Fushimi doesn’t quite think about it much at first but at some point he realizes that Yata says that all the time and he finally asks, 'why are you always saying that see you tomorrow, of course you will.’ Yata’s like well, yeah, but it’s still something you say to your friends, right, it means I want to keep seeing you again every day. Fushimi takes that in, nodding silently. Yata feels a little self conscious all of a sudden and finally he’s like 'well…then…I’ll see you tomorrow?’ Fushimi nods and Yata starts to walk away, which is when Fushimi quietly mumbles 'Misaki…see you tomorrow.’ Yata’s face brightens and Fushimi’s breath just catches.

'I love you,’ this one probably takes a while. I imagine this one happening post-reconciliation after Yata and Fushimi have made up and they’re living together again. The two of them are sort of unofficially dating, like neither one has actually said that they are dating but everyone else in their clans basically assumes that they are and they’re going out together for drinks all the time and even sleeping in the same bed. Fushimi’s still really tentative about the whole thing, still not really able to feel confident in Yata’s sincere affection, and Yata’s all awkward and fumbling because he’s not sure how to go about this and he doesn’t want to lose Fushimi by doing something wrong. One day they go out together to a bar and maybe get kinda drunk and end up stumbling home leaning on each other. They flop down together on the bed and they’re just lying there when Yata reaches out and runs his hands through Fushimi’s hair, his eyes half-open and this really content smile on his face. Fushimi just leans into his touch and that’s when Yata whispers 'Hey, Saruhiko…I love you, you know? I really love you.’ Fushimi’s sucks in a sharp breath, his entire body suddenly shaking and Yata reaches out all impulsively and pulls him close into a hug, repeating that 'I love you’ again. Fushimi can’t even bring himself to reply but he just buries his head in Yata’s collar instead, pressed close against Yata’s skin so he can feel the words as if that will make them more familiar to him, as Yata says it over and over again: 'I love you’ (and Fushimi’s mind slowly turns them over in his head too : 'I love you – you are loved, by someone, by Misaki’ and it’s all he’s ever really wanted to hear).