we all have untold stories

We all have reasons in every action that we make, in every word that we say or write, in every single thing that we do or did not do. No matter what anyone thinks about what we did, we still have an explanation as to why we did such things. Others may find us reckless or illogical because of what they have witnessed but in our point of view, we did certain things because we believed that there is nothing else that we can do but exactly as that. We may regret some of the things we did because of the outcome or the consequences we faced afterwards, we still can not deny the fact that what we did is what we thought is the right thing to do. We all have untold stories and not everyone has the privilege to hear them that is why others who do not know anything keep on assuming things based on what is outside. But as long as you we know the real story behind, we should no care about what others would think of. After all, not everyone deserves the explanation. We just give it to those who should know it.

We all have reasons and we should keep this in mind every time anyone has done anything to us. They might did such things that hurt us or said the words that we don’t expect them to do so but they have their own stories as to why they did such things. We may find them irrational at times but we must consider the fact that during that time, it is all that they could ever think of. This is why we need to understand them. This is why we need to forgive them. This is why we need to do such things for them because we will also need others to do it for us.


“The reason why I think Selena is one of the best celebrities out there right now and one of the best idols ever is because she’s so damn humble and down-to-earth. She’s been an A-list celebrity for years now with a three time Emmy-award winning show and yet.. she knows she’s just like anybody else and that’s she’s not any more important than the person standing next to her. I met her back in November and she treated me like one of her close girlfriends, like she was just a regular person that i randomly bumped into. It’s amazing how real and honest she is and I don’t know why so many people hate her. It’s a good thing that people in the industry love her and want to work with her because when you meet her, you can’t help but fall in love with her. She is an amazing person who has only good intentions because all she does is speak about positivity and being there for one another even when she’s being cyber bullied and threatened every single day. So many people assume that she has never had any hardships or that she doesn’t have struggles but that’s not true at all. We have no idea what she goes through on a daily basis and we all have an untold story. Slowly, but surely, Selena is opening up and sharing her struggles and I admire that. I’ve always admired her and I’m so proud she’s grown into such a smart, classy, and wise young woman.”