we all have that dress amirite

Bucky Barnes is not a dandy.

Although he would rather not discuss his roots - talking about his Grampy would make for a very long and involved story that would involve Tony Stark freaking out and buying stock in Holy Water - he had been raised to be a gentleman and that included being a very well-dressed one. 

(“That’s his story and he’s been sticking to that for the better part of a hundred years,” would be Steve’s comment on that.)

So Bucky decides he’s going to rock the long-ish hair and got it shampooed, conditioned and styled to definitely look less hobo.

(Steve may also have indicated a preference for the longer hair, especially when it came to Certain Activities that involved plenty of sighs, moans, purrs and other pleasurable noises.)

And Bucky also takes a look at what would now be their shared closet and gives a long-suffering sigh.

“Hey, I have emerged out of Khaki Hell™!” is Steve’s immediate defensive reaction.

“Shaddup, punk, we’re going shopping.”

The shopping involves a lot of articles of clothing that are definitely NOT khaki, shirts that would not weep trying to fit broad shoulders and muscled arms

(“Steve, they were LYING like rugs to you when they told you these shirts would fit.  LYING. LIKE. RUGS.”

“Sergeant Barnes, we were trying to do a service for all mankind!”

“God bless America!”

“I am picking out all your pants from now on, Steve.  And your shirts!”

“Um…. okay, I guess?”)

and got the Darcy, Wanda and Natasha Seals of Approval™. 

“Buck, you’re checking my ass out again, aren’t you?”

“Baby, I have been deprived of that sight for over seventy years.  Let me feast my eyes.”

“You’re welcome to touch too, y'know that, right?”

“Not in public!”

—  The Blanket Fort Fluff Countdown To Civil War a.k.a. We’re Gonna Need All The Happy Fluff We Can Get Amirite?

Stuff in bullets:

  • Three times this week, random peeps have asked me about my “wife.” When I say I don’t have a wife, I see an initial wave of panic cross their faces, especially when I’m alone with my kids. When I say I have a husband-slash-partner who’s a dude, I see a second wave of panic cross their faces, as if I was telling them that I like to kill puppies for fun. It’s weird cuz usually peeps mistake me for a lady and stuff, but maybe I’ve been dressing especially like a straight husband and/or a serial puppy killer lately?
  • When I told one lady who asked me about my “wife” that I have a husband-slash-partner who’s a dude, her response to me was, “I love gay people!!! They’re really nice!!!” And I was all, Of course we are.
  • My baby girl started eating solid foods this week! She’s especially fond of carrots and sweet potatoes, but not a big fan of peas. Then again, who is, amirite?
  • The boy’s friend Mallie’s mother and I have decided that they will get married when they grow up, and 20 years from now at their wedding, they will have a plain pasta and popsicle bar cuz they both lurve plain pasta and popsicles. The above pic will be included in their wedding slideshow.
  • Life has been super-crazy busy lately because of reasons. I’m hoping some of the reasons will resolve themselves soon.

How you doin’?

Whenever I go on business trips, I like to buy little gifts for my kid. Usually it’s something small, like a plushie from the airport or some regional candy and stuff. A coupla years ago when we started the process to adopt hypothetical Busy-Lazy kid No. 2, I started buying stuff for her, too. I’m assuming that we’re having a girl next, but if we end up with a boy, he’s gonna be wearing some pretty dresses from Italy for the first year of his life, so whatevs.

Since it’s Friday and kinda slow at werk, I decided to tackle cleaning my home office a bit. Surprisingly, I seem to have accumulated a lot of shizz for hypothetical Buzy-Lazy kid No. 2, partly cuz I’m a hoarder, but mostly cuz what’s so wrong with hoarding, amirite?

I guess it’ll be a while before hypothetical Busy-Lazy kid No. 2 finally makes her grand appearance, so I decided to pack up all of the random baby gifts I’ve purchase through the years that were just taking up space in my home office, and put the box in deep storage for now. It’s not as sad as it sounds.