we all have our vision of everything

Every time we are about to take a huge leap in human consciousness, that’s when bad news ends up happening, so we don’t achieve that expansion… I would absolutely minimize your time with watching TV, and if you are going to watch it, be an observer, don’t get sucked into it, observe the games being played, and put that lens on, instead of believing everything you hear, because all of, most of, the mainstream media is owned by the very people that are compromising us… Look locally in your community, maybe create groups where you can have workshops and discussions… And think positive, because we are powerful, powerful beings, and their manipulations have to do with taking our dreams, and taking our energies, so that we enable these dark agendas. If we could just focus on what we want to manifest and put it into our own internal GPS system - what vision we want for the future - we’ll be able to hear our inner voice, and we’ll be able to get assistance from spirit guides, and our benevolent star family that is here to help us - and that will take us right into a beautiful future, because we can manifest this, this is what they don’t want us to realize about ourselves.
Art Tutorial

Okay, so I sometimes get asked how I go about my style.  And I’m pretty much terrible at answering this question. I spent years slowly evolving until my style is what it is today.  So it’s hard to boil all that down to a set of tips or process…because..I just do it?  But I’ll try!

So if you’re going for any sense of realism at all, you need to have some sense of form.  Form is only seen because an object catches light.  It’s why in our night vision everything looks flat.  Almost everyone, myself included, when we start to draw or paint we aim for an exact likeness.  We try to draw in all the little hairs and how the shadows blend perfectly together etc etc.  But, if you think of light hitting an object, you don’t need to capture every single nuance of light turning to shadow to capture an objects shape. 

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FREE THE NIPPLE!! I’m so new to this & so excited to start this! It’s so empowering & has so much to do with body appreciation, like this is my body.. This is how God intended for it to look & I want to admire is work. He sculpted me in his vision & made even my imperfections flawless! We need to stop sexualizing everything we see & hear. Can’t we all just be happy with our bodies the way they are & the color they are?? I’m proud to be a women & proud to represent what has been made just for me. I won’t hide my body just because the media tells us it’s “bad” or “whorish” or that we’re “asking to be judged”. There intended to nourish our children so why have we made it something so discriminated against? We are women & we are made in the perfect image. Braless and Flawless

Creepypasta #412: Carrier

We’ve all seen the ads. Phone this number and fill out a few forms to become a human guinea pig. Experiments performed for the greater good or whatever. They make you sign all sorts waivers and such for insurance reasons. Always about money, but I guess that’s why I’m here; To get paid for voluntary medical bullshit. It’s worth it though.

First is a full check up, blood, urine, x-rays, vision, dental, and everything else. Next is various shots of a clear liquid for the next couple of weeks followed by some the worst food I’ve ever eaten. They never tell me what the experiment is for and any questions I ask fall on deaf ears, so I assume they want accurate results instead of having placebo effects.

3 months in they tell me that things would be changing. I would be meeting the other volunteers to have a group discussion. We all sit down in a circle of chairs, taking turns talking about our experiences over the last couple of months. At the end of the meeting the doctors come in to tell us about the last phase.

They tell us what they’ve done to us. We were given experimental drugs to see if they work, and to test them we’re being sent to West Africa. Those who are severely infected will be left to die, but those who survive would be allowed to come back home.

Silently infecting others and weeding out the weak, while collecting a big paycheck.

I survived. Like I said, it’s worth it.

Credits to: MyShadowHuntsMe

the sensitive topic: children

the holiday season brings about so many conversations about children, children believing in santa, children and joy of christmas, bringing children joy, and anything and everything relating to children.
and i had a conversation with a coworker about how i, in my mind, and with my mindset, never want to have children.
he was appalled and tried to convince me that one day i would feel differently.
i think that having children is something fulfilling to some people, and i applaud them, for i could never do it.
we all have our own reasons, our own goals, and our own visions that lead us to the decision of whether or not to have children. but i think it’s time we move on from the idea that children are the only way to live a fulfilling life with your significant other. i don’t think you need to leave behind a child to make your life worth living.
that being said, having a child im sure can make your life worth living, but for the right people.