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Drewhemian Rhapsody- a Hell’s Studio Fic

In which I had an idea, @doodledrawsthings liked it, and so I turned it into a story. It’s not quite in line with the original idea, but it’s close enough. Also, since today is the premiere of the new BATIM trailer might as well have a fic in conjunction. Get ready for a Muppets-esque distraction away from important business meetings to keep things running and BATIM inspired lyrics to a famous Queen song. Seatbelts on? Here we go!

First it had started with the Muppet Bendy, which Bendy used to amuse Henry and Joey while simultaneously scolding them. Among the other pranks Bendy pulled, relatively harmless. The others ran the gamut from harmless to harmful -in the sense that the victim would be torn between anger and embarrassment for the rest of the week, but never at the detriment to a cartoon in production. No, Bendy and company usually took the opportunity to pull pranks at meetings, much to the annoyance of all those in attendance.

Today, was the worst -or perhaps best- occasion for such a prank. Studio founder Joey Drew and a few of the other original workers were coming out of their retirement home for one last visit and they were going to sit in on a meeting involving the rest of the studio on the direction the company should take moving forward. Conference call machines were set up in every department available so that news could be directly there for everything that was to come. The execs should have known better, but to be fair they hadn’t known the whole rest of the studio would be in on it.

It had started innocently enough. Bendy, Alice, and Boris as well as Joey, Henry, Susie, and Sammy were sitting amongst the executives in the meeting room. All other departments were on call via the conference machines. Per Sammy’s working conditions request a piano had been brought in for him to work his fingers with. The meeting had been going well so far as various people pitched their proposals and the audience had listened intently. Where it had all gone wrong was when it came time for questions. They should have known Bendy would pull something, especially when at the moment he was only benignly asking questions. Usually at these things he would harshly berate with questions, ripping an idea to shreds before piecing it together into something he liked. No, instead it was going something like this,

“So how does this vision positively affect our product output?”

“We specialize in hand drawn animation, how could we combine that with computer animation without compromising everything we have built up as a company?”

Questions that focused on business casually drifted, so subtly it wasn’t noticed until it was too late;

“I mean c’mon, what world are ya livin’ in? Is this real life, or is this fantasy?”

There was a pause as Bendy stopped a moment looking around the room from his position standing atop the table. No reaction came from anyone, they were all holding their breath, waiting to see what the little devil would do next.

Bendy glanced over to his toon companions, who were looking at him in blank confusion. The demon spoke again, “Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.”

There was the screech of a chair as Alice stood abruptly. With an unreadable expression the two stared at each other for what felt like an eternity.then their mouths opened an in harmonic unison they declared,

“Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…”

Boris joined in with, “I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.” while Alice and Bendy fell to backup before the three voices coalesced.

“Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me. To me…”

Suddenly the board realized what was going on and they attempted to shut the whole thing down.

“Now see here,” one of them harrumphed, reaching for Bendy on the table. But before they could, the conference machine spoke with the noises of a single piano playing notes.

The toons allowed Bendy to continue, changing the lyrics as he saw fit, “Papa,” he looked straight at Drew, “Just killed a man, swung a hammer at his head, cracked it open now he’s dead. Papa!” Bendy slid to his knees in front of his creator, “Life had just begun, but now I’ve gone and thrown it all away!”

The toons continued to croon as the executives stood there flabbergasted, unable to control the meeting they had set up. But just as they came back to their senses the toons were finishing up and -as no one had seemed to notice- inching to the door.

“If I’m not back again this time tomorrow! Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters.”

And they peeled out of the conference room, the door slamming shut behind them. The suits breathed a sigh of relief, believing the prank to have come to a close. But the old folks, the ones who knew Bendy and company the best, knew this was only the beginning.

Just as they were attempting to bring the meeting back to focus they heard it, from the little machine.

“Too late,” it was Bendy, “My time has come. Sends shivers down my spine, ink is achin’ all the time.”

“Goodbye ev’rybody,” Alice took over, “I’ve gotta go. Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth…”

“Papa!” Boris howled and then the others joined him, “We don’t wanna die, sometimes we ya’d left us sketches on the wall!”

The music department was in on it, the execs realized as the instrumental break kicked in and one of their employees began to wail on his guitar. This needed to be shut down, and they dispatched several guards to do so. But it didn’t work.

The guards went chasing them down and passed a full size poster advertising the characters. But then, the Bendy’s head peeled off the wall and began singing, “I see a little silhouetto of a man,”

The guards turned tail and chased the trio to a locked room whereby the toons escaped by slipping under the crack, Alice and Boris crying,

“Ink and paint ink and paint will you do the fandango?”

The guards got the door unlocked just in time to be greeted with the entirety of the animation department screaming at them, “Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening me!”

From behind them Alice and Boris argued,

“Susie Campbell!” “Sammy Lawrence!” Susie Campbell!” “Sammy Lawrence!” “Susie Campbell!” only for Bendy to break in at the last moment with “Joey Drew!” and then Alice to add in, “And Henry too…” drawing out the ‘o’ while Bendy and Boris joined her.

Bendy pushed his way to center stage, hands together and looking like a repentant soul, “I’m just a demon, nobody loves me,”

Alice and Boris emphasized, “He’s just a demon from Joey’s ink machine, spare him his life from a monstrosity!”

But the guards snapped out of it and chased them down a hallway, all the while the toons kept singing. And yet, this seemed to go according to plan as the hallway was littered with doors that would open at some cue for the people inside to shout at each other;

“No we cannot let them go!” (“Let them go!”) over and over again.

And all of this was heard throughout the studio and back in the conference room the execs and new heads of the studio were absolutely mortified. This was going on in front of the people who had built the foundation for their careers, and retired or not Joey Drew still owned enough stocks to shut the entire place down if he so desired.

The music built and pounded and swelled until it circled back to the conference room for the grand finale, which was so loud and powerful it nearly blew out the conference machine. And Sammy Lawrence moved aside as Bendy appeared on the piano bench and plucked out a few of the final notes out on the instrument. Alice and Boris leaned against it on either side, singing,

“Nothing really matters, anyone can see… Nothing really matters, nothing really matters to me…” and from the machine came the echo into fade out. The song was done.

Stunned silence filled the room. No one could say a single word. And then it came, hoarse and raspy and sounding almost like a creaking hinge. Laughter, pure, unbridled, unadulterated laughter. Happiness, from all the old folks they had brought in today. Some short minutes later, there also came clapping as the original cast applauded the toons’ and the rest of the studio’s efforts.

Bendy stood atop the bench and joined hands with his silver-screen costars. They bowed in unison a couple of times before the ink demon leapt off onto the table and approached them.

“We heard this was probably the last time we was ever gonna see you guys,” he said by way of explanation, “An’ we just couldn’t let’cha go without a proper send off.”

“Yes,” Sammy grumbled, “Over the top and trouble making,” but then a smile cracked his hardened, wrinkled face, “In typical, true, Joey Drew fashion.”

“I have to agree,” Henry added, “Well done. Even better than Muppet Bendy.”

“Brava,” Susie cheered.

But then it fell quiet as everyone waited for the word from the big man himself. Well into old age, but no less sharper for it, Joey Drew sat in his wheelchair and simply looked at them. There was no hint of rage, but no hint of happiness in his expression. The silence drew out into something uncomfortable, even getting to Bendy.

Nervously he stepped forth, mouth turned down against his face in a frown, but eyes uncertainly hopeful.

“Joey?” he ventured, “Didn’t’cha like it?”

Joey narrowed his eyes, pursed his lips and swished them about his face a moment. Then, he spoke, voice sounding stern and disappointed, “Bendy I’m surprised at you,” Bendy shrunk down, head colliding with his torso, “After all these years,” Joey smiled, “I can still get one over on you.”

It took a beat for Drew’s meaning to sink in. But when Bendy looked up he could see the smile of pride on the old man’s face, accompanied by the sentiment of, “Well done my little dancing demon. This has to be your best performance yet.”

Alice and Boris leapt onto their creator, losing their forms a moment due to their happiness. And Bendy just melted into a puddle. Just a little bit. Over the conference machine there came cries of celebration from all over the studio. And the meeting was abandoned for the sake of good times in the projection room, reliving the glory days of Bendy and friends.

So yeah, there we go. Hope you all liked it!

|Will you be Mine?| - Grant Gustin

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Pairings: Grant Gustin x reader

Summary: Grant comes home to the love of his life and does something that your life forever.

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Snake gods of primordial chaos

Hello everyone! 🌙💎🔮

After posting a lot of practical stuff I wanted to share with you some of my religious views on one of the mythological figures I find more fascinating and powerful, the Snake. In many cultures and religions that developed in the Mesopotamian area, there is a recurring mythological figure that has taken many different names: Apophis in the Egyptian religion, Tiamat in Babylonian mythology, the Leviathan in the Bible. All of these creatures are described as water snakes or reptiles that swim in the primeval waters of the universe; in the Egyptian and Babylonian mythologies they precede the rise of rational, human-like gods such as Ra and Marduk.

For personal reasons I feel very connected with these deities. I believe that the relationship we have with these creatures symbolises the relationship of western civilisation with nature and the rest of the cosmos. In the Egyptian myth, Apophis fights against Ra and tries to prevent the sun-boat from rising from the underworld every day. Every day, Ra defeats Apophis, but the snake then resurrects the next day and has to be killed again. I think that this story symbolically represents the rising of human rationality from the inanimate chaos of nature - we try to defeat it, but we can never destroy it completely. I believe that this idea still lives in western cultures - the idea that nature needs to be dominated and tamed by human rationality and power. I personally disagree with this approach towards nature and the cosmos. I believe that we should try to accept our position in the universe and live in harmony with the chaotic power of the inanimate matter from which we come from and to which we will return. 

Snake deities such as Apophis also embody a cyclical vision of time. We, as living beings, experience time as linear, stretching from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death. But this is merely an illusion; from a cosmic point of view, everything that happens in the universe has already happened and will keep on happening for all eternity (the theory of relativity opened our eyes to the non-linear nature of time, also from a scientific point of view). While we live our life, we are somehow “breaking the cycle”, and in a metaphorical sense we are “beheading” the cosmic snake, making decisions and influencing our lives with our will. But at the same time we always have to remember that everything we do in this universe is part of something bigger, and will influence the cosmos as a whole for all eternity; worshipping Apophis means discovering our immortality by accepting our own mortality. 

In magick, a cyclical vision of time is a very powerful tool; if we believe that everything has already happened, our spells have already manifested their effects, and all we have to do is wait, knowing that our intention has already become reality. This is why I believe that working with deities such as Apophis is very fascinating and powerful. At the same time, it’s not easy to deal with such chaotic and inhuman entities. These beings have been demonized and have been seen as enemies of humanity for ages, and approaching them with fear may lead to anxiety and self-destructive tendencies. I believe that in order to work with these deities it’s important to remember that the cultures who have depicted them as evil were patriarchal cultures who wanted to dominate and control nature. If you want to live in harmony with the cosmos, without placing yourself in the center of it but accepting how small (and yet, significant) you are, you have nothing to fear. Personally, I’ve been called by Apophis many times in my life, through coincidences and dreams. At first I was terrified, but then I’ve started to see the beauty and the power of this obscure and fascinating being. 

Astrea 🌙💎🔮

Every time we are about to take a huge leap in human consciousness, that’s when bad news ends up happening, so we don’t achieve that expansion… I would absolutely minimize your time with watching TV, and if you are going to watch it, be an observer, don’t get sucked into it, observe the games being played, and put that lens on, instead of believing everything you hear, because all of, most of, the mainstream media is owned by the very people that are compromising us… Look locally in your community, maybe create groups where you can have workshops and discussions… And think positive, because we are powerful, powerful beings, and their manipulations have to do with taking our dreams, and taking our energies, so that we enable these dark agendas. If we could just focus on what we want to manifest and put it into our own internal GPS system - what vision we want for the future - we’ll be able to hear our inner voice, and we’ll be able to get assistance from spirit guides, and our benevolent star family that is here to help us - and that will take us right into a beautiful future, because we can manifest this, this is what they don’t want us to realize about ourselves.

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Lexark getting married

Strand stood on the large back deck of the Abigail, the ship that had saved all of them when the world fell apart.  

This day had been weeks in the making. They wanted it to be on the day that celebrated when they had first met. It was like they found each other. Ever since that day they had been inseparable. 

Elyza took a long look in the mirror below deck. She could hear the murmurs of the small group above and the light music Ofelia was playing through the Abigail’s sound system. Everything was going to be perfect. Elyza smiled and nodded to her own reflection. Nothing was going to compare to seeing Alicia walk toward her. It would be in those moments that she surrender who she thought she was going to be for who she knew she was meant to be. 

Elyza walked up the metals stairs and onto the deck. Everyone stood up when she appeared and smiled at her. The only two people from their group that were missing, Alicia and Nick, would be coming up at any time. 

Alicia had debated who would walked her down the aisle. Truthfully, when everything happened Alicia thought she wouldn’t ever have to make the choice. When the moment came she knew that it should be her brother. No matter what they had lived this life together, good and bad it was something that brought them together. 

Elyza walked up to stand next to Strand. The man put his hand on Elyza’s back and gave it a light pat. “Is the theme of this wedding ‘blood and guts’?” He joked quietly. 

“More like ‘burning love’.” Elyza smirked back as Strand gave Elyza one last friendly pat. The music faded for a second before strings started to play wistfully through the speakers. 

Elyza felt her chest tighten and her palms sweat. Alicia would be coming up those stairs and Elyza would have to stop herself from rushing down the aisle and pulling her into a deep kiss. That would come later. 

Nick’s head appeared first. His normal mop of messy brown hair pulled back into a semi-sleek bun. 

Then Alicia stepped up onto the deck and Elyza’s breathing hitched. Alicia would have been wearing a sack or trash bag and Elyza would have thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. It wasn’t about what she was wearing or how her hair or make-up looked, it was the person that was now staring right back at Elyza with tears in her eyes. 

Alicia and Nick got to the end of the aisle. Elyza held out her hand for Alicia and gave Nick a grateful smile. The man returned the smile as he let his sister go. He took his place next to Madison who was trying not to make it obvious she was dabbing her eyes with a napkin. 

“Thank you all for joining us for this joyous occasion.” Strand began, his deep, rich voice seemed to fill even the depths of the waters that surrounded them. Alicia and Elyza kept glancing at each other and smirking. 

“Although, you really didn’t have much of a choice, we are on a boat in the middle of the ocean.” 

The group gave a light laugh at Strand’s joke. 

“I’ll try and keep this serious and somewhat short. I know the happy couple will be ready to take the suite on the ship for their honeymoon.” Strand winked at the girls. 

“In this world there isn’t much good. You fight to survive everyday. There are no days off or timeouts. We live with the ground crumbling beneath our feet.” Strand reached out and took both girl’s hands in his own. 

“These two have chosen love to help them through this. They have chosen each other, despite everything that has tried to pull them apart. They have showed all of us here that life is truly more than just surviving. This union reminds us, inspires us, gives us hope that we will live past today. We can overcome the darkness if we look for happiness. Together they will be able to lift each other up when times get rough. Alicia and Elyza are the forever we all search for all our lives. Now it is my pleasure to bring them together in marriage.” 

Elyza’s throat was tight and unshed tears clouded her vision. 

“Elyza Lex, will you take this woman no matter what this world throws your way? Will you trust her, respect her, and love her with every breath you have?” Strand spoke the words Elyza had written for him to say. 

“I do.” Elyza smiled softly at Alicia, who had tears streaming down her cheeks. 

“Alicia, will you take this woman as your partner for life? Will you help her when times are bad, love her with every part of herself, and trust her with your very life as you walk through this world together?” Strand spoke from the paper Alicia had handed him before the ceremony. 

“I do.” Alicia’s voice was tight with emotion and she barely got the two words out. 

“I hereby announce that now and forever you are bound together in marriage. Two lives as one now and always. You may now seal this vow with a kiss.” Strand smiled and let go of Elyza and Alicia’s hands so they could wrap themselves together in a tight embrace and loving kiss. 

The crowd around them cheered. Elyza was sure they wasn’t a dry eye on the boat. 

If this was going to be the end of the world, she would do everything in her power to see Alicia smile for every day they had left. Anything she needed Elyza would provide. She had promised Madison and now in front of everyone she had vowed that Alicia was her life. She was her everything. 


“ 2017 is the year of giving a fuck. I’ve spent enough time putting up walls, chuckling under my breath, viewing life through a cynical lense, looking around for fucks to give. Guess what, bebs- there are plenty of people and places and movements and ideas worth giving a fuck about!!! Straight up- like soooo many!!! My travels over the past few years have brought me all around the world and back through the biggest cities and smallest towns in America. I am excited and encouraged by the humanity I’ve seen and the beauty right under my nose. But some of us aren’t able to see these things!! Our vision is clouded or our resources limited. Our spirits have been broken and we’re down about the future. Therefore, we must lift each other up. Celebrate one another. Give our all to those we love. And before we can really do it for anyone else: we have to do it for ourselves. Easier said than done though, right? Not everyone/everything will deserve your time and energy… but you do. You are always a worthy investment. And sowing into yourself will help you be able to help build up others. Don’t forget how much power words carry, and how what we think- we can manifest. Think and say Love. Think and be creative. Be fair. Be a champion. Be prosperous. Be kind. Be beautiful. You already are. Now go out and live like it. May 2017 bring you every bit of happiness and satisfaction you can possibly stand and may peace find you wherever you are. 

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Taking my second solo trip at the end 2016 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Exploring a new place by yourself means you can do craaaaazy shit like have coconut milk ice cream and red wine for dinner at your air B&B, walk for miles until you find somewhere you wanna explore, read your book alone at the bar as you eat lunch and meet new (much older and wiser) pals, or spend New Year’s Eve doing kirtan chanting in Sanskrit for three hours at a yoga studio with total strangers. (Just a few of the highlights from the past few days). Being alone shows you what you really like, without fear of any judgement from friends, colleagues, lovers, or family. And it can also be evidence of your self-sufficiency. You can find your way back from a long hike. If your phone dies for a few hours, you can survive- no one (including you) will be truly effected. I journaled a lot and I took so many mental pictures (as well as iPhone pics). When I took my silent solo trip to Malibu last year, I wrote and recorded most of Mad Love right after. It’s a truly rejuvenating and inspiring reset. I encourage any and everyone to do it when they can. HAPPY NEW YEAR, you special special person, you! Step into your truth in 2017. Mad love, Jo. —————————- PS.- for those wondering who took the pic, lol. I took a tour of Sedona vortexes and my tour guide took this.” - JoJo on Instagram


Canadian Girl

Chapter Eight

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC  |  Word Count: 1441
Warnings: Angry Steve, Yelling, Swearing

Tony looked around at the utter destruction. Not much was left of the people Hydra had sent for the Doctor but smoking remains and scorch marks. “Impressive.”

Jonas stared at him for a full ten seconds before his temper exploded. “Impressive?! You would think so, wouldn’t you! You and your fancy suit with your fortune built on destruction. You stand there and call this impressive after watching what using her power did to my daughter? You son of a bitch! Get the fuck off my ranch!”

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【Marie Claire September Issue 2016】 BTS Suga’s interview

Q: I heard that BTS have successfully wrapped up the Asia tour, you guys have been going overseas throughout 2 years, you must be really busy.

A: I really enjoy it. Because I’m living the life that I dreamed of when I was young. The time difference between Brazil and Korea is 12 hours. We’re standing on the stage on the opposite side of the world, it’s wonderful and I’m thankful. It’s ok to sleep less.

Q: Even though you’re really busy, you’re releasing a mixtape.

A: I wrote songs on the plane when we’re going away and coming back, and after the concert, I’ll work in the hotel room. It’s nearly done now and after the interview, I’ll go and work on it.

Q: What kind of songs are you writing?

A: You can’t hear the style of these tracks in BTS’ music. Especially the feelings of the lyrics are very different. I expressed more straightforwardly about what I think of youth. The contents about myself are also honestly included in there. I like to include in subject matters such as the reality, goal, conflict, dream that I’ve been experiencing from the late teens until the 20s.

Q: It seems that you usually think deeply about these things.

A: Because it’s the time that I’m living in. As I listened to my friends who are at the same age and my older brother’s stories, what they’re most worried about is that they don’t have a clear dream. Because they’ve been living according to the social framework. When they became an adult and when they’re facing the reality, it’s completely different to what they’re thinking. They’d constantly think more about about getting a job or about entrance examination questions.

Q: So, how is Min Yoongi spending his 20s?

A: I’ll live a bit more to see if it’s going well, but I can guarantee that I’m working hard to live my life to the fullest.   

Q: From writing the lyrics, songs to producing, the mixtape is done completely by yourself. You seem greedy and there are also many elements that you want include, right?

A: I’m getting greedier as I’ve been doing everything. It doesn’t matter what it is, I won’t allow myself to be half-hearted. I really focused on the perfection of the mixtape. Especially when I was making the track list, I thought about it a lot. I thought about how to make the flow, and how to make the stories that I want to convey clearer. The mixtape is made meticulously like an actual album.

Q: You chose to make a mixtape instead of an album.

A: The answer is simple. The purpose of it is to try everything that I want to do, that’s how I started. While trying to express myself transparently, I wanted to make music in the way that I’m thinking and following my own heart. The lyrics are also written freely.

Q: Is the music that you made so freely a lot different to the music that you made as BTS?

A: Yes. That’s why I’m releasing the mixtape as ‘Agust D’ and not my name ‘Suga’.

Q: Before you started to promote under BTS, you’ve been making music for a long time. You’ve had the experience of releasing a mixtape before debut right?

A: What I’ve released back then is the quality that I can’t let people hear it (laughs). My thoughts have changed a lot while promoting under BTS for 3 years. Actually, I was very daunted to debut as an idol. I thought ‘I was someone who just constantly made music, but if I debut as an idol, the others will look at me differently, right?’ But I realized that all of it was vain thoughts. Things will change depending how you do it, it seems that I was in serious agony and attached a burdensome meaning to it. I was always in the mode of strictness, seriousness and earnestness (laughs). The framework that locked myself up at the time, it feels like a fence now. My mind is at ease now. I also took out a bit of my stubbornness towards music. How should I put it? I feel like my vision is a lot broader than before.

Q: It’s like a process of growing up.

A: Yes. It is. My confidence has become a lot more solid. It’s the same with everyone in BTS. You’ll know when you put all the thoughts that 7 members have been thinking, and we’re more confident in performing. The musicality, choreography, performance and stage set, each element is important but I think it’s possible to produce a plausible result when you mix everything together properly in one place. We must do our best as much as on the stage. Our fans who comes to see our performance, I want to show them more than what they’ve been anticipating. 

Q: As much as you’re greedy about the performance, it seems that the members share stories about music.

A: We work individually, we organize what we’ve made and discuss about it when we’re together. It’d stressful if we keep talking about work all the time.

Q: Where do you usually get your inspirations from when you work?

A: I’m constantly writing memos down. The things that I have in mind every moment, the emotions that suddenly hits me, the words that suddenly comes up in my head, I write everything down. I’d be blankly sitting there and browse through the things that I noted down 2 – 3 years ago, good ideas would come to me. I also listen to other musician’s music.

Q: Recently, who do you mainly listen to?

A: I like the lyrics that Lupe Fiasco writes, and recently I like the American rapper Desiigner and I listen to rapper YG’s songs a lot. There’s a Korean duo called XXX, their songs are really great. Ah, when I first heard vocalist Suran-ssi’s demo, I fell for it so I asked her to feature in my mixtape.

Q: You listen to many music, as much as liking to concentrate on your thoughts and feelings, having alone time must be important.

A: Yes, that’s right. I definitely need time for myself. There’s a time when I was sitting in the studio alone for 10 hours. Actually, I’ll be goofing around for 8 hours and work about 1 hours (laughs). It’s important to have the time to organize my thoughts calmly in an empty room. Without those time, I’ll run off (to somewhere) and feel overburdened.

Q: What’s your favorite line that you wrote while sitting there alone?

A: A part from the song ‘Tomorrow’ - because the dawn right before, the sun rises is the darkest. Even in the far future, never forget the you of right now. I like the feeling of these lyrics. The lyrics about comforting and growing up. I want to make the music that people can easily sympathize with.

Q: After talking with you, everything seems to be about music.

A: We can talk about other things that I’m interested in. Um, about collecting music equipment? About buying rings or necklaces/chains and bracelets? There’s nothing special (laughs). 

Q: As I look at BTS’ SNS, the atmosphere is usually pleasant. It seems that Suga is a bit quiet.

A: I have a bright personality but I don’t really like the nosiness. Our Kakaotalk group chat is a mess. We’re really hilarious. We take bizarre photos of ourselves and uploads them, we take ugly photos (of each other) without permission and shares them. Yesterday, the video of Yang Sehyeong was shared and everyone burst out laughing. There were a lot of ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’. We’re tired as we’re working individually and have our own schedules but we laugh like this, we chat and support each other.

Q: BTS is a group that have been through a lot together and also released a mixtape with the music that you want to do. As much as you’ve suffered, it seems that you’re living your 20s fruitfully.

A: There’s a long way to go to achieve the things that I want to achieve. I want to do better. I’ll continue to make music for a long time. I’ll be glued to the floor. Like being young, youthful in my 20s, I’ll live diligently when I’m in my 30s, 40s.


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okay, so like bad boy jimin and shy cutie kookie is my life. and jimin being sassy and sarcastic and rude to everyone but kookie. and kookie clinging onto jimin. and jimin babying kookie. and lets not forget protective jimin that's always coming out because of jungkook getting hurt, or bullied, or something. istg- so freaking cUTE!

Ah yes! I love this trope! And I bet you @confidenceatitsfinest loves it too. I like scenarios in which Jimin is taking care of and protecting Jungkook–I mean he does it in real life! (speaking of, I have a little gift for you guys in a bit 😉) Also @ Rin if you read this, I expect you to go on a full spiel of this trope.

Anonymous said: I didn’t realise I’d say this but jikook has raised my expectations of falling in love and being in a relationship generally

Ah that is true :/ What we typically see is all the good parts of Jikook–which is fine! I really love it! But what we don’t see is a majority of their lives once the cameras turn off. We are humans, we all have little arguments here and there, I don’t doubt for a second that BTS has had some petty arguments with each other. So everything may seem picture perfect–literally. I think that shipping does that a lot, we tend to create this perfect vision of a relationship and put that on our ship. And its unrealistic but I guess its because we want to see the good that can come out of a relationship

Anonymous said: I want someone to look at me the way Jungkook looks at Jimin TBH

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alright ty!! so my request is genji, mercy, and zenyatta helping their s/o whose an incredibly lightweight drunk (can only handle one drink) and gets super tired and tries to walk but they stumble around a lot (speaking from experience i passed out on a staircase h a;;;)

((I accidently got drunk once from a Christmas dessert that had actual rum in it. That’s the day I found out I’m a giggly drunk so here you go anon! - Mod Tez))

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Originally it began as an innocent party. Just celebrating the birthday of a new agent who had joined the recalled Overwatch. But soon enough as night settled, everyone began to gather up the alcohol.

You told yourself you weren’t going to drink, that you’d watch over the others so they wouldn’t get too drunk. That was until your companion, Genji asked you to try out a sip from a drink called sake.

The drink burned lightly at the back of your throat and it felt like having honey, all your senses turned numb and you decided to have another sip, and then another. Until you hadn’t realised the insane heat rising on your face as you giggled a little and then yawned, “Genji, let’s go back to our room, we’ll be tired tomorrow if we stay up any longer~ “ you mumbled and slurred lightly at the Japanese man sitting beside you who nodded at you as he stood up.

You sluggishly stood up, vision blurry and everything being very bright and disorientating. Pressing a hand on the wall you stumbled with your footing as you tried to get yourself to yours and Genji’s room.

“(Y/N) allow me to help you out a little-” you interrupted him by saying, “N-no I got this!” but instead of walking you almost tripped over yourself, luckily Genji grabbed you and probably saved you from a nasty fall, “M’kay foine, help me cyborg babe~” you cooed at him as he lifted you, cradling you in his arms as he started walking again to your room.

Opening the door for him, he shimmied inside the room and set you on your bed, beginning to make his way to his bed when you suddenly gripped on his hand, “Genji! please stay with me…” you yawned out, making him comply as he lied beside you, his visor still on his face. You smiled at him and kissed the visor as you passed out from the alcohol.

Genji smiled and pressed onto the visor, with a hiss it came of his face as he placed it on the bedside table. He pulled you close to his chest, kissing your head, “おやすみなさい、(Y/N) さん.*“ he whispered as he closed his eyes.

* (Goodnight (Y/N) )

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“Wut would ya do wif a drunken sailah, wha would ya do wif a drunken sailah~” you sang out of tune as you stumbled across the halls of the watchpoint.

You got dared by McCree to drink a whole mug of whiskey, and you were known for never taking down a challenge. Now here you were, stumbling across the empty halls in the middle of the night, mumbling about the hangover you’d have in the morning.

The blurry vision played part as to why all of a sudden you tripped over your footing and landed on your face on the floor. Groaning, you looked up to see Angela, who was kneeling down and helping you up already, “Angie! My favourite angel~” you slurred as she smiled a little, “(Y/N) you should know better than that, come now let’s get you back to our room now.” she informed as you latched on to her, hugging onto her waist as you both waltzed to your room.

Once you both reached your room she helped you lie in bed and gave you some medicine. She then proceeded to tuck herself in bed with you and pepper your face with small kisses as she cuddled into you, “Y’know Angie, ye should’ve called me Charlie! becuz yer my angel~” you mumbled, “Yer always there fer me and every time I say t’myself: ‘wow I love her so much!’ and then boom, my mind is blown away~” you sleepily rambled on and on about how much you loved her until you fell asleep with Angela petting your head and giving you feathery soft kisses.

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“(Y/N) please do tell me what it feels like to be intoxicated, I am very fascinated.” the omnic hovering on the bed beside you queried as you dizzily gazed at the ceiling.

“Is like… everything spinning without wanting it spinning. You feel, tired, and your hearing is both enhanced but muffled. Funny things can seem sad, but sad things seem funny. It’s as if yer brain just went topsy turvy!” you explained as Zenyatta placed his harmony orb on you, in an attempt to soothe your headache. The omnic listened further to you explaining what being drunk was like.

“So why does man drink if it affects their body negatively?” he asked you as you drank a glass of water and sat up. “Some drink because they enjoy the feeling of alcohol in their system, while some drink to celebrate and spend a great time with the good parts of booze. But some use it to escape the past, pain and more. They use it to numb out the aches from scars.” you explained as Zenyatta nodded, hovering lower to be sitting on the bed beside you properly.

“Why did you get intoxicated then (Y/N)?” he asked again like a curious child, you smiled at him and answered, “My body doesn’t like to be intoxicated, so even a sip gets me badly drunk and i’ll probably be sick tomorrow. But it was nice celebrating Hanzo and Genji reconciling from their past and becoming brothers again!” your response made Zenyatta nod, “Indeed, to see my student achieve inner peace could easily be worth even the worse of intoxication in my system. But now I assume it’s a good time for you to rest, and allow the alcohol to leave your body, yes?” he asked as you hummed out a yes. You lied down and held your omnic friend’s hand as you started to nod off, “G’night Zenny~” you mused as sleep took over your senses.

Oh, hey! After the mid-episode title card, we got some text informing us that Human Instrumentality has begun. Which means, of course, that they’re returning to nothingness. Sure???

And now Gendo’s here telling us that the title cards were wrong. It’s not about returning to nothingness, rather, “we are returning everything to its original state. We are only returning to our mother, who has been lost to this world. All souls will become one and find eternal peace.”

Okay? Sure?

And also I think we might have missed something really fucking important. Ritsuko is dead too, by the way. Floating face down in Lilith’s orange blood.

Uh. This is, uh, more transcendental philosophical shenanigan visions, right? This isn’t literal reality, right? This isn’t real, right? Misato and Ritsuko aren’t really dead out of nowhere, right? Uhhhhhhhh

Notebook Pt. 2/2 (Bucky x Reader)

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Summary: Bucky messes up BIG TIME, will he be able to fix this?

Warnings: Angst and fluff :)

Word Count: OH BOY

Y/N = Your Name

Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Color

Y/H/C = Your Hair Color

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March 22nd, 2015

The dame was lost.

That was obvious for anyone. She was pacing one of the hallways muttering to herself, all I could catch was ‘kitchen’ and ‘make a freaking map for this labyrinth.’

I cracked a smile as I made my way to her slowly, I don’t want to scare another person today, I think the other agent is fine but he shouldn’t have bumped into me so early in the morning.

I opened my mouth to ask where she needs to be, when she faced me.

Beat me daddy eight to the bar.

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the GazettE ~ Compilation of the most recent interviews dedicated to World tour ’16 (to vkh-press.com and myjhouserocks.com) ~

Q: For 14 years, the first time you go into a full world tour with a stop in the US and Canada. What feelings you cause upcoming concerts in North America? 

Ruki: I don’t know what awaits us, but we will try to show our best side regardless of where we perform, so from that point of view I do not think that North American concerts will be different from any other. I’m curious to see, how much we can “make” the audience.

Uruha: I can’t wait to perform in North America, wait to go on stage. 

Aoi: Honestly: I very long dreamed to perform in North America, so all I want to do - it is to be on the stage and to do my best. 

Reita: I always wanted to play in the United States and Canada, so I can not wait to be there.

Kai: Really I am looking forward to performances in North America.

Q: Certainly among North American audiences will be those who are not familiar with your music. Your style is very dynamic; how would you describe it for beginners?

Ruki: Difficult question… I will say this: our music is more dynamic than it may seem at first glance, so be sure to come and see who we are. 

Uruha: We are far from the standard band playing safe rock; as representatives of the Japanese visual kei, we create our music, which is not so simple to give a definition. 

Aoi: Not a simple question! Maybe our sound is heavy, but we also pay great attention to the lyrics, dramatic development and other things, and we hope that fans will appreciate this aspect of our work. 

Reita: Our style combines melody and heaviness.

Q: Have any of you been in North America? If yes, then where? And what places would you like to visit this time? 

Uruha: Everyone except me was in USA. 

Aoi: I traveled to New York for the recording/mastering and I want to see other places, nature.

Reita: I was in Los Angeles for the recording / mastering.

Kai: I was in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles for the recording / mastering.

Q: Do you feel the need to perform the old songs, well known to your foreign fans, during the upcoming tour? What songs do you think they most want to hear?

Ruki: I wonder else: what will be the fans’ impression who know our creation only with recordings? How the impression from our live performances will be different from what they are accustomed listening on CDs?

Uruha: I don’t know, how what foreigners love different from the preferences of our Japanese fans. It will be interesting to observe the reaction on each of our planned songs.

Aoi: We always play both old and new songs. We don’t feel as if someone presses on us and requires to perform certain songs. I hope the audience will like the songs that we have chosen for the tour.

Kai: No pressure!  Filth in Beauty! 

Q: Recently, your work revolves around the project  PROJECT:DARK AGE.  For example single UGLY was the third part of the project, and each new part brings us to the GRAND FINALE. And what was your goal when you first announced the launch of the project?

Ruki: We wanted to acquaint listeners with our staff, to represent professionals, working with us, as full members of the group. We wanted to tell the world: “Look at these coolest guys!”

Uruha: We wanted not only to unite everything, related to DOGMA, into a single project, but also pay special attention to our team, the professionals who work for us in many different directions. 

Aoi: In my opinion, then, at the very beginning, we just wanted to present to our fans all those talented people, who work side by side with the GazettE. We would like to say out loud: “Hey, look what great people work with us!”

Reita: We really wanted to try something new and unknown!

Kai: We want to lift the veil of secrecy over those who are the GazettE really.

Q: What can you say about the concept of the new single UNDYING? Why it plays the role THE FINALE  in the project? 

Ruki: DOGMA, UGLY и UNDYING – parts of a story. UNDYING will be its end.

Aoi: Ruki will answer this question better.

Kai: Ask Ruki.

Q: What are you going to do after PROJECT: DARK AGE, how are you going to outperform it?

Ruki: After the tour DOGMATIC we’ll put PROJECT: DARK AGE on the shelf and begin work on a new project.

Aoi:  PROJECT:DARK AGE – is DOGMA, UGLY и UNDYING, related to them arts and tours. No matter with whom we will work on, I’m sure they will be great professionals.

Reita: We don’t yet know the answer to this question.

Q: Your last album DOGMA contains a very powerful message: to abandon the imposed standards of other people - from  another’s dogmas - and create your own. What made you as a band to reflect on this theme?

Ruki: When we recorded DOGMA, we wanted to understand, how in fact it all should be, what should be our own position as a musical group. This is - a kind of our  constant philosophy.

Uruha: We came to this during our fan club tour in 2014. I mean not only the group, but also our fans. We all watched the GazettE for a whole year, and DOGMA is the result of these observations. 

Aoi: the GazettE have always used a variety of different methods to invest an additional meaning in our music. Despite the fact that visual kei still remains a limited direction in Japan, it still attracts a lot of young musicians, which are in a friendly competition with each other. In order not to get lost in all of this, we have decided to clearly define our vision and our line. 

Reita: We wanted to determine the extent with which you should measure us. 

Kai: This is what makes us the band.

Q: Fans wanted the GazettE to return to DIM style, but DOGMA turned out to be much more heavy. Can we say that you have recorded such a powerful and strong album, partly in response to requests by your fans?

Ruki: If we did everything that the fans want, we as a group a long time ago would have disbanded. And DIM, and DOGMA -  different sides of the GazettE.

Uruha: Each of our albums has its own style. We try to give everything to the maximum, act by trial and error, guided by our musical preferences and abilities. We simply can’t repeat what we did in the past, since it no longer exists.

Aoi: No, not like this. If for example the theater troupe from year to year has performed with the same musical, would the audience go to the show? The same is true for music groups: even if we have found one successful style it is better to try new ideas. 

Reita: The answer is contained in DOGMA.

Kai: This is not true. We just constantly examine our capabilities and potential.

Q: In  TOXIC, DIVISION and Beautiful Deformity you actively experimented with electronic music and effects and successfully put them on your own sound. How do these three albums have influenced the work on DOGMA?

Ruki: If we talk about musical genres, we do not have any clear role models. We just wanted to express in these three albums some other things [than in DOGMA].  

Uruha: Joined dubstep and electronics with our classic style, we understood how a variety of musical genres can be combined with each other. However, in order that the final product sounded hard enough, we had to change the concept of the group style. We had to face a lot of difficulties, but it seems to me that we have learned to better assess the quality of our sound. 

Aoi: While working on DOGMA we, among other things, wanted to get away from the EDM elements and to create a more authentic sound. We wanted to pay homage to our visual-kei past and show that we move forward. 

Reita: All these albums brought to DOGMA. 

Q: Do you consider this darker sound your true sound, or this is another musical experiment?

Ruki: I would not say that it’s entirely gloomy. It is one of the aspects of us as a musical group. We like and pop, and ballads, so in the future we are not going to abandon them.

Uruha: Personally, I love the gloomy sound mostly, so I’d be happy, if others will appreciate us precisely for this sound. 

Aoi: Although DOGMA was enough hard for us, we initially inclined to a more gloomy sound. the GazettE always preferred free style of creating the songs and this won’t change. Our own style is known only to us, so expect surprises in future releases.

Reita: This is an experiment and the true face of the band.

Kai: We always experiment.

Q: DOGMA style is unique, but at the same time you have used enough traditional elements in such songs as INCUBUS, LUCY and GODDESS. Do you intend to include such a dark and heavy themes in your future releases?

Ruki: We’re not going to repeat. We plan to try a new approach.

Uruha: I think if we haven’t a reason to abandon these themes we will continue to refer to them. 

Aoi: One of the most remarkable aspects of the playing in the band -  it is an opportunity to exchange ideas with each other, to discuss on what theme we will be working in the next release, what a color palette we will use. I want all five of us to create our future music, to discuss it and to make decisions together.

Reita: I think that we will continue to “be heavier”.

Kai: In the future, we intend to use such themes, that we deem the most appropriate for our music.

Q: All of your previous releases have been very successful. What are you planning for the next album? How are you going to outperform your previous work?

Ruki: Every time I try to produce such  kind of music, which would have surpassed my previous compositions.

Uruha: I always think about how to make the next album.

Aoi: I hope to release this kind of music, which is different from what we do directly in this tour. Each tour - the ability to learn new things and prepare for the next step.

Reita: Decisions on the next album I will take during this tour.

Kai: We will build on your previous experience as the band, on all that we have experienced; we are talking not only about music but also about ourselves.

Q: Are you changed somehow, preparing for a show, putting on outfit, applying makeup, checking equipment and, at last, appearing on stage before the audience? Or you feel on stage in the same way as in ordinary life?

Uruha: Between “usual” me and “scene” me there is no difference. 

Aoi: There is no particular difference.

Reita: It’s excite me! However, I stay myself.

Kai: I don’t feel something special.

Q: Do you hope to change something with this tour? Do you think that the social message and concept of your music can overcome cultural barriers and become more versatile?

Ruki: I just want more people to know our music. I believe that, as the western music gained popularity in Japan, so and Japanese music can be popular in other countries.

Uruha: I first of all want the audience to say to one another after the concert: “These Japanese, so great!” Therefore, I want as many people as possible to come to our lives.

Aoi: Since we go overseas, then I, of course, want to play a tour that will appeal to all. It’s not that we want international fame; our main wish - to make sure that everyone got the fun of the upcoming concerts. For me this is more than enough.

Reita: If our fans after the show say that they enjoyed it, I’ll be happy.

Kai: I would like to create the conditions that allow us at any time to go with the concerts abroad.

Q: In Japan, you’re famous as a group, which gives fantastic live performances. How would you describe the ambience of your Japanese performances for the American and European fans who have never been on your lives?

Ruki: I think it is aggressive, but not only. We do our best to ensure that the audience could appreciate melody component of our compositions. 

Uruha: I can not give an objective answer to this question, so to start I would recommend to listen to the recording. And at lives we just will immersed in the music.

Aoi: In Japan, the audience perform all the movements simultaneously, and it looks absolutely amazing from the stage. Abroad, it seems to me, people more relax and have fun as they want. They sing, dance and shout. They do have fun!

Reita: Japanese show - a lot of energy. 

Kai: Japanese concerts allow us to become one with the audience.

Q: Can you share the plans for the future?

Ruki: I would like to gradually expand our presence abroad. Basically, our activity is focused on Japan; if we succeed in our plans then we will decide what to do next. 

Uruha: We first of all want to complete our project with GRAND FINALE. After that we will announce further actions in order of priority. 

Aoi: More than a year passed since the launch of the project DOGMA. I want to get to the end of the project, without losing enthusiasm along the way, and give a terrific concert. Then, when DOGMA come to the end, we will switch to future plans!

Reita: We’ll make plans during the world tour.

Kai: It’s a secret.

translation from japanese to russian by Irina Medvedenko for vk_paradox

translation from russian to english by me

as always thx for reading and sorry for mistakes ^

A Dzogchen Textual Collage

“As a bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers, seek teachings everywhere. Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze, seek seclusion to digest all that you have gathered. Like a madman beyond all limits go where you please, and live like a lion completely free of all fear.”

– A Dzogchen tantra, from The Crystal and the Way of Light by Namkhal Norbu


“If we lose ourselves every night, what chance do we have to be aware when death comes? Look to your experience in dreams to know how you will fare in death. Look to your experience of sleep to discover whether or not you are truly awake.”

– Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche


“One must remain in the vastness,
alert and lucid,
Letting one’s gaze encompass
the infinity of the sky,
As though seated on the summit
of a mountain open
to all the horizons.”

— Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol


“All you have to do is rest your mind in its natural openness. No special focus, no special effort, is required. And if for some reason you cannot rest your mind, you can simply observe whatever thoughts, feelings, or sensations come up (hang out for a couple of seconds and then dissolve) and acknowledge, ‘Oh, that’s what’s going on in my mind right now.’”

— Mingyur Rinpoche


“All philosophies are mental fabrications. There has never been a single doctrine by which one could enter the true essence of things.”

— Nāgārjuna


There is nothing to do.
It is about undoing.”

— Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoch


“What anxiety to cling to the duality of success and failure!”

— Guru Chowang


“It is all up to us. We are the ones who have to keep looking at our thoughts, looking for the nature of our mind. there is nobody else in control of our lives, our experiences, our freedom or our bondage.”

— Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche


“All the philosophical theories that exist have been created by the mistaken dualistic minds of human beings. in the realm of philosophy, that which today is considered true, may tomorrow be proved to be false. No one can guarantee a philosophy’s validity. Because of this any intellectual way of seeing whatsoever is always partial and relative. The fact is that there is no truth to see or to confirm logically; rather what one needs to do is to discover just how much the mind continually limits itself in a condition of dualism.”

— Chogyal Namkhai Norbu


“How guilt-ridden are those who cling to moral dualities!”

— Guru Chowang


“When performing meditation practice one should think of it as just a natural function of everyday life, like eating or breathing, not as a special, formal event to be undertaken with great seriousness and solemnity. One must realize that to meditate is to pass beyond effort, beyond practice, beyond aims and goals, and beyond the dualism of bondage and liberation. Meditation is always perfect, so there is no need to correct anything. Since everything that arises is simply the play of the mind, there are no bad meditation sessions and no need to judge thoughts as good or evil. Therefore one should not sit down to meditate with various hopes and fears about the outcome-one just does it, with no self-conscious feeling of “I am meditating,” without effort, without strain, without attempting to control or force the mind, without trying to become peaceful.”

— Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


“In the end, we have nothing to lose by opening our hearts.”

— Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche


“the nature of phenomena is non-dual,

but each one, its own state, is beyond
the limits of the mind.

there is no concept that can define
the condition of “what is”

but vision nevertheless manifests:
all is good.

everything has already been accomplished,
and so, having overcome the sickness of effort,

one finds oneself in the self-perfected state.
this is contemplation.”

— Vairocana - The Six Vajra Verses


“Awareness is unstructured, natural radiance your own mind, so how can you say that you cannot see the Buddha? There is nothing at all to meditate upon in it, so how can you complain that meditation does not arise? It is manifest Awareness, your own mind, so how can you say that you cannot find it? It is a stream of unceasing radiant wakefulness, the face of your mind, so how can you say that you cannot see it? There is not so much as a moment of work to be done to attain it, so how can you say that your effort is unavailing? Centred and dispersed states are two sides of the same coin, so how can you say that your mind is never centred? Intrinsic Awareness is the spontaneously originated three modes of being [essence, nature and responsiveness], which is achieved without striving, so how can you say that your practice fails to accomplish it? It is enough to leave the mind in a state of non-action, so how can you say that you are incapable of attaining it? Your thoughts are released at the moment of their inception, so how can you say that the antidotes were ineffective? It is cognition of the here and now, so how can you say you do not perceive it?”

— Shabkar Tsodruk Rangdrol, The Flight of the Garuda, Song Seven: Assertion of our Intrinsic Buddhahood


“Getting attached to happiness is suffering.”

— Kunjed Gyalpo


“Rigpa is a Tibetan word, which in general means ‘intelligence’ or ‘awareness’. In Dzogchen, however, the highest teachings in the Buddhist tradition of Tibet, rigpa has a deeper connotation, ‘the innermost nature of the mind’. The whole of the teaching of Buddha is directed towards realizing this, our ultimate nature, the state of omniscience or enlightenment – a truth so universal, so primordial that it goes beyond all limits, and beyond even religion itself.”

— Sogyal Rinpoche


Basically there is nothing to do at all in this practice besides training in being stable. Simply allowing our mind to be, without having to do anything, is entirely against our usual habits. Our normal tendency is to think, “I want to do this. I want to do that.” Then we actually go do it. Finally, we feel happy and satisfied when it’s all neat, all completed, accomplished all by ourselves. But that attitude is totally wrong in the context of this type of practice. There is nothing whatsoever to do. We don’t have to construct what is unformed. Anything we try to do becomes an imitation, something made up by our thoughts and concepts.

As a matter of fact, it may feel utterly dissatisfying, extremely disappointing, to allow our original nature to be as it naturally is. We might much rather do something, imagine something, create something, and really put ourselves through a lot of hardship. Maybe that is why the Buddha did not teach Dzogchen and Mahamudra openly— because this not-doing is in some ways contrary to human nature…

…The Buddha realized that different beings had various capacities, so out of great compassion and skillful means he gave teachings that were right for different individuals. Although the essence of all teachings of all enlightened ones is to simply let be in recognition of one’s own nature, the Buddha taught a lot of complex instructions in order to satisfy people on all the different levels…

–Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, from As It Is


“The place of release is where it all begins.”

— The Garland of Pearls


“The natural state is just itself and nothing else, whether thoughts are arising or not. Having no thoughts is not the essential practice of Dzogchen. There is nothing wrong with having thoughts; it is natural for thoughts to arise. They represent the creative potentiality or dynamism of the Nature of Mind. When we are in the Natural State, there are no special thoughts associated with it. The natural state is always there whether thoughts are present or not. The problem is to recognize this Natural State without being distracted by thoughts.”

— Lopon Tenzin Namdak.


“Ah, yes, this world is just a dream.”

— Longchenpa


“Consider the fact that no matter how many planets and stars are reflected in a lake, these reflections are encompassed within the water itself; that no matter how many universes there are, they are encompassed within a single space; and that no matter how vast and how numerous the sensory appearances of samsara and nirvana may be, they are encompassed within the single nature of mind”

— Dudjom Lingpa


“Remaining in the clarity and confidence of Rigpa allows all your thoughts and emotions to liberate naturally and effortlessly within its vast expanse, like writing in water or painting in the sky”

— Sogyal Rinpoche


“Don’t believe! Don’t believe! Don’t believe in righteous religion!
Don’t trap yourself! Don’t trap yourself! Don’t cage your mind!”

— Longchenpa


“In the unthinkable, inscrutable, ordinary nature of reality there is no difference between freedom and bondage. No matter what arises, when you perceive your original nature, the joy arises automatically–and what joy!”

— Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol


“Each of us needs to look at our own experience of suffering to see how it is distinct; we don’t suffer in the exact same way as anybody else. What causes me to suffer may not cause you to suffer. What is extremely hard for you may be easy or even fun for me. What you enjoy doing may be frightening or boring for me. And so it goes. When you reach the point of being determined to be freed from your suffering, you have the attitude that starts you off on the path of individual freedom: “I will deliver myself from harm; I will protect and save myself from heartache and misery.” This is where you start.”

— Dzogchen Ponlop in “Rebel Buddha: A Guide to a Revolution of Mind”


“With the mind preoccupied by different petty concerns,

A moment of inconsequential fixation becomes a habit

And a day, a month, a year – a lifetime – goes by unheeded.

We deceive ourselves by construing the nondual as duality.”

— Longchenpa


“The principle of Dzogchen is to avoid creating anything false, and to really understand the reasons for what one is doing. It is not important to define oneself as belonging to this or that school, tradition, or point of view, and it makes no difference whether one considers oneself to be Buddhist or not. Basically, feeling oneself to be a follower of something of other is just a limit, and what one really needs is to understand one’s own condition and to open oneself, getting rid of all these kinds of barriers.”

— Chogyal Namkhai Norbu


‘The word buddha simply means “awake” or “awakened.” It does not refer to a particular historical person or to a philosophy or religion. It refers to your own mind. You know you have a mind, but what’s it like? It’s awake. I don’t just mean “not asleep.” I mean your mind is really awake, beyond your imagination. Your mind is brilliantly clear, open, spacious, and full of excellent qualities: unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom that sees things as they truly are. In other words, your awakened mind is always a good mind; it’s never dull or confused. It’s never distressed by the doubts, fears and emotions that so often torture us. Instead, your true mind is a mind of joy, free from all suffering. That is who you really are. That is the true nature of your mind and the mind of everyone. But you mind doesn’t just sit there being perfect, doing nothing. It’s at play all the time, creating your world.’

- Dzoghen Ponlop, Rebel Buddha


Garab Dorje (Prahevajra) the first human lineage-holder of the Dzogchen teaching, an emanation of Vajrasattva.

A brief biography taken from: amnyitrulchung (dot) org

At age 7 he entered into a philosophical debate with 500 scholars and defeated all of them, without ever having studied himself. Afterwards he meditated on a mountaintop until his 32nd birthday. He received empowerments, instructions and entrustment of the Dzogchen tantras in an instant from Vajrasattva and attained the stage of no more learning.

With the help of dakinis he spent three years transcribing the teachings he had received. He meditated and taught for the rest of his life in Sitavana, a famous charnel ground northeast of Bodhgaya. When he died at the source of the Danatika river his body dissolved into immaculate space amid masses of rainbow light.


“The desire for happiness is the disease of attachment,

one can be happy only when free of desires.”

— Kunjed Gyalpo


“When you start to study your mind, you begin to see how mind works. You discover the principle of cause and effect; you see that certain actions produce suffering and others produce happiness. Once you make that discovery, you understand that by working with suffering’s causes, you can overcome suffering itself. You also begin to see, in the contents of mind, a clearer picture of your own psychological profile. That is, you begin to see the patterns of thought and feeling that repeat over and over. You see how predicable you are in your relationships and interactions with the world. At a certain point, you begin to glimpse the total space of mind, the brilliant awareness that is the source of your fleeting thoughts and emotions. This is your first look at mind’s true nature: it’s a milestone on your path and an experience of personal freedom.”

— Dzogchen Ponlop in “Rebel Buddha: A Guide to a Revolution of Mind”


“Just as phenomena arise let them be and do not cling! This is the radical, essential practice during the daily round. If you do not cling to whatever, or however, phenomena appear, emotional defilements, naturally freed, are sublime, primal awareness.”

— Shabkar


“The pathless path
is the path always under our feet
and since that path is always beneath us,
if we miss it, how stupid!”

— The Heap of Jewels


“A Confession” from
Emptying the Depths of Hell

HUNG! How futile to project notions of being and nonbeing
Upon an unformed and inconceivable reality-continuum!
What misery to cling to delusions of a substantial reality!
Atone in the spaciousness of formless, concept-free pleasure.

How pointless to project notions of purity and impurity
Upon Kuntu Zangpo, who transcends all moral qualities!
How guilt-ridden are those who cling to moral dualities!
Atone in the spaciousness of Kunzang’s pure pleasure.

How exhausting to cling to notions of self and others
In the sameness where superiority and inferiority cannot be!
What anxiety to cling to the duality of success and failure!
Atone in the spaciousness of the pure pleasure of sameness.

How futile to cling to concepts of this life and the next
When the Bodhisattva’s mind is free of birth and dying!
What anxiety lies in obsession with birth and death!
Atone in the spaciousness of the deathless swastika.

How foolish to project concepts of concrete form and substance
Upon the cosmic seed that has no corners or edges!
What boredom lies in the limitations of squares and rectangles!
Atone in the spaciousness of the all-embracing spherical nucleus.

How stupid it is to project notions of beginning and end
In the timeless, unchangeable dimension of past, present and future!
What misery lies in the duality of transformation and gradual change!
Atone in the spaciousness of unchanging past, present and future.

How pointless to project causal relationships
Upon Awareness, naturally arising without strain or accomplishment!
What grief lies in distinguishing effort from attainment!
Atone in the spaciousness of effortless spontaneity.

How exhausting to cling to concepts of subject and object
In Knowledge-Awareness neither eternal nor temporal!
What misery to separate time from eternity!
Atone in the spaciousness of Knowledge-Awareness.

— revealed by Guru Chowang


“Buddha-nature, the essence of awakened enlightenment itself, is present in everyone. Its essence is forever pure, unalloyed, and flawless. It is beyond increase or decrease. It is neither improved by remaining in nirvana nor degenerated by straying into samsara. Its fundamental essence is forever perfect, unobscured, quiescent, and unchanging. Its expressions are myriad.”

— Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche


“Since everything is reality,
there is nothing at all to promote
and there is not the slightest thing to retain;
reality is total absence.”

— Beyond the Sound


“Through meditation on the nature of mind, one is able to overcome. Through meditation on discursive thoughts, one is not able to overcome. When one meditates on discursive thoughts, one should understand that they are merely the miraculous display of the nature of the mind. Thus, rest in a state free from discursive thoughts.”

— Attributed to Milarepa


Illusion immediately becomes more workable when we acknowledge it as simply an illusion. The Western habit is to work against the grain and to try and organize the illusory into something solid and structured … In the stressful attempt to nail down the illusory nature of things, our chance to be at ease, spacious, awake, and free, which already exists within ourselves, gets lost.

– Tsoknyi Rinpoche


“Relatively speaking, we are not free, so long as we do not recognize the true nature of our mind.

That nature is empty, luminous wisdom; it is primordially pure awareness; it is the state of wakefulness that transcends duality.”

— Dzogchen Ponlop, Mind Beyond Death


In the universal womb that is boundless space
All forms of matter and energy occur
As flux of the four elements,
But all are empty forms, absent in reality:
All phenomena, arising in pure mind, are like that.

Just as dream is a part of sleep,
Unreal in its arising,
So all and everything is pure mind,
Never separated from it,
And without substance or attribute.

Experience is neither mind nor anything but mind;
It is a vivid display of emptiness, like magical illusion,
In the very moment inconceivable and unutterable.
All experience arising in the mind,
At its inception, know it as emptiness!

– Longchenpa


“It is only by dying every day that we can be truly in contact with life.

If we think we can find a meaningful connection between life and death—while still clinging to our belief in the continuity of our own existence—then we are living in a fictional world of our own creation.”

— Dzogchen Ponlop, Mind Beyond Death


The true bodhisattva spirit grows out of this personal sense of freedom. You discover that you don’t feel so needy anymore. You don’t crave another refueling - with shamatha or with other people’s love and attention - because you know within yourself how to be free, how to be confident. With this sense of security and freedom, you begin to direct your attention to the needs of others. The compassion expands.

– Tsoknyi Rinpoche

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Au where the airport fight ends in a minor debate over who has to take Peter home BC he's literally too young to fly unaccompanied without fuckloads of paperwork

This is amazing because I literally just read something similar in a comic a few days ago. Ok, so it wasn’t b/c Peter is, like, 12, but b/c he was like ‘you guys might get to be superheroes 24/7 but some people have jobs so can someone take me back to NYC asap?? Guys???’  Here’s the page. 

And  then 1.7k of fic of borderline silliness happened out of no where. Let’s temporarily pretend everyone isn’t furious with each other and are still kind-of-friends, m’kay?


Captain America and the Winter Soldier left behind a deafening silence. Iron Man and War Machine tried to give chase, but weren’t able to stop the jet without seriously injuring the two passengers. They were mad, yes, but they didn’t want anyone to end up dead, or paralysed, or maimed. The jet rose into the sky, higher and higher before disappearing over the horizon.

The barren airport was quiet. Peter was aching all over, still disoriented from the blow that knocked through the air. The formerly building-sized guy that had hit him lay panted, limbs eagle-spread. Hawkeye sat nearby, rubbing at his back and grumbling under his breath. Scarlett Witch was cradled in Vision’s arms, the two murmuring quietly to one another.

Falcon touched down, spread wings retreating. Iron Man and War Machine followed his descent moments after. They refused to look at their former teammate.

Peter stumbled to unsteady, determined feet. His mask was rumbled, a little twisted, but pulled to his chin. Booted feet spun in a wobbly circle, taking in the entire airport, the burning husks of thrown cars, abandoned airplanes, and the dozen exhausted, resting heroes.

“We’re not going to start fighting again, are we?” Peter said. “Because sure, yeah, I’m ready to go again, but some of you guys look old and I don’t want to accidentally break some hips—”

“You are not ready to go again,” Tony told him firmly. His faceplate flipped up, and he looked weary and defeated in an achingly familiar way.

“I am,” Peter insisted. “Did you see me take down a guy that was the size of a building? A building!” Peter limped over to said Building Guy, who squinted up at the teenager, one hand shielded over his eyes. “Also, hey, I’m super impressed about the turning-into-a-building thing. Doesn’t that break all kinds of rules about the conservation of mass? How does that even work? Is it a superpower, or are you an alien like that Thor guy, or is it, like, science—”

“Where did you find this kid?” Hawkeye asked loudly.

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I Never Forgot You *Bucky Barnes x Reader* (9/?)

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Summary: With the wedding just a few months away, the panic of it all rises up, the only way Bucky can get through it is by taking down HYDRA bases to pass the time; as yourself plans everything to the nine. Bucky remembering everything every day, he soon recalls a time in the Forties where you were to have a child, you remember not ever carrying a child. With Technology and HYDRA information, it’s time to hunt down your child and figure out what happened to them, only darkness is unfolded because it wasn’t just Bucky who underwent HYDRA torture methods. 
Warnings: Swearing, violence & Probably a lot more. Implied smut later (not full on, I am not comfortable writing that) & DEATH
Admins Note: I had someone ask for a part 4 with the wedding but I’ve been reeling over the second part to the imagine I did (Part one) (Part two) where you are pregnant with Buck’s child whilst he is away.

SO this part involves an NEW character called: Narcisa Malone. She basically owns the organisation called W.A.R.S (Warners. Association. Research of Science), they basically deal with genetic splicing and mutations like the Maximoff twins. They are under the thumb of HYDRA being forced to work for them, in creating the perfect soldiers. Naricasa looked after James as he grew up, so this is about her finding out that HYDRA allowed him to be captured.

I Never Forgot You Part One
I Never Forgot You Part Two
I Never Forgot You Part Three  
I Never Forgot You Part Four
I Never Forgot You Part Five
I Never Forgot You Part Six

I Never Forgot You Part Seven

I Never Forgot You Part Eight

I Never Forgot You Part Nine

W.A.R.S Facility (Warners. Association. Research of Science)

James sat in a small grey-walled room, the silence echoing around the small space, his face scrunched into one of confusion and concentration. His mind running a mile, a million thoughts like Hamlet, never once focusing on a certain thing but lingering on it to cause distress and rile him up to a certain extent. He had no idea how long he had been in the room, sat on the small hard bed, he figured it had been a while but not long enough to cause concern amongst; Narcisa, Blok or HYDRA themselves. 

He knew HYDRA heads were here to discuss what happened, probably punish James and Narcisa for what they were done; him for being caught and her for telling him the truth and going after him. 

Normally he would take the punishment, it was never too bad but something angered him deep inside, they lied and cheated him; Seventy years old. He’s older than seventy, all this time he’s been put on ice without knowing, all because of his parents? His true parents, who even were they? He knew the Winter Soldier but that’s all, he didn’t know his father, not really and his mother? 

He had never seen her in his life but a strange pull, connection or protectiveness, whatever you want to call it happened when he was near you. He had the urge to protect you, or even relax around you, he felt safe but at the same time, he hated both of his parents. 

A tap drew him back to reality, he turned as the door opened and Doctor Jamie Davis smiled as he peaked through, James nodded lightly at the tech man with a small smile.

“You’re needed, buddy,” Jamie tells him, James sighs and stands up “Gotta warn ya, Narcisa is tearing a new asshole into the HYDRA heads like she is going full mother rage on them” James chuckles at him, nodding to follow Jamie who leads the way through the base in absolute silence, something James finds comforting; he always finds the silence weirdly homely and that’s disturbing within itself.

 They come up to Narcisa’s office a brown oakish door, Jamies knocks three times, the muffled voices all silence and the door opens to reveal a flustered looking Narcisa who smiles thanking Jamie. James enters and sees’s Agent Blok stood with his arms crossed in the corner, three HYDRA men are stood in the same stance, cold hard glares as they look at James; he’s in deep shit now. 

“Ah, James” one of the men called; tall and lean, black hair and moustache, Bucky knew this man; Grey Robinson, he was always around when James fucked up, he got some sick thrill from seeing recruits getting punished, especially James.  

The other two were familiar but couldn’t place names, they were all higher up in HYDRA, rarely seen but seen enough to be feared of, although Narcisa showed no signs of backing down; James figured that’s where he get’s it from, no running or cowardly behind fear. 

“Our thrill seeker” he continued “tell me exactly how you got captured” his hands clasped behind his back, a smirk settling upon his face, James stood staring his jaw rigid “it seemed you allowed the Avengers to take you, weird” he amused, Narcisa rolled her eyes. 

“With all due respect sir, James didn’t allow anything, he was outmatched; their fire power is enough to take down entire bases, you sent him with two other men, hardly strategic employment” Agent Blok steps in, Grey glares at the man, Blok’s face unnerved as they stare at one another. 

“No, he’s implying that James was told about his parents before he got captured, which he wasn’t” Narcisa sighs “I told him once we left, I told him because his mother told him the truth, something that should have spoken a long time ago” Narcisa crosses her arms and awaits someone to talk “you three have a lot of fucking nerve, if you weren’t so focused on each other asses you’d be seeing the bigger picture” they all frowned 

“I NEED TEST SUBJECTS?” she screamed “how am I meant to work if they all die?” she asked, James snickered “It’s like talking to my dead husband” she sighed. 

It’s quiet after that, the three HYDRA agents look at one another, deciding on what to do and what to say back to her. 

“We understand your stress, Dr Malone” the HYDRA man states, Narcisa rolls her eyes at him “we just think when you went after James it was a little brash, you could have been killed, despite everything we do care for you” that caused a loud laughter from Narcisa who rolled her eyes at them all. 

“James is just as important to us as he is to you” Grey speaks firmly “he is becoming our new hand of HYDRA, the one that will lead our army to victory, that is beyond yourself Doctor” Narcisa narrowed her glare “he’s out vision, our leading light, don’t mistake our attitudes… towards you aimed at James also” he smiles lightly, Narcisa scoffs at him. 

“You sound like my husband with your ‘visions’ and ‘we care’ bullshit” she spat back at him, he huffed a ragged breath at her.

“Pierce was a visionary, like us, he died still believing that vision. He also died your husband” Grey countered, Narcisa chuckled darkly at that, shaking her head at him.

“My husband died the moment he started to believe the lies he was telling, you corrupted Alexander Pierce, not me. He wasn’t my husband, not anymore” she sighed gently,

“You hated him when he started up the Winter Soldier programme all those years ago” Narcisa nodded

“Everyone sided with me, he should have kept Bucky Barnes on ice, everyone knows that!” glares and blank stares are cast around the room. 

“James you’re going to tell us everything we want to know about the Avengers base, are we clear?” the other HYDRA Agent asked “Narcisa we have a test subject for you to work on, Agent Blok, it’s been what? 

Over a decade since you allowed yourself to be upgraded, get some modifications done by Narcisa; as punishment for going along with them and then stopping Narcisa from giving away vital information” Blok sighed, aggravation casting in his stormy blue eyes, he nods once, leaving the room.  

“Wait” Narcisa frowned “you conveniently want Avengers intel, why? You never cared about them before” the men look between another “if you say you planned this, I swear to God, I’ll strangle you.” Narcisa says to Grey, he nods once before turning to James,

“You fucking touch any of us, he dies, you know that” she clenches her jaw closed and he orders the others to leave “get back to work, you have your test subject, once Blok is done have him select some of his own men; then I want you to work on James, find something for him, get Aristov to look into also” James frowns, he hadn’t ever been modified, that he was sure of “James, go train with Blok before he goes for testing, good boy” James glares and looks to Narcisa who nods with a slight smile.

“Hurt her and I’ll fucking kill you,” he tells them before leaving out the door. 


“You just gonna let them test on you?” James asked Blok, the older man chuckled, easily dodging the swift punch James tried to take; grabbing James’s for turning him around into a headlock, James chuckled loudly “okay. old guy still got a fight in him” James tapped Blok’s arm twice and he let him go, pushing him away slightly “what’s your deal? Who they got?” James asked. Agent Blok sighed as James sat down in a chair, it’s silent for a few minutes.

“My son” Agent Blok confirms “well, it doesn’t matter anymore anyway, he joined SHIELD and got suckered into HYDRA that way” James nodded lightly at him “I have nothing left to fight for, that’s why I stick around, I don’t have family or a home; you do, James” Agent Blok sighs “I know that right now, your real parents mean so little, but god I would give anything to see my son! I saw him once, fighting alongside that Cap guy, he looked like a superhero. I’ll never get over that sight, of course, I knew what he really was, like me” he sighed gently.

“Then why are you here?” James asked “you should be out there, trying to regain the rest of a life you can” he gestured to Agent Blok “you can leave her whenever you want” he stated.

“You live in a bubble, James” Agent Blok tells him “HYDRA are everywhere, no one escapes here, not really” he tells him “your father is the only I know that has made it out somewhat alive, he’s not the Bucky he hopes to be, but he’s alive and that’s all matters” Agent Blok chuckled “can’t believe he done it, after all, those years of staring at that blank stupid face, I gotta tell ya’ seeing him smile is probably… a blessing” James frowned “the missions I used to send him on, he’d come back even less human, I’d ask him if he was okay but he’d never respond” Agent Blok sighed “what I am saying is; you Barnes are strong, stronger than you let on, if anyone can make it out of here alive, it’s you” James chuckled.

“I don’t want to leave”, James tells him “I have Narcisa, the Winter Soldier is just my old trainer” he shrugged.

“He’s your father, kid” Blok states “you can try and cover it for what it is but when it comes to killing him; he won’t be killing back, he’ll let it happen because you are his son, you are his blood and he would rather die for you than fight against you” James nodded,

“How do you know that?” James asked

“Because I’d do the same for mine, every father would, no matter what or who they are; you’d rather have your own heart stabbed than your sons” he shrugged. 


Astral Parenthood (Azama x F!Corrin) 

AU where everything is the exact same, except Silas has laser vision.


Little Mitama did not appreciate her parents’ gift.

“Oh Mitama, this is a perfectly good pelt. I went through all this trouble to bring it here. Mommy even helped me with the flaying!”

Corrin shuddered.

The toddler ran, tripped, got back up, and then finished running over to a desk with parchment and ink. She spoke as she wrote. “I don’t like my gift/It is scary and smells bad/It wants to eat me!”

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FREE THE NIPPLE!! I’m so new to this & so excited to start this! It’s so empowering & has so much to do with body appreciation, like this is my body.. This is how God intended for it to look & I want to admire is work. He sculpted me in his vision & made even my imperfections flawless! We need to stop sexualizing everything we see & hear. Can’t we all just be happy with our bodies the way they are & the color they are?? I’m proud to be a women & proud to represent what has been made just for me. I won’t hide my body just because the media tells us it’s “bad” or “whorish” or that we’re “asking to be judged”. There intended to nourish our children so why have we made it something so discriminated against? We are women & we are made in the perfect image. Braless and Flawless