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Could you write about everyone learning about a bookworm mc that really just wont stop reading no matter what and is really distracted by books all the time... no matter the genre?

I don’t know if you mean like..Everyone everyone, or just the RFA, so I’m just going to be doing the RFA!


- The first few times he catches you reading, he just settles in beside you and reads his scripts or messes around on your phone. He doesn’t mind just quietly hanging out!

- But then you read during slow parts on your dates…Or when you guys go to the park… And he starts to be a little pouty because he wants some attention

- Tries to appeal to your book reading interests! Asks if you would want him to read the book to you, or act out some scenes with you. If you say yes, he’ll happily do so!

- He wouldn’t actively get in the way of your reading unless it made dates kinda soured, or if he was feeling a bit down that day and needed some positive words

- It does get him interested in your books a bit, and if they seem up his alley, he might try to read one or two from your stash.


- He doesn’t mind, and actively tries to buy you more books that are best sellers or seem to be up your alley. He even lets you have access to his personal library

- (*coughs* Def not at all a scene from Beauty and the Beast)

- He thinks it’s good company for you while he’s busy with work, and enjoys resting with you ont he couch or bed to read alongside you.

- I think the only time he would mind is when he’s trying to talk to you, or when you’re having dinner. He might not think it’s great manners, but he would quickly get over it (just please talk to him during dinner too)

- He’d offer to read you books too! Probably under the guise of bedtime stories more than anything else. Doing this gets him interested in the books, so be prepared for a lot of questions…


- He would think you were so smart! Focusing on books rather than games…Like he does…

- He’d be a little sad if you kept trying to read on dates, or when he’s trying to spend time with you, but if it’s days when you’re lazing about with each other, he wouldn’t mind. Especially if there was a big event in LOLOL one day and your book kept you company while he played!

- He might want to cuddle with you while you read, and probably mess around on his phone when you do so.

- He might offer to try and read to you, but he’d get a bit embarrassed with how much he stumbled over his words trying to read outloud

- Though…He wouldn’t mind you reading to him. It would help him sleep, especially since he loves your voice…


- Like the others, she wouldn’t mind until it got to a point where she felt like she was talking to a cover of a book more than you.

- Otherwise, it would spark her interest in reading for fun again. When service is slow? When something is baking and everything is clean? She’s picking up a book you just finished and going through the pages just as fast as you did.

- Tried dedicating a bit of her bookshelf for you before realizing you needed a whole new shelf and a half to store your books

- Tries to donate any that you don’t have any strong attachment to (With your permission, ofc!)

- Days at the park with some lunch is how she loves spending some dates with you. Just relaxing in the sun and you both enjoying some good books while sitting/laying with each other.


- Good fucking luck

- The moment he wants attention, or wants to just tease you, he starts whining and trying to get your attention. He’s going to be trying to cuddle on the couch with you, grab your attention away from it with jokes, touches, or just..Loud whining.

- Jokes aside, he might try to read along with you, or if it’s a book you’re both interested in, have a stereo playing a recording of the book for you both.

- Would consider getting the worst movie version of whatever books you were reading for you. “What do you mean you don’t want to see the movie! Look! You can hardly see the greenscreen!!”

- At the end of the day, as long as you don’t ignore him during dates and such, he leaves you alone to read. We all have our hobbies!

“I promised I’d protect you, but we can all see how that worked out.”

“I see them everyday. They always stand in the same spot, under the lamppost.”

“I didn’t take you for a gardener, but I guess we all have our hobbies.”

“You don’t make it easy to make fun of you, but I’m giving it all I got.”

“I’m going to wash this bitter taste out of my mouth.”

“The best mischief is done at a party- everyone’s too busy to notice who did what.”

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Can you continue no two alike/Al'Verde? How do Obi-Wan's friends get the meeting with him? What happens? Is Obi-Wan still the same as the little kid they grew up with, or is he nearly unrecognizable? A mix? And what do the Obi-Wan clones think of them? Thank you and keep up the great work!

“This is the place then?” Quinlan looked around the building that had been set up.

“This is the barracks yes. Obi-Wan’s message said to just come through.” Bant confirmed for the kiffar before moving to the clone troopers on guard at the entrance. “Exuse me bu-”

“Oh.” The trooper straightened up then leaned into the door. “Oi! The Jedi are here! Someone call Al’Verde!” He straightened back and gave them a grin that dragged the tattoo on his face a bit. “He should be here rather quickly, he’s been looking forward to seeing you.”

Bant, Garen, Quinlan and Reeft exchanged looks of surprise before they heard the sound of marching steps on the floor coming towards them in a rather hurried pace.

And there he was, dressed in his armor, copper and white with his hair undone and a warm smile on his face. “Long time no see for old friends.” He greeted before moving forward and wrapping first Bant and Garen in a hug and then Quinlan and Reeft. “But its good to see you all.” He looked over them, taking in the changes of adulthood.

“Says the man leading an army.” Bant laughed breathily.

Force Obi-Wan was so…

He smiled at them, greeted them with warmth that was so familiar to the Initiate that had laughed with them and Bant felt so many muscles relax at the sight of it.

It was still Obi-Wan, past the changes of the Galaxy, past the growth to adulthood and past that beard that fit the man much too well, it was still Obi-Wan.

“I’m sorry to say that I’m only on Coruscant out the day but if you have the time then I’d welcome all of your company. Got a nice blend of red tea too if you’re up for it or a few bottles of Alderaanian ale.” He smiled at them.

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but I am certainly up for ale.” Quinlan laughed, throwing an arm around Obi-Wan’s shoulders and ruffling his hair playfully, the kiffar’s beam so wide it scrunched up the yellow across his nose. “Good to see you Obi-Nobi.”

Obi-Wan laughed and dragged them into the barracks.


“Your Jedi friends seem pretty great.” Obi-Wan looked up from his cards, raising his brow at Reaper who shrugged in return. “What, they do.” The short shaven clone defended.

“Were you all spying on me again?” Obi-Wan questioned.

“Everyone except for Sixty-Nine.” Reaper grinned and Obi-Wan groaned.

“Please tell me it wasn’t a civilian, I won’t be responsible if someone contra-”

“He’s clean, he’s clean. I think Yun scans him everyday if he can catch him.” Reaper waved him off.

The original sighed and shook his head before focusing back on his cards. “I still can’t believe how promiscuous he is, I certainly didn’t teach any of you that.”

“We all have our hobbies.” Reaper shrugged.

Obi-Wan grunted before shrugging and glancing towards the cockpit. “ETA?”

“Eight hours, I’d suggest a rest or meditation after your game Al’verde.” Was thrown casually back to them and Obi-Wan gave a hum.

A meditation and a nap both sounded great. He could have both with that amount of time.

“Please tell me you’re going to finish our game before that.” Reaper practically pleaded.

“Of course, I’m not going to just leave a sabbac match without good reason.” Obi-Wan offered in turn, almost insulted before he smirked. “Beside, you offered up your dessert ration, I’m more then happy to win it.” He teased and Reaper gave a low grunt.

“Keep on dreaming Al’verde, keep dreaming.”

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Alex@Cuervo:"It's unusual that a classy Pokemon like you plays games, at least to me. Can I take a look at your team? How far are you with the story?" *the fellow Darkrai sits down next to them*



Wedded Bliss

TITLE: Wedded Bliss


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Odin determined to find Loki a wife in a misguided, though somewhat well-intentioned attempt to ‘mellow him’. …


NOTES/WARNINGS: Here, have some backstory that took me three freaking hours to write. XD


    “Here’s an idea: From now on, you talk to Frigga,” Edith suggested once the queen had left them in her room, having been called away for some matter that required her immediate attention, “She’s your mother; she’s not going to hate you.”

    Loki breathed a laugh. “She doesn’t hate you. She doesn’t much like you so far, but she doesn’t hate you.”

    “Why is everyone so shocked I’m not going along with your dad’s plans? I’m a person, not an object you can just pick up and take home with you!”

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RWBY 4.2 - The Relationship between Weiss and Jacques

I realize that we all could see in the episode, “Remembrance,” Weiss’s and Jacques’s relationship is not  a healthy father-daughter one. Through her stiff and almost-out-of-character, forced posture, Weiss is shown that she is uncomfortable when talking with or even meeting her father, Jacques. We see her personality when she is turned away, angry at her father’s remark, however she returns to her submissive, perfect daughter state, as seen here:

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Part 15: The Secret Last Name - Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover

[Part 1-14]

Y/N had her little hands underneath her curls and looked up at the sky with her big eyes. As she laid down on open field in Bobby’s backyard, she stared into the clear blue sky and felt the warmth of the sun on her skin. The grass moved along with the light breeze as butterflies fluttered through the field.

Looking at the sky Y/N couldn’t help but wonder what’s up there, or more specifically who.

As a kid, Y/N was told when someone dies they go to heaven, but that didn’t help her. In fact, it only made her more confused and made her questioned everything about Heaven. What is Heaven like? Is it like a carnival where the fun never ends? Or is it just a beautiful white fluffy place with golden gates? What do people do in Heaven? Do they run around and play tag or just look down on the people they love live their lives? How do they get there? Do they just appear there out of thin air or do get a ride up to the sky on a star? But the only question she wanted an answer to was, where is Heaven located?

Bobby told her heaven is a place that’s yours. Only you can create it your own and it’s where you want it to be. Some days Y/N thought Heaven was a theme park filled with her favorite rides and animals hidden somewhere in the middle of a jungle on an unknown island.

Sam said it’s a special place no one knows until your there when your time comes. What was a ten year old supposed to think about that? 

Lastly, Dean explained it’s in the skies, even though we don’t see it, its there. She liked Dean’s answer the best because that meant she can talk to her mom anytime she wanted to knowing she knew exactly where her mom was, up in the skies watching over her. 

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I Can Take Care Of Myself (GabrielxReader)

Request: Hi! Umm I have a request. Reader hunts with the winchester boys and when gabriel flirts with her the boys get really protective. fluff/smut? Thanks :)

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Litte Language

Thanks for the Request.turned out to be really long…oh well :)

Keep Sending In Requests!

Hope You Like It

Your name: submit What is this?

Dean and Sam were busy in the bunker library trying to find a new case to start working on. Things weren’t as crazy as before and finally had some time to go back to the basics.

“Check this out. Six dead in Nampa, Idaho. Looks like it could be a nest of vampire.” Sam turned his laptop around so Dean could check it out.

“Yeah, but I found something closer. Looks like a quick salt and burn. Only three hours away.”

“Could head there, then drive to Nampa.”

“Sounds good.” Dean leaned back, making a mental list of all the things they would need. “We should leave tomorrow. Make sure to tell (Y/N).”

“I’ll start packing.” Sam got up, stopping when he noticed a visitor dropped by. “Gabriel?”

The archangel waved at the brothers with a mischievous smile playing on his face. “Hey kiddos.”

“What do you want?” Dean growled.

“Is that anyway to treat an old friend?” He sang, leaning against one of the tables. “Going somewhere?” His eyes glanced over the pile of books and paper on the table Dean was sitting at. “More hunting? Doesn’t it get boring?”

“No.” Dean answered in a low voice. “Now, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Just thought I’d drop by, see how Sasquatch and Deano are doing.”

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My ex loves going to renaissance fairs... I just don't get the appeal at all lol

i drove five hours to go to an anime convention and dress up like a boatgirl we all have our hobbies

SHERLOCKED Convention: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Talk

At the SHERLOCKED convention, Benedict Cumberbatch was the first talk I attended, and he was incredibly nice and funny, just like I’d expected from watching multiple other interviews he’s been in. The session started with the host asking Benedict a few questions, before it opened to an audience question and answer session.

The way I’ll post this is in a random order, because I don’t remember when he answered which questions.

The host asked Benedict about the pilot episode and Benedict said he instantly loved the script. He also said he instantly knew Martin Freeman was the perfect John Watson, and admitted he felt like he had to step up his game because Martin is such an amazing actor. He also said how he had different hair back then and he looked like a ‘younger’ version of Sherlock, with jeans instead of a suit.

The host also asked about Sherlock and why people liked him so much, as well as his unfair treatment of Molly. We all cheered when the host said Molly had been treated unfairly, and Benedict agreed. When asked why people liked Sherlock so much, Benedict asked, ‘girls?’, to which we all cheered. He then admitted it was because girls want to ‘humanise him’, i.e. girls think they can change him, and in a way, he thinks that is what Molly is doing. She is trying to change him to become more human, instead of emotionless like his brother.

Benedict was asked about the similarities and differences between his character. The very first thing he said was how he couldn’t play the violin and he felt like a fraud. He revealed he couldn’t even hold the violin properly, and despite musicians claiming he’s getting better, he still feels like a fraud. He went on to say he didn’t want to be like Sherlock because he liked being polite (woo!) and he called what Sherlock does a ‘hobby’. His words: ‘we all have our hobbies’. Benedict also admitted he wouldn’t want to meet Sherlock because he wouldn’t want him ‘ripping away layer after layer’.

Another comparison Benedict made was how he acts after playing the character. Apparently, he becomes short tempered and randomly leaves rooms. His mum has noticed this, and she doesn’t wedge her foot between the door like in the episode. Benedict told us he really has to get into the role, and it might translate into his real life at times.

Talking of his mum, Benedict was asked about the decision to hire his parents for the role of Sherlock’s parents. He said he wasn’t sure if Steven Moffat or Beryl Vertue had consulted this decision with Mark Gatiss, but Benedict talked to Mark Gatiss about this. He said, ‘you know, my parents are actors’, and Mark responded with ‘I know’. Now, whether Benedict was reenacting Mark’s reaction or not, he certainly made it seem like Mark was very excited by the prospect of using Benedict’s parents. Additionally, Benedict revealed how nervous his parents were to do the scene, because they are fans of the show, and their son is on the show, but he was extremely proud of them, and he said they might not ever get an opportunity like this again.

Benedict was asked whether he was excited to be a father with a scale system. Ten was being eaten by a shark, but there wasn’t one for one. Benedict said he was very excited and very scared.

Benedict was asked whether he used any other renditions of Sherlock Holmes, and he admitted he only used the original source material, because he didn’t want to copy anyone else. He also said the original material was so rich with details about the characters that he didn’t need to use anyone else’s performances.

Benedict told us about his favourite moments, after being asked. He revealed he loved the rooftop scenes at St. Barts. He loved the stunts of jumping off the roof, and then of being ‘dead’ on the pavement. He also admitted he loved the best man speech scene. He also told us there weren’t any funny moments, with the exception of the falling over in his sheets scene.

Another question, in relation to favourite moments, was favourite lines. Benedict revealed he loved reading the deductions, despite having to be very aware of his speech patterns. He notices when his speech is off, especially when he re-watches them, because they have to be spot on. In fact, he was asked how he managed to do the deductions without any punctuation and he said it was difficult, but he thoroughly enjoyed doing them. He also admitted he loved doing the best man’s speech. The host admitted his favourite scene was when Sherlock beat up the American inspector for harming Mrs Hudson.

Benedict admitted he does still get nervous to do a scene, particularly the deductions, because he has to get them spot on. He also gave some helpful advice about being an actor/actress, which was to embrace theatre, music and art, as well as acting itself.

The question about shipping was brought up, and you could actively see how embarrassed some of the fans were by the question. Some groaned or looked at the ground, and I think that goes to show how much they respect Benedict for wanting to avoid the question. The person asking the question said she knew Benedict didn’t ship JohnLock, but did Sherlock ship himself with anyone? Because the host didn’t know what shipping was, Benedict took the literal meaning and said he’d love to ship Sherlock to another location. The host said Maltese, while Benedict said Morte Carlo or Bangkok. When we laughed, he said thank you. I think he was happy we acknowledged his joke.

Following on from a blatant innuendo, a person asked a question about how weird it was to go from a crowd that was so small to something so big, and he laughed at the ‘so small’ part, taking it as an innuendo and saying ‘it certainly wasn’t that small’. However, he also admitted he much preferred meeting fans at a convention because he felt it humanised the entire experience and how big it has become. He revealed he much preferred seeing fans and hearing them ask questions, then find them stalking him when he’s attempting to do normal everyday activities.

A question was asked about the comparison between Magnussen and Moriarty. We agreed Moriarty is far more entertaining to watch, and he’s the great nemesis of Sherlock, so nobody wants him to die. In fact, Benedict said Moriarty was the other side of the coin to Sherlock. In comparison, we all agreed nobody liked Magnussen because he is a bully, and when we all cheered that Sherlock shot him, Benedict said he was concerned we were all cheering for murdering a character. Benedict also admitted Sherlock isn’t jealous of Molly for her sleeping with Moriarty, and he said Sherlock shot Magnussen out of love for John, Mary and the child.

Benedict was asked to do his Chewbacca impression and his Smaug impression. With his Chewbacca impression, the host said he sounded like a leaky bus, while Benedict said it was like a weird yawn. With his Smaug impression, after saying a sentence (or less), he said there was a time for reenacting a dragon, and this wasn’t the time.

Leading on from that, Benedict said meeting Harrison Ford was amazing. He said Harrison Ford was a very nice man, and that he had to leave so they didn’t get ‘bonding’ time. He also talked about meeting Johnny Depp for the first time last year. He said he’d only ever seen Johnny Depp in his character when they were filming, so when he met him last year, after Johnny Depp asked him if he was okay, he said he was adjusting to seeing Johnny Depp as Johnny Depp. Much like Harrison Ford, he had nothing but praise for Johnny Depp.

Actually, one of the first things he said involved a swear word and he immediately said, ‘oops! I’m not supposed to be swearing’. He also said ‘oh crumbs’ when he was faced with a difficult question 🙊.

Overall, Benedict Cumberbatch was humble, nice, polite and funny. He really is as he appears to be during interviews, and to those people saying he was rude, he was nothing of the sort. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his talk.

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Write me something about Kent Parson and cooking. :D

This took me way too long to respond to, but here you are:

Here’s the thing that most people wouldn’t guess about Kent Parson: that boy can cook. As in, he can cook real meals out of McDonalds Big Macs and a jar a queso. He kind of had to learn when he was younger and it was just his mother and his sister, and his mother was always working to make ends meet. So he did what anyone would do: he picked up slack, and he learned how to do basic household chores. Including cooking.

He’d take food that cost a dollar and twist it into something that may not have tasted any more special, but it definitely looked much better. And everyone knows presentation is half the battle, anyways. He learned how to shop for the best deals and how to become a coupon-saving king.

And then.

He got kind of famous?

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