we all have a daphne in ourselves

Fairy Tail villains in a nutshell
  • Eisenwald: Let's murder all the guild masters. Just for the lulz, y'know?
  • Phantom Lord: We should rename ourselves "the We Hate Fairy Tail club" and get it over with. We'll have to do it eventually.
  • Jellal & Trinity Raven: Y'all need Zeref
  • Laxus: I wanna be the very best, like no-one ever waaas!
  • Thunder God Tribe: We're your biggest fans
  • Oracion Seis: Let's turn everyone evil just for the hell of it
  • Daphne: *Has an unhealthy obsession with dragons*
  • Every villain in Edolas: We got the magiiic in us
  • Grimoire Heart: This is our dark wizard now
  • Zeref: I'm dying and I'm taking the rest of the you with me
  • Acnologia: One second I'm a dragon, suddenly I'm a human
  • Church of Zentopia: Idk, we're just doing what we're told
  • Neo Oracion Seis: Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of us.
  • Raven Tail: What is even our purpose in this anime?
  • Future Rogue: *Angsting over dead cat* *Kills best friend because of dead cat* *Tries to kill everyone because of dead cat*
  • Every villain in the movie: I guess you could say we're... stoned.
  • Eclipse Celestial Spirits: FREEEEEEDOOOM!
  • Sylph Labrinth: Give us shiny things
  • Tartaros: Because you know we're all about that Face, 'bout that Face, no magic!
  • Avatar: Notice us Zeref-senpai
  • Spriggan 12: #ProtectZerefX792

anonymous asked:

Ok so at the beginning of season 9 Cas barely knew how to function as a human right? But he spent a year married to Daphne thinking he was a human with special powers. Why would he not know how to brush his teeth, or not know how to, like, hug Sam back and stuff?

During the months Cas was missing in season 7 he didn’t remember that he was an angel but he was still an angel, he still had all of his powers. We know that he had married a human and was living with her but we don’t know how many human things he was actually doing. It seemed like both he and Daphne accepted that there was something otherworldly about him and I never got the impression that he had tried to copy human behavior.

When a person gets amnesia they still know how to take care of themselves. They can cook, clean, and often portray other skills they’d learned before the memory loss. That’s because a more instinctual part of ourselves takes over when we lose our active memories. Angels don’t need to shower or eat because their grace maintains the vessel. Cas’ instincts would have been to keep acting like an angel because that’s all he’d ever known. I doubt he ever brushed his teeth while he was with Daphne and I think both he and Daphne accepted his constant cleanliness as part of his strange powers.

Cas referred to Daphne as his wife but that doesn’t necessarily mean they had an intimate relationship. Daphne had almost been killed by demon and when Cas untied her from the chair he didn’t hug or kiss her, the only intimate contact he displayed was holding her hand. Daphne looked at him like he was holy figure, I got the impression that she never saw him as a normal human and didn’t expect him to act like one.