we all hate shoes

~death to normalcy~

My Thoughts

At the moment, Prinxiety isn’t canon, nor should it be until they figure their stuff out. Prince doesn’t respect Anx, or understand his purpose. That’s what is causing all this trouble.

The thing is, prinxiety isn’t canon. And it won’t be while it’s a toxic relationship. But you shouldn’t attack a fanon relationship for something that is going on in canon right now.
The fact is that the people who are rooting for prinxiety, are looking past the obvious animosity and looking for how they can grow. At least, that’s my opinion and what I’ve seen. And most of them have worked this stuff out in their story, Thomas is doing that too, but for canon now.

From what I’ve seen, people are condemning a ship because one person is being a megajerk. But, are y'all giving Princey the grace to change and figure himself out?
We all have treated someone wrongly, because we had the wrong impression. The purpose of these videos are to show how everyone has a purpose, everything has a purpose. Even if we are as blind as Prince and can’t see it.

As I saw someone else say, Prince is an all or nothing kind of guy. He is an extreme. All love or all hate.
From my experience with extreme emotions, it’s easy for them to change. And you want to cling to what you thought before, because it’s comfortable. Someone I hated was kind to me, and now my thoughts are confused on what I think of him. Because he acted different than my impression of him.
I’ve heard that a lot of fanfics have Prince treating Anxiety awful because he likes him. But, I don’t think that. I think that Prince doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to understand Anxiety. Because it would confuse his impression of him. And it’s more comfortable to not change his thoughts.

So why are we hating on Prince? Because I think we’ve all been in his shoes before. And the truth is going to hit him out of no where because he wasn’t listening for it.
Can’t we all take one piece of advice from an old, good book and give people the grace to change?