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Wonwoo Being amus(ing)ed, pt.1

Galactic Soulmates

Poe Dameron x Reader Soulmate!AU

Summary: In a world of soulmates, Y/N finds out that the Best Pilot in the Resistance, Poe Dameron, is hers.

Warnings: Angst, but then fluff, curse words

A/N: Enjoy everyone!! This is for @fandom-writes and @the-new-fanfic-order Galactic Fanatic AU Challenge

I do not own anything!!!

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This TOP situation is getting out of hand.

1) the media is acting stupid and amateurish

2) if the reports of his mom saying that he’s dying are true, then he probably did try to kill himself. He’s an adult who knows how many pills he should take for a prescribed medication. This could be a sign that he had been abusing them in the first place.

Please note my words: IF, COULD, etc.
Even the official reports are probably just preliminary media and public image control.

3) this could be BIGBANG’s final breaking point before disbandment.

4) YG Entertainment is shady AF, but we knew that already.

5) WEED is not the problem. I don’t agree with what he did but he’s a human being who makes stupid decisions just like everyone else.

6) this is just another example of how these celebrities and idols under YG are probably not being taken care of.

TOP is in the most popular, most successful, idol group in the world. Being a celebrity isn’t easy, but having a shitty company behind your back isn’t giving any of the BIGBANG members much support. There’s a long history of issues that has gotten TOP to this point.

The other members as well. GD is a whole other issue and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the other members came out positive for weed or anything else that’s not legal in Korea.

We all knew TOP and GD smoked cigarettes, but it’s wasn’t a big deal bc cigarettes are legal.

In my opinion, smoking anything is unnecessary unless there’s a medical reason behind it, and they very well could have medical issues that weed could help with, but that’s just a stretch and it’s none of our business.

But for things to go this far. TOP is in the hospital. Physically ill and I just feel bad, for the fandom, for the family.

If you think he did no wrong then your delusional. Like I said, it’s not about weed or anything like that, but he did something illegal. He doesn’t have a responsibility to the fans, he doesn’t. The only thing he’s responsible for in terms of the fans, is performing and making music. Nothing else. He’s not there to set an example or anything. He’s an artist, a musician, not your role model. That something you choose, not him.

I feel sorry to the fans who do view him as a role model or as their bias, or as someone they admire because I get it, you form this love for a person you can only know about through a limited image.

It’s just sad that things are happening this way and all we can do is pray for his health and well being, and hope things get better.

I am his fan, he is my BB bias. And as a fan, I’m not going to repost the latest news, the latest “updates on his condition”, every piece of information that comes out, because I, we, you don’t know what’s going on and what his family is going through.

I’m very disappointed in him, in the BB, in YG and in the Korean media right now so I felt like I had to rant.

What scares me the most is that TOP, GD they have issues and so do the other members, so do other groups. We as fans can’t do anything about it either. We’re just the audience.

There’s so many things I could elaborate on but I hope this ordeal sheds light on the kpop industry and idol lifestyle.

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This isn't really an ask, but I found someone who makes me want to reblog these again !!!! They make my heart crazy and they make my face hot alsnfmwlqjlp I get so flustered when I imagine holding their hand or smooching their face

You know that one like post “and suddenly all the love songs in the world were about you” like I wanna feel that one day?? Like I wanna be so in love with someone that I wanna actually #relate to some of the stuff we post on here so therefore I am so happy for you bb go get them and tell them how much they mean to you (or use our posts either way its okay)

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Anti nalus are cancelled. They are all so nasty and they mock us when we point out how rude they are. I don't condone any nalu shippers being assholes, but they do the same thing as the nasty nalu shippers. I just want to ship nalu without being told that I am not human or my intelligence constantly being insulted.

Yes bb, I feel the same way.  Hopefully they chill tf out at some point, I just want to enjoy nalu too 

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Big Bang Reacts to You Wearing a Black Wedding Dress

Hey guys! One more before my class starts then I’m gonna take a break before my class starts. Then, I might do some more writing during class. We’ll see. I sort of want to rest before I have to go through all the chaos of tonight and then the next few days. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we? (Time for some Fxxk It appreciation)


     Anonymous:  Bb rct to you wanting to wear a black wedding dress

1. TOP

     TOP isn’t really affected either way. He would want you to have everything that you want so he wouldn’t say no or anything. He’s never really been a traditional kind of guy. 

2. Taeyang

     Taeyang is the most traditional member of Big Bang so he would have the hardest time wrapping his head around it. That being said, if that’s what you wanted, he would never turn you down. He’d just have a hard time explaining it to his family. He would defend you to the end though.

3. G-Dragon

     G-Dragon honestly thinks it’s awesome. Why be traditional when you can do something more unique to you? If anything, he would trade you places and wear a full white suit so it’s even more outside the norm. He’s weird like that. 

4. Daesung (Okay, but Daesung looks so good and that jawline though <3)

     Daesung is also a little more traditional so he probably hasn’t seen anyone make that kind of choice before. That being said, he’s all for you doing anything that you want to do so he would support you all the way.

5. Seungri (He has the ultimate hype crew XD)

In Seungri’s book, if you’re going unconventional, you are going  full unconventional. You’re going to have a venue no one would ever use for a wedding, strange foods you wouldn’t normally serve, and a honeymoon in a place no one would ever expect you to go. He’s fully ready to have the most unconventional yet awesome wedding possible.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

One thing Kaz and Ocelot have in common is they both don’t hate certain people you’d expect.

I always thought it was interesting how for all the anger Kaz has, none of it is for the Soviets who captured him. He doesn’t have a word to say about them. In fact, right off the bat, when you’re in the area where Soviets are the solders you’ll find, he’s the one who specifically tells you to recruit anybody and everybody. During the rescue mission, if you leave him somewhere and he’s seen by one of the soldiers, he’ll tell them straight out that all his feelings of revenge are reserved. They don’t even merit hate.  His is all for XOF and Skullface (and BB, when it comes to that). 

Then there’s Ocelot. This is a guy who we were introduced to back in MGS1 as Dude What Likes Torturing People. “Cruel” is practically his defining characteristic. Then he ends up having to work with this guy who never agrees with him. Who always gets in his face and in his way. If there’s anyone he shoud despise, it’s this guy. But when they come into conflict, the emotion always comes from Kaz’s side. Ocelot stays practical. Even when he says that if Kaz continues on his course they’re going to have to kill each other one day, it’s less a threat than a warning. 

This is the guy who the man he loves left him for, and that’s the one he never shows any interest in being cruel to. 

Warning Sign (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Summary: Being in a secret relationship with the commander himself. One day after a heavy meeting you go to be with him, knowing he needs you to comfort him, but Hux stops you and speaks his suspicions about what goes on between you and Kylo.

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He wasn’t always like this; cold, harsh, shutting everyone out. There was a time he was open and proud and showed his emotions. But when he fell in love with someone he shouldn’t have, it all changed. He tried to escape the light he felt because of her so he acted as if he had no emotions, no soul, no heart. And now, she just serves as a reminder that he still has goodness in him. Kylo Ren has light. It’s not like he was looking for love, it’s just when he saw her for the first time, that was when she became his focal point. Every day he spent away from her was a day spent thinking about her. For Kylo this thought of loving her was crossing the line and he had crossed that line one too many times. He was losing sight of his goal -to rule the universe- and each time he saw her, shared a kiss, or a secret touch, he moved further from that line, many more times than he thought he would.
Love. What an odd thing to feel, he thought to himself. He never dreamed he could feel it ever again, it had all become so foreign to him. He tried to reason it out to the point of frustration. Maybe he only thought it was love, like he said, it was all so foreign. After years of shutting it out, the word meant absolutely nothing to him. 

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Headcanons | Star Wars + Hugging

Hello children, I would like you to meet my wifey, PhiPhi <3 She is an adorable angel and I love her very much. We might adopt you all one day.

P.S. This does not have to be romantic. It can be platonic as well. It’s your choice :)


- Hugging will feel unnatural to her at first; however, after discovering friendship with the help of BB-8 and Finn, she finds comfort and security in the action.

- She believes that hugging is a powerful way of conveying one’s affections without the use of words, the latter more difficult to her, and so she often embraces those who invoke such deep love in her heart.

- You see her hugging only a handful of people – mostly Finn. The day she hugs you, you feel like crying because Rey’s hugs are completely and utterly special, and it feels wonderful having her love.

- Rey giggles when she hugs Finn; but almost cries when she embraces Leia, for she looks at the General as her mother-figure, especially since they have both lost Han.

- Rey is still working on cuddling. Being in someone’s arms for too long makes her feel a tad uncomfortable. She will only cuddle with the select few who she trusts completely.


- Finn loves hugs! He adores expressing emotions, since he has spent his last twenty-three years smothered by the First Order.

- Finn’s the kind of young man who, when extremely emotional, will wrap his strong arms around his closest friends (which includes you :D) and just pick them up.

- He is not ashamed to have emotions; when he is sad, or his friends are sad, he’ll want to cuddle and talk it out. His voice is quiet and soothing the whole time.

- Finn likes to spin you and Rey around when he hugs you after a successful mission (Poe might be a little jealous and drops subtle hints he wants to be picked up and spun around too).

Poe Dameron

- This man is the king of hugs. He hugs everyone. He is brimming with affection.

- Likes to come up from behind and hug people he’s closest with. Often kisses Finn’s shoulder to show love; with you, he gives your neck a quick peck just to make you giggle.

- Forehead kisses – lots of them.

- Has hugged General Leia countless times. She is never not taken by surprise. She loves them, though. However, deep down, she wishes her son could have been this affectionate.

Kylo Ren

- Stands rigid and awkward the first time he is hugged, despising the way it makes him nauseous… but, dare he admit, in a good way, almost?

- When he eases into the practice, he hugs you a lot, though in private. He has a way of marching up to you which at first intimidated you, but when he swept you up into his arms rather than getting violent, you were just left utterly speechless.

- Wants to hug Phasma because she’s the same height as him. He’s too tall for everyone else (also because Phasma is amazing).

- Tends to hug more when his mask is on, so he can hide his clear display of emotions and his traitorous blush.

- Refuses to admit hugs are nice. Pretends he hates them in front of everyone else but you. But he secretly misses his mother’s warm and loving hugs.

General Hux

- Has sadly never been hugged before. His father has proudly patted his shoulder only once, and that was when Hux became a General in the First Order. Intimacy, either mentally or physically, is very foreign to him.

- Will not initiate the hug. When you first hug him he reacts much like Kylo; he has no mask to obscure his emotions, which are a maelstrom of mild disgust, panic, and is that a trace of bliss?

- Eventually, he learns to endure it. Knowing he will be very cross if you ever hug him in public, you only ever hug him in secret – but it is overall a rare occasion. He still acts uncomfortable, almost stuttering afterwards, but secretly he likes it.

- Awkward pats on your back; he never quite puts his arms around you. Still has a stern expression on his face, but his eyes swim with differing emotions.

Captain Phasma

- Is rarely afraid and possesses impressive composure. She will not fear physical intimacy, and as long as there is an important connection between you both, she will, on occasion, embrace you.

- I am afraid she will not love you, either as a friend or a romantic partner; but she will respect you and when words are not adequate enough, she will either pat you on the back or shoulder, or hug you.

- Holds you when you are close to Kylo Ren or General Hux, which can almost be perceived as an embrace; it is her protecting you, and conveying the message that you are never to be harmed. She does not trust Kylo’s instability, or Hux’s impassiveness.

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Ugh I totally get the hogwarts house thing! It especially irks me because I myself am a hufflepuff, and they were basically treated as a useless house in the books (with an exception for Cedric) with gryffindors shown in the most positive light. And tumblr does the EXACT same thing, putting hufflepuffs to the side but placing slytherins at the top instead. All houses are special in their own unique ways, and we should show equal appreciation for all of them! (Agggggh this is incoherent rambling)

ahh i feel you bb, hufflepuffs are totally sidelined and its not fair at all! i think hufflepuff is the house everyone should want to be in, tbh. the world needs more hufflepuffs!

Mitch Marner #5

Requested by Anon:  (Inspired by Mitch and Auston singing on the bench) I ❤ your writing so much! Can you write an imagine where y/n and Mitch are singing in the car. The windows could be rolled down and ppl in the cars around them are laughing and it’s just super cute

*Hiii! Thank you so so much! I love Mitch and Auston singing on the bench. Okay, so here it is. I hope you enjoy this. It isn’t exactly what you requested but Mitch is being a dork here so I hope, I really hope you like this. :)*

Word count: 974

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Mitch grabbed your phone from the dashboard the moment your car merged with the traffic.

“Music time!” he declared as he opened your Spotify app.

You gripped the wheel and glanced at him quickly, “drivers get to choose.”

“Ha!” he said playfully, “I offered to drive but you won’t let me so I choose,” he sniggered.

Trust Mitch to actually feel bad about not being able to drive in bumper to bumper traffic. Dork.

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I was tagged by @frohzin to put my playlist on shuffle and post the first 10 songs, thank ya! :)

  1. Red - Catfish and the Bottlemen
  2. I Want It All - Arctic Monkeys
  3. Black Plant - The Last Shadow Puppets
  4. Postpone - Catfish and the Bottlemen
  5. Down My Way - Pretty Vicious
  6. The Love We’re Hoping For - Jake Bugg
  7. I.D. - Kasabian (live version)
  8. Days Are Forgotten - Kasabian (live version)
  9. Stevie - Kasabian (live version) spotify does a great job of shuffling does’t it?
  10. Je maladroit - BB Brunes

I’ll tag: @the-icarus-theater-at-noon @wrapmearoundyourfingers @afterglow-jimin @queenoasismonkeys @twenty6 @26bottlemen @plantainfish 

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I feel like I’m one of the only international kpop fans that doesn’t hate paler kpop idols. I love the variety of shades - from paper white (although I’m aware it’s often courtesy of bb cream) all the way to super dark. Maybe western fans shouldn’t dismiss the paler idols in favour for the tanned ones just because we don’t agree with it or prefer darker aesthetics - give paler idols a chance too!

If Bleach characters met The Force Awakens characters...

Hi folks! I will get back to my regular queue soon - I’m back from my travels and almost over the flu I got immediately after arriving home (*head desk*). But first! A list I wrote on the plane in order to shamelessly capitalize on the current popularity of the new Star Wars movie! And yes, for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS POST. 

1. Kylo Ren and Ishida

Kylo: And I was all, “Da-ad! You don’t understand! I am totally evil and I’m gonna prove it by joining an evil army!”

Kylo: So yeah. Joined an evil army. Sorta in charge now, too.

Kylo: So that shows my stupid dad!

Ishida: O-oh god…is that how I sound?


Kylo: …

Kylo: Rude.

2. Rey and Ichigo

Rey: And it was like…I could fly the Falcon! Fix it too! Just with natural talent or something!

Rey: Also this ancient magical weapon called to me to be its master or something.

Rey: It’s all very weird.

Ichigo: Weird how? That’s basically how my life goes.

Ichigo: I mean, you probably inherited all of your talents from your parents or something, like me!

Rey: I don’t know who my parents are.

Ichigo: Then you definitely did!

Ichigo: So as one hero to another, my advice is - make sure you lose really badly, as often as possible. I get all of my new powers that way!

Rey: Or I could train with the Jedi master I just met?

Ichigo: Sure if you want to do it the long way.

3. Finn and Rukia

Finn: So I’m part of this military organization, right?

Rukia: Sure. Me too.

Finn: And I rescue this guy, and we become immediate friends.

Rukia: Been there!

Finn: I end up dressing like him - long story - and pretending to be in his group, and then I meet this awesome girl.

Rukia: Hell yes!

Finn: But then my organization decides I’m a traitor and tries to kill me…

Rukia: Do I ever know that feeling!

Finn: And then original guy rescues ME - so great symmetry there - and all three of us go on adventures together.

Rukia: Our lives our weirdly similar.

4. BB-8 and Karin

Karin: Are you a…sentient robotic soccer ball?

BB-8: <affirmative beeping>

Karin: Awesome! You can help us win the big game!

BB-8: <inquisitive beeping>

Karin: Well by making sure you roll into our goal, mostly.

Karin: You’re cool with being kicked, right?

BB-8: <alarmed beeping>

Karin: It won’t be bad! You’re metal!

BB-8: …

BB-8: [rolls for safety]

Karin: Why are beings from other worlds always so RESISTANT to soccer?

5. Leia and Ryuken

Ryuken: So you sent your husband to rescue your son, and as a result your husband is dead and your son is even more evil?

Leia: Yes, if you want to be blunt about it.

Ryuken: Then let the record show: I am totally right to just let my son do whatever evil things he wants even if it gets him killed!

Leia: Or your situation might be different.

Ryuken: The record is done showing things now.

6. Phasma and Unohana

Phasma: So there I was, hyped to be, like, one of the baddest baddies ever.

Phasma: And…what? I don’t even get a real fight?

Unohana: I know your pain. My own late-revealed backstory led to one brief training fight. Which I lost.

Unohana: And then I died.

Phasma: I got dumped into a trash chute.

Unohana: …

Unohana: Perhaps I won’t offer that conciliatory hug after all.


7. Poe and Byakuya

Poe: And then I “died” in this explosion, but I wasn’t really dead!

Byakuya: Ah, the fake-out death. I too had one of those.

Byakuya: In a way, it was the best of two worlds. I had my epic dying words, but without the death part.

Byakuya: Tell me, what did you say as you “died”?

Poe: Uh…I wasn’t on screen for it.

Byakuya: No dying words? Such a pity.

Poe: But I came back in an awesome way! In the midst of a battle, being the most awesome pilot as ever!

Byakuya: When I showed up again, I was unconscious in a ball. Soon after I was tossed limp and naked through the air.

Poe: You might be the one who needs the “pity.”

Byakuya: I know.

8. Chewie and Tosen

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: I am sorry. I too have lost someone dear to me.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Yes, of course I can understand you. I can understand everyone.

Tosen: I can also see inside people to their true essences, if it’s relevant.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: A coward? No. You are very brave.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: No, I will not give you advice.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Because my method of coping with death was to undertake revenge against everyone, until I turned into a giant bug and got stabbed in the head.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Yes. I do need a hug, thank you.

9. General Hux and Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi: So I hear you have loyalty problems.

General Hux: Who the hell are you?

Kurotsuchi: Clones didn’t work…babies stolen from their families and raised to be soldiers didn’t work…

Kurotsuchi: But have you considered zombies?

General Hux: I…what?

Kurotsuchi: Zombies! Easy to make, very loyal, an earth-friendly way of dealing with the dead…

General Hux: And why are you offering to help me? Do you believe in the First Order?

Kurotsuchi: I’m just a nice guy, and am not someone looking for more data on zombie soldiers.

General Hux: I am suspicious.

Kurotsuchi: Is it my face?

10. Maz and Chad

Maz: I have seen the same eyes in many different people.

Maz: And yours are the eyes of someone who wants to run…

Maz: …straight into battle to help your friends.

Maz: You go, dude.

Chad: [thumbs up]

11. Han Solo and Yamamoto

Yamamoto: Why must the old always die?

Han: I…what?

Yamamoto: It’s like the writers see a man who is old - but still very sexy - and say to themselves, “There is someone we must kill off!”

Yamamoto: It’s just…it’s tough to be old.

Han: I’m not old!

Yamamoto: Shhh…let’s just hug it out…


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Aaaaaw man, I'm so sad for Pip. First Louis and now her family. Can Harry not be a dick about this? Hope he is not all 'I told you so' and actually comforts her. Could this be the beginning of - at least - their friendship? 🤔 Can't wait to read more. Always eager, but take your time. Don't feel rushed. Lots of love always xx

Thank you so much for this message, lovely. Glad you’re eager for more (in a very polite way) and I will deliver the next chapter tonight!! We’ll get a bit on an insight into how she’s coping, and also how Harry’s gunna handle it.

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EVE. Can you imagine all of the avengers and the kiddies all get sent back in time and end up back at Stark mansion when tony was a little baby and big Tony is so upset and anxious and then in walks Howard and everyone sees him being a complete asshat to baby Tony and before Steve or the other avengers can even do anything to help the poor baby, Lily, Peter and James all step forward and scoop up bb Tony and whisk him away while one or two of them yells at Howard...

(cont.) and then Lily, Peter, and James snuggle the shit out of little bb Tony and praise him and give him hugs and kisses and makes him feel loved and big Tony is just so overwhelmed.

AN: I did it again. I accidentally wrote a thing. 

“This is a nightmare,” Tony swallowed heavily, heart beating unbearably fast in his chest. “Fucking magic -”

“I’ll be having strong words with whoever did this when we find our way back, don’t you worry,” Steve hummed, leading the way up the huge drive towards Tony’s childhood home. 

It was exactly like how he remembered it; if anything, the mansion looked more imposing now than it had when he was a child. Maybe it was because he knew now the true extent of how bad his childhood had been. Now, with children of his own, he knew how badly his father had failed him. 

Almost as though he could sense his unease, James came up beside him and quietly snaked his hand into Tony’s own. Tony squeezed it, infinitely charmed, and drew strength from his youngest son.

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A First Encounter (Giants!BBS)

Hey, guys! Wowie, it’s been awhile since I posted some writing on here. I want to clarify that this is in no way replacing the Space AU. That is still being worked on a lot (We literally talk about it every day. Every. Day.) but this is something of my own that I came up with and wanted to share it with you all. I have some ideas for how to continue this AU, so if you guys want me to continue with this story, feel free to let me know. I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D


A First Encounter (Giants!BBS AU)

Word Count: 5,212


Craig tightened his grip on his backpack as he trudged across the path through the woods. “Those assholes…” he muttered angrily. The slightly torn up notebook in his arms was still drying from being thrown in the mud, so Craig had decided to take a shortcut to both avoid seeing the ones responsible for destroying his book, and it was slightly quicker to get home. Which was good because all Craig was worried about was bringing the book home before it got damaged even more. He looked down and sighed as he saw the bright, orange leather cover, now coated with mud and dirt. It baffled Craig that people at his school could be so cruel to the point where they had attempted to destroy one of his most valued possessions.

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Empty {Poe Dameron}

Anon asked: Hi! Well, I’m a hoe for Poe, so- I’m wondering if you could do something with a mix of drama and fluff. Maybe the reader is upset with him for getting captured and blowing himself up, but reluctant to admit all those feelings? Keep it sassy! Thanks!!

Anon asked: Please write a Poe imagine! (Maybe something where you see him alive for the first time after the mission like Finn?)

A/N: Honestly, this could be about half as long and still fill the prompts, but where’s the fun in that? Spoilers, beware.

General Organa had been hunched over one of the consoles in the War Room; the fact that she didn’t even look up when you entered could hardly be a good sign. With a heavy sigh she looked to you, speaking three words that stopped you in your tracks.

“Dameron’s been captured.” Frozen, you’re not certain of what to say or how to react as General Organa tries to give you further details. Her voice is a low hum in the back of your mind, something about the First Order that you can’t really make sense of right now. Overcoming your instinct to make a sarcastic remark or roll your eyes was easier said then done, but there was a time and a place for all things, and now wasn’t it. A sick joke like this wasn’t the General’s style; Poe really had been captured.

Shock. Shock was the first real emotion to register. Shock, then a gut-wrenching sense of loss, followed by a haze of confusion. Slowly thawing out, your eyes refocused on the woman before you, looking at you with pity in her eyes.

“Wh-” Blinking a few times to try and bring yourself back into the moment, you took a shuddering breath in to continue, “why did you ask to see me, General?” It wasn’t difficult to tell that your calm demeanour was fading fast, heart rate climbing, the tell-tale burn of tears in your eyes. But General Organa could see you were trying - maker, how you were trying - and straightened to her full height, looking you in the eye, trying to remain calm but compassionate as she chose her next words carefully.

“I was aware that you and Dameron were close-” the knowing tone of her voice was enough to make you splutter to defend yourself, though you weren’t sure why. You and Poe were close, best friends even, but with the incessent gossiping of your teammates, the way they all suggested that there was something more when there definitely wasn’t. The General raised one eyebrow, crossing her arms impatiently and you took that as your queue to stop talking, your mouth snapping shut, feeling vaguely ashamed. “And it is for that reason we would like you to retrieve his BB unit.”

An image of the little orange and white droid flashed into your mind, thought seemed that your mouth worked faster as you babbled out, “but surely if BB-8 is still operational then Poe-” Leia placed a hand on yours, you hadn’t even realised you were waving it around until she did, and despite the gesture, her tone was formal. You hadn’t expected anything less.

“C3P0 informed me that BB-8 has still been reporting consistently from Jakku; they’re the reason we known about Dameron’s current state.” Heart sinking with every word, she continued. “We have reason to believe that he stored important information on the droid. I am trusting you to find and secure it.” She promptly dismissed you after you nodded in confirmation.

Everything self cold, so very cold; you couldn’t bring yourself to believe her, not fully. Since the two of you had joined the Resistance, you and Poe had been inseparable, you’d trained together, fought together, flew together. You were there then he first met General Organa with stars in his eyes. There was no-one you knew quite so well as Poe, and to have him just gone? It all felt very surreal.

You punched into the coordinates to Jakku as if you didn’t already know the route by heart, each movement agonisingly slow, despite the feelings of your brain being swamped in fog. Your droid beeped impatiently at you as you turned off your comlink, letting it sit dormant in your pocket. What was even the point of it? The only people who used your frequency with any sort of consistency were General Organa and Poe.

It’s second nature at this point, out-manoeuvring TIE-Fighters. It’s not surprise that you feel upon seeing them, its the dull sense of inevitability. What little TIE-Fighters there are seem to be distracted with one of their own, possibly a defect, you consider. Good for them. Preferring to steer clear of the whole scene, you’re over the horizon before seeing the defect’s fate. Despite this, you caught yourself circling Jakku for a third time and by now the TIE-Fighters have seemingly eased off, something you think you would have been thankful for if you had been paying attention.

Landing was rough, much rougher than usual, nothing but sand and sky for miles. Head in your hands, you try to come to grips with the situation, whether you’re there for a moment or an hour, you’re not certain, but somehow you feel as though your cockpit is a safe space. You still feel hollow.

Beeping angrily, your droid reminds you to pick up your comlink before leaving, whirring something about the General that doesn’t exactly translate.

We have reports that Dameron has escaped on a stolen TIE-Fighter and is headed back towards Jakku!” It’s C3P0′s voice that crackles through the comlink and you stop for a minute to listen. He’s repeating it on a loop, as if waiting for a confirmation from you. What confirmation you can give is weak, stomach lurching at the now very obvious plumes of smoke rising from beyond the nearest sand dune.

The TIE-Fighter wasn’t a defector, it was Poe. It’s not a comforting thought at the sight of the smoke. Somehow, you know it’s his, and now you can see it as you stand on top the dune, a burning wreckage, with no sign of Poe and no sign of BB-8. Someone approaches it, someone you’ve never seen, pulling Poe’s jacket from the wreckage before the whole ship sinks, along with your whole heart. You yell at them, scream obscenities, threats you could never follow through on, but they run, terrified, still clutching the jacket.

Bloody scavenger.

There’s a Teedo and his luggabeast scouring your ship for loose parts, but simply aiming your blaster at him causes the two of them to go shrieking into the desert. It takes you several moments after climbing back into your cockpit for you to align all of your thoughts.

“Have you received any updates as to BB-8′s whereabouts?” You squeezed your eyes closed as you began your comlink transmission, warring within yourself as to whether you should report what you had seen. You could barely process this reality, the fact that you had seen Poe’s crashed TIE-Fighter sink into the desert with him still aboard.

No, I’m afraid their tracking device is non-operational as of late, I believe Mr Dameron made an upgrade and forgot to inform us.” It’s C3P0 jabbering on again, and you decide to keep quiet about your discovery, to complete your mission and deliver the news in person.

You scour the planet for the little droid, barely sleeping over the next few days, finding yourself weaving in and out of back alley information dealings, doing nothing more than searching for BB-8 and hoping for a transmission from the Resistance. Every time you thought you had been closer to an answer, a location, a name, the First Order troops begin to swarm the city and it’s all you can do to stay out of their way and get back to your X-Wing. Sometimes you follow the Stormtroopers, hoping to find a lead, to try and remain one step ahead of them, but it proves to be useless; they know as little as you do. Poe was on a highly classified mission, if he was taken by the Order, they’re probably looking for the same thing as you. 

Dusk on the second day brought you the transmission you had hoped to recieve. It’s garbled, but you’re also standing in the lifeless shell of an AT-AT.

BB-8,” It’s difficult to make out the General’s words as you head to the exit. It’s mostly strings of static. “Maz…. Takodana…. Return….. Secure…..” In a flash you’re outside, but the transmission has gone dead.

“What?! What’s happening?! General, please!” You yelled, heart thundering in your chest, trying to connect the words and coming up blank. The silence that followed was possibly the most tense of your life, but eventually you recieve a response.

There has been a report from Takodana that BB-8 is secure and on it’s way back to us right now. You are advised to return to Base at once.” You had never been so glad to hear C3P0′s cold, clipped tone. Despite the way your chest eased at the news, you couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by a sense of disappointment. After everything you had endured, you hoped some small success would come in the form of your mission, but no, it appears someone has scavenged that, too.

The flight back to the Resistance base was spent ruminating in silence, your droid giving a beep of solidarity when you informed them of what had happened. With shaking hands you removed your pilot uniform, head swarming with thoughts and feelings that all seemed to sing the same tune. Poe. Poe. Poe. He was gone. He was gone. There was a void in your heart where your best friend would be, sucking away all the trust you had given him, all the- all the love that you felt towards him. You felt as if you had no-one. You felt empty.

Your quarters became your sanctuary until nightfall, prefering to spend your time alone with your thoughts, glassy-eyed gaze fixed on the ceiling in the peace of your own room, away from prying eyes and gossiping pilots. You emerged only at the behest of General Organa, who had called you into the War Room. There, standing with Han Solo and the General, was the Scavenger from Jakku, the one who had stolen Poe’s jacket. And now he was wearing it. 

It took him only a moment to recognise you, but you could see the fear in his eyes when it clicked. It was too late anyway. “Who the hell do you think you are?!” You roared as you lunged at him, not giving him time to react to both as you yanked him by the collar of his black shirt, avoiding the jacket as best you could.

“Finn?” He asked, terrified and unsure. 

“Finn?” You snarled the name with disgust, “Do usually steal from dead guys, Finn?” You snapped, he spluttered for an answer, but couldn’t articulate one, avoiding your gaze and looking to Han for help. Han simply shrugged, looking vaguely amused.

“[Y/N], let go of him.” It was the General’s quiet but firm voice that had you shoving Finn away, knuckles clenched tightly by your sides. You could feel the beginnings of a tear in your eye but you refused to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing you cry, wiping it away bitterly.

“He’s wearing Poe’s jacket.” You spat, gaze fixed on the flood. Finn made a noise of protest and you looked up to glare at him as Han told him to keep quiet.

“That’s not important right now.” The General said, herself glaring at Han, before her gaze turned to you. It was as if she was issuing you a challenge, whether or not you could let this go. You tilted your chin up, meeting her gaze and resolutely not looking at Finn.

Both Finn and Han were dismissed, allowing yourself and the General to modify the plan of attack on Starkiller Base. The basic outline had been laid by another pilot, but you didn’t bother to ask who. You were grateful for the task, if only to keep your mind off of things. As the conversation began to lull, the General offered you a day of rest, which you refused. If there was something to be done, you wanted to be a part of it, you needed to be a part of it. She dismissed you, that look of pity in her eyes tinted with something knowing, but it was gone before you could complain and she was muttering about how she’d bring in another officer to look it the plan and relay the final details.

The last thing you wanted to do was to look at your X-Wing, or any of them for that matter, but you new you couldn’t just stop, just give up, so you went about your work as best as you could, refuelling and checking for missing wires or fuses, anything the Teedo might have escaped with.

Out of the corner of your eye you catch a familiar movement, something you thought you had lost. You froze. It had to be a ghost, you thought, but no, there, in broad daylight, lazy grin on his face as he chatted to Finn, was Poe.

“Poe?” You mutter his name, disbelieving, little flares of excitement and relief going off in your heart, that empty hole that he had left when you thought he was gone. He turned, and it’s so him that it hurts a little bit to see his face so happy, so excited, just to hear your voice when you’ve been trying not to look like the wreck you were. 

It takes Finn only a moment to look between to two of you, to see the excitement and love that you clearly share, to see how happy your very presence made Poe, and suddenly, your reaction made sense to him. In that moment you felt bad, Finn had known that Poe was alive. You hadn’t. A little voice in the back of your mind bitterly wondered why the General didn’t even care to inform you, but you shoved it away. The weight of your survival that had been haunting you over the past few days, the emotions, the loneliness, the fear, it all came crashing down around you. But there he stood, waiting with open arms, and all you could do was run to him.

“Miss me?” His voice is warm and familiar in your ear, and you can hear a hint of laughter in his words, though he’s hugging you tight. You want nothing more to be relieved, to just stay in this one moment forever, to forget everything that had happened and stay lie this. Your world had been in freefall, but suddenly you had landed, and somehow you felt as if everything was going to be OK.

“You… you…” It took a moment for you to decide on your thoughts, voice unsure before you shoved him away, punching him in the shoulder. “You asshole!” You cried. With a cry, Poe stumbled back, rubbing his sore shoulder, confused. “Don’t ever do that to me again!” Face flushed, you avoided his gaze, knowing smirk on his lips as he thought over what you were saying.“I swear, if you’re ever captured again, I’m going to come up there and kick Kylo Ren’s ass myself.” You growled, so lost in your own anger and pent-up denial that you didn’t realise that he had wrapped his arms around you until you were hugging him back. Your voice died in your throat and you could feel tears in your eyes. “I missed you.” You admitted, voice barely more than a whisper.

“I’m sorry.” He murmured, and you knew it was the closest you would get to him saying ‘I missed you too’. You wiped the tears from your eyes and he kissed your forehead softly, the two of you breaking apart, but only by a few inches.

“You dying would have sucked.” You huffed, and his warm chuckle brought a smile to your face.

“I’ll keep that in mind for next time” He snickered, the mere suggestion of ‘next time’ causing you to visibly tense up, and he quickly added, “Glad to know you care.” Despite the fact that the two of you had let go of one another, and the blush that lit your cheeks, the two of you barely strayed more than a foot from one another. 

There was such comfort in the way you returned so effortlessly to the banter you had always shared.You paid no attention to the knowing smirks of your fellow pilots; maybe they were right in thinking that there was more between you and Poe. Maybe it had always been there, maybe all it took to realise was the thought of never seeing him again. 

Neither of you feel the need to say ‘I love you’, but even a blind man could see there was something more. It’s there in the way he smiles at you, looking at you as if you had the power to put stars in the sky. It’s there in the way he promises he’s going to return as if in a universe of constant chaos and change, you were his anchor. It’s there in the way he listens to you, like he would fly to the Unknown Reigns and beyond just to hear you speak.

You both know it, but for now, it’s enough to be side by side against the world. With Poe, you don’t feel empty.


credit: @smolseptiplier​ on twitter 

I hope the boys don’t feel pressured to stay in these ‘groups’ that we simply named “Banana Bus Squad” and that they’re free to do whatever they want. We literally only made this name for them so that it’d be easier to mention them instead of listing up every single name. That’s how I saw BBS anyway. I don’t really see them as a group, they’re just a few guys playing games together from time to time. But I’m glad Craig addressed this and how he felt about the whole thing. I wasn’t aware that they thought about it this way.