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“Dude, we’re good. You just scared the damn shit outta me.”

If Vanoss sends sad penguin pics at Delirious whenever he tries to shit-talk him, there’s no way he wouldn’t try to apologize for this

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I feel like I’m one of the only international kpop fans that doesn’t hate paler kpop idols. I love the variety of shades - from paper white (although I’m aware it’s often courtesy of bb cream) all the way to super dark. Maybe western fans shouldn’t dismiss the paler idols in favour for the tanned ones just because we don’t agree with it or prefer darker aesthetics - give paler idols a chance too!

Headcanons | Star Wars + Hugging

Hello children, I would like you to meet my wifey, PhiPhi <3 She is an adorable angel and I love her very much. We might adopt you all one day.

P.S. This does not have to be romantic. It can be platonic as well. It’s your choice :)


- Hugging will feel unnatural to her at first; however, after discovering friendship with the help of BB-8 and Finn, she finds comfort and security in the action.

- She believes that hugging is a powerful way of conveying one’s affections without the use of words, the latter more difficult to her, and so she often embraces those who invoke such deep love in her heart.

- You see her hugging only a handful of people–mostly Finn. The day she hugs you, you feel like crying because Rey’s hugs are completely and utterly special, and it feels wonderful having her love.

- Rey giggles when she hugs Finn; but almost cries when she embraces Leia, for she looks at the General as her mother-figure, especially since they have both lost Han.

- Rey is still working on cuddling. Being in someone’s arms for too long makes her feel a tad uncomfortable. She will only cuddle with the select few who she trusts completely.


- Finn loves hugs! He adores expressing emotions, since he has spent his last twenty-three years smothered by the First Order.

- Finn’s the kind of young man who, when extremely emotional, will wrap his strong arms around his closest friends (which includes you :D) and just pick them up.

- He is not ashamed to have emotions; when he is sad, or his friends are sad, he’ll want to cuddle and talk it out. His voice is quiet and soothing the whole time.

- Finn likes to spin you and Rey around when he hugs you after a successful mission (Poe might be a little jealous).

Poe Dameron

- This man is the king of hugs. He hugs everyone; he is brimming with affection.

- Likes to come up from behind and hug people he’s closest with. Often kisses Finn’s shoulder to show love–with you, he gives your neck a quick peck just to make you giggle.

- Forehead kisses–lots of them.

- Has hugged General Leia countless times; she is never not taken by surprise. She loves them, though; however, deep down, she wishes her son could have been this affectionate.

Kylo Ren

- Stands rigid and awkward the first time he is hugged, despising the way it makes him nauseous–but in a good way.

- When he eases into the practice, he hugs you a lot, though in private. He has a way of marching up to you which at first intimidated you, but when he swept you up into his arms rather than getting violent, you were just left utterly speechless.

- Wants to hug Phasma because she’s the same height as him; he’s too tall for everyone else (also because Phasma is amazing).

- Tends to hug more when his mask is on, so he can hide his clear display of emotions and his traitorous blush.

- Refuses to admit hugs are nice. Pretends he hates them in front of everyone else but you. But he secretly misses his mother’s warm and loving hugs.

General Hux

- Has sadly never been hugged before. His father has proudly patted his shoulder only once, and that was when Hux became a General in the First Order. Intimacy, either mentally or physically, is very foreign to him.

- Will not initiate the hug. When you first hug him he reacts much like Kylo; he has no mask to obscure his emotions, which are a maelstrom of mild disgust, panic, and is that a trace of bliss?

- Eventually, he learns to endure it. Knowing he will be very cross if you ever hug him in public, you only ever hug him in secret–but it is overall a rare occasion. He still acts uncomfortable, almost stuttering afterwards, but secretly he likes it.

- Awkward pats on your back–he never quite puts his arms around you. Still has a stern expression on his face, but his eyes swim with differing emotions.

Captain Phasma

- Is rarely afraid and possesses impressive composure. She will not fear physical intimacy, and as long as there is an important connection between you both, she will, on occasion, embrace you.

- I am afraid she will not love you, either as a friend or a romantic partner; but she will respect you and when words are not adequate enough, she will either pat you on the back or shoulder, or hug you.

- Holds you when you are close to Kylo Ren or General Hux, which can almost be perceived as an embrace–it is her protecting you, and conveying the message that you are never to be harmed. She does not trust Kylo’s instability, or Hux’s impassiveness.

A First Encounter (Giants!BBS)

Hey, guys! Wowie, it’s been awhile since I posted some writing on here. I want to clarify that this is in no way replacing the Space AU. That is still being worked on a lot (We literally talk about it every day. Every. Day.) but this is something of my own that I came up with and wanted to share it with you all. I have some ideas for how to continue this AU, so if you guys want me to continue with this story, feel free to let me know. I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D


A First Encounter (Giants!BBS AU)

Word Count: 5,212


Craig tightened his grip on his backpack as he trudged across the path through the woods. “Those assholes…” he muttered angrily. The slightly torn up notebook in his arms was still drying from being thrown in the mud, so Craig had decided to take a shortcut to both avoid seeing the ones responsible for destroying his book, and it was slightly quicker to get home. Which was good because all Craig was worried about was bringing the book home before it got damaged even more. He looked down and sighed as he saw the bright, orange leather cover, now coated with mud and dirt. It baffled Craig that people at his school could be so cruel to the point where they had attempted to destroy one of his most valued possessions.

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we all know jungkook used to be such a shy bean and has always been sort of bad at expressing himself and his true emotions. remember how he used to always harshly reject jimin and push him away?

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of course we all know jungkook always loved jimin and the members from the start, but remember all those running jokes about jikook being one sided that have been in this fandom since FOREVER ago? it must’ve been because he was so embarrassed to get that kind of attention on camera. he was just straight up embarrassed and shy.

but recently he’s definitely become more confident and sure of himself, to the point where now he’s going full out derpy meme lord on us.

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and idk if you’ve noticed, but he’s also been so much more openly affectionate not only with jimin, but with all the other members too. and yeah he does have many past moments where he was openly affection with his members, but they felt kinda rare, unlike nowadays :’)

stroking hobi’s head so he can fall asleep

jikook slow dance?!

kookie playing with jimin’s hand

sugakookie back hug

sure i am onboard the jikook ship 4lyfe but honestly, it just makes me so happy in general that jungkook is opening up more, that he feels more and more comfortable in his own skin, comfortable enough to share with us glimpses of his true self. this boy who started off so early in the entertainment business, unsure of himself and afraid to express himself, now makes silly faces, takes hilariously derpy selfies and posts them for us to see, and trolls around even more with his hyungs (like when he was imitating tae and annoying jimin) but also equally shows them his love for them. and for this, i seriously couldn’t be any happier.  

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