we all do it when we try to rap


I’ll wait for you ( All we gotta do 繋ぐ旋律 )
I’ll wait for you ( All we gotta do is connect the melodies)

after a week, i finished it! . * ・ 。゚☆━੧༼ •́ ヮ •̀ ༽୨ i did a song crossover with one of my favorite songs, Tsuki, by the hip hop rap group FAKE TYPE. it’s a really sincere and calming song that i love so much, and i always give it a listen when things are blue for me. i couldn’t help but do a little screencap redraw with puzzleshipping with it! it’s really fun trying to draw in their style too. found the english translation here!

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taylor can we get a preview of the lyrics of your next song

yes heres one for all you dedicated fans, im putting out a rap album called Gun Shots on My Guitar. The first song is called Katy Perry Diss Track

“Katy Perry Diss Track”

Uh Uh Uh

This is how we do more like Katy Perry who

When I pull up on your block with my Uzi straight at you

Bitch I dare you to try and Roar in my face

You’ll be a dead whore in a case, lookin’ even more fucked up in the face

You gotta a lot of shit to talk but no one hears what you say

And with that busted plastic surgery no shock you made your boyfriend gay

Once I slay her and show my flavor even John Mayer will wish he didn’t lay her

I’m a player, making paper, call Miley and I’ll spray her

What you thought I couldn’t do, I’ll prove to these naysayers

Hit Katy with my bullets, these are mother fucking hollow points

And I’m chill like I’m in Amish smokin’ big ass doints

Katy, Miley, Nicki, even Adele will get it too

And I’m finna make your life a living hell boo

I kill em like my rep cause these bitches really tryna step

You jealous of my sets? I know you envy my apparel

Cause I’m pwning em like Pewdiepie when he sees a fucking barrel

I’m Antisepticeye when I cause these bitches peril

Your Katy Kats can’t save you when I get the Swifties started

Katy Perry Resigned! This bitch just departed

And I took her down like a youtube vid with my motherfuckin’ song

Use her tears as the water in my fuckin’ bong

Keep talking shit Katy and you’ll meet your maker soon

Be sure to purchase my new album on iTunes

xoxo, Taylor

BTS Reaction to G-Dragon Announcing on an Interview That He is Dating Their Bestfriend (and crush)

sheepkylo : “Helloo ! I’m a new follower and wanted to request something , How would BTS react to their crush (a.k.a you) who is their best friend , appearing on an interviw with g-dragon and he tells that him (gd) and the reader are dating for some months and he wanted to say it to his fans ? and many fans support their relationship and everythin’? (Sorry bad english ;w;)”

HI! Thanks for requesting and don’t worry you’re English is fine! We had fun writing this reaction so we hope you like it! 😋

Jin: You and Jin had been best friends for a long time and with this friendship came many perks. Jin would cook for you, lend you a shoulder to cry on and also give you great advice. Little did you know, his feelings for you were beyond that of a friendship. Appearing on an interview with G-dragon meant that your best friend, Jin, was going to support you, cheer you on, and not to mention record the interview to capture this marvelous moment. When G-dragon had announced that he was dating you for some time now, Jin would be heartbroken. Jin would try his best to root for your relationship but deep down he would be crushed constantly wishing it was him out there with you and not G-dragon.

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Suga: Yoongi would feel angry at you when he heard that you were dating G-Dragon. Why didn’t you tell him, he was your best friend after all. But most importantly, did you not realize that he liked you? That all those countless hours spent writing songs in the studio, the lyrics that he would ask you to help him come up with, or that those songs that you were always the first one to hear were about you? Yoongi would be upset that you didn’t catch on to his crush, but he would think it was partially his own fault. Yoongi would feel that he let you get away, and anytime he saw you with G-Dragon, he would think about all the chances that he had. Yoongi would feel so upset that he would distance himself from you. He would want to erase his memory and the feelings that he had of you completely.

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J-Hope: It was obvious to everyone that Hoseok liked you, but maybe you were oblivious to that fact. The fact that he would be constantly texting you, always be by your side, and always trying to make you laugh were just a few of the things that gave his crush away. When he heard that you were dating G-Dragon, he would be hurt. But he would be more hurt by how you kept it a secret from him. The fact that Hoseok was so open to you while you kept your biggest secret hidden from him made him sad and question everything about your friendship. He would ignore you or wouldn’t act like his cheery self after the announcement, and it would take him a while for him to finally accept it. However, as he saw that the fans accepted your relationship with G-Dragon, he would slowly become more of himself around you again.

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Rap Monster: Countless amounts of hours, Namjoon and you would spend discussing everything and nothing in the philosophical sense. Namjoon and you developed a strong friendship with unbreakable bonds, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked; or in other words, the shocking news that you and G-dragon were dating. This was a surprise to Namjoon, he had a one-sided love for you since the day you two met but he couldn’t so easily confess his feelings to you. Upon hearing this news Namjoon would first be angry, he would be upset due to the fact that you, being his “best friend” didn’t tell him earlier. This anger would later fade away to heartbreak because he knew he lost his chance with you. Namjoon would wither away and constantly ask himself how he lost someone who wasn’t even his?

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Jimin: For some time now, Jimin and you were considerably close. Jimin knew every little piece of you, maybe even better than he knew himself, which is why he is one of your closest friends. Jimin was eager to watch your interview with G-dragon. However, when G-dragon announced your relationship he was devastated. Jimin was overwhelmed with sadness with this news but he couldn’t show it because he didn’t want it to affect your relationship. Jimin remained to himself for some time, constantly asking himself what if? What if he told you his feelings earlier would things have been the same? Jimin was torn with himself but deep down knowing you were happy was all he wanted. Jimin would just have to overcome his feelings for you and he was genuinely happy as long as you were too.

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V: When Taehyung was watching the interview live, he tried to hide his shock and confusion underneath a smile when he heard G-Dragon announce that you and he were dating. Taehyung would be confused at first and think that it was a prank. There was no way that it was possible that it could be true, he would think. However, when he watched the happiness and relief on your face, he knew it was indeed, true. Taehyung would be so heartbroken that he wouldn’t even pay attention to the rest of the interview. He liked you and he always thought that you liked him back. He would feel regretful, thinking that maybe if he told you how he felt sooner, you would be his. Nonetheless, Taehyung knew that he was your best friend and that you would want him to support your relationship with G-Dragon. Besides the fact that Taehyung wanted it to be him that you were dating instead of G-Dragon, he would also miss his best friend. Whenever you went out with G-Dragon, or when you were G-Dragon’s date to award shows instead of his, Taehyung would feel regretful and would just miss his best friend in general.

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Jungkook: It was no question to anyone that Jungkook LOVED G-Dragon. But what people didn’t know, was that he was secretly in love with his best friend, you. When he heard that you would be on an interview with his idol, there was no doubt that he was going to watch it. When G-Dragon announced publicly that he and you were dating, Jungkook’s heart broke into a million pieces. It was two of the things that he loved, but they were together in the wrong way. He would be hurt by the fact that when he used go on and on about how he wanted to meet G-Dragon to you, but you never once thought about mentioning to him, your best friend, that you were in fact, dating G-Dragon. Jungkook would probably try to be happy for you, but deep down inside, he would be hurt.

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Indulge me for a moment:

OK. I wanted to ramble a bit more about what I had in mind for the zine, since I’m paranoid that trying to convey it concisely might not’ve been the best choice. It’s probably unnecessary, but I’m hoping that by blathering on for a bit, we can avoid getting overwhelmed by certain character appearances.

My goal is for the zine to have a flow that spans all the decades we’re covering in it, which is why I’m putting a lot of emphasis on folks to explore all the variety available in the 40-odd years we’re looking at. This is just my reminder to participants to keep this in mind when planning their pieces, and also hopefully some inspiration for some folks who might be struggling to think of a concept.

With Era 1 (Homeless Stan / Young Scientist Ford), there’s about a decade to consider.

  • Homeless Stan starts with teen Stan and ends with the be-mulleted man we love, but there are a lot of personas in between to play around with: he’s been to jail 3 times, been out of the country, has tried his hand at all sorts of trades, been banned from almost all 50 states…the man’s gotten around in that decade. 
  • Scientist Ford would begin as a college freshman and end with the distraught nerd we see go into the portal, but there are things in between, like his road trip to Gravity Falls or monster hunts/stakeouts/etc that could be included in those years. 

Era 2 (Mystery Shack!Stan / Portal!Ford) spans the longest chunk of time, and in canon we get a pretty boiled down summation.

  • I say “Mystery Shack” in relation to Stan, but I’m less interested in tourists and more interested in what he’s doing in the off season. How “Stanford” Pines earned such a long and absurd rap sheet. All the things Stan had to do to get by when tourists weren’t in season; trying to make the portal work; the work he did looking for the journals, and the things he found in the woods instead.
  • Portal!Ford has a lot more to go on thanks to Journal 3, but there’s a majority of 3 whole decades and countless worlds that aren’t covered in his recap. 
  • I feel like the most important thing with era 2 is variety for both of them: in ages, environments, disguises, etc. 

Era 3 (Sea Stans) probably needs the least explanation, because they’re just two old guys sailing the world, fighting monsters, and basically being Twindiana Jones. 

Hopefully this helps get my vision across a little better. I want all of you, the artists, to understand, because we don’t want to end up with 15 Mullet!Stans.

Right now, the approximate distribution is:

Era 1: 22/30 pgs

Era 2: 11/30 pgs

Era 3: 17/30 pgs

The numbers aren’t exact, but it’s clear that Era 2 needs more folks. I also haven’t calculated the number of Stan vs Fords we’re getting, but I know that most of the Era 2s are Fords.

In all, we’re striving for about 96 pages total, leaving me a few pages for things like an introduction, index, etc. I get that we don’t necessarily need an exactly even number of one twin or the other, but I’d like to be close. 

Thanks for letting me babble. XD

One last thing before I go:
I’ve been trying to keep this zine and the blog kind of quiet while we get things up and running, so that we’re not bombarded with folks asking questions and things we’re not quite ready to answer yet. Not that it has to be kept a secret or anything, but I’d appreciate updates not being reblogged. Thanks! 

Dear ANTI-FAN (of any group),

This isn’t just about the anti’s sabotaging BTS (it’s about any anti sabotaging any group.). When I heard about the ‘Break Wings’ project (here), I was appalled at the fact that this one anti called army’s immature, then went on to say she was going to vote against them (with anyone mind you) just to make sure they don’t win in music shows…please, help me understand the reason behind this?!!

1. Why? Why is your life so empty that you have such great joy from bringing other people down?  Seriously? What do you get out of it? Why do you do it???

2. Do you have that little faith in your own idol group that you need to sabotage another’s to make sure your own win? Do you think they want to win in such a downright devious way? How about they win on their talents? (and believe me, they do have talent)

3. You know,  you are allowed to NOT like BTS (or group whatever) and just ignore them? It’s okay to not like a group and just let them do their own thing and not interfere. Letting them do their thing does not mean you support them and does not mean that you don’t support your own idol group.

4. How do you think your idol group would feel to hear that you are sabotaging another groups sales, etc? do you think they would be proud to have a fan like you? Do you think they condone such behavior? (think about if all the other fandoms ganged up on yours just to sabotage their comeback…how would that make you feel?) You can be pro-your group without being anti- other groups!

5. You do know that idol groups respect each other, are even friends with each other and don’t  slam each other? and OMG - get this… they SUPPORT each other? Wow, what a concept, right?

6. What do you have against other groups winning? These groups work their asses off daily to bring this music to you, my groups, your groups - they all work harder in one day than most of us do in a week…Let them enjoy the fruit of their labor!  It doesn’t make your group any less special or talented!

7. It is possible to even be multi-fandom and if you’re not - you can still support your faves while leaving others alone. Respect is not a hard concept.

8. Instead of wasting time sabotaging others, why not dedicate that time to doing positive things for your own group? - instead of taking time out of your day to actually go do something ANTI - watch your groups videos and enjoy (get the count up for them, they would appreciate it), Make a fanart, write a poem, post on tumblr the 10 thousand reasons why your group is amazing!  In the time you took to be an anti- you missed streaming your own idols video…and you’re in turn, sabotaging your own group. Think about that for a second.

9. You also don’t have to bring a group down based off a couple troublemakers in their fandom - it is not the group’s fault that there are assholes that stan them. Just like we aren’t going to blame your group for you being an asshole…and trust me - if you do stuff like this just to keep a group down - you..are…an…asshole! 

I have seen so much shit against BTS, from people making up a fake rap song about rape and saying Namjoon wrote it, to plagiarism, to saying they came out of nowhere and took over (try reading about the struggles.)…so many BS things out there (even with your own group, you have seen the anti crap too I am sure! We all have antis that do stupid shit - it’s not cool when it happens to your groups either…you don’t have to like every other group, you may only like 1 or 2 - that’s okay - you do you, booboo…just while your doing you, let us do us…and just tell us congratulations when our idol does something good, or wins an award..I will be the first to congratulate yours on their accomplishment!! Just think about it!!

they are more than this

BTS is not about abs,

long legs in leather pants, ass or arms.

about tongue sticking out and licking lips;

it’s not about body rolls and hip thrusts.

BTS is not about screaming and aegyo machines and awkward dancing.

BTS is not about who has prettier eyes or who has the most defined jawline.

It’s not about the makeup, their clothes or money.

BTS it’s not about who is uglier or more beautiful.


BTS is about 7 boys trying to get their voice heard in a world that cares mostly about looks.

BTS is about 7 boys highly talented in singing, rapping and dancing.

BTS is about a great, golden friendship, about sunshine and caring personalities, about respect, honesty and hard work and love so big for music and for art and this world that the only way they can express it it’s through their lyrics.

BTS is about self sacrifice in order to make the loved ones feel fine. It’s about smiles and happiness and teaching us how to deal with our own problems.

BTS is about passion and fire and love and trust and all that’s beautiful in this world.

BTS is about “trying your best and never giving up your dreams when the whole world is against you”

BTS need to be loved for what they truly are and what they do so they can grow bigger and bigger until they reach the stars!

They are more than their looks. That’s just added bonus.

We should respect them more! And love their music more! And love them for who they are and not for what we want them to be!

[Trans] 150702 BTS @ Super Junior Kiss the Radio

150702 BTS @ Super Junior Kiss the Radio

DJ : I heard that you guys just celebrated 2 years anniversary. Why don’t someone says something to your fans?
RM : It was already 2 years. Everything we doing now can happens because of your guys. We will spend everyday thankfully and worthy. Let’s go together.

DJ : Normally if someone ask me to put their MV’s link on my SNS,I will do it but for ‘DOPE’ you don’t have to ask me cause I already did that!
ALL : Really, thank you so much!
DJ : Ah? you didn’t see it? You didn’t follow my twitter?
ALL : We will do it today.
DJ : I actually watched the MV with my member and they really liked it too! Donghae and Kangin said that the MV is very cool.How’s the MV?
Suga : I re watched the MV again yesterday and I do think it’s cool.Our fans like it and person who just know us also like it because the outfits are unique.


ASK Rap-Monster
JM : Rap monster, why do you always hit people beside you?
RM : It’s an expression of affection.
SG : Personally, I think Jin’s hyung get hit the most.
JIN : I get hit sometime when we perform because we dance side by side a lot. I have to avoid him all the time because of his dance.
JH : Rap monster, right now, who do you want to hit the most?
RM : It’s Jin hyung. (ALL : LOL)

V : Recently, on our way to work, why do you have to bring a spoon with you?
JIN : I’m the oldest right? and I don’t look as cute as other members so I try to create my own concept.
RM : I want to ask something. If in this world,there were just BTS and food, what would you choose? If you choose BTS, you wouldn’t eat for the rest of you life and if you choose food, BTS would be destroyed.
SG : For me, if I couldn’t eat I would give my food to our members.
ALL : Me too!
JIN : I will let you guys do that and I will just eat.

JH : Jungkook, ask him something (Jungkook was too quite)
JK : I don’t have anything to ask him. (LOL)
RM : Your legs is really slim and many girls are jealous but you think that it is your complex?
SG : Yes,I think they are too slim and can be problem.
RM : But you always wear short?
SG : It’s summer so it’s all about exposure right? I want to appeal girls by revealing my legs.
JH : If you want to expose, you have to shave off your hairy leg hair.
SG : I just did it today.

JK : Jimin hyung, when you’re on stage, why do you always rat you hair?
JM : Because you guys keep pointing it out, now I’m not doing it.
JK & V : It is cool though.

Jin : I have a question. Are you gonna get sick if you don’t eat hamburger? (say to DJ) He really likes hamburger.
V : I need to eat hamburger at night so I can sleep well.
DJ : But you are so slim…
JH : Is it because you have hamburger so the smell is quite…
JH : You can’t stand it now right? Do you have someone you want to hit now?
V : Hobie Hyung xD

ASK J-Hope
J-hope was asked to guess the sound of member’s breathing and SPOIL!!! He guessed V and Jin’s right right away!!

ASK Jungkook
RM : Which hyung you think you shouldn’t live your life like him?
JK : Suga hyung. (ALL : LOL)
SG : Why?  May be because I am too cool.
JK : You can think whatever you want. (ALL : LOL)
DJ : You are still in you 10s right? What is the first thing you want to do if you turn 20?
JK : get a driving license.
JM : If you turn 20, which member do you want to have a drink with the most?
JK : Suga hyung xD (ALL : LOL)
SG : Because I bought you a skewered sheep right?. You think I’m gonna buy it for you again?
JK : I will buy it for you this time :)

Enticing - Chapter 2: Want You

Disclaimer: This is for mature audiences only! None of these gifs/photos are mine!

Note: You must read Enticing from chapter 1! Enticing is a story with character development and plot. You will be missing out on a lot of stuff! Every member will have their time to shine, be patient please. Enticing is going to be long!

Note: This is a treat for y’all because I got excited and went on a spree. Don’t expect new chapters to get posted up this quickly in the future! Enjoy!

Note: If you find typos, tell me in my ask box or something so I can fix them~!

Enjoy! Be happy. Be horny. ^_^

    Namjoon pinned my wrists down with his hands. His firm grip excited me and I could tell that he was pleased from listening to my heavy breathing. He slid his tongue from my collarbone, across my neck, and then up to my lips. As his warm tongue slid up my neck I tilted my head back and closed my eyes due to the warm sensation that erupted all over my body. He gently bit my lips and then pulled himself away. He licked his lips when he saw how disappointed I looked when he stopped.

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Behind The Scenes 2 (10/16)

Author’s note: This “scene” is really long so its broken up into separate posts, so the next few parts are all in regards to going the amusement park. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Fake fluff (Jungkook)

Word count: 2530

Summary: You and the boys head to the amusement park.

WARNINGS: physical abuse, some verbal abuse

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You slept calmly on your mattress. Despite what happened with Suga the night before, you were able to fall asleep after a few hours of staring up at the ceiling. You heard the door click open, but you ignored the sound. You just wanted to keep sleeping.

“Y/n wake up.” you could recognize Rap monster’s voice.

You rolled from your side to your back. Every cell in you knew that you should have gotten up already but your eyelids felt so heavy and sleep felt so good. You could hear movement from Jimin’s bed, you on the other hand, stayed as you were.

Suddenly, a hand was slapped over your nose and mouth. Your eyes shot open. Rap monster was squatting next to your bed, his hand pushing into your face. It was horrible enough that you couldn’t breathe, but he was also putting his weight into his hand. He was slowly pushing your head into the mattress. It felt like your jaw was being crushed.

You squirmed under his hand. Like the last time, he was too strong for you get his hand off. He stared at you struggling under him. He had the slightest smile on his face. Your eyes shot all over the room. You could see Jimin. He was sitting at the edge of his bed, staring at you and Rap monster. He looked at what was going on for a few seconds. You tried to scream out to him for help, but you couldn’t. You watched as Jimin stood up and slowly walked out of the room.

You continued to struggle, feeling more and more light headed. Eventually, he lifted his hand off of you.  You gasped for air. You couldn’t say anything; all you did was look up at him.

He expression was different, now he was angry. “That’s the last time you ignore me.” He growled. He stood up and walked out of the room.

After regaining your composure, you went about the regular schedule of things and then you all got ready for the day at the amusement park.

You and Jimin were in your room getting clothes to change in to. No words were exchanged as you each went through your things. Without even as much as a knock, Jungkook let himself into the room. He was already dressed in black jeans, black boots, a large white t-shirt and a black beanie.

“Yo! This shit is where it’s at!” He said swirling around to show his outfit.

“Damn boy!” Jimin laughed

“I’d be swimming in pussy!… If it weren’t for you though…” Jungkook said staring at you annoyed.

Jimin glared at you.

“You have these clothes right?” Jungkook asked, “Cuz I ain’t changing for shit.”

“I’ll see what I have.” You mumbled

“Do you have a black beanie?”


He rolled his eyes at you and grabbed a beanie from his back pocket. “I knew you wouldn’t.” He said as he tossed the beanie at you. “And try to see what you can do about your face too. You got a few volcanoes growing.” He laughed.

You grabbed your compact and took a quick look at your face. He was right, your face was breaking out.

“That’s what happens when you let your face become a cum dumpster, you break out in herpes.” Jimin scoffed.

Jungkook started laughing. “Oh man! That was a good one!” Then he walked out of the room. “Tae! You should have heard what Jimin just said!” Jimin ran out of the room to catch up with him.

You continued to look through your trash bags, since you still didn’t have your new clothes. You found a white blouse, a black skirt and black flats. You changed and got ready to go, then stepped out to the living room where the guys were waiting for the manager.

Jin and Rap monster were standing by the door, Suga and Jhope were on the small couch. V, Jimin and Jungkook were on the large couch. V was sitting on one end of the couch, Jungkook on the other, Jimin had his head on Jungkook’s lap and his feet on V’s lap.

You went over to the where Suga and Jhope sat and squeezed yourself in between them.

“Morning guys”

“Morning.” They both said.

“You look nice.” Suga said.

“More like amazing!” Jhope said raising his eyebrows up and down at you.

“Haha! Shut up!” you laughed, covering his eyebrows

“Yes, please get him to be quiet. I’m too hungover. Slap him if you have to.” Suga mumbled.

“I’m sorry, you’re what Yoongi?! I didn’t hear you! There is too much space between us! Can you speak up?!” Jhope said loudly, practically climbing over you to get in Suga’s face.

Suga put his hand over Jhope’s face and pushed him back into his seat. “Ah, today is going to be a long day.” Suga grumbled.

“Aw, look at the grumpy grandpa!” Jhope cooed. He was trying to pinch Suga’s cheek, but you pulled his arm away.

“No! I need my hope alive!” you laughed.

“Aw, Y/n loves me!” Jhope smiled, giving you a hug.

“Damn, now she’s moved onto Hoseok.” Jimin commented. “Watch out Tae, you and I are the only ones left” he said nudging V’s lap.

“For what?” V asked confused

“She’s fucked almost the whole group already.” Jimin smirked.

“Why are you still with this stupid shit?” Suga asked. “Aren’t you tired of it all already?”

“Yeah! The only one she has really been with is Jungkook.” Jhope said trying to defend you.

“And it was the best dick she ever had!” Jungkook added

“You wish!” You fought

“So you admit that you’ve had other dick then!” Jimin accused, sitting up on the couch.

“Well she definitely wasn’t a virgin.” Jungkook said.

“What?!?” you asked offended

“You’ve had other dick by now… I would imagine at least four other ones.” Jimin said

“That doesn’t mean she’s been with any other member though. “V said. “Not that I’m implying anything bad about you y/n.”

“You’re trying too hard now Jimin. Now your comments are just coming off as sad and desperate.” Jhope said.

“Why the fuck do you guys always keep defending that bitch?!?” Jimin yelled getting up from the couch.

Suga winced, grabbing his head from how loud Jimin was getting.

“She is fucking tearing us apart! How do you guys not see it?!?” Jimin shouted.

Rap monster and Jin looked over, now interested in what was going on. You could see a slight smile on Rap monster’s face.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jhope asked.

“We were all fine before she snuck her way in here! Now you guys don’t even talk to us like before! Hoseok! When was the last time we practiced together huh? Yoongi, we don’t even talk anymore!”

“You know what? He has a point!” Jungkook said. “You guys barely talk to us anymore. The only time you do is cuz you are taking her side for every little fucking thing!”

“That’s not true!” Jhope shouted.

“Tae, is that true?” Suga asked, trying to get some back up.

V’s eyes jumped from the five of you. “Um… well they… um… they are kinda right… but-“

“See! She’s fucking tearing us apart!” Jimin said

“That’s only cuz you guys don’t give her a chance!” Jhope said getting out of his seat and going over to Jimin. “You fuckers are trying to make her life hell, when all you have to do is talk to her like a fucking person!” Jhope said poking Jimin’s chest

V came in between them. “Hey, y/n is actually a great person Jimin. Hoseok is right.” Jimin glared at V. V got a squeamish under Jimin’s intense gaze. “But, uh, um, Hoseok, Jimin is right too. You guys haven’t really been brothers to us lately…”

Rap monster’s phone rang, but the guys were too riled up to notice. After accepting the call, Rap monster nudged Jin with his elbow and motioned his head towards the crowd of boys. Jin knew exactly what Rap monster wanted him to do. He silently walked to the center of the living room and ripped Jhope and Jimin apart. They both jumped up a bit when they realized that it was Jin that pulled them apart.

“The manager is here. Let’s go.” Rap monster said.

On the car ride you had to sit on Jungkook’s lap. Rap monster pulled out his phone. “Ok it’s time for an update. Y/n, this is a surprise to you from Jungkook, so pretend like you don’t know where we are going.” He aimed his phone to himself and began recording. “Good morning ARMY.” He said cheerfully.

Jungkook immediately pulled you close to him, bringing you into a somewhat back hug.

Jhope ripped the phone out of Rap monster’s hand before Rap monster had a chance to say anything else. “Good morning! It’s me, your hope, your angel!” He shouted. He moved the phone to add Jin and Suga on the screen. Jin waved from the side while Suga covered his ears.

“Whoops, sorry Suga. I forgot you were trying to sleep.” Jhope said pointing the phone to Suga.

Suga smiled a sleepy smile and waved at the phone.

“Ok, enough of Suga, let’s turn out camera to the handsome man!” Jhope said turning the phone to Jin.

Jin acted innocent, not knowing what to say or do.

V stuck his head in between them. “Hello ARMY! We have a long day ahead of us, but I’m still happy! Oh! Guess who we have with us!” V said to the camera

“They probably already saw her.” Jimin commented. Even though his voice sounded excited, his expression was the exact opposite

“Y/n is with us today!” Jhope shouted. Suga once again winced a bit. Jhope pointed the camera to you

You froze. You just smiled awkwardly

“Aw she’s shy!” Jimin said mockingly.

Jungkook leaned forward and took the phone from Jhope. “Good morning ARMY!” Jungkook smiled. He aimed the phone so that both of you could be seen. He nudged you a bit. “Don’t be shy jagiya, say hi to ARMY.” He said sweetly.

“Um… Hi.” You smiled, waving to the camera

“Aww, you’re so cute!” Jungkook said as he kissed your temple.

Jimin “playfully” gagged at Jungkook’s sign of affection towards you.

“Don’t be jealous!” Jungkook said as he jokingly pushed Jimin off camera. You could see Jimin’s expression turn sour. Jungkook turned back to you, “So tell them what we are going to do today.”

“Um…” you looked at the other members for and answer, but they all looked back at you to see what you were going to say. “Uh, well on the schedule Rapmon and I were working on, today is the day you guys do a photoshoot for the concert posters…”

Jungkook threw you a goofy smile and laughed a bit. “Well… Guess what?”


“That is not what we are doing today.”

“It’s not?” you asked, feigning confusion

“Nope! Namjoon made up a slightly fake schedule.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What are we doing then?”

Jungkook’s goofy smile grew even bigger. “I can’t tell you. It’s kind of a surprise.”

“You should cover her eyes!” V suggested. “That way she won’t see where we are going!” he smiled

“True!” Jungkook turned to you. “Jagiya, close your eyes.” You did as he said. Jungkook used his free hand to gently pull the beanie down over your eyes. “You can’t see right?” he waved his hands in front of you to make sure you couldn’t see.

“Nope.” You smiled

From behind the phone, Jimin threw you the finger with both of his hands. V quickly pulled Jimin’s arms down, but not quick enough because Jungkook saw and started laughing a bit.

“Why are you laughing?” you asked

“Huh? Nothing… Oh ARMY! Did you notice our couple outfit? Don’t we look great?” he asked, changing the subject. “Ok, we will stop things for now… but we will be back with y/n’s reaction. Bye! Say bye jagi.” He said pointing the phone at you.

You didn’t know where the phone was so you faced where you thought it was and waved bye.

“Ok, I ended the video. Give this back to Namjoon.” Jungkook said to Jhope, all the cheer gone from his voice as if it was never there before.

You tried to pull the beanie up from your eyes, but a hand stopped you. “No y/n. Leave it on. We will be there soon anyway.” V said.

You put your hands down and moved farther away from Jungkook. You leaned on the back of Suga’s seat and pouted a bit.

“It’s okay y/n.” you heard Suga whisper.

You felt a hand on yours. You leaned your head as far back as you could to see from under the beanie. From your tiny field of view, you could see Jhope’s hand holding yours.

After what must have been about 25 minutes, you felt the van come to a final stop. Jungkook grabbed you and moved you close to him again. You could feel Jungkook reach for something in his pocket and you soon heard him speaking again. “Here we are!”

“We are?” you asked trying to sound excited.

“Yup! Where do you think we are?”

“Uh, a skating rink?”


“The beach?”

“We aren’t dressed for the beach! I’ll give you a hint… You’ve been begging me for us to come here.”

“Hawaii?” you laughed

“Yes, we drove all the way to Hawaii.” He said sarcastically.

You laughed. “Tell me!”

“So you know how our anniversary is coming up right?”


“But its gonna happen during the tour and there is no guarantee we will have enough time to celebrate it?”


“I thought it be nice if I surprised you with a pre-anniversary date! So I rented out half of… an amusement park!”

“Really?!?” you hugged him, even though you really did not want to.

He gently lifted up your beanie so that you could see again. You looked out the window andsaw the large roller coasters and slides and a huge Ferris wheel. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is the best present ever!” you said hugging him tighter. “Now my present doesn’t compare to yours though!”

“Don’t worry y/n, you are already the best present!” he smiled.

At his cheesy words the guys broke out into a roar of “Ewwww”s and gagging sounds.

You and Jungkook kept in character and ignore the rest of the guys.

“I love you y/n.”

“I love you too.”  Then he kissed you. Once again you fought the urge to pull away from him.

The guys only intensified their sounds of disgust.

Jungkook ended the video and pushed you away from him. You willingly slid away from him and wiped your mouth, scrubbing as hard as you could.

Another van pulled up next to you all and you all saw a camera crew step out and begin setting up.

“What? What’s all that for?” Jin asked

“Oh, I forgot to mention, we are going to make this event an episode.” Rap monster smiled looking back at all of you.

BTS Asking you out


Seokjin would be a little shy but would manage a pretty normal confession.

“Y/N, do you want to grab coffee with me sometime?”

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If he really liked you, Suga would actually be a little bashful. It would take him a while to work up the courage to ask you, but once he did it would come out smoothly.

*Stares at you for several days trying to make himself do it* Finally-

“Uh, Y/N? Let’s go on a date.”

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Hobi would be all smiles the whole time he was attempting to ask you out.  You guys would have been messing around when he suddenly confessed in the middle of a joke.

“-and I’m sitting there just waiting for the elf to give me back the napkin when- how about we go to a movie. Right now. Just us”

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would try to be soo suave with you. But we all know Namjoon.

“Hey girl, You’re looking fresh today. Like a ripe cantaloupe.

“Excuse me?”

“Uh-I mean-juicy?-”


“You’re pretty! Please date me”

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Jimin would be shy but endearingly so.

“Y/N do you-maybe- would you want to- um- I don’t know- get pizza maybe?”

*When you say yes*

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It would be a complete accident that V asked you out honestly. But he’d roll with it pretty well.

*brings your favorite coffee*

“Wow Tae, how did you know what I get?”

“Well I notice a lot of stuff that you do since I like you.”

Internally: *Did I just-*

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SO SHY. This little bun would take forever to ask you out, and it would probably be because his hyungs made him.

“Y/N, Kookie has a question for you”

“Yeah ask her Jungkook”

“Ok! Y/N, would you-”

“Has he asked yet?”

“I’M ASKING! Y/N doyouwanttogooutwithmesometimemaybe”

*Intense sweating until you answer*

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{BTS;R} Asking you to be their valentine’s

Lmaooo Its valentines and I still dont have a cute gf :))) I hope you guys have a great valentines!!! (Let me know what you guys did if you did do anything)

J hope:

Hed get the normal butterflies in his stomach and shaking hands but nothing too extreme. Hed get a giant sign asking you and a giant stuffed animal to go along with it.
After being acceepted he would probably wouldnt stop screaming for a few hours. Hed pick you up and spind you around happily 

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Would try to be romantic bringing you roses to sing you a song and ask you but would be such a nervous mess he couldnt help but mess up a few notes and giggle all the time
“Alright I dont think this is going to work I was just wondering if you would like to be my valentines”

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Would ask you out with your favorite dessert or candy hed decorate something on it or with it to ask you but would take a couple hours to actually build up the courage to ask you he would have to have a lot of pushing from the other members
“I thought s/he was about to say no I think I cried”

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Would end up being caught googling how to ask someone out and the other members made him spill everything. They made it a mission to get him to actually ask you out this time. He would be a such a flustered mess forgetting what to say
“Are you trying to ask me to be your valentine’s?”
“I uh y-yeah? You dont have to I mean you can but if you alrea-”
After you accepted he would act all smirk pretending he had everything under control 
“Im Jungkook of course she would accept”

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Rap Monster:

Would ask all the members on how to ask you since he couldnt decide he would probably try to do all of them at the same time making a fool out of himself when failing. 
“Alright this is all a bad idea I was trying to ask you to be my valentines im sorry  for all this, we still have time so if you accept we can go pick out your favorite flowers and roses”

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Would write you a small song asking you and send it to you instead of showing it to you in person because he was worried it was too much or you wouldnt accept. After accepting he would go over and actually ask you  in person with some chocolates 
“I was just making sure if you would actually say yes im sorry. Half of those chocolates are mine by the way”

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Would go all out on how hes going to ask you out. Hed buy you ballons, flowers, chocolates, etc. The actual question would be tied up on the collar of his dog. He would be more excited than nervous to ask you 
“Please accept this took way too long and way too much money for you to decline me”

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{Masterlist} {Valentine’s}
Requests are open!

'Jimin Park's profile written by Jungkook'

Name: Jimin Park
Birthday: 951013
Writer introduction: ???
Jimin is in charge of appearance ranking in BTS.
Nickname: ChimChim
Speciality: Dropping his phone
Size: 195cm, 60kg

Habits: ??
Strengths: Always confident.
Weaknesses: Too confident.
Jimin’s charm point is: Eyesmile, ???, thighs

The 1) animal 2) color 3) TV program 4) character 5) BTS song that you think of when you think of Jimin:
1) Rhinoceros, 2) yellow, 3) Sponge, 4) Mashimaro, 5) We Are Bulletproof

What’s similar with me: Doing what we want, don’t like losing
Jimin is the best at: Passion, trying hard
What is rap to Jimin: Secret
I’m better than Jimin at: Age

Jimin’s appearance is 50 points out of 100.
The time Jimin seems upset: When he can’t do what he attempts
The time Jimin seems happy: When he eats something delicious

What I hope Jimin will achieve: All of the things that Jimin wants to achieve!
The thing I’m most jealous of: Steadiness, passion, perseverance

What I want to do with Jimin: Dance battle (later if we learn something ??)
If I were Shin Ramyeon, Jimin is Shin Ramyeon Black.

To Jimin: Fighting! You can do it~ You can make it~~~ Wowowow~~

| © BTS0222 |

They say all these negative things about her like she dates rappers or about the way she dresses. If anybody were to meet her, they’d know she’s Mary Poppins. She doesn’t smoke, she hardly drinks, she doesn’t do drugs. She’s got a very sensitive voice so that if she walks into a room with smoke she can’t sing for three days, or she can’t talk. It’s funny to be her friend and read all these things about her. Tabloids are always saying she’s off on holiday but she’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life. She works 23 hours a day, literally, she never sleeps and she takes care of everybody. When I hear someone say something about her I usually get offended because she gave me my shot, she gave Shade his shot, she gave us all our shots. She gave ODB his first light of day past Wu Tang Clan, and she invented the whole pop-rap collaboration. Nobody would have done a song with ODB at that level - this is a lady who’d sold a 100 million records at that point. She did not have to do that record, she wasn’t trying to get street credibility. When we did ‘Cry Baby’ for her album a long time ago, I called Snoop and said what we wanted to do and he said “'Vision of Love’ is my favourite record of all time.” Everybody has a soft spot for Mariah. She’s the greatest in the world.
—  Damizza , on Mariah Carey 
[TRANS] Mini December issue 2016: Fly to high ❤︎ GOT7 Special Interview


GOT7 who will release their new mini album “Hey Yah” on 16/11 to be featured again!
Beside their new songs, this interview will also cover stories about their activities throughout this one year, which allows you to feel the essence of GOT7’s “present”. A must read!


★ GOT7 will release their new mini album “Hey Yah” on November 16. “Hey Yah is their title and also lead song in the mini album. What kind of song is it?

Bambam: A powerful song that will cheer you up and make this winter hotter when you hear it.

★ Did your recording for this song go well?

Bambam: We finished it with a happy mood ❤︎
Youngjae: Since everyone had fun recording, I think the happy atmosphere is also showed in the song.
Jinyoung: Every time we released new CD, we always did rehearsal recording before doing it for real though…
Mark: But when we did that this time, the record we made when rehearsing was already nearly perfect it felt as if we didn’t need to do real recording anymore.
Jinyoung: Like that, we prepared ourselves sufficiently and carried on the real recording well. I had a feeling we had made a very good song as a result.
Bambam: True as he said!

★ How about the filming for your music video?

Mark: We filmed it smoothly without any mistakes.
Bambam: That’s right.
Jinyoung: In the MV this time, there is a part where everyone acts like honor students, making it a very lovely acting scene. I hope you will pay attention to that part!

★ Your another track "Over & Over” is the second music product given to you from 2PM’s Wooyoung. During the recording for that song, did you receive any advices from Wooyoung?

Jinyoung: Same as the recording last time for “Yo Moriagatte Yo”, this time he also guided us very carefully to every detailed part. In a sense, you can also say he went strict on us in some parts, therefore we have an impression that the recording with him took a lot of time. He directed us very professionally, there’s plenty of things we was able to learn from him.

★ This is also the first time member’s self-written songs, which are from Yugyeom and JB, were chosen to be recorded for a Japan mini album.

All: (applaud)
Bambam: Yeah!!
Jackson: Woooh!!

★ What kind of song is Yugyeom’s self-written track “Let Me Know”?

Yugyeom: It tells the story of a boy no longer able to cope with the push-and-pull antics in love of a girl who is very good at it, and wanting to tell her to stop doing it. But he loves her so much he can’t even express that frustrated feeling to her.
Bambam: The melody gives off the feeling of a very cute style.
Jinyoung: Yugyeom asked me to sing cutely at the hook part, but I overdid making it a little too cute, it really sounded dangerously like a girl’s singing (laughs). Yugyeom is our maknae so we always see him as a little brother, but when recording he gave us directions in a really serious manner. By the way, what kind of song is JB hyung’s composition? Is it a ballad? (laughs)
JB: The meaning of my song is sad, but rather than ballad I would say it’s a song with acoustic taste.
Jinyoung: It’s my most favorite song in this album.
Bambam: For me, I love Yugyeom’s song the most.
Youngjae: Yeah!!
Jinyoung: He gave such severely strict directions during the recording, so I don’t like his song (laughs)!!

★ I can see that since the release of “FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE” album in this year’s spring in Korea, GOT7 members have been very active in participating in music production. How do you write your own songs and lyrics?

Youngjae: I often listen to a lot of songs with powerful and catchy beat similar to the track “REWIND” I wrote for “FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE”. I also had composed many ballads with a lightly melancholic vibe, but perhaps their vibe doesn’t match well with GOT7’s image, they weren’t chosen to be put into our album that time.
Jinyoung: Sometimes they just didn’t go well with the energetic image of GOT7. To fit GOT7 well, there is a song called “WOLO” written by Jackson. The atmosphere from that kind of song is a match for us, and its melody is also what all members prefer.
Jackson: I’m the best producer in GOT7!!
All: (Burst out laughing)
Yugyeom: No, I AM the best!
Jackson: It’s not Yugyeom. It’s me!!
JB: Everyone thinks they’re the best. (laughs)
Jinyoung: I think I still have a long way to go.

★ The song “Can’t” composed by Jinyoung is also a very good song!!

Jinyoung: I think so too (laughs)!

★ Do you write lyrics based on your own experiences?

Yugyeom: At an extent we have brought some of our own experiences into the lyrics. Beside that we also expand some ideas using the imagination in our mind. We make songs by mixing those two methods.
Jinyoung: Our rap parts are usually written by Bambam. Bambam, please tell us how you do!
Bambam: After listened to the demo, I often ask for their feeling or the concept of that song then make the raps according to it.


★ It feels like both in name and in reality, “FLY” is a meaningful promoting activity that set GOT7’s reputation on a great stride. Now try looking back, what kind of promotion is “FLY” to you?

Yugyeom: True as you said, we also think it’s an important promotion.
Bambam: After all, when you compare before and after “FLY” promotion, we also do feel that things have changed in many aspects. For example, we feel like there are many more fans coming to our concerts comparing to before, even the chances to go on variety shows or commercials also increase. It seems like the range of our activities has also expanded.
Jinyoung: Of course there’re many specific achievements like that, but I have a feeling through this promotion, we were finally be able to clearly show our fans “What kind of group is GOT7?”. That is the greatest achievement we could get. What I think is, even for just a little bit, this promotion might have somehow left in the memory of those who has watched and listened to us a feeling that tells “GOT7 is a group pursuing this kind of music”.

★ You also made a global tour that went around many places like Seoul, Shanghai, Japan, Bangkok Guangzhou, Singapore and America.
Jinyoung: I have a feeling that through this tour we were able to grow up in many aspects including our performances, and also to learn many new things. The tour was held for around 4 months, starting with concerts in Seoul then went on around America, Thailand, China … then went back to Korea to make an encore concert. As expected, there were some parts in us when we did the encore concert that are far more mature than when we started the tour, and each member had more or less learned something too. That is how the global tour was to us.
Bambam: It had become easier for us to stand on stage both mentally and physically. Of course there still is an appropriate amount of nervousness, but I think we can enjoy being on stage in a relaxed state now.
JB: Plus, we also somehow have learned more know-how’s on doing live shows.

★ You also did some girl groups imitating performances. Which member suits girl costume the most?

JB: Can I reverse the question? Who do you think was the cutest (in girl costume)?

★ I think everyone was pretty.

Bambam: Everyone was horrendous.

★ Yugyeom is quite a giant, but he was pretty.

All: (burst out laughing and applauding)
Youngjae: As expected, it’s Yugyeom for you!
Bambam: As we thought!! Maknae baby!!

★ JB was the first member who removed the long hair wig right?

JB: It’s not like I intentionally took it off. When I swung around it was accidentally dropped.

★ You seem to dislike wearing girl costume very much…

JB: I definitely dreaded it (laughs).
Bambam: I enjoyed it a lot (laughs).
JB: I only did it with an absolute mindset that is to make the fans happy and let them have fun watching us (laughs)!!


★ You just finished your latest Korean comeback in this October. In every comeback, it’s required to practice for live performances. How do you practice normally?

Bambam: We practice at night. Even when the day is packed with work, there is also a span of time calling “practice time” added into our schedule, which is set to be from this time to this time on that day. For example, if the practice time is decided to be 8 hours then we have to practice for 8 hours. We try to practice for the exact amount of time that is decided everyday.
JB: For example, even if we only have the interval time for breaks between work left, we will try to focus on those time and practice.
Bambam: Yes!

★ Lately you all suddenly became manlier and more handsome. Tell me the truth, what is the reason?

Youngjae: Maybe you got that feeling because each member has been worked out a lot, and also being on diet lately.
Yugyeom & Bambam (spontaneously): We just grew up (laughs).
Bambam: It’s just that time passes and so do we. No one can be aging backward right? (laughs)
Yugyeom: According to the age counting system of Korea, even I who is the maknae has also become adult. Since I’m an adult already, my manliness just comes out naturally.
Bambam: Your beard is also growing right? My beard grows a lot!!
All: (burst out laughing)

★ There are also many hoobae groups has appeared right? Like in JYP NATION concert, when you performed with your hoobae groups, are there any moments you feel like you have become a senior?

Yugyeom: I don’t care much about things like sunbae-hoobae relationship.
Bambam: For example, all TWICE or DAY6 members are the people we have always been seeing face-to-face and practicing together for more than 6 years ever since our trainee days. Even if we head to separate groups and make different debut time, I’m happy that we are still able to do activities together and get along with them after we all debuted.
Jinyoung: But there are some members even younger than GOT7’s maknaes, it feels a bit strange.
Bambam: It’s strange right?
Jinyoung: They are soooo young.
JB: I have a feeling that we’re privileged with more know-how’s when being on stage than them. Not that we strongly sense that “We are the sunbaes!”. It’s just because we were able to debut and do activities a little more early.

★ Well then, can you tell us about any change that happened in you recently?

Youngjae: I lost weight. Since we also had comeback, I went on a diet.

★ You really did become more handsome.

Youngjae: I did it! I did it!!
Bambam: You just aged.
Yugyeom: We became adults, and we so grew taller. We also have grown bigger in many aspects.
Jinyoung: Yugyeom is the one that grew tallest among us. I don’t like that (laughs). Nowadays, whether when I pull jokes on him or scold him, it always feels like I was being looked down on, it’s scary (laughs).
JB: My perspective on the world became wider. Even toward a single simple thing, I now can form a deeper view on it. If it’s the me from before, I would just have followed the flow or overlooked it. But now I’m able to perceive things more carefully. It’s not like something specific has occurred to make me like this, I just naturally grew to be that way. Day by day I feel it more and more clearly - the increasing importance of readiness when we’re waiting for the morning to come.
Jinyoung: I am the opposite. Compared to before, I have become more open-hearted to comfortably accept the way things are nowadays. In the past, whenever something happened, I always felt like that’s a very big deal and started getting worried or thinking I can’t cope with it. But now, I am able to think “Well, things could be like that too. But I believe it’s gonna head to a better direction anyways” and accept any feelings with ease.
Jackson: I’m changing everyday.

★ Amazing!

Jackson: I mean I’m changing in a good meaning. I keep feeling a new urge coming that says “I want to try this!” in various fields and am conscious that I have to do my best in my job. At the same time I’m also able to find out what I’m still insufficient of, so I tell myself to work harder and do endeavor everyday. Therefore day by day I’m changing nonstop.
Mark: I don’t feel like I have particularly changed (gives a big, full smile).
Bambam: Because Mark hyung is already perfect and so handsome from the beginning. There’s possibly nothing he would ask for more, isn’t it?
Jinyoung: He was already too handsome to begin with, but now he has become even more handsome.
Bambam & Jinyoung: Compared to before, Mark hyung’s face has become much smaller (laughs).
Youngjae: His face just keeps shrinking smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, wouldn’t it sooner or later disappear completely? (laughs)

★ Lastly, since mini is a magazine for girl fashion, can you tell us what is your favorite fashion style on girl, this time as Winter 2016 version?

Jinyoung: How about keeping warm by wearing coat and scarf?
Youngjae: I hope the girls will keep warm by wearing coat with a scarf, combining with a fedora hat.
Mark: You should wear long coat to stay warm!!
Yugyeom: As long as it’s easy to move around and warm!!
Bambam: While draping yourself in a long, large scarf, please choose a big-sized top that is long enough to cover your thighs to wear as a dress, plus stockings with Dr. Martens boots too! If you wear coat, it’s also cute to wear a sleeveless top as inner. I will keep you warm then!!
All: Ohhhh~
Jackson (in a serious tone): Please make sure to keep yourself suppppper warm, even if you have to become a triangular rice ball.
(T/N: He means when you wear many layers of clothing or big jacket on upper half of your body, it will make your whole figure look like and upside-down triangle)
All: (Burst out laughing)

★ A triangular rice ball like outfit means…

Jackson (in serious tone): The kind of fluffy jacket that looks like a rice ball…
JB: I choose the outfit like on the front cover of this mini magazine. (points at the front cover of mini September issue, 2016)
All: We’re talking about winter though (laughs)!?
JB: This one will do. But if the girls choose to wear what they wanna wear, it’ll also be fine that way.


★ From editors’ eye ★

GOT7’s photoshoot was held in a certain metropolitan studio. The atmosphere throughout the whole interview was so buoyantly noisy, just like the break time in school. There was the trio Youngjae & Bambam & Yugyeom who kept interrupting other members’ talking and never ceased to be less hyper from beginning to end. There was Jinyoung who automatically turned himself into the interviewer and ignited conversation by asking members questions like “How is it?”, what a big help for us in carrying on the interview. There was Mark, bursting with amusing innocence, who kept smiling throughout the session but when it’s his turn to answer, he couldn’t help but to ask other members “What is the question again?” while still smiling so wide. There was this boy too, who is not a talkative person, but when he opened his mouth to drop the answer as if had estimated the time in advance, everything was settled in one go - as expected of JB the leader. There was Jackson who always managed to give the funniest answers in crucial moments, his gag sense forged through many variety shows really brought the staff into many big laughter. Despite being squeezed in hectic schedules, GOT7 who always tackle every photoshoot with their angelic plus earnest manner, now have brought us a totally opposite image of cool and dynamic, so we hope mini can deliver to you that youthful boy image of GOT7!

trans by synesthesia