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So I know like 90% of the fandom is against black paladin Keith and like for the most part, I’m kinda iffy about it myself. But hear me out. Black paladin Keith… whose right-hand man is Lance. Lance acts as an advisor of sorts, whom Keith trusts, no questions asked. If Shiro isn’t going to listen to Lance, Keith will. Keith already knows Lance is capable and takes the mission seriously (even though he seems to take little else seriously. That’s not to say he isn’t serious, just he copes differently). They have already experienced first hand that working together yields success. And already we can see that when it gets down the nitty gritty, they fall into a harmonious efficiency, despite the air of competitiveness between them. Keith is the drive and the passion and Lance, the patience and positivity. Together they make an unstoppable force. A good team, if you will. 

*Bye bye bye by N sync starts playing in the background*

Aline, Cristina and Kieran; visibly starting to sweat, whispering “by the angel”

Did Matt try to foreshadow some morning scene or the morning scene in 2x15…? He was so sly talking about this, god help us all

Sehun | Oh Sehun

One Day

You attend your sister’s wedding with your boyfriend Sehun - along with his group members - and you begin to think about your future.

Fortunately Intoxicated

A very drunk Sehun comes to say something very important and over due to you.

Truth or Dare (M)

You’re playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with your best friend Sehun and he’s determined to get you to admit that you like him

A While Now

You are EXO’s stylist noona and the boys are constantly trying to hint Sehun’s huge crush on you

Practically Perfect

Your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you…

Just Hold Me

(University AU)Sehun gets back from a long day of classes and all he wants to do is come to your dorm room and cuddle.

New Butterflies

(High School AU) You are in a detention with your best friend Sehun - who actually decided to show up to one for the first time - and things seem a little different whilst shelving the books.

Confession Confusion  

(High School AU) You are determined to find out who Sehun likes even though you have feelings for him yourself.

Possessive Trait

(High School AU) You are grouped up with Jongdae and Baekhyun during Chemistry and Sehun can’t help but feel a little neglected *cough* Jealous *cough* when you hang out with the boys 

No Promises  

(High School AU) The popular Sehun asks for help with homework and gets your number and ends up falling for you as he spends time with you in classes

Overlooked Efforts

(Harry Potter AU) You claim to be not jealous of Sehun’s new study accomplice, deciding to make him jealous in revenge. Well that ends well…

Game Day

(Harry Potter AU) The star player of Slytherin -who also happens to be your boyfriend- is intently waiting for you to watch him at his Quiditch game, but you’re unsure whether to go or not.

Every Step of the Way - Baby Steps - Daddy Daughter Day - Morning Routine

(Parenthood AU) New dad Sehun is more than a little nervous and hesitant of his father skills, so you have to reassure him of how great of a dad he is.

Not -so-Secret Date

I let out a little giggle as he looked up at me flashing me that charming smile of his. I began running my fingers through his scalp as he continued to watch me with pure adoration in his eyes

Because I Love You

Maybe a highly appreciative boyfriend is something we all deserve, I’m just really lucky I have one…

Tree Topper

“I wish we could stay like this forever Y/N” He seriously sighed into my neck, as I reached down and ran my fingers through his soft locks, nodding in agreement.

Pin Me Down

“Come on Y/N, I was actually hoping for some competition” He cockily smirked, hovering over me as I rolled my eyes for the billionth time during the fight.

Tracing Patterns

I let a small smile take over my lips before slowly turning in his arms, which still didn’t stop his subconscious actions.

Hold me Close

I let out a little sigh before removing my hand, and finally looking up at his bare upper-half, just to flash him a tired smile before shutting my eyes again.

Unwind (M)

He sighed a little in content, and I continued to play with his locks in the attempt of relieving some of the stress from the day.

Leave a Mark (M)

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I tucked my head into the crook of his neck and let out a little sigh.

Something New

I cut off his pointless rambling as I placed my small hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss to reassure him of my happiness

Surprise Arrivals

I couldn’t help but marvel at her hopes of seeing him so soon. Missing him was one of the hardest things for her, yet she fought through it like the strong girl Sehun and I raised her to be.

Sunrise Serenity (M)

 I lightly leaned my back against his bare chest as he placed his head snugly into the crook of my neck, and I continued to now quietly hum the words.

Shut Up and Kiss Me 

I pulled away unwillingly and giggled as he leant his head back up trying to follow my lips; raising my eyebrow at the smug smirk plastered onto his face.

Last First Kiss

From his luscious lips, down to his perfectly jawline in addition to his long - single mole adorned - neck, which were all tied together by his beautiful milky white skin; complimenting his sharp features almost too perfectly.

Kiss Under the Stars (M)

My heart gently fluttered when I felt him lowering his body a bit to rest his head on my shoulder, taking me by surprise as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck.

Jealous Drive (M)

I shook my head at him before deciding to walk back to the comfort of the bar, but he was quick to grab my wrist and pull me to his front. “Dance with me” He brought his soft lips to my ear.

Fun in the Sun

As soon as you gave up and decided to wait for him at the shore, you felt a pair of hands grab your hips delicately and all you could do was let out a shriek at the top of your lungs in surprise.

Walking Away - Always Be the One

Letting you go seemed to be one of the worst decisions Sehun had made, but would you be willing to forgive him if he tried winning you back?

Stone Cold - Happiness in You (ft Kim Jongin)

Jongin is excited to introduce you to his new girlfriend, being completely oblivious of the fact that you have feelings for him. But there is only person keeping you emotionally stable through this, and it happens to be your friend Oh Sehun.

Don’t Say You Love Me (ft Park Chanyeol) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ||

Your singleness becomes a bother to your brother like best friends Baekhyun and Junmyeon. This results in them setting out to find you your so-called soul mate, without consulting you of course. But will they both decide to agree on the same guy to be your perfect match?

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Idea I've had and spent too much time thinking about; So there's this chocolate game called bite the bullet. Villain!Izuku gets ahold of that (or a bunch of sets of it) and decides one ridiculously spicy chocolate isn't enough. So he goes through them to get 5 super spicy ones and 1 normal one (through trial and error, he can get a 1000 cacti he can get a lot of these things). He doesn't tell any of the players he did this switch. Que shenanigans. For extra hilarity Bakugou gets the normal one

Anonymous said: Have you heard of those russian roulette chocolates? Where one of them has a super spicy thing inside? Imagine villain Izuku handing out those at random, or figuring out which ones are spicy and challenging several people with a 6 pack of spicy ones.

he would do it. he invites himself to a class 1-a hangout and proudly presents them with the box of chocolates as a gift, says, “one of them is a little spicy, so watch out!” and disappears. class 1-a is slightly suspicious, because figuring out the trap in izuku’s actions is never this easy, is it? but also, it’s chocolate, and it seems benign enough, so they take some chocolates anyways. 

the chaos that happens when everyone discovers their chocolate is spicy, is nothing compared to when they find out that everyone’s chocolate but bakugou’s is spicy. this is god-tier shenanigans and i approve of it


oneill_center The first performance of Tom Kitt & John Logan’s new musical SUPERHERO is tonight in the Barn! Jason Moore directs and Kelli O'Hara and James Snyder lead the cast. #oneillsummer

To those of you out there creating transformative fan works for the sheer delight of it: You are rad. Never stop doing what you’re doing. It’s so easy to beat yourself up, so easy to feel like you’re not good enough, and so hard to be objective about your own work, i know, but we could all stand to be a bit kinder to ourselves. 

Sometimes I’m writing and I’m like… is this good? I don’t know! But I sure am enjoying getting these words out of my brain! And it can be so easy to forget that feeling once you share the thing you have created with the world. I’m still trying to learn how to not compare myself to other writers and then immediately drag myself for not being as good as them. I still fight against the urge to delete everything I’ve ever created at least once a week…

So, whatever you’re creating, whatever you’re daring to breathe into existence and share with the rest of the world, I think that you are amazing and hella rad and I hope you keep on doing the thing that you love for a long, long time. <3

Alright everybody

I just feel like I have to put this out there for all the new Earpers joining our growing fandom.

I welcome you all with open arms no matter what brought you here and no matter who you ship with who or who you do/don’t like.


There are things I want you guys to know.

This is a fandom that is not built on hate and judgement. This is a fandom that respects the ships of others, even if it interferes with their own.

If you ship WayHaught, you’re pretty much in the clear. Most people ship them together, but if you don’t that fine. But know that most of us do, and be respectful of them. If you do ship them, you also have to be respectful of everyone’s own opinions about them.

And now for the real fandom war- Whether you ship WynDoc or WinDolls. Now, personally, I don’t have a preference. I want Wynonna to be happy with whoever makes her happy. But I know lots of people like one or the other, and for the vast majority of the time this show has been here, I have seen nothing but respect between the two sides. Most people I’ve seen who ship WynDoc still respect Dolls as a character and the Earpers who like him with Wynonna, and the same goes for people I’ve seen who ship WynDolls and respect Doc as a character or those who ship him and Wynonna.

But now, I see a lot of new judgement and hatred coming from this fandom that wasn’t here before. People are hating on Emily for giving some drama to WayHaught and saying she’s following typical tropes. I’m sorry, but when have you EVER seen a “Lesbian has a secret Vegas wife but doesn’t actually have an established romantic relationship with her” trope before? I certainly haven’t. We asked for fair representation that paints a picture of 3D characters with flaws and relationships that aren’t perfect, and that’s what we got. Not only that, but now the Dolls vs Doc fandom has been growing hostile towards each other, hating on other Earpers who ship one vs the other, taking badly about the characters, and over all spreading hate.

That is NOT what this fandom is about, and it’s not what we stand for. I don’t want to see us turn into another hate filled fandom full of discourse and ship wars. I think that a lot of this is coming from new people in the fandom who are used to this kind of behavior from other shows, but I just want to tell you all, that’s NOT what we are. We don’t do that to our fellow Earpers. We are respectful of each other’s opinions, of the cast and their wishes, and of the characters.

All I ask of you all is that if you’re new to the fandom, or if you’ve been here awhile and you’re joining this new hateful attitude, to please try and keep this fandom the way it was. I don’t want to see us go down this path. This show is something we all love and the people involved don’t deserve that, and neither do the Earpers who have always kept their opinions respectful of others. Thank you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @alexloehr !! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

NILSA MY ANGEL thank you so much for always being so kind to me, you are a wonderful friend and always manage to make me feel better whenever I have a bad day! I LOVE YOUUUUU !! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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Would you rather I have had a baby when I was 11 and I got pregnant after being raped? Is that what you pro-lifers are saying?

until you can agree with me that an unborn child is a human life, we cannot have this discussion. 

you and i will never see eye to eye on this issue if we disagree at the fundamental level. people have made abortion about women’s rights when it’s actually about the rights of the unborn to even be considered humans.
science supports the argument that a fetus is its own distinct alive person from the moment of conception. (and yet the conservatives are science-deniers?? smh) 

there are two ways we can go from here.
if the unborn are human, then mankind has committed an egregious sin. 
if the unborn are not human, then are any of us human? where does life “begin?” does passing through the birth canal magically convey personhood? does the action of breathing define humanity? does a heartbeat? do fingerprints? does unique DNA?

the dehumanization of marginalized groups has been the cause of mass genocide in the past. ‘blacks aren’t people’ hence the horrors of slavery and racism. ‘jews aren’t people’ hence the holocaust. we look at our history and think ‘how could they have let this happen?’ yet it happens before us every day, to those weak ones who don’t even have a voice to protest their murders. 

see, if you and i disagree at this fundamental level, that a fetus is or is not a human being, then of course in your eyes i will be an ignorant backwards conservative (I’m actually a moderate but whatever) and you will be the Enlightened One, and neither of us can come to see the other person’s side. 

but i’ll take my stance, no matter how offensive it is to you. 
the scenario you present is an issue of murder for convenience.
abortion is a violation of the most basic of human rights: life.

you would be irate if a woman murdered her children because she decided they were too much to take care of. you would go ballistic if someone went around killing the people he thought inconvenienced him. 
and yet it’s a viable option for unwanted unborn children? where is the logic in that?

anon, if you were indeed raped when you were eleven and you’re not just making up a sticky scenario for me to work my way out of (not to discredit you, but hey, it happens) let me say i’m sorry. i’m so sorry that you had to go through that. it was not your fault, and i hope you have found closure and peace. it’s something that should never happen to anyone and i hope the rapist was brought to justice. (why is castration not the immediate punishment for rapists. idk man.)

but here’s what i don’t get about the abortion-because-rape scenario: it’s basically saying that someone else’s horrific action is a justifiable reason to commit your own horrific action. 
like no?? when is that ever justifiable?? 

“oh my god you cant just say abortions are horrific” well, yeah, i can. it’s killing a child. that’s murder. murder is despicable. 

its a tough choice to choose the lesser of two evils here. do you put a child through the pain and suffering of a pregnancy? or do you kill a child? for me, that’s a no-brainer. every child has the right to a life. 

the rape case is a misdirection that pro-choicers use to play on empathy and say ‘this is why people have abortions!! don’t you support this!?!?’ when statistically, rape cases account for less than 1% of abortions. convenience accounts for the vast majority of abortions. it’s sickening the way people put up a false front to defend their ‘right’ to kill. 

THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS. options that would give your child a life - organizations that were made for helping cases like yours, people who are looking for children to adopt, people who donate money and resources and time to save unwanted children.

just don’t make the children suffer for their existence. don’t kill them for something completely out of their control. we all deserve a right to exist.

The Astronomy Tower

The Astronomy Tower was a place where Harry didn’t really like to go; even though it had been rebuilt after the war, it still held the memories of 6th year. Somehow, he didn’t think that the boy that was walking up the stairs in front of him liked it more than himself. At the top of the Tower, Malfoy sat on the floor and looked at the night sky, with tense shoulders and wary posture.

“I know you’re there, Potter” Malfoy startled Harry.

“How did you know?” Harry walked closer to him and sat beside him.

“I got used to you following me around on 6th year. I can still tell when you do it.”

“Good to know.”

There was a moment of silence when both boys looked at the dark sky. Malfoy sighed and Harry looked at him with interest, trying to understand what the boy’s facial expression meant and what he was thinking about.

“It’s hard to be here” Malfoy didn’t look at Harry while he spoke. 

“I was a little surprised to see you coming here” Harry admitted.

“Why did you follow me, Potter?”

“I don’t know” he shook his head. “Instinct, maybe.”

Malfoy didn’t say anything for a while and, seeing that thoughtful expression on his face, Harry decided to keep silent, too.

“It’s like I can still see him falling” Draco said suddenly with an emotional voice.

“It wasn’t’ you.”

“I know it wasn’t me directly, but that doesn’t stop the guilt and the nightmares.”

Harry had never thought of the war from Malfoy’s point of view, but now, in the astronomy tower with the boy sitting next to him, he finally thought about it and understood how horrible it must have been live in the same house with Death Eaters and Voldemort, to have the pressure of having to kill someone or else be killed.

“I have never thought about it from your perspective.”

“No one does.”

“I think we’re not that different.”

“What do you mean, Potter?”

“Even if we were on different sides of the war, we were on those sides because we knew since we were born that we had a place for us there, not by choice.”

“I guess I never thought about it like that” Draco whispered.

There was a minute of silence, Harry stared at the boy that was also a victim of the war, the boy he thought to be an enemy when he was younger, the boy that was as broken as himself.

“I don’t think you deserved what happened to you” Harry told him.

“No one deserved it, Harry, we were all victims of something so much bigger than us.”

“I think we should leave our past behind and start something new. Be friends.”

“I haven’t thought of you as an enemy since we were fifteen, Harry.”

“Good to know.”

Draco looked at him and smiled, his face shadowed by the night and Harry felt warm and smiled back. Then, Draco got closer to Harry and put his head on the other boy’s shoulder.

“I think we should be friends, too” he whispered and smiled when Harry put one arm around him.


Stop telling yourself that one day it might be enough, that one day you will learn to survive by gnawing on a corner of life, curled up, and growling in the corner of your cage. I do not want to live in a cage. If this illness feels right now like a cage, please try to hear me: it isn’t locked. It has been open all along. You are free to go. The particulars are meaningless. The numbers, the sizes, the idiotic weights, the banal, boring litany we chant to ourselves that is supposed to give the precise measure of our bodies and therefore of our beings, how good, how well we fit into the little box we have assigned ourselves - the difference between my experience and that of someone else is negligible. We are all in a corner of hell. And we stay there because we believe it is all there is for us, and it is all we deserve. An eating disorder is not something you have to prove to warrant concern, to warrant care. You warrant care. You deserve respect. Demand it of yourself. The End.
—  Marya Hornbacher