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It’s here and it’s queer! Follow four friends as they work their nights away post-grad learning about life, love, friendship, and how to stock a shelf properly.

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Chapter  843, quick thoughts

Since there is a new chapter and everybody is hyping about it I couldn’t resist to read it so decided to take a look and I regret nothing. This is just a sneak peek to this with spoiling and shipping around and  maybe there is more to analyze later while story goes on:p if we readers survive from fangirling because of all the feels ! *sob*

So shortly, we can see that Nami and Luffy found Sanji after a long search and understandably Sanji’s reaction is more than suprised and worried, he is actually really terrified to see them, especially when the rescue duo get surrounded and ambushed by the enemy. What is probably the most “shocking” part for them is that Sanji first kicks Luffy out of the wagon and then declares that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Mugiwaras.

First of all, these new chapters are not helping my SaNami fever at all ! Especially seeing that broken heart reaction from Nami. She is visibly surprised and probably a bit disappointed on him after hearing him. Despite the situation I still believe that she knows very well that he is lying and it’s because he has no other choice (she was with Sanji back then when he disappeared so she is very aware of the situation compared to Luffy who only knows what he has heard from others) . She has stated herself that Sanji would never intentionally put his friends in danger zone (back in Seducing woods where Nami and others were seeing doppelgängers all overthe place), so there is another reason for her not to buy his harsh words.There are very good explanations for why she can’t emotionally stand this moment with both the encountering him and what Sanji told them. What makes the situation probably more unbearable for her is that he is acting so cold towards them. This is the first time he didn’t do the love hurricane (and it was Sanji’s brothers who were trying to get her). He didn’t also gave her any (positive) affection and attention like normally he would (because again, he simply couldn’t, otherwise someone would’ve get shot and the least thing he wants is to any of his friends hurt) . I’m pretty sure she hasn’t been used to that kind of act from him, he is a gentleman after all and loves to pamper her so that’s  probably why  it’s more shocking for her to see Sanji-kun acting out of character. Luffy reacted with anger and Nami more with despair.

 Also meanwhile I browsed my Tumblr there was a good post and more good reasons why this situation must’ve hit Nami like a ton of bricks. I agree with @east-blue-samurai​  because what you wrote is very true. Nami has seen and experienced this situation before. Not only in Enies Lobby but even in her own life. Back in Cocoyashi where she betrayed her nakama in sake of her village but ended up asking help because there was simply nothing she could do (after Arlong wrecked up all her plans after so many years). So Nami knows excactly how it feels to be in Sanji’s place and knows how painful and desperating it is to be in a situation where you feel that you can’t get out without serious consequenses or someone getting hurt. This is certainly a place where she gives all her emphaties to Sanji. (and if we are lucky in the end of the operation she will finally show openly her affection towards him :>) 

However I hope this will motivate her even more to rescue him because I am sure that she knows that real Sanji-kun would never break her heart at any cost ! (and even Oda has told that there is something special in Nami for Sanji and that’s why he worships her so why would he rule her out from the main plot after she’s gone so far to find him.)

Secondly despite the shock seeing Sanji out of his friendly and calm character even Luffy doesn’t believe any of the things he stated, unlike Nami he doesn’t show his disappointment with tears, he bursts into anger. The straw hat captain has been through this before because Sanji’s case is pretty much the same Robin had in Enies Lobby. Sanji is also kidnapped, kept as a hostage by insane people. He is also put into handcuffs and his beloved ones are in great danger if he doesn’t follow the orders.I have no idea who will feel the worst in this chapter but at least we can agree this wasn’t an easy decision for him to hurt his friends. We can see how he froze when seeing them and how much he hesitates  before kicking Luffy out and he certainly knows things are getting very ugly if they come to crash the wedding or other plans Vinsmokes have. After all, Judge Vinsmoke uses every trick that prevents Sanji to go rebel. He has handcuffs that’ll explode, which is pretty bad if it happens because hands are the things Sanji as chef  values the most. They also brought up that very nasty things will happen to Baratie and especially Zeff if he doesn’t follow the orders and same goes with his friends, if they interrupt. So he is literally chased and cornered into a dead end and all he can do now is to turn his back and wish that his friends will hear his call for help.

There has been already speculation of who is going to fight whom in the major fight. I already also put some thoughts in my last post so more detailed info there . But if the theory of Sanji giving up oin his chivarly policy would become true the main opponent for him would be Reiju, his sister. Then on the other hand when reading this chapter it feels like Sanji would end up beating fighting with Luffy (if the captain doesn’t read between his lines or if he is forced to do it like for example they threat Nami if he doesn’t stand against his nakama) . We could also think of reading between his words and consider that taking trash alone means that he’d take down the whole family, all by himself (and in my opinion it would be more than acceptable to see him unravel and unleash all the grudge he holds for his father for treating him so badly years ago with a good set of fight)

In this chapter I feel the most sorry for Nami (and us SaNami fans) since she have so much to handle in this current arc. But still I am really confident that this will be her time to shine and proof that she isn’t “just a random girl crashing the party”, I mean so many hints that I brought up already in earlier posts and more and more I think Nami’s role will become the most important one. The further this storyline goes on the more it seems for me like in the end
she will be the one to save Sanji. (seriously, why otherwise she’d be highlighted so many times during the last volumes or why would she show constant worry if she didn’t care or have anything to do with saving Sanji?) 

It would really make lots of sense because back in Zou she  was the one who insisted to find Sanji, she kept worrying about him and  when others underrated the situation she stood up for him and now that they come this far and even found Sanji it would be way too unlogical if she’d totally give up just because the cook just told few mean things. Also she seems to be so guilty and being very responsible for Sanji’s disappearence so there is no way she will just let him go, not that easily !

Anyways whatever happens I still have the feeling that Oda is certainly plotting up something for Sanji and Nami :>

Welcome to the first The Siren Week! This is an appreciation week for The Siren by Kiera Cass, which is so amazing and a little underappreciated in my opinion. If you haven’t read it, I HIGHLY recommend it, because it’s short and sweet and beautiful. So every day, starting this Saturday, October 22 until Friday, October 28, there will be a theme pertaining to The Siren


  • It starts Saturday, October 22 and ends Friday, October 28. This date is of no significance to The Siren; I just thought it would be fun to have it now :P
  • You can submit anything you want! It can be fan art, edits, gif sets, aesthetic stuff, fanfiction, headcanons, AUs, playlists, poems or songs, anything you want.


Day 1: Saturday, October 22 - Kahlen

Day 2: Sunday, October 23 - the siren girls/the sisterhood of the sirens + the Ocean

Day 3: Monday, October 24 -  Akinli Schaefer (+ Kahlen)

Day 4: Tuesday, October 25 - ships (can be who you ship, possible ships, the ship/boat Kahlen was on before she became a siren; open to interpretation; NOTE: THE FIRST CHAPTER IS IN THE 30s!!!!)

Day 5: Wednesday, October 26 - fan art and photography. Yes, a whole day for fan art and book photography! If you have stuff to do that day, I suggest drawing over the weekend and posting on this day?

Day 6: Thursday, October 27 - favorite quotes (can be incorporated into your own fanfic, an aesthetic thing, etc) 

Day 7: Friday, October 28 - favorite things about The Siren (can be a scene, the novel in general, etc)

Because this is The Siren, I know all the posts will be super pretty and lovely. I’m so excited to see what you guys will make! Feel free to tag me in any post you want me to see, because I will most likely like or reblog it. And don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! 

Thanks for being lovely, and have fun! - T

ok so since the f1 concert won’t be televised or live streamed… can everyone upload their 1989 tour videos that weren’t able to make the internet in the 1989 era and we can relive that and see all the special guest performances in full? lol

Honestly though, I think we all know how determine Robert can be but seeing him refusal to acknowledge that he could lose Aaron was heart wrenching. He tried to remain calm because Aaron started panicking to bring him back down. He only started to freak out when Aaron told him to go. He loss alot of people that he loved and he was not going to let Aaron go without a fight. He would get him out or die trying, there was no way he was going to leave him.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I found your page and decided to make my journal, but I've got a problem: I like to travel abroad, so I want to make pages for basic word lists of some languages. Where should I put the pages? I thought it can be first part of the journal, but if I do that I won't be able to add new page for more word list. Sorry about my poor English. Thank you for everything<3

First off, your English is perfect! No need to apologize.

I don’t think it matters where you put this section because you can always give yourself a few extra pages before starting a new section. If that makes sense.

Maybe you can put a new page for each language you are learning and using.

I would love to see what you end up doing for this New Language section. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, you can submit pictures of your journal to me so we can all see!

5 Things I Love Unconditionally

I was tagged by @inunanna and @inukag-4ever. Thanks ladies! 😊

1. My children, especially, because sometimes they can be real assholes the way children can be so if I didn’t love them unconditionally I might choke the little heathens.

2. My husband, because sometimes he can be a real asshole and if I didn’t love him unconditionally I might choke the big bastard.

3. My squad, a group of 4 women we’ve been best friends with each other for almost 20 years now, we all have our own lives and can go months without seeing each other but when we get together it’s like no time at all has passed. My ride or dies!

4. My music, because I don’t know what kind of person I’d be without its therapeutic powers.

5. My fandoms, because of them I have found a sense of community I’d never quite felt anywhere else and I’ve met some quality human beings because of it. The Inuyasha fandom is my most recent but already I am in love with it 😍

As always, I feel awkward tagging people but: @stoatsandweasels @artistefish @little-known-artist feel free to participate or not!

About the Post | Antis, We need to Talk

The post was made because we don’t want general hate posts towards the community, because it includes the misguided people that use it as a way to cope, or to be able to take care of someone by default. 

Neither of those types of people deserve any form of hatred, and they need to be treated with kindness and welcomeness to counter their C/G/L grooming, and so that they can convert to a safer alternative of regression and care taking.  General C/G/L hate posts include those misguided and groomed people by default, which contributes to why they stay in C/G/L and don’t want to listen to anything anyone else has to say, which is heartbreaking. 

We want to bring them over to a safer alternative, but we can’t if all they see is hatred aimed in their general direction, even if we don’t mean them, and instead we mean the abusers. We have to be specific about our hatred so they know we welcome them, not group them with the actual monsters. Five posts saying that you’re always welcome to these forms of people to talk to and help does not overshadow the 100+ posts making jokes that they would abuse the community if they were allowed without any specification.

 (Please read 405′s explanation here;
  she does it better than I ever could.


What I thought you said was that it was okay for the disabled to make these sorts of posts and never be called out on it solely because they were disabled and young. I fully agree that the abusers deserve it and I want everyone to go after abusers and MAPs. Likewise, it’s okay to go after them and react in any way you want to; they deserve it. But, I don’t think it’s okay for anyone, regardless of age or ability, to make hate posts and include those people above mentioned, knowing that they could become an anti if we gave them the time and kindness that is needed when recovering a trauma victim or anyone that’s been groomed from a toxic community and dynamic.

I’m very sorry for the confusion. I have mild-to-severe autism too, so I’m not very good at telling people’s intentions at all, or describing myself very well. There’s a lot of social conventions that I still don’t understand, so I come off as very cold and controlling. I don’t mean to be like that at all, but I do have a hard time trying to correct myself. I had the other mod explain it to me (for actual hours, bless her). I hope that this doesn’t come off as cold and controlling too, and if it does, then I apologize for that too. It’s one of those things that I just truly do not understand, but I’m still going to keep trying. 

EDIT: I didn’t tag anyone else because their @’s didn’t work for me.) 

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 



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If only DA characters interacted with you if you were literally staring at their faces for more than one minute. -sighs forever- 

Pokemon Go PSA

I’m waiting for the news of the first Pokemon GO related injury… 

Look when you cross the road
Look where you are going in general
Going in the river wont help so don’t do it
Same again with climbing trees. Just dont
Climbing fences may seem okay but think, why is the fence there?
Tresspassing may get you arrested or worse so don’t let curiosity tempt you

In short, please remain sensible :)