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Haikyuu Fic Recs #2!

BACK WITH ANOTHER BATCH OF FIC RECS! Wow… I’m amazed with how many of these have E or M ratings… so just… make sure you read the tags and stuff… 

(Fics with a ♡ beside them are my 100% must-reads.)

Recs are under the cut, happy reading! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

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What Dad Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

Word Count: 3,154 (why can I not write short one-shots anymore? why am I incapable? help me)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: Could I request a smut where you’re Ricks Daughter and Daryl’s like really stressed so you give him a massage and one thing leads to another and you end up making out and trying to go further but get caught?

Warnings: Language, mentions of scars, fluff, smut, embarrassment 

*gif not mine*

Originally posted by theultimatewalker

You watch out the window of your house excitedly as you see the familiar white truck pull into the main gates of Alexandria, a weight lifted off your chest when you see that everyone arrived back home safely. Daryl, in particular.

Your dad Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Abraham had all gone out on a run a few days ago, promising that they’d be back within a day. They never returned that night, and you were scared out of your mind that something had happened to them. But seeing them now, all back and alive, you feel ten times better. Your dad is home. Daryl is home.

Yours and Daryl’s relationship is nothing less than complicated. Because you were only a teenager when you two had met, and also since you were Rick’s daughter, he tended to avoid you for the first few years of being around him. You two would only speak whenever it came down to who’s job was what during the run. But after the Governor blew up the prison, and you, Beth, and Daryl had escaped together, yours and his relationship changed immensely. Your friendship bloomed, and ever since then, you’ve managed to remain just as close friends.

Whether you feel more for them that just platonic feelings, though, is questionable. You’re not so sure yourself. On one hand, you two tend to do things that people in relationships would typically do. You would hold hands every once in a while, which was a thing that started back before Terminus, when you two were stuck together. It was a coping mechanism that helped the both of you tremendously- both of you felt like you had someone. Other things, such as the kissing on the cheek and the hugs only started once you had arrived in Alexandria. It took Daryl so long to get used to someone’s physical touch, that when you had started, he became standoffish and awkward. The more you two spent time together, though, the more comfortable he had become with you, and it puts you where you are today.

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boyfriend!mark lee

• adorable laugh
• you never get tired of hearing it !! bc !! it’s !! so !! cute !!
• really precious
• sort of intense
• but only because he really likes you and wants to be open with you
• and it’s his first relationship he doesn’t really know what he’s doing
• always paranoid he’s gonna scare you off
• but it’s ok you feel the same as him

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Requested by anon: The Wonwoo fic and Taeyang fic are so freaking cute and they are so well written too omg! Please write more fics for the both of them as they’re my favourites (: Wolf!au? Thank you ((((:

Requested by anon: Wolf!au for wonwoo or woozi! Thank you and I love your works!!

so i got the same au request i hope both of these suited your taste! LIKE I SAID I HAVE OVERWHELMING FEELS FOR WONWOO SO THIS IS PROBABLY LIKE THE LONGEST HEADCANON I’VE EVER WRITTEN THIS IS SUPER LONG OMG BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY EVERYONE!!!! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WONWOO IMAGINES :)))) if you weren’t satisfied please send me another request!

  • I was lying in bed and was just like “hm you know wonwoo really resembles a wolf????”
  • I love jeon wonwoo anyways
  • You lived near a very dense forest with your grandpa
  • Since it was a small town, there could only be so many things that could happen before word travels
  • Ofc nothing ever happens in your small town the most eventful thing was when the local market ran out of your favorite potato chips like honEST TO GOD
  • But as of late there’s been more signs of wildlife in the forest and everyone is lowkey freaking out like what is this we haven’t even had livestock in 80+ years????
  • Thanks to the dense forest there’s been showing a steadily increase in deer population yay!!!! But also what!!!!
  • With deer ofc comes…………
  • Wolves
  • Packs and packs of them
  • You’re worried for your life what if a wolf is gonna attack you one day since you’re right next to their habitat!!!!!
  • Your grandpa is just like lmao y/n chill i was a hunter back in the days we’ll be fine
  • It was a chillier day than usual in the winter and temperatures were dramatically dropping

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Boyfriend! au - Yuto

I’m back with one of the Japanese princes of kpop… so enjoy :) 

Originally posted by pen1ag0n

(sidenote: this comeback is killing me everyone looks so hot) 

  • ik cliche but stick with me
  • He’s the star pitcher everyone knows
  • Basically baseball prince of Japan everyone is IN LOVE
  • Including you but that’ll come later….
  • ANYWAYS gr8 guy that everyone just adores
  • You would expect someone as popular as he is to act like he’s hot shit & be an asshole to every1
  • Just admired by everyone for a good reason n he just giggles n accepts it
  • Really close bromance n dorm roomies n everything
  • Someone spread a rumor for like a week that they were dating n yuto just giggled n denied it as wooseok didn’t even deny it and looked smug af just to be a piece of shit
  • Just obviously super close n he makes it more obvious when he shouts from the dugout at every baseball game
  • Ok but yuto’s only flaw is that he’s one of those people that get wayyy into gym class
  • Which isn’t even that big of a flaw since he looks so cute n cool while doing it
  • Anyways he just took a basic gym class in college to keep himself fit n have fun
  • U took gym for motivation to become more healthy & fit but so far ur regretting taking this class
  • so u guys r playing a violent adult game of dodgeball totally adult-like ik
  • Basically like middle school all over again: girls on the side gushing how cute yuto is, other guys bein extra to get attention, & u tryin ur best but ur just not as physically capable
  • u ofc know yuto because of his reputation n u think he’s cute too ur not blind
  • But what u don’t know is that he knows u too he just quietly admires u in gym class

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love-life-and-wanderlust-deacti  asked:

Yo can I have headcanons/short scenario for the gang finding out their girlfriends were injured and in the hospital? (Each character's girlfriend got injured in their own way, they were jumped, car crash, abuse, attempted suicide, etc.)

okay, so this might suck so sorry in advance. also, i’m not sure if this is what you want, it might be too fluffy, so i’m so so so sorry :( hope you like it!!

warnings: abuse & suicide & swearing

sodapop: it had been two days since the incident. on wednesday, you were working late so soda, being the amazing boyfriend he was, decided to cook dinner for you. it smelled great, however, soda unfortunately forgot about your major peanut allergy. the grilled chicken he made contained peanut oil, which had caused you to pass out cold. you didn’t realize what was happening until you woke up two days later in the hospital with soda by your side.
when you first opened your eyes, soda shed a few tears. it had scared him so much to see you pass out, and to have all the medical equipment strapped up to you to help you breathe. he was so glad that his baby was okay, but also very guilty.
“baby, i’m so sorry. i’m such a bad boyfriend, i don’t deserve you, i’m so so sorry you had to go through that, i will never forgive myself,” he said, tears in his eyes.
you giggled and caressed his soft cheek, “soda don’t say that. i love you with all mu being and i am so lucky to have you.”
he gently took your hand and kissed it, promising himself he would never do that again.

dally: you ran as fast as you could out of that house. you were never going back. you have had enough of your father mentally beating you up, but tonight, it was physical. your nose was bleeding and you had a black eye. you had no idea where you were going but you just wanted out. out of this town, out of your life. suddenly, you remembered dally and ran to bucks. you and dallas weren’t dating, he always was sleeping around with some girl or other but you were definitely best friends and had a strong emotional connection. you watched out for him and he did the same for you. you two would do anything for each other, but none of you would ever admit it.
by the time you got to bucks, something was up. your head felt weird and your eyes felt sunken. everyone stared at you weird while others backed away. maybe it was worse than you thought…
“holy shit y/n, what happened to you?! we cmon lets go to the hospital, this is pretty bad. holy shit, what the fuck happened?”
“it was my father he-”
dally’s grip tightened around your shoulders as he lead the way out of buck’s.
“look y/n, it makes me so mad what he does to you. you deserve so much more you know that? you could do so much more for the world and i have no fucking idea why he can’t see that. he can’t beat you up like that, its fucking wrong, you know i’m so mad right now! say the words, y/n, say the words, and he’ll be out of your life forever.”
dally began to say something else, completely enraged, but suddenly everything became blurry and quiet until everything was black and silent.
you woke up the next morning, surprisingly, dally was beside your side. there was a big bandage across your head and your mouth had a weird taste, like medicine.
“jesus, you’re awake,” dally said.
“guess i am.”
“look y/n, i was real worried about you and it just made me realize-”
i had feelings for dallas as long as i could remember. sometimes it seemed like he did too, but with dally, you never really knew.
“it made me realize how much you mean to me. how upset i’d be if you died you know? and i can’t even believe im saying this, it sounds like something fucking ponyboy would say.”
you smirked.
“what?” he asked, you could sense he was worried.
“kiss me.”

ponyboy: you heard the brake slam. your head hit the wheel. it seemed like you heard everything. the smashing of the glass, your car hitting theirs, but the most dominating of all was your screams. and everything went black.
“she’s what? what happened?”
pony felt like his heart stopped when he received the phone call from dally. he felt his fingers getting numb. y/n? his y/n? in the hospital? no. he just was with her 20 minutes ago! this can’t be happening. pony couldn’t feel his voice anymore. he ran out of the house, straight to the hospital.
“Y/N! Y/N!” he shouted as soon as he burst into the room you were.
the nurse soon had him held down, telling him you were okay, but he needed to stay calm.
“ponyboy. pony, i’m alright. i’m so happy you came, it was so scary, i-”
“-shhh, honey. you need to rest. im here now,” he said putting his hand on your chest and began to calm down, realizing his babygirl was okay.

steve: you knew you should be scared when you heard the footsteps. you knew it wasn’t my type greasers, and you were scared.
“what’s up babyyyy..” one of them said, obviously drunk.
“s-st-stay away from me,” you imagined it would be more confident in my head, but when you said it out loud it probably just sounded like a lost little puppy. your heart was beating really fast now.
before you knew it they were beating me up, and beating me good. there were 4 of them, against you. you were pretty small and looked younger than you were. there was blood all over the place.
“let go of her!” was the last thing you heard before everything went black.
you arose a couple hours later with a nurse by your bed.
“where the hell am i?” you asked groggily.
she gently smiled and said, “hello, y/n, i’m your nurse and from what i’ve heard, you got beat up pretty badly, i’m so sorry to hear about that.”
everything came flooding back to me at once, as i felt the large bandage on my arm.
“and honey, there was this young man really worried about you, in tears even. he felt so bad, i’m gonna go call him over right now.”
steve? steve was worried about you? steve was the only one who would be, he’s your boyfriend. you felt content at the fact that steve was worried.
on cue, steve burst through the doors.
“baby! y/n! are you okay? holy crap, i’m so sorry i wasn’t there walking you home. this is all my fault-why are you smiling, did they put you on some drug?”
“no stevey, i just love you so much.”
“definitely some drug.”

johnny: (hey, i usually don’t feel very comfortable doing this, but just this one time. i’m so sorry if this offended you in any way, but there was a warning. i deal with this sort of stuff everyday and if you need someone to talk to, you can always, ALWAYS talk to me.) nothing was okay anymore. everything was falling apart. you cried and cried until you couldn’t cry anymore.
“love, love, are you okay?” my boyfriend johnny asked, obviously concerned, nervous & distraught.
shit. no. johnny did everything for me, he was my everything. he can’t see me in this state, he can’t. it’ll hurt him too much.
“i-i-i’m sorry…i-i-just-..”
he grabbed me and buried his face into the crook into my neck.
“y/n cakes, tell me what’s wrong. i love you so much you know that.”
i was hysterical, but he’s seen me like this before and he knew what was up.
“baby, don’t think like that. you know i could never live without you. i need you. i love you so much.”
i cried even more, how did i deserve him?
he picked my up bridal style, and carried me to the hospital.

two bit: you ran to the bathroom, for the eighth time today, barfing over the toilet.
your boyfriend, two-bit, rushed in after you.
“y/n. maybe we should go to the hospital, this doesn’t look too good…” two said for the hundredth time today, but this time you agreed. you felt horrible.
he brushed your hair and kissed your sweaty forehead, and guided you over to his car.
as soon as you hit the hospital bed, you fell asleep. it was deep and peaceful.
thank god, when you woke up you felt better. they gave you some nasty tasting medicine, and two rubbed your chest while you took it. it really helped that he was with you, he cracked jokes that made you feel better, and he was incredibly caring.
“you doing better, buttercup?” he asked with a playful smirk on his face.
“you betcha, keith.”

darry: the pan sizzled as you inhaled the amazing scent of garlic chicken you were cooking. suddenly, your hand slipped and the pan fell onto your left foot with a crash.
a string of loud profanities left your mouth as tears escaped from your eyes. GOD, that hurt a lot.
soda, who was the only one home immediately rushed into the kitchen.
“y/n are you alright? holy crap, that does not look good. ummmm, lets take you to the hospital and then we’ll call darry. dang, y/n i’m so sorry man that looks bad.”
he said while you were sobbing and hopping on one leg. he supported half of your weight as he dragged you to their car.
the nurse had put some numbing medication on your foot and bandaged it all up. it still burned, but it sure as hell felt better than it did before.
soda was on the phone with darry now.
“darry, yeah, so basically, y/n was cooking and the hot pan fell on her foot and she’s in the hospital. okay, it aint my fault, and its not her’s either! it was an accident!”
“hey, y/n, dars really worried. he’s gonna be over in 5.”
i gratefully smiled.
darry came sooner than i expected. he was real worried and was pacing and jumpy.
“dare bear!”
“y/n, don’t pull that crap with me. god i feel awful. i’m so sorry i had to work late. GOD that is a hue bandage. does it hurt anymore, shit.”
“darry, i’m okay now, calm down. i’ll be able to go tonight and i’ll only be on crutches for two days. i’ll be okay so just relax,” then you added, “i love you.”
he softened and sat next to me, while we spent the whole day talking while he drew shapes on my bare shoulder.

“The One” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 3,393

Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: Carl’s POV of “Home” (read HERE), except in this version, the reader dies instead of Carl at the lineup.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, implied smut, death

Thanks, @justthoseimagines , for the request!

Flashbacks are in italics.

Originally posted by accio-villain-imagines

 It was Y/N’s hair that attracted Carl first. It was so long and so beautiful, he couldn’t stop staring at it when he saw her. None of the other girls he had met had hair that pretty.

Carl had met her a long time ago, but the memory of when they first saw each other stays stuck in his head. He had finally just recovered from the surgery that Hershel performed on him, and was able to get up and walk around. He was so happy he didn’t have to be cooped up in that room all day anymore. He was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some water when Y/N walked in, not paying any attention to him. Not that he knew of. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, and Carl had thought it was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. He didn’t tell her that, of course.

“Dad, who’s that?” Carl had asked Rick once he left the kitchen. They were standing in the hallway, just far enough out of earshot where Y/N couldn’t hear them talking.

“It’s Hershel’s daughter, Y/N. She’s around your age.” Rick had told him. “Why do you seem so flustered?”

“Because she’s pretty!”

Rick had to stop himself from laughing at the current state that Carl was in. As far as he knew, this was probably the first time Carl had been around another kid his age, let alone a girl, since the apocalypse broke out.

“Just relax, son. Go introduce yourself. She aint gonna bite.”

Carl walked back into the kitchen, and she jumped, like she just realized he was in there. She stared at him for a good moment, and Carl assumed this was the first time she’d heard of him as well.

“I’m Carl.” He told her, trying to remember what his dad said about her not being scary. She really was quite pretty, Carl thought she was the prettiest girl he’d seen in his life.


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Nowhere to Hide

Originally posted by whenthesmokeisgoingdown

Originally posted by gliceria

Are you scared, My dear?

(Bucky Barnes x Reader) (Apocalypse/Walking Dead AU)

You and your makeshift family are getting by just fine in your isolated farmhouse, it’s deep in the countryside and well protected from the infected…until you’re betrayed and Negan decides you need to contribute.

Words: 1730 Warnings: Violence, very bad language, blood, zombies, diddy bit of fluff, nothing too graphic (I’m not that good at writing 😜 )

An: this started out as an idea from a dream I half remembered and it’s my first time writing Negan so let me know if you think anything's bad/off, same with any part of my writing. x

Tags:  @wellfuckbuck  @aweways  @sevenhelens  @bugalouie  @officialstegosaurus , @itsdarkwitch, @iamtheonewhocares

(Let me know if you want to be tagged/removed in this or anything else - there’s only one more part to this tho )

Part 1  Part 2 (next monday)

Masterlist |  Requests

The four children lined up on the battered sofa, shuffling around excitedly as you handed them each a glass of lemonade, all eager to start their Saturday morning ritual. There were no cartoons or computer games anymore, but you made the best of it. A few battered dvds remained and you placed their favorite into the scavenged dvd player. Though it would mean a few less hours using the generator, it was worth it to give them some time to be kids.

“Thank you mummy.” Mary beamed up at you like it was the most normal thing to say and Wanda glanced over at you, ruffling the hair of her son, Pietro.

“It’s y/n sweetie.” You smiled and took your place next to Natasha on the grown up stools, she side eyed you but you ignored her.

“How long has she been calling you that?”

“A few weeks, it’s just a phase…”

“Does Barnes know?”

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Stubborn Love [Daryl Dixon]

Word Count: 1,837

Daryl Dixon x Unnamed OC

(Request) Summary: Based off the song “Stubborn Love” by The Lumineers.

Warnings: Implied dark past (interpret that how you feel), self-destructive behavior, angst, cheating, two curse words, slight fluff

Originally posted by riveralwaysknew

She’ll lie and steal and cheat
And beg you from her knees
Make you thinks she means it this time
She’ll tear a hole in you, the one you can’t repair
But I still love her, I don’t really care

She was the epitome of self-destructive.

When Daryl had first met her, back when he and Rick had stumbled across her while on a run back when they lived at the prison, he had caught on to this immediately. She was timid at first, not wanting to go back to the prison with them. Despite Rick telling her repeatedly that it was safe, that there was shelter there, she refused. She claimed that it was because she liked it better out on her own, that she worked better that way. She finally agreed to come back after some convincing, but this was the first time that Daryl had noticed that something was off about her.

It was only the smallest of things, but it was the beginning of much worse to come. Daryl sympathized with her- if anyone knows self-destructive behavior, it was him. When he was younger, back when he lived with his father and Merle, that was all he would do. That was all he knew to do. If life gave him lemons, he would throw them in the trash. Any good thing that would come his way, he wouldn’t let himself have it.

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What we learned from “The New Lars”

-Steven can basically possess people like he can with his melon children
-Lars is a piece of garbage and I love him so much
-Steven ships lars and sadie so hard man, and thinks he will be the uncle to their future child(ren)
-Lars suppresses his emotions, which is relatable man
-Lars sleeps naked
-Steven wanted to protect Lars’ privacy and just put on clothes as soon as he woke up, which is something not a lot of people would do if they swapped bodies with someone
-Lars lives in the attic of his parents house, at his request
-His real name is Laramie and he is a very bad student since he puts in little to no effort
-His dad’s name is Dante, his moms is Martha, and also his parents are so sheepish and cute like I feel lars just pushes them around
-Steven doesn’t understand the public school grading system
-His parents keep all of his childhood art in picture frames on their wall
-His mom got him plugs with hearts in them thats so cute man
-Lars likes to swear
-Lars is so god damn lanky
-Steven in lars body freaked onion out man thats the first time I saw him uncomfortable
-The cool kids genuinely like steven and are more like sleeping tigers
-Steven being nice as lars is really out of character
-Lars is 100% a tsundere
-The cool kids saying “maybe lars is actually a good guy who likes making people feel good”, so they basically see actual lars as the inverse of that
-Buck Dewey has a dance crew
-Steven/lars got some sick dance moves
-”Well if it aint the human boomerang, always coming back to me”
-Sadie lounges around in a robe and bunny slippers
-Honestly sadie you could do better than lars, thats a fact
-Sadie uses a pile of stuffed animals as a bean bag chair
-Sadie likes horror/slasher fics
-”And you love me? Even like this?”, Oh my god this is crying breakfast friends all over again huh
-Omg sadie, the feels man you’re so good dont let lars tell u otherwise
-Steven is really messing things up man, like boy
-”Lars would never apologize to me” Sadie girl thats hella sad like I know you really like Lars, but come on sadie
-The cool kids literally don’t even know Sadie’s name, they call her “donut girl”, which like I can understand because they’re not really in the same friend group, but come on you guys live in a city with a population of like 20
-Lars’ parents are okay with stalking him
-Lars’ parents are basically just waiting for their trash son to be a terrible person, gotta set those expectations low man
-Wow so many humans are in the temple house omg
-Steven’s powers are only a one way street, so he literally just possessed lars
-Okay but Lars has every right to be angry tho? Like I know steven was just trying to help, but like boy you cant just cross a line like that??
-The cool kids trying to protect Steven was really nice, but like I feel steven kinda just destroyed whatever friendship them and lars had
-Buck’s dance crew came home with a silver trophy
-Lars has actual feelings for sadie, and even though he is still a trash boy, I really hope that relationship can work because I fell sadie can bring out the best in him
-Lars and Sadie’s relationship and friendship is very complex and sort of messed up, but if Steven ships it then so do I tbh

roughfoxs  asked:

hallo again neechan! how about kaisoo you think, I mean ksoo now look more than the first he more lil different, and jongin seems always to avoid ksoo, although they make a few moments and looks very awkward. pls give somespam gif too, ilysm♡

Hello :D

[again as always this is purely my opinion, I don’t claim this as a fact whatsoever, and im deluded so if you go complaining [“kaisoo aint real just co-workers ur post is a disgrace to exo-L it taints their professional relationship” etc] it wont make a change, it wont change my opinion about them, so save your time, do something better than sending hate on kaisoo and their shippers]

Honestly, imo the reason why soo looks thicker/buffer right now has a correlation with his acting career (he got a main role in that romance drama and according to rumor he will get a main role in upcoming movie titled ‘Hyung’), so he wants to look good, I guess. 

Also I think another reason is bc he is tired people make fun of his petit upper torso (for ex: in that show – I don’t remember the name of the show – he promised that he would work out after the MCs mocked his shoulder).  

About nini avoids soo, honestly I don’t see it? he still glances at soo on the stage, even though it’s not much like he used to do in the past but I think that bc there is something happening to him. 

He looks tired af imo (if people are tired usually most of them would not really up to do friendly shit – at least im not. I look like I want to murder people when Im tired/sleepy/hungry),

and I think that’s why soo reached up / initiated skinship first (to cheer him up, to make sure he is okay). Do you remember about the gif where he looked sick and soo kept stealing glances at him? Don’t you feel the similarity of that past moment with the new current moment? Or is it just me who feel it?

About them being awkward, I don’t think they’re… There are many people say that kaisoo is dead, they’re awkward etc etc just bc they don’t do lovey dovey things on stage/public.

It seems that they forget (or they don’t know bc they’re new fans? It seems that older fans / people who have stayed in kaisoo fandom for quite long don’t say something like this) that kaisoo is BTS couple. BTS = behind the scene. Ofc they wont go around parading their PDA in public/stage. Plus I think that the manager would let them do that.

Bc come on, do y’all honestly think that the management haven’t noticed that the fans are onto them? Do you really think they would let that happen? Do you really think that the band would still be successful/famous if few of their members are proven to be in same sex relationship? 

NO, unless we lived in a new world where homophobia and all the bad stuffs didn’t exist.

So once again, I would ask you this; do you honestly think that the company would just sit their ass glued on comfy office chair and do nothing even though few of their money maker group members are rumored to be in that kind of relationship for real?

You honestly think that the manager hasn’t told nini or soo “hey cut off the skinship in public, people carry smartphone with camera that can zoom 10x and produce HD quality pict nowadays” or “wait until you guys in the dorm” or “please restrain yourself on stage” etc?  

Also Ive noticed that ever since the recent scandal (another member left, you know the usual SM stuffs) happened, the band has changed their fanservice tactics.

They used to do a lot of couple fanservices (pretending to kiss each other, giving heart pillows or flowers, patting each other butts etc) but nowadays they don’t do that.

Sure there are still some butt back patting or brief hugs but that’s just it.

It would be WEIRD if suddenly kaisoo do things (being cute and adorable and making single people jealous) like before if other members don’t. 

They would stick out like a sore thumb and thus betraying their BTS image, right? I mean they’re famous for being subtle but at the same time obvious bc their action is too subtle to be fanservice but too lingering to be casual contact between platonic friends.

Plus they don’t have many group schedule… (and we all know kaisoo are never in the same small group; like for ex small group for radio interview. Idk why. 

when kai chen pcy did that radio interview (’ksoo isnt quiet you just need to know how to talk to him’ interview) fans spotted soo was shopping alone for shoes so it meant soo had free schedule why he didn’t tag along? 

why the manager didn’t put him too in the group I mean the more the merrier right? I mean wouldn’t it increase the listeners so I don’t think the radio studio would against the idea soo to tag along, its not like they didn’t have another chair for one person in the studio) …so ofc we rarely see their moments nowadays.

And it seems they’re also busy with individual jobs so it would make more sense that they would spend time with each other inside the dorm instead of going out (like that bubble tea date or that 15 feb café date) bc they’re already tired, so ofc fans wouldn’t be able to take sasaeng pict of them.

So i dont think they’re fighting / being distant with each other bc imo just bc we dont see it, doesnt mean it doesnt happen. 

i mean, there are many idols who have gf/bf but the public couldnt even sniff on it. there are also a possibility that kaisoo have gf/other bf but then again they get jelly when one of them being touched by other people so… yeah. BUT IM CRAZY I MEAN ITS NOT LIKE NINI GLARES AT GUYS WHO ARE GETTING TOO CLOSE TO SOO OR ITS NOT LIKE SOO ROLLS HIS EYES WHEN NINI BEING CALLED BY THAT NOONA IN THAT RADIO INTERVIEW. IM JUST SEEING THINGS CUZ IM DELULU.

anyway thats my opinion, i hope i dont offend you, or anyone, somehow… cheers. 

P.S: stop with this topsoo vs bottomsoo nonsense. Ive seen this shit a lot on kaisoo tag if you like bottomsoo then go read bottomsoo fanfic if you like topsoo then go read topsoo fanfic jfc people its not that hard.

Stop fighting, we already have enough shit to deal with from the outsiders /a.k.a homophobic haters and ‘other otp’ haters/ and now some of you fighting each other just bc of some fanfic preferences. It’s like we are already at war with other countries and now you guys are starting the civil war, as if there’s not enough war for us already.

(And its not like we know what they do behind the door so stop saying “he is [insert desirable position] bc of [insert reason]” as afact. Please refrain to use the word ‘fact’ to support your preference (if you use ‘imo’ or use gifs/picts etc to support your preference sure go ahead dude/dudette) bc this what triggers people to go batshit crazy and fight.)

I mean they could’ve been into BJ, HJ, 69, thighfucking etc than the actual penetration (bc anal requires a thoroughly preparation and the after effect isn’t that convenient /walking is hard, sore bum, etc/) or perhaps they prefer cuddles and kisses more bc healthy relationship isn’t based on just sex. Just stop this nonsense. Stop fighting please *cry in Spanish*

Anyway since this is already long so I would limit my kaisoo spam

blurry but we know who they are ( ̄ー ̄)

do you stare at your ‘friend’ more than 3 seconds [yes i counted, and no this gif isnt slowed just look at soo’s eyes movement] when they put something inside their mouth?

i love this gif

if you like it put a ring on it

someone is enjoying the view

nini to that person in the right in last gif be like no no u cant touch his hand

babe u dont want to be punished later, do u?

and baek was like ‘oh i know who wrote this’

this was pretty much how ksoo stans reacted to soo’s buing buing

/adore you - by 17 is playing on the background/  I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy~

aww look at soo he was like, what really?

and nini was serious when he said this

soo was like: nah i dont need anything

and nini was like: nonsense. hyung needs my love.

are u sure it’s a hint for the song or u just want to say that line for soo

sometimes i too like do stretching on top of my platonic friend while maintaining eye-contact


son calm down

and last but not least

this is hilarious to me bc it seems nini did this so he could see soo’s reflection on his phone screen lel

Here is the Zola Story Transcribed

written by @zolarmoon on 10/28/2015

Y'all wanna hear a story about why me and this bitch here fell out???????? It’s kind of long but full of suspense

Okay listen up. This story long. So I met this white bitch at hooters. I was her waitress! She came in with this old ass big ass black dude. So you know as a hooters girl we have to talk to our customers. So I sit wit them & we get to talkin & she tells me she dances! So I’m like Oh yes bitch me too! Then she tells me this hulking black man is her sugar daddy. & I’m like oh yes bitch my SD at home. I feel it I feel it. So we vibing over our hoeism or whatever. & we exchange numbers!! & we like “next time u dance hum ima come dance wit you!” & they leave.

So THE NEXT DAY I get a text like “BITCH LETS GO TO FLORIDA!” & I’m like huh??? She’s like “I’m going to dance in Florida, let’s go!!” Now I’m skeptical like DAMN bitch we just met and we already taking hoe trips together???? BUT I had went to FL 2 months prior & made 15K. So lowkey I was down. So I was like “okay I’ll go. Who’s all going & when we leaving.” All this bitch says is “be ready by 8” So I call her like “bitch I SAID who’s all going!” & she says “my boyfriend & our room mate & my room mate has a place in Tampa ” So I’m like ok ok ok. I’ll be ready. So I pack my baddest stripper wear & I’m ready. Now my nigga DID NOT want me to go. He was soooooo hurt. So I had to fuck him calm, & then I left.

Now when I got in the car it was a white boy (her bf) & this hulking black guy (NOT the same one). So I texted her on the slick while in the backseat like “another sugar daddy? U got a type bitch!” & THE BLACL DUDE HAD HER DAMN PHONE!!! So he starts laughing & he goes “I’m using her GPS. no I’m not a SD I’ve known her & her dude for 8 years. We all live together..” So I was like “My bad. Who lives in Tampa?” & black dude (still aint told me his name) goes “my fiance” …so tht was it.

Now we on the road. The ride was cool. We all talking. Laughing. Blasting Gucci. I take a nap & wake up in FL…the black guy goes “Ima put y'all in a room then take yall to the club while I go visit my girl. Jarett (her white bf) will be at the room if y'all need a ride after work” ..sounds fair. BUT we don’t pull up to the four seasons bitch. We pull up to a raggedy ass motel. So I said REAL QUICK “I’m not staying here Hun” THERE WERE LITERAL PROSTITUTES STANDING WITH THEIR PIMPS OUTSIDE. I SWEAR TO GOD. I said “I have $. I can get my own room. It’s fine” so jessica (the white bitch) pulls me to the side & is like “we gone be at the club all night. This room for Jarrett not us! dnt even trip” So I was like yea bitch okay. But trust I am NOT laying my head here. So we leave our shit at the motel wit Jarrett & head to the club.

So we working. It was king of slow (it was early Friday night) the club had HELLA rules which I’m not use to (Ima full nude typa bitch). But this club require pasties & boy shorts & all this other shit..whatever. So after making about $800, I was ready to go. She was talking to some dude, tryna talk him out his wallet & they exchanged numbers. So I was like “call ur man. I’m ready!” ..she calls The black dude. I’m like ummm that’s not ur man but okay. So I pull her to the side before he pulled up like “wassup wit ur roommate?” And she was like we’re really close. Before I met Jarrett I was with him. He was taking care of me. I was like OHHH well I don’t need that. “Taking care of Me” in stripper language means that was her pimp. So I was like does Jarrett know? & she goes “of course not” …strike 1.

So then she goes “I didn’t make anything tonight. What u make because he’s gna ask” ..I said “umm that’s not yalls business Jess!” ..chill. So he pulls up & AS SOON as we get in he goes “what y'all make” we said at the same time “nothing” …so he goes damn my girl said she had a bad night too. We finna go pick her up. (His fiance who lives down here) ..we pick her up & he goes “nobody made shit. Y'all wanna trap?” Trap in stripper lingo means trick. So jessica goes “hell yea! U got some clients” im in the back on mute. He was like “u can get some!” So jess is like “yea i need to trap. But jarret is at the room!” & he goes “i wasnt putting yall in thay shit hole tht was for him not y'all"

Im still quiet….we pull up to a nice ass hotel on the other side of town & he goes “ill get the clients together & text yall off this” … He handed her a trap phone. So i am mind blown at this point. . So then we get to the room. Nice as fuck. Just me & jess & i start GOIN OFF. “BITCH U GOT ME FUCKED UP. IM NOT ABOUT TO PLAY WIT U HO. IM GOIN HOME” so she starts cryin & shes like “i didn’t wanna take this trip alone. Please dont leave me. I would be so scared alone” shes fucking sobbing. Im like oooommmmgggggg really?! Now im feeling bad for the ho. She goes “u can just check the guys in, he’s not gna force u to trap” i said “OH BITCH I KNOW HE NOT I KILL DEAD ASS KILL YALL” verbatim. So she cleans herself up & theres a knock at the door…i open the door & some fat white man goes “im here for the white girl”…. So I check his pockets, take his wallet & let him in…they start fucking RIGHT on the bed next to me. It was a fucking mess. A MESS.

So when they finished he gave her $100. I said “jess, u sellin puss for $100???? Pussy is worth thousands. U trippin” she goes “i dont. make the prices. The prices are already discussed before they come in. So i was like bitch no. If u gone do this. Do it right…. So i took some pics of her & put em on backpage. Along with a the trap phone # wit a MINIMUM of $500. The phone starts BLOWIN UP!!! I was like “se bitch. I got u a nigga comin up RIGHT NOW giving $500 for 15 mins” …he comes, i check him they get it in, he leaves. We are doing this ALL NIGHT!!! She fucked about 20 dudes and her sorry ass pimp only sent 3 of them

..so around 6am JARRET CALLS. She answers on speaker & he is going OFF!!!“WHERE TF ARE U & ZOLA?! The club BEEN CLOSED!” she goes “we went 2 another club cus it was slow” So im googling 24h clubs (FL has a few) tryna help her lie & he is NOT having it. Hes LIVID. He goes “if u went home wit a dude ur DEAD!” So he asks to speak to ME?! I was likr maaannn ima end up killin these crazy white niggas tonight. So he starts cursing ME out!!! “Where are yall! I kno she’s lying!! Dont be a ho like her zola!!” I said “i PROMISE you, im not” ..he hangs up on me & that was it. We didnt hear from him for the trst of the night. . We fall asleep.

A fee hours later the black dude (I STILL DONT KNOW HIS NAME) comes up. He’s like “how much u make lastnight” jess goes “5,500” i was like WTF WHY SHE TELLIN THE TRUTH?!?! I pimped her NOT HIM!!!! So he goes “wtf how? Thats good but i only sent u 3 clients” she goes “zola made me a backpage” i was like WOOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOW. here we go…. So he goes “u can do my job better than me?” I said “i was just helping her out. Irdc. Ur clients were cheap” he started laughing…. He goes “give me the money” she gave him ALL OF IT. & he goes “thanks zola. U a real one” & throws $500 at me….. I put that shit right in my bra. Tf. & jess goes, what about me? & he said “u owe me rent jess. U haven’t paid in months” i was like damnnnn.

So we leave & head to jarret & the ragedy motel. Cus our shit was there. As we pull up, jarrett chillin outside smoking weed wit some dude. PAY ATTENTION HERE!! We get out & walk up to them & jarrett goes “here they go” the pimp goes “HERE WHO GO LIL NIGGA, WHO DIS?!” Jarrett starts laughing & was like “he was asking me who i was here wit & i said my girl & her friends thats all. Chill out” … The guy jarrett was talkin to laughs & goes “ill catch u later man. Nice meeting u.” & leaves. He was a black guy wit dreads. A FL nigga. So we all go up to the room & the pimp is going OFF on jarrett. “U dont knoe these niggas!! I can’t believe u told him 2 bitches in here!!” & jarret goes “he asked why i was out here mad lastnight. All i said was my girl went to work wit her friend & i aint want her to!” Now the pimp SCREAMING “SO THAT NIGGA KNO ITS MONEY UP HERE NOW?! HELL NO. WE GOTTA GO!! NOW” me and jess are like . So we pack our shit & head out.

We went to a nicer hotel about 20 minutes away. So the pimp was like “zola keep a eye on jarrett!” I was like oh shit he den promoted me to look out & shit…so he leaves (to go back to his fiance at home) & jarret & jess start arguing. He was like “i know u was trappin jess. I saw the backpage add ho” and he shows her a screenshot..i was like OH SHIT. HERE WE GOOOO. So he starts cryin like a bitch. I was like wow. Hes like “i thought u were done wit this. I didnt come to FL for this. U messy”… Then he turns 2 me & goes “this what u came here for zola?!” I said “HELL NA jarret she lowkey set me up. Im not fuckin wit yall after this” He goes “wow u even set up ur friend. U such a ho” so they arguing for hours.

I leave & go down to the pool. I mean, i am in florida ! So MY MAN calls me! I lied & said everything was okay. I didnt want him worrying. I had a nice dinner & then the pimp calls the trap phone. I answer & hes like “since u a maadam & shit, do that shit again tonight. But set up outcalls only cus this hotel 2 nice 2 trap out of” I was like cool. I gotchu. Especially for another $500. So i go up to the room & told jess to get ready. Jarrett goes WTF AGAIN BITCH NO!!!! I said “jarrett calm down. Please” this white nigga starts PUNCHING HIMSELF!!!! Like crazy people do dawg!! I was like OH HELLLL NAWLLL. He goes “if u do this again jess. I will kill myself. I love u 2 much”..I was like this nigga lost in the sauce & his bitch lost in the game. So i said “jarret sit THE FUCK down. Jess come on so i can take some pics it’s already 10oclock. Yall playin” so i make her a fresh ad.

We come out the bathroom (i did her hair & makeup & shit) & jarret goes “everybody knows you a ho now. Fuck u. I wanna go home!” I said HUH? He throws his phone at her and its HER FACEBOOK!!! A status of BOTH ads!!!!! HER MOM IS ON THERE GOIN OFFFFFF in the comments!!! Jessica starts BAWLING!! “Omg. My mom had my daughter this week! How could u!! She on the floor literally breaking down” …i was like . So jessica calls the pimp & tells “JARRETT JUST PUT EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK. MY WHOLR FAMILY SEES!” The pimp goes “I TOLD ZO TO WATCH HIM!!!” LITERALLY 5 mins later its the pimp BANGING at our door. He comes in wit his fiance this time. & snatches jarrett up by the neck. He wasted NO TIME!! He goes “i should really kill yo ass.” Jarrett is dangling off the ground crying “please dont please” ..lowkey im cryin. The fiance pulls out a handgun yall!!! She goes “u want to bae or what? Fuck him. He did OUR girl so wrong” i was like OH MY FUCKING GOD!

So now jess steps in “shes like please dont. Just beat his ass Z” i was like (oh his name z? Okay. Got it) so he puts him down…. Z goes. Naw i am gone kill his manhood though. . And he sits on the bed next to his fiance…he goes “sit in front of me jarrett”….. He does…still crying. He goes “delete the post. And give me ur phone” …he did..then he goes “come here jess” …i was so lost. His FIANCE unbuckled his pants and jess gets on her knees & starts sucking his dick IN FRONT OF JARRET AND I !!!!!! I was like YOOOOOOOOOO. He then gets up…and starts fucking jess from the back…jarret just sitting there…im standin wit my mouth to the FLOOR!!! The fiance right next to them wit a gun in her lap..i was like damnnnnn…

So then he gets up & says “go clean up jess. U gotta work” He looks at jarret & says “any questions?” Jarret says “i wanna go home”  i laughed out loud. I couldnt help it.. & z goes “na. Ima spend the night wit my girl so YOU gone take jess to her outcalls.” I was like DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! Thats fucked bro. He goes “zola got the clients & addresses so yall can take her” & him & his fiance leave….the room is silent for the next 30mins. Swear. The first client calls & says he ready….so jarrett takes us. Z left a handgun but told me not to tell them. He slid it to me on the slick. He texted the trap phone like “im trusting u wit my bitch zola. If anything goes left. Use it” i was like WHAT?! NIGGA I CANT!!!

So anyway, jarrett took us to about 4 clients & then the phone was slow. Me & jarrett were in the car together while she was workin so we. Starting haviny deep convo. He really wasnt a bad dude. But he was bipolar. VERY bipolar…so I understood his outburst a little more. So we head back to the hotel & i flget this one last call late af. & the client says “i got 5,000 but i want 2 bitches” i said “oh sorry we. only have 1.” The client goes “well i got 2,000 for 1 but its 4 dudes..& we only do incalls” i was like wow. Whut?? So i text z & told him. He was like “hell yea, tell him come on.” So i set it up. Then last min the client goes “actually; out call is fine” & gives me a address. So we get in the car & head to the address….jess goes “its 4 of them can u just wait in the hall please” i was like bitch iight cmon.

So we head up to the room number they gave & jess knocks. A dude goes “who is it” & she says “incall” the door FLINGS OPEN FAST AS FUCK. AND TWO BIG BLACK DUDES SNATCHED JESS!!!!! Bitch….i ran so got damn fast i couldnt even see straight. I was OUT!!! Fuck that. I run out and THE CAR IS GONE!!! Im screaming “JARRETT!!!JARRETTT!!” This fool gone. So i call him, STILL RUNING & he like “yall done?!” I said “BITCH Z TOLD U TO NEVER LEAVE US!! WHERE ARE U!!” Hes like “im at the gas station. I was thirsty. I though she was gone be a min” Im STILL RUNNING. lmfaooo. Dont know WHERE im going. Im like “they snatched her dude!! COME GET ME. IM CALLIN THE POLICE!!!”

He pulls up a minute later & is like “dont call the police. Call z” i was like “z gone BEAT EVERYBODY ASS!! YOU WASNT SUPPOSED TO LEAVE!” & he’s like “well YOU have the gun. If u call the cops u done too!” I was like shit. U right. So I called z & told him what happened! Z IS LIVID!!! and this deep african accent comes out!! I couldnt even understand him on the phone. I was like maaaannnnn. We dead bro. So z pulls up & is like “let’s go..” I said “ummm ima stay here. Yall go” he goes “IM NOT IN THE MOOD RN. COME TF ON!!!!” So we all go. Me & jarrett on the side of the hall where u cant see & z knocks on the door! ..a man goes “who is it” z goes “where my bitch man?!” Jessica SCREAMS. & the voice says “aint no bitch in here bruh” i was like oh. My. God…z goes “open the door” ….guess who opens the door. THE NIGGA WIT DREADS THAT JARRETT WAS SMOKIN WIT AT THE RUN DOWN MOTEL!!!!!!!!!

I WAS LIKE YOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! So he goes “come in & check.” To z. Z motioned for us to stay hidden. THANK GOD. So he goes in the room & dread head there by himself rn. Z sits on the bed wit his strap out & goes “where she at man?” Dreads goes “well since she wants to steal work frm my girls. She clearly wants to be here wit us….(we still dont see jess) so z goes to the closet and bust the door in & she in there. Tied up. Knocked tf out. Dreads goes "i got 20K for her right now man & all is forgiven” z said “we made more then 20k this weekend alone. Get outta here!” So dreads goes “my dudes downstairs not gone just let u walk out wit her like that” & z said “we’ll see” …mind u i can barely see. Im around the corner. So i just hear everything…

next thing i know i hear some shuffling & a gun goes off..once again I TAKE OFF. But i took off down the hall threw the back!! Jarrett wasnt far behind & then we look behind us & z is runnin too wit jess over his shoulder. He throws jess in the car & hops in the drivers seat! I hopped in wit him & jarret hopped in the other car & we got the fuck ON. Im cryin. I said “wtf happened?!” He goes “that nigga reached for his piece. I shot him in the face man” i was like OHHHMMAAAGAWDDD. We got back to our hotel, packed our shit & checked out.

We went to z and his fiances condo…nice as FUCK by the way.. Jess is up now & she tells us what happend. Apparently they recognized her from the motel & set her up (clearly) & once they snatched her. They told her to trap for them & she said no. So they beat her ass….thats what z interrupted when he knocked so they knocked her out…. I was like…..I REALLY gotta go home yall. Sorry to kill the mood but i cant take nomore of this. Jarrett was like “same” Z’s fiance was in the kitchen counting money dawg. Just like a rich ho. So z was like “everybody get some sleep. I gotta get rid of this” (Talkin about the gun) so he leaves…we all try to get some sleep.

The next morning he comes in wit tickets for me & jarrett. Jarrett goes “im not leaving jess here. Not after last night. She has a daughter & needs to come home” z was like “na we making money” I was like wooooww wit a black eye & busted lip & some FL niggas looking for yall u STILL tryna trap? Crazy. I was like “WELL IM READY!” Jess goes “itll be ok jarrett. I’ll be home in 3 days” jarrett started wit that punching himself shit again…i was like mannn. Here we go. Jarrett goes “come with me or im killing myself” z was like “ugh. Not this shit again. Ill be in the car. Yall 2 hurry up!”

So jarrett is literally breaking down. U ever seen someone hysterically crying? Its intense. & jess tryna calm him. . Im at the door ready. Jarrett randomly stops crying. Instantly. Like some movie shit. & goes “so u arent comin?!” Jess said “no jarrett. I cant” this nigga jarret. RUNS TOWARDS THEIR BALCONY & JUMPS!! I swear to GOD. bible. He fucking jumped. I screamed SO LOUD my heart stopped. Jess runs towards the balcony & this nigga jarrett was hanging. He didn’t fall all the way. He was stuck by his pants. THANK GOD!!!! We were only on the 4th floor but he still wouldve died. It was a good drop. So jess is helping him & i call z lmfaoo. Still crying. I was like “jarrett is stuck. He tried to jump off ur balcony” z was like “WHAT IS WRONG WIT THIS NIGGA!! FAMILIES LIVE HERE BRO WTF”

So z came up, helped get him. Slapped the fuck out of him (literally) & physically guided him to the car…jess comes out & goes. “I swear I didn’t set u up Zola. I never intended for u to trap. Thats why u didnt! I hope we can be friends after” . I looked at her like she wasn’t speaking English & i said “im not gone beat yo ass rn bcus u already in bad shape. But i better not ever see or hear from you again” & she walked away….z LITERALLY buckled jarretts seat belt lmfao. & we went to the airport.. Bare with me. It’s almost over.

When we landed in Detroit my man picked us up. We both looked HORRIBLE. so washed up & tired. My man was like “who is this white boy & wats wrong wit yall” i said “babe. Neither of us r the same. Just tak him 2 his car & tak me home” We drop jarrett off & on the way home i told him everything. He couldnt even speak honestly. Check this out, this the last 4 tweets.

I get a collect call 4 days later from a jail in LAS VEGAS! It’s JESSICA! She goes “we got caught trappin in vegas & we all got arrested” I said “oh. Why u callin me?” She goes “z was wanted for kidnapping 15 underage girls & is linked to 6 murders including FL” I said “Florida? Muder? U have the wrong number!” She screams “ASK JARRETT TO BAIL ME OUT, He wont answer my collect call” I said “JARRETT??? U really have the wrong number” i hung up & called jarrett. He goes “yea i heard. Its on the news. Hes a huge trafficker” I found out later that jessica & his fiance played victim & said they were forced & z who’s name i cant pronounce was a african man & was. Wanted literally everywhere. He got sentenced to life & i hear jess is back in Detroit wit her mom & baby…. And thats the end of that. If u stuck wit that whole story you are hilarious lol.

Outsiders 2x8

Lets’ get the best thing out of the way first.

Hasil in street clothes.

Originally posted by quandtaspasdeviesociale

Now lets talk Sasil.

Again, there is value in cell phones. Hasil…get one.

I liked their argument and I’m going to start defending and then talking out of the other side of my mouth regarding both my loves. 

I said it previous post but Sally Anne needs to find a purpose in her life whether that be through a social group, support group, Job,, whatever. It’s going to drive you crazy sitting at home worrying all day. It doesn’t even look like they got a TV so I’m concerned. She needs something else besides impending motherhood. Hasil is a grown ass man and he can come and go as he pleases even if it’s with his crazy ass family. He was coming home to you ( she didn’t know that) and you gotta start trusting him a little more. I was so proud of her these last two episodes showing him she understands the enormity of the decision he made to move off the mountain. He needs you to do more than keep pestering him about where he been. Maybe it’s cause I had to move cross state due to a pregnancy is why I’m being so harsh with her but I’m not about that woe is me life. And please stop calling his family trash (though you got your reasons) in front of him because that’s rude. You don’t have to like them but he clearly loves them and they are important in his life and she has to accept that at some point. He don’t go out of his way to trash your ass of a brother. I’m glad you got family in Cleveland. 

Now, for the other shoe. Hasil, Sally Anne just expressed to you her insecurity with his commitment to her. You know she is insecure about it so you can’t just keep dodging off without a hoody hoo or nothing. That insecurity probably comes frmo being abandoned by her own daddy. The only experience Sally Anne has with your family is awful. Repeatedly. As much as I love my mountain folk, they ARE criminals so every time Hasil gets involved with them he either risks jail or death and that’s not a good place to put your baby mama in. I mean if you were going up for a visit sure but you busting people out of jail like thats not a serious offense. Yes Lil Foster was innocent but the whole things could have went south and then what? Who would even know to tell Sally Anne you dead?  And I hate when people say you don’t know what I’ve been through but then when you asks its…

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

And your crew is sloppy as fuck. Dropping the escape map last eppy?. Burn hat shit fool! 

I’m glad she went to Frida. They need more screentime together. The older woman needs to help her. She’s surely seen enough drama in this town to know it in and out by now. Hell, I will just be happy watching them get into trouble together. Make this happen WGN. I adore Frida so much.

I’m glad Hasi; is still helping his family and protecting them and there for Sally Anne. He’s gotta learn to handle both worlds now which is ALOT but if he really sees them the same ( which I believe he does. Family is family) then he just needs to work on better communication and keeping Sally Anne in the loop. Sally Anne you need to be more obliging. You knew what you signed up for…at least you knew with Farrells come drama especially when the town is trying to force them off the mountain. They are here to stay.

Ledda dying and telling her kids she is was so heartbreaking. I champion her so much and I hate that she really is giving up. I wonder if Wade will try to take her up the mountain for some magic healing. Seemed to have worked on someone else..get these in a minute. Wade trying to continue to stop her and telling her it’s not a good idea…

Didn’t you just help a Farrell escape prison. 

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Lastly in town there is Gordon and Hailey. Matt does not exist to me sooooo

Anywho, I saw that coming a mile away. Girl aint got no friends. No frenemies. I honestly don’t know why she is still around since she has no purpose other than to be a thorn but watching Gordon go in for the kill for satisfying. She was looking ready before he asked. When I saw he stole all of her files.

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 SHe played you gurl and got a piece of you in the process. Gordon for the win.

Now Shay Mountain

Big Foster JUST NOW thinking he shouldn’t be Bre’nin?

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You a little late to the conclusion. Your plan made NO SENSE whatsoever. I keep forgetting ya’ll are married so his concern for G’win was irritating. He didn’t even give his mountain magic a chance. I wanted Elon to punch him in the face for being a moron and getting their kin killed; consistently. G’win waking up…

Originally posted by bullshhhh

That’s too bad. Just too bad. I really want to like her and I hope she has come out of this more willing to listen especially to Hasil. They write him off but he’s the only one talking common sense. 

Lil Foster being welcomed home. That s was beautiful. I hope they give him so depth regarding his prison experience. I mean I starting to feel like he’s too precious for this world. So forgiving and committed to his family…I don’t want him not to addressing the shit that happened to him. Yeah I can understand forgiving and letting go of the Gwin drama cause she IS NOT worth it and I can even see him forgiving his father. But he was also an innocent man put in prison. Give me something.

Great episode. 

They are starting to find their pace and delving into the mountain magic. Hopefully we will get more soon. 

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Saw a prompt for a wayhaught fic somewhere that went Nicole and Wynonna were best friends and Waverly was always just Wynonnas younger sister. Nicole went away for a period of time and came back and Waverly suddenly wasn't just an annoying little girl anymore. Would be really cool to see this as a fic. If you're still looking for prompts that is?

Long overdue, I know, but better late than never, right? I hope this doesn’t suck!

“Come out with your hands up!” Nicole yells, gun in hand pointing toward the shed. When no one responds, she steps closer. “I’m not gonna ask you twice! Come out now and I’ll go easy on you!”

“Okay, okay!” A voice calls from inside the shed. “I’m coming already! Don’t shoot!”

The doors to the shed open and out comes Wynonna, raising her rifle in her hands toward the officer in front of her.

“Bang, bang, bang!!!” Wynonna yells, and Nicole jumps out of the way of the imaginary bullets. She barrel rolls across the dirt and behind a stack of boxes. “I’m not surrendering that easily, Sheriff! I got this money fair and square!”

Nicole leans past the boxes and aims her plastic pistol at Wynonna. “Pew, pew!” Wynonna is too slow to dodge and she knows it. She pretends to get shot in the shoulder and drops to her knees. Nicole runs over and kicks the rifle out of her hands before she can aim again. “Hands up!”

Wynonna obeys, bringing her hands up above her head. Nicole steps around her and pulls her hands behind her back, wrapping a thick rope around her wrists and securing it snuggly. “Where’d you put the money, Earp?”

“I’ll never tell!” Wynonna exclaims.

“Nonna!!!!” A tiny voice shouts from the door of the house. Nicole and Wynonna look up to find one Waverly Earp running down the front lawn toward the two playing girls. She throws herself into Wynonna’s lap in a big hug. “Don’t take her away! She’s sowy! Please!”

Nicole and Wynonna burst out laughing at the four year old, who has tears in her eyes. “Waverly, we’re just playing Cops and Robbers!” Wynonna explains. “Nicole isn’t really arresting me. Besides, she couldn’t even she really tried.”

“I’ll have you know my daddy has been teachin’ me a lot about law enforcements.” Nicole brags, unwrapping Wynonna’s wrists. “I could have you locked up for mocking a future sheriff.”

Wynonna scoffs and rolls her eyes and she rubs her wrists before pushing Waverly at arms length to climb to her feet. “Keep tellin’ yourself that, Nicky.”

“So you’re not getting ‘rested?” Waverly asks, wiping her cheeks.

“Not yet. Wait a few years.” Nicole teases, earning a playful push from Wynonna.

“Come on, lets get some food already. I’m hungry.” Wynonna says, leading Waverly back toward the house with Nicole on her other side.

Nicole sets the last of the boxes on the kitchen counter with a huff. She steps away and leans her arms against the counter, resting her hand in her palms. Her grey tabby cat jumps onto the counter and runs against her arms and she strokes her backside. She looks around the apartment. It’s empty, aside from the many boxes stacked on top of each other and the love seat in the living room.

This was her favorite part of moving into a new place: unpacking. It was usually everyone least favorite thing, but unpacking meant she got to organize and place things the way she wanted them and it was just so satisfying for her to do that. She lifts her cat from the counter and sets her down on the floor before moving back to the box on the counter. It’s labeled ‘Kitchen’ just like the other boxes set around the small room.

“Kitchen it is.” She says to herself, opening the box and taking out the first thing her hands touch. When she finishes unpacking the kitchen, she works on the living room and by the time she’s done with that, it’s already starting to get late. Tomorrow was her first day on the job and she was anxious to start. She would finish unpacking tomorrow, but now it was time to sleep.

She walks into her room and drops onto her bed. Daisy hops onto the bed as well and finds her place perched on top of Nicole’s chest. She was back. Back in Purgatory after all these years. Why she asked to be put here in such a small and weird town where everyone used to hate her, she wasn’t entirely sure. Her family wasn’t here anymore, so what was it that was pulling her back?

“Welcome back home, Nic.” Nicole mumbles as sleep envelops her.

“Nicky, over here!” Wynonna calls to her when she steps onto the school bus. Nicole smiles widely at her best friend and joins her in the seat. Willa and Waverly sit across from them and greet her happily. “You wanna come over and ‘do homework’?” Wynonna use air quotes for the last two words. Wynonna and homework? Pft.

Nicole never really understood why Wynonna picked her of all people to become best friends with years ago. They weren’t in the same grade, not even close. Nicole was three years younger than the girl, but Wynonna picked her out in the park one day when she was swinging alone on the swings. She caught on quite quickly that Wynonna wasn’t exactly the most liked kid in Purgatory. In everyone else’s eyes, she was just plain weird. The whole Earp family was, but specifically Wynonna. Trouble found her quite often, and since Nicole was always with her, trouble was something she was used to by now.

Daddy wasn’t a big fan of her being so close to Wynonna. He always said she’d grow up to be no good. “Prolly end up in prison or dead.” is what he would usually say. Though he didn’t like the girl, he never stopped Nicole from being around her; he was pretty good friends with their father, after all, what with the both of them being Purgatory police officers.

“Heard you’z makin’ devils for yer project, Wynonna.” Larry says as he walks down the middle of the buss to his own seat. “My momma says you Earps just bad news. Specially you. Says you needa get expelled already so us good normal kids’ll be safer. You’z nuthin’ but trouble.”

“Shut your mouth, Murphy.” Wynonna grumbles, narrowing her eyes at the boy now standing beside their seat. Wynonna sits by the window with Nicole sitting between her and the boy, who is in the same grade as Wynonna. This was the kind of stuff Wynonna dealt with all the time: bullies harassing her and being mean all because she was a little different. Wynonna could handle herself, for sure; the girl always got into fights and Nicole found herself in the middle of them a lot of the time.

“Momma says you should be locked up in a asylum cuz you aint nothin’ but a crazy little girl–”

“Leave her alone!” Nicole yells, standing from her seat and pushing the boy hard. He falls backward and is about to get up and fight back when Willa gets up from her seat as well, standing defensively in front of Nicole and Wynonna.

“ You leave them alone, Murphy, or I’ll tell your momma about what I caught you doing last week.”

Larry climbs to his feet and glares between Willa, Nicole, and Wynonna before turning away and storming toward a seat closer to the front.

“That boy doesn’t know when to quit runnin’ his mouth.” Nicole grumbles, patting Willa on the back and sitting back down. Wynonna wraps her arms around her friend tightly.

"You’ve gotta tell us what you caught that douche face doing last week!” Wynonna tells her sister, who smirks in return and looks out the window of the bus.

“When we get home.” She says.

“Nicky’s the best!” Waverly shouts, bouncing around in her seat across from them.

Nicole’s sat at her desk in the office doing paperwork when a voice calls through the hall in front of her. “Wynonna, you’re late. Again.”

Nicole looks up at the familiar name. “Some people need their beauty sleep, Dolls.” A female voice says loudly, laced with annoyance that Nicole knows all too well, even after all these years. “And a cup of morning whiskey, or two. Or three.” The lazy shuffle of a woman past the opening of the main office, has Nicole standing in her spot.

“Wynonna?” She calls after the woman in more of a questioning tone. It couldn’t be… She watches as the brunette steps backwards, back into view, and looks over at her.


“Well, I’ll be damned!” Nicole says, a wide smile on her face. “Wynonna Earp! Look at you!” She crosses the office and pulls Wynonna into a tight hug. “It’s been so long!”

“It has!” Wynonna says, holding Nicole at arms length to get a good look at her. “Damn girl, if it weren’t for you being the only ginger in Purgatory, I wouldn’t have recognized you from when we were kids! You used to be the shortest kid in your grade! You went from being Nicole Haught, to Nicole Haught-Stuff!”

“Time’ll do that to you.” Nicole teases. “Wow. Who would have thought I’d see Wynonna Earp’s mug again?”

“What about you? I thought you left this shithole a long time ago?”

Nicole chuckles. “I just got moved back. Got a job on the force.”

Wynonna scrunches her face up in disgust, and mumbles, “I’m sorry.”

“Wynonna!” The voice from earlier calls out again. Wynonna rolls her eyes.

“Sorry, Haught-Stuff, boss man’s always got this stick up his ass, and if I don’t go pull it out, he’ll come beat me with it. And as pleasurable as a good stick sounds like right now, I don’t think he and I on the same page on the kind of stick, exactly.”

Nicole laughs loudly. She was used to this kind of talk with the woman through text every once in a blue moon that they would message each other, but hearing it coming out of her mouth was ten times better. “I wouldn’t want you to get sticked down, Wy.”

Wynonna smirks at her childhood best friend as she steps away. “How about we go out for coffee, Haught-Stuff? I miss seeing your stupid smile!”


When Wade was killed and Willa went missing, and Wynonna was sent away, it was just Nicole left. Waverly had been pulled out of school for a few weeks by Gus and Curtis. Nicole never had many friends. Really, the only friends she had were the Earp sisters. With Wynonna being her best friend, Nicole was shunned by all the other kids in Purgatory; being placed as a weirdo “just like that Wynonna.” So when Wynonna and Willa and Waverly were gone, Nicole was left all alone, either ignored or made fun of by all the other kids.

When Waverly came back to school, she wasn’t the same. Nicole understood, she had just lost the three most important people in her life, and she was only six. Nicole tried to be there for her; Waverly was like a sister to her, after all. It took weeks and weeks, but she finally began to make progress with the littlest Earp. Occasionally, she would come over and play with the girl, but it wasn’t the same, and she started seeing her less and less.

It was a year later, that Nicole’s parents had decided it was time to move. They told her it was because daddy had found another job elsewhere, but Nicole knew very well it was more due to the fact that she had still yet to make friends with any of the kids in school. Nobody wanted anything to do with the weird ginger that was best friends with the crazy Earp girl that killed her daddy and went on and on about demons.

The day before the official move, Nicole told Waverly. She would never forget the look of abandonment in that poor little girl’s eyes. Everyone was leaving her: her daddy, Willa, Wynonna, and now Nicole.

“I’m gonna miss you, Nicky.” Waverly says with puffy red eyes.

“We’ll see each other again, Waverly.” Nicole says with a comforting hug. “You, me and Wynonna will be back together again some day, just you wait.”

With a final goodbye to the last Earp in town, Nicole hops into her daddy’s truck and watches as the tiny figure disappears from the rearview mirror.

About a week after moving back, Nicole has caught sight of Waverly a handful of times. It’d been a long time since she’s seen the girl, now a woman, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. She’d already spent some time with her old best friend and it had been as though no time had gone by between them, but when it came to Waverly, she couldn’t even walk over and say hi. Before her shift one morning, however, she found herself in front of Shorty’s in her police uniform trying to even out her breathing.

When she steps into the bar in time to see the woman fighting a losing battle with a beer tab. She stands at the door frame watching amusedly as Waverly finally manages to closes the dispenser and sigh exasperatedly at her now soaked front. “Perfect.”

“I didn’t know Shorty’s had wet t-shirt competitions.” Nicole says from the doorway, grabbing Waverly’s attention. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Waverly starts, grabbing a clean rag and wiping herself off some more. “I, uh… Just a bit jumpy. Had a… A crazy night.”

“Sorry I wasn’t hear to see it.” Nicole says, setting her Stetson down on the counter. Nicole had already guessed that Waverly probably didn’t remember her, and the look on the woman’s face now confirmed it. It was like meeting each other for the first time again. “I, uh, I’ve been meaning to introduce myself. I’m Nicole. Nicole Haught.”

Nicole offers her hand out to Waverly, waiting for the recognition to hit the woman across the counter. When Waverly doesn’t seem to catch on and instead takes her hand and smiles, Nicole practically laughs in her mind. That smile was all too familiar, even after all this time. “Hi.”

“And you are Waverly Earp.” Nicole says. “Still as sweet as ever, I see.”

Waverly tilts her head in confusion. “Do I know you?”

“You did.” Nicole says, a flirty smile playing on her lips. “I used to be at your place all the time when we were little. I was Wynonna’s best friend. Wynonna’s only friend.”

Waverly’s mouth forms an ‘O’ shape when she finally catches on. “Nicky! I remember now! Of course, how could I forget! You two played Cops and Robbers all the time!”

Nicole’s smile grows wider. “The irony is astonishing, isn’t it?”

“Not too astonishing. You were always really interested in being a cop, I remember. Wow, look at you! You’re so… tall!”

“And my, Waverly, how much you’ve grown.”

Waverly catches her eye and they stand looking at each other for a beat longer than necessary before Nicole manages to remember how to speak. "You know, I’m actually a little surprised to see you’re still here. I always thought you would be the one to willingly leave the nest. I remember you used to talk about going to a big town when you got out of school.”

Waverly scoffed lightheartedly. “I was, what, like six? Seven?”

“Yeah, and you would talk about being a dancer when you were older. You used to come into Wynonna’s room and just start dancing out of nowhere. It was quite entertaining. Very adorable when I think back to it now.”

Nicole holds her gaze again until Waverly shyly looks down at the counter in between them. “Yeah, well someone had to hold down the fort when everyone else left, right?”

“I’m not complaining,” Nicole says, a flirty smile playing on her lips. “Purgatory wouldn’t be the same for me without a one Waverly Earp. Plus, I told you we’d see each other again, didn’t I? I’m not one to go back on my promises.”

A small smile graces Waverly’s lips as she looks back at Nicole with gentle brown eyes. “You know Wynonna is back too, right?”

Nicole leans back on the stool and taps her fingers happily on the counter. “I saw her at the station the other day, and we’ve gone out to catch up a couple of times already. She’s just as wild as when we were kids, that girl is.”

“Yep, sounds like her.” Waverly laughs and dabs at her wet shirt again. “God, I’m sopping wet. You know, I keep telling Shorty he needs to fix the darn tabs. Sorry, do you mind just, uh…” She brings her hands to her eyes to explain what she was talking about.

“Oh! Yeah, of course.” Nicole says, spinning around to give the woman some privacy.

“Uh, officer?” Waverly calls after a bit. “I’m stuck.” Nicole turns around to find the girl arms in her shirt above her head and she hurries to help.

“Good job you’re not some guy, right? Otherwise this would be really… Really awkward.”  With the shirt now off, Nicole comes face to face with Waverly, almost a head taller. “I – I owe you one.”

It’s the perfect time to ask her out, Nicole thinks. She locks her eyes on Waverly’s, and speaks with charm in her tone. “Alright, well, how about we catch up over some coffee? How about tonight?”

“Oh, I can’t, no. ” Waverly shoots out almost immediately, slightly throwing Nicole off guard and stomping on her confidence. Her smile drops without her permission from the force of the rejection, but when Waverly backtracks with a stammered and nervous, “I mean, I’d love to–li-like. Like to… uh… But I have plans.” Nicole’s smile returns with amusement as she listens to the brunette chatter on. “Yeah, I’m a planner. I like to know what I’m doing two or three days in advance.” Nicole just watches as the woman scrunches her face in self-frustration and gathers herself. “I’m in a relationship. With a boy–man.”

It takes all of Nicole not to laugh right in Waverly’s face. She’s so damn cute when she’s nervous, Nicole can’t help it. But she just smiles and repeats her, before walking back around the bar counter. “A boy-man. Yep, I’ve been there. It’s the worst.” She grabs her Stetson from the counter, “Okay, well, some other time.” She sets her information card down and starts for the door, but not before turning back around to get one last look at Waverly Earp as she puts her Stetson on. “I mean it.” And she walks out.

The air smells fresher than it did before she entered Shorty’s. The sun looks brighter, the sky looks bluer, and Nicole feels happier, despite the fact that she had just been shot down. Shot down in the cutest way possible, by the most beautiful woman in Purgatory. That woman, mind you, being her best friend’s baby sister…

Nicole’s still not sure what pushed her to return to Purgatory, but damn was she happy she did.

Nicole was in for a world of trouble, because she had the biggest crush on Waverly Earp.