we aim to please cath

two wrongs don’t make a right, but i don’t care tonight.
maybe we’re all that we needed.

I have so much to say but words fail me tonight. First of all I want to apologize once again for being so late to the party. This little edit wasn’t what i had initially planned but i remembered telling you once that i would make you a Chuck and Blair edit one day and I thought “it’s now or never”. So here it is. But let’s not talk about that. What I want to talk about is the incredible person that your are my darling. One of the most amazing person I had the chance to talk to, to confide in to, to laugh with, to cry with, to silly with, to mock with, to … so many things. I’ve always wondered how to “sum you up” but the thing is I just can’t. You represent so much to me. You’re not just that girl I have fun with and fangirl with. You’re not just that girl I cry to and rant with. You’re one of my everything and I truly mean it. I never thought I would bond with someone as much as I did with you thanks to tumblr but I did and I’ll be forever thankful. So yes, thank you for being everything you are to me, thank you for ALWAYS (and i mean always) being here for me. My world is forever changed thanks to you. I love you darling heart.

I hope you had a great day,
Your Deby.