we agreed on this

personal nutritionist: so have you been following that diet we agreed on
me: i forget. does that diet allow for me to eat 30 bowls of cereal a day
personal nutritionist: what. No
me: then what am i even paying you to do

fun fact: when daryl dixon got taken away, maggie greene cried, because she knows that it’s not daryls fault, shes smart enough to deduce the fact that negan wanted to get a rise out of ANYONE and wasnt going to stop until he did, and daryl HAPPENED to be the person who reacted first, which SUCKS YES AND WE CAN ALL AGREE ON THAT AND THATS HOW NEGAN CHOSE TO KILL SOMEONE YES WE ALL KNOW AND AGREE however, daryl is a victim too, he was mentally and emotionally manipulated, and you can be angry that what he did led to glenns death but instead of blaming him, why dont you blame the guy holding the bat

just like maggie did 

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Taking a look back at the ending in the original TG, there is an interesting scene with Arima and Yoshitoki standing side by side before Tsune. The floor is checkered black and white and Arima and Yohitoki wear conflicting colours: Arima white hair and black suit, Yoshitoki black hair white suit. Surrogate kings in a way until they were put in check.

That’s right. Nice catch!

me re-reading through the first series to piece together a plausible timeline so that I have evidence that whitestorm could be ashkit and fernkit’s father:

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I have a love hate relationship with Dan, always have had and I think is because I see so so much of myself in him that it honestly scares me cause I care above him so much and I know how the way his head works can be a lot sometimes

this is really similar to me actually. like my sense of humor is extremely in rhythm with his and so are my world views? i’m very similar to dan and it’s often like scary and cool because he’s so successful and like being so similar to him sort of feels like i can be as successful. i think that i rail on him so much because it’s like seeing me do stupid shit. but i love him very much for it all and like it feels like he’s a little pocket of my own personal personality representation on the internet

I think that as a fandom, we agree that in the TV show Derek is basically the worst fighter. And I often read explanation like “He was not raised to be an alpha, Laura was” and, yes.

But let me expose you to this delightful concept: baby Derek learning to fight.

The Hale pack before the fire obviously lived in peaceful times, with a lot of allies and not a lot of fighting (you will pry happy!Hales from my cold dead hands). So you know, they only were this big family that had a weird love for the forest after dark and threw huge picnic parties every month.

Then, years and years after Laura and the first generation of cousins, came Derek.

I want you to imagine the baby Derek with all the eyebrows, the big ears and the two teeth.

And I want you to imagine the baby werewolf Derek, with only one fang on one side (the other didn’t drop for months), the pointed ears and the tiny, tiny kitten claws.

And now, imagine baby Derek, surrounded by grown up and cousins that are decades older than him, and all of them play fight in the garden all the time. And Derek wants to be a werewolf too.

So he learns to wrestle.

And of course they all play with him, because he’s adorable and so serious in trying to learn fighting tricks, and sometimes he growls and they basically always let him win.

All. The. Fucking. Time.

And Derek grows up, and the territory is still quiet and calm. Derek tries to look tough, borrows Laura’s leather jacket and wears it every day, floating in it and getting the sleeves stuck in every door.

But he still loves books than humans, gets spooked by loud noises in the street and he tries to save all the living things.

(He saved a praying mantis from a pigeon. The thing lived in his room for three years, big and limping and missing some key body parts. It scared the living shit out of Laura.)

In a word, Derek is the sensitive one of the family.

So you know. They never really get around explaining that Derek is kind of really, really bad at it?

They keep postponing it, year after year. Someone always tries to whisper something about it at family reunions, then Derek asks them to wrestle with him and they fold like wet paper and throw themselves into the walls with dramatic groans.

Years pass. Revealing it becomes more and more difficult. The idea of Derek feeling like the butt of the joke is a sickening idea. As a teenager, he’s so insecure and kind, all gangly and clumsy.

But when he wins his fight, Derek doesn’t preen –he’s too nice for that— but he scintillates slightly in pure happiness. Then, he usually looks at his family with this trusting and eager look. The “look, I’m a good werewolf!” eyes.

(Derek’s dad can’t handle the eyes. He has to get inside the house and lie down every time. Men are weak)

Somehow, a decade has passed, and it spiraled out of control. Derek sucks at fighting. Badly. It’s almost amazing.

But Laura still falls down head first in the dirt.

Cousin Maj’ cries dramatically.

Peter lay down on the ground, not moving, and his sister still grumbles at him to look more knock down or grandma will knife him if he makes Derek sad.

And none of this is mocking, because Derek is really amazing at so many things in his life, they are honestly proud of who he is. He is just pathologically bad at planning ahead, has negative strategy abilities and is so used to people falling down when he bumps into them that he doesn’t realize how real fighting works.

“Yes Derek, kicking someone while doing a summersault is so efficient, what a wonderful idea” and “this pirouette was so pretty and so useful in combination with your amazingly dangerous final blow” and “You almost took Peter’s head right off kid!”.

And you know, in the future, I kind of want Derek’s pack to pick up the habit without realizing it?

I want them to smile at Derek when he trains betas, nodding gravely while Derek jumps and swirls like a ballerina.

All the while, Stiles and Erica waves their arms at the bewildered beta from behind Derek’s back, trying to explain with their hands that they will explain the really efficient moves after, but please, just play dead goddamnit.

Look at the sad eyes!!

(@crossroadswrite​, Rita my love, I’m tagging you in this because well. Derek)

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Do you really think Zayn picked his own team after he left? Isn't he still under the same contract as the others, assuming that contract kept members leaving tied to Syco? Just curious cos I almost always agree with you and now we seem to disagree!

I’m a bit of an outlier from the consensus when it comes to Zayn.

I think he still has some Syco obligations, but overall, I think his team is his team and he picked them and they are doing their best for him. I strongly disagree that anyone is sabotaging him or his music. I’ve heard positive things from people who are familiar with Sarah Stennett and I think RCA wants very much for Zayn to succeed, no matter what Syco wants.

I think Syco is making money off of Zayn’s endeavors, but I do not think they are controlling them and manipulating things as much as a lot of other people do.

This book being on Wattpad is a publishing PR push, obviously, and I highly doubt that Zayn was free to write whatever he wanted with no restrictions. But I do not think it’s going to be one big, long extended lie. I think it’ll be a blend of fact, personal perception that may or may not line up with what other people think, and some made up, PR-narrative-pushing additions.

The trick will be figuring out what’s really true, what’s mostly true, and what’s bullshit. And everyone will have different ideas about that.

I keep going back to the last 1D book, “Who We Are.”  Niall’s chapters were pretty closely transcribed from the words they spoke on tape (which were then released as the “audio book”), I believe Liam and Zayn’s were less verbatim, but still pretty close. Harry and Louis’ were a mix of their actual words with numerous additions about girls and/or girlfriends that weren’t in the audio transcript.

So unless Zayn releases the audio, we’re really not going to know what he said and what he didn’t.

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I don't know if you're calling me a troll, but I'm not trolling... that's not my intention! What I'm saying is, I don't believe Harry and Louis renewed their plans to come out and I don't believe they have coming out plans as of now and so they stopped communicating with the fandom, that's what I'm saying. I know you don't agree with me but just because we think two different things it doesn't mean I'm trolling. I just don't believe they have co plans

Why are you here then?

I’m seriously asking: why are you messaging me a Larrie blog who has been very vocal about appreciating all the signs that HL gave us this year that they didn’t do shit this year?

They’re in the biggest industry fight ever seen and they’re fighting so hard and you’re minimalizing their fight and negating all the signs and it’s not the first time that I listed all those stuff Harry and Louis did only this year.

It’s not even about different perception of events. Its nit me veing super optimistic and ypure veing super pessimistic.

You’re literally saying they’re playing with us because if they don’t want to come out (as you say) and they still keep up the blue/green, the social media signs etc (which they still do) then they have no fucking respect towards a group of fans whatsoever and that’s so far from the truth that I wonder if you’re from Pluto.

No offense but your deciding things on their behalf doesn’t mean they make the same decision.

Also I wish I wasn’t on mobile and I could paste the dagger pointing at the rose and say HE DID THAT

If anyone could paste the pic I’d love them forever.

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in an au where all of the characters in voltron were replaced with you and your mutuals/friends, who would be who??

the first thing that ever happened in the gc between kay/emm/xiem and i was this exact discussion lmfao

let me see what we agreed on…

  • I’m Hunk >:3c
  • Kay is Allura
  • Xiem is Keith
  • Emm is Shiro
  • Sara is Pidge

That’s just the Shortie Squad though… Also LMAO I can’t believe we don’t have a Lance?? There is so much Lance love in this group chat it’s unbelievable.

I’m aware that this is a very unpopular opinion, but I actually prefer Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore over Richard Harris. I thought Harris played him (or was directed to play him) as a more “benign old man, kindly headmaster” character, while Gambon played him with a little more ambiguity, mischief, and complexity (let’s all forget the infamous “DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIYAHH” scene, because I think that was likely a directorial choice and not the actor).

I’m curious: does anyone else agree? And if not, why do you prefer Richard Harris as Dumbledore?


What a strange conversation starter…

making them older doesnt really change anything imo they still want you to sexual a child bUT

Listen this fandom had a good run guys can we agree on that, yes? yeah?

okay bring it to the back of the shed we’re gonna pull an ol’ yeller

~Mod Wolfrun


Paper, cotton, crystal, fruit.

There was a poem on rice paper, a funny twenty-one consonant rhyme about what we could do after dinner if we weren’t too tired. And once I put on underwear which intimidated instead of enticed, so I took it all off. We both agreedpanties is a horrid, Updike word. The facets in the goblets were meant to reflect candlelight onto beloved faces at dinner parties for years to come. I remember a Christmas apple merrily eaten off my breast. Now I remember to take your mother’s pie out of the freezer. Now ash and bone, now bitter crop, now moorings puppeteered with curious wire.

On our wedding night we smiled at the antler chandelier rigged with rope and walls as cold as snow. Sorry, sorry. How on earth.

Here we are, here we are.

I have a Polaroid of us kissing in another country. The funeral directors wrapped the box precisely, a layer of plain paper under golden foil. I recall your ear very well today, the way your hair grew around it. Under the paper is a brown plastic box, the color of a fast food booth. It doesn’t open easily. What did they do to you? What do you deserve from me? Everything I have is yours, you said. Like it was an act of generosity, what you left. I always had a thing for your hair, soft against my or scratchy against my

Karen Green, Bough Down

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What happens if you have disagreements over your interpretations? Does one of you have to persuade the others of your viewpoint? Or does this simply never happen?

(undertale spoilers)

Generally, disagreements only occur when headcanons sneak into our analysis. Once we identify what is and isn’t canon, we’re usually able to agree on one conclusion. There have been a few times where both sides are equally possible, which means both are presented as options. An example is our answer to the question “Did Flowey kill everyone?”

When everyone brings all the facts to the table, leaves headcanon behind, and discusses the theory from all sides, we easily gravitate to consensus. Ultimately, the theory that requires the least speculation and has the most factual support from the game will be agreed upon. Additionally, we are careful not to state speculation as fact in our theories and clearly delineate fact from conjecture.

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As much as I would like to see Matt (or any of the Defenders, really) show up in an Avengers film, I think dealing with World Ending Crisis #3285 might be a little beyond their scope... Thoughts on any of them appearing or being mentioned in the upcoming Spiderman film, especially since Spidey deals with a lot of street level crime too?

    Yes, it’s a difficult situation, isn’t it? Because as great as it would be to see these guys show up in an Avengers film, the last thing we want is to see them get lost in a crowd. “Avengers: Infinity War” is going to be jam-packed, with Dr. Strange and Wong as the most recent in a long list of characters hinted to be making appearances. Is it possible that our Netflix heroes could have a meaningful presence in such a crowded film? It’s certainly possible, but we can all agree that it wouldn’t be an ideal situation. (Additionally, while at this point giant team-ups with huge threats are beyond all of their experiences and comfort levels– particularly for Matt, because of the nature of his power set– they would likely rise to the occasion, as they all have many times in similar situations in the comics.)

    The new Spider-Man franchise definitely seems like a better option for integrating the MCU Defenders into the movie-verse, at least for now. It’s a much smaller and more contained setting, and given Spider-Man’s semi-street-level status and Peter’s close friendships with Matt, Jessica, Luke, and Danny in the comics, this would be an easy and logical connection to make. At this late point in the production of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” there has been no indication that any of the Netflix characters will be making appearances in the film (unless Marvel is intending it to be a big surprise, which is possible), but it would be a huge missed opportunity if the events of the Netflix shows weren’t at least mentioned. Marvel is clearly wary of creating too much crossover between these sections of the MCU, due to contract complications and other issues. The newest concern seems to be screentime and logistics (reflecting what we mentioned above). Kevin Feige recently explained:

“…It all depends on timing. It all depends on how to do it, because I don’t think what anybody wants to do is have such important characters show up for one second. Black Panther and Spider-Man to me are the high bar in ‘Civil War’ of how you can bring in new characters into something. Vision and Ultron, Wanda and Pietro in ‘Ultron.’ And it takes a lot of screentime, and it takes a lot of work. ‘Infinity War’ has a lot of people in it already. So it just depends on how we could figure it out…”

    But that’s not a definite “no”, so we haven’t given up hope!

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We all agree that Louis stood on his tip toes when he had the "you hurt my sister, I kill you" talk with Tommy, right?