we agreed on this

Bryan arrived at our m&g table and opened by asking us if, having to choose, we’d like more Hannibal and Will adventures, or Silence of The Lambs. He was seriously listening.

And then among other things he went on a tangent about American Gods and women of power and how there’s always men who feel threatened by them and try to bring them down.

I can’t articulate how respected I felt the whole time as a fan and how comfortable as a woman. He’s a nerd and obviously excited about what he does and genuinely cares. It was such a refreshing experience!

He also said we should keep hope for s4, that one possibility would be to do three movies with Netflix (the girls at the table with us did say that the series would live in a good envoironment within Netflix and I can’t help but agree…) and that what we can do to help is keep asking for it, like on Netflix and other networks.
I hear about him saying things like this in interviews and stuff, but it had a different impact on me in person so I want to stress out for you guys out there who didn’t have this chance, that when he said this it wasn’t small talk to keep the conversation going or just ‘oh yeah fandom is amazing, hannibal is great, follow your dreams’ rhetoric. You could tell he was serious, and he assured us that he’s on top of it where looking for options and trying to make more is concerned.

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whats the difference between fandom kuroo and canon kuroo?

fandom kuroo:

  • kind of an idiot
  • party animal
  • softie at heart but fucks with people to the point that they are kind of uncomfortable and knows it
  • big flirt, kind of (or sometimes very) sexually aggressive
  • can’t take care of himself but somehow still manages to be the only thing keeping kenma alive???
  • drags kenma into things he doesn’t want to do because “it’s good for him”

canon kuroo:

  • has only been late from his college prep class once because he was helping an old lady across the street
  • genuinely worried about his bedhead but can’t figure out that it’s from sleeping with his head stuffed in pillows
  • honestly thinks that insulting people with chemistry knowledge is cool or something
  • “hey kenma i can tell you’re excited about a thing but that you have an issue with parsing it that frustrates you so before you quit let me gently sit here next to you and prod you through it by referencing your special interests and using scripts we’ve clearly agreed upon after years of knowing each other”
  • “taketora please stop yelling about women i’m concentrating on my intense strategies”
  • legit spends social gatherings: talking to his own teammates about kenma, their shared teammate, lurking around making sure people are eating, explaining things to underclassmen
  • starts every game with a thinly veiled speech about how important his boyfriend is
  • when no one believes he’s just kind he caves and reveals his True Motivation……………….. to make his aging coach happy
  • makes someone genuinely uncomfortable and immediately runs to their captain to apologize
  • taketora: “hey kuroo can we have a hot manager” kuroo, looking up from three textbooks and a volleyball strategy sheet: “oh are hot people still a thing sure”

Thinks it’s hilarious when someone comes in saying a TVD ship is toxic. Like, what? Not the Vampire Diaries! Shock! Confusion! Toxic ships? No! Surely you jest!

Can we just agree that most, if not all the ships on TVD are toxic and/or problematic? They’ve all tried to kill everyone at some point. Let’s do that. We’ll all feel better. I promise.

So I know I’ve mentioned this recently with the whole youtube drama going around, about how that just because you don’t agree with someone 100% of the time doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them. But I just experienced something that proves just that.

I have a friend who I’ve known since I was 13. She has been with me through thick and thin and even though we haven’t always agreed, we’ve agreed to disagree many times and our friendship has not hurt because of these disagreements.

I recently came out to her as asexual.

I love her very, very much, but the first thing she said was “uhhhh I don’t necessarily agree but I respect that you feel that way”. She doesn’t really think that asexuality is a thing that exists.

Does this hurt, coming from someone I love?


Do I hate her for it?

No. Of course not.

Asexuality isn’t really a thing that either of us knew much about a year ago, so it stands to reason she would be skeptical, especially since she’s a bisexual woman. She has sexual desire. We’ve talked about sex on a number of occasions. It’s been a large part of her intimate relationships. Not having that be a part of your life isn’t really something that’s easy to wrap your head around when you do. Hell, it’s hard to wrap your head around when it doesn’t because it’s so off from the public norm. I’m living proof of that.

But despite the fact that she wasn’t sold on asexuality even being real, she not once told me that I shouldn’t think otherwise.

And this goes both ways!

She doesn’t label her religious beliefs, but she does believe in spiritual and earthly energies, bad juju, karma, things like that. Personally I think a lot of that is hoohah. That didn’t stop me from helping her pick out protection and good luck charms to help out with school. I respect that she can believe in whatever she wants, and I support her in those beliefs.

When we finished picking something out I casually mentioned I was thinking about getting an ace ring. It’s something I only recently found out about, and for those who don’t know it’s just a black ring you wear. I told her that some people wore it to feel less alone, and I felt like that would be good for me since I still suffer through thinking I’m ‘broken’ or 'fucked up’ since that’s what I’ve been told most of my life.

And even though she still doesn’t 100% agree with me being asexual, she still respects it enough that she asked for my ring size so she could buy one for me.

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Love your post! One thing, T's lack of any real life responsibility -my issue too. If what he does for Cait isn't his day job, he must be so wealthy to sustain his lifestyle. Yet Cait works so hard as an actor, 14-hrs under Scotland weather. Cait herself said she dislikes the heavy costumes, also often sleepless and catches short naps during breaks. When Sam says I'll wear your costume, I see him wanting to ease her pain that comes with their job. One of the reasons why I believe SC are real.

Glad we agree Anon…

I could be wrong obviously…but for now… this is what I am going with… screw it!

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Really? hum. So no Teen Titans, no New Teen Titans, not BATS, not Darck Victory nor Prodigal Son. All those great stories of a boring white dude lost for you. But hey you will always have Devin's Grayson's run and the novelization of Greg Rucka’s that weren't clueless and offencive at all.

lol. Dick was confirmed multiple times as romani in canon, whether you like it or not. So all stories/media/fanfic/etc I read of him, even the ones that had nothing to do with race, even the ones from 1945, even the ones I didn’t read like those 90s comics with the bad art, even the ones with his skin as white as snow, included a romani character named Dick Grayson. mind blowing how retcons work, I know.

the ones that did mention race were indeed super clueless and offensive. we’re agreed there.

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Phoebe said in a livestream Louis is going to Jamaica and that girl said he was with his girlfriend.That added to the well-times article that had photos taken 2 days ago and only released today had people rolling their eyes, but I agree that the bitterness is excessive for what we know so far.They could have mistaken Lottie for his girlfriend, God knows Anne has been Harry's gf so many times

Apparently this little girl reads the Sun.

We should find her better reading material.

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I would really like that the mr. sugden mr. dingle thing becomes like a pet name. Is that weird? Because I can't imagine an other pet name for them that would fit with the characters but the surname thing is something that's totally them!? And also they like to reminding each other that they're husbands with this. I just find it so cute and fitting. x

Anon is2g, I 100000% agree. We can definitely count Mr Dingle/Mr Sugden as pet names already, right??? And like, same, I could never imagine them using pet names before, but oh my god, those names are so perfect for them and adorable and charming and ahehdhdj I’m so here for that being a thing between them.

Also, it makes them not changing their names even more perfect and ahhhh, honestly, I just completely get where you’re coming from. This is one of the best gifts Maxine ever gave us tbh.

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Valbo's GF is on this trip. So right there is a women's voice and someone to take pics. WAY too much making things facts that we have no back up.

I agree

Everyone is quite upset this Oscar season with La La Land and for many warranted reasons. One small reason, I began seeing early on, is that Ryan Gosling’s character Sebastien “mansplains” jazz to Emma Stone’s character Mia. 

If anything I think we can agree that he really mostly whitesplains jazz to the audience, if he is “splaining” anything pretentiously to anyone in this film. But “mansplaining” I just didn’t see. As a female critic who has had music I am well versed in “explained” to me several times by men who assume I know nothing, I just didn’t see that in this scene, in which Mia is kind of making fun of Sebastien’s nerdery in a way that invites us to do so too. 

La La Land is a movie about self-described creative underdogs, trying to make art that’s true to themselves because the mainstream systems (auditions) or pathways (being in a pop group) reject or disgust them. But I ultimately never saw an imbalanced power dynamic between the two characters in terms of owning their own creativity. Mia had her own creative pursuits (she writes and stars in a one-woman play) and Gosling has his own dreams (he wants to open a jazz bar.) They were creative equals. 

What’s more troubling, when it comes to creativity, are the power dynamics in Paterson, Jim Jarmusch’s new film. I really liked Paterson when I saw it, particularly the portrait of the city itself and the way Jarmusch depicts the struggle of being a writer who doesn’t want to share their work, but I couldn’t shake my feelings regarding Laura, the protagonist’s girlfriend. In the film, Adam Driver plays Paterson (a person) who is a bus driver in Paterson (the NJ city.) He is also a poet, a protective one, who keeps his poems (mostly love poems) in a paper notebook with zero copies. He also doesn’t use a cell phone. He is a stoic, quiet person whose life has a steady routine and enjoys listening in on other people’s problems and conversations, whether on the bus or in his favorite bar. 

Laura, played by Golshifteh Farahani, is Paterson’s beautiful muse and live-in partner. She doesn’t seem to have a job, instead spending her days painting black and white designs over every inch of the house (it’s her signature, eclectic style.) She makes odd dinners when Paterson comes home from work (cheddar cheese and brussel sprouts pie!) and is obsessed with baking cupcakes which she hopes will turn into a full-blown business if they sell well at the market. One day, she decides she can be a musician, a famous country star. The desire is spurred by a black and white acoustic guitar she sees online, which Paterson begrudgingly buys for her. 

It wasn’t lost on me that Laura’s creative pursuits, baking, interior decorating, etc. are very feminine. Eventually, when Laura gets her guitar, she seems to spend more time picking out the outfits that will make her a star rather than seriously learning to play it. She fully supports Paterson’s poetry and even wants him to copy them for her. She wants him to be a famous poet one day. But as a viewer, you are trained to laugh at Laura’s small dreams. “Laura is the movie’s one minor letdown, partly because she seems more frivolous than Paterson, with pursuits that are more hobbies than they are brow-furrowing art,” Manohla Dargis wrote in her otherwise glowing review. 

Like the manic designs decorating their house, Paterson’s approach and Laura’s approach to success might as well be black and white. Laura is outgoing with dreams of being a big singer or baker. She wants you to see her work, taste her work, scrawled over cupcake tops and curtains. She has a computer and smartphone and iPad, which sounds like Paterson’s hell. And she wants Paterson to show his work to the world. Instead, he is reclusive, working alone in a tiny office in the basement. While Laura decorates the house with big, cartoonish paintings of her funny english bull dog Marvin, we see Paterson’s favorite painting is a miniature of Paterson’s Great Falls, so small you might miss it. 

It’s within this context that I can live, for a moment, with Laura as a character. She is a different kind of dreamer than Paterson and I don’t think her way of dreaming is stereotypically feminine. But the fact that she is the more comical one, that her dreams are more scatterbrained and pedestrian, is kind of sexist! History goes that women don’t make art, they just exist within it. And when they do create, what should they make? Things for the home? Dinners for their husbands? The real artistic pursuit Laura has to her name in this movie, music, is downgraded by the fact that she seems more interested in her look as a singer rather than the kind of music she wants to make. A muse, doting girlfriend, a homemaker, but not much more, Laura deserved better. 

Can we all agree that Magnus isn’t going to give Alec sagely advice every time he’s sad

He’s his boyfriend
he’s going to sit him on the couch, pull up netflix and hot chocolate(store bought cause it’s always better) and ignore the problem until it’s an absolute must

“You feelin okay?”
“Not really
“ That’s fine, lets watch jane the virgin”

also: Magnus is going to need some cheering up too

let Alec be his hype man too lmao

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I think losing to Fukurodani would be a thing that Karasuno would... get over easier? Because it has already been said that Bokuto is the one player who can make everybody smile and hyped, even if you're not on his team. And Hinata looks up to him so much and I don't know. I adore the Karasuno 3rd years and I want to see them happy but I also think that them winning wouldn't be realistic? Also, this kind of is Hinata&Kagayema story so I think them winning now wouldn't make sense, but we'll see!

I agree with you, losing to Fukurodani for Karausno will feel almost fair. Of course they want to win but in their hearts they know that Fukurodani is that kind of team that’s just too strong but at the same time, as intense and it surely will be, they’ll be really satisfied by that match. 

As you said, Fukurodani is an extremely positive team, it’s not Seijoh, Shiratorizawa or Nekoma. Plus Bokuto’s presence will inspire them all to give all they can and try their best to archive what honestly now is pretty unarchivable. 

Ending the Nationals with Karasuno’s loss is not a stretch, it would feel natural and, once again, Bokuto will light the spark in their hearts to try harder next year. A real stretch would be Fukurodani not winning the nationals, tbh.