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The way I see it, A) "sound guy wasn’t referencing HL but just lgbt+ culture" is null ‘cause there was bday tweets only on HL’s bdays and not liam’s, he liked a larry ok tweet, he had 2 bears v obviously celebrating harrys bday together etc, B) "HL knew abt the bears but not the Larry references" is null ‘cause the twitter/phone was full of Larry messages, they must have seen it at some point, literally everyone was losing their fucking mind thinking it was them and they not once checked to 1/2

2/2 see what was going on with the sound guy and his ‘little project’ yeah right C) “they knew and let it go on” is null ‘cause they hate gay rumours and the past is hard for them to think abt ‘cause we ruined their friendship, so then D) “they knew and agreed/helped/had smth to do with the bears” is LITERALLY THE ONLY OPTION even if it was the sound guy physically operating the bears at times, or fucking queen elizabeth herself. They did that.


Can we please, please stop attacking each other for the way we enjoy our fandoms?
Fiction, and fanfiction is a way for a lot of us to get away from the hardships in our real lives. It’s where we can forget our problems and stress, where we can just focus on and get lost in our favorite characters and stories!
We can create more diversity, feel included and involved. We can explore more difficult experiences we face and traumas we went through, where we can safely explore our sexuality and emotions, it’s our coping mechanism, our source of happiness and hope when things aren’t going so well outside. Fiction is such a powerful and important tool that i don’t have words to describe it. 
We don’t have to agree on everything, our opinions don’t have to match. Our differences and diversity is what enriches and enhances our fandoms. It’s so easy, and so simple to just let each other be. Don’t like, don’t read. Ship and let ship. If there’s something you disagree on, either discuss it politely or scroll past. Don’t try to force your point of view on someone else. Use appropriate tags and warnings and don’t go looking for an argument just for arguments sake. Simply enjoy the parts of the fandom you want to, and don’t get upset because there are people who do it differently than you.
I’ve seen so many aggressive, shaming posts and call outs lately and that’s really upsetting. I swear, if we could just try to be more respectful and understanding, it will make all of our fandom experience more positive and beneficial. It costs nothing to be nice and understanding to each other, we should try it more.

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I like that Sunrise is giving You comedic moments. It's like Sunrise is saying "Laugh at You-chan's antics! Because you'll all be crying for her soon >:)"



Ignore the haters. You enjoy Empire of Storms, don’t let anyone judge your favourite character, ship or anything you want to happen. 

If you see a hateful post,

scroll past it


It’s not worth it

, and if they don’t like the series, that’s their problem. There are many other books out there that they can enjoy, nobody is forcing anyone to read anything. We all need to accept that we all won’t agree on everything, so let’s stop the arguing. A fandom is supposed to be people joining together to love the same thing, not fighting. 


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11 and mystrade please (if you don't do mystrade then johnlock)


“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”


It had been rare for Greg and Mycroft to find any time to spend together, but Mycroft found himself free for lunch and he knew this was Greg’s day off so he called and made arrangements at a little posh cafe halfway between his workplace and his house since Greg was currently staying there.

They arrived at the same time and slide into the booth in the back so the could avoid the noise and everyone else, Greg leaned in and gave Mycroft a quick kiss on his cheek before sitting. “Well this is quite a surprise.” Greg replied cheerfully.

“Yes, well it’s been a rather dull day at the office and I’m sure they can handle a few hours without me. Besides, I’ve missed you Gregory.  I feel like the only time we see each other is in passing.”

Greg agreed and begun to formulate a plan in his mind.

They had a light lunch and there had just been a subsequent snowfall the night before, nothing horrible maybe about two inches but still enough to form a snow ball or two.  

Greg took Mycroft’s hand and nodded his head to the park, “Come on, you have time for a walk since lunch was so fast.”

“You are correct a walk would be splendid.” 

They were halfway down the path when Greg said “hold up i think someone dropped something, looks like a wallet”

 He went and scooped up a mound of snow and formed the perfect snow ball and when Mycroft realised what he had done he icily threatened " Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!  Gregory, I can’t go back to the office like this.”

“I know,” Greg replied rubbing more snow down the front of his suit jacket,”I figure you have to go home and change now and maybe have a little fun before you go back, or take the rest of the day, up to you, it would make my afternoon less boring and yours less dull.”

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here's what I think; If Camila gets with a guy she bottoms, but if she's with a girl she tops 100%. Lauren I think is the complete opposite; if she's with a guy I think she's no doubt a top, but with girls she's definitely a bottom

Yes I agree. But we all know camz is gay so she is always a top 👌🏼 except on Wednesdays

Parenting Is Hard

Really, really hard. Everything you do, every decision you make, is wrapped up in contrary-ass ideas about why you should do things this way or an entirely different way. Parenting is the ultimate mindfuck.

And its not just me battling with my husband either…he and I rarely disagree on how we raise our kids. We were brought up similarly and agree on most of the big stuff. The little stuff works itself out. But what I know from my own childhood battles with the advice I get from my elders, which contradicts what I see my peers do, and it all takes up space in my head to where I’m not sure what the best way is.

Like, punishment. Now, I know for sure that I don’t like passive ways of correcting behavior. Time outs ain’t for me, those lessons take too long to sink in and I have a house full of boys. I had a whupping mama, my husband did, too…hell, we both remember getting beat at an auntie’s house. So we take the shortcut and use belts and switches. But I wonder how long I’ll be comfortable doing it, knowing that one day my sons will be bigger and stronger than me. My stepsons are already bigger than me. Will I use all my strength to basically fight them when they fuck up? Or will I get more creative? Not trying to be the mama beating her 17 year old son with an extension cord just so I know he feels the pain… So I guess I’ll be hoping I don’t have to.

And how much should I let my kids know about the world around them? How much license should I let them have, and how much stifling should I do; with respect to what I allow them to see and hear? I was raised in a “children should be seen and not heard” kinda home, we weren’t allowed to ask about “grown folks business” even if we asked something out of curiosity. To this day, I’ve never used the words “sex,” “pregnant,” or “vagina” in front of my mom. That seems wrong, so I don’t wanna go there with my own. But I also don’t want kids that interrupt their elders and discuss Paris Hilton’s sex tape at the age of 12 either. Where is the best place to draw that line?

Finally, should I be trying to be a mother to my stepsons who now live with us? My husband has custody; but me and their mom have come to blows in the past over things relating to my new role as their stepmother. That shit was a long time ago, and quite frankly she cared a lot less about my whupping her kids’ asses after I whupped hers. But do I need to weigh in on curfews and punishments now that they live with me? Do I get to refuse permission for a friend I don’t approve of coming over, since it’s my house too?  I pay the cell phone bill that they have lines on, so would I be wrong for taking that shit away if they fuck up? If they smoke weed in my house around my children am I wrong for going upside their heads the same way I would do my own? And if the weed they’re smoking happens to be stolen from my once-a-month cramp stash am I more justified in going off?

I hate overthinking things and these questions drive me a little bit further to the edge with each passing year.

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so really quick, im a science major sort of writing a paper on what science means and i got a bit philosophical about it and just getting perspective here and wondering, so if i told you science was more "made up" and how science is more of an agreed upon idea of ‘facts’ based on what we think we perceive and its more based on what we can disprove vs really prove. and knowledge is arbitrary of course and constantly changing. what would you say? would you agre that science stems from philosophy?

Personally, from my perspective and understanding of human history, we, our species, created this thing called ‘philosophy’ AND this tool kit we call ‘science’. Where these two ‘fields of study’ sort of part ways is that science becomes dispersed and diversified into ever more refined questions and subsets of questions which are methodically and meticulously researched by human beings whom have respectively endured a relentless amount of their lives working toward an answer to said question. 

Wherever the evidence leads - be it unfolding into yet another subset of better questions, a dead end (until better questions are asked or research elsewhere within or outside their field leads to an answer or question that assists with pushing the research in stalemate/standstill further) or illuminating for us research we must pursue when superior technology becomes available - that’s where it leads, and there are not absolute truths on this journey.

If we were using the field of Anthropology for example, and one of the outcomes (but not limited to the outcomes I put forth) results, then at that point in time in that particular field - which may influence other fields with said research as well - we must accept this and take into account all evidence with consideration to all ongoing research and factor that into whatever we speak on when it comes to “philosophically speaking” of any/all topics of discussion with respect to the present state of knowledge. 

It becomes muddy at this point though, because incorporating theoretical and quantum research are frontier fields that thrive on uncertainty. So, when it comes to philosophy, one cannot be too deterministic about anything. However, in science, we have to be deterministic based on what the evidences bears out, lest new evidence presents itself to advise or alter something that we must consider and incorporate into our updated model of understanding. 

I believe philosophy can pull us back from being “too close to the project” as it were, and analyze the scope of our existence in a wider view frame, just as art can put things into a different perspective; but both philosophy and art are susceptible to the creative mind of the artist (which is a wonderland all to itself because every mind is different, molded by different experiences, genetics, etc.) or the scientific literacy of the philosopher. Art doesn’t need to adhere to a scientific license of any kind; it’s organic, original, and TBD by the creator and the viewer. Philosophy leans on every aspect of our understanding in order to pull from the very pinnacle of our progress, the faults of our past, and our curiosity meticulously curated into ‘fields’, ‘subjects’, and the like. No matter what realm of our existence and experience philosophy delves, all evidence must be considered. 

Philosophy and science both have anchors tied to their quest to understand; shackled to the space and time that bind us as prisoners of the present moment. The scientific pursuit is one of ever-receding and/or increasing horizons, fettered by risk, funding, politics, curiosity, and time. Philosophy, on the other hand, risks nothing. It’s merely taking into account how science informs us about our (as Bill Nye refers to it) “place in space” from every approachable angle, then surmising until further evidence comes in to change said perspective. But it risks nothing. It’s a continued thought experiment on the existence of existence.

Where philosophy really gets tripped up is amidst the field of neuroscience which has now divulged into various subsets because we are now making more progress than ever in human history while on the cusp of understanding consciousness. I find it quite amusing that early (ancient) philosophers guided religious ideology due to the simplified framework of how most “answers” were derived. Now, with our knowledge of how the brain processes information, the way we do science is not in question, because we know we do things extremely slow, thus, super/quantum computers will assist us on that front. And no matter where human beings roam – whether here to Alpha Centauri – philosophy will still be prevalent amongst our society as a means to provide moral/ethical insight and support from varying perspectives, along with hindsight/foresight perhaps not immediately considered.

Conclusion? Without science to influence our collective knowledge and perceived understanding, there would be no foundation with which to support philosophy beyond scientifically illiterate men and women sitting around thinking about things with no evidence to support their claims/opinions. And without philosophy becoming more mature, committed to the reality for which nature presents herself through the lens and pursuits of scientific inquiry, researchers of the past/present/future may not have considered certain questions to be asked, pushed forward with their original intent, or halted their research for one reason or the other. Perhaps philosophy even influenced some in the past or more in the future to reconsider whichever field of study they were or will be pursuing, altering their course entirely? 

Before we were consciously aware we were doing science, we were experimenting curiously, for better or worse, doing science. At the same time, we were asking questions about the relationship we have or were developing about our environment, our relationship tribe/species, and we have every reason to believe that philosophy pushed us beyond the horizon, over the next hill, or into darker waters. 

Science or Philosophy first? In my view, perhaps they were two heads of the same body all along. 

Hope this helps somewhat! Stay curious, my friend. 

Consider the following: Bill Nye on Philosophy, Science || Where Philosophy Meets Science || Has Science Killed Philosophy? || Science and Philosophy

Major Characters...


Etc. Etc.

Juvia is NOT the only major character. There’s dozens of them, and some of them is Makarov, Mavis and Zeref, three major characters who we can agree will rest in peace for good and everybody will be sad and heartbroken, but okay because they need that little peace after everything they went through.

Mashima stated that a major character is gonna die, but as we established Juvia’s death will be pointless for the happy ending Mashima promised us because Gray isn’t fully healed yet, he was in process of healing thanks to Juvia, and her death is only gonna make him ten times worse about himself and leaving him to believe he is cursed to love.

If Juvia does really die then I’ll be very dissappointed in Mashima, not because Juvia is my favorite character, but because I love Gray with all my heart and it’s completely unfair that every gets a happy ending while Gray is left alone and depressed. He would be opening a dark and deep wound that was on the process of healing for what purpose? To defeat END only? He could of have done it with Juvia still alive. If Mashima wanted to use this rage to defeat END, then fine, Gray defeated his greatest enemy, at what cost? His happiness? After he promised a happy ending? I don’t think so.

She will be back. I have faith. It make awhile for her to back but she will. She’s still alive, inside Gray, he has her blood, so there’s still a chance. We just sadly have to watch and wait. In the meantime, let’s just try to enjoy this beautiful and tragic moment between them, even if we cry ourselves to sleep (like me last night)

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are bees awesome or what. Honeybees have an interesting hierarchy and so do tree bumblebees. and it's so cool how orchid bees attract mates, they collect sweet smelling stuff (in their opinion (sometimes we agree with them that yep that stuff smells nice)) it's an incredbily cool and unique behavior. Just bees are great.

The bumblebee genus is called bombus which is unreasonably adorable

Also I accidentally grabbed and like threw a bumblebee today and it didn’t sting me which was good and kind of it