we agree in everything

Friendly reminder that you are allowed to have your own opinions and there is no such thing as right or wrong headcanons. We all see things (for example fictional characters) differently and that’s great; it would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything. What’s not great is bashing someone simply for disagreeing with you and making them feel they are wrong etc. 

Repeat after me:

I will never be ok with the Naruto ending.

Seriously though, the number of grown adults who pitch a WHINY HISSY FIT when I tell them that they can’t take an animal home is astounding.

My favorite one from this holiday season was a man with a young girl (about 5 or 6 years old) and a teenage boy.  The man approaches me and, without me even asking what I can help them with, says:

Man: So we had a goldfish in a bowl and my son changed the food and it died!
Son: (clearly offended, yet texting) It wasn’t MY fault!
Me: Actually the reason it more than likely died is because goldfish REALLY shouldn’t be kept in bowls.
Man: Well it’s a big bowl, like this! (mimes about a gallon-sized bowl shape)
Me: Yeah, that’s actually pretty darn tiny.
Man: Well anyway, we want to get another one.
Girl: I want three!
Me: Unfortunately I can’t sell you a fish today– your setup really isn’t going to work for a goldfish.  You’re going to need at least 10 gallons for just ONE and even then you’re going to have to upgrade within a month or so.  Goldfish really aren’t a beginner fish…

As I say that I brace myself knowing what’s coming up.  Almost every time I refuse sale of a fish, I get the same reaction: outrage and demanding to talk to the manager, etc.

Man: Well I HAVE a tank.
Me: …I really don’t feel comfortable selling you the fish since I really feel like you’re not going to give it the proper care it needs for a long and healthy life.
Man: What?! I said I have a tank!  Why won’t you sell me the fish?!
Me: How big is the tank?
Man: 10 gallons!
Me: I still don’t feel comfortable selling you the fish.  I’m going to have to refuse the sale, I’m very sorry.
Man: What do you mean?!
Me: I’m not going to sell you fish today, I’m very sorry.
Man: I demand to talk to your manager!!!
Me: -points to nametag- Sir, I AM the manager.
Man: -takes a full pause, not expecting this-
Man: So you’re not going to sell me a fish, really?  These 15-cent fish that you feed to turtles, you’d sell it for that but not to me??
Me: If you had the setup for it, I would be more than happy to.
Man: I told you I have a tank!
Me: You told me you had your fish in a bowl.  I honestly believe you are just saying this to get the fish at this point, sir, I’m sorry.
Man: What do you I have to do, bring in a picture to prove I have it??
Me: -calling his bluff in a cheerful tone-  Absolutely!  I would love to see pictures of your tank and I would be more than happy to help you stock it after seeing your setup!
Man: (He takes another full pause) I’m going to call the company and COMPLAIN about you!  This is ridiculous, what’s the number to complain??
Me: I’m afraid I don’t know that off the top of my head sir.
Man: You don’t know the company number???
Me: No sir, but I believe it’s on our website.

While this was going on, the teenage boy was in the reptiles aisle texting and the girl was watching the turtles swim around in our tank nearby.  The man then grabs his daughter by the hand and does this in front of other customers:

Man: Let’s go– the lady’s not going to sell us fish.  She’s a MEAN LADY. (he’s staring directly at me as I stand there with no expression on my face)
Girl: Oh we’re not getting fish?  -not even upset-
Man: Yeah because she’s a MEAN LADY. (he says these words at a higher volume and with more emphasis)

He continues to repeat that phrase as he exits down the reptile aisle, making customers uncomfortable and I just shrug and go back to what I was doing before this scene.

An hour later I get a call from corporate.

NC: Hi, this is the national center, we just wanted to ask about the conditions surrounding a complaint we received about you.  A customer has complained that you wouldn’t sell him a fish even after stating he had the correct setup.  We just would like to hear your side of the story.
Me: (I tell him about the fact the guy had a goldfish in a bowl and then changed his story saying he had a tank and that I refused sale because I didn’t feel he was being honest or would care for the animal)
Me: And then he left the store, calling me a “mean lady” several times in a loud voice and said he would call you guys.
NC: Ok Christina, I just wanted to let you know that we agree with you 100% and that you did everything you were supposed to.  We wish you a very happy holiday season and I hope your shift goes well!
Me: Thank you!  You too!

I did a little happy dance and told the other manager on duty, who didn’t believe me when I said the company would have my back on the issue (he thought the company would bend over backwards for the guy and it would bite me in the butt)


The next day I come in for work at 2PM to find out from my general manager that the guy had called the store (after the nat center told him I was correct, mind you) to complain about me and saying that my behavior was “irresponsible” and that I was “unprofessional” and that I should be reprimanded or fired.

My general manager just said “Well I’m sorry to hear that sir but you see, she has NEVER gotten a complaint as long as she has worked for the company and the national center has already stated that she has done everything according to policy.  Sorry you feel that way, man, but there’s nothing I’m going to do against her in this situation.”

Made my week.

So, yeah, my company defended the life of a 15-cent “feeder” goldfish.

I’m pretty damn happy about that.

  • Host: the host makes an attempt to sneak his newfound companion into the conference room, being careful so as not to disturb the other members
  • Wilford: what's this about a new companion?
  • Host: the host freezes, his mind reeling as he tries to come up with a convincing lie. He hugs his jacket tightly to hide the creature being kept within
  • Wilford: you do realize I can hear you right?
  • Host: the host realizes this and curses his gift of narration
  • Wilford: what could you of all people possibly be hiding?
  • Host: the host proclaims that he has no idea what you're talking about. Meanwhile, the feline struggles within the confines of his jacket, mewing in distaste at being contained
  • Wilford: ...
  • Host: ...
  • Wilford: ...
  • Host: the host asks meekly if he can keep the cat
There are bigger fish to fry and there are bigger problems in the world. I love her and I want the best for her and I think she’s a fantastic songwriter. I think that if her and I can be representations of strong women that come together despite their differences, I think the whole world is gonna be like, ‘Yeah, we can do this.’ Maybe I don’t agree with everything she does and she doesn’t agree with everything I do but I really, truly want to come together in a place of love and forgiveness and understanding and compassion.
—  Katy Perry on Taylor Swift (x)
post breakup AUs

because i haven’t seen enough of these around and i am so here for angst:

  • “today was the first family gathering i’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin that absolutely adored you asked where you were and i had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures i took of you to feel okay again¨ AU
  • ¨i still have your phone number memorized even though i haven’t called you since we split and somehow i remembered it even though i’ve had like six shots of bourbon and hey, i know you’re pissed that you’re here at this dingy club at 3 in the morning to pick my drunk ass up, but you have to admit that’s pretty impressive¨ AU
  • “i’m pretty sure if taylor swift and i were in a competition of who could write the most breakup songs in one night, i’d win by a landslide because i still set two plates out for dinner even though i eat alone and it’s almost pathetic because we’ve been broken up for ages but i’m still not over you” AU
  • “so i know we haven’t talked in like, two years, and that things ended pretty badly between us but what the fuck do you mean you’re engaged to be married¨ AU
  • “yes, i know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy okay. i totally don’t wear it because like it still smells like you or is the only thing that even remotely feels like home since i moved out. pfft. absolutely not.” AU
  • “look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay? it’s killing me” AU
  • “oh hi, totally didn’t expect to see you here at this one hole in the wall coffee shop literally no one in the entire world besides you knows about. what a coincidence.” AU
  • “it´s my [insert family relation here]´s wedding and seeing all these happy couples is killing me and all i can think about is how this was almost us” AU (bonus: “i know that it’s two in the morning and i’m dressed really formally and a little (a lot) bit drunk but i couldn’t stop thinking about you after my grandma asked how you were doing also can i come in it’s freezing out here”)
  • “i still have your sister’s scarf and i know it’s stupid but i’ve been hoping maybe one day you’ll come by and pick it up so we’ll be forced to talk again because i haven’t seen you in months and i’m maybe kinda sorta still in love with you” AU
  • “i know we were never officially together or anything but seeing that picture you posted on [insert social media] with him/her literally felt like you carved my heart out of my chest and stomped on it and i’m not really sure why i’m leaving this voicemail but my pillow still smells like you and i miss your stupid face” AU
  • “we have a lot of mutual friends so we see each other more than two broken up people usually do and i know we’re not really close anymore but you’re wearing that stupid (adorable) hat you always wore when you were upset so tell me what’s wrong because it’s literally killing me to see you look so sad” AU
  • “so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you… wait–” AU
  • “i found your box of letters underneath my bed last night and because i’m a nosy motherfucker i decided to read them and it turns out they were all addressed to me and the last one was dated the day you moved out and i’m not quite sure why i thought this would be a good idea but here i am, standing on your doorstep, wondering why the fuck we’re not together anymore” AU
  • “well this is really awkward considering the last time we saw each other, i was screaming at you to never talk to me again, but like, my dog recognized you all the way across the park and literally dragged me over here because she misses you so hi” AU

sannejamila01  asked:

What are the main differences between an INFJ and an intj?


Essentially, INTJs, from first glance, will be a lot more arrogant and sure of themselves. INFJs are not sure of themselves in general. They’re likely to be like, “oh no!! I’m sorry!! But you know what you can do is…”

Whereas INTJs will be like, “Well that’s your own fault for getting that started anyway. In the future, to avoid that sort of thing you should…” and of course, they’ll only say that if they feel like wasting their breath trying to help you. Or scold you.

Otherwise, the differences are like this:

  • INTJs will be more interested in the world. Solving problems. Generally interested in politics, history, science–a subject that can actually be applied to everyday life and discussion.
  • INFJs, on the other hand, are usually into subjects that they don’t know how to explain why they like them. They like pondering over things inside of their heads. It doesn’t matter to them if it has a “real world” application; it’s fun to think about so they like it.
  • INTJs are more sarcastic, crass, and rude
  • INFJs are more emotional, easily offended, and vindictive 
  • INTJs are problem solvers, excellent communicators when they want to be, and are confident
  • INFJs are understanding, humanitarian, and soulful

I’m going to include another ‘appearance’ tidbit, but of course it’s just my own personal observation of behavioral patterns:

  • INTJs are socially awkward. They’ll do things like cross their legs in a chair and pick at the soles of their shoes. They’ll repeatedly run their fingers through their hair when thinking hard. They’re oblivious, in short, to social norms. A lot of them look like they have a touch of autism because of this. 
  • INFJs are quiet, but less socially awkward. They may be clumsy and get into awkward situations, but they are generally aware of how to act around people. They’ll be unnoticeable if they want to be, or the center of attention if they want to be. It’s up to them. But generally, conversation with them is lighthearted until they really get to liking you.
  • INTJs are confrontational. Say something they don’t agree with and they’ll start arguing about it.
  • INFJs are quiet observers. Say something they don’t agree with and they’ll ask you why you think what you think first, and argue with you second. When they argue with you, also, it’s less intense and usually ends with, “I see your point, and it’s ok if we don’t agree.” (unless it’s a FIGHT, but that changes everything)
  • INTJs explode and then quickly shut down in fights. Fights are fairly common since they’re capable of being so abrasive
  • INFJs explode but take a longer time to simmer down in fights, since fights with INFJs are so rare; a lot of held-in emotions from a long period of time rush to the surface and they can’t force them back down again 

Patriotic Enjolras: “I love France for she is France………..but I’m still going to die trying to change her because I believe that’s what is best for the country I love and I don’t agree with the current governing parties.”

Nationalist Enjolras: “I love France for she is France. She has done nothing wrong, ever. Fuck the English.”

Geno’s interview for Maxim (April 2017). 

Big thanks to @atsomnambulist for the help with the translation! 😇

-You live in the United States ten months in a year. What do you miss most about Russia?

- It used to be difficult, my parents did not visit that much. And now I’m comfortable, all who are close and dear to me often visit Pittsburgh. I don’t worry about food, I’m not fussy. What I miss the most is the Russian banya (sauna). Whenever I arrive in Moscow, I immediately go to “Sanduny”. I like to hang out with friends, sometimes in nightclubs too. You get tired of a year of matches and flights across the America, so you need some time to relax.

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A short Story In which space dad is confused

Pidge groaned as she walked the hallway away from the fighting. “SHIRO” she yelled as she knocked on his door. “They’re at it again.” She said exasperatedly pointing down the hall.  

Shiro nodded, “Alright, I’m on it”  he walked towards the common room where Lance and Keith were fighting. “Guys, whats going on? Pidge just came to complain, AGAIN, about your fighting.”

“It’s not my fault he NEVER LISTENS” Lance shouted turning to Keith.

“Oh, Like you’re the perfect little angel Lance, You’re the ONE that…”

“THAT’S ENOUGH” Shiro shouted at the two. The turned and stared at Shiro completely shocked, “I’ve had it with you two!” He put his hands on his hips and his voice got louder as he went on, “You’re going to need to learn to get along!’ He stood glaring at the two as they turned from the black paladin to each other.  Keith and lance finally turned towards each other and grinned Keith grabbed Lance’s hips and he looked up to grin at Shiro. Looking back at lance he dipped the blue paladin and with a wink he kissed him. They kissed like one of the first times, deep and needy, like they didn’t know what would happen next. Finally Lance tapped Keith’s shoulder, and Lance looked toward Shiro, “Oh by the way, we’ve been dating the past few months and we didn’t tell you”. Lance kinda shrugged but he was still dipped and it just looked weird. Shiro’s face betrayed him, the absolute look of what the fuck was so apparent Keith almost dropped Lance when he started laughing. Finally standing back up Lance joined Keith in laughter. Shiro turned and walked out of the room back down the hall and stoped at Pidge’s door, “They kissed” He whispered in a small voice.

“Hunk owes me ten bucks” Pidge stated. Shiro just nodded and then went to his room to digest what just happened.

The next morning at breakfast Lance and Keith came in together. Hunk sighed and nodded at Pidge and mumbled something about money.

“We’ve kept fighting A. to make sure you guys didn’t know, and B…” Keith started

“B. Because Keith is a dick who steals my pillows at night.” Lance interjected looking pleased with himself.

“B, because we don’t agree on everything.” Keith said shooting look a glance.

      The End.

@sabertoothwalrus Has an amazing comic that this is based upon. I loved her comic so much, and this probably didn’t do it justice

My heart breaks for those that have been hurt and pushed away by the church. The church was designed to be a safe place; a place for broken people to come together and heal together through the love and grace of Christ. What happened to you, or what was said to you, was not right. The church can disagree with something you have done or said, but you should still be shown love, grace, and compassion, while still receiving guidance. If something happened to you as a result of a church member or leader’s actions - directly or indirectly - or you confided in a church member or leader about something that happened to you in the past and you were not treated fairly, that is not your fault. I stand with you, and I hear you. You are not alone.

Mirrors (M) | 01

Drabble game request: Jungkook + “Don’t argue. Just do it” + Friends with Benefits au | for @jeonggukes & important banana anon

Character / Genre: Jungkook x reader | FWB!au, smut, angst

Word count: 3,460 words (idk what happened)

Warning: Smut. A little bit of exhibitionism and a much graphic smut. Please read with much caution.

Parts: 01 | 02 (coming soon!)

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Street Racer(Jhope Smut)

“On your mark, get set. Go!” You took off as fast as lighting, shifting your car in to the drive gear you moved it to slide into the top three. You were grinning as your engine started to purr, moving with the car letting it glide against the road. Street racing wasn’t something that was always easy but it was a heart stopper and a thrill that you seemed to love so much. Shifting gears on the car, you moved to get into another lane, cutting a car off looking up in your review mirror with a proud smirk on your pink lips.  You could see Hoseok’s car close behind your rear, until he was coming to drive beside you smirking as you both stare at each other. Of course, it was risky and you should have been looking ahead but seeing those smoldering brown eyes being hid under his brown hair, you were just becoming a puddle on the inside and losing your focus. Hearing a tire screech, you looked off checking to make sure you were good and taking a deep breath you pressed your foot down onto the pedal, pressing your hand down on one of the nitro’s helping boost yourself a little. Your car shot out in front of everyone else’s giving you leverage to get out of the stuffy lanes and cruise your car towards the turning point.

It was a thrill, a rush, such a joy to be doing something so dangerous. Your hands gripped at the steering wheel but not too tight to hurt you, only tight enough to make sure you kept a good hold on the wheel. Your phone started to ring, your eyes casting downwards to see Hoseok’s nickname pop up across your screen. You smirked lightly hitting the answer button on your wheel licking your lips.

“It’s dangerous to talk and drive Hoseok. Are you, trying to get me to lose concentration?” You asked with a soft laugh while your car did a short draft onto the street.

“I couldn’t help but want to hear your voice. You’re looking good up there. Don’t let me catch up. You know what happens.” Hoseok said and you could practically hear the smirking in his voice. You wanted to so bad get a word in but before you could, he was hanging up the phone and like that he was zooming past you blowing a playfully kiss through his tinted windows.

“FUCK!” You yelled out laughing as you slapped your hands down against your wheel, groaning you tried to turn on music using your next nitro to boost out with him. You were following in second with Hoseok leading and you hated it, you knew not to let him call you. You knew that Hoseok always knew what to do to get you flustered and before you knew it, you were slowing down on the pedal, not enough for anyone else to notice but you and him. The roads were starting to become cluttered with the other cars coming up behind you. Your head whipped up to look at them closing in but you could hear the cheers from the crowd as you approached the finish line so a slight sigh of relief left your lips. Your body leaned forward with determination and you were so close to Hoseok’s car you could graze the butt of it with the tip of yours. As he car came crossing into the finish line you could practically feel his gloating through his car.

You moved your car to the side steering it to your little set of friends, letting the speed accelerate down, taking a deep breath you leaned back against your seat letting the engine purr as you stare up at the ceiling taking deep breaths biting on the inside of your lips. How could you lose to him so easily? You puffed your cheeks as you punched your wheel lightly, only becoming mad that you lost not at the consequences for it. You hopped out of the car, shutting it off you looked your friends and they gave you before they came in to hug you one by one.

“It’s ok y/n, you did good!” Your friends encouraged you and you nodded your head smiling lightly at all of them.

“I did huh? Let me go congratulate the winner and give him my money.” You spoke lightly turning on your heels to walk towards the male. Your shorts rose on your body as you strutted towards him, the black halter top curving your breast the right way. You kept your eyes on the male looking over his broad shoulders, his dark brown hair glowing and blowing in the moonlight. He was talking to people and laughing, gloating about his victory. Your eyes roamed down his back, towards his plump ass cheeks, his thick thighs and toned legs. Sighing, you moved to tap on his shoulder slightly stepping close to him when you saw a girl grip at his hand. He turned around smiling down at you with a twitch of his lips nodding.

“Y/n. Good race.” He husked out, you could feel your stomach tighten up from him just looking down at you, his eyes staring into yours.

“Good race Hoseok.. Here.” You gripped at the stacks of hundreds wadded up in hundred bills. He pushed the money back to your body, a daring smirk on his lips mischief in his eyes.

“Keep it, bring it to my garage later. You and I have unfinished business.” He warned with a daring look in his dark orbs.

“Come on Hobi! Take a photo with us!!” This girl grabbed on his wrist pulling him towards their crowd. You rolled your eyes but listened to his words turning around you walked towards your car.

“Someone’s getting it tonight.” Your friend diamond tease as she opened your car door sitting on the hood.

“It’s nothing like that.” You lied shaking your head as you moved to sit down in your driver seat.

“You liar! You telling me, he’s taking everyone else money but not yours ONCE again? Let me guess, he told you to come to his garage and you were just like okay I will. And let’s not forget that you and him have been doing this since you were young teens old enough to drive!” She teased twirling her hair making your other friends laugh as your flustered body squirmed.

“See, petty.” You whined out grabbing at your door and she hopped off the hood to grab at the door, before a pair of eight eyes were on you as you looked around the small semi-circle. You sighed, pouting lightly you wiggled putting on your seatbelt, you nodded. You and Hoseok had met when you were fourteen and then you were starting small, stealing some cars and driving them until you were old enough to get a license and a car racing them for real on the streets. The cops were always after you and this was a dangerous life to live but you enjoyed it a lot. And you didn’t know if it was Hoseok in general or the life that came with being a street racer. Many times, you were also a flag girl going back and forth but the moment Hoseok challenged you, it had been a constant race between you both. Shaking your head of such thoughts you focused back on your friends.

“Don’t stay up waiting for me too late, lock the house and I will call you in the morning..” A string of cheers erupted from your friends, and you slammed your car door as they laughed and clapped on top of the hood. But you didn’t go straight to him right away. At first you went to one of your favorite café’s that stayed open late, getting you a bite to eat because you knew it would be awhile before you got food in your system again. Only when you were done did you drive towards Hoseok’s large car garage taking the back streets of Seoul.

{Text To: Wild Ride} Come open the door, I’m here.

Once you put your phone down, it took a few minutes for the garage to be opened, Hoseok was clever only pushing it open enough to let your car get through the space. You drove into the garage slowly, parking your car besides his, turning off your car you got out shutting the door watching as he shut the doors to the garage and make his way towards you. He was in baggy pants and a white Tank top smiling at you with that breathtaking smile that seemed to catch your breath in your throat.

“It’s about time you came.” He admitted standing in front of you cupping your cheeks.

“You know I keep my word.” You purred back taking your money from your back pocket to put in in front of you towards him.  

“You know I will never take your money. I’d rather keep taking your pussy instead.” Hoseok called out picking you up into his arms. You laughed softly as he carried you to the hood of his car laying you on your back. Your hand moved to sit the money down onto the top of the car, Hoseok gripped at your hips pulling you down more on to the hood, your legs wrapped around his waist as you let your body raise up, your arms wrapping around his neck.

“I don’t know why you just won’t change the rules. You know I’m going to keep doing all that I can to get you on my car.” Hoseok groaned kissing on your lips pushing closer against you, his hardened bulge resting against your clothed pussy. You leaned back with your hands on the hood of the car starting to roll your hips upwards against his moaning softly.

“Come on Hoseok, you keep fucking me into a pulp every time. You know that I’m going to get attached and then what would we bet on?” You asked softly and he rolled his eyes.

“As if you’re not already attached. We can bet on other things and you know that. I could actually take your money then.” He frowned pushing his hips back against yours. “You know that I want you.” He whispered moving his hands to grip harshly at your hips.

“And you know that I don’t do commitment. You’re like a hard-headed child. You keep dipping your hand into the cookie jar knowing you will get in trouble when it’s discovered.” You rolled your head to the side as he continued to rock his hips against yours going a bit faster, you sought the friction out between the both of you shuddering lightly.

“I told you I would give you everything. We both agreed on just this. So, I will live.” He leaned in to kiss you, pouting you gripped at his chin looking in his eyes.

“If I didn’t want you, I wouldn’t be coming back every single time. Let me think about it. And let’s both talk about this when we are thinking with our mind and not our flesh.”

Hoseok agreed, moving forward to press his lips against yours, he moved his hands up to grip at your top, ripping it off your body, he let his hands grip at your bra, pulling the straps down to let it rest under your breast, his hands moving to pinch on your nipples and pull them causing you to gasp against his soft inviting lips. He slid his tongue into your mouth to suck on the wet muscle, moaning softly he let his tongue search your wet warm cavern flicking your tongue playfully against yours. You started to slip your hand under his shirt, tracing over his skin slowly feeling the taught skin against your fingertips. Your hands went upwards to flick against his nipples as well and trail back downward but before you could do anything else he was pushing you back down against the hood breaking the kiss, he moved down to let his lips pepper kisses against your smooth skin. He flicked his tongue against your areola’s watching the skin pucker up and hardened under his ministrations. He moved one hand to slip inside of your shorts and slip your panties to the side, two fingers teasing your wet slit as he started to suck on your breast, eagerly letting the flat of his tongue grind against your skin. Your head rolled back and your hands gripped onto his soft locks, your hips started to roll up against his fingers feeling your slit become damp and your lower regions start to become hot. Hoseok changed sides with your breast, shoving two fingers inside of you burying them immediately.

“Fucking hell.” You muttered out spreading your legs wide bucking your hips up to ride his fingers as he thrust them inside of you. Hoseok smirked against your skin, curving his fingers and scissoring you open, though you were more than used to it, you let him do it because it felt good to have some sort of foreplay with him. He pulled back from your breast kissing down your body marking skin as he went, he used one hand to undo your button on your shorts and pull down the zipper. He slipped his fingers from your insides sucking on them and you took the initiative to push the bottoms down with your panties shuffling to get on your knees on the hood of the car, pressing your hands as close to the top of the car as you could not wanting to get the windshield dirty.

“You always know how to fucking make me want to pound into you.” Hoseok reached his hand up to slap at your ass cheeks. He slapped at both sides of the flesh, watching it jiggle for him, he moved to undo his pants and pulled them down his boxers to rest at his knees.

“Then stop talking and do it.” You teased wiggling your ass. He slapped your cheeks again harder eliciting more moans of pleasure from your lips. Hoseok gripped at your hips, pulling you back some but you knew to keep your hands in position, Hoseok aligned his shaft with your entrance pushing inside of you slowly filling you up. He didn’t hold still he started to pound at your pussy, deep hard thrusts that had you choking out cries of pleasure instantly. Your hands were becoming sweaty, it was hard for you to not slide them and to keep them in place. Hoseok moved to grip at your hair moving to arch your back, his balls slapping against your pussy burying himself inside of you with each roll and snap of his hips. His thighs pressing against the back of yours, his free hand going back down to slap at your ass cheeks, he switched and angle his hips differently teasing you as he pressed against your spot and then purposefully missed it. He wanted to edge you onto your orgasm but piss you off at the same time, hearing the grunts in your cries mixed with the little whimper made his hips speed up pressing harder against you. His hand stopped slapping at your ass once the skin was warm, he moved his hand around to rest on your clit.

“Shit- fuck Hoseok! Come on please fuck me on that spot, you know what I want! Please give me more.” He hummed as the pads of his fingers pressed down against your sensitive clit, causing your hips to roll and snap backwards against his. Both of your hips clashing and pressing against each other, your body was starting to crumple and give into the way he fucked into you, the hood of the car popping lightly as your body moved across the hood, your hands slid down the windshield’s lightly. Hoseok smirked watching how your body was giving into him, he leaned over to press his lips against your ear whispering dirty nothings to you watching you whimper and he felt you squeeze around his cock lodging him deeper into the tight space. With a few more of his rough deep thrusts inside of your wet warmth you were tensing up and loosing yourself cumming on his shaft.

“Fuck y/n.” Hoseok grunted against your ear continuing to fuck into you until he was pulling out and cumming on your thighs and the hood of his car. Your arms gave out as you slowly fell down against the hood of his car. He chuckled slapping at your ass groping the cheeks and massaging your thighs.

“I have another bet idea.” He started, rubbing his fingers across your skin softly.

“Go on.” You stated lifting an eyebrow.

“If I win this next race, you have to go on a date with me.” He smiled at you gummily causing you to roll your eyes. But even you had to admit you didn’t like how the girls tried to hog him tonight and it would be nice to have sex in both his house here and your house without having to sneak around, and to be able to hold him and spoil him with kisses for good and bad races.

“Alright fine. And if I win, you have to let me take you out on the date but- you have to get tied down.” You winked at him and he laughed slapping your ass as he picked you up nodding.

“Let’s wash the car, then I’m going to take you home and fuck you again.” He chuckled but instead of pulling out he moved to place you down on the hood of your car instead.

Fixing Septiplier

I saw this tweet and, yes, I can kinda agree.

People say its because Mark and Jack aren’t friends anymore, and I think thats not the case.

They still are friends, a lot, there are some parts in the livestream where they smile and talk to each other, but the thing is.

Its done where they’re not in the spotlight.

For example, Mark and Jack were tossing the toilet paper to each other and they were smiling at each other, but the camera men didn’t put them on the spotlight.

Also, Mark told Jack something and a big smile went on Jack’s face, but they were in the background, and the camera weren’t on them the whole time.

Mark and Jack always fueled the Septiplier ship back then and why don’t they do it now?

Well maybe they’re scared too?

Because back then:

The Septiplier ship was smaller, and people didn’t ship it as hardcore as they do now. They used to ship it as Mark and Jack did, in a silly, cute way.

But later on, people shipped it to a level that Mark and Jack never expected/wanted-

What I mean is smut, and people who believe they’re gay and they do love each other romantically.

Shippers who don’t ship it that way, or at least still know Septiplier won’t happen still [smut shippers], don’t worry, this isn’t completely your fault. I’m a shipper myself, so I know.

Like, do you really want drawings of you naked with a friend on the internet, especially when you’re as popular as them?

No, why would you?

Honestly, I think they might actually still wanna make those Septiplier moments keep going like they used to, but maybe they’re scared it’ll blow up and the shippers will take it too far?

It seems likely because,

it has happened.

They do sonething cute, it blows up, and now its madness and nobody can calm down.

Because if you’ve ever noticed, if you look at a Septiplier moment, its clear they’re extremely happy in each and every one.

But now they have to be cautious at every move they do on camera or else things will go nuts.

I don’t think they’re trying to sink the ship, I think they’re trying to make it back to the way it is.

But before you say “Then why don’t they just say they want the ship to calm down so they can be silly again?”

Well of course, THATS going to blow up. It doesn’t matter whether they giggle at each other or they actually do something cute, it’ll blow up either way. Its like some crazy curse. Literally, anything that includes Mark and Jack, there’s always someone going “OMG SEPTIPLIER AWAY, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!” Like, come on dude, these are real people who don’t love each other romantically. Let them be them. Everything doesn’t have to be Septiplier. Why can’t it be just two friends being friends?

And just so people know, thinking Mark and Jack are actually gay, even though having girlfriends, IS NOT AN OPINION. NOT IN THIS SITUATION. ITS JUST WRONG.

There’s a difference between a fact and an opinion. And Mark and Jack being straight is a fact. They have girlfriends, who are each wonderful people, but they ALWAYS, constantly state they’re straight, they are NOT attracted to men. They are straight and have amazing ladies as their girlfriend and if you can’t respect that, then I don’t think you should be here. Think about it. (Thank you to anyone who said about Mark and Jack stating they’re straight constantly)

And if it gets to the point where Mark or Jack have to make a video on this topic, thats it. We can’t fix it then. Because if its so effective on their lives that they have to tell millions about it, is not only dissapointing, but clearly fuckin shows our fandom can’t control ships.

Because Mark and Jack are not the ones changing.

The Septiplier ship is changing, and not in a good way. We fucked up. They didn’t.

And how do we fix it?

Well, Septiplier is huge, A LOT of people ship it. Its literally the second most searched option when you type ‘Sep’ in the YouTube search bar.

And it won’t be something we can do overnight. Its going to be a slow process.

There’s a lot of us and we have to all agree.

We can’t just lay around, waiting until everything gets better. WE need to be that something that brings the ship back to the light.

The Septiplier ship ran into a harsh, big storm and we have to work together to get it out onto the right path.

I want this ship to how it started, where everybody shipped it for fun, and we didn’t attack other ships. Not saying all of us attack other ships, its just some Septiplier shippers actually do attack, I’ve seen it.

Because the more smut and hardcore shippers that join this ship, the more Mark and Jack have to be cautious.


They’re not sinking the ship.

They’re warning us to fuckin fix ourselves and the flaws of this ship, before its too late.

And honestly, Septiplier isn’t just a ship anymore, its a community that needs some fixing. Its also a place where Mark and Jack fans join together. Because Mark and Jack have a beautiful bond thats brought their communities together. And lets not break that bond.

Because Whats better?

Don’t do anything and Mark and Jack grow farther apart on camera.

Or fix our ship, bring it back to the light, and have Mark and Jack be able to have things normal again.

Now, how?

Well, all hardcore [smut, sex related] shippers and people who believe they’re gay have to stop. (Or keep the smut as far away as possible)

Its not right or polite and Mark and Jack wouldn’t appreciate or even consider you a fan at all if you continue.

Ship Septiplier as a bromance, or in a fluffy cute way, nothing too extreme like sex, or kinky shit.

I know this isn’t how Mark and Jack really act with each other, they most likely do a bunch of shit together off camera where we don’t ruin their fun.

We can fix this ship.

We just have to try.

I want Septiplier to become peaceful and happy again.

Because Jack used to be a fan of Mark. He started his channel because of Mark.

And even though they’re on different parts of the world, Mark managed to find a worthy person on YouTube who derserves so much more. And that was Jack.

They’ve been through a lot, from meeting in person for the first time, becoming great friends, to having a happy little ship.

Lets bring it back to those times. Mark and Jack don’t need to change. We need to.

Lets bring the happiness back in Septiplier.

And ships like Jelix or Pewdieplier, don’t become like this ship, don’t go too far. Don’t make YouTubers become seperate by their own fans.

Mark and Jack have done so much for us, now lets do something for them.

I know we can do this.

Lets fix Septiplier.

Update: For Cringemas I wasn’t able to watch the first part but I saw that Mark and Jack agreed Septiplier as a ship was pretty bad this year in that part. And that right there is why we need to fix this ship. They know this ship is getting worse. If 2016 was Septiplier’s bad year, lets makes 2017 Septiplier’s rebirth into the light. Thanks to everybody who wants this ship better, I appreciate it so much! Now I know we can really do this. In 2017, we’ll fix Septiplier. Together. [Lol a PS: I understand the people who say that we should let septiplier die, but remember they’re are still fans and hard-core shippers who will start drama and shit. I wish it can be that easy, but right now, fixing the ship and opening people’s eyes seems like the best option, thank you💕]