we adopted him so it was too late to change his name

10 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence and alcohol

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Two small red pills, one of the white ones and a fresh bottle of water.

Caring for your brother had become somewhat second nature to you, Jackson and Bambam were recovering quicker than Yugyeom expected; which left Jimin in the false hospital wing alone. Both you and Sung took it in turns to keep him company, the other one catching up on sleep when you swapped over. It was safe to say Jimin hated his younger sister and girlfriend looking after him, he was supposed to be taking care of you two not the other way round.

Another week had passed since the night that stole Jimin’s sight, the manor house was quiet because albeit nobody could find the right words to say. It was awful to observe the usually strong warrior men resemble lost sheep, without their leader in good health the boys would wander aimlessly down the halls; occasionally escaping the confined walls only to return to the same stone cold silence mere hours later.

It was a Thursday morning when Sung announced she and Jimin were taking off for a week, after endless research and countless sleepless night she had managed to find an ophthalmologist who claimed there was a possibility Jimin’s sight could be restored with stem cell treatment. You were ecstatic to say the least, throwing your arms round her petite frame as you were both overwhelmed with hope.

“That’s amazing! Are-, he thinks he can do it?!” You gasped, squeezing her even tighter.

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Tidal Waves

Summary: Bucky broke your heart and then disappeared from your life without a trace. It was like he never even existed. When he suddenly comes back, you’re not sure how to respond. 

Word Count: 1,634

Warnings: swearing, angst, a lot of angst

A/N: Full disclosure - this is based on my experience with my ex. The messages are word-for-word our conversations. The last part of this story happened literally earlier today. There were a lot of emotions swirling around on my head and I needed closure. I guess this is that, or rather, it’s trying to be. This gets a bit dark, but I promise you guys I’m doing better now so please don’t worry too much about me. Today was long and emotionally draining, but I’m trying to be okay. I needed to get things onto paper, and I figured why not do it in story form? After all, writing always helps me sort things out. 

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Bucky: We can’t be together anymore. This isn’t what I wanted. I’m sorry. Please don’t contact me again.

You remember the exact moment you got Bucky’s text. It had been just weeks before your two-year anniversary. Part of you knew it was coming. You sensed it as he grew more and more distant, withdrawing into himself.

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the soulmate au- part 1

hey! it’s your favourite constantly on-hiatus mod trash!!! and here i am with the most garbage au yet. there’ll be a second part (hopefully), so heads up. love you all and stay safe!

  • amelie’s first words to her are ‘va te faire foutre.’
  • or, for an english translation, fuck you. a true french romance.
  • the line-skipping girl looks at her, shocked. amelie sneers.
  • ‘quoi? you understand this, but you do not understand basic courtesy?’
  • a slow smile creeps over the girl’s face. amelie scowls at her, teeth bared.
  • ‘on the contrary.’
  • oh, fuck.
  • amelie stares at her in disbelief. ‘you have got to be kidding me.’
  • ‘hi, soulmate.’
  • ‘impossible.’ amelie growls. ‘let me see your arm.’
  • the girl shrugs, rolls up her sleeve. written in elegant, swooping handwriting are those very words. amelie hisses in disgust.
  • ‘a brit. what will papa think?’
  • ‘whoa there! i’d like to think we’re not so bad. ‘sides, you’re one to talk about courtesy when you’ve made me live with this on me chalk.’
  • amelie squints, uncomprehending. ‘quoi?’
  • ‘chalk farm. y’know, arm.’
  • ‘you are a child.’ amelie has a sudden thought. ‘quelle âge a tu? you look twelve.’
  • ‘twenty-six. ignoring the jab.’
  • ‘merde.’
  • ‘what? how old are you?’
  • ‘thirty-three.’
  • ‘christ, you’re a fucking dinosaur.’
  • amelie sighs at her. she’s panicking inwardly- this can’t be happening. not now, after gérard. ‘tu me gonfles.’
  • ‘rude. so tell me, soulmate-’
  • ‘no. listen to me.’
  • she closes her mouth and looks at her.
  • ‘we-’ amelie gestures- ‘might be soulmates, but it means nothing. nothing. don’t speak to me again.’
  • and then amelie gets in a car and drives off, tires screeching.
  • ‘well, this has been a complete shitfuck,’ the girl says cheerfully, and then walks off.
  • unfortunately, gabriel reyes can read his sister all too well. when she steps out of the car, looking pale and drawn, he sweeps her over to the side of the mansion and squints at her suspiciously.
  • ‘quoi?’
  • ‘you look weird.’
  • ‘so do you. i’m just too polite to say something about it.’
  • ‘on the contrary,’ he says with a grin, but it falters when she flinches. and then it returns full force.
  • ‘oh my god.’
  • ‘no, gabriel.’
  • ‘don’t full-name me. oh my god. you met them.’
  • ‘i’m afraid i have no idea what you’re talking about.’
  • ‘your soulmate, dummy.’
  • dummy?’
  • ‘stop changing the subject. who is it?’
  • amelie sighs, sits on a bench. ‘a brit.’
  • ‘ooh.’
  • ‘no. i told her to never speak to me again.’
  • ‘harsh.’
  • ‘necessary.’ she looks tired.
  • ‘okay.’
  • she blinks at him in surprise. ‘you’re not going to push it?’
  • ‘nah,’ he says. ‘you’ll talk to me if you’re ready.’
  • she smiles, pulls him into an affectionate half-hug. ‘merci.’
  • ‘sure.’
  • soulmates have always been a sore topic, ever since the lacroix family adopted sombra, a skittish kid with a burn scar over her tattoo, too precise to be anything but deliberate. ‘it’s hypothesised that it was an introductory sentence,’ the social worker at the orphanage had said. ‘most of these cases involve- well, let’s just say it was likely a girl’s name.’
  • not to mention the time when amelie’s fiancé gérard had found his soulmate on the night he proposed, and had broken off the engagement two weeks before the wedding with a half-hearted apology.
  • fuck him, anyways.
  • she goes inside and sips cafe au lait and tries not to think about it.
  • and this goes on for two weeks, until finally sombra confronts her in the kitchen.
  • ‘listen, hermana. i don’t know who this girl is, who said what’s written on your arm. but you know what? you should maybe stop being such a baby about it and go and find her.’
  • amelie looks at her flatly. ‘i don’t want a soulmate.’
  • ‘fine! that’s fine! but obviously it’s been fucking you up lately. i know the gérard thing was a clusterfuck, but you should consider it. and it’s your choice. but i’ve grown up not even knowing- hell, anyone could be my soulmate- and i’ve wished sometimes that i could at least know. and if it doesn’t work out, who gives a damn? you’re fine as hell, sis. catch someone else.’
  • amelie just blinks at her, and then sighs. ‘okay.’
  • ‘what?’
  • ‘i’ll give it a try.’
  • ‘hell yeah!’ gabe pops out from behind the counter
  • gabriel reyes-’
  • and so amelie tracks her down.
  • ‘lena oxton,’ gabe reads from over sombra’s shoulder. ‘and her picture- ooh, she’s cute.’
  • amelie examines her nails and fakes disinterest. ‘is she? i didn’t notice.’
  • ‘she runs an international crime syndicate.’ sombra says.
  • what?’
  • ‘joking, joking. just making sure you were paying attention.’
  • amelie shoots her the middle finger.
  • ‘and she’s in paris right now, probably. here’s her- oh my god! it has her number!’
  • ‘it’s 2 am,’ amelie warns.
  • ‘don’t be such a coward. i’m going to-’
  • no-’
  • and then the phone beeps. gabe holds it above his head, grinning, as amelie swipes for it. 
  • she picks up on the third ring, voice sleep-scratchy through the phone.
  • ‘lo?’
  • ‘bonjour.’
  • a pause. ‘please tell me this isn’t who i think it is.’
  • ‘yes. it’s me.’
  • you’re so dramatic, sombra mouths. amelie ignores her.
  • ‘um. okay?’
  • ‘i’d like to talk to you.’
  • the rustle of blankets. ‘sure. what’s up?’
  • ‘you’re my soulmate,’ amelie says bluntly. ‘and i’d like to consider pursuing an… affiliation.’
  • gabe rolls his eyes.
  • ‘hell does that mean?’
  • ‘she means,’ sombra says abruptly, and amelie sends her a panicked glare, ‘that you’re cute and she wants to hit that.’
  • ‘um…?’
  • ‘my apologies. my sister.’
  • ‘okay. this is going to sound weird- what’s your name?’
  • ‘amelie. amelie lacroix.’
  • ‘like…’ and amelie waits for her to say ‘giant corporation,’ or ‘corrupt political family, but instead: ‘the soda?’
  • quoi?’
  • sombra cackles. ‘the soda! jesus, amiga!’
  • ‘no,’ amelie says mournfully, ‘like the prime minister.’
  • ‘ah. shit.’
  • ‘pardon?’
  • ‘that explains why you’re so pretty.’
  • gabe swoons. amelie flips him off.
  • there’s the click of typing. ‘ooh. an affair in the family? corruption, scandals left and right- well, i guess that explains my words.’
  • sombra grins at that. ‘speaking of, what are those?’
  • ‘oh? these? fuck you.’
  • sombra recoils. ‘excuse me?’
  • ‘no, those are mine. except in french.’
  • ‘hold up,’ gabe pipes up. ‘your first words to your soulmate were ‘fuck you’?’
  • amelie has a headache. ‘yes or no.’
  • ‘what?’
  • ‘to the… affiliation.’
  • ‘god, you’re so awkward,’ sombra says.
  • ‘oh, that? sure.’
  • ‘ah.’
  • an awkward silence.
  • ‘well, i’ll see you. tomorrow, 9 am, near that one crêpe shop near the eiffel?’
  • ‘oui.’
  • ‘got it. cheers, love.’
  • amelie blushes fiercely. sombra lets out an ‘ooh’.
  • ‘it’s a date,’ amelie says finally, and there’s a quiet laugh.
  • ‘it’s a date.’
Two Weeks Notice

His blood rushed loudly past his ears and he cleared his throat several times before finally managing to speak. ‘Two weeks?’

The firm nod from his soon-to-be-former-assistant brooked no argument.

Sherlock Holmes, self-made business mogul and genius with a knack for going through PR reps like tissue paper, was, for the first time, utterly baffled. 

‘I don’t understand.’ He stood and rounded his desk, a frown on his face, until he was standing in front of her. Molly Hooper. His assistant. His conscience. His voice of reason. The one person who, despite her diminutive stature and initial fumbling demeanor, had kept him in line and in good public standing for the better part of five years with a backbone of steel and an uncanny ability to charm even the most vicious reporter. 

She wouldn’t leave him… she couldn’t.

‘Are you no longer happy here, Miss Hooper?’

She turned her head before he could read her face, but he didn’t miss her flinch at his formal address. She took a deep breath before turning her gaze back to him. ‘I believe my services would be better utilized elsewhere.’

‘That’s not what I asked. Tell me, why are you leaving me?’

She looked down at her cherry-patterned blouse, tugged it straight, and cleared her throat. ‘Mr Holmes, the terms of my employment were clear in that, should either party be so inclined to terminate said employment, a notice of two weeks must be given. No where in the wording is it required that a reason be given.’

Sherlock cursed inwardly. ‘Miss Hoop-Molly, I thought we had developed an efficient rapport, even a friendship. If I have done something to cause you distress, please inform me so that I may rectify the situation.’ He slipped his hands into his pockets and ducked his head. ‘I have very few friends in my life and I would sincerely be loathe to lose you from my life.’

‘It is nothing you can fix, believe me,’ she replied, smiling sadly. 

Sherlock stepped toward her. ‘Molly-’

‘I’ve already begun vetting potential replacements,’ she interrupted, taking a step back. ‘Three months from now, it’ll be as if there was never any change. You’ll have forgotten all about me.’

Her smile was forced and a gnawing ache settled in Sherlock’s chest. No more chipper, bubbly smiles first thing in the morning as she brought him his coffee and handed him a folder with the relevant emails that had come through overnight. No more trying to hide his laughter in public spaces whenever she mumbled a sarcastic or morbid comment under her breath. No more watching her brilliantly smooth over his social faux-paus with a smile and perfectly-worded statements. 

No more Molly. 

‘What if I don’t want to forget you.’ His voice was dark and low. 

She replied with soft resignation. ‘We both know you excel at deleting extraneous information. And when I leave, that’s what I will become. Your work and empire will continue, your new assistant will do everything I’ve been doing for you, and nothing else in your life will change.’ 

Then with the strength he’d always admired in her, she straightened her shoulders and adopted a cool professional expression. ‘With that out of the way, I shall be off. You have a meeting with the Board in a half hour and I need to prepare the conference room.’ She turned on her heel and left the room, pausing at the door to call over her shoulder, ‘Don’t forget to wear the cufflinks Mr Haversham gave you; keeps you in his favour.’

The door clicked shut behind her with alarming finality and Sherlock fell back against his desk, stunned.

Two weeks. Two weeks and she would leave him. Why? Why was she leaving? He hadn’t offended her lately, insulted her clothing recently, or God forbid, forgotten to pay her! She had given no sign of discontentment or unhappiness working with him. If anything, she had thrived in her position, going above and beyond what he had even expected of her. 

So why would she leave?

Why would she stay?

The little voice that sounded a lot like his business partner, John, came unbidden to his mind. Sherlock froze. 

Why would she stay? If she received a better offer, he would understand that. But she gave no indication that she was looking for or taking a new position and no other company would dare even consider poaching her from him.

His legs were moving before he even thought to, propelling him across the room in record speed. He threw open the door and stormed out, sending a frightened intern scuttling after a flurry of papers she’d thrown in surprise. 

Sherlock paid the employees that parted around him like the Red Sea no mind. His singular focus was on finding his assistant and demanding a full explanation before talking her out of this irrational decision to leave him in the lurch. 

The lift was too slow and he bypassed it entirely, opting to thunder down the stairs to the ground floor. The conference room was in the center of the atrium and completely encased in glass windows that rose to the top of the three story-tall room. Transparency was the core of his business success; no underhanded dealings or hiding secrets. Made for a bumpy ride at times, but paid off in the long run. 

He straight-armed his way through the doors into the atrium; the steel doors slammed into the walls and echoed loudly in the tall room. Every head turned toward the sound and many craned their necks to watch as the C.E.O., President, and Notoriously Aloof Sherlock Holmes blew into the room with the force of a hurricane and narrowed in on the petite assistant who was speaking animatedly with the few board members who had arrived early.

He interrupted them unashamedly and furiously declared, ‘No. I refuse to accept your resignation.’

Molly looked over in surprise and a fierce blush stained her cheeks. Hastily excusing herself from the conversation, she hurried across the room. 

‘Mr Holmes, please-’

‘No, no more Mr Holmes,’ Sherlock snapped, uncaring that every ear was attuned to their discussion. ‘We have been on a first name basis for two years. We are friends, Molly. And friends don’t just quit. Not without reason.’

Molly looked around at their gaping audience and lowered her voice. ‘Sherlock, it’s…’ She sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear. ‘It’s complicated. Okay? You don’t understand and I get it, I do. Just… respect my decision.’ Her eyes were suspiciously bright. ‘Please.’

It was in that moment that Sherlock saw what he’d ignored for so long. The dilation of her pupils, the longing in her eyes, the soft way she would smile at him, putting aside her own personal life to help him, canceling dates at his last minute request when he needed her… the love that was woven in every word she spoke to him and every thing she did for him. 

And how deeply that love was reciprocated.

He reached out and caught her hand. ‘You’re wrong.’ He stepped closer and lifted his other hand to slip around the back of her head. Her breathing increased and her eyes widened. ‘I believe I do understand. Finally.’ 

‘Sherlock…’ The rest of her breathless words were stolen as he dipped his head and kissed her. 

Around them, the onlookers awed and cheered. Sherlock tuned them out, focusing all his attention on the woman in his arms and kicking himself for ignoring his heart for all these years.

And when John Watson, Sherlock’s business partner, arrived with the rest of the Board members minutes later, he smirked at the sight before him. A quick check to the calendar on his phone only made his smile widen. 

Seems he’d won the betting pool. 

Anyone, but her

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader.

Summary: Loki made a deal, he would let Thanos in and take possession of the few Infinity Stones that were kept by Odin to destroy Asgard later, with the condition that (Y/N) would remain untouched and unharmed, but joke was on him, Thanos is not the one to trust.

Warnings: Violence? Just a bit of fluff. 

A/N: This was so much better in my head, sorry.

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Thanos was sitting on his throne, waiting patiently for his moment as he looked at the realms rotate at their own speed. He had done it for years and years, and he still dreamed about the day that he’d get to finally raise hell upon each one of them. Patience was a virtue, but he was starting to run out of it.

Loki Laufeyson, Odin’s adopted child appeared in front of him, with an offer that was hard that the mad titan would reject.

“Thanos, I have come to bargain.” Thanos nodded his head once to let the frost giant descendant know that he was paying attention to his words. “I have no interest whatsoever in ruling Asgard, not anymore, so my offering is that I guarantee you and your people the access to the vault and you might take the few stones that lay there, do with Asgard as you please.”

“And why the sudden change of mind, Laufeyson?” Thanos asked.

“None of your business, Thanos.” The titan tried to talk back, but Loki immediately cut him off. “I have a condition, you can harm whoever you want, but there is a maiden, and I want her unharmed.”

“Who shall I spare?”

“Her name is (Y/N).” For a second, Loki’s façade fade out. It was enough time to make Thanos realize the trickster’s true feelings for the woman. “You get close to her and I swear I will terminate you.” He threatened calmly. “No matter how long it takes, you will pay if you dare to do something to her.”

“The maiden will remain untouched.” Thanos promised, but you can’t really trust someone like him.

Odin’s best soldiers, including the Warriors Three, fought bravely against Thanos’s army, but it became pretty obvious that it was a battle the Asgardians wouldn’t win. The palace was exploding from almost everywhere, and Loki was fearing the worst.

He had no idea where (Y/N) could be, and he didn’t have the chance to warn her about what was about to happen and how much he worried about her. If this was the end of their world, he needed to at least let her know about his true feelings.

Ever since childhood, (Y/N) was always around the princes. Her mother had died when she was just a baby, and her father was one of Odin’s greatest soldiers, but he had died too, so both the king and the queen of Asgard received (Y/N) as part of their own family. Thor, Loki and (Y/N) were almost raised together.

In Loki’s teenage years, he became more and more envious of his brother Thor, and the only person he could trust to let out his feelings was (Y/N). She always had a comforting word for him, and even when she didn’t, she was still there to make him feel like he was not alone. And he truly wasn’t.

Loki felt like there was something strange. It took a liar to know a liar, and he knew Thanos was not a trust worthy man, let alone, he was not a man. But Loki realized that a little too late. Thanos was already entering to the main hall of the palace, surrounded by his soldiers who were holding a woman. Loki’s instincts told him to run and save her, but that would surely end up fine.

“WE HAD A DEAL, YOU MONSTER!” Loki growled, and when the mad titan turned to see him, he laughed deeply, almost heartedly. “I didn’t believe you had no honor.”

“You, of all people, should know that you must not trust anyone… God of Mischief.” Thanos grinned, holding (Y/N) by her arm and pushing her to make her fall onto the cracked flooring of the leftovers of the Asgardian palace. “Look at your precious loved one.” Thanos pointed at her with his giant hand. “Look at her for what it could be the last time.”

(Y/N) laid there, terrified to the core and shaking. Her hands had dirtied with the dust that the tiling left and as she looked up at Loki, the words got caught on her lips. She had so many things to say, a lot of places to start from, but she was petrified. Loki ran to kneel next to the love of his long life, and he hurriedly cupped her face in his slim hands.

They tried to hold onto each other with the very last of their strengths. She allowed herself to break down in tears, wetting the collar of his clothing. (Y/N) babbled something she couldn’t even understand, while Loki tried to sooth her a little.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” He mumbled, pressing his forehead against hers. “I—I never thought he’d do this.” She held on to his wrists as she tried to keep herself together. “We—we had a deal.”

“Loki—how could you?” She spat out with her voice breaking every passing second. “You brought this misery upon all of us!”

“This misery was not supposed to reach you, we’d be far away by now if this crook hadn’t tricked me.” He explained agitatedly. “I would never put you through this intentionally. Please, love, understand—”

“Love?” She asked in bewilderment. “You called me ‘love’?” She repeated.

Loki didn’t say anything, he was too ashamed of what he had done, but he still had a trick on his sleeve. Thanos wouldn’t win that easy, especially now that he had broken the only promise Loki cared about.

“You are a disgrace to your own name, Loki Laufeyson.” Thanos murmured. “God of Mischief? Let me disagree with that.”

The first explosions inside the palace came from Loki, but as they were too close to (Y/N), she passed out and fell unconscious next to him. It was his first duty to protect her now.

The nurses around the bed started to move quicker now that their patient was waking up. She groaned deeply, and one of them held her hand and caressed her forehead. The nurse signaled the awaiting companion to come closer and replace her hand with his.

He was so eager to see her awake again, but she was taking her time. He signaled the nurses to put the lights down a bit, so her eyes wouldn’t hurt that much when she opened them, and apparently it was what she needed, because it didn’t take long until she opened them again.

When she saw Loki, holding her hand and standing beside her, a soft smile formed on her lips as she weakly tried to speak, but he silenced her right away.

“Don’t talk (Y/N), you don’t need to.” He pressed a soft kiss on her forehead and she sighed in relief; it seemed like everything that happened so fresh in her memory was gone and there was no more Thanos, no more destruction and no more anything. “Do you want me to bring you something?” She shook her head. “Do you want to keep resting?

Weeks went by, and (Y/N) started to feel much better. Even though she still remembered some things, there were a few details she was not aware of, like what had happened to Thanos and why was everything as normal again.

“Loki,” she timidly asked, as he walked her out of the improvised nursery. Asgard was still trying to be rebuilt, and it could take ages, but everyone was trying to do their best, “what happened after Thanos… I just can’t remember a thing.”

“Well, Odin is smarter than I thought, and he knew Thanos was plotting something to get into Asgard, and with Thor’s help and the warriors from other realms they finally defeated him.”

“Did you really…?”

“Yes,” he admitted, “but I have paid the price for it.”

“May I know what that is?” She asked, slowing down and tugging at his arm to make him look at her. “Loki, I’m not stupid… I remember some of the things that happened before I passed out and… I remember you calling me ‘love’” She bit her bottom lip, and Loki smiled fondly. “Is it true or—”

“It is,” he nodded, “you are my love.”

“You have the worst timing,” she chuckled, “getting your home destroyed… Just to admit you like me.”

“I love you.” He slyly replied. “There’s a difference.” His hands sneaked down to hers and he held them tightly; he was not letting her go again. “What do you say, love?”

“You’re the worst, trickster.” She laughed. “The worst of the worst.” She stepped on the tip of her toes to get closer to his lips and lock them in a sweet kiss.

anonymous asked:

can you please do scenarios/headcanons where MC joins RFA like original, but MC is cousin of RFA + V + Saeran + Vanderwood? BUT for Choi brothers, MC is their father's married wife's daughter which makes MC a half-sister to Choi brothers. this is obviously not a romance scenarios/headcanons. thank you!

This one was fun! We changed some of them slightly (making MC the sister instead of a cousin), so we hope you don’t mind! Spoilers for the secret ends for Seven’s, Saeran’s, and Vanderwood’s scenarios. 


  • He thought your name looked familiar in the chatroom
  • You also thought his picture looked familiar, but you weren’t sure
  • A few chats later, you guys exchange stories and find out you are cousins
  • You two were really close when you were kids, but he ran away and things changed
  • After this realization, you two start bantering like no time had passed and get close again
  • He doesn’t have his brother or parents anymore, so he practically adopts you as his little sister
  • When he found out about the bomb in the apartment, he goes even more ballistic than usual
  • Even after it’s resolved, he doesn’t like you staying in Rika’s apartment
  • He has the extra room, so you just move in with him
  • Life is going great…until he realizes you and Jumin have been in chatrooms a lot
  • “What? Do you like him or something?” he scoffs
  • “Yeah…kinda.”
  • Aw heck no he tries to dissuade you real quick
  • Whenever Jumin is in the chatroom, Zen purposely picks a fight
  • If Jumin gets really friendly with you, Zen tries to call you out of the messenger to do something else
  • But of course, you pick up what he’s trying to do
  • Knowing he can’t really fight it, he reluctantly agrees, but constantly fights with Jumin anyway
  • You actually find it amusing and endearing


  • He recognizes your name right away
  • You recognize him too, but you haven’t talked to him in a long while
  • He was usually close with Rika, and you and Rika didn’t get along too well, so you never got close
  • At first he’s excited to have you in the RFA…until you start nagging him about his gaming habits
  • After awhile, he finds that he’s logging in more just to talk
  • You and him end up having late night conversations about what happened in the family
  • You help him deal with Rika’s death by sharing memories with him
  • You guys get really close over time
  • Which really annoys the others because you have SO MANY inside jokes
  • And if you’re not doing that, you’re just getting into silly arguments
  • In the mornings, you send each other photos of what you cooked
  • Sometimes you’ll exchange recipes
  • After you joined the RFA, Yoosung feels so much at peace because he’s reminded what a blessing family is…even when they point out your bad habits and help you grow up a little


  • You two recognized each other at once
  • She was very confused how you got dragged into this
  • In reality she was just shocked to see you, as you hadn’t seen each other since before she left for college
  • At first, the RFA doesn’t believe you’re related
  • You like to joke around a lot and tease her, and she’s…well, she’s Jaehee
  • They think you’re all chill until one of them messes with Jaehee
  • You’re super protective of her, because she was actually your role model growing up
  • Despite being on the Jaehee Defense Squad, you’re really good with the other members too
  • You somehow manage to persuade Jumin to lessen her load without causing any problems between her and her boss
  • You also help her open up to the other members too, by dragging her out to meet them and hang out
  • You help her blossom into who she really is, and encourage her to pursue her dreams
  • When she opens up the cafe and asks you to partner with her, you cry


  • Of course he recognized you right away
  • You’re his little sister
  • Only he hasn’t seen you in ages because you lived in another town for so long
  • He makes sure he logs in the chat often to make sure you’re comfortable with everything
  • It confuses the other members because he’s so kind and loving towards you
  • They’re not used with seeing this side of Jumin
  • But just because you’re his soft spot doesn’t mean he won’t scold you from time to time
  • In fact, you hate when he turns on his big brother mode in front of everyone
  • He doesn’t mind you staying at Rika’s since he understands you might want the independence
  • But, he will make sure you visit him at least once a week to catch up
  • He really doesn’t want to lose touch again
  • As time passes, he notices you’re getting a little too friendly with Zen
  • He’ll call you out right in the chatroom, which embarrasses you, but doesn’t stop you from your feelings
  • He can see you really like Zen and vice versa
  • He doesn’t like it he actually hates it but he won’t overstep his boundaries
  • Doesn’t mean he’s not petty as heck
  • When you and Zen start dating, he sends Zen a congratulatory basket…full of cat food and cat related trinkets
  • On a completely “unrelated” note, he gets you a kitten
  • “Oh, Zen can’t visit your house anymore? What a shame. I suppose you’ll have to meet in a completely public area with lots of people.”


  • He finds out who your parents are during the background check
  • When he sees you’re the prime minister’s daughter, he’s against you joining
  • Still, V insists that everything would be fine, so he begrudgingly agrees
  • You notice he avoids a lot in the chatroom though
  • And when he is there, he’s very cold towards you unlike with the other members
  • Then one night, he finds a chatroom where you were venting alone about your mother and how she puts way too much pressure on you and never grants you any form of encouragement or affection
  • You also talk about your dad…his dad…and what a kind person he is
  • He always suspected his own mother twisting things for her benefit, but you only confirmed it
  • He finds his curiosity growing and starts warming up to you a little
  • When you continue to accept him while at Rika’s apartment, he spills about how you’re related
  • He thinks it’ll turn you away, but you just go on about how you want to save Saeran
  • He’s so touched and secretly commits his loyalty to you as a brother
  • When Saeran is finally rescued, you wish you could stay with them, but you can’t because of the whole family situation
  • You manage to convince him to have a secret reunion with your father
  • It isn’t in the public eye, and it’s barely for an hour, but it’s the closure he needed
  • He considers you such a blessing in his life


  • He knew exactly who you were when he sent you as bait for the RFA
  • The reason he had sent you was partially to get revenge on his father
  • But he never expected things to go as they did
  • He didn’t expect you to come back for him at Mint Eye
  • Seeing how much you cared for him was one of the things that helped him find purpose in life again
  • He appreciated that you were a little tougher on him than Saeyoung was during the recovery process
  • He always sought your advice and found you were a great listener
  • He wasn’t accustomed to having family who could actually be there for him
  • To have a younger sister–even if you were only a half-sister–meant so much to him
  • He was super protective of you though
  • If Saeyoung teased you a little too much, he jumped on his case
  • That didn’t mean he didn’t tease you from time to time though
  • He loved your little banters as you seemed to be the only one to get his sometimes corny or morose humor
  • He often asked about your father but he never showed interest in meeting him
  • You even offered to set up a reunion like with Saeyoung, but he refused
  • He wasn’t ready for that, and he wasn’t sure when he would be
  • But he was so glad he had you at least


  • When he gets the notification about someone entering the chatroom, he‘s surprised
  • When he finds out that someone is you, a cousin he’s very close to, he has difficulty keeping his composure
  • He’s so conflicted because he knows Rika is behind it
  • He’s scared saying something would only put you in danger
  • So, he logs into the chatroom often because he’s so worried something might happen to you
  • When you find out about the bomb, he calls you right away apologizing
  • He even visits you once Seven deems it safe
  • You two have a disagreement, obviously, but you know how self-sacrificing he can be
  • So in the end, you work it out
  • He stays at the apartment for the next few days to help with the party
  • It’s kind of like the old days, and you even do stupid things you used to do as kids
  • He hasn’t felt so light hearted in such a long time
  • After the party, he tries to be more involved in your life since he seemed to disappear after he started dating Rika
  • You two support each other


  • He heard from Seven about a new member joining the RFA
  • He doesn’t think much about it until Seven keeps slacking off
  • That’s why he offers to watch the CCTV for your safety
  • When you finally appear on the screen, he recognizes you as his little sister
  • Of course, he had to abandon you years ago when he joined the agency
  • He’s shocked and conflicted, but tries not to show it
  • It’s very hard when he can hear the whole situation about the hacker
  • He had joined the agency to keep you safe and you were in danger anyway
  • His protectiveness starts slipping up when he hears Seven talking on the phone with you and realizes the younger hacker has feelings for you
  • He cracks down on Seven ten times as much and gets mad when you seem to be returning the affection
  • Sometimes he’ll even eavesdrop on phone conversations and wait until Seven says something sweet
  • “That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t say something like that to her again.”
  • Forget tasing, he almost killed Seven when he found out about the whole bomb thing
  • You’re one of the reasons he quits the agency later, when you come to rescue Saeran
  • He reveals who he is then, and you start crying and he almost cries himself though he denies it
  • He can’t do much about Seven since you seemed to have committed yourself to him
  • But he sticks around and plays the big brother role he never got to play while you were growing up to Seven’s chagrin
  • It takes a awhile to get close to him again since he’s not accustomed to opening up
  • But in the end, he softens up and you two are really close

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~From Sour to Sweet~

When you find a new friend in the strangest way.

cat hybrid!yoongi/reader

Word Count: 5,703

What were you thinking?

You don’t know what possessed you to go to a hybrid adoption facility and want to pick out a hybrid of your own. You felt bad that you could only choose one of the many hybrids presented before you. All were of various species accentuated with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

“You can go in if you want.” The employee next to you responds, having spotted you looking at the hybrids through the glass window.

The room was pretty spacious but you were afraid that if you went inside you would try and take them all home with you. It looked like a cross between a playground and recreational room. There were beds for them to sleep, a TV off to the side, and lots of blankets and pillows.

“If there’s one you want to interact with personally, we have rooms available for you, if you’re not comfortable going inside with all of them. It can get overwhelming sometimes.”

You watched all the hybrids for a bit. There were a couple of rabbits running around in a game of chase, bounding through the other hybrids as well as hopping over stray toys and scattered furniture pieces. The foxes were playing with a soccer ball, rolling it back and forth and a few of them even went to mess with the other hybrids nearby. Literally all of the dog hybrids were play wrestling each other and you could see tufts of fur flying through the air. Most of the cats were either asleep or lazily tossing balls of yarn here and there.

You notice a small white cat hybrid tucked away from everyone else, including the other cats, curled up in a ball high on top of one of the shelves. He wasn’t sleeping, rather he was lying there and observing all the other hybrids with a smidge of boredom adorning his features, white tail flicking lazily back and forth like a pendulum. His white ears contrasted the black locks of his hair as they twitched to each of the sounds. You noticed that he looked…lonely, yet there was a hint of sadness somewhat hidden in his eyes, and your heart ached at the sight.

“Can I meet that white one over up on top of that shelf, please?” You ask the employee.

His eyes bulge out. “Huh? Him? Sweetie, you seem rather new to this, which is understandable, but let me give you some advice. You don’t want him.” He says with a shake of his head. “We have plenty other hybrids up for adoption that are much friendlier. Trust me, he isn’t one of them.” The employee tells you.

His response only provokes you even more to meet the black haired cat boy.

“No. I want to see him.” You answer pointing at the lone cat.

The employee sighs, “Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He goes inside the room and motions for another worker to take you to one of the private rooms in the back. The girl smiles and as you follow her you pass by aisles of toys, food, information books, and various other supplies as she leads you down one of the many halls. After maybe three seconds of silence you soon come to realize that she is a talker.

“Hi! Is this your first time adopting a hybrid?” She asks in a bubbly tone.

“Yes, it is.”

“Oh my gosh, I knew it! I could see it in your face. Aren’t they so cute?! Which one are you thinking of getting? I personally love the dog hybrids. They’re just so fun and playful! I always wanted to get one for myself, but my parents wouldn’t let me.” She pouts.

_Honestly, she could just be one of the dog hybrids, all she’d need are the ears and tail, she already has their energy. _You smile. “Actually, I was thinking about adopting a cat hybrid. The white one with black hair, kind of keeps to himself.”

She snaps her head to look at you with surprise. “Oh, really? You mean Yoongi? That’s awesome! You know, I feel bad for him when nobody picks him, cause he’s like super quiet and a little scary when he glares which is like, all the time. But he’s pretty harmless, unless, you know, someone irritates him. Like one time, Bob, the other guy who works here, you were just with him, tried to wake Yoongi up for his evaluation, but boy, he wasn’t having it. Bob was this close to having his face used as a scratching post.” She said, using her fingers to demonstrate, pinching them together until they were a centimeter apart.

Ahh. So that’s why “Bob” sounded so adamant about not adopting Yoongi.

You both arrive at an empty room and there’s a little window where you can peak in enough to see a few chairs on the inside. Chatty Cathy pulls out a set of keys from her pocket and unlocks the door, beckoning you inside.

“You know,” the girl says after a literal split second pause, “he’s not bad. He’s just…not a people person and I think he’s easily misunderstood. On a more personal note, and I’m not trying to persuade you in any way, but please give him a chance. You two both seem relatively quiet and you’re really nice so I think this will work out.” She eventually says, eyes shining with hope.

You smile at her reassuringly. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep that in mind.”

She perks up and gives you a kilo-watt smile. “Thanks girl! I knew I liked you for a reason!”

And with that she exits through the door, practically skipping down the hall.

You sigh and look around the room. It was pretty basic, the only decorations on the wall were a couple of pictures with cute animals. At first, you go to sit on one the plastic chairs, but decide against it. As you wait you unconsciously start rubbing your hands together in nervousness.

What if he doesn’t like you? There were plenty of other hybrids available, but you felt drawn to this one in particular and you would be disappointing to you if this didn’t work out. The other girl said she had a good feeling about this, maybe you should tune into her positive vibes.

Moments later you see Bob and Yoongi walking past the window and then they’re coming through the door.

Here we go.

“Be nice, cat.” Bob says to the hybrid. Said cat releases a small hiss in reply as he stalks none to happily inside the room.

The glare Bob directs at him shows exactly how much he doesn’t like the cat boy. He opens his mouth and you abruptly speak before he can.

“It’s okay, sir, I’ll be fine.” You jump in before the two decide to duke it out in the small area.

The man glances at you and grunts before eventually regarding the other male with obvious distaste. “I’m watching you.” Bob opens the door and then leaves, but merely goes to the tiny observation window to keep an eye on the two of you.

The silence in the room is deafening. You shift a little on your feet and look at the feline. He stands there in the corner, as far away from you as possible, with the same bored expression on his face, only this time there’s annoyance in that stare that is directed at the wall.

“Umm, hello, Yoongi. My name is Y/N.” You shyly tell him.


“You’re not that much of a talker, are you?”

Silence. Not even a peep. You could see that this was leading nowhere, but still you persisted.

“That’s okay. I’m kind of a timid person too. Anyway I can give you a small introduction so you can get to know me a little. I’m currently in college, my major is undecided right now so I’m just doing my basics. Uh, what else? Oh, I like to read, write, and sometimes play video games in my spare time. What do you like to do for fun, Yoongi?”

Crickets should be chirping at this point. He’s not looking at you, the wall appearing to be more interesting than you.

You then decide to take the initiative and you walk closer until you’re right next to him. He noticeably stiffens at your approach, but doesn’t utter a word.

“Look, I know you don’t know me and you have every right not to trust me, a random stranger, but I’d really like to have you as my companion.”

The cat boy might as well be a statue.

“Are you happy here?” You finally ask.

His ears perk up slightly at your words, but doesn’t speak and you continue.

“If you want to stay for whatever reason I will understand, it won’t hurt my feelings, but I can offer you I think a much better home. One where you won’t feel isolated or like an outcast. I think you will like the change in scenery and I will make you feel as comfortable as can be. I want to give you a place where you can be happy and quite frankly, I don’t think it’s here.”

His eyes are filled with skepticism and also with a hint of shock you think to yourself, but suddenly they narrow into slits.

“What do you know, lady? You don’t even know me. What? Let me guess they put you up to this or something? A new tactic to make me more loveable?” His voice rising, ears pinning into his head and snow white tail puffing in anger.


Bob was still watching from outside and judging from his flaring nostrils he didn’t look too pleased and neither did the feline beside you. You had to be careful.

“Yoongi, I’m sorry I didn’t mean-”

You did it without even realizing what you were doing until it was already too late. You reached out to touch his shoulder in apology and the second your fingers make contact with the cotton sleeve, you immediately jerk your hand back, but he was already moving.

You are abruptly pushed up against the wall with the cat boy right in front of you and he was livid. His arms were on either side of your head as he glares down at you.

“I don’t need any help from you so just leave me alone.” He snarls at you, tail vibrating rapidly.

You’re trembling, trying to figure out a way to diffuse the situation but before you can, Bob comes barreling in, slamming the door open in his wake, causing it to careen into the wall with a loud bang as he yanks the hybrid away from you.

“That’s it, cat! I warned you, but you just don’t listen do you?! You want to be put back in confinement again? Huh? If you do, then fine by me because I can make that happen! I’ve got a cage with your name on it!” Bob bellows.

_Confinement? Cage?! No wonder he’s always alone!” _You had to do something; you had to stop them. He was dragging Yoongi towards the ajar door; you had to think fast.

“Stop! Don’t hurt him!” You shout.

“I told you, girl, this one isn’t normal.” They were partially in the hallway now.

“I’ll take him!!” You scream.

All movement ceases to the point you wondered if even time was frozen.

“Excuse me?” Bob askes in confusion.

Yoongi says nothing, only staring at you with disbelief written all over his face.

“Look, ma’am you can’t just-”

“I said. I’ll adopt him.” You interrupt him before he gets to finish.

“But he attacked you!”

“It was my own fault. I pushed his boundaries and I accept full responsibility for my mistake.”

“We have a no refund policy.”

They treat them as if they’re possessions or something!

“Well, I have no intention of bringing him back.”

Bob is looking at you like you’ve grown two heads. You steadily meet his gaze in return while cocking an eyebrow, refusing to back down in this.

“Well?” You ask.

Losing the battle of maintaining eye contact, Bob eventually acquiesces.

“Fine. Your loss, just remember all sales are final. You’ve witnessed firsthand what this one’s capable of. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

He releases the hybrid and leaves to go get the paperwork you assumed.

“Why don’t you get acquainted with your new owner, cat.” Not necessarily asking, but rather more so making a demand. He finally exits the room.

The poor and battered door is left open, then everything is quiet again.

“Why would you do that?” The cat boy whispers, breaking the silence.

“Look, I don’t really know what kind of place this is, but you obviously hate it here and honestly, I don’t blame you, so… I want to help.”

“You? Help?” He scoffs. “You think you humans can just come and… whatever, you’ll regret your decision in the end. You heard what he said, I’m not normal. So why don’t you save yourself the trouble and give up.”

You’re shaking your head before he finishes talking. “Honestly, none of us are exactly normal. I’m not going to give up and if anything, I hope you can bear with me.”

“Why do you care so much?” He snaps, ears and tail starting to twitch once again.

“I care because I know you’re not worthless or defective like they think you are. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, I do, and if I have to prove it to you by getting you out of here, then I don’t mind.”

Yoongi doesn’t say anything at first, only staring at you like you’ve lost it, which was apparently frequent today considering everyone has given you strange looks, until he finally responds with, “We’ll see.”


It was approaching one week since you adopted your very first cat hybrid. You stayed true to your word, leaving the cat boy alone, giving him his personal space, and letting him do whatever he pleased, which wasn’t much. Majority of the time he just slept and when he didn’t it was either to go to the bathroom or come eat.

Whenever dinner was cooked and served he assumed he wasn’t supposed to eat with you. At first he would try to take his food back to his room, but you weren’t going to let him unintentionally lure bugs inside. Then he tried to eat on the floor next to the dining table which you also denied him of, stating that this is his home too and that he has every right to sit with you _at _the table.

“But you’re my owner.” Yoongi says with a confused look.

“I’m your friend. Therefore, you can sit right next to me.”

“But I’m a hybrid. A cat hybrid. You’re a human.”

“Congratulations! Glad to see you know what species we both are.”

“Pets eat on the floor and their owners eat on the table.”

“Doesn’t matter because you’re not my pet.”

And with that you place his bowl of noodles right in the spot next to yours. He heaves a deep sigh, but doesn’t argue with you after that. Yoongi’s actions raised a lot of questions within you. What did they teach the hybrids that made them think they were subordinate to humans? Is it just assumed that they’re supposed to behave a certain way? It wasn’t until later that night, when you truly understood just how hard living in that place made the hybrid feel.


You were staying up late to work on some assignments for class and time flew away without your knowledge, until you glanced at the clock to see 1:15 glaring at you.

But it said 10:04 just a few minutes ago! You must have misread it when it actually said 1:04. That’s what you get for always having that song on repeat. Oops. Bedtime it is then. At least tomorrow was Saturday. You turn off your laptop and leave the living room after shutting off the lights.

As you’re walking past Yoongi’s room, you open the door slightly to take a quick peak, but you suddenly stop. The cat boy was curled up in his bed, but you could just barely see the shudders coming from his body as the light from the hallway illuminated his small frame.

You pause, debating whether or not to go in, you couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or closed. You decide to creep in slowly and quietly call his name so as not to startle him.

He doesn’t respond nor stop his shivering so you continue your quiet walk until you are beside him. He’s sound asleep, seemingly lost deep in his dreams, or more like nightmare, and your heart breaks at the sight before you.

Crouching down, you notice the tear tracks streaming across his cheeks and you wipe them with your fingers. You pull the blankets higher up around his shoulders and without a second thought, run your fingers through his midnight hair. His quaking eventually slows and then ceases altogether. It hurt to see him like this and you wished you could do more for him.

Maybe bring him some warm milk? No, you didn’t want to wake him, he valued his sleep.

Cuddling? Probably not the best idea right now, not after the way he reacted back at the shop. 

Looking around, you realize how dark the room is due to the fact that there were no windows.

You want to be put back in confinement again? I’ve got a cage with your name on it! That’s what Bob had said and it was the only sentences replaying through your mind like an alarm on full blast.

Maybe he’s afraid of being alone in the dark?

You don’t know what confinement was like for him, but could only assume it was dark and lonely, judging by the fact that he was always by himself and apparently shoved in a cage no less. Suddenly you figure out what you could do for him, while being subtle at the same time.

You stand up and speed quickly to the closet out in the hallway, digging as quietly as you can until you find what you’re looking for. You run into your room as well to grab something else for him.

Once you acquire all the items you head back into his room and plug the Scooby-Doo nightlight into the electrical outlet as you watch Scooby’s head light up the small corner. You didn’t know how Yoongi would feel about it, but hopefully it will bring him solace at night. You had also snatched one of the little stuffed animals from your room, tucking the black cat with mismatched orange and green eyes from the Halloween collection into his arms and he unconsciously clutches it tighter to his chest. He appeared to still be dead asleep, despite all your moving, so after looking around one more time, you leave the room once more and shut the door until it’s slightly cracked open.


Later that morning, you stopped by his room to check on him.

“Hey, Yoongi! I’m going outside for a walk; do you want to come join me?” You ask from the doorway to his room where Yoongi was lounging on his bed. Casually glancing around you see Scooby-Doo turned off, but don’t see the stuffed cat anywhere.

Wonder if he liked them or maybe he thought they were stupid. 

He merely grunts at you and you sigh. You knew he wouldn’t want to, but a small part of you still hoped he would eventually come around.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

“What, not gonna try and get me to go with you?” He asks with distrust, ears starting to fold down.

“No, Yoongi. I already told you, you can do whatever you want. I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You’re my friend and I know it’s not easy to trust people, but please know that all I want is for you to be happy and comfortable here, okay?”

Giving him a smile you turn to leave and miss the small hint of gratefulness that flashes across his eyes as he pulls the cat out from under the covers and holds it to his face while softly rubbing its head with care.


On the day marking the second week of Yoongi’s arrival, you finally start making some progress.

It was a lazy Sunday morning and you were sitting on the couch watching old TV show re-runs.

You see Yoongi padding into the living room with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. He’s wearing the white hoodie and pair of basketball shorts that you recently bought for him. As he walks towards you, he glances at the TV. His face morphs into confusion, eyebrows lowering.

“What’s wrong with your TV?”

“What do you mean?” You ask while looking at your TV, but seeing no fuzzy pictures and hearing no distorted sounds.

“The color’s gone. It’s black and white.”

“Well, that’s because it’s an old show, back before there was colored TV.”

“Wait, what? That’s a TV show?” He points to the screen.

“Yeah, back then there was only black and white because colored TV wasn’t a thing yet. So when my parents were growing up this is what showed on TV.”

“Really? So this was made before we were even born?” He asks, cocking his head to the side.

“Yep.” You answer.

“How do you know about this show then?”

“It happened to be on one of the channels one day and I watched some of it, then I became hooked ever since because it was so funny.”

You look at his still scrunched expression and cautiously ask him, “How much do you know of the human world?”

“I mean, we’re taught how to speak to our owners as well as how to act properly and serve them, but other than the basics, not much.” He says with a shrug.

“What about technology?”

“We know how to use the TV and cell phones and computers, but we don’t know how to drive or use the things in the kitchen that well. We know what they are, but we’ve never really used them before.”

“I see.”

That’s sad, you think to yourself. They really don’t teach them much. How are they so supposed to gain their independence? That’s probably the whole point because that means they have to depend on humans to care of them.

“Well, if you want I can always teach you how to cook if you’re ever up for it. I don’t mind.” You say with a smile.

Shrug. He’s watching the TV, cat ears flicking at each sound they hear.

“So you sit here and laugh at three stupid men on a black and white screen, while all the other girls at the home would watch regular TV and giggle at all the supposed hot guys or whatever.” He scoffs.

“Well, I really like this show because it’s entertaining. You are more than welcome to come and join me.”

He motions with an “I guess.”

Yoongi shuffles over towards you and proceeds to sit on the floor while wrapping his arms around your legs.

You freeze.

What? Is he really engaging in physical contact; with me?

You were afraid to break the connection and elicit the silent and practically non-existent conversations, but at the same time you really wanted to return the affection as a sign of thanks to him.

So, as gingerly as you can manage, you reach over and oh so gently pet his head. Yoongi noticeably stiffens, but doesn’t make a move to pull away. Your hand gravitates towards one of his snow white ears and you carefully start to scratch at the base of said ear.

His reaction is immediate.

Rumbling purrs sound from deep within his chest and his eyes slide into a half-lidded state as he relaxes. He moves to lay his head into your knee as he nuzzles the side of your leg, long ice white tail winding around your ankle.

“Just let me know if you want me to stop.” You quickly tell him.

“No, no. It’s okay. I like it so keep going.” He mumbles so faintly you almost don’t catch it.

Ah-ha! You cheer internally. This must be his weak spot then.

As y’all were sitting in the living room, you both watch the show in silence with occasional chuckles here and there. After one of the characters clumsily falls yet again, causing you to laugh slightly, the cat boy tilts his head in your direction with a small smile.

“You know, you’re a very interesting own-um, human.”

“And you’re a very interesting, but also cute, hybrid.” You answer as you poke his cheek softly. Yoongi ducks his head down into your leg and this time you catch the hint of pink dusting his cheeks.


On the third week, a routine has been established.

You would come home from school, sometimes dead on your feet, and Yoongi would be waiting relatively near the front door to greet you. He would take your backpack from you and lug it to the living room while you headed to the kitchen where you would make dinner.

In the beginning, he would opt to just sit and watch, but recently you started asking him to help, either with chopping up vegetables or stirring the pot. The cat boy was reluctant at first but eventually became accustomed in utilizing the kitchen utensils and appliances, soon learning how to get really good at the tasks you assigned him.

Although, you still felt a little bit of trepidation whenever he tried to use the knife to “karate chop” the poor carrots and celery.

Or when he accidently put the popcorn in the microwave for too long, causing the buttery snack bag to come exploding out from the microwave door.

Also there was that one time he left plastic wrapping on the kitchen stove which almost set the apartment on fire.

Yoongi’s cooking skills weren’t bad minus the few mishaps here and there. Overall, he did a decent job and seemed like he enjoyed cooking in the kitchen with you.

Tonight, when you went to taste the rice he was currently preparing, you were stunned by how delicious it was.

“Mmm, wow, Yoongi! This is really good, I love it, especially all the flavors you added.” You compliment.

“Um, thanks.” He says, rubbing the back of his head, ruffling his black locks in the process; a small smile appearing on his lips as well. You see his cheeks flare up again and you can’t help but smirk at the sight.

“You should smile more often, I like it.” You say. The pink bleeds into a deep red and he purses his lips to try and hide his smile, but he can’t quite to do it so he eventually breaks into a full-fledged grin. He turns away and goes back to stirring the rice.

“I thought you said you’ve never worked with the kitchen appliances before?” You ask after a moment of silence passes.

“I haven’t, but someone showed me. Umm, at the home I didn’t have a lot of friends because I was always separated from them so the head cook took me under her wing. On the days I wasn’t in confinement she would let me come to the kitchen and would teach me about mixing all the ingredients and spices together. I couldn’t actually try it for myself because she would get in trouble by the other workers since hybrids weren’t allowed to cook so I would just watch her. She was like a grandma to me and she taught me all that I know.” He holds a faraway look in his eye as he relives his memories.

Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to say goodbye.

“Do you miss her?”

“Yeah, but she always told me to not be afraid and keep an open mind about humans, that one day I’m going to find someone who’s going to like my quiet self and appreciate my skills.” He meets your eyes then and the warmth heats inside your chest.

“The only thing she didn’t mention was how weird the human was gonna be.” He laughs.

“Hey!” You say in mock anger, slapping his arm at the comment.

“Who ever said being weird was a bad thing?”

“Heh. Not me.” He chuckles.


It has been a month since the cat hybrid moved in to your home and he was slowly, but surely, warming up to you.

You opened the front door, holding not only your backpack, but also a small box of chocolates from your friend. She was a pastry arts major so she had to practice her baking skills, and since she knew how much of a chocolate fanatic you were, she decided to make you her official guinea pig.

Yoongi wasn’t there to greet you and you find out why as soon as you enter the living room.

The cat boy had been asleep on the couch, but the minute you made your appearance he woke up.

“Hi there, Sleeping Beauty.” You say as you set your backpack down beside the couch and he groggily looks up at you.

“Hey.” He rasps and his voice is so deep and rough it actually causes your knees to wobble slightly.

What was that all about? You shake your head to reorient yourself. Alrighty, then.

He yawns and sits up arms reaching for the ceiling, hair sticking up in various spots as he watches you go to the kitchen. He stands to follow after you and as you pause by the counter to set the box down you feel him peaking over your shoulder, white cat ears twitching curiously, tail already winding around your leg.

“What’s that?” He asks as he rests his chin upon your shoulder.

“Chocolate. Want some?” You lift the lid to show him the delicious contents. “There’s dark, milk, white-. Wait, can hybrids eat chocolate?”

He gives you a dead look. “Just because we have feline characteristics doesn’t mean we’re exactly like them.”

“Hey, I’m just making sure.” You say, raising your hands up in surrender. “Don’t need you getting sick or something.”

As you’re preparing to make some sandwiches for dinner, you slip a small piece of chocolate in your mouth and from the corner of your eye you see Yoongi eyeing the treats.

“You’re more than welcome to have some. I don’t mind sharing.”

He scoffs. “Yeah, no thanks.”

You shrug with a “Suit yourself.”

After you both eat dinner, you give Yoongi the task of dish washing and you head to the bathroom so you can shower. Once you finish and put on a pair of boxers and an old t-shirt you walk back to the kitchen to check on the hybrid, but as you turn the corner you stop.

Said cat boy was currently stuffing his face with chocolate, looking like a chipmunk with too many pecans in its mouth. He hasn’t noticed your presence yet, that is, until he turns a little and stiffens at the sight of you placing a hand on your hip while also quirking an eyebrow at him.

“Hello, there.” You say with a smirk.

He makes a few muffled noises, trying to speak, but can’t with all the sweets occupying his mouth.

“Finish chewing first before you choke.” You advise him.

He does so and once he’s done he ducks his head slightly, ears folding in chagrin, refusing to meet your eyes.

“Well, someone sure likes chocolate.” You chuckle.

The moment you utter the words red flames spear his cheeks as they spread all the way up to the tips of his white ears, turning them a pretty pink color.

“At least I’m not the only chocolate addict. What else do you like? Cookies?”


“Cake? Ice cream? Pie?” Nod. Nod. Nod.

“Nice! You can be my partner in crime when it comes to baking desserts.”

He mutters something under his breath, but you can’t quite make it out.

He’s probably cursing me out or something to that extent. You think, laughing internally at the thought. 

“Oh, this is exciting! Finally, someone who can appreciate the beauty of sweet treats. Aww, my little sugar cat! Hey, I like that. Suga. Hmmm. Suga Suga. My chocolate connoisseur.” You giggle at the name.

He must’ve seen the gears rotating in your mind because he responds with, “Don’t even think about it. I don’t need a nickname.”

“But… it fits you. Come on, please??” You pout trying to be as cute and annoying as can be and you scoot up beside him, clinging onto him like a little kid.

“What are you, five?” He snorts.

“Please, Yoongi.”

He gazes down at you and you give him the saddest puppy eyes that you can muster.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to do.”

“That’s why I’m giving you the chance to approve it.”

He’s still looking at you and you him until he eventually rolls his eyes.

He sighs. “Fine, whatever.”

“Yay! Thank you, Suga Suga.”

“Just don’t say it more than three times a day.”

“What?! Five.”




“Three it is. Actually, no, at least four-.”

Yoongi grabs a random piece from the box and shoves it in your mouth mid-sentence.

“Shut up and eat your chocolate.”

“Thank you, Suga Suga! You’re the best.” You say as you rapidly chew the dessert and grab the box.

Running up beside him, you bump his shoulder with your own and you both go to sit on the couch. The two of you sit and watch TV while munching on the box of treats as Yoongi curls against you, faint purrs come from within and his tail wraps around your waist. He eases his head cautiously into your neck as he settles against you and you can’t help the grin that emerges from your lips as you silently enjoy one another’s company.

A/N: Why do all my fanfics keep getting longer and longer, I don’t know. This was mainly Yoongi’s backstory, so Taehyung hasn’t arrived just yet, but I’ll put his story up soon. If you like my stories feel free to flood my inbox, anon or not, I don’t mind. Apologies as always for grammatical errors, it bothers me when I miss even the smallest mistakes. Thank you again for reading and I hope you continue enjoying my little stories. I also realized that I haven’t exactly given myself a nickname for people to refer to me as, so you can just call me Amarwen. Nice to meet you!

Chapter 91 Thoughts.


The moment I clicked the new chapter was the moment I had the very same thoughts. I even double checked the titles. Then the penny dropped to my mind.

So Isayama decided to make another time-skip and also a change of character views as well.

It has been almost 80 years after this:

Almost 40 years after this:

Almost 30 years after this:

Almost 20 years after this:

9 years after this:

4 years after this and other events from the first chapter of manga:

And 3 years after this:

And we are at the year 854 now.


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Helpless (Tim Drake x Reader)

A/N: I wanted to write this so badly you literally don’t understand. I had the idea to base a fic off this song and was trying to decide which batboy. There’s a line in the song that’s goes “I’m trying not to cry because there’s nothing your mind can’t do” and so I chose Tim! This fic is based on the song “Helpless” from Hamilton. Maybe listen to it as you read? Idk, your choice. Also you have a sister in this because lyrics said so. This is such trash and I’m sorry.
Warnings: None
Tagging: @solis200213 @pinkwitch21 @tigeragathe @gokusanfan @just-a-girl-maybe @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @holywinchesterness @battybe-my-writing

It was a hot summer night, and the night of another Wayne Gala.

People were chattering, dancing and generally having a good time all around you. You had come with your parents and sister, more mandatory than voluntary.

You smiled to yourself as your sister charmed everyone in the room with a dazzling smile and an infectious laugh.

Center spotlight had never been your thing, and you much preferred to watch your sister gracefully waltz across the floor.

You glanced away from the crowd, to the doorway where people were still trickling in.

You swore your heart skipped a beat. A boy about your age entered, his black hair styled nearly, his blue eyes piercing and captivating.

You weren’t one to fawn over strangers, really, you weren’t. But something about him sent butterflies through your stomach. You felt like you were flying, just looking at him.

He stood at the opposite side of the ballroom, and you tried to catch his eye from across the shifting waves of dancers.

For just a second your eyes met and if you felt like you were flying before, now you were soaring, far above the clouds. The band was playing loudly in the background, but you hardly noticed. You didn’t realize that you were smiling, lost in his eyes until he looked away with a slight smirk.

“What’s this? Found someone interesting?” A voice came from behind you, and you felt a gentle touch on your forearm.

You turned and saw your sister, smirking at you encouragingly.

“Maybe,” you said, one side of your mouth turning up in a half smile. “I think this one’s mine.”

Your sister nodded and made her way across the ballroom. Too late you realized she was headed directly for him. She took the young man by the arm gently.

What was she doing? No, no, no! So much for that.

Your sister started to pull him off somewhere, and you could feel your nerves building as you watched them go.

Then he looked back at you, and suddenly the flying feeling was back and you were helpless.

“Where are you taking me?” Tim asked your sister skeptically, allowing her to guide him by the arm around the sides of the ballroom.

“I’m about to change your life,” she said, smirking to herself.

“By all means, lead the way,” Tim replied, still slightly skeptical.

You wanted to slap yourself for ever doubting your sister’s intentions once you saw her leading him over to you.

You felt happiness flutter up your chest as your eyes met with his once again.

He and your sister reached you and she gave you an encouraging nudge on the arm.

“(Y/N) (L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you,” you said, introducing yourself.

“(L/N)?” he asked, looking over to your sister.

“My sister,” she replied.

He nodded and turned back to you. “(Y/N), did you say? Lovely name. I’m Timothy Drake,” he said shaking your hand.

“I’ll leave you to it,” your sister said before making her way back out to the dance floor.

It had hardly been a week since the gala and you were constantly messaging and talking to him. The flying feeling had yet to fade.

That wonderful feeling really never did go away. Every time you looked that boy in the eye it was like the sky was the limit.

Almost a year later, Tim stood in your dining room, casually talking with other guests at a party your family was hosting.

You were nervous. Tim had asked your father for his blessing earlier that night, and your father had yet to give his answer.

You felt pride and joy swell in your heart as you watched Tim confidently charm your guests. You swore you could have cried tears of joy right then and there. There was nothing his mind couldn’t do. And this boy was yours.

Once Tim had separated himself from the group of party guests your father made his way across the room.

You started to panic. What if he said no? You could feel your heart begin to sink at all the possibilities, but your father shook his hand and suddenly Tim was giving you this big goofy smile and you were soaring again.

He came over to you, still smiling, and those dazzling blue eyes locked with yours.

You were sitting in Tim’s room, curled into his side in comfortable silence.

“(Y/N)?” Tim asked, shifting so that he could look at you.

“Yeah?” you answered glancing over at him.

“Listen. Just, listen. I’ve wanted to say this for a while. You and your family bring out a different side of me. You make me feel like I really belong somewhere, you know?” Tim had begun to run his hands through your hair.

“You belong with Bruce too, though. You belong with Batman,” you asserted gently.

“Of course I do, but when I was a kid, my parents weren’t around. Even once Bruce adopted me, I never had what I could call a normal, functional family. Once we’re married we can get a place in Gotham, and we’ll figure it out. I’m just so excited about all of this. I’ve been living without a normal family for so long. I swear, I’ll make sure you never feel as helpless as I did.”

You looked up at him, and met with those beautiful blue eyes. You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.

As it happens, you would be feeling that same flying feeling on the day of your wedding.

When it came to Tim, you were helpless.

Conor Maynard Imagine - Photograph (SMUT)

For the past few days, you have been frustrated. Really frustrated. At some point during the past week, you started seeing Conor with different eyes. Suddenly, you wanted to be more than his friend, more than his go-to shoulder when he was upset. And it was all because of that fucking cover.

Not a song cover, but a magazine cover. Gleam had managed to get Conor into the cover of UK’s most important fashion magazine, and you were regretting getting a copy. The photoshoot featured inside, a 5-page-long fucking shoot, had your insides tingling. You had never seen him look so sexy, so ready to pin you up against the wall. And God, did you want him to pin you up against a wall.

Your favourite picture of him was strategically kept at the bottom of your drawer, as if you were a crazy ass 13-year-old fangirl. Shame? None. He was sitting down on a wooden chair, his chin lifted up slightly. His eyes were closed, his hair too bed-like for you to handle, and his left hand was grabbing his pants. He was biting his lip, and so were you.

That’s why, when he asked for your help with a video, you had struggled not to imagine him biting his lip, head thrown back in another situation that involved you kneeling down in front of him. Because that was all you really wanted.

Jack had told you he had a thing for you, but you knew it was smart not to trust Jack with everything he said. Since then, you thought you had seen him looking at you in a different way, yet you still thought you were imagining it. But you were tired of playing games. Lately you have been craving his touch, and not in the friendly way it always happened. You didn’t know where your obsession with Conor had come from, or why, but you sure were more than fine with it.

You were behind the camera, checking that everything was going well as Conor and Anth sung whatever they were recording. Your mind could only focus on Conor’s voice, and how good it would sound if he moaned your name with you on top of him. You sighed deeply.

“Sounded great, guys” you told them once they finished off “Don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t know you could sing so well, Anth”

The boy laughed, making you smile “It’s really a pleasure to surprise pretty girls like that” he said, and you saw Conor giving him a look by the corner of your eye.

You didn’t like Anth like that, and you well knew you weren’t his type - Jack had told you how he was trying to get with an LA blonde chick. But it didn’t mean you couldn’t have some fun with the situation “It was a pleasant surprise, indeed” you told him, and then you winked at him just for the sake of it.

“Let me see if we need to do another take” Conor said coldly, grabbing the camera from your hands without even looking at you. You knew that serious expression on his face, and you were enjoying every second of it.

“Want to stay for a drink, Anth?” you asked him, ignoring Conor right besides you.

“He’s going out shortly, aren’t you?” Conor interrumpted, not even letting his friend speak up.

You noticed Anth was going to acept your invitation, but after Conor’s words, he changed his mind. He could tell his friend was annoyed for some weird reason, and the last thing he wanted was to get him upset “Actually, yeah” he said. You raised an eyebrow “I’d love to, but I’m in a rush tonight. Maybe some other day, Y/N”

He smiled at you, and you smiled back at him “Sure” But you were pissed off. It was not because you wanted Anth to stay, but because Conor had no rights to uninvite people from your plans.

“Okay, no need for a second take” Conor informed you after a few minutes.

“Right, then” Anth said, grabbing his jacket from the desk “I’ll see you tomorrow, mate. Bye, Y/N, thanks for your offer again”.

And with that, he left. When you heard the main door closing, you turned your head to Conor, who had his eyes fixed on the video “What the hell is wrong with you?” you snapped, getting him to lift his gaze.

“Hey, what did I do?” he sounded confused, yet you noticed a slight sass on his voice.

“Anth wanted to stay, but no, pretty boy over here had to be a dick about it and remind him that he had to be somewhere else” you crossed your arms in front of you.

“He really needed to be somewhere else” he said. After what seemed like three hours, he spoke again “Sorry I ruined your plans to flirt with him, if that’s what’s bothering you”

Your mouth hung open “Excuse me?”

He chuckled sligtly “Consider yourself saved” he said, and you adopted a more defensive position “I love him, but he’d leave you the morning after”

You raised your eyebrow again “And why do you even care?”

He left the camera on his desk, and walked towards you. You took a step back as the sudden image of him on that chair filled your thoughts again “Because you’re my friend” he smirked, and you couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

But you sure knew it was a game for two “Right” you mumbled “If you were a real friend you’d have encouraged me to get with him, if that’s what I wanted”

He laughed, and you suddenly felt ridiculous. Maybe your attempt to look and sound tough wasn’t working as well as you had planned “I don’t think that’s what you wanted, love”

You gulped as he took a step closer to you. It was impossible that he was insinuating himself to you, you were probably just imagining things. But then, your eyes met his and you instintively bit your bottom lip.

“You don’t even know what you want yourself, let alone what I want” you said, your words stinging on his chest.

He shook his head, and lifted up his thumb to chew on his fingernail, his eyes never leaving yours. You could tell he was nervous “Right, I see you wanna play” he mumbled, and before you could take in what was happening, you found yourself pressed against his body, the cold wall behind you sending chills down your spine.

He pressed your foreheads together, his lips hovering at yours “I fucking know what I want” he whispered, his voice sending you on a state even more intense than his pictures had made you feel “And it’s you

Your lips immediately pressed against his hungrily. You cupped his face on your hands while his roamed your body, pressing it closer to his. You moaned inside his mouth as he deepened the kiss, wanting nothing more than to have him inside you. Because you couldn’t take it anymore, and the friction you had been making between your legs wasn’t helping anymore.

“I need you inside me, badly” you moaned, unable to keep teasing around anymore.

“How bad do you need me, princess?” he asked you, already unblucking his belt.

“Conor, please” you begged as you felt his lips on yours again. His hands travelled to the small of your back, gripping at your sides in such a hot yet caring way it was driving you insane.

You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist, as he started walking towards his bedroom. However, the steamy pressure your lips were making on his neck made him stop halfway, and he placed you up on the kitchen counter instead. He attacked your lips again, your hands instictively going to his bulge. You massaged it tightly, trying to get him to react. He moaned into your neck, making you tighten your grip.

You jumped off the counter to remove your leggins, as he did the same. He grabbed your waist and pulled you up again, pumping his now bare member with his hand. You opened your legs, admiring his actions in front of you, because you couldn’t count with the fingers of both hands how many times you had imagined yourself in that situation.

Eventually, Conor slid inside you in a swift move, giving you no time to adjust to his lenght. You let out a high pitched scream as he thrusted in and out. Your arms wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life as his hands were on your waist, steading your body as he rapidly pounded inside you against the kitchen counter.

“Fuck, Y/N” he moaned, his face hidden on the crook of your neck. Your walls clentched around his member, making your both whimper in pleasure. He went on for a couple of minutes until he hit your spot, and you screamed his name in arousal, and he wasn’t able to take it any longer.

“Conor, that was…” you whispered as your head rested on his chest, recovering from your previous actions.

His arms tightened around your bare skin, and he kissed the top of your head “I love you, Y/N” he whispered back, catching you off-guard “I couldn’t see you flirting with Anth when all I wanted was to have you like this” he breathed out. He kissed your head again “My princess” he whispered to himself.

You lifted your head to look at him. You placed your hand on his cheek, caressing it carefully “Hey” you smiled “It’s fine, Con” He took your hand and placed a soft kiss on it.

“Let me at least take you out on a date?” he smiled, as you saw your cute old friend Conor Maynard again, instead of the hot mess in that photoshoot, and suddenly you realised you loved both way too much.

“I’d love to” you smiled, before leaning in and kissing his soft lips again.

{ five’s company // ch. 22 }

t/w: none!

inbox || masterlist

chapter twenty-two.

month five. You wrote in pretty cursive at the bottom of the polaroid you took this morning. You had gotten into the habit of taking pictures of your progress. Often you took the photo from your phone, but for milestones like these, you asked one of the boys to take a polaroid of you.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:  1035
Requested by Anonymous:  hi! can i request a dean x reader where bobby is like an adoptive father to the reader and dean falls for her (reader has always liked dean) and dean then talks to bobby about how to approach her, but the reader accidentally listens and well you do what you want from there lol! as long as bobby is a protective dad too thank you!!!

          “There’s my girl,” Bobby said when you made your way into the house after finishing up the hunt with Sam and Dean.

           “Hey,” you hurried over to hug him. Bobby might not have been your biological father, but he had been the closest thing to a father you had ever known.

           “How was the hunt?” he asked.

           “Not too bad,” you shrugged as the guys came into the house, “The three of us make a pretty good team.”

           “Yeah, we do,” Dean said.

           “Well, good,” Bobby said, “You kids hungry?”

           “Starving,” all three of you answered, making him laugh.

           “I’ll fix something up then,” he said, going into the kitchen to get to work on fixing something for dinner.

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Why I'm still afraid to hold my girlfriend's hand.

In 2017, we still can’t just be us. And things are only getting worse.

By Kirsten King

Mar 28, 2017

I sat in a small photo booth watching a smile spread across my face as my girlfriend, Jane, pressed her lips firmly onto my cheek. It was one month after the election and we were at Dave & Busters, distracting ourselves with arcade games and oversize beers. The countdown for the last photo came onto the screen in front of us, “5 … 4 … 3…”

Suddenly, a man stumbled into the booth and purposefully jumped in between us.

I tensed immediately. On the “fight or flight” scale of dealing with crisis, I usually fall somewhere in between “flight” and “melt into the ground and hide.” Jane usually chooses to fight. She pushed the stranger out, looked back at me, and then back at the screen. We both smiled in a way that didn’t reach our eyes as the camera flashed.

“What a fucking jerk,” Jane spat as she walked out, grabbing our photo absentmindedly. “If we were a man and a woman — he never would have walked in,” she said.

“I know,” I said, the depth of her anger just dawning on me.

“We should say something,” she said. “We should tell him he can’t just do that.”

I wanted to advise against it but it was too late. She spotted him.

“Hey. You’re a real piece of shit, you know that?” she said, pressing her index finger into his chest. My stomach flipped — I knew how these confrontations usually ended for LGBTQ people. He flashed an unaffected grin and laughed.

“Relax,” he said and walked away.

His response, though brief, turned inside me. “Relax.” I realized now why she was so mad. She was mad because we couldn’t relax. We couldn’t kiss and touch and be us, and not be watched by other people. That was a privilege that we had not yet been afforded as a same-sex couple. Not even in a photo booth. Not even behind a curtain. Especially not in 2017.

Maybe in the past, we would have brushed it off. We would have taken the photo and hung it up on the fridge, ignoring the context which it was taken in. But we were exhausted. We were tired of small moments being taken away from us; we wanted things to be easier. But under an administration with a hugely questionable LGBTQ track record, that end didn’t feel like it was in sight.

I remember the first time a man made me and another woman feel unsafe. It was at the Baseball Tavern in Boston, a bar known for heavy pours when the Red Sox lost. Her name was Angela, and she would end up with a good Boston boy a few years down the road, but not that night.

She touched my wrist softly, pulling at a bracelet an ex-boyfriend had given me. Electricity pulsed through me.

“Kiss her, already!” 

We turned to see a group of guys ogling us. Angela dropped her hand.

“Maybe buy us a drink first,” she said, smiling at them.

She wasn’t sick of it yet — the attention we got while out. She didn’t realize that accepting a Whiskey Sour from a guy hoping for some sort of group sex scenario meant that guys would keep asking. She didn’t realize the more we played into a game with rules we didn’t make, the more we’d never be allowed to make our own.

The guys smiled. Angela turned back to me.

“Don’t worry. I’m just kidding,” she said. “But hey, if the drinks are free,” she laughed.

Her words cut through me, despite the protective layer of cheap tequila. I was upset because their ogling and her acceptance made me feel like there wasn’t an “us.” It made me feel like our relationship, as minor as it may have been, only existed to the outside world as a performance, even if it was the most real thing to me.

Being a feminine bisexual woman, I have the privilege of passing as straight. I can walk down the street and any Tom, Sue, or Larry will assume I’m your average hetero gal. I’ll be read as “normal.”

But when I’m dating a woman or a person of color, that story changes. That makes Tom, Sue, and Larry all stop. 

During Barack Obama’s presidency, various legislation protecting the LGBTQ community was passed, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Stationary goosebumps sat on my arms as our former president stood at a podium and declared the Supreme Court ruling a victory not just for the community, but for the country.

I felt like maybe people were starting to get it, like maybe the days of leering at two women in a bar or giggling as two men held hands were over.

The night it passed, I went to a bar with two male friends who were dating. I remember how they looked at each other like the whole world was laid out in front of them. As they exchanged whiskey-soaked kisses, I couldn’t help but feel like we were finally getting somewhere, like the community had been handed a little Monopoly card that said we could all pass Go.

Then Donald Trump came into office and things got even harder. Because even if we had the card to pass, it didn’t mean it would be easy.

What was scarier than any of his potential legislation were the people who marched proudly for him. Suddenly, people felt safe in theirhate again. Suddenly, holding my girlfriend’s hand brought first glances that led to second glances, and second glances that led to stares. Even in Los Angeles, a city bursting with people from all walks of life, people were watching us again. My relationship wasn’t just my relationship anymore; it was a political statement.

At least it sure as hell felt like it.

The news cycle brought rumors of anti-adoption LGBTQ bills, but outside, the news was scarier. A friend was spit on walking down the street with her girlfriend. Hateful graffiti was painted on the Los Angeles LGBTQ center. Trolls starting finding me on YouTube and Twitter.

“Two girls kissing? Nice.” one comment read. “Why is everyone turning gay?” said another. “You’re going to hell,” said another. “Die,” said countless others.

It was clear the floodgates that had been struggling to hold back hate for so long had been perforated in a big way. Jane and I were whistled at walking down the street more and jeers flew more easily from car windows. And it wasn’t just happening to LGBTQ people. A Muslim friend rode the train five stops past her apartment to avoid a group of leering white men. A Mexican-American friend pretended not to see graffiti that read, “Go back home,” as we walked to our favorite lunch spot.

And none of us feel home, not really. Because people who maybe hated us all along aren’t just silently steaming anymore: They’re knocking at our doors.

I realize that the love that exists between me and the person I’m with won’t be understood by everyone; not completely, and not right now. Men will continue to leer and mothers will continue to avert their children’s gazes. The highest form of government may even say someday that I don’t deserve the same inalienable rights unless the future I choose is with a man.

And knowing that does make it hard to “relax.”

But I must remind myself to enjoy the small moments that are just for us; the moments that no other person, group, or legal system could ever call into question.

I’ll enjoy the way the nerves in my stomach bubble over with a mixture of excitement and terror every time I realize how much I care for the person I’m with. I’ll enjoy the way electricity moves through me when we touch and the way our laughs sound when we know we’re laughing for no other reason than feeling completely understood.

And most of all, I’ll enjoy the way my girlfriend’s hand is the only thing that can make me feel safe, even when I know I am not.

Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a9195838/afraid-to-hold-hands-lgbtq-couples-essay/

Taehyung Scenario: When Times Get Hard.

Request: Can you please do a scenario where V is married and as we know he likes children& he wants to have one but after many tries he and his wife found out that she cant have children and she refuse to adopt one!i want smth angst but romantic,maybe v buy a lil pup after some time?Thank you girls,kisses!💕

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

Your hands were trembling and your stomach had felt better, you were arriving home and you knew your husband was already there, maybe hoping for some good news, some light for the questions you had been having, why after so many years and tries without any kind of protection you had not been able to get pregnant. The first months your doctor had said that you were just stressed about the pregnancy process, that you just wanted it too much and that you should relax and let it happen naturally, so Taehyung and you had done just that and waited, but it had been a total of two years and there was no baby in your sights.

You were worried, and you knew Taehyung was too, both of you wanted a family and with the passing time you felt like that wasn’t going to happen and it was heartbreaking. You clutched your purse, your tests were buried somewhere inside. You had gone to an obstetrician expert in fertility to know what was going on, Taehyung had gotten everything faster than you because his exams were easy, and everything was alright, he was happy and hopeful ever since he knew it and you bit your lip, taking a deep breath and closing the front door behind you.

-Babe? - your husband’s voice reached you, he was clearly waiting for you. Taehyung appeared at the receiver and went for a hug, you wished he didn’t notice your trembling just yet.

-Hi Tae - your voice was raspy and you freed yourself from his arms, making your way towards the living room while he followed you closely behind.

-I ordered Thai food for dinner, thought you might want some - he was eyeing you curiously, you nodded, taking a sit on the couch to not go around the place nervously. -What’s going on? -

Taehyung was by your side in an instant, sitting next to you and passing his arm behind your back. You didn’t want to look him in the eyes, you didn’t have the strength so you focused on your coffee table instead. You knew you had to tell him right now, this was as good of a moment as any other and you doubted you or him would ever be fully prepared, so it was better to end with this.

-I had a talk with the doctor, he’s got my results - you gulped, clasping your hands together in a sheer attempt of grounding yourself, one of Taehyung’s hands held your forearm softly.

-And? - Your eyes moved to him for a brief moment and then you looked away, feeling the lump inside your throat growing to the extent of asphyxiating you.

-I can’t…- Your voice broke and you choked with the first tears that shook your body violently, bringing your hands up to cover your face while you broke down right there.

Taehyung tried to soothe you but you were crying so heartbreakingly between his arms, out of nowhere. -You cant what babe? is alright…- he ran his palm up and down your back but it did nothing to calm you down.

-I can’t have them, the doctor confirmed it today… I…. I can’t have babies….- you shuddered again, doubling over yourself with sorrow and Taehyung felt the reason of your despair.

His hand stayed frozen midway while reaching for your back again, the rest of his body was frozen too, you weren’t looking at him and his breath got caught somewhere between his throat and his lungs, suddenly the ground beneath him wasn’t that steady anymore, his tongue was like cement inside his mouth with the harsh reality of these news. He finally moved his hand to the small of your back but it wasn’t even a second after that and you stood up, walking away from him because your future was crumbling and you didn’t know how to handle it.

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Political Animals-Part 1

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away. 

 The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling sits down next to you and offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester

A/N: So I read this post from @moansmisha  and I started thinking about how I could put my own spin on it.  When I messaged her, she said  “Go to town, use whatever you want!”

When my mother told me two years ago she was considering running for office I just knew this would somehow come back to bite me in the ass.  I thought maybe she would run for City Council or the Parks Department or something like that.  But no.  Not my mother. Not Harvard educated, top of her class, excels-at everything-she-does, overachiever Naomi Novak. 

She’s running for Mayor.  Of New York-freaking City.   As if being one of the top heart surgeons in the world wasn’t enough?  But nothing was ever enough for her.  We were so different that when I was younger I was convinced I was adopted.  My brother Cas is just like her: brilliant, driven, successful, but with enough of my Dad in him that he is also kind, compassionate and caring.

Cas is a physician like my Mom, a pediatrician.  He is married to a wonderful Omega named Meg and has two beautiful kids, Claire and Jimmy.  In my Mom’s eyes he is the perfect son.  She gets along with Cas because he reminds her of her.

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one and only - jeon jungkook

Originally posted by jeonify

pairing: jungkook x reader (Y/N)

request: bestfriend!Jungkook, your significant other is jealous of your                          relationship with jjk and ends up cheating on you.

word count: 1533

genre: angst

authors notes: !!!!TRIGGER WARNING!!!! mentions of bad childhood                                 episodes (abandonment + suicide) and depression as well                             as anxiety. please don’t continue reading if this bothers                                 you! Text messages are included in this scenario.
                          Alcohol mention, cheating mention.

[chapter .02]       

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A Court of Flames and Curses - (acotar 4) - chapter 1

In the end, everyone decided a ship was really the only practical way to cross the ocean. Rhys and Feyre were off repaying their debt to Bryaxis. Azriel, after some protest, had gone to the Day Court for a break from the darkness and for his wings to heal. Elain had adopted a house, garden, and small army of stray tulip nymphs to care for in Velaris. And Mor was spending some much-needed time away in the depths of winter.

So the rest of them were left with a moderately-sized wooden ship (called The Cursebreaker, much to Feyre’s embarrassment and Rhys’s utter delight). Amren off seducing the captain (possibly attempting to crash the ship into an iceberg for sport). Lucien and Vassa dining a polite distance apart, discussing politics more enthusiastically than politely.

Nesta and Cassian ill beyond reason below deck.

Nesta could barely see him from her spot curled up on the cot, though the room was only large enough for two small beds and a strip of floor space between them. She had one eye open, unfocused but looking vaguely past her drawn knees toward his lumped form on the floor.

He’d come in to mock her for being nauseous, until the vessel had taken a sharp turn that sent him crashing to his knees and the blood rushing from his face. She could tease him in return if opening her mouth didn’t make her feel like dying.

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The Wager

@captain-biryani asked for Logyn x 10 Things I Hate About You. Sorry it’s late, and I hope it’s okay. xoxox

Character descriptions inspired by @nanihoosartblog Logyn High School AU posts.

Loki sat in the living room, a sharp contrast to the cheerful décor in his signature black, trying not to sigh with boredom whilst Odin ripped into a hungover Thor yet again.

“I’ve had had it up to here with your immaturity and your recklessness!” the old man shouted whilst his wife lingered in the background, ready to step in if things went too far. “Do you have any idea how many favours I had to call in just so that the police wouldn’t press charges?! Do you honestly think you will get into any decent college with that sort of drunken buffoonery on your record?!”

“I’m sorry, father. I wasn’t thinking-”

“Exactly!” Odin roared. “You weren’t thinking! You never think things through. You only care about having ‘fun’ in the moment, consequences be damned. Well, I have had enough! You are grounded until you graduate!!”

“Odin…” Frigga chided quietly before Thor had a chance to object.

“Fine,” Odin grumbled. “A month, then. And after that you will have a strict curfew. Home by eight every evening. No excuses.”

“Father! You can’t be serious!” Thor whined, failing to know when to keep his mouth shut.

“Deadly serious,” Odin shot back. “You will be home by eight. You will eat dinner, you will do your homework, and you will go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

“And have no social life! If you wanted me to become like Loki so badly why didn’t you just say so?” Thor grumbled petulantly, sparing a glare at his brother sitting quietly at the other end of the couch.

Frigga whispered in Odin’s ear and Odin smirked.

“Very well,” Odin murmured before turning back to address his son. “Your mother has thought of reasonable compromise.” Thor perked up, shifting to the edge of his seat. “You can go to parties on the weekend… when your brother does.”

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Re-posting an old akeshu drabble...

Back before I purged my old presence on here, I had posted a drabble for a dear friend, @mintycoolness, who was curious about a scenario where Goro was adopted into a loving, stable family - Akira’s family. I don’t feel like it’s something I want to post to AO3 because it’s stylistically such a far cry from what I normally post, but I posted it here and people like it, so I’m going to post it again.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Akechi Goro/Kurusu Akira
Rating: Mature for mild sexuality, allusions to child abuse, and general squick.
Word Count: ~1900
Summary: Minty asked for an AU where Akira’s family adopted Goro when he was still young. So, here it is…

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