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Kat is flourishing outside of TVD. After eight seasons of being treated like crap by JP/CD and hated on by JP/CD.  And being bullied and harassed by some in the TVD Fandom.  Kat is out here making it big. So looks so happy and like she is having a great time since she has left TVD.  Alleyezonme had a big opening weekend and now she has been cast along side Forest Whitaker as her Dad and Theo James as her husband.  She is really being blessed and proving that it’s Julie Plec that has been holding her back and that’s it’s mainly DE Stans who have hated and who have downplayed her as “irrelevant”. because they needed to trash Kat in order to uplift Nina and because they hated on Kat mostly because of how much love/support that Bamon got, no matter how much DE was declared canon/endgame.  Kat/Bonnie was still able to get the spotlight.

It’s Karma where all of those racists Stans have hated on her. Acting like she was the least important out of all of the cast.  Bashing Kat for things that they would let their fave or others in the cast slide by and not have a problem with anyone in the cast besides Kat doing some things. Saying that Kat was “jealous” or Nina and “trying to take Nina’s place”.  Yet Kat is the one who has had the most success out of ALL of the cast of TVD, this black actress who her haters tried to deem as least important has had the MOST success and she deserves it.

Julie Plec was never willing to fully explore Kat’s talents as an actress and never listened to Bonnie fans when we asked for better treatment for Bonnie, while she kissed up to the DE fandom for her ego to be boosted by them. But wanted Bonnie fans to accept her being treated like second class, being a servant to the white characters and dying/suffering for the white characters and refused to put Bonnie with any of her most popular ships. Instead putting as little effort into Bonnie’s “love stories” as she could and thinking that we were suppose to love what we were given and played victim if she was called out on it.

The more that other producers/writers cast Kat outside of TVD into these roles, the bigger fools and haters JP and CD will like for holding her back and disrespecting her.  Some wanted Kat to go to TO and have a spin off, but I just want Kat to have all of the success in the world so that she will never have to work with Julie Plec again and never have to set foot on the flop network that is the CW.

Plus, I’m already shipping her character with Theo Jame’s character!