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Care to give me some advice how to stop myself from liking somebody that will never like me back? Its really frustrating to always fall for the wrong person and I always end getting hurt over and over again. It makes me feel i'm never good enough.

You’re more than good enough
You’re beyond good enough

I don’t want to sound really lame, but I do this too and it sucks. And I think what it really comes down to is that quote “we accept the love we think we deserve.”

I think subconsciously maybe you go after people you know it won’t work out with. People who treat you badly and don’t make you feel good enough, because that’s how you feel within yourself and it’s what you think you deserve. People with low opinions of themselves tend to fall into a cycle of being mistreated because they can’t see they are worthy of much more.

And it works the opposite way too. Maybe you’re too good to someone and they don’t think they deserve it. They don’t know how to properly be loved and cared for and treated right, so when someone does do that for them, they don’t know how to react and they get scared and often walk away because it’s not what they’re used to and they don’t feel worthy.

I think if you want this to stop then it starts with you hun. You need to start loving yourself, caring for yourself, being your own inspiration and best friend and supporter. Once you start to care for yourself, you are easily able to notice when people aren’t treating you right and you’ll hopefully lose interest in them because fuck that. I know it’s so much easier said than done, and I’m working on it myself, but I think focusing on you and coming to terms with the amazing deserving person you are is a good place to start.

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Dear god, the person I love is an actual piece of shit.

Sometimes the most empty people give purpose to our bones. Sometimes we can’t help but accept any love we can find.

Day 4 of the WTNV July Hiatus Challenge! 

Headcanon time! Got a less accepted headcanon for a character? What is it? We’d love to know and eventually use it against you! Ha, kidding(?)!

Hmm, less accepted, you say? I guess I never saw Carlos as like…super duper ripped and built like a model? I see a lot of fan-fictions with him being written as really buff and totally working out, and I have nothing against that, but I like to imagine he is chubby and barely five feet tall, meaning he is very travel-sized and huggable. ヾ(・ω・。)シ

And on that note, I think he’s also really confident about his own body as well! I have read a bunch of fan-fictions with a head-canon for Carlos similar to mine and a lot of them feature Carlos being extremely insecure about his body (among…other things), when I don’t think he would be at all! I think he’d be very confident in how he looks and know that he’s attractive; heck, given what we know about him, I think it’s more in-character to assume he’d be nothing but excited! He’d know his body has a bunch of complex scientific things going on in his body and he’d be excited that he lives in a body that has all of that going on; no matter what he looks like. :3c

 And chubby Carlos is also really great because it means there’s more than one body type you can be attracted to; someone doesn’t have to fit in with a generic and conventional kind of “attractiveness”, you know? 

Hehe, I like to think Cecil’s first thought upon seeing Carlos was “I am going to hug that man, and I am going to hug him so hard.”

It really annoys me when naturally thin girls try to promote healthy body image by pointing out their body flaws (aka tiny fat rolls when they bend over, etc.) and saying that it’s normal and natural. You just really can’t understand the struggle of being overweight or even above average weight in this society until you have been. Yes, we need people of all weights to support body love and acceptance, but don’t act like you’re the queen of body acceptance when your body is the societal ideal.

So much respect for people like Sophia Bush, Gina Rodriguez, and Hilary Duff who rock awesome bodies and show true body acceptance even though they aren’t size 0.

Day 4 of the WTNV Hiatus Challenge 2.0Headcanon time! Got a less accepted headcanon for a character? What is it? We’d love to know and eventually use it against you! Ha, kidding(?)!

/eyes up question in a worried fashion/

Time to bend the rules and bring out headcanons for multiple characters, because I haven’t really had a reason for posting them before.

- Sarah Sultan - despite being a smooth, fist-sized river rock - owns a vast collection of miniature hats. They range from the extremely fancy to the mundane, and she seems to have the perfect one for every occasion.

-  The Man In The Tan Jacket accidently sets fire to fridges wherever he goes. He isn’t sure how, though it could be a coincidental wiring fault, but it’s a definite way to tell if he’s visited.

- Cecil is known to wear rollerblades as if they are regular, day-to-day footwear.

- Chad and whatever he summoned are the main antagonists of the next story arc.

I’m getting a little sick of love stories in young adult fiction. Like why does every young adult book have to have a love story, even when the plot doesn’t really require it? Running from zombies? Hiding mutant powers? Dismantling a totalitarian regime? Make sure you have that love story in there!

Can we accept, as a society, that some situations are not conducive to a budding relationship? Goddamn it..