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if you’re a witch in the nighttime, then you need a job during the daytime right? i made an Urban Outfitters (complete with signs and small custom clutter) partly because i wanted a reason to have one, and because guatemala needs somewhere to keep tabs on apricot without looking creepy. comes with employees/cult members!

My did I mentally and emotionally invest myself in NCT Dream,knowing they are a graduation unit?

-Me,a concerned and disappointed NCTzen

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Asdfghjkl I can't believe Keith birthday is really on October 23rd!! He's an scorpio yess! And born in October like me. And his element is water and Lance's is fire. Omg what a cOiNcIDeNcE. So, can I get uh... an 1 hour special episode about Keith's past (and his feelings for Lance)? Yes? Thank you!

I’m not one to interpret too much into birthdays but like….. even I have to appreciate how well it fits…………… 

Tonight marks the deadliest shooting in US history. In Las Vegas 50+ lives have been lost and 200+ have been injured all by one man. It’s only been 16 months since the last official deadliest shooting in US history.. something needs to change..

This is Spain, people. Spanish police trying to enter inside schools where people are voting. WE WON’T LET THEM.
SPREAD THE WORD. THIS is what worries Spain, the most corrupt and rotten country in Europe. THIS. People voting. Police is using violence against Catalonia’s population, those who want to vote, whether it is YES or NO.
This is Spain, ladies and gentlemen. The entire world is watching us, we will show you what a respectful, tolerant and peaceful country we are.



Everything perfect with "Be More Chill (part 1)"

- I really like the squip’s voice??? a e s t h e t i c

- “You’ll look like a mastubator, fix your posture than the rest.”

“..but I am a mastubator.”

“We’ll fix that.”

- J : but-
S : buh
J : I-
S : buh
J : wha-
S : no
J : wai-
S : stop

- squip = asshole™

- “jesus christ.”


- “How are you with math homework?”

“I’m a supercomputer Jeremy, I’m made of math.”

-“Now you, try picking out a shirt…that’s a girls shirt.”

- “Jerry???”

-Jeremy’s, “Looking pretty sexy, Brooke,”

-THE WAY CHLOE IMMEDIATELY STARTS TO SPEAK AFTER JEREMY COMPLIMENTED BROOKE I CAN’T- (I’m probably overreacting, but I just can’t imagine Chloe not getting jealous over this)

-the way the beat changes after the squip says, “Repeat after me,” is honestly the best thing.

-Jeremy repeating the Squip and going over board with it.

-Jeremy’s faint nervous chuckle after saying, “-and she had a shirt just like this!”

- how the squip and Jeremy sing “It’s still painfull,” is my new aesthetic.


- “WHAT???”

- “she’s fre-e-e-e-ench.”

- Jermey’s voice break in his last line is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in years.

- “because she was chEATING ON MEEEEEE.”

- “Hey Hamlet, be more chill.