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Today, March 22nd 2017, marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance joined the Black Parade on March 22nd 2013, after 12 glorious years of bandom and adventure. In honor of this anniversary, tagurself presents a My Chemical Romance themed ‘tag yourself’. Killjoys, enjoy.

  • Keith: have you ever kissed anyone
  • Lance: *snorts* yea I was GREAT at kissing
  • Keith: pshh yea right
  • Lance: I bet you've never kissed anyone in your life!!
  • Keith: I have kissed people before and I was GOOD at it!!
  • Lance: PROVE IT
  • Keith: FINE
  • Lance: FINE
  • Keith and Lance: *kiss*
  • Pidge: well thats not how I expected that would happen
  • Hunk: to be honest I'm not that surprised.

I am so excited!!! This little book (well, 264 pages) has been about 9 months in the making, and it’s finally done. Good grief.

Basically, many of my friends at my undergrad university did Creative Writing with me, and for our final project we had to write a 6k word short story and 2k critical commentary - which, by the way, as someone who has done a Master’s since and written a 20k thesis, was just as hard as writing a standard dissertation. As a surprise to everyone, I sneakily got copies of everyone’s short stories by pretending I just wanted to read them and compare them to mine, and I made them all into an anthology, which I gave to everyone at graduation. It was a really fun project to work on, even though it took ages to proof read the entire thing and design the cover and cry over Word formatting. We called ourselves the Come Along Collective because ‘come along’ was kind of a catchphrase of ours and ‘collective’ sounded professional and artistic. Sue us, we had degrees in this shit.

In June last year, about 3 years after we graduated, we met up (a pretty big deal, seeing as one of us now lives in the US!) and decided to do another anthology. Without the immediate option of including our conveniently timed university dissertation equivalents, we agreed that it would be really fun if we all wrote a short story of between 4-15k words - this is actually why I wrote Here, the World Entire, which appears in this anthology in a slightly shorter form! Since I made that first anthology back in 2013 our friendship group has changed a little, and so one contributor to the first anthology isn’t in this one and we have a new contributor, but that’s OK; it kind of charts the progression of everyone’s experiences since university.

So, over the past 9 months or so, we all wrote a story each, and everyone put their all into their stories, despite being 23-25 now and not having the luxury of time that we used to have, and honestly, the stories are amazing. There’s not a single one in there that I wouldn’t read in a literary magazine. One person didn’t do Creative Writing and was really worried about their story not matching up to the others, but it absolutely does. I did a little cry when I read it because it was so good and the writer didn’t think it was (I think they are now aware that they are actually super talented and should definitely write more). That was one of the reasons I’m so happy to have this physical copy as proof that it’s done, and people who thought they couldn’t do it did do it, and they did it fabulously, because every single person wrote something phenomenal.

There was one person in the group who wasn’t able to write anything because they had a lot going on in their life, and so the rest of us prepared a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE, complete with a secret Facebook group chat (which was literally titled THE ONE THAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP SECRET) in which we collaborated and wrote a story for her instead so that she would still have a story in the anthology. One person wrote a section, then handed it to the next person, and so on. It turned out to be an absolutely hilarious story involving Emily Blunt as an evil sorceress, Jez and Mark from Peep Show as couriers, and our old landlord as an arch villain. It’s pretty rad, not going to lie. That person still gets their name on the cover because the story wouldn’t have been written without them; we basically tried our best to put that person’s personality into a narrative, and that’s why it’s so weird. They are weird, is what I’m saying.

This whole thing was a massive labour of love for all of us. I was literally proof reading it on lunch breaks, and taking graphic design assignments at work so that I could practice for when I made the cover (which I think looks snazzy, if endearingly off-kilter). Everyone was hugely supportive of one another, giving each other prompts and feedback whenever anyone got stuck, and it was such a fantastic experience to make it from start to finish. I’m so, so proud of the end product, and I’m excited to see what our next one will look like!

I have also prepared a super secret special surprise of my own for everyone within this anthology, which I won’t disclose here just in case any of them happen upon this post. It’s rad, though. I’m excited for everyone to see it.

This isn’t available for commercial purchase or anything like that, but it’s a personal project that’s been taking up a lot of my time lately (in a good way!) and it’ll be kind of sad not to have this to work towards. Still, onto the next thing!

"Anything that Japril get to do together, I’m for it. So whether they are romantically involved,whether they are just living together, where they’re fighting, where they’re working together or loving each other, like she’s terrific to work with. We’ve invested years and years and years into this story and our character traits and expectations and disappointments and that’s when you really get to have fun, when there are stakes, when it really means something.“

~~Jesse Williams on Japril
with Access Hollywood Paleyfest2017

I would advise you not to ask me about CPD at the moment unless you want a brutal honest opinion, and I promise it will be brutal. However feel free to go tell the writers what DUMBASS STUPID writers they employ and how they need NEW ones ASAP. No seriously do it. Maybe then they’ll realize they’re tanking their own show and ruining characters they’ve (barely) developed for 4 seasons, all for the sake of saying they created relationship drama to keep it interesting. (Yes I have a million eye rolls for that one)

Please don’t forget the privilege that white mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled people hold over mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled POC. They’re more likely to get diagnosed, more likely to receive support from their community, parents, school, friends, more likely to receive representation in media and more likely to have other resources and societal benefits that POC may not get. Please include this in your narrative when you talk about mental illness and disability. Its key and should not be forgotten, especially when reaching out to all of us




I am a brave and fearless soul (she does)

I told mom and the bros they were welcome and if they went digging too deep and struck TMI they should just click exit and never mention it to me :p

Also since mom likes to keep journals of pictures that make her happy I thought she would really like tumblr (she does)


An interesting chat with the fantastic Skam Elders Squad ( @coolauntskam, @isakyakiniku, @rogueleader1987, @reasoniwantyoutostay,  @skamaddicted, @xionin, @rumpelsnorcack, and @dogearedcarrie ​) made me think, and want to rant a little.

Even and Isak.

As you know, Simon Fuller has bought the rights to make Shame, a English version of Skam. The English-language version will have new characters and actors but use the show’s format, and NRK will consult. And of course we are sceptical. American remakes of movies and shows can sometimes get really bad. It`s a shame. Hah.

Eva and Noora becoming friends.

Still, I haven`t given up the hope that Fuller`s Skam will be okay. I can understand that subtexts can be difficult for some to watch. And I can understand that quite a lot of people can be sceptical to watching a small Norwegian show. Norway is a small, rich and very white country, how is it possible to relate? However, they all don`t know what they miss, of course, and that`s why I think “Shame” can have a purpose. If “Shame” is just half as good as Skam, I am happy that a broader audience get to see it. I mean, the kids need quality shows, shows that can educate them and make them talk about important issues, without being patronizing. And they need shows that feel real, and that are something that they can relate to.

Badass Noora.

We all know Skam’s biggest strength is its authenticity. I hope “Shame” will have the same realistic feel, the close filming, the young unknown actors, looking like kids, and of course great acting and directing. And I really hope the show will have some of the same important themes, that matters for the kids. And then I don`t only think about homophobia, date rape or eating disorders, I think about those underlying themes, the issues, or the shame, that each main character needs to solve. And I hope it is done just as subtle as in Skam. Kids are smart, they don`t need to get everything in with a teaspoon.

The boy Squad, just missing Magnus` head

So. I haven`t given up hope yet. Have you? Will this show translate? Please tell me what you think!  

The original girl Squad.