“Last Friday night, yeah we danced on tabletops, and we took too many shots, think we kissed but I forgot // so we hit the boulevard// yeah I think we broke the law, always say we’re gonna stop”

Μακράν από τα πιο όμορφα βράδια, όσο θυμάμαι δηλαδή. Μεθυσμένοι στο we, να χορεύουμε σαν να μη μας βλέπει κανείς, σαν να μη μας νοιάζει. Ρεζίλια, τσιγάρα, όμορφη παρέα (πολύ όμορφη), και ξημέρωμα στα κάστρα. Can we go back @magemenh

I’m 27. My girlfriend is 35. In this past year, we have… worn flower crowns and danced in the rain and moonlight, gone to the zoo and named all the animals, colored with sidewalk chalk on our porch, slept in a tent without out a roof under the stars, stayed up all night giggling about how much we love each other, made a fairy garden, gone to see a play in a different city and got dressed up super cute. We have picked flowers and gone to the beach and taken baths together and sang silly songs to each other and spent too long picking out produce at the farmers market. This is my real adult relationship. I am 27. My girlfriend is 35. This is a real and genuine love. This is a practical and real world application of “childish idealistic” love. Please do not bash my wonderful Love, because you can’t see past your own bitterness.