Where do we go from Here || Gabby & Cole

The voice on the intercom startled Gabby and she jerked awake. Yawning she looked around wondering where she was before she remembered she was on a plane on her way to Vegas. Sighing she thought of everything that had happened and turned to look out the window. It was just getting dark and she saw the bright lights of the city below, here she was, Las Vegas. She’d been here last year to do a pageant, but she’d been too busy to explore or anything so maybe she would let herself relax here. 

As the plane began to descend she let herself wake up fully and yawned. Covering her still flat stomach she looked down. “We’re going to see daddy baby girl” she was convinced it was a girl, she didn’t know why but that was how she referred to her. She’d found herself talking to the peanut sized baby a lot recently, when she felt lonely she talked about her problems to her baby. 

A short while later the plane had landed and she found herself walking through the airport to grab her bags. Looking around she didn’t see Cole anywhere. Sighing she pulled out her phone and sent him a quick text saying she was by the luggage. As she waited for her bags to come through she kept her eyes peeled out for him.

Adrienne and Derek - Where Do We Go From Here?

To say Adrienne was nervous about her ‘date’ with Derek tonight would be a huge understatement. She wasn’t sure whether to go along with it with a smile and then bid him farewell at the end of the night before pretending he doesn’t exist or whether she should tell him that he had impregnated her…well, it was more of a joint effort. 

After throwing on some clothes, Adrienne walked infront of her mirror and straightened her dress out. “Deep breaths, you can do this. You’ve gone on plenty of dates, whats so different about this one?" Oh, maybe the fact that it’s with your baby daddy. Adrienne scowled at the voice in her head and slipped on her shoes extremely carefully. Every since she got the news, she was worried that every step she took or every movement she made (a/n ooc: i’ll be watching you) would jostle the baby in a harmful way. She walked a lot lighter now. There were so many questions running through her mind, so many thoughts, she just wanted to shut them off.

Instead, however, she pushed her shoulders back, lifted her chin, and walked out her door and to the staircase to wait for Derek at the door. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

Magnus had said he would be right there, so he didn’t think he was breaking that promise by sitting on the bed, near the foot, sometimes watching out the window, sometimes looking back at Damon. He’d been wondering about what they would do together. Magnus honestly had no idea how much of Damon’s money was still accessible, if they were too paranoid to think like that. If the security had been shoddy enough that could get off, would they really go after a millionaire or billionaire in Singapore? Or would they just go back and snatch up or take out Aria? He winced as that thought crossed his mind, but he wanted to believe that both her and her family would take every precaution for her safety. At least, he hoped so.

If they were not going to try and use a lot of Damon’s money, which he didn’t know yet, how would Damon feel about Magnus’s less than honest way to go about getting it? Funnily enough, even after meeting him on a mountain Damon went to voluntarily that specialized in sex slaves, he didn’t feel he knew his moral code very well. He didn’t know if he should be expecting to find Damon disappearing into whore houses or anything else, and he had no idea if Damon would look down on him for recreational drugs. Hell, he wished he had a little something then. He’d gotten up to drain the glass of wine he had had earlier before coming back to bed after putting the glass away, looking over his very own sleeping beauty and the time, wondering if he ought to wake Damon when the man had said he only wanted to sleep an hour. He decided to softly stroke his thigh with the sheet between his hand and Damon’s skin, figuring if he didn’t stir in a few moments, he’d let him keep sleeping.

Where Do We Go From Here || Tristen & El.

Ariel paced her room as she awaited Christian’s arrival, her thumb firmly pressed between her teeth as she tried to think of exactly what was going on, but to no avail she couldn’t come with one solution that seemed to fit. Biting her lip roughly, she plopped down on her bed, tugging the stuffed bear that was resting on her pillows into her lap. Getting playing with it’s ears, nerves twisting in her stomach, causing her fingertips to dig into the soft fuzz of the bear, letting out a shaky breath. When a knock came at her door, she jumped up, opening the door quickly. “I– hey,” she muttered softly holding the bear to her chest. “Let me help,” she grabbed the snacks from his hands, walking back to her bed.