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Facts about the Why Don't We Boys!

here are a few facts about the boys:
~Jack Robert Avery~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on July 1st, 1999 (Cancer)
•He is the second oldest of 4
•He has three sisters (Isla Stanford, Ava Stanford, Sydnie Avery)
•He was born in Burbank, California but quickly moved to Susquehanna, Pennsylvania before he reached the age 1.
•He grew a fan base on his amazing piano and guitar skills.
•oh and his cute face
•He went on tour, IMPACT, along with Zach Herron and Corbyn Besson.
•Jack is known as the renaissance man in the band.
•He skateboards and plays basketball.
•His parents are divorced; he lives with his mom
•His dad remarried a Portuguese woman but then later divorced her. (dont ask why I know this)
•His older sister Syd, has her own clothing line and it’s freaking cute (sweetgirlco.com)
•His hair was originally straight but he permed it.
• He has an ex-girlfriend named Paige
~Zachary Dean Herron~
•He is 16
•He was born on May 27, 2001 (Gemini)
•He is the youngest member of WDW
•He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.
•A video of him singing “Stitches” went viral, having over 10 million views.
• He gained a lot of followers on his Instagram and YouTube channel by posting his own covers.
•He is the oldest of his other siblings (Ryan and Reese)
•He’s an older, cuter, hit-puberty version of Jacob Sartorius.
•He released two singles in 2016, Timelapse and Why.
•He went on tour, IMPACT, accompanied with Corbyn Besson and Jack Avery.
•He’s got these red cheeks that are frickin adorable
•His mom is asian and his dad is white. (?)
•His dad supposedly makes the best breakfast burritos
•He also loves those egg things w/ the mustard in it.
~Daniel James Seavey~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on April 2nd, 1999 (Aries)
•He has three other siblings (Anna, Tyler, Chris)
•He is from Vancouver, Washington
•He appeared on the show, American Idol, season 14 and made it to top 9
•He was the youngest contestant on that season
•He impressed Jennifer Lopez right away with his young age and talent.
•After losing the show, he turned to YouTube to post covers and collabs w/ Lovey James.
•His father and him would play music on the streets of Portland.
•Whenever he smiles, the earth quakes and the girls’ knees wobble.
•He freaking loves watermelon
•Apparently he has pure hatred for stuffing
•He’s crafty and artistic.
•He plays too many instruments, I can’t even count that high
~Corbyn Matthew Besson~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on November 25, 1998 (Sagittarius)
•He is from Texas but later on moved to Virginia
•He has 2 other siblings (Ashley and Jordan)
•He’s currently dating Christina Marie (YouTube/YouNow star) @beautychickee
•His fave ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip (my fave!)
•He’s the king at roasting people
•He’s aesthetic af
•Christina and him are goals
•He went on the IMPACT tour with Jack Avery and Zach Herron
•He dropped a single on iTunes called “The Only One”
•He has a YouTube channel where he posts a lot of his song covers
•He gained over 100,000 followers on YouNow
~Jonah Marais Roth Frantzvich~
•He’s 19 years old
•He was born on June 16, 1998 (Gemini)
•He is the oldest member of WDW
•He is from Stillwater, Minnesota
•He has two other siblings (Esther Grace & Zebulon)
•He was on the DigiTour 2014
•He gained a mass following on YouNow
•He owns a cute farm
•His hometown is so old fashion and flipping gorgeous
•He’s known as the foodie of the band.
•He put out an EP “When The Daylights Gone”
•He used to play baseball
•He loves to post about potatoes
•He got signed to “26” by Chad Grier (Nash & Hayes’s father)
•He gets underrated in the band but honestly he deserves all the love in the world :)
•In his farm, he has a chicken named Daisy
•There’s a tattoo on his upper arm of (i think) a duck.
I hope this helped! I made this post for anyone who’s new to the fandom or for the people who just wants to know them better. These are just a few facts I have gathered about the boys. If anyone wants to add a little facts to this feel free!

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The Fun Fact He Tells You

•DANIEL freaking SEAVEY:
“Did you know you can survive solely on butter and potatoes?”

“And this is important why?”

•JACK honking AVERY:
“The pyramids in Egypt were originally white and smooth, ya know.”

“Like you think you are?”

•JONAH stinking MARAIS:
“Iceland is the only country without mosquitoes, actually.”

“Well, let’s move there then.”

•ZACH flipping HERRON:
“Hey, Y/N, guess what?”


“Dogs can see their own farts.”

“You forget about 90% of your dreams within ten minutes of waking up, babe.”

“That’s cool, Cor.”

“You must be that extra 10% then, Y/N.”

This Day in Disney History

August 28, 1989:  Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog leave their hand prints in the courtyard in front of The Great Movie Ride at the Disney-MGM Studios.

Jim Henson was visiting Walt Disney World to announce his pending partnership with the Walt Disney Company.  Unfortunately, shortly after Henson’s death the partnership will fall through and Disney is left with only limited use of the Muppet characters.  

One of the only places to see them now while at Disney World is at MuppetVision 3D.  This show could use an update, but still remains one of my favorite 3D shows, for some reason the cheesy sight gags just do it for me!


Every Chris Sanders fan knows that you can see Stitch at Tomorrowland’s Stitch’s Great Escape. But did you know that Experiment 626 can also be found in the Tomorrowland gift shop, Merchant of Venus?


The next time you’re in the shop, take a look up at the ceiling. Not only did Stitch leave a trail of footprints criss-crossing the store, he can also be glimpsed smashing his way through the ceiling tiles!

Oh, and there’s one more place you can spot Stitch in Tomorrowland – if you have really, really good eyes. It’s in the exit to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Upon exiting your vehicle, check out the murals on the wall to your right. A teensy-tiny painting of Stitch’s spaceship is flying in the top left corner of the first mural! How’s that for Hidden Mickeys sneaky Stitches?

Yeah, Pleakley – I know exactly how you feel…

This WDW fun fact comes courtesy of Kevin Yee’s Walt Disney World: Hidden History.


Disney Facts - Fantasmic!

The moat used for Fantasmic is purposefully full of algae to hide the fact that it’s only 18 inches deep

fantasmic by Mark Walter

This Day in Disney History

June 20 1995:  The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter opens in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, replacing Flight to the Moon.

This is my #1 most missed attraction in all of Walt Disney World.  It was just so NOT Disney.  With implied death and dismemberment, as well as a sinister plot starting from the pre-show, which featured a robot named S.I.R., voiced by everyone’s favorite bad guy, Tim Curry, it stood out among all the other more family friendly attractions.  

Stitch was the worst thing to come to this space, in my opinion.  I will forever miss the horror that was Alien Encounter.  If you’d like to relive it as best you can, the best video I’ve found for it is HERE.

*Bonus* See if you can spot Tyra Banks and Kevin Pollack in the pre-show!

This Day in Disney History

October 31, 1939:  On a stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the doors of an elevator and into a nightmare.

That’s right, this night is supposed to be the night of the fateful accident sending five unwitting passengers into the Twilight Zone.  If you happen to get the chance to ride this attraction on a stormy evening, go for it!  The added ambiance of the storm only makes the story seem like it could be real!

This Day in Disney History

October 24, 2008:  Pixie Hollow opens in Mickey’s Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom.

A new meet-and-greet location, this area gave you the opportunity to meet Tinker Bell and her fairy friends.  This opening preceded the new Tinker Bell movie by just four days!

Unfortunately, this area closed with the addition of the New Fantasyland, and plans for an expanded Pixie Hollow were discarded.  You can still meet them in Adventureland in Tinkerbell’s Magical Nook!

This Day in Disney History

September 5, 1994:  The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea submarine attraction “temporarily closes” in Fantasyland.

The attraction will be officially closed two years later, and some of the submarines were sunk in the waters near Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.  I have just the vaguest memories of this attraction, mostly of being too short to be able to sit on the stool and look out the window at the same time! With slow loading and unloading, the lines for this ride were some of the longest in the park at all times.  

I only got to experience it a few times, and was sad to see it go!  There’s a pretty good video HERE if you’d like to check it out!

This Day in Disney History

September 29, 1994:  Innoventions opens in the former site of Communicore in Future World in Epcot.

Innoventions is an ever changing area on either side of Future World full off different kinds of interactive displays, walk-through areas, and attractions.  Split into Innoventions East and Innoventions West, they make great areas to walk through while you’re navigating Future World.  Not only will you get to see and experience some of the latest and greatest innovations in home improvement, you can also score some delightful air conditioning and places to rest!

The name “Innoventions” comes from a combination of ‘invention’ and 'innovation’ which perfectly describes the things you’ll find inside.  If you have some spare time, take a peek inside!

This Day in Disney History

October 1, 1971:  The Magic Kingdom opens to guests for the first time!

The day everyone was waiting for!  Amid fanfare, the Magic Kingdom in Central Florida welcomes it’s first guests.  The park layout was almost the same as Disneyland’s in California, and opened with 23 attractions. Along with the Magic Kingdom’s opening, the Contemporary Resort and the Polynesian Resort also opened and began hosting guests.

October 1 is a big day in Disney’s history!  

This Day in Disney History

August 21, 2007:  The Muppet Mobile Lab, featuring Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker, begin touring Epcot.

The Mobile Lab was part of a test run that lasted a few weeks, and was testing advanced robotics , as well as transportation technologies.  The Muppets could interact with guests as they made their way around, and were a short-lived, fun diversion at Epcot.

This Day in Disney History

June 30, 2010:  There is a “soft opening” for Captain EO at Epcot at Walt Disney World, grand reopening is just two days later.

Captain EO has had a pretty colorful past at with Disney, having been in four different Disney parks.  Currently open at Walt Disney World in Epcot,  and Disneyland (although under refurbishment at Disneyland), it has had homes at Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland as well.

In fact, after being open for exactly four years, Tokyo Disneyland’s show is closing today.  The show was made popular again after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, although many die hard fans of this 3-D show were clamoring for it’s return since the day it first closed.

This Day in Disney History

October 23, 2013:  The Villas at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa open at Walt Disney World.

This property is the newest of the Disney Vacation Club and rooms range from a studio set up to a “grand villa” with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dining table that seats 12, and a separate, state of the art media room with a home theater system.  Talk about a vacation!

The Grand Floridian is already the height of luxury and these villas bring more of the same to the property!

This Day in Disney History

July 21, 1999:  The very first fastpass is given out at Walt Disney World.

My home base of Mission:Space was the first attraction at Disney designed with the fastpass system in mind.  Originally, there was a single rider line, but it’s since been closed when they needed space to make separate “more intense” and “less intense” queues.

This Day in Disney History

July 7, 2006:  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest opens in theaters the same day as Pirates of the Caribbean reopens at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Pirates’ reopening featured several scenes where you can find an extremely well done audio-animatronic Jack Sparrow as well as Captain Barbossa.  

Keep a weather-eye open when you’re walking up the moving “gangplank” (aka walkway) as you exit.  Do you see the peg-leg foot prints below your feet?  Follow those prints to score some pirate booty in the gift shop!

Experience the ride for yourself HERE!