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5 Spots to Spot Stitch in WDW’s Tomorrowland

Every Chris Sanders fan knows that you can see Stitch at Tomorrowland’s Stitch’s Great Escape. But did you know that Experiment 626 can also be found in four other spots in Tomorrowland?

S’true! Continuing the story of Stitch’s ‘great escape,’ the Imagineers planted various pieces of evidence detailing the lovable little alien’s adventures in Tomorrowland.

First up, there’s the announcement of Stitch’s escape.

Near the entrance to the PeopleMover stands a tall, silver robot labeled Robo-Newz. This newsboy-of-the-future has a small stack of newspapers tucked in his bionic belly. The newspaper for sale, the Galactic Gazette, features the headline, “STITCH ESCAPES!”

The next spot to spot Stitch is in the exit to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. But be forewarned: You’re gonna need really, really good eyes.

Upon exiting your vehicle at the end of the ride, check out the murals on the wall to your right. A teensy-tiny painting of Stitch’s spaceship is flying in the top left corner of the first mural. It’s almost as if Stitch went for a ride on Space-Ranger Spin, only instead of riding in the XP-37 star cruiser, he brought his own spaceship!

Stitch’s next appearance is on another ride – Space Mountain.

In the safety video playing throughout the Space Mountain queue, a 3D ‘digital scan’ of Stitch can be glimpsed in the section asking riders to place all “hats, glasses and loose possessions in the storage pouch in front of you.” Yes, it seems like Stitch is hitting all the best rides!

The last spot to spot Stitch is in the Tomorrowland gift shop, Merchant of Venus.

The next time you’re in the shop, take a look up at the ceiling. Not only did Stitch leave a trail of footprints criss-crossing the store, he can also be seen smashing his way through the ceiling tiles!

So now that you’ve finally found the ‘escaped’ Stitch, what are you going to do? Turn him in to Galactic Star Command, let him continue his life on the lam, or ask him to join your ohana and move back home with you?

I know which one I’m going to choose!

Pics via TheDisneyBlog.com, allears.net and disney.wikia.com

This Day in Disney History

December 21, 1992:  The Disney-MGM Studios debuts Aladdin’s Royal Caravan, a new afternoon parade.

Based on the hit movie, the parade featured larger than life characters, including a 32 foot tall Genie! You might also recognize the spitting camels, which eventually made their way to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom for the Magic Carpets of Aladdin attraction.  To this day you still have to look out for them, they spit!

This Day in Disney History

January 31, 1998:  Cinderella’s Castle, which had been decorated like a cake for Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, is returned to it’s former glory.

One of the least enjoyed aesthetic changes to the Magic Kingdom, the pink castle was easily one of the most ridiculous looking ideas out of Disney to date. With bright pink paint and inflatable candies, it was practically an eyesore while it lasted.  I was just a kid when it was there and barely remember it, but even as a 10-year-old girl, I knew tacky when I saw it!

Luckily, the castle was restored on this day, and other than Stitch’s toilet paper takeover and the holiday lights (which are absolutely beautiful), it should look normal and regal standing at the end of Main Street USA.

This Day in Disney History

January 7, 2014:  After being installed for nearly 14 years, the Sorcerer Mickey Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios begins being dismantled and removed.

The long awaited moment has finally come!  Finally, Disney is doing something right and removing this eye-sore from blocking the gorgeous view of the Chinese Theater.

Originally built during the 100 Years of Magic Celebration, there were kiosks underneath which you could use to find out information about Walt Disney’s life and career. When the celebration ended, the kiosks were removed, and eventually the area was used as a retail pin store as well as the backdrop for many live events.

I’ve been hearing the argument recently that Disney is removing a park icon, but in reality, they’re removing the disaster that's blocking the park’s icon. The Grauman’s Chinese Theater replica. I hardly realized such a long amount of time had passed that the hat was there, and I feel for those people who’ve always known it to be there.  I’ve even heard someone say it would be like getting rid of Cinderella’s Castle, Spaceship Earth, or the Tree of Life!  In all honestly, if they leave it like it originally was, pre-hat, you’ll see how beautiful the park once was.  Can’t wait to see the park’s entrance returned to it’s full glory!

This Day in Disney History

January 30, 1988:  Illuinations debuts in the evening at the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot.

The first of three different versions of the show, Illuminations featured special effects projectors, water effects, and fireworks.  

This nightly show is easily my favorite of all the nighttime spectaculars that Disney World has to offer (followed by Wishes, then Fantasmic! which, frankly, I don’t like at all).  If you ever get the chance to visit during the holidays, the finale is absolutely breathtaking and not to be missed!


Disney Facts - Expedition Everest!

Expedition Everest and Tower of Terror are both 199 feet tall so they wouldn’t have to display a flashing red light like other 200 feet tall structures according to aviation codes.

Everest by John Wolff
Via Flickr:
Classic shot of Expedition Everest taken from my favorite counter service. Flame Tree BBQ. Thanks for looking.

This Day in Disney History

January 9, 1999:  Horizons closes permanently at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Although being closed intermittently since 1994, only open during peak seasons or during refurbishments of nearby attractions, this fantastic attractions closed it’s doors for good on this day.  A few years later the building was completely demolished to make way for Mission: Space.

Horizons was one of a kind and featured a “choose your own ending” segment, where guests were able to choose (majority rules!) to see a possible view of the future featuring land, sea, or space.


Disney Facts - Fantasmic!

The moat used for Fantasmic is purposefully full of algae to hide the fact that it’s only 18 inches deep

fantasmic by Mark Walter