wdw confessions

Yet another thing I love about The Haunted Mansion
  • <p> <b>Most haunted house stories:</b> Oh man, is this place REALLY haunted!? I don't know...we better do some research. Maybe ghosts don't exist, but ancient tales tell of an old spirit long ago that died one day blah blah blah blah ghosts aren't real, maybe?? Blah blah blah disbelief blah blah blah blah<p/><b>The Haunted Mansion:</b> " Yeah this place is haunted! Wanna see? I'm a ghost too! There's my body! Isn't this cool? Aren't you scared? Wonderful! Lalalalalaaaaa"<p/></p>
living in a disney obsessed household be like

Me: *opens door*

Mum: *holds hand out* ‘please stand clear of the doors!! por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas"

“One of my favorite moments from my trip to WDW last summer was when we went to the Grand Floridian for tea time. The piano man takes requests, and every little girl who approached him asked him to play "Let It Go” for 3 hrs straight. I was going through a depressive episode during the trip, so I requested “God Help the Outcasts.” You should have seen the look of relief/joy/gratitude on his face. He played wonderfully, and it was nice getting to chat about the movie for a few minutes after-wards.“

“I wonder if the Disney fcs in WDW and DL are up to date with the sequels to their films. Like if I ask Ariel how Melody is, would she know who she was? Or if I went to Cinderella about when her stepmother took her fairy godmother’s wand, would she be confused? Or if I went up to Aladdin and asked how he felt about finally knowing his father and how he and Jasmines’ wedding was would he tell me or just be like…? This has been bugging me…I need to know!”

“Of all the rude things that guests do to each other at Disney World, I HATE when people sit their kids up on their shoulders during shows and fireworks, especially after they’ve started. Our last visit to Magic Kingdom, our view of two different shows was obscured by people who did this, and it was so crowded at that point we couldn’t move to see around them. I know your kid wants to see but so do ALL the people standing behind you. We paid as much money as you did to be here. It’s inconsiderate”

“The next time I go to Disney World, the first thing I want to do is meet the Aladdin face character again. The reason why is because my encounter with him was the one I remembered the most when I visited Disney World as a child. He was guessing the kids names and since my name was a hard one, I didn’t expect him to actually guess it. But when he did on his first try, I felt so happy, I blushed and hugged him. I know my parents were probably the ones who told him, but still! Best encounter ever!”

“As many Frozen fans, I’ve become exhausted by the hype and the constant pushing of frozen merchandise by Disney. Recently I went to WDW for the holidays, and Frozen was everywhere - but there, it was magical. It reminded me how adorable the movie is and how much I loved it, and it was nice for a few days to be able to enjoy Frozen without getting attacked on the internet.”

“Before the new FastPass system, my family and I would always give our remaining fast passes to another family at the end of the day. We would give them ones to Peter Pan’s Flight or Toy Story Mania. The children’s faces would light up every time and it always made me happy. Now that we have a limited number of fast passes and they’re digital, I can’t experience that wonderful moment anymore. We’re sharing the magic, what’s so bad about that?”