wdss event 001

EVENT 001. || 1st  N O V E M B E R  1 9 7 6 ||    HOGSMEADE   ATTACK 

EXTRACT FROM THE DAILY PROPHET | “In the afternoon hours of November 1st, reports came that the Scottish village of Hogsmeade was under attack from the terrorist organisation calling themselves Death Eaters. Multiple businesses were victims of arson and burned to the ground, and Aurors suspect Giant involvement. Fatalities currently number at twenty and counting, with St Mungo’s overflowing with trauma patients. On the day, students from Hogwarts School were visiting on a weekend outing, with some minors still reported as missing. Earlier today, a wizard calling himself Lord Voldemort, claiming to be leader of the Death Eater terrorist organisation, claimed responsibility for the attacks, citing "a necessary purge and call to wizards everywhere of the filth populating our society”. Anyone with information on either Lord Voldemort or the Death Eaters is urged to come forward. Villagers are currently being questioned. Neither local business holders nor Hogwarts officials were available for comment. 

EVENT | everyone is on the hogsmeade outing, on november 1st. whether people are checking out the joke shop, visiting the shrieking shack, experiencing sappy romances in madam puddifoots, buying up illicit drinks in three broomsticks or the hogs head, or off consorting with an underground terrorist organisation, everyone’s there. when all of a sudden, giants are sabotaging buildings. a standoff between death eaters and students occurs in the three broomsticks. explosions come from the local shops, injuring multiple customers and employees. some students are injured, some flee, some play the hero… and some are involved in instigating the very attack and supporting the Death Eaters. where will you end up in the chaos?  

OOC | all threads on this day must be based around this event, whether it be in the chaos or the aftermath. anyone is welcome to start a thread, and go nuts… your character can be attacked, injured, rescuing, or involved with the Death Eaters. have fun, and be creative.

TAG | all starters should be tagged with ‘wdss event 001’ and ‘we did solemnly swear rp’

closed to andromeda&lily | 1/11 |

Losing yourself in Hogsmeade is always easy, especially in early winter, where everyone is cramming into shops, avoiding the cold, and some doing early Christmas shopping. Lily herself toys with buying something as a Christmas present, but stops short when she remembers she doesn’t exactly know who she’s going to be buying for, so instead looks aimlessly about Honeydukes. 

Her conversation with Esme last night rankles in her mind. It’s true, these people do loathe her, and she’s swimming with sharks, but Esme, for all her wits, doesn’t seem to get the same visceral need she has to be involved in this fight - it’s a Muggleborn thing; if people loathe her for solely who she is, she needs to be involved in this and fuck the risks. No-one seems to understand this, not even the cleverest people Lily knows, unless it’s Dorcas.

She’s brought back out of her reverie by a shattering of glass, and suddenly feels the weight of an entire packed store of customers rush into her, followed by the surrounding space breaking into screams and shouts. Shit. Shiiiiiit. Lily looks back, pushing her way against the sea of customers fleeing the store, and her heart catches in her throat when she sees the black hoods and cloaks circling the store, local customers and employees caught in their grip, flashes of red light and shots of fire lighting up the store like a grotesque fireworks display. 

Fuck. This shit doesn’t happen. Not here, this is something from the news. This is something you hear on the wireless. Her thoughts are stopped again, by a man in full Death Eater regalia having her, her, yelling an incomprehensible curse, shooting a green light from his wand, and turning the entire store a ghoulish pale green, and someone forces her down. Lily has to fight back a scream, and hates herself for it.

Shit. She’s thought of this moment far more times than she’d like to admit, thought of her first ever confrontation with a Death Eater, thought of how she’d fight them off with her bare hands if she needed. Never did she think she’d be made to cower on the floor. All of a sudden, she feels younger and more insignificant than ever before. 

1/11 | open to anyone in the three broomsticks |

Technically, Sirius is meant to be meeting the other Marauders, but they’re taking their sweet time. James and Peter aren’t new to being late, but Remus is never less than punctual. He growls silently at the drinks he’s already ordered for his friends, and looks out for some company. He doesn’t mind which - ideally, one of the other more attractive older girls, but he’s not fussy. It’s awfully cliche to be sitting alone at the bar, with more than enough drinks, but then again, Aren’t I a bit of a walking cliche?

“Cheers, mate,” Sirius says, nodding at the barkeep. He doesn’t want to stay here, anyway. Once the boys have turned up, he sort of wants persuading them to follow him to one of Esme Garcia’s regular haunts and get a new stash of weed. None of them have bought any during their stay at Hogwarts so far this year - it’s been deemed too risky, with the teachers constantly on their backs (something to do with how they’re apparently a bad influence on the rest of the school or some shit) and everyone’s itching for something new.  

He drains his glass, and looks around hopefully for some company, until he sees a familiar face.