I just remembered I never posted these on my own! My contribution to the wonderful We Don’t Go There At Night collaboration, in which I was given a very vague “script” and allowed to interpret it however I liked, as long as every single word I was provided appeared somewhere on the page (and not a single word was added). And as long as the results were spooky. I’m still really happy I was allowed to take part in this. If you haven’t checked out the whole thing yet, give it a shot!


Oh hey, development stuff for two different things.

The dolls are for WDGTAN which I should hopefully have done by the 15th for the deadline and it will be released around Halloween. I’m really liking the direction I’m taking it :D

And then some Hearts of Roese drawings! Today was slow at work, so I was poking around my hearts of roese outline and writing out bits that happen later on. I have the first chunk of the second Interlude fleshed out, and it will be fun because we’ll see even more of the Roese family!