So, about the Great Hair Debate...

I think I should analyze the object of such an interesting discussion properly in order to express my opinion…

Season 2 Hair

Not very long, but enough for little locks to become unruly and fall on his forehead. I particularly like the messy look and the tiny curls behind the ear.

Season 3 Hair

Behold, the Glorious Dark Jungle (and by that I don’t mean the Neverland mass of trees and plants)! I absolutely adore the mussed hair, which is somehow slightly longer, thicker, more voluminous, with rebel locks and little forehead and behind-the-ear curls, my weakness. All I want is sink my hand in that fantastic hair, it’s seriously amazing!

Season 4 Hair

More tamed hair, this time. It’s always wonderful, obviously, but I have to say it’s not my favourite Killian hair style: like I said, I prefer the mussed look. I appreciate the locks on Deckhand Killian’s forehead and how thick his hair looks, though.

Season 5 Hair

Angsty Hair, ahoy! The hair is longer and thicker than ever and the infamous curls behind the ear are more pronounced and visible; the mussed look returned in full force, especially in the Dark Hook days, with waves and waves of messy locks which are now curling also at the nape. 


Alright, Season 3 Hair wins, hands down, with the Season 5 Hair a very close second! I’m absolutely enamoured with the ruffled look and the locks falling on the forehead, and they usually come with longer hair. As for the curls at the nape, I have to admit I’m torn: in the 3rd GIF from the bottom they make my heart flutter every time, but I’m against them growing any longer

So, considering all this, I think I can say my position about the Hair is pretty balanced: Team Longer Hair, but only if the curls at the nape stay like in the GIF mentioned above; Team Haircut, only to return to the glorious Neverland Hair, never to stray from the delicious mussed look!

Anyway, the imperative is PROTECT THE WDFH (Wonderful Dark Forest of Hair), always!!