P.O.S - “Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats” Video //
WDELHMDSRMX Free Album Download

     Last year Minnesota Emcee/Producer P.O.S put out one of my favorite albums of 2012 with his fourth solo studio effort, We Don’t Even Live Here. The rapper’s guide to anarchy smashed into the Billboard Top 200 chart with no tour support due to complications with Stef’s kidneys (the Doomtree co-founder has been dealing with messed up kidneys for quite some time, it would later be revealed). Well now, almost a year to the day, Pissed Off Stef teamed up with his comrades in Marijuana Deathsquads to release a remix album to the extremely popular WDELH. Appropriately titled WDELHMDSRMX, the album is track for track the same as the 2012 version in its tracklisting. It’s just all the tracks that are different (hence, the RMX). 

     Marijuana Deathsquads applies their abstract, Electro, sometimes minimal, sometimes maximized effort to a project that was already eclectic. With new beats, a couple new verses from Stef, and a slew of guest appearances, the album maintains familiarity but still gives you something refreshing and new (hence, the RMX). P.O.S’ style has always been derived from his Punk/Hardcore roots seen in his aggression and live instrumentalism, but on WDELH he touched new bases with Electronic, and Dance inspired sounds. MDS takes those sounds to their version of the extreme. The content and meaning loses none of its aggression and inspiration, but finds them addressed in new auto-tuned, vocal effected ways.

     Very rarely are remix albums released that potentially rival the original material. I fell in love with P.O.S’ music because of the aggression, anger, live sounds, and the balance between socio-political dissent and introverted content. The dance inspired sounds had to grow on me, but I’ve never disliked anything P.O.S has released. With this album being mostly (100%) comprised of the more Electro styled production I was worried I wouldn’t like it. Of course I was wrong. It came out this morning and I’ve already got a couple solid listens in. It’s another solid addition to a catalogue filled with interesting, unique, powerful, creative and honest music.

     Always a man for the people, P.O.S and MDS have put out the album for free. Up above is the official video for “Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks, and Bats” (a favorite of mine from the original), and you can download the album from doomtree.net or rhymesayers.com.

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