So I’m not sure if they read this blog, but there are these three teens who come through late at night every once in a while and they’re literally the nicest and always ask how I’m doing and frankly they’re my favorite guests

Imagine you turned yourself into a dog by accident when you got a potion wrong. Loki finds you on the street in the winter and takes you in, as he feels bad for you out in the cold and he also feels a connection with you. Then one night he falls asleep with you, a dog, at the bottom of his bed and wakes up to find a woman there instead.

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Aside the main reason of Jamelias not understanding why Damies ship Jamie & Dakota which leads them to call us names & falsely describe Dakota with various insults they say is the way we see her because of shipping her with a married man (Really that’s an excuse because they don’t understand love & feelings. They think everything is a signature on a paper & that controls everything. They don’t care if people with no contracts fall in love, for them they are sinners) what shocks me is that they seem so surprised when fans don’t care about Amelia’s feelings. Why is it so surprising to them that fans of Jamie & Dakota don’t care about anybody else in this? Why should i care if a woman who i know nothing about gets hurt by this situation? She doesn’t put herself out there with interviews so i can get to know & maybe like some aspects of her. Why should i care about her feelings ? I choose to ignore her just like she constantly ignores the people who support her. I frankly don’t care about how she feels. I don’t ship Damie because i want to hurt an unknown woman. I ship them for all the reasons this blog points out since i started reading. I love Dakota, i love Jamie individually & i love them together too. Simple as that. I have no obligation to constantly explain why i ship them & explain why there is nothing wrong with that. People can find real happiness out of their marriage & i support that idea as long as they are honest. There are no homewreckers, there are people with feelings. It’s not a tragedy, it’s life & it keeps moving forward. The real tragedy would be staying in unhealthy situations & missing opportunists, missing happiness because of society stereotypes. Next time jamelias dare to insult Dakota & Jamie they should not say it’s how Damies see them because is not, is how they see them. They are the reason stereotypes which make people unhappy exist. They and people like them are the reason unhappy people & unhappy relationship exist. They are the reason some people get weak & never dare to follow their heart and happiness. Lastly, what they forget is that people on the internet cannot cause any real harm to solid marriages. The excuse of them attacking Damies so they can protect Jamie & Amelia’s marriage is bullcrap. They do it because they are bored, because they are horrible people & because they are insecure of what they see and read. Attack has always been the defensive mechanism of the irrational & weak. A smart person who has nothing to worry about understands when it’s time to step out. A rational person with confidence on his beliefs doesn’t need to have the last word on a disturbingly illogical conversation which is what all of jamelias conversations are. 

Have a lovely rest of the week ladies.


Once again we’ll repeat no one is going behind anyone’s back. They are all adults in this story. Those who believe the opposite clearly underestimate their idols intelligence. No matter how some out there try to dirty the situation that doesn’t make the truth less real. But then again only by using the dirtiest terms they  will make their so called reasonings sound logical and feel they are right. And funny thing is that the ‘right’/‘wrong’ they see and call only comes from their own personal everyday life point of view, from their personal insecurities and so called morals they have built their life around because they are afraid to face their own demons and take decisions.

on one hand i get that my blog is kind of popular and everything i put on it is susceptible to be reblogged or criticized but on the other hand can you guys have like an ounce of respect for me?