Yay my Beauty and the beast Tsum tsums have arrived! 😍🌹💛✨❤️ I’m in love with them, SO cute! I really need Philipe so I hope maybe the Disney store get them in online again or if I’m lucky enough to find him in store 🙏🏼 really happy Disney girl anyway 💞


Never have three dimensions captured Disney characters so accurately, as the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Precious Moments froze the line in 2013, but “Frozen” is the perfect reason to awaken the Walt Disney Classics Collection! Could Olaf’s size and stature be more fitting for a starter sculpture? castlechina.com - douglasrickard.com

Just got my “Up” WDCC figurine labeled, "Meritorious Moment.“ It’s beautiful and the details are amazing. It looks so awesome in person. I ordered it from Gallery of the Lakes in NY, they are great. You can pay them in montly installments and they send you the figure even if you haven’t paid it in full. I highly recommend them to anyone who collects WDCC figures. It even comes with an Ellie badge. =)