Grandfather Clock Watch

1st Annual Walt Disney Art Classics Convention

Walt Disney World
March 1999
Limited Edition #185 of 500
Original price: $60

The first WDCC convention was held at Walt Disney World in March 1999. The event logo featured the Hitchhiking Ghosts and is etched onto the back of this watch. 

The watch replicates the face of the grandfather clock in the hallway of The Haunted Mansion, with the box continuing the homage. The cardboard insert features the demon-eye wallpaper. The leather watchband has “The Haunted Mansion” stamped in relief.

Other notable items from this convention include the amazing “Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts” ceramic figures by Patrick Romandy-Simmons, a large glow-in-the-dark logo pin with dangling Hitchhiking Ghosts, and a sericel of  Mickey and Minnie in a Doombuggy, which was signed by the voices of Mickey and Minnie.


crazycatchick4: Awesome picture for Ailyn’s collection :) went to leave and Chris Evans said “no, I think I’ll keep her” and kept hugging her. (Eventually he gave her back ;)   (x)

crazycatchick4: Finally caught up with Anthony Mackie- I asked security to ask him at his booth if he wanted to meet “THE baby”, and he immediately turned around and was like “wait, where’s the baby?” and walked over and reached out to hold her. She of course loved him, and the feeling seemed to be mutual :)  (x)

Just got my “Up” WDCC figurine labeled, "Meritorious Moment.“ It’s beautiful and the details are amazing. It looks so awesome in person. I ordered it from Gallery of the Lakes in NY, they are great. You can pay them in montly installments and they send you the figure even if you haven’t paid it in full. I highly recommend them to anyone who collects WDCC figures. It even comes with an Ellie badge. =)


Met de WWDC keynote van maandagavond in het vooruitzicht is er al een preview opgedoken met de nieuwste functies van iOS 5. Kijk en huiver!

Sorry hij is wat flauw, maar wel een leuke opwarmer voor morgenavond…