Long ago (Angst)

Pairing: Jimin and Reader

Word Count: 1,046

Description: You come home hoping to make up with your boyfriend Jimin, but it takes a turn for the worst.

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You and Jimin had hit a major rough spot in your relationship, you guys were slowly drifting apart. 

It was so bad that you guys hadn’t talked to each other in a week and you were honestly kind of tired of it and were planning to put a an end to it tonight. 

You missed him.

You stopped by his favorite Chinese restaurant and picked up some take out.

You had a positive mindset while driving home.

The thought of you guys talking and being happy with each other again made you smile so big that your cheeks hurt.

Once you were in front of your house you checked your appearance in the review mirror and straightened down your hair and swiped some lip gloss over your lips before grabbing the food and getting out of your car.

Looking down at your shirt, you decided to unbutton one button to make him a little vulnerable.

Satisfied you walked up the stairs and unlocked your door.

Everything was quiet. You were surprised he wasn’t on the couch like usual.

“Jimin” You called out.

No response.

You figured he was in the restroom and decided to set up the table.

You set up plates and placed the food in the middle. 

You walked upstairs to your room to check if Jimin was there.

As you got closer to the door you heard Jimin laughing. It was the first time in a while you heard him laugh. You also heard some mumbles you couldn’t make out.

Curiosity got the best of you and you pressed your ear up against the door. 

“Really?, wow” he said

You could practically hear his smile and that made you happy.

You figured he was talking to one of the boys and were about to walk in until you heard what he said next.

“I’m so glad your day went well baby” he said with a chuckle.

“Baby?” You whispered to yourself in confusion.

“Hey, listen it’s 8 so Y/N is going to be here any minute, I’ll talk to you later. Love you babygirl” He finished off with.

The hang up noise echoed in the room.

Standing there you just looked down, then emotions hit you. 

You burst through the door as Jimin looked up at you jumping slightly with wide eyes.

“Oh it’s just you” he said calming down.

“Yeah, just me and not your Babygirl” you said beyond pissed, and putting air quotes up at the word Babygirl.

“What” he asked confused.

Then he realized that you were listening to his conversation.

“Oh, you heard that?” He said bluntly, scrolling through his phone.

“Yeah I heard that and I want to know what’s happening Jimin!” You yelled.

Jimin got up looking you in the eyes. “I met someone” he shrugged.

“You met someone? That’s all you have to say?” you yelled.

“Well what do you want me to say Y/N?” he said getting annoyed.

“I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOUR OUT MEETING GIRLS WHEN YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP!?” You yelled your eyes getting watery over frustration.

“Y/N we both know this relationship was over when we stopped putting effort into this” he said.motioning between you and him.

“Stopped putting effort? Is that why I came home hoping to smooth things out with you? Huh? Is that why I set up the table with your favorite food?” You said scolding him.

“You set up the table?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, I did. It doesn’t matter though because i’m leaving. We’re done” You said trying to control your breathing.

“Sweetie, I considered us over a long time ago” he said laughing quietly.

You ignored him and  grabbed a random bag and started filling it up with clothes. It was hard to see through teary eyes, but you didn’t wipe them wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible.

“I’ll be back to collect the rest of my things tomorrow evening” You said storming past him.

“Don’t worry they’ll be in the front lawn by then” he answered coldly.

You looked back and scoffed before walking outside shutting the door.

 You fell at the doorstep while you cried into your hands.

This was supposed to be the day everything went well and it ended up being a total nightmare.

After a couple minutes had passed you heard Jimin on the phone inside.

“Hello? Baby? Yeah everything is fine. I just wanted to know if you wanted to come over for dinner. Chinese is on the menu” He said giggling into the phone.

“Okay see you in ten” He said before blowing a kiss into the phone and hanging up.

Your heart was hurting after what you just heard. You couldn’t believe him. This wasn’t affecting him one bit. A month ago you two were the happiest couple in existence and now it was all in Hell.

“Y/N?” Jimin said opening the front door.

You were sitting on the ground with your eyes red and head against the wall.

You looked up at him and quickly wiped your tears.

“God, you’re sniffling is so loud. Anyway I need you to get off my doorway, my friend is coming over. Also I figured you had no money so here’s some money for a hotel” He said throwing some bills in your face.

“Oh and button up your shirt, you just look desperate” he said giving you a look of disgust before shutting the door.

You got up leaving the money and walking to your car. 

You got in and hit your head against the wheel several times.

This whole situation was embarrassing and you wanted nothing, but to just disappear into thin air.

What happened to him? What made his heart stone and blood so cold?

The Jimin you just encountered was nothing like the giggly, sweet, and comforting Jimin you knew.

Where did it all go wrong?

You turned on your engine driving to an unknown place.

You didn’t know where to go.

You had nobody to go to.

You laughed silently and questioned what you were doing.

You pulled into an abandoned stores parking lot and just sat there. Staring at nothing.

Thinking .

You soon fell asleep listening to the sound of your sniffles hoping to never wake up.