Be More Chill Dustin Kropp Headcanons

-his mom’s Italian and his dad’s American

-he met Jake when he was nine years old and they’ve been best friends since

-he doesn’t like Rich that much

-he’s the line backer on their football team but they never win

-he is always either wearing his Letterman jacket and/or a flannel shirt

-he had a huge crush on Jake which is why he doesn’t like Rich hanging around him 24/7

-the night of the fire he was going from room to room knocking on doors to make sure nobody was still in there

-he was the one knocking on the door during Michael in the Bathroom

-when Jake was in the hospital he went to visit him

-on the day Rich and Jake started dating you could hear his heart break in two

-Dustin had a predisposition towards making things up, because of this Jenna rarely uses him as a gossip source anymore

-on a related note his favorite musical is Dear Evan Hansen


You brought food? Of course I brought food. I’m not going on a date with a girl who’s fasting for 19 hours without bringing food. Don’t make me throw you into the water. Seriously. Of course I brought food. I’m Yousef. Awww. Don’t ‘awww’ me. I get really awkward, seriously. I can’t even look at you now. That’s what the backpack is for!

Warum sollte ich dich irgendwann mal ersetzen?
Diese Frage braucht dir niemals in den Kopf kommen, denn weißt du was?
Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens. Du bist die Person die mich glücklich macht, die mich zum Lächeln bringt, wenn alles andere scheiße ist. Du bist alles für mich. Du bist die wundervollste und schönste Person auf dieser Erde für mich. Du hast einfach etwas an dir was mich nicht mehr loslässt. Du bist alles was ich gesucht habe. Ich habe dich gefunden und ich werde dich niemals gehen lassen. Denn niemand kommt auch nur annähernd an dich ran. Niemand wird dich jemals ersetzen können mein Schatz, hörst du?