i stopped breathing for a whole minute. I’m not okay

mentioning that you stan 1d is dangerous because someone’s going to mention babygate or harry being a playboy, and they’re going to assume you want to fuck all of them and it’s exhausting and that’s why it’s hard to be relaxed about being a 1d fan, not because they’re a “boyband” but because the public perception of them is rooted in both misogyny and heterosexism, all shoved up in simon cowell’s asshole

To all the Harries who can't afford merch/vinyls/cds...

PLEASE don’t feel bad!! I will admit that I am embarrassed that I can’t afford much, but PLEASE realize that you are not any less of a fan for not being able to purchase things! Some of us can only afford the essentials, and that’s okay! Loving Harry and supporting his endeavors is all you can do. Okay that’s all. Love u guys!! Don’t feel bad 💖

no one would expect harry to be humble and modest and sweet given how fucking famous he is, how young he was when he became famous, how talented he is, he has the world at the tip of his fingers, he could easily get away with being a fucking asshole but he’s not. he’s literally. a sweet, kind, modest, humble, giving, earnest human being and that’s kind of incredible