Ok, uh, small halt on fun stuff here including art. Sorry, bit of a crisis on my end.

Hence posting.

Uh, literally have a week to find 2 roommates for my current place otherwise I can’t resign the lease for next year, which will put me in a terrible, terrible spot.

(I WILL HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE TILL MAY. It is just problematic because after May.. I don’t know what I’ll do. It is very hard finding places to live here.)

Hate to say it, but does ANYONE, like, ANYONE AT ALL know anyone at a university called West Chester University in PA?

I hate to give much personal info about me but I don’t know anyone around here. All my friends don’t go here since I’m a graduate student. 

I won’t mention exactly where I’m living nearby, but please, if anyone knows anyone who goes to this university/is a student near here, who might need a place- please, get me into contact with them. I’m posting everywhere I can think of, normally would only post this on my personal, but… need word spreading. I’m super lost. 

AGH. Life kicking me in the pants again. Sooner this gets resolved, sooner more FR stuff can kick into motion. (Sorry art winners, I will do my best to work on stuff this week I will.)