West Chester University’s LGBTQA always hosts the annual drag show in the student center. This year the host was Jiggly Caliente! It was so much fun! She was such a kind, funny and inspirational host. Had such a great time!

Today was a good day:

I slept past 7 for the first time in a week and a half (I woke up at 7:30 to let Guinness and Molson out but went back to sleep till 10).

I spent the day with Guinness and Molson!

I hung out with my best friend Zach, who I haven’t seen in like 2 months.

My mom bought me a bed for my apartment with putyourselfback-together, which we move into in 29 days!!!!!!! It’s a queen-sized Posturepedic hybrid memory foam mattress that retails at $1,500, but we it was marked down to $750 because the floor model was the only one they had left, so we took it and got a $109 metal bed frame. Then the lady who was helping us gave us a 15%-off coupon, so we got everything for $780. GAH I’M SO HAPPY!!!

After we bought the bed we went to Iron Hill Brewery for dinner, which I paid for cause she just bought me a fucking bed. I had two really good house beers and a chicken sandwich. We joined the King of the Hill Club which means that every $250 I spend on food, I get a $25 credit, and I got a bangin’ handmade beer mug. They have new mugs every year, which I get when I renew my membership. So that’s pretty cool.

Very happy with the way today went!! 

Btw, for those of you who don’t know who Guinness and Molson are, they are my dogs. Here’s a picture of them (and if you can’t tell which is which, you know nothing about beer and a pity you).

I’m gonna go on a quick rant:

Finals week. Definitely the most stressful week of each semester. Students everywhere on campus are trying to find places to study, quiet or not. But what happens when people run out of table/desk/couch spaces to sit and have somewhere to conveniently put their computer or papers? 

Earlier tonight, I was in the library with my friend Janine on a floor where talking is allowed (but at a reasonable volume). We were sitting at a longer table with two girls who were chit-chatting over their computer screens. Not very bothersome. Not too loud. Fine. But then over the course of half an hour, 3 more of their friends had joined the table. The first one to join brought bags of chips, candy, a 2-liter bottle of soda, and cups, like it was a fucking party. This is when the volume started to pick up. It wasn’t too much of an issue, until one of the original girls had asked me to move some of my papers so that a fifth person could have room to use at an already crowded table. This wouldn’t have been such a problem if the friend that I moved my stuff for had actually come to do work. But no, she sat down, joined in on the conversation, and they were all having a good time with their snacks and talking, and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM was actually doing work. I had headphones in and could STILL hear them over my music. One girl kept obnoxiously burping, and after the 3rd burp over the course of a few minutes, I looked over at her and she said “it wasn’t me, it was the soda”. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I didn’t say a word as a complaint, or in response to what she said. At least just apologize or stop doing it!!

Finally, Janine and I decided to try to go find somewhere a little quieter to sit. Our library has 6 floors, the bottom two of which have more floorspace and allow talking. We got up from the table, and continued to go up, one floor at a time, all the way to the 6th floor, to look for a table. Nothing. Not a single table or couch was open. The only things available were one-person, three-walled cubicles that have about 4 square feet of space. Definitely no room to spread out even a little bit or feel the presence of someone. However I noticed something as we took a lap around each level: PEOPLE WERE SITTING ON THE FLOOR. Yup. People were actually sitting on the floor, up against the wall, near an outlet, with all of their stuff spread out. Were they comfortable like that? I don’t know. But does it even matter? The fact that people were resorting to sitting on the floor just to have a quiet place to study is just absurd. In my years at this school, this was a first. My first few years here, I always thought there was plenty of space (even on finals week) for people to study. I was usually able to find somewhere on one of the upper floors because not too many people would want to go all the way up there. The difference now, is that the fucks in the West Chester University admissions office thought it was a good idea to accept more students than the school could accommodate with housing and parking (that’s a whole separate issue), or ROOM TO STUDY. If they were going to accept so many students, they should have had enough physical space for them. Even just expanding the library would solve a few problems. But to my knowledge, there is no expansion plan for the library in the foreseeable future. 

This school needs to get it’s shit together.

End rant.